Board of Directors Meeting July 28, 1975 Agenda

Time and Place of Meeting: Monday, July 28, 1975, at 7:30pm at the Center for Independent Living. This is a short Board meeting, to be followed by a Membership Meeting and election. PLEASE BE PROMPT. If you need transportation, call Camille at CLL or 524-8367.

  • 1. At the last regular Board meeting Neil Jacobson was appointed Secretary/Treasurer. However, this is in conflict with the by-laws which state that the Secretary/Treasurer must be a member of the Board. The Board must either amend Article IV, Section 1 or elect someone from the Board as Sec/Treas.

Article IV, Section 1: Officers

The officers of the Center for Independent Living shall be a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary-Treasurer, and such other officers as the Board of Directors may appoint. One person, other than the Chairperson, may hold more than one of these offices. Officers other than the Chairperson and the Secreatary/Treasurer need no, at the time of their appointment, be members of the Board of Directors.

  • 2. There will be a Special Board Meeting on August 14, 1975 to discuss Personnel Policy.
  • 3. Appoint Dick Santos President of the Membership.
  • 4. There is a Special Membership Meeting on August 11, 1975 as a follow-up to the meeting of July 7. There will be no Board meeting that evening. Details will follow soon.
  • 5. Vote on Agreement Between Earl Jacobson and CIL. The agreement is enclosed with this agenda.
  • 6. Please read the enclosed information concerning the "State of the Art of Independent Living for the Severely Disabled Project". This is an upcoming conference that CIL will conduct. This involves a grant so the Board must vote on the matter.


Time and Place: Monday July 24, 1975, at 9:00pm following the Board meeting at the Center.

At the Special Board Meeting of June 9, 1975 the Board voted to amend the by-laws as follows:


Article III, Section 2: Terms of Office

Each seat on the Board of Directors shall have a term of two years. Elections will be held in July 1975 and January 1976. The next four seats in numerical order will expire in July 1975. Therefore, the seats currently held by Chuck Cole, Debbie Kaplan, Phil Draper, and Maria Albanesi will be open for the July 28, 1975 election.

Candidates: Chuck Cole, Debbie Kaplan, and Willy Winocur. Since there are fewer candidates than seats available in this election, nominations from the floor will be taken. Each candidate will have 5 minutes to adress the membership and 5 minutes for a question and answer period.

TRANSPORTATION: If you need transportation to the Membership Meeting please call Camille at CIL or 524-8367. I will be at home most of the weekend. However, if I am out please leave your name and number and I will return your call.