July 15, 1977
To: Board Of Directors
From: Development Office
Re: Quarterly report

(Representatives from the Development Office will attend the next Board meeting to answer all questions that members of the Board may have in regards to the information included in this report).

Proposed Amendment To Bylaws:

The Executive Director is charged with the responsibility, subject to Board policies, of establishing a special advisory arm of the Center For Independent Living that is specifically responsible for: fundraising and developing more extensive relationships between the Center For Independent Living and the private and corporate community; establishing a governing board which shall be called The Executive Council, composed of highly respected and influential businesspeople, professionals, and community leaders, that will assist the Center For Independent Living in meeting its program objectives through directing the fundraising efforts of this advisory arm. This body hereinafter shall be referred to as the Friends Of The Center For Independent Living.

Explanation: This amendment to CIL's bylaws is necessary for the establishment of a formal structure through which Friends can operate effectively. Mr. Parker Taft, a corporate attorney of Taft & Taft in Vallejo, reviewed both the proposed amendment and CIL's bylwas, and advised that there was no problem with the amendment.

Enclosed is the Friends Objectives Statement. The Executive Council will become involved only with the stated objectives.

Friends of CIL

  • - We are in the process of forming the Executive Council. Thus far, we have had meetings with: Kenneth Warren, President of Mason-McDuffie; Parker Taft; Vice Chancellor Robert Kerley; Paul Peterman of IBM; Robert Sampson, Vice President of United Airlines; David McHugh of Crocker Bank; Bob Gneizda of Public Advocates; Kenneth Jacuzzi; Vincent Francis, Vice President of ABC; Allen Shirek, Partner of Dinner & Levinson Insurance Co; Ed Roberts. We are asking these individuals to send out letters over their signature to other prospective members.
  • - Berkeley Planning Associates contributed $850.
  • - Sally Lilienthal donated $1,000 to CIL.

  • 2
  • - We are preparing to send out the second in a series of Friends mailers by August 1.

Corporate Support

    Corporate Support
  • - Received $5,000 from IBM for general support
  • - Received $2,000 from Ptolatch Corporation toward The Independent.
  • - Received $400 from United Airlines toward counseling.
  • - We have completed additional research and are now submitting more requests.

Foundation Support

    Foundation Support
  • - Bank Of America Foundation has agreed to give $15,000 toward Innovation & Expansion grant match (contigent upon raising the remainder of the match)
  • - Bechtel Foundation is considering the support of the I&E match
  • - Van Loben Sels Foundation is considering the support of the I&E match
  • - Lurie Foundation is considering the support of the counselling program

Special Projects

    Special Projects
  • The Development Office is working with: (1) Media Task Force and the Standard Oil request; (2) Bill Hancock.


  • - We are in the process of setting up a procurment structure that we feel can eventually cut our supply costs significantly.

Personnel Changes

    Personnel Changes
  • - Larry Herring, is now heading up the Development Office, directing all fundraising, public relations, and procurement activities.
  • - Suzie Janda, a Vista Volunteer, is coordinating speaking engagements and developing procurement system.
  • - Lynn Kidder is coordinating public relations and assisting in fundraising and procurement.

Public Relations

    Public Relations
  • - The article about CIL for Readers Digest has been approved and will appear sometime this Fall.
  • - Nationally syndicated columnist, Georgie Anne Geyer, did story on CIL which appeared on July 1, 1977.
  • - Channel 7 (KGO) did news story on CIL's perspective of AC Transit's transportation needs survey.
  • - CIL's press conference on May 16 to highlight the need for accessible public transportation received coverage from: San Francisco Examiner, KGO-TV, Oakland Tribune, Berkeley Gazette, KNEW, KCBS, K101, Daily Cal.
  • - Filing of lawsuit against AC Transit on 6-21-77 received coverage from: KGO-TV; KRON (channel 4); KPIX (Channel 5); Berkeley Gazette; Daily Cal, KCBS, KNEW, K101, KDIA.

  • 3
  • - KTVU (Channel 2) did ½ hour community affairs program on CIL & 504 demonstration which aired June 4.
  • - The new 30-second public service announcement on CIL, with Jane Fonda doing the narration, is completed and prints will be ready to distribute to television stations by August 1.
  • - Bertha Gaffney-Gorman, Sacramento Bee reporter, is doing story on CIL and the disabled movement which will appear on the weekend of the July 23.
  • - Two "Before The News" shows on KPFA aired about CIL's Housing Service and the Disabled Paralegal Project.
  • - Speaking Engagements: Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary; Laney College; Berkeley Kiwanis; San Francisco State Jounalism class; Holy Names College - Nuring Class; St. John's Church; Suicide Prevention; San Francisco State class.