Los Angeles 90007-Calif.
Honorable Augustus F. Hawkins
Room 322—Old House Building,
Washington 25-D.C.

8-15th 1963

In reply to letters from your office I deem it a privilege to express my views on some of the problems of this great nation. first may I congratulate you on being elected to your high office and I'm sure you you will be able to measure up to it's demands and obligations. and secondly on your Los Angeles office Staff. I had an occasion to call your office and received the most refined, courteous response to my questions. and if the race as a whole could be raised from it's present level to the standard of your L.A. office I could honestly feel in my heart that we have arrived and were ready to our place with the best in humanity. Now I'm going to express my opinions about some of the problems we are facing and please correct me where you feel my views are wrong, as I feel sincere criticism is helpful. Now I'm inclined to go along with the views of Rev. Ferrell where he says

to make our environment where ever that may be more presentable yet achieve the better things continue to look up and out to those who are bettering their condition and pattern after the better class of people. Next I wonder why our negro newspapers print the murders, rapes, and nefarious crimes in such glaring headlines on the front pages and our most interesting achievements in such small space—as an example the Eddie Dwight case. being the first Negro man in space, that was given very limited space in the Negro press of Los Angeles, (please correct me if I'm wrong). Next I do not believe it will be beneficial to force other races to open their homes to accept Negroes, as roomers unless they so desire as I see it, in trying to solve one problem it would tend to create many problems, as there are those who would accuse Negroes of crimes they were innocent of and could arrange to have others to help prove them guilty. So to me it seems a hazard. I think there should be a law to protect those who willingly want to share there rooms but not be forced to share. I believe a person's
home is his to do as he pleases to sell to whom he pleases but when the government is supplying some or all the money I think all persons should share in it as all races have to pay taxes. all public schools, parks, beaches, public eating places, etc. should be shared by all. But all have the obligation to know how to behave in those places. I think the ministers should teach the obligations as well as the rights. properties should be kept up to the standard of the neighborhood. Social behavior should be taught in the public schools. in our business districts the boisterousness is overwhelming, foul language, loud talking, loud music is no help to the race. there is a right way to achieve a good way of life. I do not think we should force our way in to white churches and private clubs where we are not wanted there are many churches that welcome Negroes. I think there must be a same biew of the situation. I am for a strong Negro race. I believe
we admit their Superiority when we say we have to mingle with them to progress. Whatever they have, they achieved through study and if we apply ourselves we can do the same. Using yourself as an example you are where you are today by preparing yourself for your high office it didn't rub off by association with anyone. So let us look with in for progress. I hope I haven't taken too much of your valuable time in this letter but these are my sentiments and please overlook all mistakes as I've been quite ill and it is some what of an effort to write—I love America. With Best Wishes for success in your high office and I'm sure you will work for the good of all America as we are all Americans. and for continued belief in Almighty God.

(Miss) Nellie M. Craig

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