Center for Independent Living Board Meeting July 8th, 1974

Board Members Present: Jan, Jon B., Debby, Maria, Phil, Alice, Dick. CIL Members and Friends: Don G., Herb W., John H., Hale, Gary, Carol F., Judy T., Ed, LeeAna.

This was a special Board Meeting for the purpose of discussing fees and eligibility.

There is now a Coalition of Community Service Organizations which wants to confront the City Council to get them to contribute more in the way of funding to the various organizations that are a part of the coalition. Dick went to their last meeting where the coalition discussed who their members were, how to approach the City Council, set up Workshop, Lobbying, and Publicity Committees. The Workshop Committee planned to hold a meeting on Saturday July 13, at the First Congregational Church from 10a.m.-4p.m. The agenda for this meeting included discussing who is in the coalition, how it got started, and explaining what the groups in the coalition are like. Dick also went to the last Lobbying Committee meeting where it was decided that members of the coalition would approach individual council members to support the goals of the coalition. The Coalition wants to ask the City Council for $1 Million to provide full funding for the members of the coalition.

Dick moved that CIL send representatives to participate and that CIL will endorse the objectives of the coalition. Debby seconded. John H., asked that the motion be amended to say that CIL would participate in the coalition but not necessarily support all their objectives.

The motion was amended by Dick to state that CIL will support the attempt of the Coalition to receive full funding. The original motion was withdrawn, Debby seconded the amended motion and the motion was


The meeting then moved on to the discussion of fees and eligibility. Some Questions That Were Raised:

Should CIL charge fees to some recipients of services?

Why was a fee shedule created?

Is if necessary? Is the money worth it?

Does CIL want the county money enough to do the paperwork involved? Are we opposed to the paperwork? Must clients fill out forms when many of them are tired of filling out forms?

How complex do the county supervisors expect the eligibility forms and client files to be?

What services should CIL charge for?

Can CIL come up with a humane fee schedule that gives the client as many breaks as possible?

Some Answers, Statements and General Information:

CIL probably needs a fee shedule to get county money and to use to bill the county for services provided.

The Free Clinic got revenue sharing money even though they refused to use eligibility forms. However, one of the administrators of the Free Clinic expects the county to be hard-nosed about refunding the Clinic.

CIL should be made self-supporting. It has the basis for setting up some good businesses like wheelchair repair.

Judy T. felt it would be arbitrary and beaurocratic for CIL to decide who could pay how much for what service.

Pete L. suggested selling memberships in the CIL to provide money to support services such as the attendat pool that are difficult to set fees for.


Judy, Herb, JonB., and Pete L., are willing to work out guidelines and priorities for fees.

Ed, John H., Jan, Phil, Herb and Don G. will help with lobbying supervisors.

Debby and Maris are taping their next Open Studio TV program on Monday July 15. This program will be based on a role-playing format. There is a planning meeting Wednesday July10 at CIL. Debby, Maria, Scott, Gary, Camille, Dan R. from UC Davis and Mary Anne Heiserman are participating. The 1st show, a panel, will be seen July 23rd at 6p.m. on Channel 9.

Meeting Adjourned