Board of Directors Meeting
September 2nd, 1975

Board members present: John Baker, Herb Willsmore, Hale Zukas, Debbie Kaplan, Carol Fewell, Chuck Cole, Don Galloway, Michael Williams

Others: Neil Jacobson, Camille Plunkett, Hal Kirshbaum, Dominic Harveston, Ed Roberts, Dick Santos

Chairperson Phil Draper was absent from the meeting, so Vice-Chairperson John Baker assumed his duties for the evening.

New Business:

1. CIL/CHS Degree Program presentation by Dominic Harveston and Hal Kirshbaum:

The Degree Program is being offered jointly by CIL and the Center for Health Studies and is accredited through Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio. (This is an A1, or national, accreditation.) The affiliation with the CHS gives us the chance to offer degrees in Health Services Administration; the administration of clinics, hospitals. The other degree is in Psychology with a Specialization in Counseling the Physically Disabled. (The Program definition of physical disability is "Physical disablity includes functional, sensory, physical motor impairments and progressive illness.") The Program gives us the opportunity to credential people who can go out and spread the CIL philosophy. The program offers both BA and MA degrees. The tuition is $1000 per quarter—$3000 per year of which $2000 per year goes to CIL, and $1000 per year to Antioch and CHS. Right now Antioch College wants $750 per year. Already we have 42 interested people, and we need 35 to start the program. We are planning to start on January 4, 1976. Program students will be registered at Antioch College and reassigned to the CIL/CHS program.

Ed Roberts—Can CIL become accredited in a short time?

Dominic Harveston— The hope is to do that within 2 years. We will go immediately for A2 (state) accreditation with the goal of obtaining A1 status.


Jan McEwen seconded. Motion carried.

2. Proposed amendment to Article II, Section 2(a) of the by-laws:

The following shall be added to Article II, Section 2(a):

Staff members of CIL living outside the Target Area will also be eligible for membership.

Article II, Section 2(a) Residence: reads as follows


All members of the Center for Independent Living shall, at the time of application or renewal, have been continuously in residence for a period of at least thirty (30) days in the cities of Berkeley, Albany, or Emeryville (all of the State of California) or in the following 1970 census tracts located in the City of Oakland, California: 4002, 4003, 4004, 4005, 4006, 4007, 4008, 4009, 4042, 4043. This area shall hereinafter be known as the target area.

Jan McEwen moved to extend the Target Area to include El Cerrito. John Baker seconded. Motion carried (Motion made, and approved October 28, 1974)


3. Reactivation of the By-law Committee:

John Baker suggested waiting to reactivate the By-law Committee until the Personnel policies are actually ready.

Chuck Cole said the Board should reactivate the committee to help define conflicts between the by-laws and the personnel policies.

By-law Committee volunteers are: Herb Willsmore, John Baker, and Chuck Cole.

Old Business:

1. Personnel Policy Committee report by Jan McEwen: The committee has met with Ed Roberts and Joan Leon. Right now we're having problems finding time to meet since the State commissioners are coming on Sept. 11—we're all really busy. It may be awhile before the Committee is ready to come before the Board.

2. Executive Director's Report by Ed Roberts:

A. Jerry Brown didn't come today, haven't heard why yet.

B. The Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation will be meeting in San Francisco on September 11. A great number of these administrators will be coming to CIL around 6pm for a cocktail party and chili dinner. The Board is invited.

C. New Projects: Herb Willsmore is implimenting the Wheelchair Expansion and Innovation Program daily. 2 or 3 vans will be gotten immediately, and some staff also. Herb Willsmore will also be taking over planning new businesses for CIL to get self-support aspects going.

Herb Willsmore—If anybody has ideas for businesses for CIL let me know.

State of the Art: There are 40 participants now. We are beginning to receive papers from participants. There will be a paper-reading, editorial hash-out conference October 21 and 22, probably at the Claremont Hotel.

Transportation: We will have 3 Dodge Maxi-vans on the road within a week.

Facility: We were supposed to hear today if we can get free labor for remodelling. We will get outside signs this week.

Housing: Talking with the regional Director of HUD (Mr. Bida) about CIL working with the regional office to make Berkeley an HUD remodelling model.

Chuck Cole—Do we have an active policy of discouraging architects from wanting to build disabled ghettos?


Ed Roberts—We definitly discourage that. Bida and I are mostly talking about facilities money. Also the 3 houses next to us are part of this property package. They need to be completely reworked. It would cost a lot to remodel them.

D. R&D:

Don Galloway—Cathy Caulfield is on the R&D staff as of September 2nd, replacing Sue Schapiro who went to law school. R&D is acquiring clients. We are waiting for final word from Ed Roberts to get a van since we have clients living as far away as Gilroy.

E. Computer Training Program:

Ed Roberts—the Program is finishing its 7th month. There are 8 students. 9 companies have made committments to hire students and 3 will be working by September 25, full-time with starting salaries of about $950/month.

The sign language class is up in the air since DVR is reluctant to have us recruit deaf students into the program. There will be 20 students in the next course. Neil Jacobson and Scott Leubking will act as co-teachers both at $15,000 salary level. We are asking for $83,000 for the next course budget with 30% to go to CIL.

F. Counselor Training Program: There are weekly meetings for people interested in peer counseling for disabled people, their mates and families and attendants. Zona Roberts is working with parents of disabled people.

We are now in the process of getting a health facilities license as an Independent Living Skills Center. This will make us a clinic and help with funding. We can also attatch a training facility that would enable us to go after the same sources of funding as large medical school/centers.

G. Funding and/or Proposals:

Debbie Kaplan—CIL is negotiating with the county for funds to open an Oakland office. The Black Panthers have offered us space in their facilities. We plan to use two Black Panther locations.

CIL is seeking matching funds for the Wheelchair Innovation and Expansion Project in the amount of $14,500, and $76,000 in matching funds for the UMTA grant. That is a $350,000 grant for the purchase of vehicles. The Business Advisory Committee of the Computer Training Program is actively helping in the search for matching funds as well as Dan Koshland, Chairman of the Board of Levi Strauss, who is disabled.

CIL is also seeking a 3% loan from HUD to buy the 2539 Telegraph facility. CIL's contact person on the East Coast is also arranging a preliminary meeting with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation concerning possible money to buy our facility.

John Baker moved to adjourn the meeting.

------Meeting Adjourned------