April 14, 1976: Organizational Planning Meeting

Attending: Phil, Judy, Joan, Hal, Hale, Debby K., Lynn Bill

1. Need to determine core administrative expense. Need to determine what the lines of authority and responsibility are: now it is unclear what Phil's, Judy's, and Jeff's areas of responsibilities are. Must determine which managers on staff have managerial skills, and which individuals need training. Also must determine if it is necessary to shift responsibilities, and/or select some new managers.

To Do: Debby K. has HEW materials concerning community action programs and organizational structures which we can read. Jim Marshall from Levi Strauss is brining Larry Cramer here on Tuesday, April 20 at 1:30. Larry Cramer is part of an organization that trains management in other corporations - there is a possibility that Levis Strauss will pay Larry Cramer to assist us at CIL.

2. Joan - At the Dooley Foundation, when funding was low, operations in the field were cut back, but the administration was solid core, that kept functioning, and insured continued existence of the Foundation. We need to determine a core, or in other words, what CIL's priorities are, to insure continued existence of CIL.

3.Moving the deficit: The Kiaser and R&D money can be used to keep the deficit moving. However fiscal info is needed, i.e. audit statements. For fundraising purposes, a deficit shows that there is a need for donations. Fiscal statements should show the deficit, then at the same time, CIL must demonstrate that we have tight organizational structure. Also we need better budgeting, so that when requesting funding for projects, we can include a more realistic request to cover operational costs of the project, i.e. rental, tlephone, office materials, administrative costs.

4. Size of bookkeeping staff: The new controller can help us to determine how many people we need to keep up a good set of books for CIL.

5. Projects that are a priority (with vote taken by all individuals at meeting): Attendant referral -62; Advocacy (and DPLRC) - 62; Community Affairs-51; Wheelchair Repair-37; R&D-18; Indep. Living Skills-12

6. Proposed organizational breakdown into units:


Executive Director - Deputy Director

Adm. Ass'ts. -Planner/Research/Statistics


Development/Public Relations (including Independent)

Office Management(personnel, parking lot, Vol. Coordinator)