October 19, 1977

TO: Laura Brehm
FROM: Sondra Jensen
RE: Disabled Access Survey - Personnel Office

Following are structural modifications necessary to allow access to disabled persons within the three buildings housing Personnel. This survey was performed with the assistance of Mary Lou Breslin who provided invaluable technical knowledge and insights.

  1. Kickplates (16")
    Kickplates are necessary on:
    • 4 swinging glass doors, 30" wide each
    • 2 swinging wooden doors, 40" and 35" wide
    • 5 bathroom doors, 31" wide each approximately
  2. Interior gates
    Two wooden gates with inside latches must be made into swinging gates with latches removed.
  3. Counters
    Two counters exist which are approximately 40" high. These must be cut down to a height of 34" in 36" wide segments with leg clearance provided in those segments.
  4. Two of the three women's rest rooms are virtually inaccessible; panels need to be removed with hanging drapes installed in their places. The third women's room is difficult enough to warrant the same changes.
  5. The back entrance to 2543 Channing is a solid wooden door which opens outward to a narrow path. This door should be replaced by a swinging glass door, or the path should be widened by an additional 3' of paving and a glass section put into the door for visibility.
  6. All three drinking fountains are inaccessible; dixie cup dispensers should be installed.
  7. All light switches (approximately 53) and 3 fire extinguishers are higher than 48" and should be somehow modified.
  8. The two sets of glass front doors are exceedingly heavy and should be replaced by lighter-weight doors or a step-on activator should be installed.
  9. Miscellaneous:
    • a. The Personnel Office Library is presently inaccessible but is used only by internal staff. If necessary in the future, it could be made accessible by moving furniture.
    • b. The telephone for use by applicants in the lobby is too high for persons in wheelchairs. This looks to be a job we can accomplish internally.
    • c. Posted job listings and trays for applications are too high for persons in wheelchairs. Again, this is something we will change internally.

NOTE: Items such as rest rooms and exterior doors have been included in this report as the three buildings housing Personnel were not covered by the CCRAB report.

cc: James M. Corley
Mary Lou Breslin