Sept. 8, 1944

Chepe Ruiz Box 69498
San Quentin Calif.

Dear Alice

Thanks for such a hardy letter, believe me Alice it was so good to hear from you. Your letters always give us that extra push to carry on, no matter how hard the going is. So please Alice do me one big favor and keep the mail coming.

Alice I must sound as if I don't care about the case, please don't think that, truthfully I am worried just as much as the next guy. but [sic] why think about it, you can't do anything els [sic], its all up to god now, all we can do is pray and pray hard. we [sic] know deep inside that no matter how the decision will be, we [sic] know that you have done all thats [sic] possible for now, we also know that if against us, the fight will be carried on so please don't worry about us, we will fight on together, won't we darling well Alice say hello to all the boys in chino [sic], and give many my sincere thanks for everything

Love Chepe
P.S. Give Regards to all
P.S. Bobby will answer to you regarding your photo
Love Chepe