Evaluation Report Abstract

  •     Bay Area Social Planning Council
    364 Fourteenth Street
    Oakland, California 94612
  • DATE:
  •     May 2, 1975
  •     Gail A. Freedman and Jay Ver Lee
  •     April 14 - April 22, 1975
  • LOG NO. 5094
  •     Center for Independent Living, Inc.
  •     Director: Edward Roberts
    Telephone: 841-1799
    Board Chairman: Philip Draper

1. Program Description, As Per Contract:

To provide rehabilitation services for physically disabled and blind persons by: (1) maintaining office space for provision of services and as a social meeting place; (2) assisting clients to make more effective use of existing agencies; (3) developing outreach activity in order to find and ascertain needs of aged, blind and disabled persons; and (4) providing services to increase individual capacity for personal maintenance, aid in self support and increased personal mobility.

2. Program Description, As Observed By Evaluator:

The services being rendered are in conformance with the program description. The project averages approximately 15 new clients each month. Between September 1, 1974 and March 31, 1975, 161 persons entered the program. Transportation represents nearly one-half of the recorded services provided during this period.

3. Program Evaluation:

The project is staffed primarily by a group of disabled workers who receive partial pay, but give a number of hours of volunteer service. It has a substantial caseload and is highly regarded by other agencies with whom it has dealings. Reaction of clients to the staff and to the services being performed is generally favorable, although need was expressed for better follow-up procedures. The record-keeping system is in need of a number of revisions, and eligibility statements are not being used. Greater Board-staff separation is desirable. A more adequate project facility is also indicated. Government-funded special research projects are useful, but should not be cultivated to the detriment of the basic client service programs.

4. Recommendations:

It is recommended that the project be re-funded.