October 28, 1974 Agenda

Time and Place of Board Meeting: 7:30pm, Monay, October 28, 1974 in the CIL Meeting Room.

Minutes of the last Board Meeting to be read and approved.

Old Business:

  1. There will be a short, regular Board meeting with an overview on CIL for its members.
  2. Brief reports, if necessary from:
    Executive Director

New Business:

  1. Motion to formally incorporate El Cerrito into CIL's Target Area.
  2. Lecture Fees: Should CIL staff keep lecture fees, give them to CIL, Inc., or some sort of percentage basis receivership between CIL, Inc. and the individual lecturer? Policy decision on this matter.
  3. Election: 8:45pm., Monday October 28, 1974 in the CIL Meeting Room. Membership meeting to elect Directors to 3 vacant Board positions. There will be a 5 minute presentation followed by a 5 minute Question & Answer period from each candidate. Enclosed are brief summaries about each candidate. Preceeding the election the President of the Membership (to be announced) will entertain suggestions concerning ways to solicit involvement from the membership into CIL.