Bob Telles

Box 69693
San Quentin Calif

Hi Alice

Hows [sic] the chick feeling? Well as for this cat I'm all root like a tree. Right now its about 9. PM Saturday and the joint sounds like a mad house! Yeah Frank Sinatras on the air and the guys are razzing him! Oh thanks a million for the drawing paper chick your [sic] one in a million! Oh I got the stuff you left when you came. Is the the [sic] stuff you mean? Oh Alice forget the stuff you were going to send for the Club as it has been disbanded untill [sic] January. Oh say heres [sic] a picture of the fight which I fought and won on Thanksgiving Day by a TKO! Oh say chick give my or rather our Deepest regards and thanks to Ralph Lincon Tony Quinn and the many others [who?] are helping free us. Thanks I know that you will! Well I guess that I've bored you long enough so I'll close sending my deepest regards to everyone. Say hi to Ben, Bella and Evelyn.

i[sic] remain your everlasting friend

as always with Love Bob Telles