July 11, 1943

Dear Alice;

A few lines to say we are all okay and behaving. Every thing is alright and we are all trying our best to keep up a good standard. David Cano has come to see us twice since you were here, and I think he's a swell guy all the others took a liking to him also. He brought us good news and he also encouraged the boys. He arranged it so we could write to the members of the Victory Club at San Francisco. They sent us cigaretts [sic] and candy but we aren't allowed them things so Manuel D. gave them to the U.S.O. I'm really sorry about Henry L. Thats [sic] the reason I hadn't written, because I didn't want to be the one to tell you. I only hope that he makes good at Folsom, and, so he can straighten out his record.

Five of us fought on the Fourth of July Card. Henry Y. won by a knockout in the 2nd round. I won too by a decision. Manuel D., Chepe, and Angel lost but all of us as a whole had a lot of fun. They are

going to pay us for boxing but I don't know for sure, yet, how much. I'm still working in the paint shop. Manuel R. has a swell job now he is working or rather doing office work. Jack is still in the hospital, Manuel D., Chepe and myself are still playing ball. Gus still plays softball, Bobby L. is on the weight lifting team. Gus and I will start going to school on Mon, 12. Manuel D. signed for school but for some reason or other he was taken off the list. I think because he was one of the last ones to sign up. Bobby Telles, John M., Bobby L. Chepe, Angel, Henry Y. and Manuel R. have all been working in the O.P.A. sending out ration books. The O.P.A. job is almost done. Now we will see the picture shows every two weeks again. Tomorrow Sun. 11, we will see "How Green was my Valley." Has the brief been turned in yet? I think this is all I have room for this time. In closing I would like to extend my greetings and best wishes to the committee and to you.