Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee
1006 Broadway Arcade Bldg., L.A. 13
Mutual 4964


Determined to do their parts as Americans to fight racial discrimination in any form it may be stirred up, 22 members of the Motion Picture colony are putting finishing touches on plans for a benefit buffet to be held Sunday, from 3:30 p.m. until 7 p.m. at the Mocambo, 8588 Sunset Blvd., they announced yesterday.

Proceeds of the event, which will be marked by impromptu entertainment by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, will go to the Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee, Room 1006 Broadway Arcade Bldg., Los Angeles, to help that committee finance legal appeals for the 12 "Sleepy Lagoon" boys now serving terms up to life imprisonment in San Quentin prison.

Sponsors of the benefit buffet are: Vincent Price, Dooley Wilson, Gloria Stuart, John Garfield, George Coulouris, Arturo de Cordova, George Tobias, Anthony Quinn, Gale Sondergaard, Marc Lawrence, Ivy Anderson, Herb Jeffries, Morris Carnofsky, Katherine Locke, Alyce Key, Canada Lee, Jean Brooks, Robert Rossen, Mary McCall Jr., Elia Kazan, Harold Nicholas and J. Edward Bromberg.

"Axis agents are at work in this country to set Gentile against Jew; Protestant against Catholic; White against Negro. We hold that all who believe in American democracy will fight these plans and work for unity," the sponsors declared in announcing the buffet.

"Everyone, regardless of color, creed or national origin, is entitled to be judged without race hatred or racial discrimination entering the picture. The Sleepy Lagoon boys did not have this kind of a free, unbiased American trial."

Tickets for the buffet are $5. per person. They are obtainable at Room 1006 Broadway Arcade Building, MUtual[sic] 4964.