Discussion Paper

May 26, 1976

TO: Executive Committee, CIL Board of Directors
From: John Allison
cc: Phil Draper and Judy Heumann
Subj: Setting Policies and Priorities

  1. Is the Board concerned with policy or details?
  2. If the Board is going to be concerned with details:
    • A. How does this impact on the role of the Exec Director?
    • B. Can the Board meet often enough to adequately perform this role?
    • C. Can the CIL delivery systems be sensitive enough for fine-tuning by a group that is for the most part once removed from the day-to-day action?
    • D. Does the Board have the desire and/or expertise to apply sufficiently comprehensive systems analysis to the aggregate of CIL programs?
    • E. Cannot sufficient critical information be transmitted to the Board from the Executive Director in order to evaluate programs in terms of organizational goals which are different from operational goals? (E.g. a "State of the Center" report)
  3. re Issues the Board needs to resolve:
    • A. Should an incremental plan be devised to study the feasibility of various modalities of operation? In part, these modalities and mixes thereof could include:
      1. locally provided services only
      2. locally provided services and local political education

      3. 2
      4. locally provided service, local political education, providing regionally applicable model
      5. Locally provided services, local and national political education, and regionally/nationally applicable model
      6. And other varying permutations of these mixes
    • B. What are the benefits/costs, both quantative and qualitative, of each mix?
    • C. What are the organizational and political supports and constraints of each mix?
    • D. IMPORTANT How much time, energy, and money is the Board willing to spend to develop the answers to the above? In short, how comprehensive can you afford to be?
  4. re Questions for each project component:

1. direct supervision (hrs/wkxrate) 
2. direct clerical (hrs/wk x rate) 
1. phone 
2. ofc supplies 
3. utilities 
4. work space(%) 
5. others 
1. direct service (hrs/wk x rate) 
2. indirect svc (hrs/wk x rate) 
3. workers fr other components:dir svc (hrs/wk x rate) 
4. workers fr other components:indir svc (hrs/wkXrate) 
― 3 ―
Material (monthly) 
1. phone 
2. ofc supplies 
3. utilities 
4. space(%) 


  1. Do goals exist for your component?
    • a. where? (in grant proposal, informal, etc.)
    • b. what are they? (Be specific.)
  2. Do you have performance objectives?
    • a. what are they?
    • b. Is time a factor? (i.e. are the obj. weekly, monthly, etc)
    • c. how do you know you have met your objectives? (describe)
    • d. Do you do other services and have other objectives that are not called for in your project goals?
  3. Is there a mechanism for upgrading or downgrading your performance goals based on #2 above? Please describe it.
  4. Is there a formal mechanism for maintaining a client profile by age, sex, race/ethnic group, etc.? If yes, describe it and attach your most recent data.
  5. Is there a mechanism for case management within your component? If yes, please describe it.
  6. Is there a mechanism for coordinating case management with other components with which you share clients? If yes, please describe it.
  7. If applicable, what is the dollar amount by month that your component has earned in fees for the past six months?
  8. Is there a method for reimbusing other components for costs they bear as a result of your component's operation? (E.g. manhours of work and material) If yes, describe it.