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Adrian C. Kanaar, M.D. papers.

The collection focuses mainly on Dr. Adrian C. Kanaar's non-medical writings, namely accounts of his experiences and observations in Europe during World War II and the subsequent occupation of Germany. There are various typescripts of two unpublished works, "United we...

Alexis Carrel scrapbook, 1908-1919.

The collection includes ten leaves from a loose-leaf scrapbook which are covered with numerous clippings from English- and French-language newspapers, all dealing with the surgical work of Dr. Alexis Carrel; also included are numerous items places loosely between the album...

A.L.s. 1874 from Justin Hayes, Chicago, Ill. to Dr. Jas. N. Seymour, about piracy of ideas, techniques and advertisements by a former employee.

Justin Hayes, M.D., writes to Dr. Jas. N. Seymour thanking him for "Dr. Mairs circular and pamphlet". He explains that for several years he had sent Mairs "patterns and improvements over the Doctor Young patent circulars and pamphlets of my...

Animal experimentation, [1909-1915]

Ex libris Henry William Mills; his bookplate on upper paste-down.

Baby birth announcements, height and weight chart, and photographs for Charles Wriggins Walker, born 14 February 1914 in Buffalo, N.Y., 1914-1920.

Loose items removed from baby book: The new baby's biography / by A.O. Kaplan. New York: Brentano's, c1908.

Birchall and Owen archive, 1849-57.

A small collection of business correspondence from the firm of Birchall and Owen, retail suppliers of drugs, patent medicines, medical supplies, and stationers to Springfield, Illinois and wholesalers to the surrounding region. The collection contains 45 items of correspondence, printed...

Bleitz Wildlife Foundation collection, [not before 1966]

Collection consists of pamphlet about the Bleitz Wildlife Foundation and 3 color printed plates (printed in Germany) for the never-completed work by Don Bleitz, "Birds of America". The pamphlet describes the publication project, a description of the illustrations, and a...

Boise, E. P. Letter : from a medical student in New York City to his girlfriend, 1869.

A.L.s.; writer communicates advice to his girlfriend(?), whom he knew from Ann Arbor, Michigan, from Prof. Markoe [Thomas M.. Markoe of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia College?] for treatments for an indolent ulcer; asks her to have...

Chancellor's Undergraduate Awards, 1989-1990 : part 1.

Application materials (including examples of outstanding work) for University of California, Santa Cruz students receiving the Chancellor's Undergraduate Award in 1989-1990.

Chiropractic pamphlets.

Collection title constructed by cataloger. Each pamphlet title is a medical problem; subtitle is "What will chiropractic do for it?"

Chiropractic pamphlets.

Collection title constructed by cataloger.

Collection of examinations, theses, and letters of introduction to the U.S. Naval Board of Medical Surgeons at the Naval Asylum, Philadelphia, 1839-59.

Letters of introduction (A.L.s.) and handwritten medical examinations and theses are addressed to the U.S. Naval Board of Medical Surgeons and later the Naval Board of Medical Examiners. Letters include some details on stationing and experience with ships' surgeons. Written...

Collection of humorous letters announcing the birth of David Meeker Taylor, 1909-ca. 1930.

Nine typescript letters by Charles I. Taylor of St. Louis, Missouri to friends and family members, announcing the birth of his son, David Meeker Taylor, on 6 February 1909. Each letter is different, except for the capitalized emphasis on the...

Collection of material by and about Mabel Hubbard Bell, Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander Melville Bell and education of the deaf, 1872-1957.

A small collection of autograph letters, typescripts, reprints, photographs, and ephemera focusing on the teaching of speech to the deaf by Alexander Graham Bell, his wife Mabel Hubbard Bell, and his father Alexander Melville Bell. Included are reminiscences written by...

Collection of material related to a farewell dinner for Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Sigerist, 1947-48.

Collection documents a farewell dinner held at the Plaza Hotel, New York City, 9 May 1947, organized for Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Sigerist "on the occasion of their return to Switzerland and to do honour to Dr. Sigerist for...

Collection of newspaper clippings and pamphlets about Florence Nightingale, 1910-1955.

Collection includes: newspaper clippings announcing Florence Nightingale's death (1910) and funeral arrangements; Color-printed pamphlet describing L'Ecole Florence Nightingale, Bordeaux, France, and requesting contributions in memory of Anna C. Jamme (California Nurses' Association, ca. 1950); newspaper clippings with portrait of Nightingale...

Collection of reprints and offprints about Albrecht von Haller, assembled by Arno B. Luckhardt.

Pamphlets bound in maroon buckram with binder's title: Haller. Ex libris Arno B. Luckhardt (Department of Physiology, Unviersity of Chicago); presumably his bookplate on upper paste-down.

Collection of unpublished bibliographies on topics in the history of medicine and the sciences, 1959-76.

Typescript bibliographies compiled for the UCLA Biomedical Library, for reference or exhibit preparation use.

[Collection of works on blindness]

[v. 1] An essay on blindness ... [by] Diderot. An essay on the education of the blind, by Haüy. An essay on the instruction and amusements of the blind, by Guillié.--[v. 2] Observations on the employment, education, and habits of...

Correspondence about pain research between George H. Bishop and D. O. Hebb, 1950-1957.

"Between the [sic] December 28, 1950 and the [sic] April 30, 1957 Donald Hebb and George Bishop exchanged letters containing ideas on pain and its neurophysiology and psychology. Hebb preserved his copies of the correspondence and, on his retirement in...

Diphtheria pamphlets, 1894-1939.

John Turton Antiquarian Books;

Doctor's account book [manuscript] 1875-1887.

An account book which registers medical appointments, including names, dates, brief comments on the nature of the consultation and amounts paid. The accounting starts on p. 2, ends on p. 113 and runs from Jan. 1, 1875 to Dec. 23,...

Donald Ryder Dickey personal papers, 1911-1916.

Collection consists chiefly of personal letters to Dickey, some newspaper clippings of persons and happenings of interest to him, numerous wedding invitations, and a copy of his will, dated 1916. These papers -- letters, newspaper clippings, social invitations -- although...

Donald Ryder Dickey photographic collection, 1908-1962.

Struck by a serious heart condition during his senior year at Yale, Dickey returned to early interests in natural history and photography to occupy his mind and hands during the prolonged recovery period. By the time he had regained full...

Dr. Arthur Boerner's botanical herb remedies : scrapbook, 1919-1936.

The scrapbook was initially begun as a book of testimonials for patrons which "tells you all about our Treatments and the exact Truth about a real Cure, Natural Cure with Nature Means." These herbal remedies incorporate "the best selected Herbs...

Dr. Marie C. Stopes and constructive birth control : [an exhibition], [not after 1997]

Photocopied flyer for exhibition based on the Marie Stopes papers in the Contemporary Medical Archives Centre of the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine.

Educational leaflets of the California Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis.

Title constructed by cataloger. Date based on text in footnote on first leaflet.

Enseignement de l'hygiène : aux élèves des écoles primaires d'Albi et à leurs families /

"These practical instructions, of which 10000 are to be printed, are distributed free of charge to the pupils of Albi primary schools and their families. The collection comprises preventative hygiene for contagious and epidemic illnesses ... The aim of the...

Ephemera and papers separated from books in the Barlow Medical Library collection, 1878-1935.

Published and unpublished items formerly laid in various monographs and serials in the Barlow Medical Library collection. Includes: receipts, postcards, advertisements, bookplates, bookmarks, and holographic notes and letters. Correspondents include George Dock and William W. Keen.

Gun Wa Herb Remedy Company letters and advertisements, 1890.

A collection of correspondence from "Gun Wa", the quack Chinese herbalist healer at 1629 and 1646-1650 Larimer Street, Denver, Colorado to a client, George Morrison of Upper Neguac, British Columbia, dated 1890. Includes two advertising broadsides for piles (hemorrhoids) and...

Harper's weekly illustrations about hospitals, nurses, vaccination and other medical topics, 1857-1871.

Tearsheets (13 x 12 cm to 39 x 56 cm) from issues of Harper's weekly, 1857-1871, illustrating medical topics, practitioners, places and events.

Harris, George, 1809-1890. Letters concerning George Harris' "A philosophical treatise on the nature and constitution of man", 1873-1877.

During 1874-1876, George Harris solicited comments and suggestions from many eminent philosophers, theologians and naturalists concerning the ideas and language of his planned treatise on the nature of man. This collection includes approximately 150 original manuscript letters sent him in...

Horner, William. Letters : Allentown, Pa., to Benjamin Horner Coats, M.D., Philadelphia, holographs, 1850.

Writer claims to be President of the United States on the Farmer's ticket and "the American Volunteer, the Colonial President of America, the Grand Martial of the World by virtue of the original warrant in the birth of America". One...


Collection of medical pamphlets, most published shortly after the French Revolution.

Institute of Family Relations. Collection, 1931-1946.

Collection consists of pamphlets, broadsides, T.L.s., and annotated typescripts, which provide incomplete coverage of the Institute's public education activities pertaining to human sterilization, pre-marital service, and marriage counseling.

John Martin Askey, M.D. papers, 1917-1990.

A small collection of papers, mostly from Dr. John Martin Askey's retirement years, includes materials concerning his personal life and family, and materials on medical topics which continued to have special interest for him. The papers came from Dr. Askey's...

Joseph Alfred Andrews papers, 1880-1899.

The papers span twenty years and cover aspects of Andrews' professional life (notes, correspondence, committee affairs) and of his social life (correspondence, invitations), but almost totally missing are any personal aspects. The collection does afford some interesting glimpses of the...

Keith and Eva Killam papers, 1944-1998.

The collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, teaching materials, professional society files, slides and research project files.

Labor records, 1903.

Admission, labor, delivery, puerperium, and discharge records of two patients admitted to the Chicago Lying-In Hospital and Dispensary. Record forms, completed in ink by Dr. Coffey, are mostly legible. Forms were designed to be bound along inner margin; these two...

Ladd, George D. Letters : from and about his brother, a patient in the Madison Insane Hospital, [1874-1877]

George Ladd was a medical student at Rush Medical College, Chicago, and Boston Dental College, then a doctor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His brother, Horace, wrote from "Madison Insane Hospital" (Mendota State Hospital), Wisconsin.

Letters and promotional materials about "J.B.L. Cascade" enema treatment from Tyrell's Hygienic Institute, New York, 1923.

Two T.L.s. (signature apparently in inkstamp) from Richard Palmer, President of Tyrell's Hygienic Institute (152 West 65th Street, New York, N.Y.) to Mrs. R.W. Costilo, Foxboro, Mass. in 1923, offer information about the company's products and highlight its "J.B.L. Cascade"...

Los Angeles County (Calif.). Health Dept. Miscellaneous pamphlets on smallpox : [pamphlets, circulars, and reprints assembled for the Barlow Medical Library]

[No. 1] Progress in vaccination -- [No. 2] Prevention of smallpox -- [No. 3] Vaccination incisions and smallpox immunity, taken from the Jour. A.M.A. Berlin correspondent on February 23, 1935 -- [No. 4] The three point chisel method of vaccination...

Los Angeles Society of Internal Medicine records, 1958-1998.

The records of the Society are incomplete. They consist of: a leather-bound ledger of revised constitution, minutes of scientific and council meetings, invitations, and programs from January 1958 - December 1965; 1985 amended constitution; 1985 draft of historical profile for...

Lépecq de la Cloture, Louis Letters, reports and financial agreements concerning writing and publication of the book, Collection d'observations sur les maladies et constitution épidémiques, 1777-78.

Collection consists of 10 holograph documents (letters, reports and financial agreements) concerning the writing of Lépecq de la Cloture's 2 v. book (Collection d'observations sur les maladies et constitution épidémiques. De l'Imprimerie privilégiée; et se trouve a Paris: Chez Didot...

Mail order advertisement flyers, pamphlets and coupons for George F. Jowett's body-building courses, [1953-55].

Printed advertisement pitches from the Jowett Institute, 220 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y., include portraits of author in strongman pose, front view. Collection includes 9 flyers, 2 pamphlets, 3 coupons, 3 return mailing envelopes, and original mailing envelope addressed to...

Medical lecture notebooks, 1902-1903.

Manuscript notebooks of student attending lectures at Bowdoin College's Medical School of Maine, 1902-1903. Four notebooks: Surgery (v.1-3, lectures by Weeks and Mitchell) and Public Hygiene (lectures by C.D. Smith).

Medical papers by William H. Sweet, M.D.

Vol. 1: Papers 1-39 (1938-1951) -- v. 2: Papers 40-78 (1951-1956) -- v. 3: Papers 79-112 (1957-1961) -- v. 4: Papers 113-170 (1959-1960 [i.e., 1959-1967]) -- v. 5: Papers 171-233 (1966-1970) -- v. 6: Papers 234-291 (1970-1975) -- v. 6:...

Medical postage stamps collection, ca. 1949-1981.

Cite as: [Identification of item], Medical postage stamps collection (Ms. Coll. no. 183), History & Special Collections Division, Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library, University of California, Los Angeles.

Medicine : [collection of medical pamphlets, offprints, and reprints]

Holographic tables of contents on upper endpapers.

Medicine pamphlets : [collection of offprints and reprints assembled by the Barlow Medical Library]

Tables of contents, supplied in typescript by Barlow Library, bound in at front of each volume.

Memoria sobre el maguey mexicano (Agave Maximilianea) [manuscript] 1864 /

Contains 22 sheets of light blue lined paper and 2 thick sheets of cream paper, upon which are mounted the 2 plates. The volume has been set up to resemble a published book--even though it is handwritten--replete with a mock...

"My girl" : an account of the life and death of Doris Harper by her mother : notebook, 1907-1930.

Book opens with information regarding the baby's birth on April 15, 1907 and closes with an anguished description of the child's death on April 10, 1918 due to "acute Bright's Disease following an attack of measles." Diary entries discuss the...

Notes from lectures on the theory and practice of midwifery / 1792-1793.

Fifty-eight lectures on the subject of midwifery. Includes a brief history of the field, a select list of authors, and a table of contents at the back.

Notes of lectures on the theory and practice of medicine [manuscript] : delivered at the London University, session 1833.4 by John Elliotson, M.D. 1833.

Lecture notes, probably taken by James Barron Shaw M.D., whose name is pencilled in at end, on p. 252. The notes are mostly contained on p. 1-252, with the remainder of the pages blank, except for p. 255, which has...

Obstetrical teaching manikin with accompanying documents, 1814-1819.

The manikin was designed as a practical obstetrical teaching tool for the training of midwives. The skull is attached to the torso of the manikin with a round, metal eye-hook and fabric tape which allows for full range of motion....

Of the nerves, 1845.

Manuscript notebook, dated: "Jacksonville, February 25, 1845". Lecture or class notes describing nerves of the human body, concentrating on the 9 pairs of nerves which "go off" from the brain. May have been written by Abram Chase, a student from...

Orville Harry Brown papers, 1886-1940.

These papers deal exclusively with Dr. Brown's professional life, consisting mainly of reprints and a few formal reports. They also contain many (crumbling) newspaper clippings on the Spanish American War, President McKinley, and considerable material on the Committee of One...

Phila and George Caldwell print and slide collection about Kenya and Antarctica, 1971-1987.

Photographs and slides taken by Phila and George Caldwell on a Los Angeles Natural History Museum collecting expedition to Kenya in 1971, and on a Society Expedition cruise to the Antarctic in 1987. The Kenya material consists of 43 color...

Prenatal letter service letters and literature packets.

Form letters on prenatal and newborn infant care, accompanied by assorted pamphlets, prepared by Bureau of mternal and Child Health, State Board of Health, Madison, Wisconsin. Letters are signed by Caroline French Benton, chief, Bureau of Maternal and Child Health....

Promotional mailing for Zilatone laxative.

Promotional mailing packet from the Drew Pharmacal Co., Buffalo, N.Y. for Zilatone laxative, which "reestablishes normal liver bile and bowel functions". Includes original cover (undated one cent metered postmark), "The color of stools" self-diagnosis pamphlet; blotter with Zilatone advertisement; and...

[Rural New York physician's drug purchase orders], 1853-55.

A.L.s. from Wm. Woodward of Big Flats, N.Y. to "David J. Lawman & Co., Druggists & Chemists, no. 69 Water Street, N.Y.", requisitioning medicines for his practice. Includes requests for: opium, sulfuric ether, chloroform, epsom salts, blue pill mass, acetate...

Sammelband of printed documents and manuscripts concerning public health measures taken to protect Rome from the Marseilles plague, 1720-1723.

"The manuscript material here consists chiefly of letters and reports from the Carlo Cellio, the Chatelain of the Anzio tower, the site of the suspected outbreak, to Cardinal Paulucci. Some of these, obviously written in great haste, convey the urgency...

Scientific approach ... tuberculosis problem : teaching kit for secondary schools, [1932-1939]

Envelope with 13 public health educational pamphlets about tuberculosis, mostly published by the National Tuberculosis Association, New York, 1932-39.

Script and production research materials for Dr. Ehrlich's magic bullet, 1881-1940.

The collection includes the script, photographs, and research materials gathered to support production of the 1940 Warner Bros. motion picture, "Dr. Ehrlich's magic bullet", which focussed on Paul Ehrlich's work to develop effective chemical cures for diphtheria and syphilis. A...

Society for the History of Medical Science. Records of the Society for the History of Medical Science, 1950-80.

Minutes, announcements, correspondence, lists, and other papers fully document the first ten years of the Society's activities. After that, the fullness of the documentation diminishes year by year, although it still sufficient to follow the subject matter and speakers for...

State board questions : [collection compiled by the Los Angeles County Medical Association, Barlow Library], 1917-1939.

Collection chiefly consisting of mimeographed sheets of examination questions, printed on one side of leaf only. For 1917-1921: tearsheets from California state journal of medicine.

Stopes, Marie Carmichael [Correspondence with Betty Ross, B. van Thal, et al], 1933-1947.

Five A.L.s.: 1 letter from B. van Thal thanking Stopes for copy of her book, Roman Catholic methods of birth control (1933; see Biomed AC8 .S883 S120 1933 RARE, copy 2); 2 letters from Stopes to Betty Ross (1937, 1938);...

Twenty-five years rosters : Research Study Club annual mid-winter clinical course in ophthalmology and otolaryngology, 1932-1956.

Box 1: rosters with signatures of faculty and attendees (in sewn gatherings of 12 to 20 leaves), 1932-1956; published course programs only for annual courses in 1932 (1st), 1933 (2nd) and 1935 (4th). Box 2: original presentation portfolio.

Willard Goodwin collection of William Osler correspondence, 1893-1947.

The collection is built around two sets of letters: 1. Twenty original letters from William Osler, M.D. to Howard Atwood Kelly, M.D., dated 1897-1917, plus the notes and materials Dr. Goodwin used to write an article for the "Bulletin of...

Yellow fever : [collection of offprints, reprints, and reports assembled by the Barlow Medical Library]

Tables of contents, supplied in typescript by Barlow Library, bound in at front of each volume.