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Adams (Peggy H.) papers

Peggy Hamilton Adams was a fashion designer, editor of the rotogravure fashion page (1921-34) and a host for local radio programs (1929-33) that dealt with fashion concerns of the modern woman. The collection consists of materials related to Hamilton's career...

Armenian Manuscripts Collection

Collection consists of Armenian manuscripts from the 14th to 19th centuries, mostly from the Minasian Collection. Many are in contemporary bindings....

Bartlett (Adelbert) papers

Adelbert Bartlett was a commercial photographer based in Santa Monica, California, and the director of the Near East Relief Fund in Los Angeles. The collection contains photographs, negatives, periodicals, scrapbooks, and memorabilia relating to Bartlett's life as a commercial photographer...

Bennett (Walter E.) photographic collection

Walter E. Bennett (1921-1995) was the first salaried photographer for , where he worked from 1952 to 1982. The collection consists of photographic materials such as prints, negatives and slides. It also includes miscellaneous manuscripts and ephemera related to Bennett's...

Bound Manuscripts Collection

The bound manuscripts collection consists of over 700 manuscripts from the 7th to the 19th century and covers a wide variety of topics. The collection includes a papyrus fragment from the 7th century, a North French or Flemish (late 15th...

Bunche (Ralph J.) papers

Ralph J. Bunche (1904-1971) graduated from UCLA and Harvard University, and was a professor at Howard University (1929-1950). He joined the Permanent Secretariat of the United Nations in 1948, served as the undersecretary for special political affairs (1958-67), and then...

Calif. Ephemera Collection

Collection consists of broadsides, clippings, brochures, and other ephemeral materials relating to California. Subjects include: abortion, Alcatraz Island, building and loan associations, California politics and government, Covina, drugs, Fort Ross, Greek-Americans, International Gay and Lesbian Archives, Japanese American National Museum,...

Clark (Cumberland) Cuneiform Tablet collection

Twenty-five cuneiform tablets from the ancient Mesopotamian school environment called eduba (literally, "house of tablets") and includes examples ranging from simple sign exercises to advanced Sumerian literary exercises. The majority of the texts come from the Old Babylonian period, which...

Cornell (Ralph D.) papers

Ralph D. Cornell was the supervising landscape architect at UCLA from 1937-72. Some of Cornell's other landscape architecture projects included Pomona College, Torrey Pines Park, Los Angeles Music Center, and La Brea Tar Pits. The collection consists of office files,...

Cotsen (Lloyd E.) Cuneiform Tablets collection

The collection consists of 215 cuneiform tablets, the majority of which were written by students in ancient Mesopotamian schools. Tablet subjects include writing composition and language, mathematics, science, law and religion. The chronological range of the tablets extends from the...

Dickson (Edward A.) Cuneiform Tablet collection

The majority of the eight tablets are administrative in nature, citing loans, receipts, and inventories. Most of the administrative texts date to the Ur III period (Third Dynasty of Ur). One tablet contains a royal inscription from the Early Old...

Diseños : maps and plans of ranchos of Southern California, mostly within Los Angeles and Orange counties

Oversize folio of approximately 150 hand-drawn maps of Mexican land claims in California.

Endore (S. Guy) papers

S. Guy Endore (1901-70) was a prolific author of books as well as television and movie scripts. His script, , was nominated for an Oscar in 1945. He was reputedly blacklisted by the Hollywood studios for his political views in...

Ethiopic manuscripts collection

Collection contains 64 Ethiopian manuscripts.

Faderman (Lillian) papers

Faderman's papers consist of drafts of her published papers and book reviews and manuscript and typescript versions of three of her books: (1981); (1991) and (1994). The papers also include background research for her various publications; correspondence relating to her...

Friedlander (Jonathan) collection of Middle Eastern Americana

The several thousand items contained in the Middle Eastern Americana collection document the substantial and significant presence of the Middle East in the annals of American popular culture. Over the course of more than 150 years and well into the...

Gordon, Jr. (Walter L. )/Beverly, Jr. (William C.) collection

Collection of approximately 800 digitized photographs and other items collected by Walter L. Gordon, Jr. and given to William C. Beverly, Jr., who donated the collection to UCLA. Collection includes photos given to Walter by his former boss, Charlotta Bass,...

Hawkins (Augustus F.) Papers

Augustus Freeman Hawkins (1907- ) was a member of the California State Assembly (1935-63) a Democrat in the U.S. Congress (1963-91), Chairman of the Committee on House Administration (1981-84), Chairman of the Committee on Education and Labor (98th-101st Congresses), and...

Huxley (Aldous and Laura) papers

Aldous Leonard Huxley (1894-1963) was a prolific writer of novels, essays, poetry, criticism, and screenplays. The Aldous Huxley Papers portion of the collection consists correspondence between Aldous Huxley and publishers Harper & Row, personal correspondence, holographic notes, literary manuscripts and...

Ishigo (Estelle) papers

Estelle (Peck) Ishigo (1899- ) was born in Oakland, California. She attended Otis Art Institute where she met and married San Franciscan Nisei, Arthur Ishigo (ca. 1929). Following Pearl Harbor, both were fired from their jobs and Arthur was ordered...

Kikuchi (Charles) papers

Charles Kikuchi (1917- ) worked for the California State Employment Service, surveying Nisei occupations. He was recruited by Berkeley sociologist Dorothy Swaine Thomas for the Japanese Evacuation and Relocation Study (JERS). He began to keep a diary and completed field...

Latin American Labor Movements collection of newspapers

A collection of newspapers published by Latin American labor movement.

Lee (S. Charles) Papers

S. Charles Lee (1899-1990) graduated from Technical College, Chicago in 1918 and the Armour Institute of Technology in 1921. He relocated to Los Angeles in 1922 where he designed numerous theaters and office buildings (1927-40), developed the Los Angeles International...

Los Angeles Daily News Negatives

was originally named the by Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. when he started it in 1923. He copied the tabloid format of the , although he rejected lurid and sensational journalism. In 1926 the paper went bankrupt and was taken over...

Los Angeles Times Photographic Archives

The was founded in 1881 and was incorporated as the Times-Mirror Company in 1884. The collection consists of photonegatives as well as photographic prints documenting events and people in Southern California, the U. S., and the world. The material originates...

Los Angeles Urban League Records

The Los Angeles branch of the National Urban League stems from a 1921 organization founded by Katherine Barr and others who attended Booker T. Washington's Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. The league gathered information about racial discrimination against African Americans and...

Manzanar War Relocation Center records

The Manzanar War Relocation Center was located in the Owens Valley in Central California. The United States Army initially established the camp as the Owens Valley Reception Center under the management of the Wartime Civil Control Administration (WCCA), March-May 1942....

Maps of Los Angeles, Calif., the U.S. and the World Collection

The collection consists of maps of Los Angeles and other parts of the United States including: California Geological Survey maps, tract maps of the San Francisco Bay area, beach cities of Southern California, New Mexico oil fields, maps from the...

McAfee (Byron) Papers

Byron McAfee (1883-1966) was an American-born ethnohistorian and linguist who studied Nahua language and culture in Mexico. The collection consists of McAfee's research papers and original manuscripts from Mexico's colonial period.

Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts Collection - Library Special Collections

This finding aid lists the Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts holdings of the Department of Special Collections as cited in (1991), compiled by Mirella Ferrari and edited by R.H. Rouse (Call Number - Z6621 C123m 1991). The catalog identifies the contents,...

Neutra (Richard and Dion) papers

Richard Josef Neutra (1892-1970) was born in Vienna. He was the city architect for Luckenwalde, then worked as a draftsman-collaborator with Erich Mendelsohn in Berlin before immigrating to the United States in 1923. He worked with Frank Lloyd Wright (1924)...

Orsini Family Papers

The Orsini are one of most important families in Italian history. At the height of their influence, in the late Middle Ages and into the Renaissance, the Orsini were crucial players in Italian politics; they were closely allied to the...

Pamphlet Maps Collection

Collection consists of hundreds of pamphlet maps of various places around the world.

Pierce (C.C.) Photographic Collection

This collection consists of glass photonegatives, glass positive transparencies, and black & white photographic prints of the photographer C.C. Pierce (1861-1946). The subject matter primarily covers Los Angeles and the surrounding vicinity.

Red Bird, Oklahoma Glass Plate Negatives

Group of 12 original glass plate negatives, depicting early views of homes, businesses and townspeople in the all black town of Red Bird, OK.

Rotha (Paul) papers

Paul Rotha (1907-1984) was a film critic, documentary filmmaker, and movie director. The collection consists of materials related to Rotha's documentary and feature films and Rotha's books on the cinema.

Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee Records

The Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee (formerly the Citizen's Committee for the Defense of Mexican American Youth) formed in 1942 in reaction to the indictment of 22 young men for murder. 12 defendants were convicted of first degree murder. The Sleepy...

Society for Psychophysiological Research records

The Society for Psychophysiological Research was created to foster research related to physiology and psychology. The collection consists of correspondence, minutes, programs, publications, slides, and miscellaneous printed materials related to the Society for Psychophysiological Research.

Southern California Women for Understanding (SCWU) collection

The Southern California Women for Understanding Collection contains the operational records of Southern California Women for Understanding (SCWU), one of the earliest lesbian non-profit educational organizations in Los Angeles, California.

Thomas (Grace M.) Collection about Ralph Bunche

Collection consists of newspaper clippings relating to the career and death of Dr. Ralph J. Bunche and a black and white photographic print of the members of his junior high school class, including Bunche....

Tract Maps and Cadastral Maps of Southern California Collection

The tract and cadastral maps in this collection are of real estate developments located in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and Ventura counties. The maps are listed by location using the and . A few maps fall outside of this territory,...

Tulancingo (Hildago, Mexico) Manuscript Collection

This collection consists of manuscript documents in Spanish and Nahuatl from the town of Tulancingo (Hidalgo, Mexico). The documents consist primarily of civil litigation case files, but also include a small amount of criminal case files and several government printed...

West (Andrew) Photographs of the Guelaguetza

Andrew West (1954- ) has worked as a photographer's assistant and as an annual report photographer. His photography of Guatemalan costumes appears in the exhibition catalog, , published by the Fowler Museum at UCLA (1992). The collection is composed of...

Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) collection

The Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) Collection is a mixture of papers and organizational records, publications, ephemera and audio-visual materials collected by organization member Dani Adams (national office in Los Angeles). Of particular interest are the internal memos and...