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Agricultural appropriations collection, 1910.

Correspondence of J.L. Gillis to and from other universities regarding agricultural education appropriations.

Agricultural technology collection: 1850-

Promotional and descriptive materials relating to agricultural technology.

Alex Chis papers, 1968.

Material regarding socialism: articles, newsletters, and correspondence.

Alfred F. Smith papers, 1964-2007.

Materials related to Smith's Stonegate development in Davis, California.

Alfred Neumann collection, 1898-1912.

Published and unpublished materials relating to arguments for and against the prohibition of alcohol, including the responses of individual states and organizations.

Allred, B. W. (Berten Wendell) Papers 1967-1971.

Paper written by Allred entitled George Morgan, Pioneer Importer and Breeder of American Herefords (1967), detailing Morgan's family history and the development of his business.

American Bicyclist records, 1953-1993.

Business records of "American Bicyclist" magazine.

Angelo, Homer G. Papers, [1916?-1998?].

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department, Library, University of California, Davis.

An-Ski, S. Collection, 19--.

Typescript of Ansky's The Devil's sabbath.

Askine, Sibyl E. Collection 1837-1857.

Seven bills of sale and transfer of African slaves in New England.

Bainer, Roy Papers 1929-1980.

Curricula development, organizational conference agendas, and minutes for the College of Agriculture; manuscript (untitled) for a textbook on farm machinery (by Bainer, Kepner, Barger); miscellaneous journals and reports.

Ballantine, Edward J. Collection 1911-1951.

Clippings, playbills, programs, and photographs relating Ballantine's involvement with the Provincetown Players and other instances of his acting and directing career.

Belasco, David Collection 1902.

Thirty-three photographs depicting Belasco's production of The Darling of the Gods, which opened December 3, 1902, at the Belasco Theatre in New York City.

Belmore, George Collection 1854-1907.

Correspondence, ephemera, photographs, playbills, programs, realia, and scripts. The bulk of this collection pertains to Henry Irving and his Lyceum Theatre company and includes original scripts and lighting plots used at the Lyceum Theatre.

Benson, Mary Foley. Papers 197-

Ten botanical lithographs. For examples of Benson's entomological illustrations, see the McKenzie papers.

Bernard Kreissman papers, 1965-1983.

Library Associates files, correspondence, and speeches.

Blum, Jerome J. Collection, [1900?-2000?].

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department, Library, University of California, Davis.

Bor Shiun Luh reprints, 1951-1996.

Reprints of Luh's writings on food processing.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms wine label applications, 1920-1947.

Wine labels and label permit applications submitted by domestic dealers, wineries, or importers to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms for approval. Information required on the label includes winery or distillery name, location, type of beverage, content, name of...

C. Nelson Hackett papers, 1885-1977.

Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, books, business records, clippings, legal papers, scrapbooks, photo albums, ephemera, and realia relating to Hackett and his family's ranch in Yolo County, California.

California Canners and Growers archives, 1959-1983.

Invoices, cash receipts, accounts receivable and payable ledgers, financial statements, payroll ledgers, bids, marketing studies, cancelled checks, pricing analysis, inventories, correspondence, and monthly manager's letters. Legal files pertaining to the law suit filed against the U.S. Government for remuneration for...

Charles P. Cotton Bicycling collection, 1978-1984.

Materials related to the Cycling Road Race at the 1984 Olympics including notes, correspondence, and course maps.

Clemmer, Richard O. Papers, 19---19--.

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department, Library, University of California, Davis.

C.M. Titus papers, 1900-1925.

Collection contains an account of a Titus Club hike to Mt. Whitney (1925), a photograph, and an Agricola yearbook (1916) dedicated to Titus.

Commission on California Agriculture and Higher Education. Collection, 19---19--.

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department, Library, University of California, Davis.

Crafts, Alden Springer Papers, 1915-1965.

Published and unpublished manuscripts, correspondence, reprints and radiographs relating to chemical weed control research employing autoradiography to trace the movements of herbicides through plants.

Crampton, Beecher. Papers, [1897-1995].

Beecher Crampton Papers, D-382, Department of Special Collections, University of California Library, Davis, California.

Crowley, Daniel J. Papers, 1918-1995.

Correspondence, papers, reports, programs, menus, and newsletters relating to teaching and research in anthropology and art.

Dan Chumley papers, 1969-2005.

Material from his involvement with the San Francisco Mime Troupe and files relating to his theater projects in Asia.

Daniel J. Crowley and Jean Colvin Carnival of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil videocassettes, 1983.

39 videocassettes (primarily U-Matic) documenting the Carnival of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil which were made during a field project led by Professor Daniel Crowley and Jean Colvin in February 1983.

Davisville 1905: The Year the Town Woke Up exhibit materials, 2006.

The exhibit consists of images of both scenes and documents from the early 1900s, with the focus on the towns effort to secure the University Farm site for Davisville, CA (now Davis, CA). Reproductions of columns from the Davisville Enterprise...

Dobbs, Betty Jo Teeter Papers, 1965-1994.

Research files, reprints, manuscripts, lectures, book reviews, correspondence, bibliographies, departmental files, student papers and exams.

Dunning, Lorry. Collection, [1926-1995].

Lorry Dunning Collection, D-368, Department of Special Collections, University of California Library, Davis, California.

F. William Blaisdell papers, 1958-2008.

Publications by Blaisdell on trauma care and surgery and materials relating to the University of California, Davis, School of Medicine and Medical Center.

Farmer, David. Collection, [19---19--].

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department, Library, University of California, Davis.

Fazio, Vic. Papers, 1978-1999.

Office files, correspondence, photographs, awards, and memorabilia relating to Fazio's more than 20 years in public life. Files on Auburn Dam and closure of McClellan Air Force Base, briefing books on policy decisions, proposals for Sacramento Valley water and flood...

George Belden Crane diaries, 1839-1898.

The diaries discuss the care of Crane's grape vines, wine making, and the weather.

Goodman, Paul Papers, 1965-1994.

Office files and correspondence.

Gregor, Howard F. Papers, [1920?-2000?].

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department, Library, University of California, Davis.

Gunter Zweig papers, 1948-1987.

Correspondence, subject files, articles about pesticides, course materials, and files on conferences and organizations.

Hal Draper papers, circa 1940-1990.

Collection contains research notes relating to political history and manuscripts of his writing.

Hart, Winfield H. Papers, [1959-1998?].

Collection contains subject files, correspondence slides, printed material, and articles and speeches by Hart.

Henry Putnam Pohler collection, 1988-2008.

Pohler collected documents related to the historical perspectives of California State Hospitals and Developmental Centers.

Herbert D. B. Tree collection, 1891-1917.

Clippings, photographs, and souvenir programs relating to plays produced by and starring Tree at the Comedy Theatre, Hay market, Her Majesty's Theatre, and His Majesty's Theatre.

Jackson, W. Turrentine (William Turrentine) Papers, 1950-1989.

Drafts of Jackson's articles, books, and papers; research notes; class lectures; and correspondence concerning his research interests in the Trans-Mississippi West and California mining, as well as his organizational affiliations.

James H. Doan papers, 1980-2002.

Statistical data on University of California, Davis sports compiled by Doan.

Jeffrey Lindeman collection, 1968-1992.

Berkeley-area counterculture newspapers, playbills, some correspondence related to San Francisco Mime Troupe.

John Lofland papers on the Unification Church, 1960-1986.

Research materials pertaining to the activities of the Unification Church in the United States during the 1960's and 1970's. Dr. Lofland's research in the cult provides a perspective on religious proselytization and conversion. The papers contain original notes, tapes, transcripts,...

John M. Tucker papers, 1934-2008.

Correspondence, research materials, syllabi, and reprints relating to Tucker's career as Professor of Botany.

John Movius papers, 1886-1998.

Correspondence; materials related to California State Fair wine judging, California viticultural areas, and Wine Scene Seminars and Tours.

Kenneth K. Tanji papers, 1969-2007.

Slides, committee minutes, research notes, and class materials relating to Tanji's research on water issues, including a project to address selenium contamination that poisoned wildlife at Kesterson Reservoir.

Kenneth Kew papers, 1951-1980.

Material in the collection include: correspondence, reports, photographs, drawings, realia, and maps relating to Kew's career as a wine merchant.

Korean American Oral History Project collection, 1915-2003.

Correspondence, photographs, and newsletters.

Lawrence A. Harper papers, 1660-1972.

Photostats, microfilm, and research notes relating to commercial shipping in the British Colonial ports of North America.

Lawrence J. Andrews papers, 1941-1964.

Reprints of articles on organic chemistry.

Leslie family. Collection, [195--1998].

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department, Library, University of California, Davis.

Living Theatre records, 1947-1975.

Clippings, correspondence, notebooks, photographs, promotional materials, scripts, working notes, and other production materials relating to Living Theatre productions and published books for the period extending from the company's inception to the mid-1970's.

Loomis, Edmond C. Papers, 1981-1988.

Extension leaflets written by Loomis pertaining to parasites in horses and turkeys; Cooperative Extension newsletter: Entomology and parasite notes.

Manny Reaper collection, 1852-1859.

Court records and correspondence concerning the patent dispute between John Manny and Cyrus McCormick over a reaper invention.

Marchand, Roland. Papers, 1964-1997.

Research files, correspondence, publication files, ephemera, and memorabilia relating to Marchand's research in American corporate history.

Marsh, George L. (George Long) Papers, 1939-1962.

Affidavits, correspondence, research notes and reports regarding enology methods.

McClure poetry 1982.

Two cassette tapes of Joanna and Michael McClure reading their poetry at the University of California, Davis.

Meterological records collection, 1908.

Climatological records including Eppley charts; pyrheliometer records; continuous records of sun, wind, velocity, and rainfall; hydrothermograph records; evaporation records; air temperature, precipitation, wind and evaporation records collected at the U.S. Weather Bureau Standard Shelter, University of California, Davis.

Michael and Margaret B. Harrison Western Research Center accompanying material collections, 1922-2000.

Michael Harrison tucked photographs, newspaper clippings, correspondence, publishers' advertisements, and other interesting items into the books that he called his "fallout system," (because items were likely to fall out when one picked up a book). This ephemeral material provides insights...

Mielziner, Jo Collection, 1967.

Set designs: eight 4" x 3" original sketches executed on drafting paper in watercolor, gouache, and pencil depicting stage sets for the musical Mata Hari, which opened at the National Theatre, Washington, D.C., on 18 November 1967.

Mike Harrison library cards and microfilm, 1981-1997.

Updates to Harrison Western Research Center library card catalog, master microfilm of catalog records.

Milton Albert Miller illustration collection, circa 1940-1969.

Scientific drawings and illustrations used in Miller's published work.

Moffat, Margaret. Papers, 192-.

Program, newspaper clipping, and script with scene plot, and production photographs, all relating to the play Just like a woman.

Morris, Jane Papers, 189-.

Letters written by Morris to associate Mr. Watts, regarding travel accommodations.

Moscow Art Theatre collection, 1898-1938.

Sixty-two reproductions from photographs of early Moscow Art Theatre productions.

Moses, Benjamin D. Collection, 19---19--.

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department, Library, University of California, Davis.

Mrak, E. M. (Emil Marcel) Papers, 1960-1974.

Pamphlets, reprints, reports, and working papers of the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Academy of Sciences, and other organizations, for which Mrak served as an advisor. Files on environmental health and safety subjects, ecology, yeast classification, and food production subjects;...

Murray, Robert (Robert Bruce) Collection, 1970.

Three versions of Donner, a taped interview with Murray, and technical and production notes of the play's performance at Davis in 1970. Inclusive dates: 1970.

Music ephemera collection, 1800-[ongoing].

Clippings, lithographs, posters, programs, promotional materials, and serials. Extensive and diverse holdings containing, for example, a program for the Japanese Rock Musical '80 Hamlet along with a 19th century lithograph depicting Madame Fanny T. Persian. The bulk of the collection...

Nelson, Klayton E. Papers, 19---19--.

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department, Library, University of California, Davis.

Neubauer, L. W. (Loren Wenzel) Papers, 1950-1960.

Notebooks, farm structures reports, and agricultural conferences materials.

New California Jockey Club. Collection, 1903-1919.

Official programs of the thoroughbred horse-racing club based in Oakland, California in the early 20th century.

Newton, Gordon & Johnson, Merchants. Collection, 1763-1799.

Letters to Madeira merchants regarding wine shipments in the late 18th century.

Norman Allderdice collection, 1902-1977.

Collection of serial publications in the fields of conservative political and economic philosophy, communism, socialism, Russian history, anti-communism, and Soviet-American relations.

Ogasawara, Frank X. Papers, [1940-2000]

The papers contain correspondence and publications by Ogasawara.

O'Higgins, Ambrosio Papers, 1760-1799.

Correspondence with church and governmental figures regarding missions, road repair, land allocation, military strength, and provisions for the poor.

Olmstead, Alan L. Papers, 1924-1994.

Background research materials for an article co-authored by Olmstead and Paul Rhode, "The agricultural mechanization controversy of the interwar years," which appeared in Agricultural history 68:3 (Summer 1994).

Orloff, Alexander Sergevich. Collection, 1830-1962.

Scripts in Russian by both Russian and European playwrights; some programs, reviews, and slides regarding Russian theatre.

Our Lady of Vladimir Convent (San Francisco, Calif.) Collection, 195-.

Photo album depicting life in a Russian Orthodox convent, located in San Francisco.

Park, Joe. Collection, 1950-1991.

Clippings, correspondence, research notes, and articles relating to the history of agriculture and a wide variety of agricultural equipment and technologies.

Peter Marler correspondence, 1960-2008.

Correspondence relating to Marler's research on animal communication and his involvement with professional organizations.

Phillips, Edith Henrietta Collection, 1914-1975.

Photographs of Ms. Phillips, her colleagues, buildings, equipment, and projects at Davis, Riverside, and Texas.

Piepgrass, Niels C. Papers, 1960-1976.

Correspondence and reports relating to cotton farming.

Placide, Henry. Collection, 1810-1834.

Seventeen signed working scripts once the property of Henry Placide.

Polis, Gary A. Papers [1965-2000].

Professor in the University of California, Davis Environmental Science and Policy Department (1998-2000); conducted research on scorpions and spiders in Baja, California.

Political button and flyer collection, 1850-1970.

Bumper stickers, buttons, flyers, ballot tickets, about half late 19th century, half mid-20th century. Local, state, and national levels of government represented.

Pond, Gardner P. Collection, 19---19--.

Hand-colored menu for a feast at the Imperial Palace Restaurant in San Francisco; watercolor on rice paper; print of the Chinese cooking god; unframed pen and ink; realia.

Poppino, Rollie E. Papers, 1939-1981.

Microfilms, notes, and correspondence relating to Poppino's historical research.

Price Amerson art exhibition catalog collection, 1976-1999.

Contains catalogs from art exhibitions primarily in the United States, with strong holdings for the states of California and New York. Exhibition catalogs from Europe and Canada are also present in the collection.

Raynesford, Howard C. Papers, 19--.

Early manuscript draft of a book Raynesford co-authored with Wayne C. Lee, Trails of the Smokey Hill: from Coronado to the cowtowns (1980).

Reclamation District no. 551 (Calif.) Archives, 1893-1945.

Four bank ledgers (1893-1922) and four minutes books containing trustee board meeting minutes and financial reports to the district (1893-1945).

Religion and agriculture collection, 1938-1966.

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department.

Richard E. Kepner papers, 1941-1969.

Reprints of articles on organic chemistry.

Richard Elmer Rominger papers, 1977-2000.

Correspondence, clippings, budget papers, agendas, and meeting notes relating to Rominger's work with the Department of Food and Agriculture; files on pesticides, water appropriation, soil erosion, farm labor, and natural resources.

Riddell, Adaljiza Sosa. Papers, [1960-2003].

The papers contain correspondence, subject files, curriculum materials, and research materials.

Robert M. Ivie collection, 1953-2004.

Ivie's files related to brandy and the American Brandy Association.

Robert N. Campbell papers, 1953-2008.

Correspondence, notes, and reprints related to Campbell's work as professor of plant pathology.

Rothstein, Morton. Papers, 19---19--.

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department, Library, University of California, Davis.

Rudolph L. Bialuski papers, circa 1941-2006.

Collection contain correspondence, daybooks and journals, photographs, materials concerning Bialuski's scholastic work in Canada and his involvement with the United Nations Relief and Welfare Agency.

Russell, William O. Papers, [1943-1991].

Collection contains files relating to the Russell Ranch in Davis and other family ranching operations in Idaho and Arizona. Material in the collection includes correspondence, financial statements, and annual reports.

Shragge, Elaine. Papers, [19---19--].

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department, Library, University of California, Davis.

Sidelle Scott artists' books, 1978-2008.

Artists' books create by Scott throughout her lifetime.

SLA Sierra Nevada Chapter records, 1977-2001

Slides, memoranda, diskettes, budgets, flyers of dinner events, executive board meeting minutes and v. 1-26 of the Gold & Silver Gazette, the Sierra Nevada Chapter's newsletter.

Smith, Milo. Papers, 19---19--.

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department, Library, University of California, Davis.

Soltero, Emilio Alejandro Papers, 19---19--.

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department, Library, University of California, Davis.

Steffi San Buenaventura papers, 1888-2002.

Manuscripts, correspondence, photographic materials, clippings, audiotapes, and memorabilia relating to San Buenaventura's research on Filipino American history. Also included is material on Hilario Moncado and the Filipino Federation of America.

Sutter Basin Company records, 1912-1960.

Letters and telegrams from Chicago to Sacramento on all facets of the financing of the company, land sales data, crop data, test gardens, artifacts, maps, blueprints, and ledgers.

T.G. Schmeiser (firm) Records, [1888-1998].

Collection includes articles, past brochures, photos, current brochures, and handouts.

Theatre ephemera collection, 1800-1999.

Books, catalogs, and pamphlets for theatrical equipment; clippings, correspondence, financial papers, legal documents, promotional materials, realia.

Theatre programs collection: international, 1800-1995.

Mostly 19th and early 20th century British programs, including a sizable group from Dublin's Abbey Theatre.

Theatre programs collection: United States, 1800-2005.

Mostly 19th and early 20th century programs, including a large group of souvenir programs.

Theatre scrapbooks collection, 1800-1999.

Programs, program clippings, pictorial clippings, newspaper clippings, promotional materials, and ticket stubs are included in many of the scrapbooks; others contain only pictorial clippings which depict costumed actors and actresses. Most items relate to early 20th century American theatre, but...

Thomas Mayer papers, 1995-1996.

Transcripts and tapes of interviews for Mayer's book, "Monetary Policy and the Great Inflation in the United States: the Federal Reserve and the Failure of Macroeconomic Policy, 1965-1979."

Thornton W. Craig diaries, 1877-1922.

The diaries detail Craig's medical visits, prescriptions, and accounts.

Tuma, Elias H. Papers, 1954-1993.

Research files, correspondence, publication files, ephemera, and memorabilia relating to his research in international economics. Includes extensive files from committee work at UC Davis and with national and international organizations.

Tupper, C. John. Papers, [19---19--].

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department, Library, University of California, Davis.

United States. Office of Scientific Research and Development. National Defense Research Committee. Collection, 194-.

Manuscript of a paper written under the auspices of the National Defense Research Committee for the Office of Scientific Research and Development, entitled A Survey of rationing and subsistence in the United States Army 1775 to 1940, the final report...

University of California (System). Center for Cooperatives. Collection, [1960-2003].

The collection contains books and pamphlets relating to cooperatives from the Center's library.

Ury, Marian. Papers, 19---19--.

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department, Library, University of California, Davis.

Veterans History Project collection, 2003-2004.

This collection contains original recordings of those oral histories.

Viticulture and Enology Collection: Wine labels, 1975-

Wine labels, primarily from California.

Wagner, D. R. (Donald R.) Papers, [ca.1960-1993].

Collection includes poetry (Wagner's and other's), manuscripts, newspapers, and artwork.