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Abel (Theodore F.) papers

Diaries, other writings, and printed matter related to sociological theory and world politics. Also includes autobiographical sketches (biograms) by members of the Nationalsozialistische deutsche Arbeiter-Partei relating to their reasons for becoming national socialists, collected by Theodore Abel as research material...

Anderson (Frederick L.) papers

Correspondence, diaries, memoranda, reports, studies, notes, manuals, printed matter, motion picture film, photographs, and memorabilia, relating primarily to Allied aerial bombardment strategy, tactics, and operations in Europe during World War II.

Andreyev (Leonid) miscellaneous papers

Plays, poems, short stories, letters, and photographs relating to Russian literature and drama, and to conditions in Russia during World War I. Includes diary of Anna Andreeva, wife of Leonid Andreyev. In part, photocopy. Digital copies of the color slides...

Armour (Lester) papers

Class notes and correspondence relating to the Naval Air Combat Intelligence Officers School, Quonset Point, Rhode Island, and the Aviation Intelligence Center, Pacific Ocean Areas; and official orders, reports, correspondence, photographs, and other materials related to the U.S. Navy and...

Arnold (Julean H.) papers

Diary, correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, dispatches, instructions, and memoranda relating to the American consular service in China, economic and political developments in China, and American commercial and foreign policy in East Asia. Digital copy of Arnold's diary also available...

Ayres (Leonard Porter) diary

Relates to the work of the Allied Powers Reparation Commission. Digital copy also available at

Baratov (N. N.) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, diaries, reports, military documents, maps, clippings, and printed matter relating to Russian military activities in Persia and the Caucasus during World War I, and to the Russian Revolution. Digital copies of diaries also available at

Beer (F. F.) collection

Sketchbook of drawings of inmates and scenes at the Ruhleben prison camp, Germany, which housed British civilians interned in Germany during World War I. Drawn by various prisoners of the camp. Digital copy also available at

Bishop (Francis W.) picture film

Depicts the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov, scenes at Pavlov's research laboratories, and street scenes in Leningrad. Includes videotape cassette copy.

Brown (Edmund G.) Edmund G. Brown Press conference recording

Relates to the death of Herbert Hoover. Includes film of the carillon bells of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace in tribute to Herbert Hoover

Caldwell (John K.) papers

Memoirs, printed matter, and photographs relating to American foreign relations and commerce with Japan, Russia, Australia, China, and Ethiopia, 1906-1945, and to American participation in international narcotics control agencies; and motion picture film depicting scenes of daily life in China,...

Citizens for Reagan records

The collection relates to the campaign of Ronald Reagan for the Republican Party presidential nomination in 1976. Materials include correspondence, position papers, press releases, memoranda, public opinion polling data, financial records, sound recordings, and video tapes. Includes a few post-1976...

Commonwealth Club of California records

Minutes, correspondence, reports, studies, speech transcripts, membership and financial records, printed matter, and sound and videotape recordings relating to international, national, state and local public issues. Digital copies of some sound recordings and film also available at

Darling (William Lafayette) diary

Relates to the Russian railway system. Also available on microfilm (1 reel). Digital copy also available at

Das Jahr 1937 photograph album

Depicts the German national socialist leader Julius Streicher. Digital copy available at

Easterbrook (Ernest Fred) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, orders, reports, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia relating to American military operations in the China-Burma-India Theater during World War II, military operations during the Korean War, American military assistance to Thailand, and American army aviation. Includes...

Field (Herbert Haviland) papers

Diary and reports relating to political and economic conditions in Bavaria. Digital copies also available at

Firing Line (Television Program) broadcast records

The Firing Line broadcast records include videotapes from the television show, as well as sound recordings, administrative and speaker files, program research files, photographs, transcripts, and other materials from the show. The types of program research materials available for each...

Friedman (Milton) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, notes, statistics, printed matter, sound recordings, videotapes, and photographs relating to economic theory, economic conditions in the United States, and governmental economic policy. Digitized copies of many of the sound and video recordings in this collection,...

Gibson (Hugh S.) papers

Diaries, writings, correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, photographs, and printed matter relating to American foreign relations, international disarmament, the League of Nations, and relief work in Europe during World Wars I and II. Diaries from 1918 also available on microfilm...

Governor and the Students videotape series

Videotape cassettes and selected transcripts of broadcasts of a televised series of question-and-answer sessions with high school students conducted by Ronald Reagan as governor of California, relating to California state political issues. Produced by JRH and Associates, Inc.

Herz (Martin Florian) collection

North Vietnamese and Viet Cong propaganda directed at American soldiers in Vietnam. Digital copies also available at

Hillhouse (Joseph Newton) photograph collection

Depicts activities of the American Expeditionary Forces in France during World War I. Digital copy also available at

Himmler (Heinrich) papers

Diaries (1914-1924); photographs; photocopies and microfilm of correspondence, reports, and memoranda from the office files of the personal staff of Heinrich Himmler (1942-1944); and recordings of speeches by Himmler (1940-1944) relating to national socialism in Germany, and activities of the...

Iklé (Fred Charles) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, memoranda, reports, testimony, schedules, appointment books, telephone logs, and printed matter relating to the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks and other arms control issues, the 1980 presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan, and American defense policy during the...

Lowman (Myers G.) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, pamphlets, photographs, motion picture film, sound recordings, and clippings relating to communism and other leftist movements, the civil rights movement, and anti-communism, primarily in the United States.

Miller (William P.) papers

Letter, biographical information, motion picture film, and photographs relating to United States Army Signal Corps operations in North Africa, Germany, Italy and France during World War II. Includes a Nazi flag. Digital copies of motion picture film also available at

Mont Pèlerin Society records

Correspondence, conference papers, programs, meeting materials, schedules, minutes, financial and membership records, essays, printed matter, sound recordings, and photographs relating to economic policy, laissez-faire, and liberty. Digital copies of sound recordings also available at

Olney (Warren) motion picture film

Motion picture film of ceremonies held in Hindenburg Park in Los Angeles on German Day, 1936; and of interviews of Dr. Salin, a criminologist, and W. Olney III, United States assistant attorney general, 1953-1957, relating to the incidence of crime...

Overseas Weekly photographs

Negatives and contact sheets depicting scenes from the Vietnam War and American servicemen in Vietnam. Digital copies available at

Pacific Gas and Electric Company motion picture film

Sound recordings and motion picture film of a series of political education programs, featuring campaign presentations by candidates for election to major state political offices in California.

Paderewski (Ignace J.) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, clippings, printed matter, and photographs relating primarily to the establishment of an independent Polish state, the Paris Peace Conference, Polish politics in the interwar period, the occupation of Poland during World War II, and the musical...

Pash (Boris T.) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, orders, writings, photographs, motion picture film, and printed matter relating to the naval forces of General Nikolay Yudenich during the Russian Civil War; the Russian refugee camp in Wünsdorf, Germany, in 1922; American military intelligence service activities,...

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty broadcast records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. Includes sound recordings of broadcasts, scripts, correspondence, and memoranda relating to broadcasts by Radio Free Europe to audiences in Eastern Europe and to broadcasts by Radio Liberty to audiences...

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty corporate records

The records of the American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) include correspondence, memoranda, reports, financial and legal records, technical specifications, opinion survey data, serial issues, other publications, and microfilm relating to operations of Radio...

Russia. Departament politsii. Zagranichnaia agentura (Paris) Okhrana records

Intelligence reports from agents in the field and the Paris office, dispatches, circulars, headquarters studies, correspondence of revolutionaries, and photographs, relating to activities of Russian revolutionists abroad. Collection is available on microfilm (509 reels). Digital copies of some material also...

Smith (R. Harris) papers

Correspondence and writings relating to operations of the United States Office of Strategic Services during World War II, and to Allen Dulles and post-war operations of the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Includes research material for the book by R....

Stafford (Francis E.) photographs

Photographs of scenes in China, mainly between 1909 and 1915, and 1932 and 1933.

Stanford (Jane Lathrop) miscellaneous papers

Photocopy of letter, 1895, relating to the prospects of Stanford University and to a United States government lawsuit against the estate of Leland Stanford; and 3 photograph albums of scenes in Japan, presented to Mrs. Stanford upon her visit in...

Stanford University 50th anniversary celebration motion picture film

Depicts Herbert Hoover, Ray Lyman Wilbur, and others speaking at the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Stanford University. Includes VHS videocassette viewing copy. Digital copy also available at

Stilwell (Joseph Warren) papers

Diaries, correspondence, radiograms, memoranda, reports, military orders, writings, annotated maps, clippings, printed matter, sound recordings, and photographs relating to the political development of China, the Sino-Japanese War of 1937-1945, and the China-Burma-India Theater during World War II. Includes some subsequent...

Stuart (Charles E.) papers

Writings, correspondence, memoranda, reports, and clippings relating to the fuel industries in the United States during and after World War I, coal mining in the United States and the Soviet Union, and economic planning; and motion picture film of social...

Survey of Race Relations records

An anthropological investigative project sponsored by various private organizations, the Survey of Race Relations records include a report, correspondence, interview transcripts, questionnaires, and printed matter relating to the social and economic status of Chinese, Japanese, other Asian, Mexican, and other...

Tower of Peace radio broadcasts

Relates to the facilities, history, purpose, and activities of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. Includes interviews with Herbert Hoover and with staff members and researchers at the Hoover Institution. Digital copies also available at

Trubetskoi (Grigorii Nikolaevich) Papers

Writings, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to Russian foreign policy, the Russian Civil War, the Russian Orthodox Church, and Russian emigre affairs.

United Nations Conference on International Organization proceedings

Sound recordings of conference proceedings recorded by the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), photographs and contact sheets depicting delegates and scenes at the conference, and printed copies of the Charter of the United Nations. Digital copies of sound recordings also available...

United States. Civil Affairs Training School records

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, financial and personnel records, handbooks, syllabi, and instructional materials relating to the politics, governments, economies, and cultures of Japan, other areas in the Pacific, and various countries in Europe; and intelligence assessments of the war in the...

United States. Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service miscellaneous records

Sound recordings of radio broadcasts, and translations of transcripts of Chinese communist broadcasts from Yenan, China. Digital copies of some sound recordings also available at

United States Information Agency radio broadcasts

Sound recordings prepared for broadcast on Voice of America, including a program entitled , 1961, relating to Soviet nuclear test resumption (transcript included); and interviews of W. Glenn Campbell, director of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, and...

Vladimirov (Ivan A.) paintings

Depicts scenes of daily life during the Russian Revolution. Digital copies available at

Vrangel' collection

Reports, orders, correspondence, memoranda, dispatches, financial records, minutes, printed matter, maps, and photographs relating to Russian military operations in France during World War I; White Russian diplomatic activities and military operations, especially in southern Russia, during the Russian Revolution and...

Vrangel' (Mariia D.) collection

Correspondence, writings, memoirs, biographical material, pamphlets, periodicals, newspapers, photographs, clippings, and printed matter relating to Russian émigré activities following the Russian Revolution and Civil War, including political, military, veterans', religious, educational, cultural, literary, artistic, and social activities. Includes a few...

Zborovskaia (Ekaterina Erastovna) letters

Letters by the Grand Duchesses Ol'ga, Tati͡ana, Marii͡a and Anastasii͡a relating to conditions of the Russian imperial family in captivity following the Russian Revolution. Includes English translations. Digital copies also available at