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Allen (Steve) photographs of Fairchild Semiconductor

The Steve Allen photographs of Fairchild Semiconductor contains photographs of professional photographer Steve Allen, a Fairchild Semiconductor and National Semiconductor Corporation employee from 1966 through about 1997. The collection documents executive employees, sales force, fabrication facilities, and products of Fairchild...

Amdahl (Gene M.) Papers

Gene M. Amdahl's papers include design drawings, correspondence, and research related to early Amdahl inventions, including the WISC (Wisconsin Integrally Synchronized Computer). The Amdahl papers primarily consist of clippings that feature Amdahl or the Amdahl Corporation. The collection covers the...

Armstrong (Jim) collection of Apple material

The Jim Armstrong collection of Apple materials is made up of items Armstrong collected related to Apple Computer, Inc., where he worked in a variety of roles from 1983 to 1997. Included are manuals, internal Apple documents, periodicals and books,...

Austin (Dennis) PowerPoint records

The Dennis Austin PowerPoint records contain materials assembled, and mostly authored, by Dennis Austin as a key designer and developer of the slide show presentation software, PowerPoint. The records span 1984 through 2007 with the bulk of the collection being...

Berkeley (Edmund C.) Papers

The Edmund C. Berkeley papers consist of records related to Simon the mechanical brain. There is also a small amount of material related to robots. Types of material in the collection includes technical notes, specifications, correspondence, wiring diagrams, drawings, receipts,...

Buckholtz (Thomas J.), DeSaussure (Raymond), and Michael (George) Computer Manual Collection

The Thomas J. Buckholtz, Raymond DeSaussure, and George Michael Computer Manual Collection at the Computer History Museum is comprised of manuals and promotional materials from a wide variety of computer-related companies and institutions. The Collection covers 1950 through 1990, encompassing...

Calkins (Keith G.) collection on Sigma systems

The Keith G. Calkins collection on Sigma systems consists of material documenting the Sigma computers developed and released by Scientific Data Systems (SDS), Xerox, Honeywell, Inc., and Telefile Computer Products. The collection holds records from all of these companies as...

Collection of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computing Projects

The Collection of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Computing Projects is comprised of technical notes, reports, correspondence and miscellaneous documentation relating to the development of the Whirlwind, TX-0 and T-X2 computers as well as Project MAC (Multiple-Access Computer) at MIT....

Company Collection of Computing Manuals and Marketing Materials

The Company Collection of Computing Manuals and Marketing Materials at the Computer History Museum is comprised of catalogs, correspondence, design drawings, manuals, program listings, promotional materials, specifications, technical notes and technical reports from a wide variety of computer-related companies and...

Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-1 Computer Materials

The Collection of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-1 Computer Materials is comprised of program listings, manuals, technical papers, promotional materials, design drawings and photographs regarding the PDP-1 digital computer spanning 1959 to 1983.

Fairchild Semiconductor employee papers

The Collection of Fairchild Semiconductor employee papers contains professional papers of early Fairchild Semiconductor employees Geri Hadley, Hazel White, Robert K. Waits and Lars Lunn. The collection does not contain any official corporate records of the company. The collection spans...

Hale (Victor W. D.) Papers

The Victor W. D. Hale papers consist of two series - one devoted to the Conference on high-speed automatic calculating machines held at the Cambridge University Mathematical Laboratory June 22-25, 1949, and one consisting of papers relating to EDSAC from...

Hurd (Cuthbert C.) papers

The Cuthbert C. Hurd papers consist of materials related to the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), primarily from 1949 through 1962, and Hurd's role in steering the company to develop its first electronic stored program computers during that time. The...

Imlay (John P.) papers

The John P. Imlay papers consist of materials reflecting changes in the software industry during the 1970s and 1980s, specifically within the software company Imlay led from 1971 through 1989, Management Science America, Inc. (MSA). This collection shows the progression...

Johnson (Rey) Papers

Reynold B. (Rey) Johnson's papers are comprised of International Business Machines (IBM) company documents, newspaper clippings, project ideas and drawings, and photographs from his thirty-seven years with IBM. Of particular note is Johnson's involvement in the development of magnetic disk...

Kolsky (Harwood G.) Papers

The Harwood G. Kolsky collection is comprised of documents related to the development of super computers, microprocessors and microcomputers, computer modeling, digital image processing, computer programming languages, as well as materials related to teaching computer architecture and computer history. The...

Liddie (Don) papers on Signetics

The Don Liddie papers on Signetics contain the professional papers of Don Liddie, a Signetics employee from 1963 through 1995. The collection documents the corporate culture of the semiconductor industry and Silicon Valley from the late 1960s through the mid...

McDonald (John C.) papers

The John C. McDonald papers contain published transistor and integrated circuit material from 1959 through 1980.

Meek (William H.) collection

The William H. Meek collection contains manuals, publications, promotional material, correspondence, and programming projects from 1944 through 1983 that document Meek's interests in computers, mechanical engineering, and the interlocking six-piece Burr puzzle. Meek was an instrumentation specialist at Dow Chemical...

Morgenthaler (Gary) collection

The Gary Morgenthaler collection consists of financial, marketing, and administrative records that primarily document the operation of Relational Technology, Inc., a database management system company that Morgenthaler co-founded and was CEO and chairman of from 1980 to 1989. The collection...

Photo Data Systems Incorporated records

The Photo Data Systems Incorporated records are comprised of administrative papers and records, design drawings and promotional materials regarding the Slide-a-Mat machine invented in the 1960's. It was an early system demonstrating the concept of shopping from the comfort of...

Rulifson (Jeff) papers

The Jeff Rulifson papers contain materials that document Rulifson's career as a computer scientist working on projects such as artificial intelligence, NLS (oN-Line Systems), and office information systems at Stanford Research Institute's Augmentation Research Center, Xerox PARC, ROLM Corporation, Syntelligence,...

Schink (Peter N.) papers

The Peter N. Schink papers contain the professional papers of Schink, a salesman and manufacturer's representative in the semiconductor industry.

SRI ARC/NIC records

The SRI ARC/NIC records contain material from Stanford Research Institute’s Augmentation Research Center (ARC) and Stanford Research Institute’s Network Information Center (NIC) project. The bulk of the collection is from 1968 through 1991. The collection documents the development of Dr....

Stoyan (Herbert) collection on LISP programming

The Herbert Stoyan collection on LISP programming contains materials documenting the origins, evolution, and use of the LISP programming language and many of its applications in artificial intelligence. Stoyan collected these materials during his career as a researcher and professor,...