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Aborn (Edward) Collection

Correspondence concerning Edward Aborn's shipping business and family matter. (1798-1822). Includes personal letters, business documents, shipping from U.S. East Coast, Lisbon, Gibralter.

Allen (Hollis P.) Collection of Japanese-Philippine materials

Hollis P. Allen, Professor of Education at the Claremont Graduate University (1929-1960) served in the Philippines in World War II. Allen realized the historical importance of the Japanese propaganda being produced during the occupation, and the destruction of Philippine documents...

American Missionaries and Educators in China Collection

The collection contain correspondence, diaries, writings, photographs, reports, article clippings, and booklets that document the experiences of American missionaries and educators in China. This collection was assembled through the China Missionaries Oral History Project at Claremont Graduate School from 1969-1971....

Asian Newspaper Clippings Collection

This collections contains newspaper articles about foreign relations between Japan, China, India, Korea, Mongolia; Russia, Germany and America, and internal politics in Japan, China, India, Korea, Mongolia.

Ault (Phillip H. Ault) Aviation Collection

Photographs of Charles Lindbergh and the in France at the conclusion of his 1927 trans-Atlantic flight, including photographs of Lindbergh with other famous aviators and of the dismantling of the Spirit of St. Louis for inspection and shipment back to...

Baldwin (Cyrus Grandison) Papers

The Cyrus Grandison Baldwin papers consist of 11 folders on the early history of Pomona College. There is correspondence, and bank notes, invoices relating to financial aspects of Pomona College from 1890 to 1899.

Baldwin (Cyrus Grandison) Papers, Water Resources Collection

This collection contains documents about Cyrus Grandison Baldwin's involvement with water issues in the Pomona Valley and San Bernardino Mountains from 1897-1937.

Bogigian Fruit Ranch Receipts Collection.

This collection comprises tax returns, receipts, and a legal document (that documents H. C. Anderson's ownership to the Bogigian Fruit Ranch).

Bolsa Chica Papers

The Bolsa Chica Papers comprises primarily the financial records of the six Bolsa Corporations, Bolsa Pacific, Bolsa Mesa, Bolsa Los Patos, Bolsa Laguna, Bolsa Huntington, and Bolsa Grande. All of the corporations are located in Southern California. There is additional...

Boulder Water Company papers, Water Resources Collection

The Boulder Water Company was incorporated October 25, 1919 as a mutual water company and was officially dissolved in June 1979. Located in Claremont, California, the Company operated one well and two reservoirs for the benefit of its stockholder members....

Bowen (Edward R.) Papers, Water Resources Collection

This collection contains documents about Cyrus Grandison Baldwin.

Boynton (Charles and Edmund) Papers

The Boynton papers include ephemera, scrapbooks, albums, photographs, diaries, correspondence and clippings from childhood, Pomona College days, and the time Charles spent in China as a missionary....

Brackett (Frank P.) Collection

The Frank P. Brackett collection include his manuscript for Granite and Sagebrush and the History of Pomona Valley; documents about the Belgium Relief Fund; his students' papers, tests, and homework with the syllabi for the classes he taught at Pomona...

Brackett (Frank P.) Papers

Dr. Frank Parkhurst Brackett was born in Provincetown, Mass. in 1865. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1887. Immediately after he graduated he moved to California. In 1887, he taught at the McPherron Academy for boys in Los Angeles....

Brookins (Walter R.) Aviation Collection

Photographs of the Wright glider and flyer, 1900 and 1902, and of various air meets circa 1910-circa 1912, as well as of reunions of the Early Birds, and of Walter Brookins; a loose-leaf binder containing typed transcripts of newspaper articles...

Carpenter (Ford Ashman) Collection

The collection includes Carpenter’s publications on weather and air travel, with emphasis on the climate in California.

Carruthers (James) Memorial Aviation Collection of the Institute of Aeronautical History

The collection consists of prints and drawings, handbills, photographs, postcards, printed materials (including books, periodicals, bibliographies, journal articles, newspaper clippings, event programs, conference agenda and reports, manuscripts, telegrams, letters, press kits and releases, corporate overviews, investment prospectuses, sales brochures, technical...

Claremont Colleges Chicano Latino Student Affairs Records

Includes records of the Chicano Latino Student Affairs (Chicano Studies Center) beginning with the establishment of the center in 1969. Records have been added consecutively every year and include a range of materials, from publications to financial statements, as well...

Claremont Heights Irrigation Company Papers, Water Resources Collection

This collection contains business correspondence, ledgers, financial documents including stock reports, audit reports, bank statements, and receipts relating to the history of the company from 1913 to 1966.

Commission for Relief in Belgium Collection

The Commission for Relief in Belgium began in 1914 after World War I began. United States President Herbert Hoover supported the Commission. After the War the Belgian American Educational Foundation took over the Commission for Belgian Relief in 1920....

Congregational Church Papers

The Congregational Church Papers brings together records from a number of Southern California Congregational Church organizations. The earliest records include those of the Congregational Ministerial Union of Los Angeles and vicinity, 1908-1934; Woman's Home Missionary Union of Southern California, 1888-1925;...

Davis (Angela) Materials, 1970-1972

Angela Yvonne Davis (born January 26, 1944) is an American political activist, scholar, and author. She emerged as a nationally prominent counterculture activist and radical in the 1960s as a leader of the Communist Party USA. In 1970 she became...

DeCaprio (Albrecio) Papers

This collection contains original handwritten sheet music, a small amount of published sheet music, newspaper clippings and personal papers of Alberico DeCaprio.

Decora Ceramics Records

This collection contains catalogs, price lists, designs, photographs, and ceramic objects documenting the history of Decora Ceramics, and its predecessor, Ylyne Studio, makers of Smithware and Florencita, circa 1947-1953. The firms were founded and co-owned by Smith Russell (1895-1979), Pomona...

Dockweiler (John Henry) Papers, Water Resources Collection

John Dockweiler was a consulting engineer for water and power companies in Northern California near the San Francisco area. He represented Spring Valley Water Company, Cuyumaca Water Company, San Francisco's City Distribution System, and Marin County Water and Supply company....

Douglas (Howard T.) Records

Diary, appointments and awards, letters of condolence, writings, and published and newspaper accounts, 1917-1921, relating to the life and career of Howard T. Douglas and to the Alaska Flying Expedition of 1920.

Elsbree (Langdon) Papers

This collection contains the professor's handwritten lecture notes, syllabi, handouts, and some tests and quizzes focusing mainly on British and American Literature after WWII. Some of Professor Elsbree's articles and reviews are also present. The materials are mainly from the...

Felsch (Fred) collection

Professor Fred Felsch (1932-1998) taught history at Mt. San Antonio Community College during the school year and traveled for 22 summers with his family to Yellowstone National Park where he was a seasonal park ranger. An outdoorsman who cherished the...

Finkle (Fred C.) Papers, Water Resources Collection

Finkle (b. 1865) worked in California, Colorado and Oregon. Chief engineer of the North Riverside Land and Water Co., Jurupa Land and Water Co. and Vividino Water Co. (1887). Later became the chief engineer of the San Bernardino Water Works...

Ford (Stella Mae) Collection

This collection contains manuscripts, sheet music, concert programs, and materials relating to the Pomona College School of Music. ...

Gill (Dr. Charles) Papers

Dr. Charles Gill Papers, Pomona College class of 1924, contains articles on medicine, WWII in Hawaii, Hawaiian stamps, artifacts and wooden objects from Hawaii from the 1930s to 1941.

Gomperz (Theodore and Heinrich) Collection

The collection consists mainly of correspondence of Theodore Gomperz and his son Heinrich Gomperz with friends and associates including Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Hendrich Jaques, Lily and Heinrich Braun, Hermann Diels, and Ernst Mach.

Guide to the Beverly C. Chappell Collection

This collection of papers consist of information about wine vineyards in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

H and H Photograph Company Collection

Photographs by H and H Photo Company, collection donated by Ollie B. Hiett, one of the owners and photographers of the company. Photographs and negatives of the Claremont Colleges and Claremont landscapes and buildings, circa 1940s, 1950s, and 1970s.

Haskett Family Photograph Collection

The Haskett Collection contains family papers, correspondence, photographs, postcards, scrapbooks, slides, blueprints, and ephemera. Varying widely in their subjects and unified by their passing to Jon Haskett. These documents pertain to the past three generations of the Haskett and...

Hazeltine (Martin Mason) stereoview collection

Fifty-three stereoviews, plus one duplicate, of Yosemite Valley and the California Big Trees scenic views. All marked with the studio imprint of John P. Soule. This "California" series of photographs was produced by the photographer Martin Mason Hazeltine (1827-1903), though...

Hemingway (Ernest) Collection

Articles by and about Ernest Hemingway published in magazines.

Herman-Green Postcard Collection

Black-and-white and tinted postcards dating from 1906 to 1969 (bulk 1920 to 1939). The bulk of the collection is arranged geographically. The materials for Europe are particularly extensive, in particular for England, France, Italy, and Spain; there are also postcards...

Holtom (Daniel Clarence) Papers

The Daniel C. Holtom Papers include letters, published and unpublished articles, printed items, photographs, clippings, and manuscript writings.

Honnold (William L.) papers

This collection contains correspondence, reports, maps, plans, photographs, realia, and ephemera relating to the life and career of William L. Honnold (1866-1950), a pioneering American mining engineer in South Africa, who later became a major benefactor to the Claremont Colleges,...

Imperial Valley Records, Water Resources Collection

The Imperial Valley Records contains documents from the Imperial Irrigation District, All-American Canal, and Imperial Water Company. In addition, the colleciton contains Charles N. Perry's, an engineer from the Imperial Valley, papers. Finally, there are reports, maps, and articles about...

Iwanaga (George S.) Papers

A collection of 33 original photographs from the Japanese internment camp at Heart Mountain, Wyoming. The black and white images depict the people of the camp, their living quarters, and daily life. The Heart Mountain War Relocation Center opened in...

Japanese Women's Contemporary Artist Zines

Collection of 124 zines, all created by young female Japanese artists. These publications represent the entire output of the "Feminine" show - an exhibition of zines curated by Tokyo store , presented exclusively at the 2011 New York Art Book...

Jones (Willis S.) Papers, Water Resources Collection

His papers contain field notebooks when Willis S. Jones was superintendent of Claremont Domestic Water Company and consulting engineer Vail Company, legal cases on water rights and supply, maps of Southern California, photographs of San Gabriel Valley, rainfall and...

Kemble (John Haskell) Papers

The John Haskell Kemble papers contains research materials and notes, typescripts about maritime history. In addition, there are his students' papers, course work, and documents about the organizations he participated in at Pomona College from 1936 to 1990. Also, there...

Kilbracken (Arthur Godley, Baron) Letters

This collection contains the letters of Arthur Godley, Baron Kilbracken to his adult daughter Helen from the years of 1898-1899, along with two photographs of Helen from 1875. An additional autograph letter signed by Catherine Gladstone (wife of Prime Minister...

Knox (Ronald) Papers

The Ronald Knox Papers contain over five hundred items, including personal letters, published and unpublished articles, broadcast transcripts, sermons, a few photographs and some manuscript writings.

Koike (Kenzo Robert) Papers

Kenzo R. Koike was a Japanese American, born in 1920 in Seattle, Washington. At the age of 12, his family moved to Los Angeles, where he attended middle school, high school, and college. In 1942, the Koike family was removed...

Kruska Japanese Internment Collection

Dennis G. “Denny” Kruska, a graduate of University of California, Los Angeles, Hughes Aircraft physicist, venture capitalist researcher, printing consultant, historical author and bibliographer and collector of Yosemite and Sierra Nevada materials amassed this collection of Japanese American internment items....

Kuhner (David) Papers on Tom Mix Bookplate

Text, correspondence, and photographs produced and acquired by David Kuhner, Librarian at Norman F. Sprague Memorial Library, during the course of his research for an article published in , No. 136 (September 1979), concerning a bookplate of cowboy and motion...

Lindley (Dr. Walter) Scrapbooks

The Dr. Walter Lindley Scrapbooks document through clippings, correspondence, and ephemeral materials Dr. Lindley’s most notable endeavors, including the formation and management of the California Hospital and nursing program, his candidacy for mayor of Los Angeles, the development of the...

Lummis (Charles) Photographs

The bulk of the Charles Lummis Photographs are of Peru, Native Americans in New Mexico, central Mexico, the San Fernando Mission in California, and portraits of friends and acquaintances of Lummis.

Lyman (Edward Dean) Papers

This collection consists of Edward Lyman's diaries, his financial documents and typed manuscripts. His personal documents include travel diary about their trips to Yosemite, Mexico, and Hawaii, genealogy, correspondence between family members, theatre playbills, and pamphlets. ...

Lyon (E. Wilson and Carolyn Bartel) papers

The collection consists of the papers of E. (Elijah) Wilson Lyon (1904-1989) and his wife, Carolyn Bartel Lyon (1908-2006). E. Wilson Lyon was appointed the sixth President of Pomona College in Claremont, California, in 1941 and led the college for...

Marriott (Joseph S.) Papers

Writings and speeches, photographs, correspondence, and printed matter, 1933-1963, relating to Joseph S. Marriott's career in the Civil Aeronautics Administration and its predecessor, the Bureau of Air Commerce, with special reference to the states of California, Hawaii, Arizona, and Utah.

Maytorena (Jose Maria) Papers

A protagonist of the 1910 Mexican revolution, General Maytorena (1867-1948) was governor of Sonora, a province of northern Mexico, and an ardent supporter of the short-lived presidency of Francisco Madero. Caught in the internecine conflict between the revolutionaries following Madero's...

McPherson (William) papers

Correspondence, diaries, photographs, account books and journals, land and tax records, manuscripts, scrapbooks, notes, transcripts, reports, newspapers, clippings, promotional materials, and ephemera, relating to the family, life, career, and intellectual pursuits of Orange County, California, avocado rancher and historian William...

McQueen (Elizabeth Lippincott) Papers

Photographs, correspondence, writings, clippings, and other materials, chiefly 1927-1949, relating to women in aviation, created and collected by Elizabeth L. (Mrs. Ulysses Grant) McQueen in the course of her activities as founder and honorary president of the Women's International Association...

Meadows (Donald C.) Collection

Historical account books of mining companies and businesses (1861-cira 1900), photograph album (circa 1890s-1940s, diary, correspondence, Meadows miscellany (1960s-1980s), Honnold Library Society (1973-1979).

Merritt Collection of Jose Clemente Orozco

Correspondence, manuscripts, and newspaper clippings regarding the painting of Jose Orozco's mural "Prometheus" in Frary Hall at Pomona College.

Metate (Yearbook) Collection, 1895-2012

Published annually, in print, by Pomona College from 1895 through 2012, is the yearbook for the college. The juniors in 1895 chose the name "Metate", which is a Native American word meaning "mortar or grinding stone." The name was chosen...

Miller (Joaquin and Juanita) Collection

The collection contains correspondence, photographs, printed materials, and manuscript materials from 1878-1941. Among the manuscript material is an unpublished manuscript titled �When I was Emperor.� All of the photographs are of Joaquin Miller, some accompanied by his daughter and Dr....

Miller (Joaquin) Collection

The Joaquin Miller (1837-1913) Collection of manuscripts and printed books was assembled by Willard Samuel Morse and purchased by the library in 1938. Morse's correspondence and typewritten notebooks concerning the collection are included. Printed matter includes approximately 125 items, either...

Mills (Howard D.) Papers on the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Water Resources Collection

Metropolitan Water District reports, publications, correspondence, clippings, and meeting minutes.

Mojave Water Agency Collection, Water Resources Collection

The Mojave Water Agency collection contains memorandum and meeting minutes of the board of directors about water-supply and water-rights in the Mojave, California region during the 1960s.

Mudd Family Papers

This collection contains personal papers, business and financial records about the mines and real estate, especially Cyprus Mines, the Mudd family owned and operated, books and records about mining in Southern California as well as in Cyprus, field journals, correspondence...

Nicgorski (Darlene) papers on the Sanctuary Movement

Writings, correspondence, newspaper and periodical clippings, legal papers, audio- and videotapes, and graphic materials relating to the life and career of Darlene Nicgorski, a leader in the Sanctuary movement for Central American refugees in the United States in the early...

Oglesby Citrus Label Collection

This collection of over 80 citrus labels from southern California date from as early as the 1890s and was collected by Alice and Professor Larry Oglesby, long-time Claremont residents. Professor Oglesby was Professor Emeritus of Biology at Pomona College. The...

Olson (Reuel) Papers on the Colorado River Compact, Water Resources Collection

This collection of papers consist of manuscript and research materials for Reuel Olson's book the Colorado River Compact.

Owens Valley Collection, Water Resources Collection

Newspaper clippings, pamphlets, broadside, articles and government documents about water supply in the Owens River Valley.

Pacific Coast Steamship Companies Collection

When the Pacific Steamship Company went out of business in 1936, the surviving records of the company were offered to The Claremont Colleges if someone would go to Seattle to sort the papers and select what was to be kept....

Panama Pacific International Expostion, 1915, San Francisco Collection

San Francisco hosted the Panama Pacific International Exposition in 1915. Officials from the Exposition printed postcards for the tourists who visited the Exposition. Because San Francisco suffered a major earthquake in 1906; and the earthquake destroyed many buildings, the postcards...

Parks (Marion) Papers

The papers of Marion Parks, a talented and resourceful personality in Los Angeles during the early 1900s, relate to the history of Southern California. Parks described herself as "a California historian." Her principal contributions in this capacity were a series...

Philbrick (Norman D.) Working Files 1737-1987 (bulk 1950-1985)

The Philbrick Working Files include Norman Philbrick's correspondence with book dealers and scholarly colleagues, an appraisal of his library, accession ledgers, invoices from dealers, newspaper and magazine clippings, mailings from his numerous social and scholarly organizations, photographs, and other...

Pitzer History Project collection

Collection consists of documents from a variety of departments within Pitzer College including but not limited to Admissions, Registrar's Office, Financial Aid and President's Office; faculty and course documentation; student papers; college publications; oral histories; and photographs....

Prendergast (Joseph Jeffrey) Papers, Water Resources Collection

This collection of papers was assembled by Jeffry Pendergast. The Prendergast papers include documents about water rights and water supply in California from 1944-1962. Subjects include California Division of Water Resources, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and the Areas/Counties...

Reed (Ethel M. and Nancy E.) Papers

This collection is comprised of the writings, artwork, and memorabilia of Ethel M. Reed and her adopted daughter, Nancy E. Reed. These two women lived in Claremont, California for most of the twentieth century. Ethel was a homemaker and Nancy...

Reed (T. Palmer and Lewis F. ) Photographs of California and the West

The Reed Photographs include images of California and the West with photographs of Palm Springs, Yosemite, Owens Valley, San Gabriel Mountains, Lake Tahoe, Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks. The collection contains two photo albums and 220 loose photographs.

Roosevelt (Franklin Delano) Collection

This collection contains articles and pamphlets by and about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, ephemera, photographs, and songs from 1933 to 1949.

San Gabriel Mission Matrimonial Investigation Records

The matrimonial investigation records, or "diligencias matrimoniales", are part of a collection of California materials gathered by William F. McPherson, an Orange County rancher, scholar and collector. Predominantly though not exclusively the records of Mission San Gabriel (other California missions...

Schumann-Heink (Ernestine) Orchestral Music Scores Collection, 1938

This collection consists of orchestral scores by Schumann-Heink and other composers.

Scott (S. Dell) Papers of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Water Resources Collection

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California materials (financial reports, board minutes, directors handbook, clippings, agendas, telephone directories) and water periodicals.

Seaver (Carlton) Papers, Water Resources Collection

This collection contains properties deeds and documents related to water rights in Claremont, California. ...

Shoemaker (J. Ralph) Papers, Water Resources Collection

This collection contains Weymouth's personal papers including correspondence, his publications and speeches, and photographs all relating to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the construction of Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam) and the Colorado River Aqueduct from 1894-1941.

Simpson (William B.) World War II Pacific Theater collection

Emeritus Professor of Economics (Claremont Graduate School, Ph. D., 1971), William Brand Simpson served as Special Agent in the Counter Intelligence Corps, U.S. Army during World War II, mainly in the Philippines and Japan. The manuscript and published materials contained...

Sonderegger (A. L.) Papers, Water Resources Collection

Metropolitan Water District reports, publications, correspondence, clippings, and meeting minutes. He was the Los Angeles Consulting Engineer. Reuel Olson mentioned him in his book In addition he was vice President of the Los Angeles Section of the American Society of...

Speeches in House and Senate, 1854, on Kansas and Nebraska Territorial Bill Collection

This collection contains speeches given in the United States House and Senate in 1854 by senators and house of represenatives, on the question to pass or reject the Kansas and Nebraska Territorial Bill.

Spofford (Leo Griffin) Papers

Leo Griffin Spofford worked for a variety of government agencies from 1932-1947, including the WPA, the War Public Services Division of the Federal Works Agency, and the New Orleans Department of War Emergency Children's Service. In 1946, Leo became the...

Stonehill (Brian) Papers

The Brian Stonehill Papers contain correspondence, reports, notes, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, graduate school materials, and teaching materials. Documents relating to Brian Stonehill's establishment of the Media Studies Program and his eighteen years as a professor in the English...

Student Life (Newspaper) Collection, 1889-present

Published weekly by the Associated Students of Pomona College, is the oldest college newspaper in Southern California. The paper is student-managed and written for the Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Pitzer, Pomona, and Scripps colleges.

Sultan (Paul) Papers

Paul Sultan's, Professor of Economics at the Claremont Graduate School (1959-1974), papers include his publications on economics.

Tamura (Ken) Papers

This collection consists of a variety of materials from Ken Tamura’s life. Ken Tamura was 2nd generation Japanese American born in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, in 1923. After the attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, his family was sent to...

Tranquada (Robert E.) Papers

This collection contains correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes, and other materials documenting Robert E. Tranquada's service as Chairman of the Pomona College Board of Trustees, 1991-2000; as member of the Claremont University Center Board of Fellows, 1991-2000; and as first Chairman...

Treanor (John) Papers of the San Diego Water Company, Water Resources Collection

John Treanor was vice-president of the San Diego Water Company. He purchased the land to build Henshaw Reservoir and then later Hodges Dam and reservoir. In addition, he was on the Board of Trustees at Pomona College in the early...

Trelawny (Edward John) Collection

This collection was compiled by Donald Prell as a result of his research on Edward John Trelawny. The collection, therefore, contains primary and secondary source information about Edward John Trelawny and his relationships with Percy B. Shelley, Mary Shelley,...

Urso (Camilla) Collection

This collection contains clippings and pamphlets about Urso's life and career, a program from one of her concerts, a photograph, and an autograph. ...

Vischer (Edward) Papers

Includes four published portfolios, The Mammoth Tree Grove (1862), The Washoe Mining Region (1862), Pictorial of California Landscape (1870), and Missions of Upper California (1872), along with an important file of original Vischer drawings and paintings; two scrapbooks of California...

Voorhis (Jerry) Papers

Summary Books and papers related to his political campaigns and years in Congress, including his voting record. Research material for his books, files related to his political, economic, and social interests, material about the Voorhis School for Boys, and Voorhis...

Walton (Jean) Papers

The Jean Walton Papers consists of articles, correspondence, and periodicals used to inform the establishment of the Women's Studies program at The Claremont Colleges and chronicles the history of Intercollegiate Women's Studies of The Claremont Colleges.

War Relocation Authority records

The collection contains material used by Carey McWilliams in writing the book, Prejudice: Japanese Americans, symbol of racial intolerance (Little, Brown, 1944). It includes U.S. War Relocation Authority records, confidential reports, bibliographies, clippings and compilations of articles, legal papers, correspondence...

Westbrook Scientology Collection

Donald A. Westbrook (1985-) received his Ph.D. in Religion from Claremont Graduate University (CGU) in 2015. His dissertation, “A People’s History of the Church of Scientology,” was produced with logistical assistance from the Church of Scientology International in Los Angeles...

Weymouth (Frank Elwin) Papers, Water Resources Collection

This collection contains Weymouth's personal papers including correspondence, his publications and speeches, and photographs all relating to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the construction of Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam) and the Colorado River Aqueduct from 1894-1941.

Wister (Owen) Collection of Photographs

In 1894 and 1895 Owen Wister, in search of authentic Western material for his writing, spent some time on a ranch at Apache Tejo in southwestern New Mexico. The people he met at Apache Tejo were the inspirations for his...

World War II Propaganda Collection

This collections contains a variety of ephemera regarding propaganda used during World War II. The materials are written in a variety of languages including English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and Russian. There are newspaper clippings, pamphlets, broadsides, posters, a...

World War Poster collection

This collection consists of propaganda posters from both World War I and World War II from the perspective of the Allied powers. While the majority of the posters in this collection are products of the United States government, this collection...

Yamano Japanese Internment Collection

The Yamano Japanese Internment collection contains materials pertaining to the life of Japanese Americans before, during, and after World War II. Many of the materials in the collection document their time in relocation and internment facilities. Sakae and Matsuzo Yamano...

Zamorano Club Keepsakes Collection

This collection contains announcements and invitations for Zamorano Club events; publications, posters, and broadsides from published by Zamorano Club members. ...