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Chapman University, Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections and Archives
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Adams, Noel (World War Two correspondence)

This collection consists of letters written by Noel Adams to his wife, November 1945.

Advertising (California Die-cut collection)

A collection of specimens of California die-cut printing.

American-Italian (Orange County Italian Heritage Archive)

This archive is a collection of the records of the Orange County American-Italian Renaissance Foundation Lodge (OCAIRF) and other related material.

Arellanes, Audrey (bookplate collection)

This collection contains a large number of bookplates and publications dealing with the study and collection of bookplates compiled by Audrey Arellanes.

Berger, Harry A. (World War Two correspondence)

This collection consists of letters written to Harry A. Berger, by friends and family, from 1938 to 1947. Also included in this collection is one a small photograph of Harry A. Berger, some miscellaneous ephemera and one copy of Yank...

Boisjoly, Roger and Roberta (NASA Challenger Disaster Collection)

The Boisjoly collection covers Roger Boisjoly's involvement in the NASA Challenger accident. Besides copies of his congressional testimony there are copies of testimony from other participants as well as the complete report made by the committee. Along with this material...

California Academic and Research Libraries (CARL) Archives

This archive contains the operating records of the California Academic and Research Libraries Association (CARL) .

California's Gold collection

Huell Howser was a broadcast journalist and television host most widely known for his television series, , which ran on various California public television stations from 1991 through 2012. Originally from Tennessee, Howser arrived in Los Angeles in 1981, began...

California's Gold memorial archive

Memorial items created to honor the passing of Huell Howser.

Citrus industry, Southern California (ephemera)

A collection of ephemera related to tourism, farming, and the citrus industry in early 20th century California.

Copeland, John (Babylon 5 collection)

This collection contains a various assortment of action figures, books, set-related ephemera, awards won by the show, glassware, concept art, production stills, pictures, photos, statues, trading cards, two video games, all related to Babylon 5, including the entire series on...

de Benedetti, Sergio ("Memoirs of an Antifascist" manuscript)

This collection consists of Sergio de Benedetti’s typed manuscript of “Memoirs of an Antifascist”, as well as various documents related to publication.

Delp, Paul S. (academic papers)

This is a small collection of Chapman University faculty member Paul Delp's writings along with a copy of the program from his memorial service.

Eggeling, Charles (World War One correspondence)

Correspondence to and from Private Charles Eggeling, 111th Machine Gun Batallion, during his service in France as part of the American Expeditionary Force, 1918-1919. Also included in this collection are military documents, photographs, and ephemera from his time in France.

Friedman, Milton (collection)

The Milton Friedman Collection consists of awards and certificates, honorary degrees, and doctoral hoods. A handwritten manuscript by Friedman is housed. Also included are obituraries of both Milton and his wife, Rose Friedman.

Hall, William (Chorale Collection)

This collection consists of digital and analog recordings of performances by the William Hall Master Chorale of Orange County, 1956-2002. Along with the recordings there are also a number of scrapbooks documenting the performances.

Hassinger, Paula (coin collection)

This collection consists of some coins, national and commemorative, including a Union Pacific "Lucky Piece", and adocument granting land to refugees of Canada and Nova Scotia signed by Thomas Jefferson and granting 366 acres to John Paskell in the "Chilicotha"...

Hutchinson and Woolsey (American Civil War collection)

A collection of letters and personal realia from 2nd Lieutenant Alfred Bergen Hutchinson (1840-1921) and his brother-in-law, Captain Henry Harrison Woolsey (1836-1864), who both served in Company E of the New Jersey 5th Volunteer Infantry Regiment during the American Civil...

Immel, Wilder V. (nuclear bomb protest scrapbook)

A scrapbook documenting the protest of the dropping of the nuclear weapons on Japan during World War II by a San Francisco preacher during the war.

Kakis, Frederic J. (academic papers)

The collection consists of Chapman University Professor Emeritus Frederic J. Kakis' pubished articles, regalia and some material related to his career at Chapman University.

Levine (Frances Fay Brunstein) Papers, 1937-1968

The Frances Fay Brunstein Papers consist of personal papers of Frances Fay Brunstein Levine who traveled extensively as an economist for the United States government in the 1950's. The papers include Frances' own writings and correspondence, travel brochures from her...

Los Angeles Law Library (Mendez et. al v. Westminster et. al collection)

This collection consists of material donated by the Los Angeles Law Library from their "Mendez to Brown" celebration from 2004.

Madrid, Michael (Mendez Pamphlet Collection)

This collection contains of material donated by Professor Mike Madrid, Ph.D., Education Director at Chapman University, and consists of material that is related to the Mendez et al. v. Westminster et al. civil rights trial.

Maier, Mark (NASA Challenger Disaster Collection)

This collection consists of a number of videotapes and some text material collected by Professor Mark Maier that deals with the NASA Challenger disaster and its aftermath.

McIntyre, William M. (World War Two correspondence)

This collection contains photocopied letters from William M. McIntyre (USAAF), June 1944 through December 1944.

Moriaitis, George (Gulf War correspondence)

This collection contains letters written by George Moraitis (USAF) to Stephanie and Catherine Palazzo, during the first Gulf War (1990-91).

Myers, Steve (letters)

This collection contains (3) three letters form "Henry" an unknown member of the British Legation, from Sept. 1946 - Feb. 1947.

[no last name], Bob (World War Two correspondence)

This collection consists of 1 carbon copy letter from Bob [no last name] (USMM) to his family, during World War II.

O'Connor (John J.) scrapbooks, 1931-2008

This collection consist of five scrapbooks chronicling the career of Congressman John J. O’Connor (D) of New York. Also included is biographic information on Basil O’Connor, who worked with President Roosevelt in the fight against polio.

Opera Pacific Records

These papers contain extensive material relating to the productions and operation of the Opera Pacific theater group that operated in Orange County from 1962 until 2008

Ovieda/Murphy (Ayala) (Mendez et. al v. Westminster et. al papers)

The Ovieda/Murphy Papers consist of some personal correspondence and documents of Cora Ovieda, photographs of her parents, class photos and of her sister Isabel Ayala who was a witness in the Mendez trial.

Peter McLaren (papers collection)

The academic papers of Professor Peter McLaren (b. 1948) with a concentration on his publications.

Post, Roy G. (papers)

This is a small collection of papers from Roy G. Post that covers his work in the atomic energy industry.

Price, David (Film Poster Collection)

A collection of film posters from multiple genres, spanning the latter half of the 20th century.

Propaganda, Japanese (Manchukuo Posters Collection)

14 Japanese propaganda posters from the 1930s and the Japanese occupation of Manchuria.

Raynor, Jesse and Carrie Schonheit (Papers), 1907-1925

This collection contains four manuscripts, including a dictionary and ethnography of the Kikuyu, hundreds of images and slides, East African missionary pamphlets and various papers relating to the life of Jesse and Carrie Raynor who were missionaries in Kenya with...

Rowe, Patrice (Vietnam War correspondence)

This collection contains personal correspondence written to Patrice Rowe, from Corporal W.S. “Stan” Temple, USMC, and Photographer's Mate Second Class, Michael “Mike” Hammon, USN, during the Vietnam War.

Saffores, Louis J. (World War Two correspondence)

This collection contains 19 letters written to Captain Louis Saffores and his wife Marge, from enlisted men who had served under his command, during World War two. This collection also contains two photographs, a small Japanese flag and various postcards...

Schwartz, Lenore (World War Two correspondence)

This collection contains 11 pieces of correspondence, authored by three different soldiers, writing to Lenore Schwartz during World War Two.

Schweitzer (Albert) Ehlers letters, 1928-1988

This is a collection of 34 letters from Albert Schweitzer to his friend, Alice Ehlers from 1928 to 1965. The letters discuss the mutual interest of Schweitzer and Ehlers in music, specifically the harpsichord and the organ.

Scudder, Laura (papers)

The Laura Scudder Papers consists of personal and business material relating to businesswoman Laura Scudder and her company.

Seabrook, Therese Walling (papers)

A small archive of letters, ephemera, speeches, newspaper articles and personal documents from Therese Walling Seabrook. Seabrook was very active in the women's suffrage movement in the late 19th and early 20th century as well as the temperance movement, being...

Seifert, Adeline S. (World War Two correspondence)

This collection contains a series of photocopied letters written by Adeline "Sue" Seifert to her husband Glen D. McClure.

Smith, Vernon L. (Nobel Prize ceremony papers)

The Vernon L. Smith Papers consist of books from Vernon Smith's personal library (located in the Vernon L. Smith Reading Alcove, 2nd floor Leatherby Libraries), a number of honorary degrees, plaques, and awards given to Smith by various institutions as...

Sparks, Gladys (papers), 1939-1969

This is a small collection of Glady's Eileen Sparks' papers related to her two years in the United States Coast Guard (Women's) Reserve from 1944-1946 and her college career before that at the University of Illinois. This collection primarilty includes...

Stockton, Bob (Film Poster Collection)

A collection of film posters spanning the latter half of the 20th century and featuring multiple genres.

Tomlinson, Ralph L. (toy collection)

Finding Aid for The Ralph L. Tomlinson Toy Collection.

Tompkins, Alan (Vietnam War correspondence)

This collection consists of one letter from Alan Tompkins, USN, to his family, dated May 21, 1967.

Tompkins, Alan (Vietnam War correspondence)

This collection consists of one letter from Alan Tompkins, USN, to his family, dated May 21, 1967.

Tracy, Myrtle (World War Two Correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence from three soldiers, writing to a woman named Myrtle Tracy, during World War Two.

United Press International (photograph collection, 1930-1978)

Photographs from the United Press International Los Angeles stock photo office. Coverage is approximately 1930-1978 with the bulk of the photographs 1969-1977.

Wickett Family Collection

The Wickett Family Collection contains Chapman and Wickett family memorabilia, realia, and ephemera from the early 20th century onward. It includes, among other things, items acquired from the family's international travels, including musical items, artistic items, textiles, 8mm and 16...

Wilhelmsen, Finn (Mardi Gras Indian A/V collection)

This collection contains video recordings of the Mardi Gras Indians recorded by Finn Wilhelmsen. Topics include the Mardi Gras Indian's history, society and practices. Filmed by Finn Wilhelmsen beginning in 1986 and ending in 2004.

Winiarczyk, Andrew (Battle of Hatten-Rittershoffen collection)

This collection consists of photocopied articles, correspondance and ephemera related to the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Hatten-Rittershoffen, and a hard-bound book titled "La Bataille De Hatten Rittershoffen."