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Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Beverly Hills, California
Phone: (310) 247-3036 extension 2226
Email: specialcollections@oscars.org
Collections with online items: 15
Physical collections: 562
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American Society of Cinematographers collection

The American Society of Cinematographers collection spans the years 1917-1998 and encompasses 55.5 linear feet. The collection consists of membership files, minutes of board meetings, awards program books, magazines, brochures, press releases, clippings, correspondence, interview transcripts, scrapbooks, tape recordings, and...

Barfoed (Janus) collection

The Janus Barfoed collection spans the years circa 1914-1954 and encompasses approximately 62 linear feet. The collection is comprised of clippings and ephemera, lobby cards, press sheets, and photographs related to American B-Western films. The material in the Personality files...

B'hend (Tom) and Preston Kaufman collection

The Tom B'hend and Preston Kaufmann collection spans the years 1866-1990s (bulk 1900s-1960s) and encompasses approximately 367 linear feet. The collection, representing nearly 5,000 American theaters, contains material on motion picture theaters and theater organs, including architectural blueprints and design...

Cukor (George) papers

The George Cukor papers span the years 1905-1981 (bulk 1933-1976) and encompass 55.8 linear feet. The collection consists of production material, including unproduced productions; television files; stage files; story files, primarily in the form of script material submitted to Cukor;...

Cushman (Robert) collection of sheet music

The Robert Cushman collection of sheet music spans the years 1909-1937 (bulk 1910s-1920s) and encompass 8 linear feet. There are 475 pieces of music related to motion pictures and film personalities. The music is often from, related to, or inspired...

DeMille (Cecil B.) photographs

The Cecil B. DeMille photographs span the 1890s-1959 (bulk 1914-1956) and encompass approximately 64 linear feet. Seventy productions, from 1914 to 1956, are represented. Films directed by DeMille are covered extensively, with scenes and off-camera photographs showing various aspects of...

Hitchcock (Alfred) papers

The Alfred Hitchcock papers span the years 1924-1979 (bulk 1943-1979) and encompass 71.8 linear feet. The collection contains scripts, including original source material, story notes, synopses, screenplay drafts, shooting scripts, dialogue continuities, and in some instances, trailer scripts; correspondence; memos;...

Irene scrapbooks

The Irene scrapbooks span the years 1932-1962 (bulk 1940s) and encompass approximately 7 linear feet. The 7 scrapbooks contain clippings, correspondence, mementoes, and photographs. The 2 photograph albums contain reference photographs of stars in costumes designed by Irene....

Paramount Pictures photographs

The Paramount Pictures photographs span the years 1914-1970 and encompass 322 linear feet. Some 1,900 film titles are represented by approximately 200,000 photographic prints. They include scenes as well as publicity portraits and off-camera photographs showing various aspects of productions...

Pickford (Mary) papers

The Mary Pickford papers span the years 1893-1983 (bulk 1940s-1970s) and encompass approximately 160 linear feet. The papers consist of production files, primarily scripts and story material; subject files; correspondence; financial and accounting records; clippings; and scrapbooks. There is material...

RKO Radio Pictures photographs

The RKO Radio Pictures photographs span the years 1929-1958 and encompass approximately 140 linear feet. The collection consists entirely of motion picture production photographs for 833 feature films distributed by RKO. Included are scenes, portraits of the players in character,...

Selig (William) papers

The William Selig papers span the years 1857-1979 (bulk 1900-1923) and encompass 21 linear feet. The collection consists of production files (continuities and credit sheets for many of the Selig one- and two-reel shorts from 1908 to 1917), scripts and...

Stevens (George) papers

The George Stevens papers span the years 1925-1976 (bulk 1940s-1960s) and encompass 247 linear feet. The collection contains scripts; production files, including accounting, casting, correspondence, locations, previews, production, publicity, and research; story files, including original stories, screenplays, playscripts, synopses, summaries,...

Zinnemann (Fred) papers

The Fred Zinnemann papers span the years 1907-1996 (bulk 1950s-1980s) and encompass 72 linear feet of manuscripts, 17.5 linear feet of photographs and 36 artworks. The collection contains production files (scripts, production material, and correspondence); television files; story material (correspondence...

Zukor (Adolph) correspondence

The Adolph Zukor correspondence spans the years 1912-1977 (bulk 1920-1935) and encompasses 3 linear feet. The collection consists of correspondence received by Zukor. There is also biographical data; speeches; invitations; programs; awards; stockholders' reports for Famous Players-Lasky, Paramount, and Paramount...