Register of the Aleksandr Nikolaevich KrupenskiĬ Papers, 1918-1935.

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Register of the Aleksandr Nikolaevich KrupenskiĬ Papers, 1918-1935.

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Aleksandr Nikolaevich KrupenskiĬ Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1918-1935.
Collection number: 36001
Creator: KrupenskiĬ, Aleksandr Nikolaevich, 1861-1939.
Collection Size: 9 manuscript boxes (3.8 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, memoranda, lists, extracts, summaries, reports, appeals, projects, protocols, press analyses, maps, forms, notes, drafts, clippings, newspaper issues, journals, bulletins, and pamphlets, relating to the Bessarabian question; relations between Russia, Romania and Bessarabia; the occupation and annexation of Bessarabia by Romania, 1918; and to the Paris Peace Conference.
Language: Russian, French and Romanian.

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Access Points

Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920)
World War, 1914-1918.
World War, 1914-1918--Territorial questions--Bessarabia (Moldova and Ukraine)
Bessarabia (Moldova and Ukraine)
Romania--Foreign relations--Soviet Union.
Soviet Union.
Soviet Union--Foreign relations--Romania.

Biographical Note.

1912 Published A Brief Sketch of the Bessarabian Gentry, 1812-1912
1914-1918 Chief of the Red Cross in South Russia
1918, November 11 Empowered by the Ukrainian authorities in Odessa to negotiate with the Rumanian authorities and with French, British and American representatives at Jassy regarding the supplying of Odessa with food
1918 Named representative to the Paris Peace Conference by the Bessarabian Provincial Zemstvo Administration
1919, January 16 Named representative to the Paris Peace Conference by the Committee to Save Bessarabia
1919-1920 Delegate, Paris Peace Conference
NOTE: Aleksandr N. KrupenskiĬ was also Marshal of the Bessarabian nobility and President of the Bessarabian Provincial Zemstvo previous to 1918.

Series Description

Box No. 1.

Correspondence, 1918-1935.

Scope and Content Note

Handwritten and typewritten letters, notes, telegrams, copies and drafts of letters, arranged alphabetically by last name of correspondent.
Box No. 1-3.

Subject File, 1918-1934.

Scope and Content Note

Memoranda, lists, extracts, summaries, reports, appeals, protests, protocols, press analyses, maps, photo-copies, etc., arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box No. 3.

Speeches and Writings, 1919.

Scope and Content Note

Notes and drafts, handwritten and typed, of speeches and articles of A. N. KrupenskiĬ. Some written in collaboration with A. K. Schmidt. Arranged alphabetically by title.
Box No. 4-6.

Printed Matter.

Scope and Content Note

Clippings, periodicals (newspaper issues, journals, bulletins), pamphlets, many annotated by A. N. KrupenskiĬ.
Box No. 6.


Scope and Content Note

Notes, lists (including lists of documents), forms, etc.

Container List



Box 1.





Akimov, A.


Baranovskii, N.


Barlagean (Barladian, Baraladean), Alexis G.


Bernshtein, Iakov


Bilinskaia, N.


Bonnin, Ayme


Bourgeois, Leon


Brianchaninov, A.


Britain, Great, Paris Embassy


Brohee, Dr. George


Chappedelaine, S. De


Le Cri de la Bourse


Druault, S.


Epovskii, V.


Fel'kner, Vladimir (Felkner, Wladimir)


France, Government


Consulate General, London


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Affairs Section


Gaillard, Vicomte de


Gvozdinskaia, I.


Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute


Hotman de Villiers, Dr. P. de


Hunt, Bampton


Institut Intermediare International


Istrati, General I. G.


Kazimir, V.


La Chesnais, P. S.


Lailler (First name unknown)


Langue, Lieutenant A.


League of Nations Council, President


Le Bail, P.


Ligue Francaise Pour la Defense de Droits de l'Homme et du Citoyen


Monleon, J.


Nabokov, Konstantin


Novskii, V.


Paris Peace Conference




Secretariat General


Perskii, S.


Le Progres Civique


Raffalovich, Arthur


Reilly, Sidney G.


Revue des Deux Mondes


La Revue de Paris


Revue Parlementaire


Russian Imperial Embassy, Paris


Russian Imperial Embassy, Rome


Sablin, E.


Sazonov, Sergei D.


Schilling, M.


Schmidt, Alexandre Ch. (Shmidt, Aleksandr K.)


Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, Kingdom of, Paris Peace Delegation


Shabad, Mikhail (Chabade, Michel)


Shtrandtmann, V. N.


Simais, Ernest M.


Sinadino, Panteleimon V. (Synadino, Pantaleon)


St. Leon, E. Martin


Le Temps


Tverdokhlebov, V. N.


Tziganko (Tsyganko), Vladimir


"Union" (Russian Telegraph Agency)


Union Franco-Russe


Vie, Lieutenant Pierre


Wilson, Woodrow


SUBJECT FILE, 1918-1934

Box 1.

Agrarian Reform in Bessarabia


Agrarian Reform in Poland


Agriculture in Bessarabia, 1918-1919


Armed Forces in South Russia, Volunteer Army


Banat of Temesvar, Annexation to Rumania

Box 2.

Bessarabian Association for the League of Nations


Bessarabian Commission at Paris Peace Conference


Bessarabian Government, Justice


Bessarabian Question


Brest-Litovsk, Moldavian Peace Delegation at


Bulgarians in Bessarabia


Church, Orthodox


Civil War, Cadets


Collaborators with Police, Bessarabia


Committee to Save Bessarabia, Odessa


Constitution of Autonomous Bessarabia






Elections in Bessarabia


Forests, Bessarabian


George, Lloyd


History of Bessarabia (Resume)


Inculetz, Ion (Inkulets, Ivan K.)


International Law (Annexation, Plebiscites, etc.)


Izmail (Ismail), Rumanian Occupation of


Jews, Names of


Judicial Affairs in Bessarabia


Khalippa (Halippa), Panteleimon (Pantaleon) N.


Kishinev Municipal Club Incident, 1919


KrupenskiĬ, A. N.


Landowners, Bessarabian


Maklakoff, Basil


Marie, Queen Consort of Rumania


Moldavia, Republic of


Council of General Directors


Declaration of Independence


Establishment of


Union with Rumania


Moldavian Military Congress, 1917


Occupation of Bessarabia, Rumanian












Orgeev (Orhei), District Council


Paris Peace Conference


Political Situation in Bessarabia


Population and Nationalities, Bessarabia






Rumanian (November 1919)


Red Cross


Refugees, Russian




History (Resume)


Jews and Students


Occupation by Germany (1918)


Relations with Bessarabia


Russia, relations with Rumania


Russian Imperial Embassy, Paris, Documents on Bessarabia from

Box 3.

Russian Political Conference, Paris


Sanitary Conditions in Serbia, Rumania, and Bessarabia


Schools, Nationalization of, etc.


Sfatul Tarei






Political Orientation


Relations with City Councils


Representatives' Rejection of Resolutions


Soroki (Soroca), District Council


Stroesco, Basil


Treaties, 1919-1920


Tziganko (Tsyganko), Vladimir


Ukrainians arrived in Bucharest, 25 December 1919


Union of Bessarabia with Rumania, Acts of


Unions, Bessarabian


United States of America, Address of President (22 January 1917)





Box 3.

"A Propos de la Bessarabie" (Published article, 1919)


"Avant Propos" (Copy of typewritten foreward 28 December 1919)


"The Bessarabian 'Parliament' (Sfatul Tzerii)" (Copy of typewritten article, n.d.)


"General Program of the Representatives of the Bessarabian Population" (Handwritten manuscript, 10 December 1919)


Letter to Editor of L'Italie (Handwritten draft, n.d.)


Letter to Editor of L'Oeuvre (Habndwritten draft, 28 December 1919)


Notes for Articles (Handwritten, n.d.)


Notes for Speech, untitled, (Handwritten manuscript, London, late July, 1919)


Untitled Article on Bessarabian Question (Handwritten draft, n.d.)


Untitled Article on Bessarabian Question (Copy of typewritten manuscript, August 1919)


Untitled Article on Pravda interview with Theodore Emandi (Handwritten draft, n.d.)



Box 3.

Clippings, 1918-1919

Box 4.

Journal and Bulletins


Bulletin d'Informations Roumaines, No. 9, 10, 12, (1919)


Current History, No. 3 (March 1920) (annotated)


L'Europe Nouvelle, No. 8 (1920) (annotated)


L'Image de la Bessarabie, No. 225-227 (1920)


Kishinevskiia Eparkhial'nyia Vedomosti, No. 16-17, 21-22 (1914)


Les Peuples Libres, No. 6 (2 copies), No. 7 (annotated) (1919)


Le Progres Civique, No. 13-15, 17, 20 (1919-1920) (annotated)


Revue Parlementaire, No. 39-40, 41-42 (1919) (annotated)


Russkii Kur'er, No. 36, 40 (1919)


La Transylvanie, No. 20-22 (1919)


Newspaper Issues


Actiunea Romana - 1 issue


Adeverul - 1 issue (annotated)


Basarabia - 2 issues (1 annotated)


Bessarabia - 5 issues (3 annotated)


Bessarabskaia Zhyzn' - 4 issues (1 annotated)

Box 5.

Christian Science Monitor - 1 issue


Les Dernieres Nouvelles De Middi - 2 issues


Epoca - 2 issues (1 annotated)


La France Libre - 2 issues


La Gazette De Lausanne - 8 issues (5 annotated)


L'Humanite - 1 issue


L'Impartial Suisse - 7 issues (annotated)


Le Journal des Debats - 1 issue (annotated)


La Lanterne - 2 issues (1 annotated)


Le Matin - 2 issues (annotated)


The Morning Post - 3 issues


Nashe Slovo - 3 issues (annotated)


Odesskii Listok - 2 issues (annotated)


L'Oeuvre - 1 issue (annotated)


Prikarpatskaia Rus' - 1 issue


La Republique Russe - 1 issue


Rossiia - 1 issue


Sfatul Tarii - 2 issues (annotated)


Sfatul Tserii - 5 issues (1 annotated)


La Suisse - 1 issue

Box 6.

Svobodnaia Mysl' - 4 issues


Il Tempo - 3 issues


Le Temps - 5 issues (1 annotated)


La Tribune de Geneve - 5 issues (1 annotated)


Vechernii Biulleten' - 1 issue


Viitorul - 2 issues (annotated)




D. Draghicesco - La Besarabie et la Droit des Peuples, Paris, 1918 (annotated)


N. Iogra, Des Roumains dans la Dobrogea, Jassy, 1917 (annotated)



Box 6.





Open Letter




Lists of documents, guests, and recipients of informative material

Box 7.

Clippings (three bound volumes) and miscellaneous correspondence


March 1919 - August 1919

Box 8.

August 1919 - January 1920

Box 9.

January 1920 - January 1921