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Register of the Committee for the Return of Confiscated German and Japanese Property Records, 1954-1962
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Collection Contents

Boxes 1-14


Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, biographical data, copies of public statements, and legal briefs. A major portion of the correspondence deals with confiscated German property. Correspondence filed under Mike Masaoka, the Washington representative of the Japanese-American Citizens' League, concerns Japanese property. Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
Box 1



Abs, Herman


Adair, E. Ross


Adams, Mr. Dinsmore


Allen, Devere


Ahrens, D. H.


American Bar Association


American Legion


App, Dr. A. J.


Arai, Yoneo


Arnade, Col. Kurt

Box 2



Baade, Dr. Fritz


Barnes, Dr. Harry


Bauer, Karl


Bennett, John B.




Boyken & DeFrancis


Briefs, Dr. Goetz




Burke, Coleman



Box 3

Christian Century


Christian Herald


Collier, Dr. Charles


Corcoran, Thomas




Daniels, Richard


Davis, Gladys


Decker, Emil


Deutsch Bank


Durholz, Otto



Box 4



Farben, I. G.


Fischer, Charles


German American Chamber of Commerce


German Embassy


Gerhard, Charles


Ginsburg, David


General Aniline and Film Corporation



Box 5

Hamburger, Adolf


Hammaker, Bishop Wilbur


Hand, Judge Learned


Harris, Oren




Hruska, Senator Roman




Inquiry, letters of




Johnston, Senator Olin

Box 6



Kade, Max


Kennedy, John F.


Klein, General Julius


Klepinger, Robert F.


Klinedinst, David M.


Kunster, Mrs. Ingeborg




Lange & Springer

Box 7



Laun, Rudolph


Leutz, Dr. Gretel


Libby, Frederick J.


Lichtenfels, William


Linke, Conrad


Littauer, Rudolph



Box 8

Mack, Peter F.


Masaoka, Mike


Michler, Gordon


Miller, Paul






National Association of Manufacturers


National Council of Churches


New York Times




Oppenheimer, Fritz



Box 9



Pearson Column


Pearson, Collier


Perry, Mr. Henry


Peter, Bernard


Pfund, Dr. Harry


Phillips, E. Gordon


Public Affairs Committee








Robert, Jon, Jr.


Roehrich, Gertrude


Roosevelt, Mrs. Franklin D.

Box 10

Rosden, George


Rubin, Seymour




Saint Louis Post


Sayre, Honorable Francis


Scattergood, Mrs. Margaret


Scherzer, Reverend John


Schuchardt, Irmgard


Schutte, Dr. Ehrenfried

Box 11

Shearmen & Sterling


Shore, Chester


Sims, Cecil


Smathers, Senator George


Social Action


Staats, Zietung


Stinnes, Edmund


Stinnes, Otto


Studiengesellschaft fur Privatrechtlicke Auslandsinteressen

Box 12



Thiesling, Dr. Theo H.


Tittmann, Charles


Token, William




U.S. Government


Budget, Bureau of


Congressional Library


Foreign Claims Commission


Justice, Department of


State, Department of


White House



Box 13



Von Clemm, Werner




Wall Street Journal


Washington Post & Times Herald



Box 14

Wehrli, Edmund


Wilson, John, Jr.


Wirsing, Hans


Wohthat, Helmuth


Women's International League for Peace and Freedom


Wright, Professor Quincy


X, Y, Z


Unfiled Correspondence

Boxes 14-22

SUBJECT FILE, 1955-1962

Scope and Content Note

Reports, memoranda, press releases, correspondence, notes, newspaper clippings, and printed matter. Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box 14

Administration bill. Copyrights, Congressional Record excerpts


Administrative proposal. Newspaper clippings (German and English), notes, correspondence and basic documents; includes government documents which were prepared and distributed to subscribers of "Confiscated Property Information Services", the publication of the Committee for Return, 1955


Administrative proposal. Newspaper clippings, notes, and correspondence; includes an analysis of the War Claims Act Amendments submitted by the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission in Behalf of the Executive Branch, 1958 July 8


American Council on Germany. Correspondence, minutes and drafts of charters relating to the establishment of the Council


Bayer vs. Sterling Drug. Legal documents


Bonn Treaty (as amended by Paris Protocol)


Budget. Notes and correspondence

Box 15

Cartels. Printed articles and newspaper clippings; includes material relating to the cases of the Sterling Corporation, and I.G. Farbenindustrie, for which General Aniline and Film Corporation was allegedly a front


China. Printed articles


Constitution. Mimeograph copies of the By-Laws and Constitution of the Committee


Conventions, political. Printed article


Corporations. Printed articles and informational studies; includes material relating to German corporations


Cuba. Primarily newspaper articles and press releases relating to business investments and relations with Cuba


DEGO (German Gold Discount Bank)


Denmark. Relates to U.S. compensation to Denmark, 1957-1958


Drug films

Box 16

Egypt. Articles on U.S. interests and aid to Egypt and Egyptian claims that the U.S. Trading with Enemy Act set a precedent for Egyptian confiscation of British and French property


Equivalence. Relates to compensation for confiscated assets


Farben, I. G., Farbenindustrie relationship to G.A.F. (See G.A.F. file below)


Foreign agents. Committee of Foreign Relations report concerned with covert operations such as lobbying; basic documents include bills to amend the Foreign Agents Registration Act


General Aniline and Film Corporation. Articles and basic documents relating to government seizure of the company during World War II under the Trading with Enemy Act, the company's subsequent operation under the supervision of the Alien Property Office of the U.S. Justice Department (which controls 97% of voting stock), a long ownership dispute between the Justice Department and the Swiss holding company Interhandel, and charges of political patronage under the Kennedy administration

Box 17

General Aniline and Film Corporation. Articles and basic documents relating to government seizure of the company during World War II under the Trading with Enemy Act, the company's subsequent operation under the supervision of the Alien Property Office of the U.S. Justice Department (which controls 97% of voting stock), a long ownership dispute between the Justice Department and the Swiss holding company Interhandel, and charges of political patronage under the Kennedy administration


Germany. Primarily German newspaper clippings, articles, and German Embassy reports; English documents include an information sheet on the German General Law concerning the consequences of the war and Congressional Record excerpts


Advance payment






Compensation loans




East Zone


Foreign Aid Program


National debt





Box 18

Guatemala. Articles, and State Department press releases


Hardship cases. Primarily correspondence; several specific cross-references to correspondence files including Dr. Harry Pfund's, which has a list of hardship cases (primarily charity organizations) by municipality


Hearings. Unpublished materials, 1956 July 18


Hundred Thousand Dollar Program. Material relating to a fund-raising campaign, ca. 1955 March




Investment. Statements, speeches, articles and a few basic documents on foreign economic policy, U.S. and foreign investments, and the Subcommittee on Foreign Economic Policy of the Joint Economic Committee of Congress




Japan. Articles, State Department press releases, and information from the Japanese Consulate General's Office; includes several documents related to the visit of Mamoru Shigemitsu (Foreign Minister), 1955 August 24-September 5

Box 19

Lastenausgleich (Equalization of Burdens Law)


Lobby. Copies of quarterly lobby reports, statements of receipts, and an article relating to lobbying legislation, ca. 1960-1962


Liebernecht, Karl. Relates to government stock holdings, ca. 1958 February


Mailing lists. Committee members, 1957-1962


Miscellaneous. Articles, clippings and handwritten notes, presumably all by Executive Secretary James Finucane


Money. Articles relating to fund-raising


National Foreign Trade Convention. Report of the proceedings


Philippines. Basic documents


Poland. Press releases


Property. Printed articles


Prospectus. Newsletter


Proxy forms. Relates to general meeting of the Committee, 1962 December 11

Box 20

Reparations. Notes and printed articles


Roechling. Printed articles relating to a reparation case


Schering. Printed articles and a letter relating to proposed legislation


Schuette. Correspondence, including the Studiengesellschaft fur Privatrechtliche Auslandinteressen e.V.


Carl Schurz Foundation (Memorial). Correspondence


Social Action Project. Christian Action and Community Service Committee project, 1958


Solicitations. Letters, and a German mailing list


Spur offering. Material relating to the purchase of government-owned stock in Spur Distributing Company, Inc.


Stinnes Corporation. Printed articles and other material relating to the purchase of the Hugo Stinnes Corporation


Studiengesellschaft fur Privatrechtliche Auslandsinteressen, e.V. Correspondence and publications (primarily in German) relating to confiscated property, and correspondence

Box 21

Studiengesellschaft fur Privatrechtliche Auslandsinteressen, e.V.




Tag Case. Relates to a U.S. Court of Appeals case, ca. 1959 May 21


Talk. Speech notes




Trading with enemy. Includes material relating to legislation


U.S. Bond Issue. Notes and other material, 1962 August 21


U.S. citizens. Includes a brief and a report by Kenneth S. Carlston, "Statement on the present position of American Citizens under the Trading with the Enemy Act," ca. 1956


U.S. government


Foreign Claims Settlement Commission Report


Justice Department


Office of Alien Property


U.S. wills. Includes a statement entitled, "Facts concerning the seizure of Strachwitz Trust by the Alien Property Custodian"


United Nations. Publications on human rights and a letter of protest from Chairman Libby to Secretary of State Dulles

Box 22

War claims




Wiedergutmachung. Notes and newspaper articles (primarily in German) relating to reparations for war crimes


Windfall. Relates to U.S. custodianship of certain companies


World Court. Articles, and reports from the American Bar Association, and the International Law Association


Yalta. Clippings

Boxes 22-27

OFFICE FILE, 1953-1962

Scope and Content Note

Minutes of meetings, press releases, position statements and reports, form letters, government documents, correspondence, notes, and printed matter. Arranged by subseries, as follows: minutes of meetings, press releases and position statements, government documents file, and pre-1955 file. The pre-1955 file contains the records of the Committee prior to 1955, including unarranged correspondence, notes, and printed matter.
Box 22

Minutes of the annual meeting, 1954-1962

Box 23

Minutes of the executive committee, 1954-1962


Press releases and position statements


Distribution sheets




Blue Service


Letter of Committee Dissolution, 1962


Release, 1962 April 12


Release, 1962 March 12


Fact sheets


Release, 1961 August 14


Letter to Editor, 1961 August 14


Scherzer testimony, 1961 August 2


Collier letter, 1961 July


Appeal letter and reprints, 1961 May 8


Problem paper release, 1961 February 23


Letter to Editor, 1961 January 13


Problem paper to President Kennedy, 1960

Box 24

Statement by Bishop Hammaker at Republican Platform Committee, 1960


Democratic Platform release, 1960


Scherzer statement, 1960 April


Church documents, 1960


Sheldon reply, 1960 March 11


Masaoka reprints, 1960 February 19


Annual meeting statement, 1960 February 9


Reply to Marquis Childs, 1960 January 20


Gerhard Testimony, 1959


Steuben Society statement, 1959


Statement by Bishop Hammaker, 1959


Notice of hearings, 1959 July


Hammaker testimony, 1959 June


Scherzer testimony, 1959 June


Statement on sale by Attorney General, 1959 March 15


Annual meeting resolutions, 1959 February 20


Libby letter on human rights, 1958 December 8


Letter enclosing booklet, 1958 August 13


Abolition of U.S. Office of Alien Property release, 1958 May 12


State Department release, 1958 March 29


Washington Post, 1958


Christian Herald, 1958


Quincy Wright, 1957


Norman Thomas, 1957


Collier, 1957


Letter to Eisenhower, 1957


Releases, 1954-1957


Releases other than newsletter, Vol. 1-3, 1953 November-1956 December


Government documents


Austrian State Treaty

Box 25

Basic documents, pre- 1954


Basic documents, 1954


Basic documents, 1955 (H.R. 6730)


Basic documents, 1955


Basic documents, 1956


Basic documents, 1956 (Johnston Bill, S-4 205)


Basic documents, German


Basic documents, 1957-1959


Basic documents, 1960


Basic documents, 1961


Bills, 1953-1956


Bills, 1957-1960


Bills, 1961 (H.R. 9463)


Bills, 1961 (H.R. 8305)


Bills, 1961 (H.R. 7479)

Box 26

Bills, 1962 (H.R. 7283 and 5028)


Bills, 1962 (S. 2523, 2618, and 495)


Bonn Agreement


Pre- 1955 Files

Box 27

Pre- 1955 Files

Boxes 28-33


Scope and Content Note

Newspaper clippings concerning confiscated property, reactions to proposed legislation, activities of the Committee, and annotated printed material, consisting mainly of government publications. Arranged chronologically.
Box 28

Clippings, 1954-1955


Clippings, 1956


Clippings, 1956 (Aufbau)


Clippings, 1957 (Congressional Quarterly)


Clippings, 1957


Clippings, 1958-1959


Clippings, 1958-1959 (foreign language)


Clippings, (German papers)


Clippings, 1959-1960 (Congressional Quarterly)


Clippings, 1960

Box 29

Clippings, 1960-1962 (foreign language)


Clippings, 1961-1962


Clippings, 1962


Clippings, extra


Clippings, duplicates for distribution


Scrapbook of clippings, testimonies, and literature circulated, 1959


Printed matter, annotated


Annual Report, U.S. Office of Alien Property, 1942-1952

Box 30

Annual Report, U.S. Office of Alien Property, 1953-1958, 1961


Congressional hearings and reports

Box 31

Congressional hearings and reports

Box 32

Congressional hearings and reports

Box 33

Congressional hearings and reports


Miscellaneous reports and monographs