Preliminary Inventory to the Roy A. Childs Papers, 1966-1994

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Preliminary Inventory to the Roy A. Childs Papers, 1966-1994

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Roy A. Childs Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1966-1994
Collection number: 93053
Creator: Childs, Roy A., 1949-1992
Collection Size: 44 manuscript boxes (18.4 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, studies, memoranda, bulletins, serial issues, pamphlets, clippings, and sound recordings, relating to libertarian thought and activities in the United States, laissez-faire economics, and proposals for decriminalization of drug use.
Language: English.

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Access Points

Libertarianism--United States
Drug legalization
United States--Politics and government

Container List

Box 1.

Writings by Childs


"Anarchism and Justice"


"Edith Efron: Newstwister"


"Poland and Liberty"


"Shattered Kristol: Capitalism and Its Discontents"

Box 2.


Box 3.


Box 4.



Bandow, Doug


Bauer, Peter


Bauman, Robert


Berry, Sue


Birmingham, Bill


Block, Walter


Blumenthal, Joan Mitchell


Boehme, Lillian R.


Branden, Nathaniel


Chapman, Stephen


Chase, Bill


Danks, Bill


Dines, James


Ebeling, Richard M.


Emerling, Michael


Friedman, David


Friedman, Jeff


Friedman, Milton


Grinder, Walter E.


Hagel, John, III


Hardesty, Michael


Hart, David


Hayek, Friedrich A. von


Hazlitt, Henry

Box 5.

Henderson, David


Hessen, Robert


Hospers, John


Hummel, Jeff


Kennan, George F.


Kephart, Robert D.


Koch, Charles


Konkin, Samuel Edward, III


Lachmann, Ludwig M.


Lane, Rose Wilder


LeFevre, Robert, and Rampart College


Machan, Tibor


Martin, James J.


Nash, Edward


Pearson, George


Peden, Joe


Peikoff, Leonard


Pettingill, John

Box 6.

Pilon, Roger




Sciabarra, Chris M.


Smith, Dalton


Smith, George


Smith, Kay Nolte


Tannehill, Morris and Linda


Weber, Christopher


Wollstein, Jarret

Box 7.


Box 8.

Manuscript writings by others


Allport, Glen


Anderson, Annelise, and Bark, Dennis L.


Anderson, Martin


Armentano, D. T.


Benesch, Alvin M.

Box 9.

Block, Walter


Boaz, David


Branden, Nathaniel


Constant, Benjamin

Box 10.

Cordato, Roy E.


Cowen, Tyler


Dennis, Richard J.


Dentinger, John


Ebeling, Richard M.

Box 11.

Ebeling, Richard M.


Epstein, Richard


Evers, Bill

Box 12.

Ferns, H. S.


Friedman, Jeff


Friedman, Milton


Graves, Leslie


Grinder, Walter E.


Hagel, John, III


Hanke, Steve H., and Walters, Alan A.


Harper, F. A.


Hazlitt, Henry

Box 13.

Hess, Karl, Jr.


Hodges, Richard


Kibbe, Matthew B.


Kirk, Russell


Kirzner, Israel M.


Klein, Daniel B.


Kramnick, Isaac

Box 14.

Lavoie, Donald C.


LeFevre, Robert


McElroy, Wendy


Machan, Tibor

Box 15.

Mencken, H. L.


Merrill, Ronald E.


Mon, Stormy


Norton, David L.


Nozick, Robert

Box 16.

Nozick, Robert


Pack, Spencer J.

Box 17.

Palmer, Tom G.


Peikoff, Leonard


Pilon, Roger


Raico, Ralph


Raimondo, Justin

Box 18.

Rasmussen, Douglas B.


Ravenal, Earl C.


Reese, David A.


Review of Austrian Economics

Box 19.

Richman, Sheldon L.


Riggenbach, Jeff


Rockwell, Llewellyn H., Jr., and Tucker, Jeffrey A.


Rothbard, Murray N.


Salerno, Joseph T.


Schuler, Kurt


Schuler, William C.


Shenoy, Sudha R.

Box 20.

Smith, Kay Nolte


Sobran, Joseph P.


Spinney, Franklin C.


Swan, George Steven


Szasz, Thomas

Box 21.

Szasz, Thomas


Toohey, John J.


Vargas Llosa, Mario


Wagner, Richard E.


Walker, Graham

Box 22.

Williams, Walter E.




Subject file


Block, Walter


Cato Institute

Box 23.

Cato Institute


Cockburn, Alexander


Cold War

Box 24.



Critical Review




Drug legalization

Box 25-26.

Drug legalization

Box 27.

Drug legalization


El Salvador


Foreign policy




Huber, Peter


Institute for Humane Studies

Box 28.

Israeli land policy


Labadie, L.


Land reform






Libertarian Party


Libertarian Review

Box 29.

Libertarian Review






New Republic


North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Box 30.

Nozick, Robert


Nyiregyhazi, Ervin


Raico, Ralph

Box 31.

Rand, Ayn

Box 32.

Ravenal, Earl C.


Rothbard, Murray N.

Box 33.

Thomas S. Szasz Award


Whole Libertarian Catalogue


Wild, Earl


Will, George


Williams, Walter E.


World Liberty Project


Young Americans for Freedom



Box 34.


Box 35-40.

Printed matte