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Inventory of the Task Force on California's Water Future Records, 1981-1982
MS 83/1  
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Box Box 1, Folder 1.

Roster of members of the Task Force on California's Water Future (of the California Commission for Economic Development; agenda; minutes of meetings held Nov. 30, 1981, December 16, 1981, Jan. 6, 1982, Jan. 27, 1982, and Feb. 17, 1982.

Folder 2.

Bibliography, 1958-1980, State and federal publications relating to the Peripheral Canal; Dialog search; Orbit IV search, San Francisco Chronicle 1977-1981; Orbit IV search, Los Angeles Times 1977-1981.

Folder 3.

The California STate Water Project, [foldout brochure]; Department of Water Resources' position on the Peripheral Canal and other SB 200 facilities, 27 p.; Review of the report (of California's Commission for Economic Development) Task Force on California's water future,

Physical Description: 29 leaves.
Folder 4.

Delta water transfer without a Peripheral Canal, Central Delta Water Agency, 12 leaves; Delta water facilities Preliminary edition, DWR Bulletin no. 76; Correspondence: exchanges between the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Task Force and DWR, Law offices of Zuckerman & Hartmann, et al. re. levees, breaks.

Folder 5.

Labelled FINANCE. News clippings; Environmental Defense Fund Testimony of the EDF on Department of Water Resources cost and water rate projections, 1982, 14 leaves; Water Resources Control Board, 4 leaves; Overview of SB 200 fiscal impact, 8 leaves; Water conservation in California and the Peripheral Canal Bill, by Harold E. Rogers, Jr., reprinted from Municipal Finance Journal, Fall 1980, v. 1, no. 2, pp. 257-272; Statement of Department of Finance to Task Force on the Peripheral Canal on Dec. 16, 1981, 10 leaves; Statement of State Treasurer's Office to California Water Task Force on January 6, 1982, 6 leaves; Water pricing and rent seeking in California agriculture, by B. Delworth Gardner, 42 leaves; Analysis of Department of Water Resources' position on the alternative water transfer plan proposed by the Central Delta Water Agency, by G. T. Orlob, March 2, 1982, 6 leaves; Department of Water Resources SB 200 pay-as-you go study, DWR Water Project Analysis Office, March 9, 1982, 7 leaves; Analysis of Senate Bill no. 200 (Ayala) as amended..., by Legislative Analyst, July 1, 1980, 7 leaves; letter dated Feb. 11, 1982, Dillon, REad & Co., Inc., to Ronald Robie, DWR, re. financing schedule for SB 200, 3 leaves.

Folder 6.

Labelled ENVIRONMENT. A study of estuarine water conservation by the control of tidal action by a weir system, by E. A. Salo, 1980,

Physical Description: 21 leaves.
Box Box 2, Folder 7.

Labelled FISH AND WILDLIFE. Fish and wildlife implications of the SB 200 referendum, by Harold K. Chadwick, 1981, 6 p.; U.S. Fish and Wildlife position..., 1981, 3 p.; Cost estimates for alternative water transfer plan, by G. T. Orlob, 1981, 9 leaves; Dept. of Fish and Game Testimony, H. K. Chadwick, 1982, 8 leaves; Comments on the presentation of Dr. H. K. Chadwick, by G. T. Orlob, Jan. 6, 1982, 5 leaves; Effects of the Peripheral Canal and other water projects on fisheries, by William Sweeney, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Jan. 6, 1982, 9 leaves; correspondence with the California Striped Bass Association, California Dept. of Fish and Game, and J. G. Boswell Company.

Folder 8.

Labelled LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS. Letter from California Legislature, Assembly Committee on Policy Research Management, Feb. 21, 1980, addressed to Leo T. McCarthy: analysis of the potential impact of Prop. 9 on the financing of the Peripheral Canal and related water development facilities; Analysis of Assembly Constitutional Amendment no. 90 (Kapiloff), by Legislative Analyst, June 9, 1980, 3 p.; Assembly Constitutional Amendment no. 90, Resolution Chapter 49, June 26, 1980 (Kapiloff); Senate Bill no. 200, Chapter 632, July 20, 1980 (Ayala); Correspondence with Legislative Counsel re SB 200: J. G. Boswell Company, State Water Resources Control Board.

Folder 9.

Labelled NEED AND USAGE. Preliminary report on the administration of the State Water Project, or, 'Who's wasting our water?' , by Stanley M. Barnes, assisted by Brent L. Graham and W. S. Tompkins, September 1981, ca. 50 leaves; Pricing of water in California, by Charles V. Moore, Feb. 17, 1982, 5 leaves; Workshop on agricultural water conservation, summary of proceedings, California Water Commission [et al.]; Making water run for the public, Phillip LeVeen, California today, v. 11, no. 3; Answers to questions posed to Metropolitan Water District by Lieutenant Governor Curb's Task Force on Water, 6 leaves; letter from Stanley Barnes, J.G. Boswell Company, Feb. 19, 1982, on agricultural water conservation, 2 leaves; letter from Robert F. Raab, Nov. 25, 1981, State Water Project electric power bill will approach two billion dollars by the year 2000...

Folder 10.

Labelled ORLOB THROUGH DELTA PLAN. Effects on water quality of levee failures in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, G. T. Orlob, Feb. 17, 1982, 14 leaves; Impact of upstream storage and diversions on salinity balance in estuaries, Gerald T. Orlob, reprinted from Estuarine Processes, Vol. II; memo. dated Jan. 26, 1982, DWR, Effect of Delta levee breaks on salinity distribution, 6 leaves; Flood control benefits of the alternative water transfer plan, G. T. Orlob, Jan. 27, 1982, 2 leaves; construction cost index; construction schedule and costs; Summary of Department of Fish and Game testimony, 2 leaves; Cost estimates for alternative water transfer plan, G. T. Orlob, Sept. 5, 1981, 9 leaves; Estimates of cost for the Peripheral Canal, G. T. Orlob, Feb. 24, 1982, 8 leaves; Alternate plan, impact of levee failures, Dante John Nomellini, March 23, 1982, [40] leaves; Comparison of yield of Orlob Plan to Peripheral Canal, D. J. Nomellini, March 23, 1982, 8 leaves.

Folder 11.

Labelled PERIPHERAL CANAL & SB 200. The case for the Peripheral Canal, Stuart T. Pyle, Sept. 8, 1980, 7 leaves; The Peripheral Canal, some questions and answers, 15 leaves; Key elements SB 200 (maps), 3 leaves; Summary incidental effects of agricultural water conservation, by David C. Davenport and Robert M. Hagan, June 1981, 14 leaves; Letter report, DWR Special Task Force on AB 1328 (Delta water transfer), June 8, 1979, ca. 40 leaves; California Water Commission position paper on SB 200, Proposition 8, ---and the Peripheral Canal, 13 leaves.

Folder 12.

Labelled POST NOTES: MEETINGS: REPORTS. Worksheets, notes, draft conclusions with handwritten notes.

Folder 13.