Preliminary Inventory to the Clarence Clemens Clendenen Papers, 1881-1968

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Title: Clarence Clemens Clendenen Papers
Date (inclusive): 1881-1968
Collection Number: 68022
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 21 manuscript boxes, 4 card file boxes, 7 envelopes, 9 phonotapes 11 linear feet
Abstract: Printed matter, biographical notes, interviews, diaries, correspondence, army manuals, research notes, photographs, and maps, relating to American military history, especially during World War II and the Vietnamese War, and to the Punitive Expedition in Mexico in 1916.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Creator: Clendenen, Clarence Clemens


Collection open for research.
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Subjects and Indexing Terms

United States. Army--History--Punitive Expedition into Mexico, 1916
Mexico--History--Revolution, 1910-1920.
United States--Armed Forces.
United States--History, Military.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975.
World War, 1939-1945.

Box: 1

Recruiting material

Folder: b.

Military miscellany

Box: 2

Newspaper clippings of military interest

Folder: b.

National Guard material

Folder: c.

Maps of Mexico (3)

Box: 3

Guide books

Folder: b.

Foreign phrase books

Box: 4

Army handbooks

Folder: b.

Army and Navy regulation manuals

Box: 5

Staff officers manual

Folder: b.

Army general orders, circulars and bulletins, (published) 1881-1916

Folder: c.

Communications handbook, 1944

Folder: d.

6th Cavalry notes

Folder: e.

Articles pertaining to Pancho Villa

Box: 6

Research notes (index cards) on book, United States and Pancho Villa

Box: 7

Published articles on World War II (miscellaneous uncatalogued)

Box: 8

Published materials on American military history:


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Box: 9

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Box: 10

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Box: 11

Diaries, personal recollections, 1879-1942

Folder: b.

Articles on Western Americana and Mexican history

Box: 12

Correspondence, 1966-1968

Folder: b.

Army 201 file

Folder: c.

Colonel Jerome W. Howe file

Folder: d.

Letters by soldiers of the Kansas National Guard, mobilized on the Mexican border, 1 v. 1916,

Box: 13

"The Punitive Expedition of " 1 vol. 1916,


Miscellaneous medals

Box: 14-21.

Unsorted material

Box: 22-25.

Card file

Tape cabinet


Tape cabinet

Clovis Ethelbert Byers undated speech about military chaplins


Use copy reference number: 68022_a_0008886

Scope and Contents note

Major General C. E. Byers recalls the history and importance of chaplains in the United States military. He speaks about experiences of the country from the revolution through World War II and the Korean conflict.
Tape cabinet

Colonel Clarence C. Clendenen interviews Major General William Ord Ryan


Use copy reference number: 68022_a_0008881

Scope and Contents note

Interview with Major General William Ord Ryan, U. S. Air Force, Retired, concerning his experiences as a lieutenant in the 7th cavalry, in the Punitive Expedition of 1916, and further remarks on his military career.
Interviewer is Col. Clarence C. Clendenen as stated in his letter to Fraur Lanner, Oct. 10, 1974.
Tape cabinet

Confession of Librado Saenz Pardo Martinez and interview with Colonel Merlin J. Chadey 03 October 1957-31 May 1964


Use copy reference number: 68022_a_0008891

Scope and Contents note

Confession of Librado Saenz Pardo Martinez, assassin of Pancho Villa. Recorded 10/3/57 by William V. Morrison of El Paso, Texas
Colonel Merlin J. Chadsey, retired cavalry - recorded at Fort Union, National Mon by Homer Hasting, June 64.
Tape cabinet

Interview with Major Walter Estes 21 April 1964


Use copy reference number: 68022_a_0008882

Scope and Contents note

Interview with Major Walter Estes, retired Calvary Officer, recorded by the Fort Union National Monument, 1964
Photo file


Physical Description: 468 photos and 61 negatives / 7 envelopes
Envelope A

118 photos concerning Clendenden's attendance to West Point and the Cavalry School, undated

Scope and Content Note

Includes portraits of his classmates, graduation ceremonies and his participation in many equestrian events.
Envelope B1

65 photos and 61 negatives of the Punitive, undated

Envelope B2

Expedition to Mexico, including photos of Villa, Obregon and U.S. Infantry, undated

Envelope C

26 photos of Colonel Clarence C. Clendenen's stay in Japan concerning the 1st Cavalry Division, the International War Crimes Commission and many tourist attractions, undated

Envelope fD

Album containing 125 photos of Colonel Clarence C. Clendenen's stay in Japan relating to War Crimes Commission and travel photos, undated

Envelope E

15 photos of Colonel Clendenen in Michigan State College, South Dakota State College, St. John's University and the University of Iowa in which he was the head of the R.O.T.C. programs, undated

Envelope F

13 photos of the Negrito barrios in the Philippines where he was stationed, 1926

Envelope G

96 miscellaneous personal and military photos, undated

Envelope mH

10 miscellaneous photos undated


4 miscellaneous photos, undated