Preliminary Inventory to the Wolfgang Wilhelm Sauer Papers, 1913-1989

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Preliminary Inventory to the Wolfgang Wilhelm Sauer Papers, 1913-1989

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Wolfgang Wilhelm Sauer Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1913-1989
Collection number: 90068
Creator: Sauer, Wolfgang Wilhelm, 1920-1989
Collection Size: 68 manuscript boxes 27.2 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Writings, correspondence, notes, curricular material, and printed matter, relating to the history and culture of Germany, German intellectual history, twentieth century German political history, the revolution of November 1918 in Germany, the relationship between President Friedrich Ebert and General Wilhelm Groener, the rise and nature of national socialism in Germany, and militarism as a factor in German history. Includes some papers of Wilhelm Sauer, uncle of W. W. Sauer, relating to jurisprudence and philosophy.
Language: German and English.

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Access Points

Germany--Intellectual life.
Germany--History--Revolution, 1918.
Germany--Politics and government--20th century.
National socialism.
Nationalsozialistische deutsche Arbeiter-Partei.
Ebert, Friedrich, 1871-1925.
Groener, Wilhelm, 1867-1939.
Sauer, Wilhelm, 1879-1962.


German-American historian.

Container List


Part I

Box 1.

Personal files


Flight tickets; information sheets on immigration, U.C. retirement system, Blue Cross


Letters and documents pertaining to his resignation from employment in the state of Hessen, his appointment at U.C. Berkeley, and his promotion


Reports on the state of research: 1976, 1980, 1981


Résumé and résumé notes (A 1)


"German History (1985)"


Manuscript pages for chapters 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


Notes and collected articles (A 2)


"Hist/Civ/Germ - Part I/Outlines/Romans and Germani"


Text outlines for Introduction (A 3)


"Hist/Civ/Germ - Materials II Antiquity - Germani"


Notes on materials read and notes for texts


Notes on statistics, chronology, archaeology, tribes


Xerox copies of articles (A 4)


"Prologue II: Christianization - Materials." Notes, including notes on German antiquity, christianization, chronology, Augustine, Bonifatius (A 5)


"Hist/Civ/Germ - Materials III (Medieval)"


Notes and Xerox copies of articles


Notes on methodology for medieval chapters, on monasticism, investiture conflict, Holy Roman Empire, and Minnesang (A 6)


"F. Prinz: Mönchtum"


Xerox copy (A 7)


"Dallas Clouatre - Feudalism"


Xerox copy (A 8)

Box 2.

"Hist/Civ/G - Class. Period 16th-18th Century Materials"




Outlines and lectures texts for History courses


Notes on statistics, bibliography, Reformation, 17th Century, Thirty Years War (A 9)


"Germ. Hist. IV"


Notes, cut articles (A 10)


"History/Civ/G - Classical Period"


Notes and Xerox copies


Notes on intellectual conditions post-1648, bibliography for Frederick's attack on Silesia, dynastic revivals, 18th Century Romanticism, Reform Period and wars of Liberation (A 11)


"Germ. Hist. IV, 18th Century"


Notes, cut articles, Xerox copies


Text notes (A 12)


"Rokoko - Materialism"


Notes and cut articles, pictures and bibliography (A 13)


"Hist. Civ. G.-19th Century to 1914"


Notes, cut articles


Notes on 19th century, 1848, Bismarckian and Wilhelmine period (includes critique of Schlieffen Plan) (A 14)


"Germ. Hist. V - Materials"


Notes, cut articles, Xerox copy, text notes


Outline: Intellectual History, 1850-1890 (A 15)


"Grillparzer and Stifter"




Text notes on Stifter, Wagner (A 16)


"Materials VI (20th Century)"


Documents, notes


Text notes on Hitler and on Nazi inheritance


Notes on World War I, Versailles, Weimar, Nazi period, the post-1945 period (A 17)

Box 3.

"Germ. Hist. 20th Century"


Notes and cut articles (A 18)


(No title)


Cut articles (incl. Bitburg) (A 19)


Manuscript: Chapter 5 with margin notes (apparently by another person) (A 20)


Manuscript: "Set III complete" (placed in manuscript box) (A 21)


Manuscript: "Set IV complete" (A 22)


Manuscript: " Set V incomplete" (A 23)


New folder - loose sheets on German history and Don Juan (A 24)


Contents of Manuscript (completed set: chapters 1-6)




What is "German" History?


When does German History Begin?


Where is Germany?


No title


The natural Environment of German History


Chapter 1 - The Prehistoric Peoples of the North


Who were the Germani?


Tribal Cultures in Prehistoric Central Europe


Celts and Rhenish Germani


The East Elbians


Origins of Archaic Kingship


The Suebic Kingdom


Chapter 2 - Rome and its attempted Conquest of Germania 55 B.C. to A.D. 9


Chapter 3 - Roman Frontier Policy A.D. 14 - c. 160


Chapter 4 - The Tribal Kingdoms and the Great Invasions


The "Royal" Tribes


The Migrations


Raids and Invasions


Rome and the Invasions


The Proto-German Tribes


Prologue II - Christianization


Chapter 5 - Medieval Christianity


Chapter 6 - The Franks and the Irish Mission c. 500-700


The Conversion of the Franks and the Rise of the Frankish Kingdom, sixth and seventh centuries


The Celtic Church and the Irish Mission 7th century


"Summer Session - German Dept"


Notes, outlines, Xerox copies, administrative info. (B 1)


"German History (1985) Introduction"


Notes, drafts with revisions


Manuscripts on Introduction


Notes on Hillgruber plus 3-page manuscript "Die Bürde der deutschen Vergangenheit" (B 2)


"German History - Prologue I. Rome (1986)"


Outline: Plan for the German history project


Drafts on chapters 1 through 4, notes (B 3)

Box 4.

"German History - Part II. Medieval Empire"


Notes, cut articles


Draft in Investiture conflict, chapter 10, Foundation of Medieval Empire (B 4)


"German History - Conclusion"


Short draft (B 5)


"Fragments 1985"


Drafts (B 6)


"German History: Who were the Germans?"




Original draft and second version (B 7)


"German History (1985) - Prologue Rome"


Drafts chapters 2, 3, 4 (B 8)


"German History. 1983 Version"


Manuscript chapters plus earlier fragments (B 9)


"German History. 1981-1982"


Early drafts (B 10)


"Frederick's Attack on Silesia"


Drafts, manuscript (3 versions, one in manuscript box) (B 11)

Box 5.

"Germany and Europe"


Early drafts for German history, plus introduction (B 12)




Drafts and manuscripts on classical humanism, classical anthropology and the Messiah (B 13)


"BRD/DDR (1945 ff)"


Cut articles, notes


Manuscript: "Die Studenten Rebellion von Berkeley und ihre internationale Bedeutung" plus drafts (manuscript box) (C 1)

Box 6.

(No title)


Cut articles and notes (C 2)


"Nazism and Holocaust"


Cut article and notes (C 3)

Box 7.

(No title)


Letters, airline tickets, brochures, concert programs


Prof. Sauer's letter against "self-evaluation" at U.C.B.


Bound xerox copies


"Unser vater und Wir"


"Unsere Clara und Wir"




Tenure Committee and Affirmative Action (C 4)

Box 8.



Letter, notes, History Department forms


Manuscript and text fragments for "Interessen-Gesellschaft"


Notes on "Soziologie der modernen Gesellschaft," "Definition von `Interesse`," "Marxismus Kritik," "Strukturbegriffe, insbes. `Klasse`"; etc. (C 6)

Box 9.

(No title)


Manuscript - "The Birth of Classical Humanism" (Xerox) (D 1)


"Historical Statistics"


Notes (D 2)


"Hist. Civil. - Introduction, Concepts"


Notes on primitive society and civilization; cut articles. Clouatre paper


Manuscript: "Levi Strauss and the Savages" 2pp (D 3)


"Hist. Civil."


Bibliographical notes (D 4)


"Greco-Roman Antiquity"


Notes and cut articles (D 5)


"(Ancient) Christianity"


Notes (D 6)




Notes (D 7)


"Juden and Christen"


Manuscript: "Juden und Christen" (Marked: not for publication; placed in manuscript box) (D 8)


"Civiliz. 1980 (8)"


Manuscripts: "Chapter 8: The Jewish Origins of Christianity"; "Chapter 9: Jesus"; old chapter 1 plus copies of classical humanism manuscripts (placed in manuscript box) (D 9)


"Birth of Class. Humanism"


Xerox copy of manuscript


Notes and drafts (D 10)


"Freedom and Slavery"


Manuscript: "Freedom and Slavery in Classical Humanism"


Different versions and drafts (one version placed in manuscript box) (D 11)


"Kap Hoorn"


Manuscript: "Über Heldentum"


Notes, drafts, bibliography and materials (placed in manuscript box) (D 12)

Box 10.

"Don Juan"


Manuscript: "Über Don Juan"


Notes, drafts, and cut articles (placed in manuscript box) (D 13)


"Mozart II (opera seria)"


Manuscript: "Mozart, die Opera seria und die Krise der Kunst im 18.Jhdt." (marked private)


Notes, drafts, cut articles


Letter to Juliane (Xerox) (D 14)


"Mozart I (general)"


Manuscript: "Über Mozarts Kirchenmusik," 1986


Notes, drafts, cut articles (D 15)


"Mozart, opera seria" - Xerox


Copy of manuscript, 3rd version (D 16)


"Rousseau - sources"


Manuscript: "Rousseau or the Corruption of Truth"


Notes and drafts (D 17)


"Rousseau - Ms"


Manuscript: "Rousseau or the Authentic Untruth" (placed in manuscript box) (D 18)


"Rousseau - Version I"


Manuscript copy (D 19)




Notes and cut articles on India; Chinese chronology, poetry, philosophy and history (D 20)

Box 11.

"Book lists - Lectures 143 A-C"


Reading lists and notes (E 1)


"Book lists - Seminars (103, 280, 285)"


Reading lists and notes (E 2)


"Examinations - Lecture courses"


Examinations and notes (E 3)


"Course Descriptions" (E 4)


"Exams. - M.A." (E 5)


"Free Speech"


Cut articles, pamphlets, materials (E 6)

Box 12.

"FU Krise"


Manuscript: "Die Studenten Rebellion in Berkeley und ihre internationale Bedeutung" (placed in manuscript box)


Cut articles and handouts (E 7)


Course materials


History 100 (E 8 through E 13)


History 103 (E 14 - E 16, E 20)


History 104 (E 17, E 18, E 19)


History 143 (E 21 - E 34)

Box 13-14.

History 199 (E 35)


History 280 (E 36 - E 41)

Box 15.

History 283 (E 42 - E 50)


History 285 (E 51 - E 59)


History 299 (E 60)

Box 15-18.

Diverse course materials, grades and recommendations for graduate students (F 1 - F 27)

Box 18.

"Misc. - Desiderata"


Letters, request for recommendation, notes


Handwritten manuscripts: on Verdun, on "race and Intelligence"


Manuscript: "Die Reichsgründung im Spiegel von A. V. Werners Gemälde," plus drafts (L 1)




Pacific Film Archive programs (L 2)


(no title)


Xerox articles


Manuscript: "War as a Political Instrument - A Re-examination of Clausewitz's Theory," plus drafts (L 3)


"Englische Flottengeschichte"


Notes, Xerox articles (L 4)


"Naziism - Norton"


Notes (L 5)




Bibliographical notes (L 6)


(no title)


Manuscript: "Facing the Destroyed Past: The Transformation of German Historical Consciousness since 1945," plus drafts and copies (Conference paper, 1977)


Notes: Otto Pflanze paper (L 7)

Box 19.

"Weimar Paper-2nd Version"


Manuscript: "Weimar Culture: Experiments in Modernism," plus copies


Correspondence with Social Research (L 8)


"Weimar Conference - Paper"


Manuscript copies ("Weimar Culture"), conference paper ("Weimar Culture: Experiments on the Edge of Hope and Despair"), plus drafts (L 9)


"Weimar Conference - Drafts, Materials"


Reading lists for History 280, 285


Notes (L 10)


"Weimar Conference - Organization"


Correspondence; travel expenses; conference info.


Martin Jay paper (L 11)


"Gay, Weimar Culture"


Manuscript: "Die Geistesgeschichte der Weimarer Republik als Forschungsproblem," plus other drafts (Early drafts for above conference paper)


Notes (L 12)


"National Literatures"


State of research report, 1972


Various project descriptions: letters from Ernst Haas; info. packets; notes


Working titles for project: "The Nations and their Golden Ages"; "Literature, Language and Nation-Building in Europe" (L 13)


"Norton and Co. - (Nazi Revolution)"


Notes; correspondence


Agreement for tentative book: "The Nazi Revolution"


Outline for "The Nazi Revolution" (L 14)


"Peterson, Limits of Hitler's Power"


Correspondence (L 15)


Part II

Box 20.



Manuscript: "War as a Political Instrument - A Historical Analysis" (previous version)


Old manuscript: "Clausewitz und der totale Krieg"


Drafts, notes, student papers (L 16)




State of research report, 1967-1968


History 285 course description and reading list; class papers, notes (L 17)




Project description, notes, student paper


Handwritten text notes: "Was bedeutet heute deutsche Geschichte?"; "Der kleindeutsche Nationalstaat"; "Tradition und Revolution im deutschen Nationalismus" (L 18)


(no title)


Manuscripts: "Über die Krise der deutschen Geschichte im industriellen Zeitalter"; "Über die gegenwärtige Krise der deutschen Geschichte"; "Nationalgeschichte und Universalgeschichte in der Industriegesellschaft"


Notes (L 19)




Manuscripts: "Nationalbewu(tsein und Wiedervereinigung"; "Alternativen zur Wiedervereinigung"


Notes, cut articles (placed in manuscript box) (L 20)


"Register für Exzerpte"


Notes and register for notes taken from readings (L 21)

Box 20-21.

"Exzerpte A-B etc. through "T-Z"


Notes on readings (L 22 - L 29)

Box 21.

"Ungedruckte Quellen: Groener Nachla("


Groener Nachla(: notes and excerpts (L 30)


"Exzerpte ohne Verfasser"


Notes (L 31)


"Ungedruckte Quellen: Schleicher, Rat der Volksbeauftragten" etc.


Transcripts, copies of protocols (L 32)

Box 22.

"Militarismus - Kiepenheuer"


Correspondence (requests for reprint permission) plus correspondence with Kiepenheuer (publisher)


Xerox copies and translation drafts (L 33)


(no title)


Xerox articles (L 34)


"Militarismus: Einleitung und Inhaltsverzeichni("


Table of Contents for "Militarismus" - list of English and German articles


Unfinished manuscript: "Einleitung"


Drafts, notes, reading list for History 103 (L 35)


(No title)


Manuscript: Militarismus in der Bundesrepublik?"


Xerox articles (L 36)


(Inaccurate title)


Xerox articles on militarism (L 37)

Box 22-25.

Xeroxes of journal articles, student papers, student recommendations (student recommendation returned to Department of History/UCB) (Q 1)

Box 25.

"Darmstädter Arbeiten und Entwürfe (u.a. Führungsprobleme) ohne Endfassung"


Outlines and notes (R 1)


"Nat'-Soz.: 1. Discussion IPW-Berlin 2. Vorträge - ASTA Berlin"


Typed outline: "Das Problem der Totalitarismus-Forschung"; plus handwritten outlines and notes (R 2)


." . . (illegible). . . SS 1960"


Manuscripts: "Englisches und deutsches Heerwesen"; "Die politische Stellung der Armee in England und Detschland" (both incomplete)


Outlines and notes (R 3)


"Quellen, ungedruckte III (Nov. Revol.)"


Notes and transcripts from archives (R 4)


"Das Bündniß Ebert-Groener-Korrekturexemplar"




"Werbetext zu: Militär-und Zivilgewalt in der Revolution: Das Bündniß Groener-Ebert 1918" (project description)


"Das Bündniß Ebert-Groener: Eine Studie über Notwendigkeit und Grenzen der militärischen Macht" (inaugural dissertation 1956)


Notes (R 5)


"November Revolution. Bündniß Ebert-Groener. Einleitung"


Manuscript: "Einleitung" (60 pp.; see separate "Manuscripts" description) plus drafts


Notes (R 6)


"November Revolution - Bündniß Ebert-Groener. I. Teil. 1.-6.Kap."


Manuscript chapters 1 through 6 (see separate description) (R 7)


"November Revolution. II. Teil. 7.-11.Kap."


Manuscript chapters 7 through 11 (see separate description) (R 8)


"November Revolution. III. Teil."


Manuscript chapters 12 through 15 (see separate description) (R 9)


(no title)


Unbound manuscripts, four additional chapters (see separate description) (R 10)


"Ungedruckte Manuscripte" (list inaccurate)




"Militärpolitik in der Weimarer Republik"


"German History in the First World War" plus drafts (R 11)


"Groener -Ebert"


Old texts, notes and Xerox copies (R 12 - R 14)

Box 26.

"Ernst-Reuter Gesellschaft"


Notes (R 15)


." . . (illegible). . . Interview"


Text outlines:


"Bericht über die Unterredung mit General Foertsch. München 28. and 31.1.1953"


"Bericht über die Unterredung mit Staatsarchivrat Böhm. München 26.1.1953"


Handwritten: "Unterredung mit Dr. Emil Franzel. 21.1.1953"




Copy of München Institut für Zeitgeschichte: "Der Chef des Ausbildungswesens" (R 16)


(inaccurate title)


Manuscript: "Die politische Geschichte der deutschen Armee und das Problem des Militarismus" plus copies (R 17)


(no title)


Notes (R 18)


"Reichswehr Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv"


Typed archival notes (R 19)


"Seeckt Nachlaß"


Handwritten notes (R 20)


"Freikorps 1919/1920 - Materialsammlung"


Notes (R 21)


(no title)


Official publications (from U.S. Dept. of State; Bundeswirtschafts-Minist.(FRG); etc.) (R 22)

Box 27.

(new folder)


History Dept. matters


Official publications, including "Report on the Prosecution of Nazi Crimes" (1965) and debate on the extension of time limit for prosecution of Nazi crimes (R 23)


"History of Prussia after 1945 - AHA 1970"


Manuscript: "Prussia in German Historiography after 1945 - Comment"


Drafts, copies, AHA program, Xerox articles (S 1)


"Jews in Germany"


Manuscript: "The Economic and Cultural Role of the Jews in the Weimar Republic" (comment on D. Niewyk paper)


Notes, drafts, Xerox copies (S 2)


"Nat'l. Soc. Bibliogr. Essay - AHA 1965"


Manuscript: "Fascism or Totalitarianism? Reflections on Recent Studies of Nazism"


Drafts, correspondence, Xerox paper (S 3)


"Nat'l. Soc. AHR Correspondence"


Correspondence and notes for publication of Nat'l. Soc. Journal article (S 4)

Box 28.

"AHA paper"




"Nat'l. Soc.: Totalitarianism or Fascism"


"Historical Problems of the Nazi Era"


Correspondence, notes, Xerox copies: Jewish Center information (S 5)


"November Revolution. Teil II"


Chapter 15; drafts and notes (S 6)


"November Revolution. Einleitung"


Introduction: drafts and notes (S 7)


(no title)


Drafts and notes on letter to History Department concerning "Introductory courses" (S 8)


(no title)


Student paper (S 9)


"November Revolution - Ms. Nachträge, Ergänzungen, Allgemeines"


Drafts and notes (S 10)


"November Revolution - Einleitung"




Handwritten outline for project


(note: plan calls for 10 parts and 32 chapters; titles of both do not match actual manuscript in file R) (S 11)


"November Revolution. Teil.I"


Drafts (S 12)


"November Revolution. Teil II"


Carbon copies (S 13)

Box 29.

"November Revolution Tel III"


Drafts (S 14)


"November Revolution Teil. IV"


Carbon copies of Part IV, plus Xerox copies (S 15)


"November Revolution Chapter 16"


Draft copy: "Soziologische Probleme der Nov. Rev." (S 16)


"November Revolution - Exkurse"


Typed manuscripts on Dolchstoß-Legende, Kriegsziele, Schloßplünderrung, Volksmarineführer, Westheer 1918 (see manuscript description) (S 17)


"November Revolution - Misc. Ms."


Drafts (S 18)


"November Revolution - Ms."


Draft copies of first 14 chapters (S 19)


"November Revolution - Ms."


Draft copies (S 20)


"November Revolution - Ms. Anmerkungen"


Footnotes and Footnote drafts (S 21)


(no title)


Old draft chapters for November Revolution with different titles (S 22)


"November Revolution. Materials"


Notes, reading notes (S 23)

Box 30.

"Colloquium Dept. of History 1964"


Notes, texts and outlines (S 24)


"Fitz, Rich"


Student paper (S 25)


"Soziale Revol. In Amerika (FAZ Aug. 1965)"


Manuscript (with missing first page)


Handwritten draft on Student Movement


Sauer letter to FAZ on student rebellion


Xerox letter by History Department to Die Welt


Xerox copies, articles, notes (S 26)




Manuscript: "Heiliges römisches Reich und deutscher Nationalstaat" (working title)


Draft copy and notes (S 27)




Tenure committee, notes, correspondence, History Department announcements (tenure files returned to Department of History/UCB) (T 1)


"Unfinished Business"


Drafts: "Formen des modernen Nationalismus"; "Zur Kriegsschuldfrage 1914"


History 124 course outline; History 143 reading list; History 280 info. and reading list


History Department announcements


Notes, newsletter, requests for references and recommendations


Transcript from Gen. Friedrich von Rabenau papers (T 2)




Manuscript: review of M. Göhring's book for AHR


Letter on Gagliardo manuscript


Correspondence with AHA, brochures, announcements (T 3)


"AAUP" (American Association of University Professors)


Information, newsletters, membership card (T 4)

Box 31.

"Supported Organizations"


Information (on charities, non-profit organizations) (T 5)


"American Academy of Political and Social Sciences"


Invitation (T 6)


"Bund Demokratischer Wissenschaftler"


Information, brochures, correspondence (T 7)


"Central European History (Conference Group and Journal)"


Announcements (T 8)


"Conference Group on German Politics"


Correspondence, information, Xerox copies of conference papers (T 9)


"Department of History"


Departmental information (faculty office hours; etc.) (T 10)


"Deutsche Vereinigung für Politische Wissenschaftler"


Information (T 11)


"Ernst Reuter Gesellschaft"


Information (T 12)


"International Platform Association"


Information (T 13)

Box 32.

"Historische Zeitschrift / Historiker Verband"


Information (T 14)


"Institut für Politische Wissenschaft"


Information, correspondence (T 15)


"Institute for International Studies"


Information, correspondence (T 16)


"IPSA" (International Political Science Association)


Information, correspondence (T 17)


"Legal History 1966/1967"


Notes and G. Caspar reprint (T 18)


"Membership Lists - Prof. Organizations"


Information (T 19)




"Letters to Editor" by Dr. Sauer (T 20)




Manuscript: "Über die Gründung einer neuen westdeutschen Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaften" (Nov. 1967)


Correspondence and notes pertaining to this concept (T 21)


University Tenure, Search and Promotion Committee Files


Evaluation and review of manuscripts for publishers (returned to Department of History/UCB) (T 22- T 53)


"NY Times / Bitburg 1985"


Letter to editor and drafts (T 54)

Box 33.

"Review (books) FAZ, HZ"


Book reviews and drafts (T 55)


"Review Hoffman and Steinert"


Book review and drafts (T 56)


"Taylor - History of Berlin Architecture"


Grant evaluation (T 57)




Correspondence with publishers (T 58)




Information (T 59)


"Historiker Verband"


Information, notes, correspondence (T 60)


"Ernst Reuter Gesellschaft"


Information, correspondence (T 61)


"Dt. Ver. Für Polit. Wissen."


Information, notes, correspondence (T 62)


"Ullstein Verlag"


Correspondence and reviews (T 63)


Manuscript: "Scheitern der parla. Monarchie" (belongs to November Revolution project)


Correspondence (U 1)


"Miscellaneous / 1967"


Notes and drafts on the theory of history (U 2)




Notes (U 3)


Xerox: "Weimar Culture: Experiments on Edge of Hope and Despair" (U 4)


Xerox: "Role of Jews in Weimar..." (see Manuscripts) (U 5)


History 285 exam. (U 6)


Answers for History 285 exam. (U 7)


Manuscript: "Prussia in German Historiography" (U 8)


Research project description 1972 (same as L 13) (U 9)


Manuscript: "Facing the Destroyed Past..." (see Manuscripts) (U 10)


Manuscript: "Experiment d. parla. Monarchie" (belongs to November Revolution project) (U 11)

Box 34.

Miscellaneous papers: junk mail, poem, letters to Dr. Sauer (incl. unopened mail); notes; papers pertaining to classes; papers from UCB; Tenure Committee; requests from UCB for grades (U 13)


"Finished Business"


Information one L. Baeck Institute; letters; Xerox of table of contents (possibly November Revolution project) (U 14)


"Urgent Business"


Lebenslauf/Résumé; letters; UCB miscellaneous; reading list History 104 notes (U 15)


Organization outline on November Revolution (U 16)


Reprint: "Nat'l. Soc.: Totalitarianism or Fascism?" (U 17)


Clipped articles and notes (U 18)


Clipped articles and notes (U 19)

Box 35-36.

Collected clipping pasted on sheets: 1963 (U 20 - U 29)

Box 36.

Freie Univ. Berlin documents (Studienbuch; etc.)


Notes; handwritten story "Drei Pferdediebe"; correspondence with Univ. Marburg (W 1)


Manuscript: "Facing Destroyed Past" (see Manuscripts)


Correction copy of above (different version


Notes; Hist.280 biblio (W 2)


Institute letter 1962; activity report (Tätigkeitsbericht) (W 3)


Correspondence with Spiegel's R. Augstein (W 4)


"Foundations Grant"


Research project reports; grant information and correspondence (W 5)


Book reviews


Manuscript: "Before the Deluge: A Portrait of Berlin"


Drafts (W 6)


"Encyclopedia Americana"


Correspondence and drafts concerning encyclopedia articles on Germany 1933-1945, Gestapo and Nazism (W 7)


"Encyclopedia American - Biograph. Articles"


Correspondence and drafts: Hitler, Eichmann, Hess, Goerdeler, Göring, Goebbels, Gestapo (W 8)

Box 37.



Manuscript: review of Craig's Prussian Army and Ritter's Staatskunst; notes and drafts (W 9)


Manuscript (as in W 9); drafts and notes (W 10)


"Vortrag Marburg 1962"


Manuscript: "Militärpolitik in der Weimarer Republik."


Correspondence, drafts and notes (W 11)




Manuscript: "Militärismus in der Bundesrepublik?"


Biblio. (for above article); correspondence, clipped articles, notes (W 12)


Manuscript: "Zum Stand der militärpolitischen Forschung in der Bundesrepublik"; copies, drafts, notes (W 13)


(new folder)




"The Economic and Cultural Role of Jews in the Weimarer Republik"


"Ein republikanischer General?"


Four chapters for Nov. Rev. (on Soldatenräte, Berliner Aktion, Reichskonferenz, Niederlage - see R 10) (W 14)


"Nov. Rev. - Bündniß Groener-Ebert / Durchschlag"


Systematically bound chapters: Introd., chapt. 1-11 (W 15)


"Nov. Rev..."


Part III. (Does not include chapters from W 14) (W 16)


(inaccurate title)


Reading notes and Xerox (W 17)

Box 38.

"TH - Darmstadt"


Correspondence, notes, employment with Hessen (W 18)




Notes; copies of review articles; clipped articles; manuscript by W. Hofer (W 19)


"Ältere Arbeiten"


Older articles bound together:


"Die Franz. Revol. und das Problem der Massengesellsch"


"Probleme der Revol." (1st and 2nd versions)


"Zum Verhältniß Groener-Schleicher"


Outline of broadcast on Hitler


Notes on presentations given (W 20)


Manuscript: "Das Problem des deutschen Nationalstaates"


Draft and correspondence (W 26)




Notes (W 27)


"Theory of History (and Paul Rosenberg Festschrift)"


Manuscript: "History and the Social Sciences"


Notes, drafts, Xerox articles (W 28)




Xerox articles (W 33)


G. Motzkin dissertation




Papers by J. Zammito (Y 1)


Student papers, dissertations, recommendations


Part III

Box 39-43.

Folders labeled A A


22 folders with notes, drafts, archive extracts and book reviews relating to the Reichswehr, Weimar, the rise of the National Socialists in 1933 (possibly old folders relating to Mobilmachung manuscript)


Other folders:


"Institutskorrespondenz 1950-1963"


Wilhelm Sauer Affairs (uncle of Prof. Wolfgang Sauer)


"Alfred H. Fried/Encycl.Brit." (article and draft)


"Geschichte I: Prähistorie/Seminararbeit Hartung" (school notes 1939)


"Konisch: Hölderlin" (univ. notes 1949)


"Bism. Reich" (notes)


Manuscript (not pulled): "Die Geschichte und Organis. der militärischen Gliederung der NSDAP"


"Schriftwechsel 1950"




"General Nollet: Une Expèrience de Désarmement" (notes)


"Deutsche Literatur: Zeitalter des Humanismus. Prof. Neuwald" (univ. notes 1949/1950)


"Nationalstaat" (notes)


"Geschichte II: Altertum und Antike" (1949)


"Seminar Prof. Stammer" (1954/1956)


"Soziologie des Militärs und des Kampfes"


"Militarismus: Alphabetische Bibliographie"


"Militarismus: Fischer Lexikon" (article and notes)


Manuscript (not pulled): "Die Mobilmachung der Gewalt 1933-1934"; chapters 1 and 2


"Philosophie" (notes)


"Geschichte IV. Sonstiges" (univ. notes)


"Geschichte: Grundlagen"


Machtergreifung: Rezensionen


Collection of printed pages: copy of 1918 German Cabinet protocols


Photographs (sent to Juliane Lohnert, Prof. Sauer's niece)

Box 44-48.

Folders labeled A B


21 folders of notes, transcripts, archival extracts on Reichswehr


Other folders:


"Fischer Lexikon" (encyclop. Article)


"Wegweiser durch die Publikationen über den Nürnberger Hauptkriegsverbrecherprozeß"


"Onkel Willy" (correspondence: returned to Juliane Lohnert)


Manuscript: " Der Anteil des Adels am Offizierstand der Reichswehr" (2 similar folders: one pulled and placed in manuscript box)








Manuscript: "Schweizerische Neutralität und deutsche Neutralisierung" (place in manuscript box)


Manuscript: "Die Entstehung der Reichswehr 1919-1920: Ein Beitrag zum Problem des Militarismus in der Demokratie" (placed in manuscript box)


FU Studentenverein


Geschichte: Mittelalter, Renaiss., Neuzeit.


Bracher/Machtergreifung (2 folders of notes, manuscript copies, reviews)


"Institute für politische Wissenschaften / Entwürfe" (notes)


"Militärsoziologie: Entwürfe Winter 1960-61" (manuscript notes)


Clausewitz (text and notes)


"Politische Wissenschaft. Allgeimen"


"Nationalstaat/Stammer" (drafts and notes)


Manuscript: "Die Entstehung des deutschen Nationalstaats und das Problem der Revolution in Deutschland" (placed in manuscript box)


"Institute. Allgemeines"


"Literatur zur Geschichte"


Concert programs and music scores

Box 49-52.

Folders labeled A C


Grey file box: "Nazi Elite" - biographical file cards


Small and thin file folders (from 1937 to 1941), all containing handwritten notes from university lectures:


"N S Literatur"


"S S (Sommersemester) 1941 Marburg Professor Traeger"


"Griechische Geschichte"


"Römische Geschichte"


"Platon und Athen"


"Geographisches Proseminar"


"Historische Geologie"


"Got. Grammatik"


"Prof. Mommsen: Von Bismarck bis zum Weltkrieg 1890-1918" (1941)


"Mommsen: Allgemeine Geschichte 1815-1862" (1940)


"Holtzmann: Allgemeine Geschichte 900-1250"


"Alfred von Wegerer: Bibliographie zur Vorgeschichte des Weltkrieges; Auszüge 1938"


"Merkblätter" (clipped and pasted newspaper articles)


"Holtzmann: Geschichte zur Zeit der Völkerwanderung"


"Keinast: Mittelalterliches Proseminar"


"Mayer: Seminar (Albrecht I)"


"Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fränkische Siedlung"


"Rörig: Übung zur Geschichte Heinr. I und Otto I"


"Rörig: Allgemeine Geschichte im frühen Mittelalter"


"Renaissance: Zettelkatalog"


"Prof. Hamann: Dürer"


"Plinius: Übersetzungsübungen"


"Aufsätze zur Vorgeschichte"


"Renaissance: Literaturauszug"


"Geschichte des 30 jährigen Krieges"


"Schüßler: Fr. Revolution und Befreiungskriege"


"Der indogermanische Sprachkreis"


"Mitzka: Altgermanische Dichtung"


"Berthold: Mittelhochdeutsche Übungen"




"Wolff: Mittelhochdeutsche Dichtung II"


Black notebooks (containing handwritten notes):


"Geschichte der deutschen Literatur im vorklassischen Zeitalter; Prof. Petersen 1939"


"Staat und Erziehung in Deutschland: 1700 - Gegenawrt"


"Aufsätze" (1937-1938)


"Deutsche Kunst im Mittelalter"


"Die Aufgaben der Hitlerjugend"


"Landsknecht und Soldat des Volksheeres"


"Führertum und Gefolgschaftstreue in Goethe's Götz"


"Hat der Mensch freien Willen oder nicht?"


"Gedanken über die Ostlandfrage"


"Allgemeine Geschichte zur Zeit der Völkerwanderung - Holtzmann"




"Birt: von Homer bis Sokrates" (2 folders)


"Philosophie der Geschichte als Selbstkritik der Kultur"


Small notebook: "Das Königsgrab von Seddin" (original sent to Juliane Lohnert; Xerox copy added for archive file)


Large folders:


20 folders of notes, transcripts, occasional letters on National Socialist research


Transcripts of radio broadcast series "Der Nationalsozialismus: Anspruch und Wirklichkeit" including: "Führer der Bewegung" by Dr. Sauer and Dr. Brigitte Granzow


4 folders: Papers and correspondence of Dr. Wilhelm Sauer; condolence letters regarding his death


Manuscript folders:


"Die Mobilmachung der Gewalt"


"Auflösung der Weimarer Republik. Kapitel 10."


"Clausewitz und das Problem des `absoluten Krieges`" (2 folders)


"Soziale Zusammensetzung des Offizierkorps der Reichswehr 1920-1932" (placed in manuscript box)


Untitled: manuscript deals with relationship between politics and the military; possibly relates to Clausewitz


Periodicals and Literature-catalogues from early 1960's


Photographic equipment catalogues

Box 53-57.

Folders labeled A D


"Anmerkungen 1933/1934 1. Fassung" (2 folders)


"Entwurf 1933/1934"


"Org. Soziologie"




Miscellaneous notes


"Moderne Kunst" (2 folders; clipped articles)


Tübingen Convention / Paper held


"Vortrag ASTA Marburg 1955/1962"


"Krieg und Frieden" (essay and notes)




Manuscript: "Die Mobilmachung der Gewalt 1933-1934" (4 folders)


Miscellaneous notes


"SFB/NDR II. Programm" (notes for broadcast)


Manuscript: "Die Reichswhehr. I. Fassung" (3 folders)


Manuscript: "Die Entstehung der Reichswehr 1918-1921" (3 folders)


Manuscript: "Die Auflösung der Weimarer Republik. IX. Kapitel Die Reichswehr" (plus published copy)


"Militarismus" (diverse contents)


"Methode" (Auflösung d. Weimarer Repk. Printed election studies)


"Militarismus. Chronolog. Entwicklung 1807-1945" (notes by year; incomplete)


"Nürnberger Dokumente" (6 folders)


"Militarismus. Atlantik-Brücke" (letters to publisher, notes, collected essays)


Manuscript: "Militarismus in der Bundesrepublik?" (placed in manuscript box)


"Militarismus. Psychologie"


"Militarismus. Soziologie"


"Alphabetisches Personenverzeichniß zur Dissertation 1950"




Manuscript: "Was ist Militarismus?" (placed in manuscript box)


"Alt-Berlin" (clipped articles)


"Dusterberg: (Neue Deutsche Biographie essay)


"N S Südwestfunk" (broadcast working manuscript and notes)


"SWF" (correspondence and notes)


Collected clipped articles

Box 58.

Folders labeled A E


Miscellaneous papers from Dr. Wilhelm Sauer (Prof. Sauer's uncle) including:




Documents on bomb damage to home


Military government questionnaire

Box 58-59.

Ring binders


Untitled: Military-political research; typed notes


"Geschichte / Literatur." Notes on lectures and seminars of Professors: Berges, Rosenberg, Herzfeld, Leisegang, Kunisch, Altenberg (names of professors for 3 sections not deciphered)


"Militarismus Theorie" (reading and outline notes)


"Philosophie." Notes on seminars of Professors: Leisegang, Piper, Hartmann, Litt, Herzfeld


Untitled. Diverse early essays (1939-1951) including: "Die Doppelte Wurzel der Idee allgemeinen Volksbewaffnung." (placed in manuscript box)

Box 60-62.

Folders labeled A F (Appears to contain items primarily from Dr. Wilhelm Sauer - uncle of Prof. Wolfgang Sauer)




Deutsche Kolonialzeitung 1914


Europa Archiv 1946-1947


Die Gegenwart 1946-1947


Forschungen und Fortschritte 1947-1948


Göttinger Universitätszeitung 1947


Die Schöpfung 1946-1947


Zeitschrift für Kunst 1947-1948


Das Kunstwerk 1946-1948


Die Kunst 1942-1943




"Onkel Willy" (correspondence)


"Kunst 1949" (clipped articles)


"Pf" (clipped articles and notes relating to philosophy)


"Neue Aufgaben. W.R.Politik" (collected articles on European union and politics)


"Forschung" (collected notes, articles, poem; letter to publisher - all most likely pertaining to Wilhelm Sauer)


"Geschichte Barbara Sauer" (World War I military papers of Oberleutnant Wilhelm Sauer)


"Menschenschicksale. Exemplar II. Druckfähig 1959" (notes and manuscript of Wilhelm Sauer)


Folders of files, most likely from Wilhelm Sauer:


"Haushälterin" (applications)


"A.T. / Reform Organ." (criminal law)




"Altes Material"


12 additional small folders (from Wilhelm Sauer)


Envelope: photograph; "Danksagung" (birthday 1949); "Zum 70. Geburtstag 1949"


Miscellaneous papers (travel brochures, newspapers; postcards)


Folder: "Germanistik" Rilke (Steinmetz); Geschichte d. dtn. Sprache (Ludwig) (probably notes taken by Wolfgang Sauer)


Drawings (sent to Juliane Lohnert)

Box 63-66.

Folders labeled B A (This box contains unsorted papers from the study)




Die Deutsche Inflation (1982)


Articles for 6th World Congress on Federalism


Ostprobleme (1965-1966)


BDR Bulletins (1964-1965)


Deutsches Reichsheer (1913)




"Research project 1967/1968" (on crisis of German cosmopolitanism - placed in manuscript box)


"Curtis project" (historians' workshop)


"AHA Paper" (NS: Totalitarianism or Fascism? 1965-1966)


"Students political activity / Vietnam" (flyers)


"Students political activity / general" (flyers)


"Univer. politics / faculty 1969-1970" (flyers and notes)


"Univer. politics / faculty and students 1968-1969" (flyers)


"Univer. politics / students 1969-1970" (flyers)


"Xerox copies" (miscellaneous articles)


"Geheimes Tagebuch 1965" (sent to Juliane Lohnert)


"Cambodian crisis"




"Berlin Register"


"Soldatenräte" (1960 RIAS broadcast)


"Gillingham" (student file returned to Dept. of History / UCB)


"Fragments / Ideas / Materials"


"Walter Dehme: Damals in der Reichskanzlei - Auszüge" (1958)


German History 1815-1890


Diverse Xerox articles, including Fritz Reuter: "Wie ich zu einer Frau kam"


Manuscript excerpt: November Revolution


Prof. Sauer class notes 103 (1965-1967); 201


Miscellaneous notes


Notes from Wilhelm Sauer

Box 66-68.



Major projects


A. German History


1. Completed set: chapters 1-6




1. What is "German" History?


2. When does German History Begin?


3. Where is Germany?


4. (no title)


5. The Natural Environment of German History


Chapter 1: The Prehistoric Peoples of the North


1. Who were the Germani?


2. Tribal Cultures in Prehistoric Central Europe


Celts and Rhenish Germani


The East Elbians


3. Origins of Archaic Kingship


4. The Suebic Kingdom


Chapter 2: Rome and its attempted Conquest of Germania 55 B.C. to A.D. 9


Chapter 3: Roman Frontier Policy A.D. 14 - c. 160


Chapter 4: The Tribal Kingdoms and the Great Invasions


1. The "Royal" Tribes


2. The Migrations


3. Raids and Invasions


4. Rome and the Invasions


5. The Proto-German Tribes


Prologue II: Christianization


Chapter 5: Medieval Christianity


Chapter 6: The Franks and the Irish Mission c. 500-700


1. The Conversion of the Franks and the Rise of the Frankish Kingdom, sixth and seventh centuries


2. The Celtic Church and the Irish Mission-7th C


2. Fragments


a. Outline plan for the German History Project


b. Additional chapter not bound:

Chapter 7: Boniface and the Anglo-Saxon Mission c. 690-750


1. The Anglo-Saxon Church


2. The Crisis of the Merovingian Kingdom


3. St. Boniface and His Early Work (716-741)


4. Another Church Reform 740-754


5. The Rise of the Carolingian Kingdom


c. Additional chapters, with older annotation of "Hist. Civil. Germ."


Chapter 8: The Jewish Origins of Christianity


Chapter 9: Jesus


Chapter 10: Origins 911-962


d. Miscellaneous sections, filed by Dr. Sauer in same drawer


1. The Birth of Classical Humanism


2. Classical Anthropology


3. Freedom and Slavery in Classical Humanism


e. Diverse introductions for this project (on civilization, on the intent of the work; etc.)


f. Conclusion (a 3-page draft)


B. Das Bündniß Ebert-Groener


1. Project description: "Werbetext zu: Militär-und Zivilgewalt in der Revolution: Das Bündniß Groener-Ebert 1918" (2 1/4 pages)


2. Inaugural Dissertation: "Das Bündniß Ebert-Groener: Eine Studie über Notwendigkeit und Grenzen der militälischen Macht: (FU Berlin 1956). This manuscript has corrections and revisions on it which were apparently added later


3. Plan for the project - which calls for 10 Parts and 32 chapters. (These do not entirely match completed set)


4. Completed set, bound: November-Revolution: Das Bündniß Ebert-Groener, chapters 1-15


Einleitung (60 pp)


1. Die November-Revolution in der Forschung


2. Fragestellung und Abgrenzung des Themas


3. Bemerkungen zur Typologie der Revolution


4. Militär-und Zivilgewalt in der Revolution


I. Teil.: Der Weltkrieg 1914-1918 als revolutionärer Prozeß


1. Kap.: Die Kriegszielproblematik


2. Kap.: Der Kriegsausbruch un die Politik des schnellen Sieges


3. Kap.: Der Übergang zum Festungskrieg 1915-1916


4. Kap.: Die Diktatur Ludendorffs und die Friedensresolution


5. Kap.: Sozialismus und Krieg in Deutschland 1914-1918


6. Kap.: Der militärische Zusammenbruch


II. Teil: Versuch zur Rettung der Monarchie: Die Oktoberreform 1918


7. Kap.: Die Revolution von oben


8. Kap.: Die Reformregierung


9. (no title)


10.Kap.: Das Experiment der parlamentarischen Monarchie und sein Scheitern


11.Kap.: Das Scheitern der parlamentarischen Monarchie


III. Teil: Die Novemberrevolution


12.Kap.: Der Volksaufstand 2. bis 9. November


13.Kap.: Der Kampf um die Führung der Revolution


14.Kap.: Die Einigung der Arbeiterklasse


15.Kap.: Das Bündniß Groener-Ebert


5. Completed set, unbound: chapter titles without chapter numbers


Kap.: Der Kampf um die Soldatenräte


Kap.: Die Berliner Aktion der Heeresleitung


Kap.: Die Reichskonferenz der Arbeiter- und Soldatenräte


Kap.: Die Niederlage des Feldheeres und der Sieg des Offiziercorps


6. Additional manuscripts found


IV. Teil: Das Problem der Revolutionsarmee


1. Das Beispiel Österreichs


2. Eberts Militärpolitik


3. Die revolutionären Wehren in Berlin


7. Fragments


a. Sozialökonomische Probleme der Nov.-Revolution


b. Exkurs: Zum Problem der Dolchstoß-Legende


c. (Exkurs) Das Problem der Kriegsziele und der Wechsel der Obersten Heeresleitung 1916


d. (Exkurs) Die Plünderung des Berliner Schlosses und die Volksmarine Division


e. Exkurs: Über die politische Haltung des deutschen Westheeres am 9. November 1918


g. November-Revolution: Ms. Ammerkungen


8. Related articles


a. "Der Anteil des Adels am Ofizierkorps der Reichswehr"


b. "Soziologische Zusammensetzung des Offizierkorps der Reichswehr"


c. "Die Entstehung der Reichswehr 1919-1920"


d. "Ein republikanischer General?"


C. Die Interessengruppen-Gesellschaft: Versuche einer historisch-soziologischen Begründung des Pluralismus


D. The New Amazons: An Essay on Women's Liberation


II. Other Manuscripts


"Über Don Juan" (1987)


"Frederick's Attack on Silesia 1740 - A Reexamination" (1983)


Historiographic Articles:


"The Economic and Cultural Role of Jews in the Weimar Republic"


"Facing the Destroyed Past: West German Historiography after 1945" (3 versions)


"Über die gegenwärtige Krise der deutschen Geschichte"


"Die Geistesgeschichte der Weimarer Republik als Forschungsproblem"


"History and the Social Science"


"Prussia in German Historiography after 1945"


"Before the Deluge: A Portrait of Berlin in the 1920's" (review)


"Juden und Christen" (1987)


"Kap Hoorn: Über Heldentum" (1987)


Articles on Militarism


"Die politische Geschichte der deutschen Armee und das Problem des Militarismus"


"Militarismus in der Bundesrepublik?"


"Was ist Militarismus?"


Military Articles


"Clausewitz und der Totale Krieg"


"Clausewitz und das Problem des `absoluten Krieges'"


"Militärpolitik in der Weimarer Republik" (2 versions)


"Zum Stand der militärischen Forschung in der Bundesrepublik"


"War as a Political Instrument" (2 versions)


"Die doppelte Wurzel der Idee der Allgemeinen Volksbewaffnung" (1950)


National State Articles (Germany)


"Alternativen der Wiedervereinigung"


"Die Entstehung des deutschen Nationalstaats und das Problem der Revolution in Deutschland"


"Nationalbewußtsein und Wiedervereinigung"


"Das Problem des deutschen Nationalstaates"


Research Projects (Reports on state of research)


Revolution Articles


"Die Französische Revolution und das Problem der Massengesellschaft" (1963)


"Probleme der Revolution"


"Rousseau, or the Authentic Untruth"


"Die Studenten Rebellion von Berkeley und ihre internationale Bedeutung"


"Schweizerische Neutralität und deutsche Neutralisierung"