Guide to the Robert Dollar Papers, [ca. 1872-1967]

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Guide to the Robert Dollar Papers, [ca. 1872-1967]

Collection number: BANC MSS 69/113 c

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Robert Dollar Papers,
Date (inclusive): [ca. 1872-1967]
Collection Number: BANC MSS 69/113 c
Origination: Dollar, Robert, 1844-1932
Extent: Number of containers: 78 cartons and 72 volumes Linear feet: 98
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Physical Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
Abstract: Family papers, including diaries, memoirs, and other writings of Robert Dollar; photographs; scrapbooks; clippings; etc., with some material relating to other members of the family. Business records of the Robert Dollar Company and its many divisions including Dollar Steamship Lines, Dollar Portland Lumber Company, Globe Wireless Ltd., Admiral Oriental Line, Egmont Timber Company, etc.
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[Identification of item], Robert Dollar Papers, BANC MSS 69/113 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Scope and Content

This collection of Papers was given to the Bancroft Library in 1969 by R. Stanley Dollar, Jr. and by other members of the Dollar family. It is divided into two sections: "History Room Data" which consists of material selected by the company as being of exceptional value, and the additional papers. Many photographs were removed for separate cataloging. A key to arrangement follows.


The founder of a vast lumber and shipping empire, Robert Dollar was born in Falkirk, Scotland in 1844. He emigrated to Canada with his father in 1858 and started work as a cook's boy in a lumber camp. By 1866 he was foreman of a camp and, in 1871, bought his first piece of timber land. He continually enlarged his scope of operations, moving first to Michigan, and, in 1888, to California where he opened an office in San Francisco and established his home in San Rafael. By 1893 Dollar had established a mill and lumbering business at Usal in Mendocino County, and shortly thereafter embarked upon his shipping career with the purchase of the steam schooner Newsboy, used to transport lumber to coastal markets. In 1901 he bought his first large steamer. In 1903 he and his three sons -A. Melville, J. Harold, and R. Stanley -incorporated their lumbering and shipping interests into one parent company, The Robert Dollar Company.
Frequent trips to the Far East starting in 1902 convinced Dollar of the need for development of foreign trade across the Pacific. Each year he increased the number of ships carrying lumber and freight to Japan, China, Singapore. etc. He and his wife travelled widely to establish new offices and solicit new business in 1910 the Dollar Steamship Lines was incorporated to control the growing fleet. In 1924 the Round-the-World Dollar Line was established. Other divisions of The Robert Dollar Company included the Dollar Portland Lumber Company, the Admiral Oriental Line, American Mail Line Ltd., Globe Wireless Ltd., Egmont Timber Company, and Heintz and Kaufman Ltd.
Dollar remained active until several weeks before his death in 1932. Control of the company went to his sons. A. Melville Dollar died several weeks after his father and J. Harold Dollar, in 1936. R. Stanley Dollar then headed the company until his death in 1958. Today R. Stanley, Jr., J. Harold, Jr., and Robert Dollar II continue the business which again consists primarily of lumber operations.

Key to Arrangement

History Room Data

Carton 1

Airwayte International, Inc.


Brief history, 1954-1963


Albert Air Conveyor Corporation


Brief history, 1956-1961


Alexandria, Egypt


Photographs of Dollar Steamship Line Office, 1933


American Mail Line and Admiral Oriental Line


History; photographs of SS. President Grant and SS. President Jefferson; cabin plans; blueprints and plans; instructions to masters and officers; operating-differential subsidy agreement, 1937; passenger and freight sailing schedules, 1924-1937; and promotional pamphlets.

See also cartons 42 -53 and 73.




Press releases re the Robert Dollar Company's 50th anniversary, 1953, and R. Stanley Dollar's 75th birthday, 1955; list of employees receiving watches for 25 years of service and clocks for 40 and 50 years of service; photographs of Marie Maloney's 50th anniversary luncheon, 1965.


Richard H. Andersen, 1901-


Biography and photographs




Material re Dollar's early interest in aviation (1929), particularly proposed dirigible air service from the Pacific coast to the Philippine Islands and China.


South Pacific Air Lines


History, 1952-1966; photographs of flying boats; travel folders, flight schedules and newspaper clippings.

Carton 2

Travel folders, schedules, chart of certificated route and charter area, SPAL exhibits in trans-Pacific route case - CAB docket no. 7723 et al.

See also volumes 48 and 49 for additional information.


Lockheed Lodestar No. 4433




The 1880 Corporation


Photographs of air planes


Biographies for executives of Robert Dollar Company as follows:


R. Stanley Dollar, Sr. (1880-1958)


R. Stanley Dollar, Jr. (1915-), including war record


Mrs. R. Stanley Dollar, Jr.


J. Harold Dollar, Jr., (1919-)


Richard H. Andersen (1901-)


Hugo N. Lorber (1876-)


Robert P. Seeley (1912-)


J. D. Hopkins (1894-)


Charles W. Corbaley (1880-)


James E. Moriarty (1915-)


William B. Jenkyns (1909-)


Howard M. Cavender, Jr. (1924-)


Oliver W. Meek (1917-)


Phyllis (Hills) Meek (1919-)


E. H. Hall (1892-)


Charles John Patterson (1900-)


Walter F. Vonderheid (1915-)


William Stoy Elliott (1897-)


Daniel E. Gould (1903-)


Gregory Alexander Harrison, Jr. (1927)


Biographies for executives of Globe Wireless, Ltd., as follows:


Bruce Albertson (1903-)


Anthony G. Bamby (1912-)


General Walter P. Boatwright (1886-)


Herbert Charles Hendry, Jr. (1923-)


James B. McPherson (1906-)


William H. Phillips (1905-)


George J. Scott (1897-)


Robert Dollar Building

See also vol. 36


San Francisco (311 California Street)


Photographs and data re additions and alterations, 1919-1948.


R. Stanley Dollar Building, San Francisco


Photographs and data re additions and alterations, 1917-1947


Building at 214 California Street, San Francisco


Photographs of remodeling and completion, 1955-1956


Building at 1960 Hayes Street, San Francisco


Acquired by the Dollar Company at public auction, 1948 and sold 1956

Carton 3

Building at 130 Bush Street, San Francisco


Blueprint and photograph

See also Carton 59


Dollar Buildings


General - publicity, 1947-1952


Dollar Buildings


Miscellaneous unidentified


Capilano Steamship Company Limited


Brief history, 1933-1938


Chungking, China


Photographs and description of Robert Dollar Company property and equipment


Captain Robert Dollar


Diaries - 1872-1932.

See also Vol. 1-6.


3 Private Land Account Books: 1856-57-58; 1873; 1874-75


Biography, in Captain Dollar's hand

Carton 4

Excerpts from biography


Records of Forefathers


Letters and photographs of brothers, sisters, etc.


Photographs, 1868-1931.

Additional Note

Portraits and photographs taken with his family, employees, various groups and dignitaries, including Henry L. Stimson Gov. James Rolph and Chiang Kai Shek.

Honors, decorations, etc.


Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and other printed items concerning career; views on foreign trade, merchant marine, etc; gifts to various institutions; 50th wedding anniversary; and obituaries. See also v. 57 for obituaries

Carton 5

Photographs of funeral


Data concerning memorial window, First Presbyterian Church, San Rafael


Obituaries, letters of sympathy and acknowledgements, on the death of Mrs. Robert Dollar, 1941


Copies of speeches, 1908-1919


Typescript carbons of letters and diary entries written mainly while travelling, some of which were later published as memoirs

Carton 6

Drafts of Memoirs, etc.


Reports on trips to the Far East, 1902, 1908, and 1910


Correspondence and photographs concerning the Captain Robert Dollar Memorial Award, given annually at National Foreign Trade Convention, 1938-1966, and its recipients.

Carton 7

Correspondence and photographs concerning the Captain Robert Dollar Memorial Award, given annually at National Foreign Trade Convention, 1938-1966, and its recipients.

See also volumes 50 and 51.


Correspondence, pamphlets, book lists, and photographs relating to the Captain Robert Dollar World Trade Library, San Francisco. 1957-1958

See also volume 52.


Books written by Dollar:


Private Diary of Captain Robert Dollar On His Visit To China. 1910 and 1912 (revised edition)

Carton 8

Memoirs. 4 volumes in 3. 1917-1928


130 Years of Steam Navigation. 1931


Letters of acknowledgment from recipients of Memoirs, 1925

See also Cartons 19 and 78 and volumes 7-21, 34, 56-59, and 70.


Mrs. Robert Stanley Dollar [Sr.]


Data re gift to Pioneer Methodist Church, Coquille, Oregon in memory of her parents, 1936


Robert Stanley Dollar [Sr.] (1880-1958)


Biographies from Who's Who, etc.


Press release and scroll honoring 75th and 77th birthdays


List of interviews and calls made on business trips, 1931-1934


Speeches to employees and other groups


Invitations, certificates of appointment, etc.


Magazine and newspaper articles


Photographs and correspondence concerning trip to the orient, Jan. 1958

Carton 9

Business data concerning trip to the orient, Jan. 1958


Photographs and newspaper clippings concerning activities honoring the visit of Carlos P. Garcia President of the Republic of the Philippines, June, 1958.


Obituaries and data re memorial window, First Presbyterian Church, San Rafael


Photographs, ca. 1904-1958.

Additional Note

Taken with his family, employees, various dignitaries and groups, at business functions, receiving awards, in his San Francisco office, etc.

See also volume 30.

Robert Stanley Dollar [Jr.] (1915-)


Biography and war record


Biography of Mrs. Dollar


List of directorships


Newspaper clippings including some re wedding and children


Photographs, 1947-1966.

Additional Note

Taken in his San Francisco office and with various groups, business associates and his father
Carton 10

Photographs and newspaper clippings concerning interest in boats and boat racing, including data on speed records and races won.

See also Carton 78 and vol. 54-55 and 72


John Harold Dollar [Sr.] (1887-1936)


Photographs, obituaries; data rememorial window, First Presbyterian Church, San Rafael; letters of condolence on his death.


Mrs. John Harold Dollar [Sr.]


Newspaper clippings concerning her marriage, 1907; obituaries, 1940


John Harold Dollar (Jr.] (1919-)


Biography, photographs, and newspaper clippings


Robert Dollar II (1912-1973)


Photographs and newspaper clippings


Alexander Melville Dollar (1878-1932)




Mary Grace (Dollar) Dickson (1885-1921) [Mrs. Frederick William Dickson]


Obituary and photographs of Grace Dollar Memorial Building at the San Anselmo Orphanage (Sunny Hills Orphanage).

See also Carton 19.


The Robert Dollar Company


California Brief history, 1903-1964

See also Cartons 25-30, 31-37, 63-66, and 68.

See also vol. 27-29, 68-69.


Dollar Steamship Line (California)


History of Company, 1903-1964


Outline of routes

Carton 11

Newspaper clippings


Circulars issued by Executive Department, San Francisco, to employees, agents, etc., 1922-1938


Comptroller's instructions to officers and agents


Freight traffic circulars


Instructions to branch managers


Lists of agents, particulars of vessels, operating data, etc.


General statistics, i.e., distances, time tables, etc.


Passenger tariffs and fares


Instructions to masters, pursers, and stewards


Pursers work book

Carton 12

Freight clerks work book


Circulars to Insurance, Passenger, and Stewards' Departments.


Employment records of various officers


Dollar Steamship Lines, Inc., Ltd.

See also Cartons 19-23 and 67, and vol. 35




History of company before and after it was taken over by American President Lines


Financial and reorganizational data including blue books issued by the U.S. Maritime Commission, 1938 and 1939, and copy of agreement respecting adjustment plan between U.S. Maritime Commission and Dollar of Delaware, August 15, 1938.


Dollar et al vs. Land et al: Dollar Case


List of material given to California Historical Society


Highlights. 1952.

Additional Note

Pamphlet listing major events in the case

Dollar Steamship Line publicity items, 1937-1938


Correspondence concerning Highlights


Editorials and press releases, 1945-1952


Letters of congratulation re settlement of the case

Carton 13

Court decisions (incomplete)


Miscellaneous data

See also Cartons 74-75, 77-78 and vol. 22-26


Dollar Associates, Inc.


Brief history


Dollar Investment Company


Brief history

See also Carton 28.


Dollar Steamship Lines, Ltd. (Hongkong)


Brief history, 1922-1938.

See also Carton 14.


Dollar Steamship Lines, Ltd. (Victoria, British Columbia)


Brief history, 1911-1928


Dollaradio, Simpson Radio Corporation, and Pacific Radio Company


Brief history, 1926-1930

See also Carton 18.


Dollar Air Lines, Inc.


Brief history, 1946-1964


Dollar Lines, Ltd.


Historical data, 1957-1958


Dollar Terminal Steamship Company


Historical data, 1934-1938


Dollar Wharf and Warehouse Co. Fed. Inc. USA at Pootung, China


Historical data, 1917-1963.

See also Carton 18.


Dollar Industries


Historical data and material re Dollar winch


The Robert Dollar Co. Ltd. (B.C.)


Historical data, 1916-1966.

See also Cartons 15 and 16.


Dollar Timber Company


Historical data, 1962-1965


Dollar Lumber Company


Historical data, 1961-1964


Dollar Steamship Company - Portland, Maine


Brief history, 1901-1910


Dollar Steamship Line - Portland, Maine


Brief histroy, 1913-1916


Dollar Park - San Rafael, California


Data re Robert Dollar's gift of land


Robert Dollar Drive, San Rafael, California


Data re dedication ceremonies, 1926


Lists of Towns, Cities, Streets, Buildings, etc. using name of Dollar


Senior Dollar Club House, Walnut Creek, California


Newspaper clippings re the club house at Rossmore which was formerly the R. Stanley Dollar Sr. Home


Dollar Garage - 115 Battery Street, San Francisco


Brief history of the building, 1929-1962


Egmont Timber Co. Ltd.


Brief history, 1939-1965.

See also Carton 16.


Embarcadero Street Property - San Francisco


Historical data, map and plans for a proposed Seamen's Building, 1929-1945


Exchange Garage, Inc.


Historical data and photographs, 1946-1963


Exchange Garage - 115 Battery Street, San Francisco


Historical data, 1929-1962


Falkirk, Scotland


Data (including photographs and newspaper clippings) relating to Dollar Family gifts to the town from 1886.

See also Vol. 60.


Fearon Daniel Company and Fearon Brown & Company


Brief history, 1921-1928


Glendale, Oregon


Photographs, brochure, reprints of an article, and advertising data relating to lumber mill property

Carton 14

Photographs, brochure, reprints of an article, and advertising data relating to lumber mill property


Globe Wireless, Ltd.


History and photographs, circulars and advertising data relating to operations in the United States and Far East, 1928-1960

See also Cartons 2, 30-33, and Vol. 45-47.


Dollar Homes


Photographs of homes in Scotland, Canada, Michigan and California


Heintz and Kaufman, Ltd.


Historical data, newspaper clippings, and photographs, 1919-1959 [some are HQK, Inc.]


Hangar Four Corporation


Historical data, 1960-1966


Holiday Hotel, Reno, Nevada


Historical data and photographs, 1955-1967


Hankow, China


Photographs of Robert Dollar Company property, 1919-1930


Historical data re Dollar Lumber Company of Hankow, China, 1915-1919


Hongkong, China


Photographs and desicrioptions of offices of Robert Dollar Company, Dollar Steamship Lines and Admiral Oriental Line.


Hunts Point, N.Y.


Photographs and maps of proposed terminal facilities


Hudson Associates, Incorporated


Brief history, 1955-1958


Hookston Property, Contra Costa County, California


Newspaper articles re fire, June 1964

Carton 15

Ichang, China


Photographs and description of Robert Dollar Company property and Yangstze River service

See also Vo. 39-40


Johnson Farm Machinery Company


Brief history, 1949-1951


Kiangsu Realty Company, Federal Inc. USA


Description, floor plans, and photographs of Robert Dollar Building, Shanghai; brief history of the company.

See also Carton 18, 33 and 34.


Kobe, Japan


Photographs and description of buildings owned by Robert Dollar Company and Dollar Steam Lines.




Various Dollar companies.


Lumber Operations


Statistics on Dollar Company lumber operations; newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous booklets on lumber.


Lumber Mills and Logging Operations


Photographs of Robert Dollar's office at Bracebridge, Canada, 1875


Brief history of opertations at Marquette, Michigan, 1880-1887


Historical data and photographs of operations at Sonoma County and Usal, California, 1890-1902


Brief history and photographs of Dollar Portland Lumber Company, 1877-1941.

See also Cartons 59-60


Brief history, maps, and photographs of Eugene Lumber Company (Dollar, Oregon), 1930-1942.

See also Cartons 60-61


Brief history and map of operations at Mabel, Oregon, 1925-1945.

See also Cartons 55-59


Brief history of operations at Donna, Oregon, 1944-1947


Brief history and maps of operations at Bandon and Coquille, Oregon, 1915-1946.

See also Carton 33.


Blueprints of property and mill of Canadian Robert Dollar Company, Ltd. and the Robert Dollar Company, Ltd. at Dollarton, British Columbia.

Carton 16

Photographs and maps of property and operations at Dollarton, Union Bay, Port Moody, and Vancouver Bay, British Columbia.


Brief history and maps covering timber licenses of the Egmont Timber Comparty, Ltd., Vancouver Bay and Texada Island, British Columbia.




Data re Dollar Company's Shay Locomotives, loaned to Mt. Tamalpais Railroad, Marin County and donated to San Francisco Maritime Museum.




Data re Dollar Memorial Windows, First Presbyterian Church, San Rafael, California (see also Cartons 5, 9-10) and re Memorial Room, Louise A. Boyd Natural Science Museum, San Rafael, California, honoring Carl Gabrielson; resolution, May 24, 1932, from American Bureau of Shipping on death of Robert Dollar.


Masonic Affiliations


By-laws, membership cards and newspaper clippings re lodge affiliations of Robert Dollar, A. Melville Dollar and R. Stanley Dollar, Sr.


Manila, Philippine Islands


Blueprints, floor plans and photographs of Robert Dollar Company buildings, 1930-1948


Mexican Mail Steamship Company, Inc.


Data concerning service and operations of this subsidiary of Pacific Steamship Lines (The Admiral Line), from San Francisco and Los Angeles to ports in Mexico, together with schedules and fare sheets.

See also Carton 17.


Nanking, China


Photographs and description of Robert Dollar Company lumberyard, 1922




Photographs and list of offices of the Robert Dollar Company and Dollar Steamship Lines from 1890


Olympic Steamship Company, Ltd.


Brief history, 1925-1942


Philippine Inter-Island Steamship Company


History of operations, 1930-1944; sailing schedules, cabin plans, and photograph of SS. Mayon; annual report for 1936.

See also cartons 34-36 and 73

Carton 17

Pacific Mail Steamship Company


History; annual reports 1920-1922; sailing schedules; log books, 1868-1906; photographs; newspaper clippings.


Pacific Steamship Company (The Admiral Line)


History by Hugh B. Brittan


Sailing schedules, cabin plans, and data re service




Advertising and ticket sale data


Shipping registers, 1930 and 1937


Data re Mexican Mail Steamship Co., Inc. (subsidiary)


Photographs of ships

Carton 18

Instructions to various departments, agents, and employees


Data on Admiral Line Officer' Club

See also Vol. 44


Portland-California Steamship Company


History of operations, 1927-1939


Pacific Motorship Company


History of operations, 1923-1936


Pacific Steamship Terminal Company and Pacific Terminals, Inc.


History of operations, 1924-1941


Pacific Radio Company


Brief history of the company which was organized in 1928 for the purpose of acquiring from Simpson Radio Corporation various patents and inventions, which were eventually acquired by Globe Wireless, Ltd.


Peking, China


Photographs and description of Robert Dollar Company property, 1921


Pootung, China


Photographs and map of Robert Dollar Company property


Publicity and advertising


Press releases relating mainly to various Dollar Companies and Dollar family activities, 1947-1958; and advertising data.


Ritan-Wentworth Timber Company


Brief history, 1908-1943

See also Carton 59


Shanghai, China


Photographs and descriptions of Robert Dollar Company property (wharf facilities, Robert Dollar School, Dollar residence, lumber yard property, etc.); brief history of Dollar Wharf and Warehouse Company Federal Inc. USA.


Robert Dollar Building, Shanghai (owned by Kiangsu Realty Company Federal Inc. USA)


Photographs of construction and of completed building; description and floor plans

Carton 19

Singapore, S.S.


Description and photographs of Robert Dollar Company and Dollar Steamship Lines offices


Success Articles


By Captain Robert Dollar including booklet distributed to employees of Robert Dollar Company


Sunny Hills Orphanage (formerly San Francisco Presbyterian Orphanage and Farm), San Anselmo, California


General information, photographs of Grace Dollar Dickson Memorial Cottages, booklet re Robert Dollar Boys' Hall, excerpts from Captain Robert Dollar's diaries (1897-1932) in connection with activities for the orphanage.


San Francisco Theological Seminary


Data concerning gifts from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dollar, 1917-1923


Ships and Shipping


Data re Dollar Fleet, 1895-1938, prepared by Captain E. E. Johnson


Book of photographs various Dollar and other ships


History of Dollar Line operations, 1895-1910


Outline of history of Dollar Steamship Lines, by, C. T. Surridge, 1944


Operating statistics, voyage estimates, cargo capacities, drydocking, etc.


Data re other American-owned fleet stack insignias, etc.


Log books (in German) of the S. V. Hans, 1907-1909

Carton 20

Log books (in German) of the S. V. Hans, 1910-1912


Index of ships owned by the Dollars


Photographs and, occasionally, specifications of Dollar ships (except President ships), including:


Schooner Newsboy,


SS. Arab,


SS. Rival,


SS. Noyo,


SS. Mackinaw,


SS. Cleone,


SS. Sequoia,


SS. James Dollar (ex John S. Kimball),


SS. Albion,


SS. Grace Dollar,


S.S.Bessie Dollar,


S.S. Hazel Dollar,


S.S. Stanley Dollar,


S.S. Esther Dollar,


S.S. M.S. Dollar,


S.S. Robert Dollar,


S.S. Harold Dollar,


S.S Melville Dollar,


S.S. Margaret Dollar (ex Celestial),


S.S. Stuart Dollar (ex Mandarin),


S.S. Celestial (renamed S.S. Margaret Dollar),


S.S. Oriental (renamed S.S. Melville Dollar),


S.S. Cathay (renamed S.S. Diana Dollar),


S.S. Mandarin (renamed S.S. Stuart Dollar),


S.S. Virginia Dollar,


S.S. Agnes Dollar,


Auxiliary Schooner May,


S.S. Robert Dollar II,


S.S. Alice Dollar,


Tender A.B. Dollar,


Tender Dah Lay,


Tender Dollar,


Sailing Vessel John Ena,


Sailing Vessel Janet Dollar,


Sailing Vessel Mary Dollar,


Sailing Vessel Joseph Dollar,


Sailing Vessel Reinbeck,


Sailing Vessel William Dollar.


Correspondence (copies), lists of vessels, photographs, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous data re sailing vessels, 1934-1961.


Rigging plan for sailing vessel James Dollar (negative photostat)

Carton 21

President ships (502 and 535 types):


Documents covering purchase, 1923-1926;




Cabin plans;


Passenger and freight sailing schedules, 1920-1937;




Passenger fare sheets, 1931-1933.

Carton 22

Descriptive folders re accommodations.


SS. President Coolidge


Specifications for construction (hull# 340) at Newport News, Virginia


Newspaper articles re launching

Carton 23

Newspaper articles re launching


Photographs of launching and of the ship in several ports


Newspaper clippings covering sinking in South Pacific, 1942


Brochures and pamphlets describing hull, machinery, passenger accommodations, etc.

See also Vol. 31 and 33


SS. President Hoover


Specifications for construction (hull# 339) at Newport News, Virginia


Photographs and newspaper clippings re launching; photographs in several ports on maiden voyage and grounding off Formosa, 1937


Magazine articles and brochures describing hull, machinery, accommodations, cabin plans, etc.


Brochure of passenger accommodations, blueprints, cabin plans, drawings and sketches of the SS. President Hoover and SS. President Coolidge.

Carton 24

Albums and scrapbooks compiled by Captain Elisha A. Cooper containing newspaper clippings relating to the SS. President Hoover grounding off Formosa, 1937, other Dollar ships, personnel, etc.


Dollar uniform insignia worn by Captain Cooper

See also Vol. 32 and 33


Tacoma Oriental Steamship Company


History, 1928-1940; ship schedules

See also Cartons 53-55


Tientsin, China


Photographs and description of Robert Dollar Company operations from 1910


Tsingtao, China


Photograph of Robert Dollar Company lumberyard


Triangle Kapok Machine Corporation


History of company and its operations, 1923-1935


Wuchang, China


Photographs of Blind Girls Home


Wuhu, China


Sketch of Robert Dollar Company property

Additional Papers

carton Cartons 25-28

Robert Dollar Company

Carton 25

General correspondence, 1915-1945, re ship maintainance; sale of ships, lumber and other property; etc.

Carton 25


Carton 26

1937-July 1940

Carton 27

Aug. 1940-May 1945

Carton 28

June 1945-Dec. 1945

Carton 28

Dollar Investment Company


General correspondence, 1907-1954

carton Cartons 28-30

Robert Dollar Company


Radio communication stations. General correspondence, arranged by station and thereunder chronologically

carton Cartons 30-32

Robert Dollar Company and Globe Wireless, Ltd.


General correspondence, 1928-1959

Carton 30


Carton 31


Carton 32

1940-1941, 1957, 1959

carton Cartons 32-33

Robert Dollar Company - Globe Wireless, Ltd.


Patents, financial statements, contracts, copyrights, etc.

Carton 33

Radio news published on steamers, 1930


Inter-City Radio Co.


General correspondence, 1929-1930


Bandon/Coos Bay/Coquille, Oregon. Robert Dollar Company property.


General correspondence, 1938-1950,


Legal papers, 1904-1939


Kiangsu Realty Company and Kiangsu Realty Company Federal


Inc. USA [Shanghai] Monthly financial statements, 1929-1938

Carton 34

Kiangsu Realty Company and Kiangsu Realty Company Federal


Inc. USA General correspondence, 1931-1942, concerning rental of Robert Dollar Company in Shanghai


Drafts of agreements (copies), balance sheets, and some correspondence, 1940-1941, concerning a proposed statutory merger of several companies into the Philippine Inter-Island Steamship Company (Nevada).

carton Cartons 34-35

Philippine Inter-Island Steam ship Company


General correspondence, 1930-1944, concerning earnings and operating costs, and other financial matters.

Carton 34


Carton 35


carton Cartons 35-36

S.S. Mayon voyage results, 1932-1938


Information on revenue, operating expenses, miles and hours travelled, number of passengers, fuel oil consumption, cargo tonnage, net profit or loss, etc.

Carton 35


Carton 36


Carton 36

S.S. Mayon revenue figures, Nov. 1930-1938

See also Carton 73


Robert Dollar Company


Outgoing letters (carbons), 1938-1944.

Additional Note

Written mainly by R. Stanley Dollar and Charles King. Lacking: Mar. -June, 1938 and 1941.

Outgoing letters (carbons), 1936-1937.

Additional Note

Written mainly by Hugo M. Lorber, Vice-President.
Carton 37

Outgoing letters (carbons), 1938-1944.

Additional Note

Written by Hugo M. Lorber, Vice-President. Lacking: 1941.
carton Cartons 38-39

Reference File


Newsletter issued by Congressional Information Bureau, Washington D.C.

Carton 38

Jan. 1959 -Feb. 1960

Carton 39

Mar. -Dec. 1960

carton Cartons 40-41

Reference file


U .S . Maritime Commission

Carton 40

Press releases, 1937-1941

Carton 41

Press releases, 1941


Speeches, 1937-1943

carton Cartons 42-51

American Mail Line Ltd.


Financial records, 1927-1938

Carton 42

1927 -Nov. 1930, including correspondence

Carton 43

Dec. 1930 -Apr. 1933

Carton 44

May 1933 -Dec. 1934

Carton 45


Carton 46

Jan. -Aug. 1936

Carton 47

Sept. 1936 -Feb. 1937

Carton 48

Mar. -Sept. 1937

Carton 49

Oct. 1937 -Feb. 1938

Carton 50

Mar. -Aug. 1938

Carton 51

Sept. -Dec. 1938

Carton 51

American Mail Line Ltd.


Applications for subsidy, 1937

Carton 51-53

Admiral Oriental Line


Income and profit and loss reports, 1936-1942

Carton 51


Carton 52

1940-Oct. 1941

Carton 53

Nov. 1941 -Dec. 1942

Carton 53

Admiral Oriental Line


Cash book and journal attachments, 1943-June 1944

carton Cartons 53-55

Tacoma Oriental Steamship Company


Financial records, including correspondence, 1928-1940

Carton 53


Carton 54

1934-Apr. 1937

Carton 55

May 1937 -1940

carton Cartons 55-59

Robert Dollar Company


Mabel, Oregon property

carton Cartons 55-56

Correspondence relating mainly to purchase and sale of equipment and property, 1911-1960.

Carton 56

Correspondence and other papers relating to sale of Mabel properties to Fisher Lumber Company, 1946-1953.

Carton 56

Daily reports of logging operations, 1944-1946

carton Cartons 56-58

Mabel Division reports (mainly invoices and receipts), Jan. 1944-Nov. 1945.

carton Cartons 58-59

Mabel Division Revenue, expenses and miscellaneous attachments, Jan. 1946 -Dec. 1947.

Carton 59

Miscellaneous letters and papers, 1946-1947, relating to logging operations.

Carton 59

Robert Dollar Company. Bush Street Building (San Francisco)


Attachments, Jan. 1946 -Oct. 1947, revenue, expenses, etc.


Ritan - Wentworth Lumber Company


Balance sheets, 1929-1943

carton Cartons 59-60

Dollar Portland Lumber Company


Correspondence and papers, 1900-1930.

Carton 59


Carton 60


carton Cartons 60-61

Eugene Lumber Company

Carton 60

Correspondence re finances, 1932-1942


Reports on examinations of accounts, 1938-1940


General correspondence, 1930-1934

Carton 61

General correspondence, 1935-1946

Carton 62

Robert Dollar Company - Seattle Division.


Reports, 1945-1946, revenue and expenditures

carton Cartons 63-65

Robert Dollar Company


Cash books and journal attachments, 1943-1945

Carton 63

1943 -Mar. 1944

Carton 64

Apr. 1944 -June 1945

Carton 65

July -Dec. 1945

carton Cartons 65-66

Robert Dollar Company


Executive office attachments, 1946

Carton 66

All Companies.


Cash receipts and disbursements, Jan. 1947 -Apr. 1948

Carton 67

Cash reports, Jan. 5, 1949 -July 12, 1950


Dollar Steamship Line (California)


General correspondence, 1910-1951


Minutes of weekly conferences, 1934 and 1936 -1937

Carton 68

Robert Dollar Company (various Divisions)


Tax information


Group Insurance


Letters of credit


Wage agreements and scales


Appraisals (equipment)


Financial records

Carton 69

Transcripts of U.S. Senate hearings on ocean mail and air mail contracts, 1933 -1934

carton Cartons 69-70

Report of proceedings of special U.S. Senate Committee to Investigate Ocean Mail and Air Mail Contracts (Black Committee), 1933-1934

Carton 70

Transcripts of hearings before the Postmaster General on ocean mail contracts, 1934

Carton 71

Correspondence relating to hearings before the Postmaster General on ocean mail contracts, 1934


Pamphlets, etc, relating to ocean mail contracts

carton Cartons 71-72

Pamphlets (mainly government publications) covering laws relating to shipping and

Carton 73

Transcripts of hearings before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce concerning sale of "535 - type" ships to Admiral Line, 1926


Data concerning voyage of the United States Congressional party to the inauguration of the Philippine Commonwealth Government in Manila in 1935, on the S.S. President Grant.


Specifications and photographs of the T.S.S. Kedah


Specifications of the S.S. Mayon (based on the T.S.S. Kedah) built for Dollar's Philippine Inter-Island Service


Correspondence concerning construction of the S.S. Mayon; data on trial trips, fuel, reefer, and turbine spares.


Miscellaneous specifications and blueprints


The China Pilot, 1864.


Instructions for pilots

carton Cartons 74-75

Newspaper clippings, 1946 -1957 relating mainly to company activities and to the suit brought by the Dollars against the U.S. Maritime Commission to recover their property (Dollar et al vs. Land et al).

Carton 74

1946 -Apr. 1951

Carton 75

Apr. 1951 -1957

carton Cartons 75-77

Negative photostats of newspaper articles re Robert Dollar, R. Stanley Dollar, and Dollar Steamship Lines, included in Vol. 16-20

Carton 77

Dollar et al vs. Land et al

See also Vol. 22-26


Drafts of briefs




Joint appendix to briefs

Carton 78

Correspondence (copies)


Press releases


Newspaper clippings


Newspaper clippings re speedboat races entered by R. Stanley Dollar, Jr., 1949


Academic hood worn by Robert Dollar when he received an honorary degree from Mills College


Letters of condolence on the death of Robert Dollar

volume Volumes 1-6

Typed transcripts (carbons) of diaries of Captain Robert Dollar, 1872-1932

volume Volumes 7-15

Captain Dollar's scrapbooks, 1902-1932. Mainly newspaper clippings re business and family activities

volume Volumes 16-20

Newspaper articles (photocopies), 1880-1938, about Captain Robert Dollar, R. Stanley Dollar, and Dollar Steamship Lines (negative photostats are in Cartons 75-77)

volume Volume 21

Scrapbook of newspaper clippings re Captain Robert Dollar's trip to the Far East, 1930

volume Volumes 22-26

Newspaper clippings re Dollar Line Case (Dollar et al vs. Land et al), 1945-1954

volume Volumes 27-29

Newspaper clippings re the Robert Dollar Company, 1946-1957

volume Volume 30

Newspaper clippings re R. Stanley Dollar and family, 1932-1939

volume Volume 31

Photographs of SS. President Coolidge during construction, 1930-1931

volume Volume 32

Photographs of SS. President Hoover during construction, 1930-1931

volume Volume 33

Photographs of SS. President Hoover and SS. President Coolidge during construction, 1930-1931

volume Volume 34

Photographs, mainly of Robert Dollar with various dignitaries and of Dollar Company property

volume Volume 35

Photographs of Dollar Company owned offices and facilities at the time the Government took over Dollar of Delaware, 1938

volume Volume 36

Photographs of Robert Dollar Building, 311 California Street, San Francisco

volume Volume 37

Photographs of various Dollar properties in Orient, ca. 1945-1956

volume Volume 38

Photographs of views of the Orient, 1917

volume Volumes 39-40

Photographs of Yangtsze River Service, Robert Dollar Company

volume Volume 41

Photographs of scenes in China

volume Volume 42

Photographs of scenes showing reconstruction in Yokahama after earthquake, 1929

volume Volume 43

Photographs - Canada, China, California, etc.

volume Volume 44

Pacific Steamship Company Statistics of fleet, 1923-1932

volume Volumes 45-47

Globe Wireless Ltd.: Publicity and advertising


Newspaper clippings concerning resumption of trans-Pacific service after World War II, business activities, personnel, news stories reported by Globe Wireless Stations, copies of ads from newspapers and magazines

volume Volume 48

South Pacific Air Lines, Inc.


General information

volume Volume 49

Photographs of flying boats of South Pacific Air Lines, Inc.

volume Volume 50

Photographs relating to Captain Robert Dollar Memorial Award, 1938-1966

volume Volume 51

Photographs relating to Captain Robert Dollar Memorial Award, 1938-1957

volume Volume 52

Data and photographs relating to Captain Robert Dollar World Trade Library, San Francisco

volume Volume 53

Log Book, Schooner Bertie Minor, Aug. 15 -Dec. 16, 1912

volume Volumes 54-55

Photographs of Skip-A-Log of California, 1948-1949, the racing boat owned by R. Stanley Dollar, Jr.

volume Volume 56

Saturday Evening Post articles about Robert Dollar written by Ernest Poole, 1929. Includes also, two letters from Poole and replies (carbons), 1935.

volume Volume 57

Obituaries for Robert Dollar, 1932

volume Volume 58

Memorial on Captain Dollar's death from San Rafael (Calif.) Park Commission, 1932

volume Volume 59

Memorial on Captain Dollar's death from Bank of San Rafael, Calif., 1932

volume Volume 60

Newspaper clippings re Dollar Park at Falkirk, Scotland

volume Volume 61

Photographs and letters (copies) relating to testimonial dinner for Clarence Francis, Sept. 15, 1954

volume Volume 62

Photocopies of miscellaneous documents and letters, Melville Family, 1798-1868

volume Volume 63

Analysis of earnings and expenses, Round-The-World and Inter-Coastal ships, from 1924

volume Volumes 64-65

Bills of lading. SS. President Van Buren, 1924

volume Volume 66

Bills of lading. SS. President Polk, 1924

volume Volume 67

Bills of lading. SS. President Adams, 1923-1924

volume Volumes 68-69

Robert Dollar Company private code. 1926

volume Volume 70


volume Volume 71

(oversize package)

Negative photostats of newspaper articles, 1903-1933, re Harmsworth Trophy races, compiled by Roberta Gerke, 1949

volume Volume 72

(oversize package)

Newspaper clippings re R. Stanley Dollar, Jr.'s participation in a speedboat race in Paris, 1935