Register of the Chang Hsin-Hai Papers, 1936-1976.

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Register of the Chang Hsin-Hai Papers, 1936-1976.

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Chang Hsin-Hai Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1936-1976.
Collection number: 77045
Creator: Chang, Hsin-hai, 1898-
Collection Size: 19 manuscript boxes (8 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, writings, clippings, and printed matter, relating to Chinese foreign relations with the United States, 1941-1971; Chinese efforts to gain public support in the United States, 1941-1945; Chinese history; and World War II. Includes correspondence of Siang Mei Rosalynde Chang.
Language: English and Chinese.

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Access Points

Propaganda, Chinese--United States.
World War, 1939-1945.
World War, 1939-1945--China.
World War, 1939-1945--United States.
China--Foreign relations--Czechoslovakia.
China--Foreign relations--Poland.
China--Foreign relations--United States.
China--History--Republic, 1912-1949.
Czechoslovakia--Foreign relations--China.
Poland--Foreign relations--China.
United States--Foreign relations.
United States--Foreign relations--China.

Biographical Note.

1900, June 24 Born, Shanghai, China
1916-1918 Student, Tsinghua College, Peking, China
1919 A.B., Johns Hopkins University
1920 A.M., Harvard University
1921 Attache, Chinese Delegation, Washington Disarmament Conference
1923 Ph.D. in English literature, Harvard University
1926 Professor, and Chairman of English Literature, Peking National University
1927 Married to Siang-mei Han
1928-1933 Director of European and American Department, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1933-1937 Chinese Minister Plenipotentiary to Portugal, Poland, and Czechoslovakia
1937-1940 Professor of Western Literature, University of Nanking
1941-1945 Lecturer in U.S.A. on Chinese war effort
1943 Special Assistant to Foreign Minister T. V. Soong
1944 Author: Chiang Kai-Shek, Asia's Man of Destiny
1947-1948 Director, Chinese United Nations Association
1948 Author: Letters From a Chinese Diplomat
1951-1953 Research Professor, Long Island University
1956-1969 Professor, Farleigh Dickinson University
1956 Author: The Fabulous Concubine
1958 Author: Within the Four Seas
1966 Author: America and China, a New Approach to Asia
1972, December 7 Died, Shanghai, China

Series Description

Box No. 1-6.

Correspondence, 1936-1976.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically.
Box No. 7-15.

Speeches and Writings, 1942-1966.

Scope and Content Note

Drafts, research notes, radio scripts, and book reviews relating to Chang Hsin-hai's writings, arranged alphabetically by title.
Box No. 16-17.

Subject File, 1941-1972.

Scope and Content Note

Reports, conference papers, notes, clippings, and printed matter arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box No. 18-19.


Scope and Content Note

Unprocessed clippings and reprints of articles.

Container List



Box 1.



Abend, Hallett, 1944-1946


Accolla, Peter S., 1971


Ackerman, Phyllis, 1962


Adams, W. G. G., 1942


Ambrosoli, Marija, 1942


Ancell, Mrs. B. L., 1942


Armstrong, Hamilton, 1944


Atkinson, Henry A., 1949


Baehne, G. W., 1943


Barker, Alexander, 1945


Beauchamp, Ellen, 1942


Becker, Russell, 1970


Bedell, Muriel, 1942


Berle, A. A., 1947


Berliz, Paul O., 1949


Besser, Clade von, 1945


Blair, Sara G., 1942


Bloss, Frank, 1942


Boddy, Manchester, 1942


Boney, Alice, 1960


Bonsen, Victor, 1941


Booker, H. L., 1944


Borker, Edith, 1942


Bowman, M. L., 1942


Branch, Mrs. Norman, 1944


Brendzell, Marilyn, 1971


Bricca, Dolores, 1942


Briggs, Ernest, 1942


British Information Service, 1942


Buck, Pearl S., 1942-1961


Buist, Ruth, 1972


Button, A. Ronald, 1944


Capozzi, Roy, 1964


Cadebear, Florence E., 1945


Calhoun, Adele, 1942


Campbell, Mary, 1942


Carberry, J. E., 1942


Chadwick, I. E., 1945


Chadwick, Margaret Lee, 1944


Chambers, Harry M., 1942


Chambers, Lenoir, 1946


Chang, Andrew, 1964


Chang, C. K., 1946-1963


Chang, C. L., 1947


Chang, C. S., 1948


Chang, Chi-tai, 1942-1946


Chang, P. F., 1973-1975


Chang, P. H., 1944-1976

Box 2.

Chang, Mrs. Siang-mei Rosalynde, 1943-1950


Chang, Shan-chi, 1943


Chiang, Kai-shek, Madame, 1944


Chen, N., 1969


Chien, Hou, 1970


Chien, T. S., 1946


Chow, P. Y., 1944


Chu, Y. H., 1948


Church, Frank, 1971


Church, Genevieve, 1942


Claque, J. W., 1941


Cochran, Steven, 1945


Coleman, George, 1942


Colon, Tom, 1943


Connell, Abe, 1941


Coppello, Kappeyne van de, 1948


Craft, Jason, 1942


Crammer, Helen, 1969


Crane, John O., 1961


Crocker, Leua P., 1942


Crowe, Anne P., 1944


Culbertson, Paul T., 1942

Box 3.

Dagleisch, M. E., 1942


Danton, George H., 1941


David, M. I., 1945


Davidson, Elizabeth, 1943


Davidson, Robert J., 1942


Davis, Bette, 1942


Day, R. M., 1948


Dell, John, 1942


Deuser, Lewis, 1947


Dewey, John, 1943


Dilley, Arthur Urbane, 1955


Dilley, Porter, 1942


Dimmitt, S. Grace, 1942


Dixon, Charles R., 1942


Doria, Anthony N., 1970


Doyle, James C., 1944


Dreiser, Theodor, 1945


Dufus, Robert L., 1962


Durrand, Odette, 1942


Durant, Ariel and Will, 1944-1963


Dyer, Josephine, 1944


East, N., 1948


Eaton, Cyrus, 1956


Eaton, Joseph E., n.d.


Elex, Mrs. Clark R., 1942


Elmo, Ann, 1948


Esfmoff, A., 1949


Faerber, Paul, 1949


Fairbank, Alfred, n.d.


Farrar, John, 1941


Feakins, William B., 1943-1944


Feng, Chanson, n.d.


Fier, Jack, 1942


Fischer, Martin, 1948


Fisher, Melthy, 1955


Fisher, Ray Wall, 1942


Fitzgerald, C. P., 1956


Folger, Herschel, 1941


Ford, Roy E., 1944


Forman, Henry James, 1947


Forster, L., 1941


Freuchen, Peter, 1953


Fulbright, J. W., 1964-1971


Fuller, Ruth, 1942


Gallagher, P., 1942


Gerson, Perceval T., 1942, 1944


Getts, Clark H., 1943


Gray, Robert, 1942


Green, Alan, 1944


Greenleaf, Mary, 1942


Grier, Madeline, n.d.


Griest, Rebecca, 1962


Goodnow, Marc N., 1941


Griffin, David, 1942


Hagen, Jessie Scott, 1942


Hammarskjold, Dag, 1953


Han, C. K., 1949


Han, G. C., 1942


Han, H. J., n.d.


Han, Hsiang-pu, 1951, 1975


Han, Hsiang-yo, n.d.


Han, Hsing-lan, n.d.


Han, Li-wu, 1936-1941


Hadden, Frances Roots, 1973


Hart, A. L., 1946


Hauser, Lewis, 1942


Hawley, W. M., 1960


Heathcote, Mary, 1968, 1971


Heide, J. A., 1953


Heilman, Elizabeth, 1953


Henning, R. F., 1942


Herman, Doritt, 1944


Heyman, Valeska, 1942


Ho, Georgette, 1948


Hoover, Ann, n.d.


Hoover, Herbert, 1945-1946


Horn, Phyllis, 1942


Hossain, Syud, 1943


Howard, Eric, 1942


Howe, Quincy, 1942


Hoyt, Sarah Lee, 1942


Hsia, C. L., 1942


Hu, Shih, 1941


Hueston, Frederick, 1942


Hull, Cordell, 1944


Hull, Warren, 1949


Hurlblut, Harold, 1942


Hutchins, Dr., 1967

Box 4.

Irish, Mrs. Leiland, 1945


Jaffe, William B., 1943-1944


Javits, Jacob, 1971


Jensen, Elsie, 1948


Jose, M. C., 1942


Jong, J., 1966


Jordan-Smith, Paul, 1944


Joy, Marguerite, 1942


Kai, C. Ju, 1946


Kallen, Horace, n.d.


Karter, Madeline, 1962


Keator, M. C., 1942


Kennedy, Edward, 1971


Kages, Don H., 1942


Kleinschmidt, R. B. von, 1941, 1944


Klems, Iola, 1942


Kiernan, Edmund, 1942


Killion, Gerald, 1949


Knight, Leonore, 1942


Knox, William F., 1953


Koch, William de, 1944


Koeber, Hans von, 1942


Korda, Michael, 1967


Kuan, C. W., 1942


Kuffner, Lieutenant de, 1942


Kuiltel, Luise Rainier, 1957


Kung, H. H., 1948


Kuylenstierna, Krister, 1954-1976


Kwan, S. T., n.d.


LaFargue, Thomas E., 1942, 1944


Lan, T. K., n.d.


Langsdorf, W. B., 1942


Lee, Dai-ming, 1946


Lee, S. M., 1949


Lee, Sze Nancy, 1969


Leonard, W. S., 1958


Lewis, E. R., 1942


Lu, Chieh, 1942


Ludwick, Kathleen, 1942


Ludwig, Mrs. Emil, 1943


Lytton, Bart, 1942


Lynch, Howard, 1942


Lynch, Thomas, 1942


Li, Chien-len, 1975


Lillenthal, Phillip, 1944


Lindsey, Ben, 1942


Link, Professor, 1966


Lissauer, Norman, 1942


Liu, H. S., 1948


Liu, S. S., 1969


Liu, Yu-whu, 1941


Lowe, Albert, 1942


MacBeth, Hugh E., 1942


MacDavid, H. M., 1942


Maizlish, Harry, 1942


Malone, Thomas, 1941


Mander, Miles, 1941-1943


Matoon, Paul F., 1944


McClave, Elizabeth, 1944


McCormick, Ken, 1943


McGovern, George, 1971


McIntosh, Frances, 1942


McKelvey, Raymond, 1942


McLaughlin, Milicent, 1943-1944


McNaughton, Jane, 1942


McNitt, Rollin, 1942


Meyer, Agnes, 1961-1967


Meyer, Lois, 1943


Miller, Allan, 1949


Miller, Henry, 1957-1964


Miller, M. M., 1944


Miller, Simon S., 1948


Ministry of Foreign Afairs, n.d.


Mitchell, Ruth Crawford, 1947


Moltke, Davida, 1966


Montgomery, Mary, 1942


Moody, A. R., 1942


Morgan, Frieda, 1950


Mueller, John H., 1943


Mumford, Lewis, 1965


Murphy, Lawrence, 1945


Murphy, Leonore, 1943

Box 5.

Nash, E. T., 1942


Nash, F. C., 1944


Nearkey, Alezander, 1945


Nejelski, Leo, 1948


Newberry, Betty, 1942


Newman, Bruno, 1944


Nichols, Clyde, 1948


Nichols, William, 1946


Niemo-Niemojowski, Lech, 1941


Northrop, F. S. C., 1953


Oberholtzer, Edward H., 1943


Oliver, Maureen, 1942


O'Neal, C. H., 1942


Ong, Robert, 1942


Ortmann, Loretta, 1942


Palmer, L. C., 1942


Pangborn, Cyrus, 1959


Patterson, Ernest Minor, 1948


Pease, Gladys, 1942


Pelton, John L., 1942


Pereira, Ernie, 1970


Perini, Mr., 1967


Pettus, W. B., 1942


Phoebus, Peggy, 1942


Pickford, Mary, 1959-1968


Pilling, Bertha, 1942


Platt, Harry, 1942


Poland, Reginald, 1944


Ponsford, Arthur, 1942


Pope, Arthur Upman, 1968-1969


Pope, Louis, 1942


Poteat, Gordon, 1969


Powell, Edna, n.d.


Price, Harry B., 1943


Price, Millard, 1942


Prout, F. J., 1946


Pruitt, Ida, 1975


Purcell, Jean, 1942


Qou, Tai-chi, 1941-1952


Ralph, Malcolm, 1942


Rankin, J. D., 1953


Rappoport, Albert, 1949


Rea, Ruth, 1942


Reidy, David W., 1942


Reinisch, F. H., n.d.


Reischauer, Edwin O., 1953


Reynolds, Louis, 1942


Rhine, Larry, 1942


Richards, C. F., 1953


Richards, Josiah, 1942


Richardson, Elsie, 1948


Riss, Lillian, 1948


Robinson, Mrs. H. W., 1953


Rodd, Marcel, 1944


Rosenblatt, Sol A., 1944


Russel, Bertrand, 1961-1962


Saburova, Irina, 1970


Sammartino, Dr., 1966


Saunders, William, 1943


Sayers, Mentana, 1942


Schiff, Gunther H., 1945


Schuster, M. Lincoln, 1957, 1968


Scoville, Ralph C., 1942


Scully, Jerry, 1966


Seavey, Walter, K., 1942


Shapiro, Seymour, 1942


Shaw, Kinn-wei, 1944


Sheltors, A. L., 1942


Sheppard, Emily, 1946


Sholar, William J., 1949


Sick, Ilse von, 1948


Singh, Anup, 1945


Skeen, Ruth, 1942


Smith, Patricia, n.d.


Snow, Edgar and Lois, 1960-1972


Snowden, Shirley, 1942


Soong, T. V., 1941-1943


Stearns, Robert L., 1945


Sterling, J. E. Wallace, 1942


Stern, Ruth, 1972


Stevens, Mary, 1948


Stevenson, Mrs. M. J., 1942


Stilwell, Alison, 1943

Box 6.

Stonier, Tom, 1967


Stokowski, Leopold, 1942


Strassmann, Toni, 1948


Street, Jessie M. G., 1964


Strong, Ann, 1942


Strong, Anna Louise, 1948


Strong, Dexter, 1944


Sullivan, Donald J., n.d.


Suydman, M. R., n.d.


Suyun, Han, 1970-1974


Sze, Sao-ke Alfred, 1942, 1955


Szold, Bernadine, n.d.


Sztoleman, Edith F. S., 1942


Teel, Ann, 1942


Todd, C. C., 1942


Tooker, Hugh R., 1942


Tretiak, Daniel, 1973


Tseng, Y. F. H., 1948


Treutheis, Theodor, 1942


Turner, Aletha, 1944


Turner, Mrs. Frank, n.d.


Vetch, H., 1965


Viganego, S. J., 1944


Walcott, Gregory D., 1952, 1956


Wales, Arthur, 1957


Walker, Arlie G., n.d.


Waller, R. H., 1948


Wang, C. Y., 1944


Wang, D., 1969


Wang, T. P., 1944


Warde, Shirley, 1944


Watkins, V. S., 1950


Watumull, G. J., 1945


Wei, T. S., 1969


Weil, Leroy, 1953


Wells, Edward, 1956


Wendell, James, 1943, 1946


Weston, Carol, 1942


Wheeler, Charles B., 1949


White, Margerie, 1970


Whitman, Alden, 1970


Whitman, Evelyn, 1942


William, Maurice, 1949


Williams, Raymond Lee, 1942


Wilson, Howard, 1947


Wilson, Whila, 1942


Winn, John J., 1950


Winterfeldt, Graefin von, n.d.


Wirkler, John E., 1944


Wolfe, Jesse, 1942


Wood, Maxine, 1949


Wong, June, 1942


Work, June, 1941


Workman, Boyle, 1949


Wright, R. L., 1942


Wu, Ko-kan, 1968


Wu, S. Y., 1968


Yousson, Ake E., 1944


Zang, Suzanne, 1941


Zarbock, James, 1944


Zimm, Maurice, 1942



Box 7.



"ABC Roundtable," 28 March 1942-27 June 1942, radio news broadcasts, stenciled scripts


"All We Are," n.d., typewritten carbon of short story dealing with China during the Japanese invasion of 1937


America and China, a New Approach to Asia, 1966, typewritten draft of book


"Animals and Their Evolution," n.d., typewritten lecture


"Astronomy," n.d., typewritten lecture


"Chemistry," n.d., typewritten lecture

Box 8.

Chiang Kai-Shek, Asia's Man of Destiny, 1944, typewritten and handwritten draft of book

Box 9.

Chaing Kai-Shek, Asia's Man of Destiny, 1944, typewritten draft of book


"Chiang Kai-Shek in India," n.d., typewritten original of article


"The Chinese Are Like That," n.d., typewritten original of article


"East Asia in the Modern World," n.d., handwritten notes for lecture


"East Asian History and Culture," n.d., handwritten notes for lecture.


"Effects of War on Cultural Forces in Asia," n.d., typewritten draft of article


The Fabulous Concubine, 1956, typewritten carbon draft of book

Box 10.

The Fabulous Concubine, 1956, typewritten original draft of book

Box 11.

The Fabulous Concubine, 1956, typewritten carbon draft of book


The Fabulous Concubine, 1956, handwritten research notes and corrections to the text


"From Looking at a Picture," n.d., typewritten carbon draft of article


"Genesis of the Book," n.d., typewritten carbon draft for introduction to Chiang Kai-Shek, Asia's Man of Destiny


"Hollywood Was No Accident," n.d., typewritten and handwritten drafts of essay on the Changs' arrival in the United States in 1941


"How the Milky Way Came To Be," 1947, typewritten drafts of article


"How to Achieve World Peace," n.d., typewritten draft of speech delivered in Santa Rosa in 1950


"Human Beings and Their Evolution," n.d., typewritten original notes for lecture


"The Human Body," n.d. , typewritten original notes for lecture


"The Human Nervous System and Brain," n.d., typewritten original notes for lecture


"Humanism: It's Meaning and Evolution," 1967, photocopy of typewritten draft

Box 12.

"Is There a Secret in China's Resistance," n.d., typewritten carbon draft of article


"Is There No Remedy," n.d., typewritten draft of article


"Japanese and Indian Philosophy," n.d., handwritten original notes for lectures


Letters From a Chinese Diplomat, 1948, handwritten and typewritten original drafts of book


"The Marshall Mission to China," n.d., typewritten original and carbon draft of article


"Memorandum on the Need for Centralizing Publicity in the USA," n.d., typewritten carbon of memorandum


"Memorandum on the Solution of the Chinese Question," n.d., typewritten original of memorandum


"Modern Geography," n.d., typewritten original of lecture


"The Nature of Philosophy," n.d., typewritten original of lecture


"The Nature of Science," n.d., typewritten original of notes for lecture


"New Frontier in Asia," n.d., handwritten draft of unpublished book


"The Problem of Lasting Peace," n.d., typewritten original and carbon draft of article


"Oriental Philosophy," 1962-1963, handwritten original notes for lecture


"The Origin and Nature of Life," n.d., typewritten original notes for lecture


"Our Responsibility after the War," 31 May 1942, Baccalaureate Address given at Washington State College, handwritten and typewritten drafts of speech


"Physics," n.d., typewritten original of notes for lecture


"Plants and Their Evolution," n.d., typewritten original of notes for lecture


"Post-War Reconstruction in China," n.d., typewritten carbon draft of article


"Quo Tai-chi as China's New Foreign Minister," n.d., typewritten original of article


"Radio Broadcast News Commentary," 16 March 1942-30 March 1942, typewritten originals of radio scripts

Box 13.

"Radio Broadcast News Commentary," 1 April 1942-15 September 1942, typewritten originals of radio scripts


"The Responsibilities of American Youth," n.d., handwritten draft of article


"Shanghai Phoenix," n.d., typewritten carbon draft of unpublished book dealing with events in China during the period 1937-1940


"Sino-British Cultural Relationship," n.d., typewritten carbon draft of broadcast speech


"Some Polish Reminscences," n.d., typewritten carbon draft of essay detailing Chang Hsin Hai's experiences in Poland from 1933 until 1937


"Speech on the Republican Party Platform," 22 April 1942, ditto text of speech given to meeting of the Republican National Committee


"The Story of Eastern Philosophy," n.d., handwritten notes for lecture or publication


"To Sin and Be Sinned Against," n.d., typewritten original of article submitted to This Week Magazine


"Western Literature and Culture," n.d., handwritten notes for lectures


"What to Buy with Your Money," n.d., typewritten original draft of article


"Whither Chungking?" n.d., typewritten carbon draft of article

Box 14.

Within the Four Seas, 1958, typewritten draft, and annotated galley proofs of book


"You Must Take What You Give," n.d., typewritten original draft of article

Box 15.

Various unprocessed note cards bearing notes on Western and Oriental culture, literature, and history


SUBJECT FILE, 1941-1972

Box 16.

American Cancer Society Inc., 1959


Asia Pacific Seminar, 1966


Babbitt, Irving, n.d.


"Battle of China," n.d., United States Army Orientation Film Photographic Scenario


Biographic file


Chang, Mrs. Siang-mei Rosalynde, n.d.


Chang, Yian, n.d.


Chen, Che-yu, "Memoir of My Life with Chiang Kai-Shek," n.d.




Foreign Relations with United States






Chinese News Service, 1943


Committee for a New China Policy, 1972

Box 17.

Cordier, Henri, Essai d'une Bibliographie des Ouvrages Publies en Chine Les Europeens au XVIIe et XVIIIe Sciele, 1883


Hu Shih, China Too Is Fighting to Defend a Way of Life, 1942


Institute of Current World Affairs, 1967


International Conference for Solidarity with the People of Vietnam Against U.S. Aggression, 1964


Jefferson, Thomas, 1957


Lamumba, Patrice, 1960


New York State Faculty Seminar on International Politics of Southeast Asia, 1965


"The Pacific Story," n.d., radio script








Suennens, Leon Joseph, Cardinal, 1963


Soka Gakkai, 1962


Soviet Central Asia, n.d.


Tiao Yu Tai Islands, 1971


United States of America, Foreign relations with China


United Nations General Assembly, 1959, 1964



Box 18.-19.

Various unprocessed article reprints and newspaper clippings