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Preliminary Inventory to the Hubert Gregory Schenck Papers, 1854-1960
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Preliminary Inventory



Box 1

Chang, T.K., Chinese Consul General in Washington, D.C., 1957


Chutter, Reginald, 1954-55


Foreign government offices, China, 1954-1960


Foreign government offices, Japan, 1952-59


Ying-ch'in Ho, April 9, 1953


Schenck, W.E., 1952-56


Shen, Sampson C., 1956-58


Shiah, C.P., 1956-57


Stach, Leo W., 1955













Box 2






Box 3







OFFICE FILES, 1945-1955


Supreme Commnader of the Allied Powers, General Headquarters, Natural Resources Section, Tokyo, Japan, Conference minutes, memoranda, pamphlets, reports, etc, 1945-1951

Box 4

Mutual Security Mission to China

Box 5-7

Airgrams, circulars, dispatches, memoranda, 1952-53

Box 8

Narrative Industrial Progress Report, June/July 1953


Reports, 1953

Box 9

U.S. Foreign Operations Administration, leaflets, memoranda, studies, etc., 1954-55




Addresses and statements




Civil affairs, bibliography, manuscripts, articles, clippings, etc.

Box 10

Geographic References in Harvard Libraries on Japan Proper, mimeographed report, Cambridge, 1944


Government Organizations, Pacific Science Board,

Physical Description: typescript

Natural Resources, mimeographed copy


Petroleum Exploration Policy in Taiwan,

Physical Description: typescript

Technical Cooperation at the Crossroads,

Physical Description: typescript

SUBJECT FILE, 1942-1959


Civil affairs, Philippines, report on, 1945


Government organizations - UN educational, scientific, and cultural organizations


Hoover Institute and Library Program on Overseas Development - ICA/University Contract Orientation Program Report, June 25 - December 31, 1955

Box 11





America-Japan Society, special bulletin, 1951


American Institute of Crop Ecology, 1951




Criminal statistics, 1949






Fiscal statutes




Foreign affairs

Box 12

Forestry, 1949




Import and export statistics, 1950


Insurance yearbook, 1949




Milk production

Box 13



Natural resources


Oil production




Postal services




Toa Kenkyusho (East Asia Research Institute)

Box 14

Key Laws, Decrees and Regulation Issued by the Axis in Occupied Europe, report by the Board of Economic Warfare, Blockade and Supply Branch, Reoccupation Division, December 1942




Micronesian anthropology, 1947-48, interim reports of a coordinated investigation, Pacific Science Board, National Research Council, Washington, D.C.


Military Government in Bangkok, Thailand - A Survey, An Estimate of the Situation, and a Plan, U.S. military report, 1943


National resources - conservation

Box 15

Natural resources - population


Non-scientific organizations


Ryukyu Islands


Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, General Headquarters


Military Intelligence Section, General Staff, Allied Translator and Interpreter Section, Reports, 1946

Box 16

Civil Information and Education Section, Media Analysis Division, Reports, Radio and Press Analyses, 1946




Agriculture and livestock production


Alkali production


Aluminum production


Cement industry


Coal industry


Copper industry


Crop reporting


Economic development


Education programs

Box 17

Electric power




Fertilizer industry


Financial statistics






Four Year Plan


Highway Bureau




Industrial development

Box 18

Industrial development


Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction




Low-cost housing project (Keelung)


Monetary indices


Natural gas production


Natural resources


Oil production

Box 19

Power companies


Public health




Salt production


Statistics, general


Sugar production


Tea statistics


Textile production


Tobacco production



Box 20



Technical Cooperation Program

Box 21

U.S. Army, Pacific Air Command, Advanced Echelon, 1946


U.S. Army Forces, Pacific and Allied Officers, Southwest Pacific Area, General Headquarters, Roster of Officers, 1945


U.S. Department of Defense, organization plan


U.S. Department of Interior


Bureau of Mines


General information


U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey (Pacific), Headquarters, 1945


University organizations - Institute of Marine Resources, University of California, 1959




Clippings dealing with H.G. Schencks' military, academic, and political careers


Memorabilia collected by H.G. Schenck


Fraleigh, Albert S., A Report on the Historical Collection of the Academia Sinica and suggestions for Improving Its Present Condition, Taiwan, July 17, 1953


INCREMENT - November 1977

Box 22

Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan Financial Statistics Monthly, March 1960


Geographic terminology index cards


Schenck, Hubert G.


Impact of Science in East Asia, reprint, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Volume XIV, No. 7, 1958


Petroleum Exploration Policy in Taiwan, April 30, 1957


Schenck, Hubert G. and Chutter, R.F.


Formosan Foreign Trade and Natural Resources Development, bibliography


Taiwan Trade and Natural Resources Development


Taiwan Sugar (Taipei), April 1960


Timoshenko, V.P., Soviet Agricultural Policy and the Nationalities Problem in the USSR, reprint, Institute for the Study of the USSR Conference, New York, April 28-29, 1956




Allied Powers (1945-) Supreme Commander. General Headquarters. Natural Resources Section.

Box 23-24

Press clippings, Volumes 1-3, 1945-1950

Box 24

Correspondence in regard to the publication of Edward A. Ackerman's book Japanese Natural Resources by SCAP, which states the position of SCAP regarding population control in Japan. Tokyo, 1950.


Allied Powers (1945-) Supreme Commander. General Headquarters. Proclamations 1-3 (never used)


Allied Powers (1945-)) Supreme Commander. General Headquarters. Government Section. Memorandum, letter, and refutation of memorandum regarding Tanzan Ishibashi and his status under SCAPIN 550, Tokyo, 1947.


Enomoto, Juji, Books Used By the Japanese Navy For Teaching of International Law, Tokyo, November 30, 1945


Miyazaki, General S., Personal Experiences During the Solomon Campaign,1946


Thomas, Elbert D., two letters, August 29, 1941 and March 22, 1949, to Mr. and Mrs. Egbert Schenck, dealing with U.S. foreign policy vis-a-vis Japan


Raper, Arthur F., evaluation of TA program in Taiwan, Taipei, 1954 (may be cited in published works only with permission of H.G. Schenck)


Wu, Kuo-Chen, letter to the National Assembly of China, February 27, 1954, and four letters to Chiang Kai-Shek, February 27, March 20, March 28, April 3, 1954


DIARIES, 1951-53

Box 25

1951 (12 Nov - 31 Dec)


1952 - #1 (1 Jan - 30 Apr)


1952 - #2 (1 May - 30 Jun)


1952 - #3 (1 Jul - 30 Sep)

Box 26

1952 - #3 (1 Jul - 30 Sep)


1952 - #4 (1 Oct - 31 Dec)


1953 - #1 (1 Jan - 30 Apr)


1953 - #2 (1 May - 30 Jun)


1953 - #3 (1 Jul -)

Box 27

U.S. Army. Far East Command. General Headquarters. Office of the Engineer. Report of Reconnaissance of the Coronet Operation. March 1-2, 1946

50007 - 10A-V


Physical Description: 3,368 photos / 34 envelopes
Envelope: A

30 photos of agriculture in Japan. undated

Envelope: B

51 photos of agriculture in Taiwan. undated

Envelope: C

54 photos of fisheries in Japan. undated

Envelope: D

16 photos of forestry in Japan. undated

Envelope: E

15 photos of forestry in Taiwan. undated

Envelope: F

37 photos of mineral resources in Japan. undated

Envelope: G

26 photos of mineral resources in Taiwan. undated

Envelope: H

11 photo of the crop collection project; Japanese farmers belonging to the Omaki agricultural co-op. 1948

Envelope: I

3 photos of Mr. Norris E. Dodd, Director General of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations arriving in Tokyo, Japan and greeted by Colonel Sidney L. Huff, General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, and Lt. Colonel H.G. Schenck. March 17, 1949.


2 albums containing 74 photos concerning the Taiwan Ship Building Corporation. undated


1 album containing 153 photos of Japan relating to industrial crops, special products such as silk and cotton, soils survey and irrigation, crop collection and distribution, agricultural education and research, livestock, fertilizers and fisheries. undated


1 album containing 219 photos concerning Japan's agriculture, includes land reclamation and use, farming methods and equipment, food crop culture and industrial crop culture. undated


1 album containing 161 photos of Lt. Colonel H.G. Schenck on a Japanese whaling expedition in the Antarctic. undated


1 album containing 76 photos of damage caused by typhoon's Faye and Judith to the Japanese farmlands, forests, villages and towns. undated


1 album containing 232 photos relating to forestry in Japan. undated

Scope and Content Note

Includes forest types, lumber production and utilization, flood damage and soil erosion control and forest protection and reforestation.

1 album containing 135 photos of the Angaur and Ryukyus regions of Japan, relating to fisheries, forestry, mining and geology, transportation, miscellaneous industries and Lt. Colonel H.G. Schenck and his staff in Tokyo. undated


1 album containing 155 photos relating to fisheries in Japan. Showing fishing gear, methods and vessels, marine and special products, aquiculture, fish processing, preparation and distribution, fisheries research, fisheries facilities and whaling. undated


1 album containing 197 photos relating to mining and geology in Japan. It includes their mineral resources and solid fuels. undated


1 album containing 152 photos of oil fields, steel and iron works, chemical industries and coal mines in Japan. undated


1 album containing 39 photos of the reconstruction project of pier No. 10, Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan, completed April 1952.


1 album containing 36 photos concerning the Taiwan salt factory. undated


1 album containing 29 photos taken on September 21, 1952 at Tienlun, Taiwan, at the time of the inaugural ceremony of the Power Station. It also contains 9 photos taken on September 22, 1952 at the Peipu Steam Power Plant.


1 album containing 23 photos of Admiral Radford Party taken at Sun Moon lake, presented by Taiwan Power Co. undated


1 album containing 33 photos of a pictorial review of the interconnection of the Eastern and Western Power Systems. Presented to Dr. Hubert G. Schenck Chief of ECA China Mission, by Taiwan Power Co. January 1952


1 album containing 117 photos of Dr. and Mrs. H.G. Schenck while visiting the Taiwan Power Co. 1952


1 album containing 84 photos of a pictorial account of the Rehabilitation and Development of Telecommunication Service in Taiwan through the aid extended by the MSA under Dr. Schenck's support. undated


1 album containing 204 photos of the visit of Dr. Hubert G. Schenck and party to Kaohsiung cement plant in Taiwan. undated


1 album containing 9 photos of Dr. Hubert G. Schenck, Chief of the MSA China Mission, visiting the Kao-Hsiung ammonium sulfate works in Taiwan. undated


18 photos of Dr. Hubert G. Schenck's visit to Kao-Hsiung ammonium sulfate works in Taiwan. undated

Envelope: DD

30 photos of a duck netting party at the Imperial Hunting Preserve, Japan. undated

Envelope: EE

80 photos concerning forestry, lead and gold mines, agricultural land, preparation of fish for the markets and industry in Korea. undated

Envelope: FF

12 photos of ruins in Manila, Philippines. March 1945

Envelope: GG

243 photos of a duck and mist netting party in Japan. undated


1 album containing 65 photos of the construction of the Hsi-Lo Bridge, Yun-Lin Hsin District, Formosa. 1952

Envelope: II

9 photos of the primitive farming techniques used in Japan. 1945

Envelope: JJ

4 photos of Emperor and Empress Hirohito inspecting the NRS exhibit in Tokyo. 1950

Envelope: KK

12 photos of Emperor and Empress Hirohito as they attend Arbor Day Ceremonies at Ome, Tokyo prefecture, Japan. April 4, 1948 and 1949

Envelope: LL

16 photos of Lt. Colonel H.G. Schenck and Governor of New York, Thomas E. Dewey, on a tour of Japan. July 12, 1951


8 photos of Colonel Hubert G. Schenck and dignitaries, including Herbert Hoover. 1946

Envelope: NN

7 photos of Colonel Hubert G. Schenck receiving the order of the Auspicious Star. Included are Ambassador V.K. Wellington Koo, Mrs. Ingrid Schenck Beach, and Major General W.C. Chase, Chief of MAAG (Formosa). May 28, 1954

Envelope: OO

6 photos of Colonel H.G. Schenck in an airplane fight with Mr. Nemoto, Minister of A.G. and F.O. August 8, 1951

Envelope: PP

4 photos of the Governor of Kumamoto who called on Colonel Schenck, to make reports on Hydro-Electric Power Projects. December 10, 1949

Envelope: QQ

9 photos of General and Mrs. Matthew B. Ridgway and party during a tour of Japan's farming communities. September 20, 1951

Envelope: RR

10 photos of Major General Robert B. McClure as he officiated at inaugural ceremonies in Okinawa. November 21, 1950

Envelope: SS

7 photos of Coal mining in Taiwan, showing coal washeries, beehive cooking oven, and coal and coke transportation systems. undated

Envelope: TT

30 photos of quarantine quarters and docker's living conditions, also new housing prepared for the dockers, Taiwan. May 1953

Envelope: UU

13 photos of damaged farmland after a typhoon in Japan. undated

Envelope: VV

38 photos of Colonel H.G. Schenck presenting certificate's of achievement to visiting consultants to the Natural Resources Section, Tokyo, Japan. 1951

Envelope: WW

31 photos of Colonel H.G. Schenck Chief of the Natural Resources Section inspecting different plants throughout Japan. undated

Envelope: XX

127 photos of Mr. H.G. Schenck and Admiral Radford inspecting the Taiwan Power Plant. 1952

Envelope: YY

173 photos of Colonel H.G. Schenck's travel through Japan. undated


2 photos of the launch of the Nisshin Maru a Japanese whaling ship. undated

Envelope: AAA

20 miscellaneous photos. undated

Envelope: BBB

12 prints of farewell and return ceremonies of whaling expeditions in Japan, 1948, in which Hubert G. Schenck participated as Head of the Natural Resources Section, General Headquarters, Supreme Command for the Allied Powers; 2 prints of an economic mission in Japan, 1949.