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Register of the Milton Edward Miles Papers, 1923-1958
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Series Description

Box 1-3


Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent
Box 3


Scope and Content Note

Printed and typescript copies of speeches, arranged alphabetically by title, and handwritten notes
Box 4-9

SUBJECT FILE, 1923-1958

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, position papers, charts, histories, maps, lists, notes, observations, orders, speeches, printed materials, clippings, circulars, rosters, messages, and photographs, arranged alphabetically by subject


Additional Note

See photo file card index
Reading room workstation


Scope and Content Note

Formerly security-classified records of the U.S. government, released in full or in part. Available as PDF files. The PDF files are page images, so full-text search is not possible. Arranged chronologically by date of release by Hoover, thereunder by date of creation.

Container List



Box 1.

Alley, Rewi, 1942


Alger, Ambassador Frederick M., Jr., 1954


Arias, Harmodio, 1956


Baly, Commandant M., France, 1949


Barringer, William, 1946


Baruch, Bernard M., Jr., 1958


Beebe, M. U., 1949


Beyerly, Commander Irving F., 1946-1951


Bibby, Lowe H., 1950


Blandy, Admiral W. H. P., 1948


Bledsoe, Rear Admiral A. M., 1950, 1957


Blick, R. E., 1948


Bookhamer, Commander R. H., 1957


Bowman, Commander George, 1945


Bowen, Vice Admiral Harold G., 1950


Brannan, Secretary of Agriculture Charles F., 1951


Brennecke, Margaret, 1949


Brown, Vice Admiral Charles ("Cat"), 1957


Brown, Dayton R. E., 1942


Bruggemann, Major Lester G. (Gus), 1945


Brunet, Meade, 1947, 1949, 1954


Bullitt, Ambassador William C., 1949


Burkhart, H. W., Jr., 1949


Burke, Admiral Arleigh A., 1948, 1956-1957


Byes, Donald F., 1949


Calvert, Commander James, 1957


Campbell, Air Vice Marshall Hugh, Canada, 1950


Campbell, General Thomas D., 1949


Cannon, J. B., 1951


Capieto, Rudolph, 1946


Champe, Joseph E., 1950


Chan, Anna, 1947


Chang, Chun, 1957


Chang, Wan-ying, 1945 (?)


Chen, Chih-Ping, 1948, 1951


Chen, Yao-hung, 1946


Cheng, General Kai-Ming, Republic of China, 1946-1948, 1954


Chiang, General Ching-Kuo, Republic of China, 1956


Chiang, Generalissimo Kai-shek, Republic of China, 1945-1946, 1948, 1954, 1957


Chiang, (Madame) Kai-shek, 1942, 1950


Chennault, Major General Claire L., 1946-1947, 1958


Chu, Y. L., 1947


Clark, Admiral D. H., 1957


Cochran, Commander D. E., 1946


Cochran, S. W., 1941


Coffin, Elizabeth, 1951


Colbert, Dr. John W., 1955-1956


Coleman, Dr. Ernest H., 1946


Cramer, Leigh R., 1956


Daly, Paul A., 1952


Dealy, Roland, 1950


Diaz, Emilio, 1956-1957


Dietrich, Neil, 1949


Dobbins, C. G., 1945-1946


Dornin, Captain Marshall E., 1956


Drake, Waldo, 1948


Duval, Captain Miles P., 1950


Earnshaw, Fenton W., 194?-1946


Earnshaw, Harry A., 1946


Eastman, R. J., 1947-1948


Eccles, Henry E., 1957


Eckberg, Captain H. F., 1947, 1950


Efron, George A., 1949, 1951-1952


Eisenhower, Dwight D., 1949


Eller, Rear Admiral Ernest M. (Judge), 1942, 1949, 1957


Emblanc, Colonel, Fighting French Military Mission, 1943


Eraso, Jaime Annexy, 1957


First Aid for Hungary, Inc., 1956


Fisher, A. L., 1940


Fitzpatrick, Commander J. P., 1956


Forester, C. S., 1956


Forrestal, Secretary of Defense James, 1948-1949


Galantin, Commander I. J. (Pete), 1945, 1952


Galvez, Juan Manuel, 1954


Gardner, Ambassador Arthur, 1954


Garnett, Captain P. W., 1957


Gilfillan, Ruth, 1945


Giraud, General Henri, France, 1946


Goldberg, Captain Joshua L., 1957


Goodwin, Dr. Robert H., 1946, 1949


Grable, Colonel Jack, 1949


Green, Thomas, 1955


Grover, Preston L., 1949


Guardia, Ernesto de la, President of Panama, 1956

Box 2.

Haatvedt, Rollo, 1957


Halsey, Admiral William F., 1957


Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. S. A., Jr., 1956


Hardy, Congressman Porter, Jr., 1956


Harriman, Governor Averell, 1956


Haselton, N. S., 1957


Heagy, Lieutenant Commander Daniel Webster, 1947


Healey, Roy, 1946


Herren, Lieutenant General Thomas W., 1957


Heimburg, Rear Admiral E. H. von, 1950-1952


Hoffman, Dr. Rolla E., 1942


Hofmann, Dean, 1957


Holloway, Rear Admiral J. L., 1949


Holmes, Captain W. J., 1946


Hon, George S. Y., 1946


Horton, John, 1947


Hsiao, Colonel Sin-ju, Republic of China, 1945, 1948-1950, 1955


Huang, Bessie, 1951


Huang, Siu-feng, 1951


Hurley, General Patrick, Jr., 1948


Hurt, Willie F., 1941


Hwang, Deputy Commissioner You, Republic of China, 1947


Hwang, (Mrs.) Z., 1947


Ironmonger, Commander Richard, 1958


Jones, Richard E., 1956


Kendig, Richard and Dorothy, 1955


Kimball, Lieutenant Commander K. W., 1957


Kimmel, Admiral Husband E., 1941, 1950, 1958


Kotrla, Ray, 1952


Kunjara, Colonel Karb and Tieb, Thailand, 1947


Kunjara, Toy, 1949


Kwei, Paul (Chi-ting), 1946-1947


Land, Edwin H., 1947


Lane, Most Reverand Raymond A., 1951


Langen, Commander T. E. F., 1945


Larco, Rafael Herrera, 1951, 1954


Larson, Robert P., 1946


Lawlar (?), Bill, 1947


LeBarre, Weston, 1950


Lee, General Chung-shih, 1945-1947


Lee, Tai-Yih, 1945


Lee, Rear Admiral Young Woon, Republic of Korea, 1957


Liang, Admiral Hsu-Chao, Commander-in-Chief, Chinese Navy, 1957


Lin, Captain P. C. (Charles), 1951


Liu, Lieutenant Colonel Cheng Fong (Eddie), Republic of China, 1946, 1950, 1952


Liu, Frederick F., 1947, 1951, 1956


Longton, Captain E. W., 1957


Looney, Jack and Joyce, 1955


Lynch, R. E., 1949


Ma, General Chi-Chow, Republic of China, 1947


Ma, Vice Admiral Chi Chuang, Republic of China, 1954


McCaffrey, Lieutenant Commander Stanley E., 1945


McGaha, F. Leroy, 1946, 1948


McNaughton, General A. G. L., 1955


Madden, Lieutenant Commander Vic G., 1947


Manson, Lieutenant Commander Frank A., 1947


Mao, (Mrs.) Hsiang-Hsing, 1957


Mao, General Jen-Feng, Republic of China, 1946-1947, 1950


Mao, General Shen, Republic of China, 1947


Mar, Timothy T., 1957


Metzell, Captain Jeffrey C., 1938, 1949


Meyertholen, Lieutenant Commander Joe, 1946, 1949


Meynier, Commander Robert and Madame Kathiou Do Huu Thinh, France, 1943, 1945, 1947-1949


Miles, Mrs. Milton E. ("Billy"), (holographs) 1946-1947, 1950, 1955


Milliren, Howard C., and Pearl, 1946, 1948-1949, 1951


Moll, Mr. and Mrs. Peter, 1945-1946, 1948-1949


Morison, Samuel Elliot, 1957


Morris, S. I. (Si), 1946


Mountbatten, Rear Admiral the Earl, Great Britain, 1948


National War College, 1951


Naval War College, 1949-1950, 1958


Nimitz, Fleet Admiral Chester W., 1948


Norton, Edward, 1949-1950

Box 3.

Oard, Harry C., 1956


Opie, Captain John N., 1947


Owen, Lieutenant Commander Emmett, 1957


Pan, General Chi-wu, 1947, 1950, 1952-1953


Pan, John, 1949


Parkin, Charles M., 1948, 1950


Pechkoff, General Vinovi, 1946


Peterson, Bruce A., 1952


Plake, F. Marvin, 1946


Podmaniczky, Sandor, 1946


Pottle, Mrs. V. L. (Edna), 1945


Ragan, Rear Admiral Thomas C., 1957


Robinson, Commander Reuel V., 1946


Rojas, Contraalmirante Isaac F., 1958


Rousset, Major J. F., 1947-1948


Ruiz Cortines, Adolio, President of Mexico, 1958


Saldias, Admiral Rouge A., Peru, 1957


Salisbury, Stanton W., 1949-1950


San Diego Zoological Gardens, 1946


Savage, S. S., 1948


Scott, Hoyt S., 1945


Shen, Yin, 1945


Slonim, Gilven M., 1957


Smith, Rear Admiral Allan E., 1948


Smith, Captain C. D., 1950


Smith, Francis H., 1945


Smith, Ward J. ("Smitty"; Ehr Shih Li), 1945-1949, 1956, 1958


Smoot, Captain Roland N., 1947


Spellman, Cardinal Francis, 1950


Stimson, Robert, 1947


Stratton, Commander Roy O., 1945, 1949-1950


Su, Hsin-min, 1945


Symand, Louis, undated


Tai, General Li, Republic of China, 1942, 1945-1946


Tai, Madame Lao Tai, 1946


Talbot, Philips, 1957


Tao, General Yi-shan, Republic of China, 1947-1948


Tayloe, Dr. G. B., 1948


Taylor, W. L., 1941


Tetrault, Ernie, 1956


Thomas, Secretary of the Navy Charles S., 1956-1957


Thompson, H. Keith, 1956


Thurrell, Robert F., 1955


Tong, Ambassador Hollington K., 1957


Tong, General Tsung, Republic of China, 1947


Trefny, Commander W. P., Jr., 1953


Tsen, Captain T. C., 1957


United States Naval Institute, 1946, 1953


United States Naval ROTC Unit, Cornell University, 1957


Utley, Freda, 1951


Wales, George H., 1957


Wells, Commander Tom H., 1956


Whitten Major General Lyman P., 1951


Wight, Dave, 1951


Williams, H. S. (Hal), 1951


Wright, Rear Admiral C. H., 1945


Wu, Amy H., 1950


Wu, General Te-Chen, Republic of China, 1939, 1947


Yee, Frank, 1951


Young, Mrs. E. W. ("La Mary"), ca. 1950


Yuan, Ching-yuen, 1952


Unidentified letters



Box 3.

"Important Police Activities in Wartime China," address before the Fifty-Seventh Annual Conference of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police, July 24, 1957


Navy Supply and Logistics Problems in China during W.W. II, remarks made before the U.S. Naval Supply Depot Supervisor's luncheon, 1957


Secret memorandum concerning U.S. intelligence service organization in China, sent to the Chief of the Information Branch, Central Planning Staff, Central Intelligence Group, May 17, 1946




SUBJECT FILE, 1923-1958

Box 4.



Alaska Railroad


U.S. Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 4, 1952


Chennault, Major General Claire L., 1945-1948








News Clippings


Chao Hon Middle School


China-Burma Highway, Report of trip made by Milton E. Miles, 1939


Chinese Railway, Engineers and Administrative Officials, 1945




Currency, comparative chart of exchange and the price index of the Associated Church Treasurers in the 1937-1945 period


Flood relief, delivery of supplies to the U.S. Marine detachment, Tientsin, China, August 1939


Junks and sampans, descriptive notes by Lieutenant Howard Bucknell, 1953


Kamikaze Ships, report concerning the disconnection of the motors of such ships in the Chushan Archipelago area, 1945


Missionaries, article about "How the `Reds' Drove American Missionaries from Wuchow" by Charles Daily in The China Weekly Review, July 17, 1926

Box 5.

Sino-American Cooperative Organization (SACO)


Ionospheric project, settlement of payment for services


SACO-The Rice Paddy Navy by Roy Olin Stratton, Pleasantville, New York: C. S. Palmer Publishing Co., 1950, unbound printed copy


Training of Chinese Guerillas


Sino-Japanese Conflict


Japanese Army circular, 1939


Snow, Edgar, "The What-the-Hell Pennant," Saturday Evening Post, November 10, 1945


"Some Phases of the Sino-Japanese Conflict (July to December, 1937)," by Captain W. A. Angwin, December, 1938


U.S. Naval Intelligence reports, June-October, 1937, 1939


U.S. Naval Group, China


Correspondence, memoranda, messages


"An Official History of the United States Naval Group, China," 1946


"Operational Report on U.S. Naval Group, China," an essay submitted to the Department of English History and Government, United States Naval Academy, by Midshipman W. B. Miles, March, 1952


Postal Service, history to September 15, 1945


Postwar relations with Chinese government, 1947


Receipts and expenditures, 1942-1944


U.S. Military attache personnel, 1951


China Emergency Committee


Committee for a Democratic Far Eastern Policy




French Military Mission in the Far East


Greece, personalities in Athens, 1949


Guerilla warfare


H.M.S. Rodney, inspection visit, 1940


Indo-China War, 1947-1954




International Naval Review, Hampton Roads, Virginia, June 1957


Korean War

Box 6.

Latin America








"La Campaña Antartica (The Antarctic Company), 1951-1952," article by Emilio L. Diaz


Peron, Juan, inauguration, 1952


Political and military affairs


Tierra del Fuego


U.S. relations with the Argentine Navy






Bolivian attitude on regional disarmament, 1955


Economic aid






Anti-American propaganda


Brazilian National Security Council


Miles, Admiral Milton E., official visit, 1952


Political and military affairs


U.S. Naval Mission


U.S. relations with the Brazilian Navy




Miles, Admiral Milton E., official visit, 1951


Political and economic affairs, U.S. relations with the Chilean Navy






Miles, Admiral Milton E., official visits, 1951, 1955


Piedrahita, Admiral Ruben


Political and military affairs


Sinking of the schooner Resolute


U.S. Naval Mission


U.S. relations with the Colombian Navy

Box 7.

Costa Rica


Pan-American Highway


Political and Military affairs


U.S. relations with Costa Rica




Political affairs


U.S. relations with Cuba


Dominican Republic




Cabot, John Moors, political observation tour, 1953


U.S. relations with the Dominican Navy






Estero-Salvado/Puerto Nuevo project


Plaza Lasso, President Galo


Political affairs and border disputes


United States Government Operations, summary report, 1955


U.S. Naval Mission


El Salvador


Training of El Salvador Coast Guard officers aboard U.S. naval vessels




Guatemalan military personnel


Political affairs




U.S. relations with the Haitian Navy




Political affairs


Inter-American Defense Board






Flood relief in Tampico (Operaciòn de Amistad/Operation Friendship), 1955


Military decorations


Military parades


Return to Mexico of flags caputured in the War of 1846-1848


Ruiz Cortines, President Adolfo, inauguration, 1952


Salinas Carranza, General Alberto, Director of Civil Aviation


U.S. relations with the Mexican Navy




Somoza, President Anastasio






Assassination of President Jose Antonio Remon, 1955


Celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Panama, 1953


Overland trail from David to Chiriquicito


Panama Canal


Panama Railroad


Political, economic, and diplomatic affairs


January, 1954 - August, 1955


September, 1955 - March, 1956


U.S. relations with Panama




Miles, Admiral Milton E., official visit (includes photographs), 1955






Border controversy between Peru and Ecuador


Crops and livestock, reply by United States Operations Mission to an inquiry by Arnold J. Toynbee


Maritime technical assistance


Miles, Admiral Milton E., trip on the Mara[UNK]non and Ucayali Rivers, 1954


Peruvian naval interests


Transporation and sanitary conditions along the Amazon River


U.S. Naval Mission


U.S. relations with Peru






Martinez Trueba, President Andr[UNK]es, inauguration, March, 1951




Betancourt, Romulo


Larrazabal Ugueto, Wolgan


Military personnel

Box 9.

Miles, Admiral Milton E.




Biographies and vitae


Citations, commendations, letters of appreciation


Papers of Admiral Miles relating to New York Naval District, notes on


Return trip from China, 1945


Neutralism in Asia


"Operation-Remember" (Honoring Wartime Leaders and Enlisted Heroes of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps), May, 1957


Pearl Harbor, Admiral Husband E. Kimmel's reply to the remarks of Congressman Clarence Cannon concerning the Japanese attack in December, 1941, 1958


Permanent Joint Board on Defense (Canada-United States)




Canadian National Defense College and Army Staff College


Fort Churchill, Manitoba


Frobisher Bay, Royal Canadian Air Force unit


U.S. Naval Ordinance Test Station, China Lake


Tai, General Li, death and funeral services, 1946-1947




American fleet visit, 1949


Joint Military Mission for Aid to Turkey, officer personnel, 1951


U.S. Army, Arctic orientation tours, 1951-1952


U.S., Department of State, relations with Latin America, address by John M. Cabot, Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American affairs, October 9 and 14, 1953


U.S. Navy


Administration, principles and problems


Inspection of defense project facilities (Bell Telephone Laboratory, RCA Victor Company, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sperry Gyroscope Company, Bendix Company, Electro Dynamic Companies), by M. E. Miles, 1940-1941


Inspection of U.S. Naval Missions in Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and Haiti, memorandum by E. J. Foster


Naval interests in Latin America


Personnel, Asiatic Fleet and Station, 1939-1941


U.S.S. Atlantic, sinking of vessel, 1942


U.S.S. John D. Edwards, loss of ration records, 1942


U.S.S. Juneau, sinking of the vessel, 1942


U.S.S. Panay, inquiry into the sinking of the vessel, 1937


U.S.S. Preble, visit to Kobe, Japan, 1923


U.S.S. Saratoga, special report on detachment by Lieutenant Jeffrey C. Metzel, 1930


U.S. Senate


Investigation of Communism by the Subcommittee on Internal Security of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, 1955


Yu, General Ta-Wei, biographical data, 1951


Zikawei Observatory, 1946





Reading room workstation

Records released in 2010, 1954