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Table of contents What's This?

Boxes 1-4

Subject File, 1912-1989

Scope and Contents

Comprised of maps, printed matter, and correspondence pertaining to Chinese history, arranged chronologically.
Box 1

Miscellany, undated

Scope and Contents note

Photocopy of a brochure depicting the Astor Hotel in Tianjin where Herbert Hoover is said to have lived and worked.
Box 1

General, undated, 1912-1952

Scope and Contents note

Maps depicting sections of Szechwan and Hopeh provinces, as well as miscellaneous intelligence reports, pamphlets, clippings, bulletins, and notes relating to Japanese intervention in China, and to political, social, and economic conditions in China.
Box 1

Consortium, 1912-1937

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence and memoranda relating to the formation of a consortium of American, British, French, and Japanese banking groups to conduct commercial activities in China.
Box 4

Sino-Japanese Conflict (1937-1945)

Scope and Contents note

Pamphlet relating to atrocities committed by the Japanese Army in Shanghai.
Box 1

World War II, 1944

Scope and Contents note

Composed of pro-Allied Chinese propaganda materials. Includes copies of four national anthems and one "international" song circulated by the Communists in Yenan.
Box 2

Civil War, 1944-1947

Scope and Contents note

Comprised of reports relating to economic reconstruction and cooperative movements in the border region area of China under communist control. Includes directives, agreements, and press releases relating to U.S. efforts to mediate between Nationalist and Communist forces.
Box 2

Manchukuo, circa 1946

Scope and Contents note

Typescript memoir of the granddaughter of Tsien Wei-hsia, the prime minister of Manchukuo.
Box 3

Issue of China Press, 1946 June 17

Box 3

Nationalists, 1950 February

Scope and Contents note

Purported translation of a forged special friendship pact between the Chinese People's Republic and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. First circulated among pro-Nationalist groups in Hong Kong.
Box 4

Pamphlet, 1952

Scope and Contents note

Issued by the Communist Party and relating to the role of Chinese workers in the industrialization of China.
Box 4

Program and menu, 1956

Scope and Contents note

Relating to the state visit of Chou En-lai to Burma.
Box 4

Pamphlet, circa 1957

Scope and Contents note

Relating to the gradual disappearance of free creative writing in Communist China.
Box 4

Pamphlet, circa 1957

Scope and Contents note

Relating to the bureaucracy in Communist China.
Box 3

Issues of China Connection, 1987-1989


Tiananmen Square Massacre (June 1989)

Box 3

Appeals and questionnaires prepared by Amnesty International, undated

Box 3

Electronic bulletin board messages, undated

Box 3

Transcript of a taped personal account, undated

Box 4

Booklets, 1989 June

Scope and Contents note

Relating to the ten-year reform movement.
Box 3

Memorabilia, 1949-1950, undated

Scope and Contents

Includes a portfolio of Buddhist silk embroidered portraits, dating from the Chien-lung period of the Ch'ing dynasty, as well as two Nationalist Chinese flags.

Audiovisual File, 1920-1953

Record cabinet

Sound discs, 1949-1953

Scope and Contents

19 sound discs relating to Chinese revolutionary history, including mutual aid teams, policy towards marriage reforms, Sino-Soviet friendship, Mao Tse-tung, and Lu Hsun.

1-2: Wang Kwei and Li Hsiang-Hsiang (dancing drama song)


3-5: Huai Hai Battle Suite (popular song)


6: We Workers Have Strength (popular song)


6: The East is Red (North Shensi folk song)


7: Praise to Leader Mao Tse-tung (North Shensi folk song)


7: Support to Pla (North Shensi folk song)


8: Glory to the Whole Family (Northeastern folk song)


9: Learning of a Couple (popular song)


9: Celebrate a Liberated New Year (popular song)


10-11: Wang Hsiu-Luan (dancing drama song)


12: Sweeping Wind and Peach Blossom Shop, Apricot Village (Kansu and Yunnan folk song)


12: Shepherd's Song (Chingai folk song)


13: Heroes Conquest Ta Tu River (fold song)


14: Five Flowers Blooming (Northeastern folk song)


14: Youth Join the Army (Northeastern folk song)


15: Song of (popular song)


15: Challenge of Production (popular song)


16: Old Wang Ma Demands Peace (popular song)


17: The New Moon Hangs in the Sky (Kangtin folk song)


17: Shepherd Girl (popular song)


18: Song of Miaos (folk song from Miaos)


18: Sun Shines Red to Pomegranate (folk song from Miaos)


19: Song of Erh Lang Shan (popular song)

Reels 1-10

Microfilm, 1920s-1940s

Scope and Contents note

10 microfilm reels of documents pertaining to Chinese student workers in France.
Reels 1-5

College brochures, letters, postcards, and pamphlets, student applications, profiles, and pay rates, mainly in French, 1920s-1940s

Reel 6

College brochures, letters, postcards, and pamphlets, student applications, profiles, and pay rates, mainly in Chinese, 1920s-1940s

Reels 7-8

Documents, mainly in Chinese, 1920s-1940s

Reels 9-10

Reçu de la Légation de Chine a Paris pour le couple de Comité Franco-Chinois de Patronage de Jeunes Chinois en France, 1921

Boxes 5-12, map case

2013 Incremental Materials, 1925-2003, undated

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter and optical discs, and oversize maps, arranged by format, then chronologically thereunder.
Box 6

China Beyond Fifty, undated

Box 6

The China Challenge in the 21st Century, undated

Box 5

Hand Written Fundamentals of National Reconstruction by President Sun Yat-Sen 总理手书建国大纲, undated

Box 6

I el pueblo vietnamia triunfara! I los argresores Yanquis Francasaran! undated

Box 9

In Memorial of Lady Jiang, Ms. Song Meiling 荣美遐龄 将夫人宋美龄女士纪念专辑, undated

Scope and Contents

Box 6

The International Relations Theoretical Discourse in China: A Preliminary Analysis, undated

Box 6

Jin Mao Tower VCD, 金茂大厦 VCD, undated

Box 6

Memorials of Yu-Geng, Qing Dynasty, undated

Box 9

Riji Gushi, undated

Box 10

Russian-Harbin, Tubabao, Russian Shanghai, undated

Scope and Contents

Box 6

Seminar on China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, undated

Box 10

Shanghai Hotels, undated

Box 10

Street names and attractions of Shanghai, undated

Box 6

Working papers in Asian Pacific Studies, undated

Box 6

"The Killing of Shanghai People by the British and the Japanese," 英国日本之惨杀上海同胞, newspaper clipping, 1925 May 30

Box 6

"Why the Foreign Devil?," 1925 August 15

Box 11

The North-China Herald and Supreme Court & Consular Gazette, 1931

Box 10

Maps of Shanghai, 1932, 1942

Box 9

Receipt, telegraph, pass book and others, 1936-1938

Box 10

Newspapers with pictures, 1937

Scope and Contents

Comprised of The Illustrated London News, The Shanghai Evening Post & Mercury, and Pacific Rim Focus.
Box 11

Map of Harbin, 1938

Box 10

Newspaper clippings, 1940

Box 6

Shantan Bailie School, 1949

Box 9

Chairman Mao Tse-Tung's Important Talks with Guests from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, 1960

Boxes 7-8

Memorabilia, 1960, undated

Scope and Contents

Includes coins, a sword made of coins, two fans, and a flag of the Revolution Rebellion Team: Beijing Bureau of Parks and Woods Yihe Garden, 革命造反队:北京市园林局颐和园, as well as a 1960s red flag of the People's Liberation Army General Staff Department and Political Department(高举党的总路线和毛泽东军事思想的红旗阔步前进(中国人民解放军总参谋部政治部 红旗 1960.
Box 9

Latin America's Red Peril, 1961

Box 8

Journal of Cheng Pou, 正报, 1964

Box 9

Resolutely Struggle Against Imperialism and Neo-Colonialism and for the Economic Emancipation of the Afro-Asian Peoples, 1965

Box 6

Red Women's Detachment, 1966

Box 9

A Study on the Enlarged Propaganda of "The People's War," by the Chinese Communists and Our Counter-Measures, 1966

Box 9

Informes De China, 1967-1968

Box 9

An Outspoken Revelation, 1970

Box 9

China Weekly, 1971 January-April

Box 9

China in Africa, 1972

Box 6

Chairman Mao's Theory of the Differentiation of the Three Worlds Is a Major Contribution to Marxism-Leninism, 1977

Box 9

Chairman Mao's Theory of the Differentiation of the Three Worlds Is a Major Contribution to Marxism-Leninsm, 1977

Box 10

All About Shanghai, 1983

Box 9

Communist China's Crimes in Drugging the World, 1983

Box 10

Shanghai: China's Most Dynamic, Cosmopolitan City, 1987

Box 10

Shanghai, 1988

Box 10

Shanghai: 1949 The End of an Era, 1989

Box 12

Peking and Harbin, 1992

Scope and Contents

Compact sound cassettes and CDs.
Box 9

Latin American Studies, 1997-1998

Box 6

The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Huang Hsing Foundation Distinguished Lecture in Asian Studies, 1997-1999

Box 10

Calendar from Russian Youth Committee, 1998

Box 6

The Carter Center Report on Chinese Elections, 1999-2000

Box 10

Russians in China, 1999-2002

Box 6

Chinese Holocaust, 2000

Box 6

Tibet Press Watch, 2000-2002

Box 9

China's WTO Accession: The Road to Implementation, 2002

Box 9

Dragon on Terrorism: Assessing China's Tactical Gains and Strategic Losses Post September 11, 2002

Box 6

San Francisco Freedom Forum, 湾区的清流, 2002 January

Box 9

Tibet Press Watch, 2002-2003

Box 9

American-East Asian relations before and after Black September, 2003

Box 9

Chen Gong-bo (Kung-po Chen), 2003

Scope and Contents

Collection of papers, including a CD.
Map case

Chinese Communist Party maps (oversize), 中国共产党一九四九年以前出版之地图, before 1949

Oversize folder 2

Brief Map of Situations in Central China; Hua zhong xing shi lue tu 华中形势略图 [n.p.], undated

Physical Description: 54x80 cm. (Map 3092/4514)
Oversize folder 2

Detailed Map of North China; Hua bei ming xi di tu 华北明细地图 [延安], 延安印工合作社, undated

Physical Description: 77x102 cm. (Map 3081/7182)
Oversize folder 2

Detailed Map of Situations in South China; Hua nan xing shi xiang tu 华南形势详图 [n.p.], undated

Physical Description: 45x61 cm. (Map 3101/4414)
Oversize folder 2

Detailed Map of Situations in South China; Hua nan xing shi xiang tu 华南形势详图 [n.p.], undated

Physical Description: 51x64 cm. (Map 3101/4414a)
Oversize folder 2

Full Map of China at War; Zhan shi zhong guo quan tu 战时中国全图 [n.p.], undated

Physical Description: 64x94 cm. (Map 3080/6656)
Oversize folder 1

Maps of Base Areas; Ge gen ju di di tu 各根据地地图 [延安] 新华书店总店, undated

Physical Description: 48x63 cm. (Map 2991.1/5640)
Oversize folder 2

New Picture of Nine Provinces in North-East China; Dong bei jiu sheng xin tu 东北九省新图 [延安], 延安印工合作社, undated

Physical Description: 65x55 cm. (Map 3082/7182)
Oversize folder 2

Situation of Chinese Eighth Route Army and the New Fourth Army Fighting against Japan; Ba lu jun Xin si jun kang zhan xing shi tu, 八路军新四军抗战形势图, [n.p.], undated

Physical Description: 57x32 cm. (Map 2991.1/8630)
Oversize folder 2

Traffic and Transportation Map of Shan Gan Ning Frontier Area; Shan gan ning bian qu jiao tong gan xian tu 陕甘宁边区交通干线图, undated

Oversize folder 3

Zhou Peiqing Map of Beijing; Zhou Peiqing Beijing di tu 周培青北京地图, undated

Oversize folder 3

Administrative Map of Jin Sui Frontier Area; Jin Sui bian qu xing zheng qu hua tu 晋绥边区行政区划图 [n.p.] 晋绥边区行政公署绘制, 1944

Physical Description: 86x54 cm. (Map 3081/1237)
Oversize folder 2

Huaibei Area, Subei Area and E Yu Wan Frontier Area; Huai bei qu, Su bei qu, E Yu Wan bian qu 淮北区, 苏北区, 鄂豫皖边区 [延安, 新华书店, 1944] (中国敌后战场抗日民主根据地分区详图, 1944

Physical Description: 50x63 cm. (Map 2991.1/5602/no. 6)
Oversize folder 2

Huainan, Suzhong, Wanzhong, Sunan, Zhedong Area; Huai nan qu, Su zhong qu, Wan zhong qu, Su nan qu, Zhe dong qu 淮南区, 苏中区, 皖中区, 苏南区, 浙东区 [延安, 新华书店, 1944] (中国敌后战场抗日民主根据地分区详图, 1944

Physical Description: 50x63 cm. (Map 2991.1/5602/no. 5)
Oversize folder 2

Jin Cha Ji Frontier Area; Jin Cha Ji bian qu 晋察冀边区 [延安, 新华书店, 1944] (中国敌后战场抗日民主根据地分区詳图, 1944

Physical Description: 50x63 cm. (Map 2991.1/5602/no. 1)
Oversize folder 3

Jin Ji Lu Yu Frontier Area; Jin Ji Lu Yu bian qu 晉冀鲁豫边区 [延安, 新华书店, 1944] (中国敌后战场抗日民主根据地分区詳图, 1944

Physical Description: 50x63 cm. (Map 2991.1/5602/no. 2)
Oversize folder 3

Jin Sui Frontier Area; Jin Sui bian qu 晋绥边区 [延安, 新华书店, 1944] (中国敌后战场抗日民主根据地分区詳图, 1944

Physical Description: 50x63 cm. (Map 2991.1/5602/no. 4)
Oversize folder 1

Map of KMT Armies Annihilating New Fourth Army Wan Nan Headquarter in 1941; Yi jiu si yi nian Guo min dang jun dui wei jian Xin si jun Wan nan jun bu yao tu 一九四一年国民党军队围歼新四军皖南军部要图 [n.p.] (In 皖南事变的真相), 1944

Physical Description: 42x37 cm. (Vault 4292.24/7904)
Oversize folder 1

Map of KMT Armies Attacking Huang Qiao in 1940; Yi jiu si ling nian Guo min dang chun dui xiang wo Huang qiao jin gong yao tu 一九四零年国民党军队向我黄桥进攻要图 [n.p.] (In 皖南事变的真相), 1944

Physical Description: 34x28 cm. (Vault 4292.24/7904)
Oversize folder 1

Map of KMT Attacks on New Fourth Army since 1944; Yi jiu si si nian yi lai Guo min dang xiang Xin si jun jin gong tai shi yao tu 一九四四年以来国民党向新四军进攻态势要图 [n.p.] (In 皖南事变的真相), 1944

Physical Description: 44x55 cm. (Vault 4292.24/7904)
Oversize folder 1

Map of Three Armies of KMT Attack on New Fourth Army in Spring 1940 ; Yi jiu si ling nian chun ji Guo min dang san lu jin gong Xin si jun yao tu 一九四零年春季国民党三路进攻新四军要图 [n.p.] (In 皖南事变的真相), 1944

Physical Description: 27x38 cm. (Vault 4292.24/7904)
Oversize folder 1

New Fourth Army Attacking on Enemies' Rear Area in Central China; Xin si jun jin jun Hua zhong di hou xing shi tu 新四军进军华中敌后形势图 [n.p.] (In 皖南事变的真相), 1944

Physical Description: 77x55 cm. (Vault 4292.24/7904)
Oversize folder 3

Shandong Area; Shan dong qu 山东区 [延安, 新华书店, 1944] (中国敌后战场抗日民主根据地分区詳图, 1944

Physical Description: 50x63 cm. (Map 2991.1/5602/no. 3)
Oversize folder 2

Full Map of West Pacific Ocean; Xi Tai ping yang quan tu 西太平洋全图 [n.p.] 新华书店晋西北分店发行, 1945

Physical Description: 79x55 cm. (Map 3970/1287)
Oversize folder 1

Map of Chinese Coastal Areas; Zhong guo yan hai xing shi tu 中国沿海形势图 [延安], 延安印工合作社, 1945

Physical Description: 135x76cm. (Map 3080/7182)
Oversize folder 2

Situation of Germany; De guo xing shi tu, 德国形势图, [n.p.] 抗战日报, 1945

Physical Description: 50x60 cm. (Map 3700/2614)
Oversize folder 2

Administrative Map of Jin Cha Ji Frontier Area; Jin Cha Ji bian qu xing zheng qu hua tu 晉察冀边区行政区划图 [n.p.] 边区印刷局印制, 1946

Physical Description: 97x78 cm. (Map 3081/1313)
Oversize folder 2

Detailed Map of Jin Ji Lu Yu Frontier Area; Jin Ji Lu Yu bian qu xiang tu 晉冀鲁豫边区詳图 [n.p.] 邯郸市教育出版社, 1946

Physical Description: 53x76 cm. (Map 3081/4604)

2014 Incremental Materials, 1910-1955

Scope and Contents

Comprised of posters, cartoons, and leaflets, arranged by subject.

Anti-Japanese resistance and Manchuria, 1937-1951

Box/Folder 13 : 1

"United Nations on the March," music and Chinese text, United Nations flag, undated

Box/Folder 13 : 2

“Black Propaganda,” anti-Japanese propaganda, circa 1938

Box/Folder 13 : 3

Propaganda printed by American Forces in China, circa 1945

Box/Folder 13 : 4

Uncover Xiao Chunjin's Crime, undated

Box/Folder 13 : 5

Anti-Japanese patriotic posters printed by Hunan University, undated

Box/Folder 13 : 6

Materials issued by the Puppet Huabei Xinmin Hui during the Japanese occupation of China, 1938-1945

Box/Folder 13 : 7

Newspaper clippings, 1945

Box/Folder 13 : 8

Newspaper clippings and personal letters of Martin Nosina, undated

Box/Folder 13 : 9

Anti-Imperialism posters and calendar, undated

Scope and Content

Celebrating the 10 year Anniversaty of People's Republic of China.
Box/Folder 13 : 10

Pro-Peking puppet government surrender leaflets, 1937-1941

Box/Folder 13 : 11

Korean War, UN Psychological Warfare in Korea, 1951

Box/Folder 13 : 12

Mixed leaflets, cards, and calendars, undated

Box/Folder 13 : 13

Bookmarks, "How the Steel is Tempered," Luxun and Gorky, undated

Box/Folder 13 : 14

Broadside slogans or pro-Nationalist demonstrations, 1947 March 18


United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA), 1932-1954

Box/Folder 14 : 1

Xinmin newspaper, 1945

Box/Folder 14 : 2

Anti-Japanese, Anti-Jiang materials 1932-1933

Box/Folder 14 : 3

Shou., T. F., "The Korean Question," master thesis, Yanching University, 1946

Box/Folder 14 : 4

Chongqing newspaper clippings on Japanese surrender, 1945 August

Box/Folder 14 : 5

Occupied Tsingtao materials and charts, undated

Box/Folder 14 : 6

Christmas cards and Tianjin newspaper, 1952-1954

Box/Folder 14 : 7-8

Recovery project of the Yellow river, Chongqing newspaper clippings, 1946-1947


Chinese National Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (CNRRA), 1947, undated

Box/Folder 15 : 1

Reports in Chinese, undated

Box/Folder 15 : 2

"Survey of the Yellow River Project in China," undated

Box/Folder 15 : 3

"Serial Welfare Operations of CNRRA Regional Offices," 1947

Box/Folder 15 : 4

CNRRA manuals speech, director Chiang T'sing-Fu, undated

Box/Folder 15 : 6-7

Miscellaneous materials, undated

Box/Folder 15 : 5

"Organizational Law," undated

Box/Folder 15 : 8

"General Situation," undated

Box/Folder 15 : 15

"Problems within the Party" (Yu fei, Li lisan, Luo mai, Qu qiubai), Song from Longdong, undated

Box/Folder 15 : 16

Introduction to TVA, undated


United States Information Service (USIS), 1946, undated

Box/Folder 15 : 9

"The Battle of Berlin," USIS China SE Branch, undated

Box/Folder 15 : 10

"How to Elect Good Land Tenant Commissioners," undated

Box/Folder 15 : 11

"American Army Out of China," undated

Scope and Contents

Includes a song with music notes, map of Singapore City, map of Xinjiang, Cambrian palaeogeography, and lithofacies of China.
Box/Folder 15 : 12

Third plenary session material, undated

Box/Folder 15 : 13

"Start Department Aid to Cultural Exchange with China," by Wellys R. Rech, undated

Box/Folder 15 : 14

"America's New Policy towards Neighboring Countries," 1946


Chinese-American Joint Committee on Rural Reconstruction (JCRR) 1949-1955, undated

Box/Folder 16 : 1

JCRR posters, publication, and other materials, undated

Box/Folder 16 : 2

"Taiwan Agriculture Revival Program," propaganda materials, undated

Box/Folder 16 : 3

Posters and pamphlets with English translations, 1955

Box/Folder 16 : 4

Public health posters, 1951

Box/Folder 16 : 5

Taiwan agriculture and industry posters, undated

Box/Folder 16 : 6

"Exhibition of Products of Oversea Chinese Industries," newspaper, 1954

Box/Folder 16 : 6

Agriculture technology posters, 1950

Box/Folder 16 : 7

JCRR leaflets on agricultural figures, 1949-1950

Box/Folder 18 : 7

Sino-American Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction, undated


Formosa (Taiwan) 1941-1952, undated

Box/Folder 17 : 1

Nationalist Government Education Department, "List of Courses Offered by Chinese College of Agriculture, Engineering and Commerce," 1947

Box/Folder 18 : 8

Baili News, Central Daily News, 1952

Box/Folder 17 : 2

Notes, undated

Box/Folder 17 : 3

Chinese Confucian Association circular to Herbert Hoover urging the U.S. to join war against Japan, 1941

Box/Folder 17 : 4

Anti-CCP postcards, 1950

Box/Folder 17 : 5

Air raid precaution proclamation, 1951

Box/Folder 17 : 5

Chinese government war savings bonds, 1944

Box/Folder 17 : 6

Facsimile of Chinese checks and leaves from a Japanese book, undated

Box/Folder 18 : 7

Comments on the North Atlantic Pact, 1949

Box/Folder 17 : 8

Translations, 1944-1945, 1952

Scope and Contents

Comprised of translations of J-6 in Japanese and Chinese, pass to summer palace, Travel Gazette, and anti-Japan leaflets.
Box/Folder 17 : 9

Telescope Weekly, 1945

Scope and Contents

Comprised of a signature of Chen Shu Tang, Consul General of China to US in 1878, and an anti-Japan cartoon.
Box/Folder 17 : 10

Materials on Tai-Ping Rebellion, 1947-1948

Scope and Contents

Composed of a namelist of Sino-American Research Society, and Jin-Ling University introductory leaflet.
Box/Folder 17 : 11

The Platform of the Chinese Democratic Constitutional Party, undated


KMT materials, 1910-1951, undated

Box/Folder 17 : 14

Leaflets dropped by the Chinese Nationalist Airforce on the mainland, 1950

Box/Folder 17 : 15

Leaflets dropped over the China Mainland on the eve of the Double-Ten Day, 1950

Box/Folder 17 : 16

Shih ping hua pao, No. 34, 1948 June 6

Scope and Contents

Illustrated sheet published by Ministry of National Defense.
Box/Folder 17 : 17

Min chung, No. 2, 1947 May 15

Scope and Contents

Includes colored nationalist cartoons issued by Taiwan Provincial Government.
Box/Folder 17 : 18

Kuo min chih shih. Nos. 66-67, 1947 September

Scope and Contents

Includes sketches of Sinkiang and head of Chang Chih-chung.
Box/Folder 17 : 19-20

Biographical analysis of the 6th KMT Central Executive Committee published by 書包簡訊社 in Yan'an, translated in Beijing, 1947 March 13

Scope and Contents

Includes biographical sketches of the 458 Central Executive Committee members.
Box/Folder 17 : 21

Newspaper clippings, 1934-1951

Scope and Contents note

天津英語雜誌 The Sentinel, September 1934;《孟姜女》音樂劇劇目 March 1946 上海 "Meng Jiang Nv" musical program; 第二戰區長官部音樂晚會節目單 Second war zone music performance for officers program, August 1944; 有關日本投降的重慶報章號外 News about the surrender of Japan; 《長城〉劇目 March 1946; 上海 "The Great Wall" program; 游台紀聞 The Great Safari, May 1951.
Box/Folder 17 : 12

Chinese minor political parties, newspaper clippings, circa 1910s-1940s

Box/Folder 17 : 13

The Manifesto-The Organization Principle of the Chinese Democratic Party, 1945 October 10


Oversize materials, circa 1930s-1952

Box/Folder 18 : 1

Poster and leaflets of the Chinese mainland Famine Relief Association, 1950

Box/Folder 18 : 2

Posters on agriculture and public health, 1951

Box/Folder 18 : 3

Posters and pamphlets on tuberculosis, undated

Box/Folder 18 : 4

Hua Qiao Zhi Sheng, Voice of Chinese Overseas, anti-Japanese newspaper, undated

Box/Folder 18 : 5

KMT 4th War-zone (SE China) Nationalist poster, "Support the War Effort," circa 1930s

Box/Folder 18 : 6

Forestry: Communist Forestry Program posters, 1952

Scope and Contents

Comprised of posters on hygiene and medicine.

2015 Incremental Materials, 1966-1976

Scrolls 1-4

DAZIBAO big character poster (大字报), 1966-1976

Historical Note

The big character poster titled, "Some Complaints about the Leaders of the Ministry," was created by the staff of the Thirteenth Bureau under the Chinese Ministry of Public Security during China's Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). The Thirteenth Bureau was in charge of Qincheng Prison, China's maximum-security political prison, that incarcerated previously influential political figures. During the Cultural Revolution, there was vehement factional fighting in the Thirteenth Bureau.

Scope and Contents

The series is composed of a four-part poster in which the staff of the Thirteenth Bureau, under Chinese Ministry of Public Security, expressed their discontent with their leaders, criticizing them as being arbitrary and suppressing democracy. Sun Pengfei, the vice director of the Bureau, was mentioned in the poster as being inefficient in promoting the Cultural Revolution within the Bureau. In addition, the authors considered the leaders of the Ministry of Public Security to be failures in listening to the voices of the ordinary staff in the Thirteenth Bureau and thus advocated that leaders to visit the Bureau more often. In the last section of the poster, the signatures of the 33 staff members of the Thirteenth Bureau are evident.