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Register of the Richard Thomas Kennedy Papers, 1974-1980
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Series Description

Box 1-23


Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, memoranda, calendars, telephone logs, extensive background materials for trips and speeches, and a few actual copies of speeches by Richard T. Kennedy. Arranged by form.
Box 24-26


Scope and Content Note

Memoranda, reports, speeches, letters and miscellany relating to licensing policy and procedure. Arranged by subject.
Box 26-33


Scope and Content Note

Speeches, reports, bills, memoranda, letters, hearing transcripts and miscellany relating to non-proliferation issues and to the nuclear activities of various countries. Arranged by country.
Box 34-44


Scope and Content Note

Memoranda, reports, letters, speeches, hearing transcripts and operator examinations. Arranged by subject.
Box 45-62


Scope and Content Note

Serial issues, telephone logs, reports, hearing transcripts, press releases, speeches, clippings, printed articles, memoranda and letters relating to the accident at Three Mile Island (TMI), Pennsylvania, 1979 March-April. Arranged by originating agency.
Box 63-88


Scope and Content Note

Memoranda, reports, hearing transcripts, speeches, press releases, telegrams, chronologies and letters. Arranged by subject.
Box 89-90

SUBJECT FILE, 1976-1980.

Scope and Content Note

Speeches, memoranda, letters, hearing transcripts, reports and printed articles relating to the economics of nuclear power and alternative energy sources, as well as energy projections and policy issues. Arranged by subject.
cabinet Tape cabinet


cabinet Cassette cabinet


Box 10.A-V


cabinet Tape cabinet


Box 91-92


Scope and Content Note

Reports, memoranda and transcripts relating to a variety of issues, arranged chronologically.
Reading room workstation


Scope and Content Note

Formerly security-classified records of the U.S. government, released in full or in part. Available as PDF files. The PDF files are page images, so full-text search is not possible. Arranged chronologically by date of release by Hoover, thereunder by date of creation.

Container List




General. Primarily NRC administrative issues

Box 1., Folder 1

General. Annual report, pamphlet, regulations and memoranda primarily relating to the Sunshine Act and the Ethics in Government Act, 1975-1980

Folder 2

Conflict of interest, 1975-1980

Folder 3-5

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 1978-1980



Box 2., Folder 1-3


Box 3., Folder 1-4


Box 4., Folder 1



Chronological file. Correspondence and memoranda

Folder 2-3


Box 5., Folder 1-4

1977-1978 June

Box 6., Folder 1-5

1978 July-1979 June

Box 7., Folder 1-3

1979 July-1980 April

Box 8., Folder 1

1980 April-July


Speeches. NOTE: The few copies of speeches by Richard Kennedy are found with related materials under the subsequent entry, "Trips"


General. Speeches by other NRC personnel, primarily Commissioners

Folder 2-4


Box 9., Folder 1-4



Background materials. Materials for Commissioner Kennedy's speeches, arranged by subject

Folder 5

Energy, 1977-1980

Box 10., Folder 1-3

International, 1975-1980

Folder 4-5

Non-proliferation and safeguards, 1975-1980

Folder 6

Nuclear power, 1974-1979

Box 11., Folder 1

Nuclear power (contd.)

Folder 2

Quotations, 1977-1980

Folder 3

Radiation health effects, 1978

Folder 4

Regulation, 1975-1979

Folder 5

Seabrook (New Hampshire), 1978

Folder 6

States, 1977-1980

Folder 7

Statistics, 1976-1979

Folder 8

Three Mile Island, 1979-1980

Folder 9

Waste management, 1976-1980


Telephone logs. Includes attachments of appointment schedules and note pads

Folder 10-11

1974 Dec.-1975 June 13

Box 12., Folder 1-10

1975 June 16-1977 Aug.

Box 13., Folder 1-9

1977 Sept.-1979 March

Box 14., Folder 1-7

1979 March-1980 June


Trips. Includes extensive briefing materials, and a few speeches (See Appendix for details)

Box 15., Folder 1-7

1975 Feb. 24-Sept. 20. Draft remarks, Aug. 20

Box 16., Folder 1-10

1975 Sept. 20 (contd.) -1976 June 18

Box 17., Folder 1-7

1976 Aug. 2-Dec. 16

Box 18., Folder 1-10

1977 Jan. 18-July. "The NRC and its Regulatory Role," 1977 April 20

Box 19., Folder 1-6

1977 July 11-Oct. 12

Box 20., Folder 1-7

1977 Oct. 13-1978 May 20.

Additional Note

SEE ALSO: VIDEOCASSETTES for an interview and a presentation given by Commissioner Kennedy in Korea, 1978 March
Box 21., Folder 1-9

1978 June 13-1979 Jan. 27. "Cleaning up Our Federal Energy Regulatory Mess," 1978 June 13; "Health and Safety Aspects of Nuclear Reactor Exports," Oct. 11; Remarks, 1979 Jan. 25

Box 22., Folder 1-8

1979 Feb. 12-Nov. 13.

Additional Note

SEE ALSO: PHONOTAPES for cassette tapes which include a speech by Richard Kennedy at the American Law Institute-American Bar Association Second Annual Program on Nuclear Export Control, 1979 March; and a reel-to-reel tape of a speech delivered by Richard Kennedy in Madrid, 1979 Nov. 5
Box 23., Folder 1-4

1980 March 27-May 6



Box 24., Folder 1-2

General. Speeches, letters and responses to Congressional inquiries, 1976-1980

Folder 3-6

Adjudicatory process, 1975-1980

Folder 7

Hearing process, 1978-1980

Box 25., Folder 1

Hearing process (Contd.), 1980


Immediate Effectiveness Study. Relates to the issue of nuclear power plant construction during adjudication proceedings. Includes several reports

Folder 2-6

1978 Feb.-1979 Dec. Final report, 1979 Dec.

Box 26., Folder 1-2

1979 Dec. (Final report, contd.)-1980 March

Folder 3-6

Lessons Learned. Study Group Recommendations, 1977 April-1979 Feb.






Export Reorganization Act (S. 1439)

Box 26., Folder 7

1976 Jan.-March

Box 27., Folder 1-7

1976 May-Sept.

Folder 7

1980 May-June


International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Evaluation (INFCE)

Box 28., Folder 1

General. Speeches and articles, 1978 Feb.-1980 March

Folder 2-6

1977 Nov.-1979 Aug.

Folder 7

Licensing, 1976 Aug.-1977 July


Non-proliferation and weapons

Box 29., Folder 1-5

General. Speeches and articles, 1974-1980.

Scope and Content Note

Includes an annual report of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and a presidential report to Congress, 1980 Jan.

Conferences. Collections of presentations

Folder 6

Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, 1978 March 14-16

Folder 7

International Conference on Regulating Nuclear Energy, 1978 May

Box 30., Folder 1

National Security Affairs Conference, 1978 July 17-19

Folder 2-3

Atomic Industrial Forum Conference on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Safeguards, 1978 Oct. 24

Folder 4

Atomic Industrial Forum Executive Conference on International Nuclear Commerce, 1979 Sept. 11

Folder 5-7

Organization of American States Conference on the Utilization of Small and Medium Size Power Reactors in Latin America, 1980 May 12-15

Box 31., Folder 1

Great Britain. Reports, 1977-1979


India. Relates to the export of fuel and components for the Tarapur reactor

Folder 2-6

1976 Jan.-1978 April

Box 32., Folder 1-8

1978 May-1979 Oct.

Box 33., Folder 1-3

1980 Jan.-June

Folder 4

Soviet Union. DOE "Report of the Visit of the U.S.-U.S.S.R. Coordinating Committee on Scientific and Technical Cooperation in the Field of Thermal Power Plant Heat Rejection Systems to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics," 1978 Nov. (DOE/ET-0076)

Folder 5-6

West Germany. Relates to the proposed export of reactor components in the construction of a new reactor, 1976 July-1978 Jan.




Emergency Planning

Box 34., Folder 1-7

1975 Dec.-1979 June

Box 35., Folder 1-7

1979 July-Dec. Includes comments on an NRC/EPA Task Force report (NUREG-0396), 1979 Sept.

Box 36., Folder 1-8

1979 Dec.-1980 May. Includes materials relating to an organizational discussion, 1980 Jan. 8



Box 37., Folder 1-3

General, 1976 Aug.-1977 May. Primarily printed reports (NUREG-0002, NUREG-0290 and NUREG-0095) relating to safeguards and material accounting.

Additional Note

Folder 4-6

American Physical Society Study Group on Nuclear Fuel Cycles and Waste Management report, 1977 March-Oct.

Box 38., Folder 1-2

Information and communications systems. Includes a report by the Mitre Corporation, "Communications and Control to Support Incident Management", 1977 Nov.-1979 Dec.


Inspection and enforcement. Primarily policy issues

Folder 3

Burden of proof in enforcement proceedings, 1976 Oct.-1980 May


Civil penalties

Folder 4-7

1974 Dec.-1979 April

Box 39., Folder 1-2

1979 May-1980 June

Folder 3-5

Operators, 1979 Feb.-Nov.





Folder 6

General, 1979 April-Nov.

Folder 7-8

Printed reports (NUREG/CR-0147, NUREG/CR-0565, NUREG/CR-0793, NUREG-0577), 1978 June-1979 Oct.

Box 40., Folder 1

Anticipated Transient without Scram (ATWS), 1979 Sept.-1980 Feb.

Folder 2

Emergency Core Cooling System (ECCS). Report of Advisory Task Force on Power Reactor Emergency Cooling, ca. 1967


Risk assessment




General. Relates largely to the progress of the Risk Assessment Review Group

Folder 3-6

1975 Oct.-1979 May. Final report (Lewis Report, NUREG/CR-0400), 1978 Sept.

Box 41., Folder 1

1979 July-1980 Feb.


Lewis Study. Primarily reaction to and analysis of the Lewis Report

Folder 2-6

1978 Sept.-1979 Feb.

Box 42., Folder 1-2

1979 Feb.-July

Folder 3-6

Radiation exposure (including occupational exposure), 1977 Feb.-1979 Sept. Includes reports by the National Research Council, "Considerations of Health Benefit-Cost Analysis for Activities Involving Ionizing Radiation Exposure and Alternatives," 1977; "Occupational Radiation Exposure at Light Water Cooled Power Reactors," (NUREG-0482), 1979 May; and Massachusetts PIRG, "Nuclear Power Plants: Unsafe for Workers," 1979 Aug.



Folder 7

1976 Jan.-1977 Dec.

Box 43., Folder 1-7

1978 Jan.-1980 Feb.

Box 44., Folder 1-4

1980 Feb.-April


Specific reactor sites

Folder 5

Clinch River (Tennessee), 1975 April-1978 Aug.

Folder 6

North Anna (Virginia). Testimony on licensing (NUREG-0370), 1977 Oct.



Folder 7

General. Reports, 1976

Folder 8-9

Anti-Terrorism Act (S. 2236), 1977 Oct.-1978 Sept.





Box 45., Folder 1-3

Articles, 1979 April-Aug.

Folder 4

Clippings, 1979 April-1980 June. Predominantly relating to the venting of krypton-85 from the TMI-2 reactor


Press releases

Folder 5-6

General, 1979 March-1980 May. Includes statements by President Jimmy Carter and others, relating to the accident and the subsequent Kemeny Commission investigation

Folder 7

Associated Press and United Press International, 1979 March-Oct.


Telephone transcripts. Incident Response Center

Box 46., Folder 1

General. Miscellaneous sheets to be interfiled with transcripts which are not in this collection

Folder 2-3

Day 5 (April 1, 1979), Channel 19

Folder 4-7

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Nuclear Safety Analysis Center (NSAC), "Analysis of Three Mile Island Unit 2 Accident," 1979 July-Oct. Report with indexed bibliography and memoranda comparing this report to NUREG-0600

Box 47., Folder 1

Energy Department (DOE). Letters and an aerial radiological report, 1979 April-1980 Feb.

Folder 2

Illinois Commission on Atomic Energy. Report, letter, commission review material, 1979 Oct.-Dec.

Folder 3

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. Serial issue and letters, 1979 Nov.


NRC Special Inquiry Group (Rogovin Commission). This was an independent study commissioned by the NRC and prepared under the direction of the law firm of Rogovin, Stern and Huge


General. Primarily progress reports and materials related to NRC review of the final report; includes responses to letters from Reps. Toby Moffett and Morris Udall

Folder 4-9

1979 April-1980 Feb.

Box 48., Folder 1-2

1980 March-May

Folder 3

Depositions by Mr. Kennedy, 1979 Oct. 2


Report, 1980 Jan. 24 (draft)

Folder 4-5

Parts 1-2

Box 49., Folder 1

Part 3

Folder 2

Pennsylvania, State of. Governor's Commission on Three Mile Island. Report, memorandum and letters, 1979-1980


President's Commission on the Accident (Kemeny Commission)



Folder 3-5

1979 April-July

Box 50., Folder 1-2

1979 July-Oct.



Folder 3

Ahearne, John F. (NRC Commissioner), Aug. 29

Folder 4

Bradford, Peter A. (NRC Commissioner), Sept. 10

Folder 5

Denton, Harold (Director, NRC Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation), May 31

Box 51., Folder 1-2

Gallina, Charles O. (NRC Investigation Specialist), Aug. 2 and Aug. 16

Folder 3

Gilinsky, Victor (NRC Commissioner), Sept. 8

Folder 4

Hendrie, Joseph M. (NRC Chairman), Sept. 7


Kennedy, Richard T. (NRC Commissioner)

Folder 5

General. Background material, including annotated sequence of events and question lists



Box 52., Folder 1

1979 June 1

Folder 2

1979 Aug. 22

Folder 3

1979 Sept. 5

Folder 4

Thornburgh, Richard (Gov. of Pennsylvania), Aug. 21


Hearing transcripts

Folder 5-8

1979 April 25-May 17

Box 53., Folder 1-6

1979 May 18-May 31

Box 54., Folder 1-6

1979 June 1-Aug. 22

Box 55., Folder 1-2

1979 Aug. 22 (highlighted copy) -Aug. 23






General. Background and NRC report review materials

Folder 3-5

1979 Oct.-Nov. Includes "NRC Views and Analysis of the Recommendations of the President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island"

Box 56., Folder 1-6

1979 Nov.-Dec.

Box 57., Folder 1-4

Articles, 1979 Oct.-Nov.

Folder 5

Final Report and Supplemental Views. Includes index to staff reports


Staff reports

Folder 6

Office of the General Counsel, "The Nuclear Regulatory Commission"


Technical Assessment Task Force

Folder 7

"Summary Sequence of Events"

Folder 8



"Thermal Hydraulics"


"Core Damage"


"WASH-1400--Reactor Safety Study"

Box 58., Folder 1

"Selection, Training, Qualification, and Licensing of Three Mile Island Reactor Operating Personnel"

Folder 2

"Pilot-Operated Relief Valve Design and Performance"


"Containment: Transport of Radioactivity from the TMI-2 Core to the Environs"

Folder 3

Public Health and Safety Task Force


"Radiation Health Effects"


"Public Health and Epidemiology"

Folder 4

Public's Right to Information Task Force. Summary of report only

Folder 5

TMI Ad Hoc Nuclear Oversight Committee (Edison Electrical Institute, American Public Power Association, and National Rural Electric Cooperative Association), Report and letters, 1980 March-May


U. S. Congress

Folder 6

General. Joint House-Senate hearings: Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Subcommittee on Nuclear Regulation, Gary Hart, Chairman until 1981, followed by Alan K. Simpson (hereafter referred to as the Hart/Simpson Committee); and House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment, Morris Udall, Chairman (hereafter referred to as the Udall Committee), 1979 Oct. 31. Transcript and NRC memorandum


House of Representatives



Folder 7-8



1979 March-Oct.

Box 59., Folder 1-2

1979 Nov.-1980 May. Includes letter to Rep. Udall in response to inquiry, 1979 Nov.

Folder 3

Legislation (H.R. 2608; H.R. 3415/4174; H.R. 3476; H.R. 4096), 1979 April-Oct.

Folder 4

House Committee on Armed Services, Subcommittee on Military Installations and Facilities, Lucien N. Nedzi, Chairman. Memorandum, 1979 May 17

Folder 5-6

House Committee on Government Operations, Subcommittee on Energy and Natural Resources, Anthony Toby Moffett, Chairman. Includes a hearing summary, 1979 May 14, a letter from Rogovin, 1980 Feb. 12, and a transcript of hearings relating to the Rogovin report, 1980 Feb. 13


House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment, (Udall Committee). Includes transcripts, memoranda, and Kennedy responses to questions

Folder 7-8

1979 May

Box 60., Folder 1-3

1979 May-Sept.

Folder 4

House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Subcommittee on Energy and Power, John Dingell, Chairman. Transcript, memoranda and notes, 1979 Nov.


House Committee on Science and Technology

Folder 5-7

Subcommittee on Energy Research and Production, Mike McCormack, Chairman. Memoranda and transcripts, 1979 May and Sept.

Folder 8

Subcommittee on Natural Resources and Environment, Jerome A. Ambro, Chairman. Memoranda, 1979 May



Folder 9



Correspondence, 1979 April-1980 Feb.

Box 61., Folder 1

Legislation (S. 562), 1979 April-May


Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Subcommittee on Nuclear Regulation (Hart/Simpson Committee).

Folder 2

General. Letters from the NRC in response to Committee inquiries, 1979 Oct.-1980 Jan.

Folder 3-5

1979 April 10. Hearing transcript, press releases, statement

Folder 6-7

1979 April 23. Hearing transcript (morning session), statements, memoranda, and responses to questions

Folder 8-9

1979 April 30. Hearing transcript, statements, and responses to questions

Box 62., Folder 1

1979 Sept. 26. Kennedy deposition and letters

Folder 2-3

1979 Oct. 2-3. Hearing transcripts, memoranda and statement

Folder 4-5

1979 Nov. 8-9. Hearing transcripts, letter, memorandum

Folder 6-8

Senate Committee on Government Operations, Subcommittee on Energy, Nuclear Proliferation and Government Processes, John Glenn, Chairman. Memoranda, transcripts, statements, and responses to questions, 1979 May 8-9





Box 63., Folder 1-4

General. Pre-accident materials relating to the operating license, including an inspection report, 1978 Feb.-1980 May


Correspondence. Incoming. Includes letters and telegrams neither to nor from the NRC

Folder 5-9

1979 March-April

Box 64., Folder 1-2

1979 April-1980 July

Folder 3-4

Correspondence. Outgoing, 1979 April-1980 Jan.


Meeting transcripts. Closed meetings

Folder 5-6

1979 March 30-31

Box 65., Folder 1-6

1979 April 1-6

Box 66., Folder 1-9

1979 April 9-Nov. 2

Box 67., Folder 1-8

Meeting transcripts. Open meetings, 1979 April 4-May 17

Box 68., Folder 1

Memoranda. Includes material relating to technical issues and the release of NRC meeting transcripts, 1979 March 29-Aug. 9

Folder 2

Preliminary Event Notification reports, 1979 April 1-Dec. 10

Folder 3-5

Press conferences, 1979 April 2-May 7

Folder 6

Press releases, 1979 April 11-1980 April 17



Folder 7

General. Weekly Status Reports, 1980 March 11-June 23

Folder 8

1979 April, "Evaluation of Long-term Post Accident Core Cooling of Three Mile Island Unit 2" (NUREG-0557)

Box 69., Folder 1-3

Accident sequence. Chronologies, memoranda, hearing transcript and statement, 1979 ca. March-May


Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards

Folder 4-7

General. Includes letter and report to the Rogovin Commission relating to ACRS recommendations, 1979 July 25


Hearing transcripts


General meetings, 1979

Box 70., Folder 1-3

April 5 (Meeting #228)


May 10 (Meeting #229)

Box 71., Folder 1-3

May 11-12 (Meeting #229, contd.)


June 14 (Meeting #230)

Box 72., Folder 1

June 15 (Meeting #230, contd.)

Folder 2-3

Special meetings, 1979 April 16-17

Box 73.

TMI Subcommittee meetings, 1979

Folder 1-4

April 4-May 1

Box 74., Folder 1-2

May 9 and May 31

Box 75., Folder 1-3

June 1-7

Box 76., Folder 1-4

July 9-27

Box 77., Folder 1-2

Aug. 8-Sept. 5


Babcock and Wilcox. Primarily post-TMI re-evaluation of generic design and sister plants


General. Other reactors



Folder 3-4

1979 April

Box 78., Folder 1

1979 May

Folder 2-3

Davis Besse (Ohio), 1976 Nov.-1979 July. NOTE: A very similar accident occurred here 1977 Sept. 24, yet was recognized and controlled

Folder 4

Oconee (South Carolina), 1978 April-1979 June

Folder 5

Rancho Seco (California), 1979 April 1-19.

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence with Gov. Edmund Brown, Jr.
Folder 6

1978 Jan. C. Michelson, "Decay Heat Removal during a Very Small Breack LOCA for a B&W 205-Fuel-Assembly PWR"

Folder 7

1979 May, "Staff Report on the Generic Assessment of Feedwater Transients in Pressurized Water Reactors Designed by the B&W Company" (NUREG-0560)


Corrective actions. Consists of TMI Lessons Learned Task Force recommendations and the subsequent development of an Action Plan for more general reactor regulation reform

Box 79., Folder 1-7

1979 April-Sept. Includes a report entitled "TMI Lessons Learned Task Force Status Report and Short-term Recommendations" (NUREG-0578), July; and a transcript sent to the NRC by the President's Commission for licensing review purposes, Aug. 23

Box 80., Folder 1-9

1979 Sept.-1980 May. Includes a memorandum with a transcript of a briefing by Harold Denton on the conclusions of the task force, 1979 Sept. 6; a draft report entitled "Report to the Director, Office of Inspection and Enforcement on Lessons Learned from Three Mile Island by Special Review Group, OIE" (NUREG-0616), Oct. 10; a final report entitled, "TMI-2 Lessons Learned Final Report", Oct.; a report entitled "Supplement to Staff Position on Need to Consider Class 9 Events," which relates to a general re-evaluation of major accident factors, including appendices on the NRC Action Plan, siting and design, emergency preparedness and radiation effects, 1980 March


Decontamination and clean-up of the TMI-2 reactor

Box 81., Folder 1-7

1979 April-Dec.

Box 82., Folder 1-7

1980 Jan.-June. Includes materials relating to public meetings held in Pennsylvania, March 19 and 21


Economic effects

Folder 8

Extraordinary Nuclear Occurrence (ENO). Relates to the discussion concerning application of this designation to the TMI accident, thus qualifying under the Price-Andersen Act to provide payment for any resulting claims

Box 83., Folder 1

Financial qualification review, 1980 Feb.-March


Emergency response procedures

Folder 2-5

Emergency planning, 1979 April-Sept.

Folder 6

Evacuation plans, 1979 April

Folder 7-8

Interagency Radiological Assistance Program (IRAP), 1979 April

Box 84., Folder 1

Environmental effects. Primarily a report (NUREG-0596), 1979 Oct.-1980 April


General Public Utilities/Metropolitan Edison. Relates primarily to issues of management competence and the restart of the undamaged TMI-1 reactor, 1979 June-1980 March. Includes public meeting, 1980 Jan. 9

Folder 2-7

1979 June-1980 Jan. Includes an interim report submitted by Met. Ed. with cover memorandum dated Aug. 9; and a Safety Evaluation order modifying operating license ca. Sept.

Box 85., Folder 1-2

1980 Jan.-March

Folder 3

International reactions, 1979 April-1980 Feb.


Investigation and enforcement

Folder 4-7

General, 1979 March-1980 May. Includes some material relating to allegations by Harold W. Hartman, Jr.

Box 86., Folder 1

"Investigation into the March 28, 1979 Three Mile Island Accident by Office of Inspection and Enforcement" (NUREG-0600)

Folder 2-3

Legal issues. Relates largely to records management and FOIA requests, 1979 April-1980 May


Radiation health effects

Folder 4-5

1979 April-May

Box 87., Folder 1-6

1979 June-1980 April

Folder 7-8

Social and psychological effects, 1979 July-1980 May. Includes a report entitled, "The Social and Economic Effects of the Accident at Three Mile Island" (NUREG/CR-1215)


Technical systems

Box 88., Folder 1

General. Other reactors (non-Babcock & Wilcox), 1979 April

Folder 2-6

Hydrogen bubble, 1979 June-Sept. Includes a report on hydrogen/oxygen generation rate during the accident, 1979 June

Folder 7

In-core thermocouples, 1979 Sept.-Nov.

Folder 8

Instrumentation, 1979 April-Dec.

Folder 9

Oak Ridge Laboratories technical support, 1979 July-Sept.


SUBJECT FILE, 1976-1980.

Additional Note

Box 89., Folder 1-6

Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc. (AIF)


General, 1976 Oct.-1979 March. Letters, memoranda, notes, reports on licensing problems, and a transcript of a meeting with the NRC


Conference reports, ca. 1976-1980


Economics of nuclear energy

Folder 7-8

General, 1977 Aug.-1979 Sept. Memoranda, reports, and hearing testimony

Box 90., Folder 1

Anti-trust review process. Memoranda, reports, and letters, 1977 Feb.-1979 Sept.

Folder 2-5

Energy policy and projections. Primarily speeches, reports and printed articles, 1974 Nov.-1980 April. Includes a survey report by Louis Harris & Associates, Inc., 1978 Dec.

Folder 6

Solar studies. Letters relating to a proposed study, 1978 April



cabinet Tape cabinet

1 phonotape (reel-to-reel) of a speech given in Madrid by Richard Kennedy, 1979 Nov. 5



cabinet Cassette cabinet

16 cassettes of the American Law Institute-American Bar Association Second Annual Program on Nuclear Export Control, Washington, D.C., 1979 March.


1 cassette of a song by Bea Godfney, "God Bless Solar Energy"



cabinet 10.A-V

See photo card catalog for description



cabinet Tape cabinet

Two videocassettes made during a trip to Korea in 1978 March: an interview with Richard Kennedy entitled "Nuclear Energy and Nonproliferation", and a speech by Richard Kennedy entitled "United States Nonproliferation Policy"



Additional Note

(* indicates subsequent NRC review)


Box 91., Folder 1

General. Includes miscellaneous material relating to the restriction of these documents

Folder * 2

1975 March-1976 August. Adjudicatory items relating to: 1) restricted data procedures; 2) certiorari system for the Commission; 3) use of cameras during NRC licensing hearings; 4) SECY-A-75-24; 5) reactor site criteria. Reports and memoranda


3) Returned to collection as per NRC Public Documents print-out


4) Expurgated copy returned to collection as per NRC letter 1987 July 30


5) Original returned to collection as per NRC letter 1987 July 30

Folder 3

1975 May 9. Review of ALAB-268, Southern California Edison Co., San Onofre. Policy report

Folder 4

1975 May 25. Clinch River Breeder Reactor (SECY A-76-45 and ALAB-330). Report prepared for Commissioner Kennedy by Richard Stratford

Folder 5

ca. 1975 June-July. Miscellaneous contracts of interest. Note

Folder 6

1975 Sept. 4. Signing of NRC/FMI arrangement for nuclear facilities safety cooperation. Summary telex (?) message relating to IAEA meeting in Vienna

Folder 7

1976 May 6. Opinion on petition for intervention and hearing on Tarapur, India export license (SECY-A-76-40). Memorandum/report from Peter Strauss, General Counsel

Folder 8

1976 May 16. Memorandum from Commissioner Kennedy to Ken Chapman relating to safeguards

Folder 9

1976 June 19. Summary information on FBI conference re: Bicentennial weekend with letter from Director, Civil Aviation Security Service. Memorandum relating to possible terrorist activities

Folder 10

1976 June 28. Commission review of NEPA issues presented by the Clinch River Breeder Reactor project. Memorandum/report from Peter L. Strauss, General Counsel

Folder 11

1976 July 13. Export Reorganization Act (S. 1439): Next Steps. Memorandum from Ben Huberman for the Commission

Folder 12

1976 Sept. 10. Comments on the August 31 version of the Safeguards supplement. Memorandum from Commissioner Kennedy to Ben Huberman

Folder 13

1976 Sept. 22. Comments on the draft DES Safeguards Supplement Cost Benefit Analysis. Memorandum from Commissioner Kennedy to Ben Huberman

Folder * 14

1976 Nov. 5. Export Licensing Review. Memorandum and draft report from James R. Shea to the Commission. Expurgated copy returned to collection as per NRC letter 1987 July 30

Folder 15

1976 Nov. 10. Draft summary of Export Licensing Study. Memorandum and draft summary from James R. Shea to the Commission

Folder 16

1976 Nov. 29. Draft Export Licensing Study: Next Steps. Memorandum and outline of proposed export licensing rule from Ben Huberman to the Commission

Folder 17

1977 ca. May 16. "Nuclear Energy's Dilemma: Safely Disposing of High Level Radioactive Wastes". Partial draft GAO report previously attached to testimony by Clifford V. Smith before the Udall Committee

Folder * 18

1977 Nov. 3. Additional guidance--Policy on Alternative Site Evaluations (SECY-77-433). Memorandum from Samuel J. Chilk (Secretary) to Lee V. Gossick (Executive Director for Operations) with attached policy statement. Expurgated copy returned to collection as per NRC letter of 1987 July 30

Folder 19

1978 April 21. Report on discussions with foreign officials during trip to Far East, 1978 March 9-24. Report with cover memorandum from Joseph D. Lafleur, Jr. (Office of International Programs) to Commissioner Kennedy

Folder 20

1979 Jan. 11. NRC staff comments on proposed export of special nuclear materials to India for the Tarapur Atomic Power Station. Legal document

Folder 21

1979 June 16. N. C. Menon report on NRC consideration of Tarapur fuel license. State Department dispatch

Folder 22

1979 July 12. State Department response to questions on proposed export to India, XSNM-1379. Information report

Folder 23

1979 July 23. Westinghouse FOIA request. Memorandum from Commissioner Kennedy for Carlton R. Stoiber (Assistant General Counsel) with attachments of earlier materials

Folder 24

1979 Oct. 12. Staff requirements--affirmation session 79-29. Memorandum with attachments from Samuel Chilk to Lee V. Gossick and Leonard Bickwit, Jr. (General Counsel)

Folder 25

1979 Dec. 7. Staff organization. Memorandum from Commissioner Kennedy to the Commission

Folder * 26

1980 May 9. Draft GAO letter report to Senators Hart and Simpson on NRC's actions to implement TMI recommendations. Memorandum from James J. Cummings (Director, Office of Inspector and Auditor) to William J. Dircks (Executive Director for Operations). Original returned to collection as per NRC letter 1987 July 30


Three Mile Island transcripts

Box 92., Folder 1-2

1979 March 30 (two versions)

Folder 3

1979 March 31

Folder 4

1979 April 16

Folder * 5-6

1979 April 17 (with memorandum). Partial expurgated copy returned to the collection as per NRC letter 1987 July 30

Folder 7

1979 April 18

Folder 8-9

1979 April 23 (two versions)

Folder * 10

1979 April 24 (with memorandum). Partial expurgated copy returned to the collection as per NRC letter 1987 July 30

Folder 11

1979 May 11

Folder 12

1979 June 13



Reading room workstation

Records released in 2010, 1976