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Register of the Martin (Freddy) Collection, Pt. 3, c1930-1980
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U.S.A. (Composer's Medley-Cuban Conservatory) 1948


U.S.A. Stuff 3003


U.S.C. 2722


Umbrella man, The E#15


"Umbrellas of Cherbourg," Theme from (3335), S#304


Unchained Melody 2466


Under a Blanket of Blue 2699


Under a Strawberry Moon 552


Under Paris Skies 2465


Underneath the Arches 1241


Unforgettable (3076), S#460


University March Songs (No Score) 2722


University of Southern California Football Song "Lights out March" 1775


Until 1756, 3115


Until the Stars Fall down 553


Until Tomorrow 551


Untitled (It's Time for Love


Untitled (Concerto)


Untitled Too 3209, 2949, 3212


Up a Lazy River 1167, 2952, 2957


Up up and Away 3422


Uptown Saturday Night 548, 2712


Us on a Bus 550


Use Your Imagination 2100


Vagabond Dreams 132


Vagabond Lover 467


Valse bluette [arr. by Dell Lampe] E#358


Valse Triste [Eddie Sheasby arr.; 1938] 181


Vampin' 2113


Vanessa 3039


Vanity 2140


Varsovienne, La (2 arr.) 1894


Vassar Drive 2043


Vaya Con Dios 2290


Velvet Glove,The 2353


Very Thought of You, The 468, 613


Very Thought of You, The - Medley #9 [Bye Bye Blackbird] 3353


Vesti La Giubba [Verdi] 470


Victors, The (Michigan) March 1599


Victors, The [Michigan] (2722), S#128


Victory March 110


Victory Polka 469


Victory polka NO#


Victory Train 497


Viene Su 2467


Vieni, vieni E#418


Vienna beauties NO#


Vienna, city of my dreams NO#


Vienna Life 111


Vienna life [arr. Eddie Sheasby, 1936] NO#


Vienna Woods, Tales from - Blue Danube (Old-no Score) 3248


Vienna woods (3248, 3148), S#611


Viennese waltzes (3154) [Vilia; Wien, Wien; Merry Widow]S#612


Vilia (From the Merry Widow) 1630


Violets NO#


Violin concerto E#359


Violin Medley [when a Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry; Play Fiddle Play; Dark Eyes; Two Guitars; Play Gypsies, Dance Gypsies] 2183


Voice in the Wind 471


Voices of Spring 1768


Volare 2838, 2855


Vous Qui Passez 549


Wabash Blues Medley ("Old Times" Album) 2963, 1853


Wait for Me, Mary, If That's the Way You Want it 1440


Waitin' for the Train to Come in 1488


Waiting E#372


Waiting 1496


Wait'll I Get My Sunshine in the Moonlight 1456


Wake the Town and Tell the People 2464


Walk Hand in Hand 2561


Walk Talk 614


Walkin' down to Washington [arr. Al Woodbury, 1960?] NO#


Walkin' my baby back home (3036), S#482


Walkin' to Missouri 2265


Walkin' with My Honey 623


Walking happy [inst.] (3405), S#28


Walking in the Rain, Just 2624


Walking Music 1445


Walter Winchell Rhumba [New] 2782, 1673


Walter Winchell rhumba S#365


Walter's rhumba E#362


Waltz at Maxim's (2880), S#345


Waltz of the flowers [2 arr.] (1441), S#614


Waltz of the Puppets 2134


Waltz you saved for me, The E#14


Wanna be loved NO#


Wanted 2508


Warren Medley 1513


Warsaw Concerto 1457, 2180


Warsaw concerto (2786), S#298


Wasn't it You 1477


Washington (March) 2722


Washington Square [Vocal] 3259


Watch what happens [inst.] (3447)S#81


Water Loo 1450


Way back home E#382


Way Back Home [No Score] 3186


Way down under 1388


Way down yonder in New Orleans [arr. by Fred Van Eps] E#416


Way down yonder in New Orleans [Joe Graves Vocal + Trumpet] 3216


Way you look tonight E#361


Way we were, The (3513) [arr. BB]S#99


Way You Look Tonight, The 1481


Way you look tonight, The (2144, 2239), S#299


We Are the Boys from Florida (March) 2272


We Could Make Such Beautiful Music Together 1487


We Did it Before 555


We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye 1749


We Kiss in a Shadow 2105


We Live for Love Tonight 1462


We musn't say goodbye E#375


We Three 1433


We Want to Be Happy 2072


We Want to Say "Hello" 2179


We will always be sweethearts [arr. Eddy Sheasby, 1936] NO#


We'd like to Make Ourselves at Home (See HB-32) HB-214


Weddin' Day 1806


Wedding Waltz,The [How Can You Forget] 119


Wedding waltz NO#


Weeping willow tree NO#


Welcome to My Dreams 1479


We'll Be Together Again 1486


We'll Gather Lilacs 1413


We'll Never Know 136


We'll never know NO#


Well, Well, Well 1411


Wells Fargo Wagon, the 2823


Went out of My Way 1420


We're Never Too Busy to Say Hello 1951


West Point March 2722


West Side Story (Overture) 3194


West Virginia 1421


West Wind 1444


We've Got a Lot of Livin' to Do 3258


What a difference a day makes E#369


What Am I Gonna Do about You 1469


What a Town 2729


What are you doing? [arr. John Newsome, 3-75]S#98


What Did I Do 1758


What do we care if it's one o'clock NO#


What Do You Hear in Your Heart 1416


What Does a Soldier Dream of 1422


What goes on E#363


What Goes on Here in My Heart? 1539


What Good Would the Moon Be? 1428


What Have We Got to Lose? 556


What I did for love [arr. BB]S#87


What Is it with You? 1451


What Is this Thing Called Love? 1435


What kind of fool am I? (3196)S#159


What Makes the Sunset 1436


What More Can I Ask for? 1426


What Now, My Love? 3332


What People Dream about 2622


What Word's Sweeter than Sweetheart 1418


Whatcha Say 1443


Whatever Lola Wants 2403


What'll I Do? 1670


What's a Man Supposed to Do? 1480


What's Good about Goodbye? 1617


What's new E#365


What's New? [no score] 2701


What's new [arr. Ray Austin](3528, 3265), S#36


What's New?, So [different tune] 3397


What's the reason? E#415


Whatta Ya Gonna Do 1463


When Am I Going to Kiss You Goodmorning 2709, 1485


When Day Is Done (Paul Whiteman 3236, 197


When I fall in love (2178), S#190a


When I grow too old to dream E#370


When I leave the world behind E#381


When I write my song E#360


When I'm 64 (No Score) 3495


When Irish Eyes Are Smiling 3321, 137


When I Saw you 1417


When It's Springtime in the Rockies (Hitz) (No Score) 2664


When Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby 139


When Mother Nature sings her lullaby NO#


When My Baby Smiles at Me 3301


When my baby's by my side E#374


When my dreamboat comes home E#380


When My Dreamboat Comes Home 2594


When the Boys Come Home 1494


When the Circus Comes to Town 142


When the Leaves Begin to Fall 1424


When the Lights Go on Again 1423


When the One You Love 1464


When the Shepherd Leads His Sheep Back Home 1419


When the White Lilacs Bloom Again 2612


When the White Roses Bloom 2705, 1471


When they ask E#366


When they played the polka E#379


When Will You Say You're Mine? 2471


When You Left Me 1762


When You Walk in the Room 1478


When You Wish upon a Star 1789, 133


When Your Lover Is Gone 1472


When You're near Me 3085


When You're Smiling 1474


When you're smiling [medley] (3199), S#408, S#40


Where 1497


Where Am I Without You 1412


Where are you? E#417


Where Are You Gonna Be When the Moon Shines 1955


Where Do I Go from You 2070


Where Did the Night Go 2206


Where in the World 1495,1414, 3464


Where or When [3 arr.] 1446


Where or when (2468), S#287, S#473


Where the Blue of the Night [Short Segment] 2922


Where Ya Goin? What's the Hurry? Where's the Fire? 1901


Where You Are 1490


Wherever There's Me There's You 1453


Wherever You Are 1461


Whiffenpoof Song, The 517


Whiffenpoof Song, The (College Medley) 1989


While the Angelus Was Ringing 2022


While you're away E#367


While You're Away 1447


Whirling bridge NO#


Whisper Time 1483


Whispering 1473


Whispering E#364


Whispering (2966, 1473)S#474


Whispering Medley ("Old Times" Album) 2966


Whistle a Happy Tune, I 3070


Whistling Away the Dark [from "Darling Lili"] 3457


Whistling in the Dark 1459


Whistling in the Night 1460


Whistling Waltz, The 1546


White Christmas 2858


White Christmas medley [1945---3 arr.] [incl. Jingle bells; Sleigh ride; Let it snow; Xmas Concerto], (1454), S#70


White Christmas [Christmas Medley, 1954] 2516


White in the Moon the Long Road Lies 1448


White sails E#378


White Shadows 141


Whiteman Medley 2469


Who (845), S#300


Who Are You 1476


Who can I turn to (3306), S#156


Who Cares What People Say 1489


Who Did 1431


Who Do You Know in Heaven 1875


Who Knows 1468


Who Needs You 2638


Who Put That Dream in Your Eyes 1679


Who stole my heart E#377


Who Stole My Heart 1432


Who Told You That Lie 1465


Who wouldn't love you E#368


Who Wouldn't Love You (Kay Kyser) 3283, 2060


Whole World, The 2806


Whole World in His Hands, He's Got the 2806


Whole World Is Singing My Song, The 1470


Who's Got Your Heart 138


Who's My Baby 1430


Why E#385


Why did you make me care? NO#


Why do I love you (2069), S#297


Why Does it Get So Late So Early 1694


Why Does it Have to Rain on Sunday 1442


Why Don't We Do this More Often 1475


Why don't we do this more often [new] (2801), S#193


Why Don't We Say We're Sorry 1467


Why Don't You Believe Me 2276


Why Don't You Fall in Love with Me 1439


Why dream? E#414


Why Fight the Feeling 2071


Why, Oh Why 1521


Why Shouldn't I 1539


Wild Goose, The Cry of the 1917


Wilhelmina 2025


Will I Ever Tell You 2804


Will you remember [arr. Eddy Sheasby] NO#


Will You Say You're Mine 2471


Will You Still Be Mine? 2470


William Tell 579


Wilkommen (3408), S#277


Winchester Cathedral [inst.] (3401), S#29


Windmills [no score, gt + vlns] (3485)S#73a


Wine & Roses, Days of 3238


Wing Ding Tonight 3116


Winter Blossoms 53


Winter blossoms NO#


Winter Wonderland E#424


Wise Old Owl 1438


Wish I Wish Tonight, The 1415


Wish You Were Here 2184


Wish you were here medley [I've got you under my skin; I concentrate on you](2886) S#107


Wish you were waiting for me E#371


Wishing 217


Wishing Waltz, The 1449


Witch is dead, The E#46


Witchcraft (2811)S#126


With a Hey and a Hi 1683


With a Little Bit of Luck 2642


With a song in my heart E#373


With a song in my heart (3077), S#301


With Every Breath I Take 2289


With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming 1928


With my head in the clouds E#376


With My Head in the Clouds 1452


With plenty of money E#383


Without a word of warning E#384


Without My Walking Stick 140


Without You 1482


Wizard of Oz Medley 246


Woman/Man NO#


Wonder how I look NO#


Wonder When My Baby's Coming Home 1492


Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight 2423


Wonder Why 2141


Wonderful Day like Today, on a 3349


Wonderful One 1437


Woodchopper's Ball [publ. arr. Glenn Osser]S#401


Woodpecker Song 1484


Woody Herman (Cavalcade..."Woodchoppers") 2720


Woofer Tweeter (Cha-cha-cha) 2874


Words of love NO#


World Is Mine, The 2209


World Is Waiting for the Sunrise, The 1429


World Is Your Balloon, The 2151


World of No Goodbyes, a 2987


World on a String, I've Got the 2315


Would I Love You 3102


Would Ja Mind 131


Would You 3127


Would you NO#


Would You Believe Me 1427


Wouldn't it Be Lovely 2627


Wrong Note Rag, The 2330


Wunderbar [arr. Bill Jones] (2605) S#228


Xmas song (1382), S#71


Xmas stuff E#386


Yam, The E#13


Yellow Bird [Headdress Ball #3, 1978] NO#


Yesterday (3409) [arr. Ray Austin]S#259


Yesterdays (3105)S#303


You E#394


You are too beautiful (1401)S#285


You can't hold a memory E#393


You can't pull the wool over my eyes E#403


You couldn't be cuter NO#


You do something to me E#387


You do something to me (2473), S#394


You do the darnndest things E#402


You get under my skin NO#


You go to my head E#401


You grow sweeter NO#


You inspire E#391


You know who wears it [arr. Jack Elliott; Georgio's 20th Anniv. Banquet, n.d.] NO#


You light up my life [arr. Sid Appleman]S#48


You should have told me E#389


You taught me to love again E#400


You were meant for me (1584)S#475


You'll never know (1701)S#454


You'll never remember E#390


Young at heart (2358)S#187


Young at heart [arr. Reitan] NO#


You're a builder upper E#292


You're a sweet little headache E#399


You're just in love (3089)S#390


You're nobody til somebody loves you (3297)S#124


You're pretty terrific NO#


You're sensational (2562)S#140


You're so different NO#


You're the dream E#397


You're the dream NO#


You're the moment E#392


You're the only star in my blue heaven NO#


Yours and mine NO#


Yours for the asking NO#


Yours is my heart alone E#398


Zhivago/2001 [arr. Bob Ballard, 9-3-73] NO#


Zigeuner NO#


Zip-a-dee doo-dah E#388




BOX 1: PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC [N.B.---most items in this box are represented by arrangements in Series I; sheet music bearing arranger's notations has been left with the related arrangement]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: A lot of livin' to do (Charles Strouse), 1960


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: A room without windows (Ervin Drake), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: A Successful campaign (arr. Henry Wehrmann), n.d.


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: A Sunday kind of love (Barbara Belle, et al.), 1956


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: A treasury of million record song hits [incl. A guy is a guy; After my laughter came tears; Anna; Are you lonesome tonight?; Autumn in Rome; Carolina moon; Early autumn; Good luck, good health; God bless you; Goodnight, Irene; I believe; Music, Music, Music; On top of old Smoky; So long (it's been good to know yuh); Swedish Rhapsody], n.d.


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: A very precious love (Sammy Fain), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Addie's at it again (Jack Lawrence & Stan Freeman), 1964


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: "Airport" Love Theme (Alfred Newman), 1970


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Charles Goundod; piano version by Gregory Stone), 1956


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Alfred Hitchcock Theme, The (Charles Gounod; piano version by Lyn Murray), 1962 [used for ACE Awards, 1964]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: All-American square dances [incl. more than 50 numbers], 1941


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: All or nothing at all (Jack Lawrence & Arthur Altman), 1940


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Almost (Jack Lawrence & Stan Freeman), 1964


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Around the world in 80 days [8 themes from] (Victor Young), 1956


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Baby face (Davis-Akst), 1926


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Benji" Benji's Theme: I feel love (Euel Box), 1975


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Best things in life are free, The (Ray DeSylva, n.d.)


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Bewitched (Howard Greenfield & Jack Keller), 1964 [lead sheet used at ACE Awards]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Big country, The (Jerome Moross), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Big Ten College Football Songs, The, 1945


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Bowling song, The (Charlie, Harry & Henry Tobias), 1950


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: By the light of the silvery moon (Edwards), 1909


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Bye, bye blackbird (R. Henderson), 1948


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Calypso is like so [anthology plus dance instructions], 1957


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Cardinal, The" Main Theme from (Jerome Moross), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Cardinal, The" Waltz from (Jerome Moross), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Carolina in the morning (W. Donaldson), 1922


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Carolina moon (J. Burke), 1928


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Chansons francaises de Paul Misraki [5 songs], 1943


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: China nights [Shina no yoru] (Yaso Saijo & Nobuyki Takeoka), 1956


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Costa Mesa plateau, The (June Hoadley), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Cumana (Barclay Allen), 1947 [Freddy Martin publication]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Curfew shall not ring tonight, The (Peter DeRose), 1936


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Dancing (Jerry Herman), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Darling Lili" vocal selections (Henry Mancini), 1970


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Diamonds are a girl's best friend (Jule Styne), 1949


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Disorderly orderly, The (Leon Carr), 1964


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Dizzy Fingers: Zez Confrey's novelty piano solos, 1923


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Do you ever think of me? (E. Burnett), 1920


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Doctor Dolittle [all tunes in one vol.] (Leslie Bricuse), 1967


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Don't marry me (Richard Rodgers), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Down in the depths (Cole Porter), 1936


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Down in the valley (Frank Luther), 1943


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Dream (J. Mercer), 1945


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: East of the sun (Bowman), 1938


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Everything beautiful happens at night (Harvey Schmidt), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Faith (Jack Lawrence & Stan Freeman), 1964


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Flight of the bumble bee, The (Nikolai Rimskii-Korsakov), 1932


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Forty French hits of our times, 1956


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Friendliest thing, The (Ervin Drake), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Georgy girl (Tom Springfield), 1966


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Get me to the church on time ["My Fair Lady"] (Richard Rodgers), 1964 [used at ACE Awards]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Girl from Ipanema, The (Antonio Carlos Jobim), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Girls & boys (Richard Lewine), 1959


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Give (Don R. George), 1955


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Gluecks-traum (Walter Brenner), 1961


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Golliwogg's cake-walk (Claude Debussy), 1908


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Grant Avenue (Richard Rodgers), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Green berets, The (Barry Sadler & Robin Moore), 1966


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: "Guns at Batasi" March from (John Addison), 1964 [used at ACE Awards]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Guns at Batasi" Love Theme from (John Addison), 1964 [used at ACE Awards]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Happy hornblowers (Frank Cordell), 1954


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Hawaii, my island (Harry Owens & Glenhall Taylor), n.d.


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Hawaiian paradise (Harry Owens), 1934


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Hello, Dolly! (Jerry Herman), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Here and now (Noel Coward), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Hey, look me over (Cy Coleman), 1960


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Hill Billy Record Round-up [incl. 28 songs], n.d.


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Home before dark (Jimmy McHugh), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Honey (Bobby Russell), 1968


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: How can you forget? (Richard Rodgers), 1938


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: How insensitive [Insensatez] (Antonio Carlos Jobim), 1964


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I could have danced all night ["My Fair Lady"] (Richard Rodgers), 1964 [used at ACE Awards]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I enjoy being a girl (Richard Rodgers), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I feel merely marvelous (Albert Hague), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I get a kick (Cole Porter), 1934


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I gotta have you (Richard Lewine), 1959


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I had a ball (Jack Lawrence & Stan Freeman), 1964


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I have dreamed (Richard Rodgers), 1951


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I remember Mama (Charles Tobias & Henry Tobias), 1948


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I think that you & I should get acquainted (Jule Styne), 1964 [used at ACE Awards]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I want to be with you (Charles Strouse), 1964


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Idolizing (Sam Messenheimer et al.), 1926


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: If I can help somebody (A. Bazel Androzzo), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: If I had my life to live over (Larry Vincent et al.), 1943


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I'll dance at your wedding (Ben Oakland), 1947


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I'll have the last waltz with mother (Harry Tobias et al.), 1931


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I'll keep the lovelight burning (Harry Tobias, et al.), 1942


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I'll remember her (Noel Coward), 1962


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I'll take romance (Ben Oakland), 1937


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: I'm looking over a 4 leaf clover (H. Woods), 1927


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Impossible dream (Mitch Leigh), 1965


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: In God we trust (Albert Sherman), 1943


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: International Song Book [contains 37 national anthems], 1937


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Is it really me? (Harvey Schmidt), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: It only takes a moment (Jerry Herman), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: It's a lonesome old town (Harry Tobias & Charles Kisco), 1930


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: It's all over but the memories (Irving Kahal & Sammy Fain), 1951


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: It's been a long, long time (Jule Styne), 1945


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: It's de-lovely (Cole Porter), 1936


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Joey, Joey, Joey (Frank Loesser), 1956


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: June in January (Robin-Rainger), 1934


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: June night (A. Baer), 1924


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Just a memory (R. Henderson), 1927


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Just for once (Albert Hague), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Leeds' 40 more hits of our times, 1954


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Legion airs [incl. more than 50 songs of the armed forces], 1960


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Let it snow! let it snow! let it snow! (Jule Styne), 1945


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Lily Belle (Dave Franklin & Irving Taylor), 1945


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Limelight" Terry Theme from (Charles Chaplin), 1953


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: London is a little bit of all right (Noel Coward), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Lonely (Noel Coward), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Lorna's here (Charles Strouse), 1964


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Love goes on forever (Bert Lown & Roger Van Duzer), 1962


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Love is the thing (Neil Moret), 1935


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Love, look away (Richard Rodgers), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Love Story" Theme (Francis Lai), 1970


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Mad, passionate love (Dave Coleman & Dick Sherman), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Malaguena (Ernesto Lecuona, arr. 2 pnos by Grace Helen Nash), 1932


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Mame (Jerry Herman), 1966


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Man from UNCLE," Theme from (Jerry Goldsmith), 1964 [used at ACE Awards]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Margie (Davis-Conrad-Robinson), 1920


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Martha (Friederich von Flotow), 1938


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Mary's a grand old name, n.d. [refrain only]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"MASH" theme: Suicide is painless (Johnny Mandel), 1970


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Miss you (Henry Tobias), 1942


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Moldau, The" (Bedrich Smetana, arr. piano by Michel Michelet), 1943


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Money tree, The (Mark McIntyre), 1956


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Moon on my pillow (Charlie Tobias, Elliott Tobias & Henry Tobias), 1942


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Moonlight & roses (Villa Moret), 1925


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Mother's little sweetheart (Charles Rosoff), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: My gal Sal (Paul Dresser), 1932


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: My girl is just woman enough for me (Albert Hague), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: My home town (Ervin Drake), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: My lord and master (Richard Rodgers), 1951


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: My rebel heart (Jerome Moross), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Nevada (Walter Donaldson & Mort Greene), 1943


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Night song (Charles Strouse), 1964


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Non dimenticar (P.G. Redi), 1952


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Oh, you beautiful doll (N.D. Ayer), 1911


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: On the sunny side of the Rockies (Bob Ingraham & Harry Tobias), 1937


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: One note samba (Antonio Carlos Jobim), 1962


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Ooo, Ernest (Harry Tobias et al.), 1922


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Other half of me, The (Jack Lawrence & Stan Freeman), 1964


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Papa Tree-top Tall (Hoagy Carmichael), 1936


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Patton" Theme (Jerry Goldsmith), 1970


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Pixie Holiday (Harry Sukman), 1953


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Pretty baby (Van Alstyne-Kahn), 1919


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Put on your Sunday clothes (Jerry Herman), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Rawhide" (Dmitri Tiomkin), 1958 [used at ACE Awards, 1964]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Rhapsody in Blue (George Gershwin), 1924


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Ribbons down my back (Jerry Herman), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Ride the wind (Richard La Salle), n.d. c1968


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Rocky Mountain express (Charles Tobias et al.), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Rodger Young (Frank Loesser), 1945


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Rondo capriccioso (Felix Mendelssohn), n.d.


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Sail along, silv'ry moon (Percy Wenrich), 1937


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Sam Fox TV Music Handbook, Vol. I [incl. more than 50 standards], n.d. (c1960)


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Samba Miramar (Albert Tracey & Joseph Hamory), 1960


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Sayonara (Irving Berlin), 1957


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Scared (Cliff Friend & Berkeley Graham), 1936 [Freddy Martin on cover]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Selected Hammond tunes [Ballerina; Beyond the blue horizon; Blue Hawaii; Charade; Java; Tangerine; That's amore; Too young], 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: She wore a yellow ribbon, n.d.


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Shelter of your love, The (Richard La Salle), 1968


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Shine on, harvest moon (Norworth), 1951


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Simple little things (Harvey Schmidt), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Sky is extra blue, The (Johnny Rotella), 1953


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Smile, smile, smile! (M.J. Brown), 1916


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Something to live for (Ervin Drake), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Songs of Andy Russell, The [All or nothing at all; I love you much too much; I'll remember April; My heart isn't in it; Tico-Tico], 1944


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Sound off (Willie Lee Duckworth & Bernard Lentz), 1961


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Spinning song (Felix Mendelssohn), n.d.


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PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Star of hope (Phil Boutelje & Harry Tobias), 1951


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Sunday (Richard Rodgers), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Sunflower" theme: Loss of Love (Henry Mancini), 1970


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Sunrise, sunset (Jerry Bock), 1964


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Sweet Sue, just you (Vincent Young), 1928


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Sweetest march of all, The (Al Sherman & Harry Tobias), 1955


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Sweetheart tree, The (Henry Mancini), 1965


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: That old gang of mine (Henderson), 1923


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:There'll be no new tunes on this old piano (Johnny Lange & Hy Heath), 1952 [Freddy Martin on cover]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: This is the life (Charles Strouse), 1964


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Tico-tico (Zequinha Abreu), 1943


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Too many people alone (Harvey Schmidt), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Topkapi" (Manos Hadjidakis), 1964 [used at ACE Awards]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Two faces in the dark (Albert Hague), 1958


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PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Wagon Train" theme: Wagons Ho! (Jerome Moross), 1959 [used at ACE Awards, 1964]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Wait for me, Mary (Charlie Tobias et al.), 1942


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"What a way to go": Louisa's Theme (Nelson Riddle), 1964


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: When I speak your name (Arthur Altman), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: When the circus comes to town (Henry Tobias), 1963


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Where did we go? Out. (Richard Lewine), 1959


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Wish you were here (Harold Rome), 1952


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: With a prayer in your heart (Wm. A. Dillon, Henry Tobias & Harry Tobias), 1956


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"World of Henry Orient, The," Main Title (Elmer Bernstein), 1964 [short score used at ACE Awards]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: World outside, The (Richard Addinsell), 1942, 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Wouldn't it be loverly? (Frederick Loewe), 1956


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: You are beautiful (Richard Rodgers), 1958


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Your love for me (B. Parker), 1957


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: Zei gezunt (Harry Tobias & Paul Zandberg), 1961


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Zorba the Greek": Cretan Dance Theme (Mikis Theodorakis), 1964 [used at ACE Awards]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Zorba the Greek": Hortense theme (Mikis Theodorakis), 1964 [used at ACE Awards]


PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC:"Zorba the Greek": Piraeus cafe theme (Mikis Theodorakis), 1964 [used at ACE Awards]




PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Al compas del mambo (Perez Prado), 1950


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Alexander's Ragtime Band (arr. Jerry Rosen), n.d.


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Are you from Dixie? (George L. Cobb; arr. T.M. Taylor), 1916


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Around the world (Victor Young; arr. Johnny Warrington), 1957


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PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Baby it's cold outside (Frank Loesser; arr. Jack Matthias), 1949


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Basin Street Blues (Spencer Williams; arr. Johnny Warrington), 1957


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Beer Barrel Polka (Lew Brown; arr. Bob Haring), 1939


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Best of everything, The (Alfred Newman; arr. Johnny Warrington), 1959




PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS:[Sukynka valcik] (Mitchell Parish & Vaclav Blaha; arr. Vaclav Fisher),1948


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Caissons go rolling along, The (Edmund L. Gruber; arr. David Bennett), 1944


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: California, here I come (arr. Jerry Rosen), 1980


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Can can, The (J. Offenbach; arr. Bob Fisher), 1946


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Chopin waltz medley no. 2 (Frederic Chopin; arr. Fred Barovick), 1950


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Come to the Mardi Gras [Nao tenho lagrimas] (Max Bulhoes & Milton de Oliveira; arr. Johnny Warrington), 1947


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Cumana [for symphonic band & full band] (Barclay Allen; arr. David Bennett), 1954


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Diary of Anne Frank Overture (Alfred Newman; arr. Edward Powell & Earle Hagen), n.d.


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Five pennies, The (Sylvia Fine; arr. Jimmy Lally), 1959


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Getting to know you (arr. Jerry Rosen), n.d.


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Gigi (Frederick Loewe; arr. Johnny Warrington)


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Hava Nagilah (arr. Jerry Rosen), n.d.


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Have you seen my love (Marion Sunshine; arr. Alberto Iznaga)


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: High Hopes (James Van Heusen; arr. Johnny Warrington), 1959


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: High Noon (Dimitri Tiomkin; arr. Johnny Warrington), 1952


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Historia de un amor (Carlos Almaran; arr. Mario Paz S.), 1955


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: How come you do me like you do (Gene Austin & Roy Bergere; arr. Will Hudson), 1926


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Hungarian Dance no. 5 (arr. Jerry Rosen), n.d.


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: I cover the waterfront (Johnny Green; "an Artie Shaw arr. scored by Jerry Gray"), 1939


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: I'll take romance (Ben Oakland; arr. John Cacavas), 1962; AND (arr. Will Schaefer), 1965


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: I'm old fashioned (Jerome Kern; arr. Jack Mason), 1942


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: I'm on my way [Mi despedida] (Obdulio Morales; arr. Chico O'Farrill), 1956


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: In the mood (Joe Garland; arr. Glenn Miller), 1939


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PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: It happened in Monterey (Mabel Wayne; arr. Mark Weinstein), 1947


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PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Lil Darlin (Neal Hefti), 1958


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Love is a many-splendored thing (Sammy Fain; arr. Johnny Warrington), 1955


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Love makes the world go round (arr. Jerry Rosen), n.d.


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Mississippi mud (James Cavanaugh & Harry Barris; arr. Johnny Warrington), 1952


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PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Seventy Six Trombones (arr. Jerry Rosen), n.d.


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Shine on, harvest moon (Nora Bayes & Jack Norworth; arr. Jimmy Mundy), 1939


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Shrimp boats (Paul M. Howard & Paul Weston; arr. Lou Leaman), 1951


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS:"Slattery's People," Theme from [tv show] (N.C. Scott), 8-6-64


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Sophisticated Lady (Duke Ellington; arr. Will Hudson)


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Stouthearted men (Sigmund Romberg; arr. Warren Fitzgerald), 1977


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Strange are the ways of love (Dimitri Tiomkin; arr. Johnny Warrington)


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Strike up the band (George Gershwin; arr. Jerry Sears), 1950


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Stripper, The (David Rose), 1962


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Swanee (George Gershwin; arr. Schoebel & Macomber)


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Tailgate ramble, The (Wingy Manone; arr. Frank Comstock), 1949


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PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Tango of roses (Schreier-Bottero; arr. David Brubeck), 1938


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Tequila (Chuck Rio; arr. Johnny Warrington), 1958


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Thanks for the memory (Leo Robin & Ralph Rainger; arr. Jack Mason), 1937


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: That Cuban cha-cha-cha (Irving Fields; arr. Chico O'Farrill), 1956


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PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Tonight (Leonard Bernstein; arr. Johnny Warrington), 1957


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Tremendo cha-cha-cha (Eduardo Bianco; arr. Joe Loco), 1954


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Tropical merengue (Rafael Munoz; arr. Joe Loco), 1955


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Waiting for the Robert E. Lee (Lewis F. Muir; arr. Jack Mason), 1939


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Way down yonder in New Orleans (Henry Creamer & J. Turner Layton; arr. Johnny Warrington)


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: When Irish eyes are smiling (arr. Jerry Rosen), n.d.


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: Why wait [rock & roll mambo] (Perez Prado; arr. Horace Diaz), 1958


PUBLISHED ARRANGEMENTS: You are my sunshine (arr. Jerry Rosen), n.d.




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2.3.19-UNPUBLISHED MUSIC SENT TO FM: Barclay Allen. "Aviva" [all 1964-65; piano, sometimes + solo line]


a-"The Dawn Theme"




c-"Hawaiian"; "High Tide"


d-"Jazz Waltz"


e-"The Lorelei"; "Low Tide"




g-"Night Theme"; "Not mine"


h-"Oh no!"


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j-"Seventy-six"; "The Sound of Christmas"; "Steady as you go"; "Strange paradise"


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2.3.20-UNPUBLISHED MUSIC SENT TO FM: Ray Austin. "You are the love of my life" [1969; lead sheet; see also Irwin Webb below]


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2.3.24-UNPUBLISHED MUSIC SENT TO FM: Jay Day. UNPUBLISHED MUSIC SENT TO FM:"I'm not exagerating" [1979; lead sheet]


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2.3.44-UNPUBLISHED MUSIC SENT TO FM: Julian Woodworth. "That night the stars fell down" [1964; piano w/ voice part]


2.3.45-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Anything goes" [Alt Sax 1]


2.3.46-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Chanson d'amour" [1st Tbn; "Art & Dotty Todd"]


2.3.47-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Charleston Medley" [Vln/Director; "Bud & Cece Robinson," 1957]


2.3.48-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Daddy" [Pno; "McGuire Sisters," 1953]


2.3.49-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Daddy" [Ten 1]


2.3.50-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Dave Barry" [empty black folder w/ gold embossed lettering]


2.3.51-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Fanfare 1" [Conductor; "Kaye Stevens"]


2.3.52-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Fanfare 69" [Tbn 2]


2.3.53-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"His reflection" [Bar Sax; "Blackburn Twins," 1954]


2.3.54-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"I sing the songs bow" [Drms; "Andy Williams"]


2.3.55-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"If she" [pno; photocopy]


2.3.56-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Kiss me, Kate" [vlns; "Howard Keel"]


2.3.57-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Let's put the show on the road" [Bar Sax; "Blackburn Twins," 1954]


2.3.58-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Like old L.A." [Ten Sax 1; "arr. W. Kirkland," 1960]


2.3.59-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Love lost" [5 vlns, vla, vc; "Four Freshmen"]


2.3.60-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Madison intro" [Tpt 3; "Dorothy Dorben; arr. Gus Donahue"]


2.3.61-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Marie" [Drums; "Carol Channing; arr. by Earl Greenberg," 1958]


2.3.62-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Me & my shadow" [Bar Sax; "Blackburn Twins," 1954]


2.3.63-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Morning" [vlns; photocopy reads "American Mike" at bottom of page]


2.3.64-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Old soft shoe" [Vln A; "Ray Bolger"]


2.3.65-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Once before I go" [Gt, Drms; "Andy Williams, arr. Artie Butler"]


2.3.66-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Our father played the Palace" [Bar Sax; "Blackburn Twins," 1954]


2.3.67-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Prullie & Talow" [CB; copyist is "Merton A. Oliver, 1955"]


2.3.68-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Shick" ["Knobby"]


2.3.69-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Sleepy Boobie" [Gt; "Mundy"]


2.3.70-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Tourist song" [Alt Sax 1]


2.3.71-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Two lovers" [full score pg. 1; arr. "J. Harbert & J. Bryant"]


2.3.72-MUSIC OF OTHER BANDS:"Una voce poco fa" from Barber of Seville by Rossini [2d vln; "property of Earl Wilson's Music Library, Los Angeles"]


2.3.73-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 4 pp. apparently Pno [4/4; no key signature, seems to be in A minor]


2.3.74-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Tpt 3 ["SER" of title legible; 4/4; F sharp major]


2.3.75-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. probably Tbn [bears illegible base of FM stamped number; 4/4; begins in E major]


2.3.76-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Tbn [text: "Elucidate! Yeh, let's, Uh huh! Emphaticlly!"; 4/4; A major]


2.3.77-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. instr. uncertain [lacks clef, key signature; 4/4 4 bb. ending]


2.3.78-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. treble Bb instr. [chromatic passage marked "solo" ascends to D sharp 2nd ledger line; pg. "3"; 4/4; B major]


2.3.79-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. probably CB [emphasis on I & V of key suggests CB; 4/4; D flat major]


2.3.80-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 3 pp. Vlns [on vellum, pp. "2,3,4"; 4/4; begins D major, ends in C major]


2.3.81-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. probably Vln [6 bb. treble clef ending; begins in 3/4 switches to 4/4; G flat major]


2.3.82-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Tpt ["the strip" legible in rt. hd. top corner; 4/4; key uncertain]


2.3.83-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Sax [fragmentary; 4/4; ends in F major]


2.3.84-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. probably Sax [fragmentary; 4/4; key change at H, b. 2 to D flat major]


2.3.85-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Sax 3 ["200" at upper left; passage at G is marked "soli"; 4/4; "soli" passage is in E major]


2.3.86-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. instr. uncertain [4/4; probably treble clef, since three sharps are written at top left (not on score, of course) and final note would be an E in treble clef]


2.3.87-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. treble instr. ["Allen Di Rienzo, copyist"; 4/4; F major]


2.3.88-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Pno [in pencil; 4/4; D flat major]


2.3.89-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. treble instr. [4/4; begins in Bb modulates to D major]


2.3.90-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Tbns [photocopy; 4/4; in C major]


2.3.91-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 2 pp. treble instr. [4/4; C major]


2.3.92-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. CB ["Play theme last Theme End"; 4/4; D major]


2.3.93-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Tpts [4/4; B flat major]


2.3.94-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Vlns [4/4; E flat major]


2.3.95-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Vlns [photo copy; 4/4; E flat major]


2.3.96-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 2 pp. Tbns [286 & "over Naples" legible at top; 4/4; D major]


2.3.97-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Pno [4/4; C major]


2.3.98-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Tbn [4/4; D major to G major at letter C]


2.3.99-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. instr. uncertain [4/4; no clefs; no key signature; ends w/ 2 b. rest]


2.3.100-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Tbn [4/4; A major]


2.3.101-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Pno [4/4; C major; Famous Music Corp. paper]


2.3.102-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. bass instr. [4/4; f minor]


2.3.103-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 3 pp. Pno [4/4; G major; "concerto" style---lots of passage work]


2.3.104-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. treble instr. [3/4; F major]


2.3.105-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. 3rd Sax [4/4; E major; Cameo Music Paper, yellow]


2.3.106-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Tbn [4/4; Gb major; Cameo Music Paper]


2.3.107-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Clar [4/4; G minor; "S.G.B." centered at top of page]


2.3.108-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Alto Sax [4/4; C major]


2.3.109-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Vln 1 & 2 [4/4; C major; at end: "Intro- We'll meet again"]


2.3.110-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. treble inst. [4/4; F major]


2.3.111-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Clar/Ten Sax [4/4; F major then C major; piece is 71 bb. long]


2.3.112-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. probably Tbn [4/4; no clefs & no key signature; piece is 70 bb. long]


2.3.113-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Drums [4/4; "Play on/off" centered at top of pg.]


2.3.114-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Vocal w/ Tpt cue [4/4; A major; text consists of string of interjections beginning w/ "Elucidate!"]


2.3.115-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 2 pp. Tbn [4/4; F major; ends on C 4 ledger lines; incl. rehearsal letter X]


2.3.116-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Tpt [4/4; C major; piece is 33 bb. long; pencilled insert at b. 17]


2.3.117-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Tbn [4/4; D major then C minor; fragmentary heavily inked number at top right somewhere in 200's (possibly stamped number?)]


2.3.118-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Tbn/Tpt [4/4; D major then E major; continuity incl. "vocal" by other player]


2.3.119-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. Tbn/Tpt [4/4; E flat major then E major then F major]


2.3.120-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. treble instr. [4/4; key unclear, no key signature; piece is 88 bb. long]


2.3.121-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. treble instr. [4/4; F major; piece is 42 bb. long w/ D.S. at end; coda marked "Free"]


2.3.122-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. treble instr. [4/4; probably Bb, no key signature or clef; part partly in pencil]


2.3.123-1 pg. treble instr. [4/4; begins in C major continues into Bb then back to C; piece is 79 bars long]


2.3.124-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. treble instr. [4/4; no clef or key signature; small fragment contains bb. 51-66]


2.3.125-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 2 pp. treble instr. [4/4; E major; consists of bb. 90-142 (where piece ends)]


2.3.126-UNIDENTIFIED PARTS: 1 pg. score of string parts [two 4 beat versions of string passage, one using 6 voices & the other using 5 voices]






3.1.1-Biographies of FM


a-FM's own info sheet (c1968)


b-entry from Stambler's Encyclopedia of Popular Music (1965)


c-entry from Penguin Encyclopedia of Popular Music (c1985)


d-Dave Dexter Jr. liner notes from audiodisc Freddy Martin (1944-46) vol. 2 (1980)


e-obituary from The Annual Obituary, 1983


3.1.2-Biographies of FM "sidemen" & arrangers


a-Bunny Berigan (tpt)


b-Buddy Clark


c-Elmer Feldkamp (singer, arr.)


d-Jack Fina (pianist, arr.)


e-Merv Griffin (singer)


f-Dell Lampe (arr.)


g-Russ Morgan (piano/arr.)


h-Terry Shand (singer/pianist/arr.)


i-Eddie Stone (singer)


j-Stuart Wade (singer)


k-Helen Ward (singer)




a-FM to J. Gerson Shass [Marlo Music], 2-24-56


b-Dave Gordon [Gordon Music Co.] to FM, 5-2-62


c-Marshall Robins [Commander Publications] to FM, 9-17-64


d-W.J. Gough [Ralph's Grocery Co.] to FM, 12-6-66


e-FM to Paul Houdayer [Beverly Hilton Hotel], 12-21-66


f-Gus [possibly Harold H. Ehrmann, Las Vegas] to FM, 1973


g-Tony Zoppi [Publicity Dir., Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas] to FM, 7-24-74




a-Les Devor. "Vegas vagaries," Las Vegas Review-Journal (4-26-56)


b-[ad for Freddy Martin at Hotel Riverside in Reno] Territorial Enterprise (10-17-58)


c-"Freddy Martin's Big Band revives fond memories for night club crowds," Entertainment in the Reno Area (10/17-23/58)


d-"Woody still rides high...," Miami Herald (5-26-63) [this article is about Woody Herman, but the Herald has mistakenly used FM's photo]


e-"Freddy Martin to open Hilton Hotel, Miami Beach; set by Jackie Gleason," Variety (n.d., c10-66)


f-"Freddy Martin due for Gleason podium," The Miami Herald (10-1-66)


g-Douglas G. Brown. "Desert martini," Palm Springs Desert Sun (10-7-66)


h-Jerry Gillam. "Inaugural glitter, glamor to rival movie premiere," LA Times (1-1-67)


i-Francis Raffetto. "Martin Band has happy audience," The Dallas Morning News (2-11-67)


j-Forrest Duke. "The visiting fireman," Las Vegas Review-Journal (5-20-67)


k-Frank Meyer. "Bon vivant's music magnificent," Miami Beach Sun (12-17-67)


l-Philip Elwood. "Big night for Big Bands," SF Examiner (9-29-73)


m-John Wendenborn. "Audience delights to Big Band," The Oregonian (10-1-73)


n-C.A. Thom. "Pleases older audience," The Oregon Journal (10-1-73)


o-Alden Cross. "Big Band's audience gets its money's worth," Spokane Spokesman-Review (10-8-73)


p-Maggie Hawthorer. "Whiting's night at Cavalcade," Seattle Post-Intelligencer (10-8-73)


q-Jamie Portman. "Stay-away band fans missed nostalgic treat," Calgary (10-9-73)


r-"Big Band Cavalcade," Variety (10-10-73)


s-Ned Powers. "Big Band Cavalcade exciting and exacting," Saskatoon Star-Phoenix (10-12-73)


t-Donald Davies. "Tonight we love the Big Band sound," Madison [WI] (10-17-73)


u-H. Carl Mueller. "Big Band back in town," Milwaukee Sentinel (10-19-73)


v-Anthony P. Carideo. "Memories sweeten Big Band sound," The Milwaukee Journal (10-19-73)


w-"Freddy Martin brings his Big Band Cavalcade back," Where Magazine (10-73)


x-Corbin Patrick. "Big Band Cavalcade packs Clowes Hall," Indianapolis Star (10-22-73)


y-Russell Wragg. "Big Band Cavalcade proves delight to local audience," Charleston News & Courier (11-18-73)


z-Ralph Thibodeau. "Big Band Cavalcade good musical retreat to WWII," Corpus Christi Caller (12-9-73)


aa-Jim Willis. "Big Band sound brings back that time of togetherness," Memphis Press-Scimitar (2-15-74)


bb-Helen McNamara. "Murray McEachern," International Musician (2-75)


cc-Jody Jacobs. "Cranking up for birthday bash," LA Times (7-18-76)


3.1.5-Tape Logs (Martin Music, Fremart & Maestro copyrights) [lists contents of 4 tapes, most numbers feature soloists of early 1950's: Barclay Allen, Murray Arnold, Merv Griffin; Tape #3 is titled "ABC Radio Aircheck Freddy Martin Coconut Grove"; about 65 arr. listed, all on alpha list from late 1950s]


3.1.6-Misc. lists of numbered & unnumbered arrangements


a-"Gene Merlino vocals" [about 50 unnumbered arr. listed on 2 pp., photocopy]


b-12 pp. ordered by instrument; each player's list has about 12 numbered & unnumbered titles


c-"Freddy - Parts missing" [3 pp. of about 75 numbered & unnumbered titles]


d-*7 pp. order unclear, but shows old numbers not otherwise found in these papers [on left] and alpha list from late 1950s [on right], suggesting that this list was used in creating newer system or in coordinating renumbering process


e-"New music listing" [30 alphabetically ordered sheets; written on Louis F. Dow Goodwill Advertising letterhead; # correspond to alpha list from late 1950s; 90% #s in 2000-3000 range]


f-"Listed L.S." [32 alphabetically ordered sheets; written on backs of Freddy Martin purchase order forms, Maestro Music letterhead, etc., # correspond to alpha list from late 1950s; 90% #s in 2000-3000 range]


g-[Supplement to "Listed L.S."; same handwriting, written on Maestro Music letterhead; # correspond to alpha list from late 1950's but titles different from "Listed L.S."]


h-"Entered in catalogue" [# correspond to alpha list from late 1950's; # chiefly in 2900s]


i-"Somewhat later alpha list..." [# correspond to alpha list from late 1950's; # chiefly 2900-3100]


j-[Concert list on yellow legal-size lined paper; # do not correspond to alpha list from late 1950's; some pieces listed---"Star Wars" & "Fiddler on Roof"---suggest date of about 1975 ]


k-List of Stamped Number items found in FM's traveling case on arrival at Holt Atherton


l-"Cole Porter Index" [lists 21 Porter standards; # do not correspond to alpha list from 1950's]


m-"Partial list of 3 violin material"


n-"to stay in the books & numbered" [items on this list are on stamped # list; several occur on no other stamped # inventory]


o-Unidentified list of standards; many not in FM alphalist, several dating from mid-1970s or later [blue ink on music folder]


p-"To come out" list [2 pp. yellow legal-size lined paper; many titles are on alpha list from late 1950's w/ different #; # on this list ranging from 32 to 659 do not correspond w/ any other list]


q-"Band of Tomorrow Vocals" list [2 pp. handwritten list incl. BofT 1-70]


r-"Hazel Bishop TV material" list [10 pp. handwritten list incl. HB-37 thru HB- 216; 2 pp. typewritten list ranging from HB-1 thru HB-63]


s-"Extra black catalogue small & large" [the alphalist from late 1950's]


t-"The Freddy Martin Library Index/On the stand/The Song Book III" [a subject guide to Martin's repertory; subdivisions incl. "Instrumentals: Slower, Instrumentals: Brighter; Vocals: Slower, Vocals: Brighter ; The Latin Things; The Medleys; Freddy Martin Hits; Disco Things; there is further subdivision by type of dance; lists about 250 numbers, none of which correspond to alphalist from late 1950s, but do correspond to large numbers stamped on parts ]


u-"Florida Index" [brief version of Freddy Martin Library Index]


v-KTLA TV Show, 1961-1962 [Freddy Martin taped 53 television shows for KTLA between June 1961 and June 1962; lists exist of numbers used in sequence performed on thirty-two shows w/ dates]


w-"Pop Concert,/4-26-66/Dallas"


x-"Dallas/SMU/2-10-67" [incl. stamped numbers]


y-"Revised sets/7-18-67" [incl. Set A,B,C,D each w/ about 10 numbers; many of these titles are not on FM alphalist from late 1950s(see Series I, Boxes 1-115) or stamped numbers list (see Series I, Boxes 131-147), but do bear numbers ranging from 2 through 107---perhaps they are from some other band's "book"?]


3.1.7-Cavalcade of Bands---Programs & lists, 1973/74


3.1.8-Merv Griffin TV Show---flow chart, 7-14-78


3.1.9-San Diego Gas & Electric Holiday Party---flow chart, 12-16-78


3.1.10-Merv Griffin Party---flow chart, 3-9-79


3.1.11-"Radio program for Monday, October 27, 1980" [incl. stamped numbers]


3.1.12-"Cue sheet for El Bandito Shrine Club, Saturday, Feb. 21st" [probably 1981]


3.1.13-"Program for the Ramona Bowl - Hemet, Thursday, July 16, 1981"


3.1.14-Directors' Guild Awards---flow chart, 1983


3.1.15-Princess Cruises---four programs, 1983


3.1.16-Undated El Bandito & al-Malaikah Shriners' events


3.1.17***-Undated alphabetical lists of FM repertoire by TEMPO [incl. chiefly stamped numbers items; four pages handwritten on back of unused music paper]


3.1.18-Undated miscellaneous events


a-"For the Assembly Debs" [on Hotel Texas, Ft. Worth stationery]


b-City of Los Angeles awards of some sort [incl. Employee of the Year]


c-"Show order" [incl. chiefly numbers not on FM alphalist, possibly other band?]


d-19 arr., all w/ stamped list numbers [2 versions, one on yellow legal paper]


e-"Footlighter Show"


f-"A Guide" [lists excerpts from 10 FM standards; probably flowchart for "Record Cavalcade" (Stamped Number 500)]


g-"Friday Night/Nelson Eddy"


h-"Bergman - Fanny & Alex"


i-"After all winners"


j-"Emile Ardolino/Musical variety/Waltz of the flowers"


3.1.19-Misc. Business Papers


a-"Freddy Martin/Beverly Hills, California" letterhead


b-Maestro Music Corp. Royalty Statement Form [2 blank copies]


c-Advertising flyer & cover letter from Roslyn Publications, Inc., n.d.


d-Reminder to return meter card monthly to Xerox Corp., n.d.


e-Memo regarding possible hirees for date at Ambassador Hotel, LA, n.d.


f-Roslyn Publications contracts w/ Maestro Music Corp. for use of latter's FM arr., "Tonight we love" [Chaikovskii lst Piano Con. theme] in two books of organ arr., 2-24-64


g-Union Oil Co. form & cover letter requesting investor permission to cap well, 9-12-73


h-Licensing request form from RCA to Maestro Music Corp. for FM arr. Chaikovskii Piano Concerto, 10-1-73


i-Teledyne, Inc. offer to purchase stock & letter of transmittal to shareholders, 12-13-73


j-Columbia Artists Festivals Corp. contract w/ FM for Big Band Cavalcade in Toronto, 3-12-74


k-"The Siegel's itinerary - 1974," 7-74


l-Licensing request form from Pickwick International, Inc. to Maestro Music Corp. for Leonard Worth songs, 7-31-74


m-Flier attacking gasoline shortage as created by oil companies for profit (c June 1979)


n-Interoffice Memo from Flamingo Resort Hotel, Santa Rosa (10-24-79)


o-Undated program for unidentified film awards event [5 typed pp.; does not incl. music list; Fall 1980 or Spr 1981]


p-Bill from Valle Music Reproduction (9-20-83)


3.1.20-Freddy Martin Payroll Summary, 1959 [lists players and wages]


3.1.21-Freddy Martin Payroll Summary, 1960


3.1.22-Freddy Martin Payroll Summary, 1961 [incomplete]


3.1.23-Big Band Cavalcade contracts , Fall 1974


3.1.24-Miscellaneous undated notes


3.1.25-List of names & addresses found on envelopes etc. in papers


3.1.26-PHOTOGRAPHS: 5x7 b/w portraits FM [3 identical]


3.1.27-PHOTOGRAPHS: 8x10 b/w of FM w/ Liberace, Claire Alexander at Cocoanut Grove [c1965]


3.1.28-PHOTOGRAPHS: 8x10 b/w of FM w/ one unidentified male & one female star at Cocoanut Grove [c1965]


3.1.29-PHOTOGRAPHS: 8x10 b/w of FM w/ unidentified female star at Cocoanut Grove [c1965]


3.1.30-PHOTOGRAPHS: 8x10 b/w of FM w/ Mr. & Mrs. Morey Amsterdam [?] at Cocoanut Grove [c1965]


3.1.31-PHOTOGRAPHS: 8x10 b/w portrait of FM


3.1.32-PHOTOGRAPHS: 8x10 b/w of FM w/ Clyde McCoy at time of releases of their Mercury albums [4 different]


3.1.33-PHOTOGRAPHS: 8x10 b/w of FM w/ tenor saxophone [c1980]






a-Lin Rogers' pencil sketch of FM playing soprano sax [c1970]


b-blue regimental tie


3.2.2-Printed Matter


a-postcard w/ b/w photo of Gold Coast Hotels in Chicago (c1955)


b-adv. placard for FM at "Top o' the Strip," Dunes Hotel [Las Vegas] (c1958-62)


c-Reader's Digest. The story of the great bands, 1936-1945, 1965 [booklet to accompany record set]


d-The Statler Hilton Plaza, Miami Beach FL [illus. brochure, c1965]


e-Cavalcade of Bands: Freddy Martin Orchestra , 1966 [advertising flyer for CTA Convention, LA] [2 copies]


f-San Diego City Fire Fighters 1967, 9th Annual Ball (10-14-67) [program]


g-Baltimore Orioles 1968 Exhibition Games. Miami Stadium (Sp 1968)


h-Key Magazine (9/18-25/69) [FM on cover]


i-Traveling with CN [Canadian National RR adv. brochure] (c1973)


j-Assembly Hall, University of Illinois - Champaign [site of FM Cavalcade of Bands performance, 10-20-73]


k-Carnegie Hall (Nov 1973) [incl. FM Cavalcade of Bands performance]


l-The Composer & Conductor no. 20 (3-74)


m-Distillery, Rectifying Wine & Allied Workers International Union of America Convention, LA Hilton, May 18, 1978 [flowchart for floor show]


n-"Bon Vivant Dinner-Dance/featuring the great Freddy Martin..., The Mid- America Club, Friday, June 23, 1978" [program/menu]


o-"New Year's Eve 1980 in the Grand Ballroom/Sands, Las Vegas" [FM performance]


p-Freddy Martin in Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade, Friday, June 22, 1980 [list of times]


q-copy of strike issue of Local 47 [LA] American Fed. Musicians newspaper (10-80)


r-"Freddy Martin/May 14-15/Golden West Ballroom-Restaurant [Norwalk, Calif.]" (n.d.; 1980s)


s-"Carmelo's again presents Dave Wells & the Big Band sounds of Trombone City, Wedensday, July 22nd [1981]"


t-"Mr. Natural" [photocopy of cartoon; n.d.]


u-Notes for proper drummer performance of slow rhumba [pencil on music paper]


v-envelope addressed to: "Mr. & Mrs. Freddy Martin/9348 Santa Monica Blvd./ Beverley Hills, Calif."