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Register of the Czech subject collection, 1920-2010
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Collection Contents

Boxes 1-15

SUBJECT FILE, 1918-1994.

Scope and Content Note

Pamphlets, booklets, bulletins, newsletters, election campaign material, newspaper issues and magazines, printed matter, pictorial charts, propaganda packets, and portfolios, photo reproductions, and miscellanea arranged chronologically and then alphabetically by subject
Box 1.



General. " Album Representantu Vsech Oboru Verejneho Zivota Ceskoslovenskeho". Illustrated biographical dictionary of political officials, Prague, 1927. In Czech

Box 2.

Crisis, 1938


Czechoslovak-German, French-German, Polish newspapers issues, September 19-2l, 1938, concerning the German ultimatum for autonomy of the Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia and Anglo-French efforts to negotiate. Mainly in German


Sudeten Germans. Nemecky postup proti Slovanum a jeho Sudetsky agent. Brochure, Prag, 1938. In Czech


Foreign relations - Poland. Agreement between Czechoslovakia and Poland, signed on August 9, 1920, regarding settlement and compensation for state-owned property in those parts of the regions of Orava and Spis that had gone from Hungarian to Czechoslovak control on October 18, 1918, but were awarded to Poland by the Council of Ambassadors on July 20, 1920. In Czech and Polish


Industrial production. Reports on cement and coal production in 1922, including statistics. In German


Silesia. Pamphlet, 1943, issued by the Association of Cieszyn Silesians in Great Britain and relating to Cieszyn Silesia in 1919 and the recommendations of the Interallied Teschen Commission


Svehla, Antonin 1873-1933. Pamphlet, New York, 1953. In Czech and English




Czech Army in the West. Z bombarderu za mrize by Karel Batelka. Memoirs of Czech pilot shot down over German territory. Pamphlet, 1990


Fucik, Julius. Fakta o Fucikovi. Dokumentace, Ostrava, 1991. Pamphlet on controversy of Fucik's political biography


Roosevelt, Franklin D., In Memoriam Frank Delano Roosevelt, 1882-1945. Commemorative pamphlet published by the American Institute in Prag in tribute to F.D.R., 1946


Western-Slav Federation. Zapadnoslovanska Federalni Unie a svaz stredoevropskych statu. Pamphlet issued by the Western Slavic Movement in Great Britain, relating to Czechoslovakia and a Central European Union, 1942. In Czech




Church-state relations. Typescript relating to the situation of the Catholic Church in Czechoslovakia in 1949. In Czech


Education. Pamphlet, 1967, relating to state-sponsored education. In Czech




Anti-communist opposition abroad. "Tehdy v padesatych...". Memoirs of Karel Skrabek on political movement in 1950s. Typescript. In Czech


Council of Free Czechoslovakia, Sudeten-German Socialdemokrats. Pamphlets issued by these and other emigre organizations, relating to post-war conditions in Czechoslovakia and Soviet take-over. In Czech, German and English, n.d. (1950s)


Nase Cesta. Socialisticky Casopis. Socialist periodical, Paris, 1952-1955. In Czech


Political trials against Lausman, Bohumil. Verdict from 1957. Typescript

Box 3.

Intervention, 1968




Brochures, leaflets, and posters, relating to the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968. In Czech


Cartoons from post-invasion Czechoslovak press. Clippings


Press files


American and English. Clippings


Czech. Newspaper and illustrated magazine issues documenting events preceding and following invasion. In Czech


Emigre. Newspaper issues of Ceske Slovo, Munich, Germany


Chronicle of invasion. Personal letters and recollections (typescripts); Prazske jaro 68 (printed photo album), Prague, 1990; Vybor, Sept. 13 (newspaper issue covering period of August 21-31, including list of National Assembly members)


Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, XIIth Congress. Resolutions, brochures


Constitution. Draft submitted by Dubcek government. Photocopy. In English


Czech Bretheren Evangelical Church. Appeal to authorities for religious freedom. Typescript

Box 4.

Documentary of events. Glossy prints of newspaper covers and images of street clashes. Portfolio of published photographs


Dubcek, Alexandr. Poster


Jan. Publication commemorating Jan Palach, Prague, 1990


New Czechoslovak government. Press release from April 8, with political biographies. Typescript


Rehabilitation of individuals persecuted by communists. Text of the proposed bill on judicial rehabilitation. Brochure by Svaz Protifasistickych Bojowniku. Prague, 1968


Religion in Communist Dominated Areas, April-May. Issues devoted to state of religious affairs in Czechoslovakia. New York


TRN, nos. 1-4, 1968. Satirical magazine. In Czech

Box 5.



Acta Persecutionis: A Document from Czechoslovakia. Brochure presented to International Congress of Historical Sciences in San Francisco in 1975, listing names of persecuted individuals. Appeal to participants. Typescript


Komunisticka Strana Ceskoslovenska (Communist Party of Czechoslovakia)


Propaganda. Instructional exhibit materials




Coup d'etat, 1948. 30th anniversary in 1978. Material stressing accomplishments of socialism


Soviet liberation of Czechoslovakia


35th anniversary, 1980


40th anniversary, 1985

Box 6.

Congress. Propaganda material and material refering to history of party and communist state, 1982-1989

Box 5.

Economic effectiveness. Propaganda portfolio, 1985


Elections of 1986. Propaganda portfolio

Box 7.

History of People's Republic. Propaganda portfolio,


Husak Gustav. Propaganda portfolio, 1974


May 1st. Propaganda portfolio


Recruiting strategies of the Communist Party. Pamphlet, 1971. In Czech


Revolucni Odborove Hnuti. Brochures for local activists on ideological issues, 1980-1986


Slovo Propagandisty a Agitatora. Monthly instructional for party activists, 1985-1986


Socialisticky Svaz Mladeze. Communist youth movement membership cards and statutes, 1976-1984


Samizdat publications


Obnoveni poradku by Milan Simecka, on restoration of post- 1968 communist order, 1988


Spion vypovida by Josef Frolik. Confessions of former secret agent, 1979. Copies of galleys


Zejici vysiny by Alexandr Zinovev, 1988

Box 8.

Revolution, 1989




Commemorative publications: brochures, booklets, catalogs, magazine issues, flyers, and miscellanea, relating to the democratization process and revolution of 1989


Fliers and bulletins


Chronicle of events. Day by day account in documents. Ked sme brali do ruk buducnost. Brochure, 1990


Civic Forum. Declarations, statements, proclamations, position papers, open letters, and bulletins, 1989-1990, issued by Civic Forum. In Czech and English


Havel, Vaclav. Speeches by and biographical information on Vaclav Havel, 1989-1990


Human rights and judicial freedom. Brochures on introduction of new legislation


Post-revolution press and magazine issues, 1990


World press reaction. Svet a sametova revoluce. Collection of press excerpts. Brochure. In Czech

Box 9.



Academy of Science. Bulletins, 1990-1991


Anti-communist opposition. Persons accused of anti-state activities. List based on former secret police records and published in Prague daily Noviny. Summer 1992


Church-state relations. "Throne of St. Peter Versus Red Star of Lenin: Vatican Relations with Poland and Czechoslovakia after 1980", 1991 and "Divergent Traditions, Converging Opposition: Nationalism and the Catholic Church in Poland and Czechoslovakia", 1990. Papers by Nina Jurewicz (typescripts); and brochure and poster on Papal visit in 1990


Democratization process. Government legislative documents and new decrees, 1990-1991


Hornak, Viliam, Ceskoslovensko mezi prestavbou a revoluci (Politicky denik 1987-1991). Political diary. Prague, 1991. Brochure


Moravia and Silesia. Fliers and brochures illustrating local developments in the region, 1990-1993


Political analysis




Association for Independent Social Analysis, Bulletins, 1990. Analysis of all aspects of social transformation


Budovani statu. Prehledy ceskoslovenske politiky. Review of political developments in Czech and Slovak Republics 1992-1994

Box 10.

Political parties








Material related to various aspects of political life in Moravia and Silesia. Fliers, bulletins, posters


Demokraticka Strana Czeskoslovenska, Hlas Demokracie. Official party organ, newspaper issues, 1990-1991


Komunisticeska Strana Ceskoslovenska, Mosty. Official party weekly. Newspaper issues, 1990-1991


Leva Alternativa, Polarita. Official party publication. Newspaper issues, 1990-1991

Box 11.

Prazska Antikomunisticeska Inicjativa, Rude Kravo. Official party publication on history of repression under communist regime. Newspaper issues, 1992. Includes lists of secret police agents and collaborators


Radikalna Repubblikanska Strana, Radikalni Republikanin. Official party publication. Newspaper issues, 1991


Republikanska Unie, Republikanske Listy. Official party publication. Newspaper issues, 1990-1991


Republikanska Strana Czeskoslovenska, Republika. Official party publication. Newspaper issues, 1990

Box 12.

Programs for elections. Flyers, leaflets, brochures, booklets, newspaper issues, posters, and insignia issued by various political parties


1990 June.






Candidates and parties participating. Lists


Ceskoslovenska Strana Socialisticka


Liberalna Demokraticka Strana


Komunisticka Strana Ceskoslovenska


Krestansko Demokraticka Strana

Box 13.

Obcanske Forum


1992 June




Candidates. Lists and programs


Plzen region. Miscellany


Polish minority candidates. Miscellany


Agrarian parties

Box 14.

Ceskoslovenska Socialni Demokracie


Levy Blok


Liberalne Socialni Unie


Mladi Socialni Demokrate


Obcanska Demokraticka Aliance

Box 15.

Obcanska Demokraticka Strana


Obcanske Hnuti


Privatization. Fliers promoting various investment funds and newspaper issues, 1992-1993


State security officers fired after inestigation. List compiled in February 1993. Copy of typescript

Box 16

PERIODICALS, 1990-1994.

Scope and Content Note

Periodical issues relating mostly to the early period of shaping of new democracy, following the 1989 revolution
Box 16.





Catholic and other religious denominations publications


Moravian and Silesian publications


Aktuality, Tvorba, Dialog, Prague, 1990


Jedenadvacet, Prague, 1990


Katolicke Noviny, Prague, 1989


Katolicky Tydenik, Prague, 1990


Kuryr, Plzen, 1990


Narodni Osvobozeni, Prague, 1991


Pegas, Ostrava, 1990


Plznenske Noviny, Plzen, 1991


Zvlastni Vydani, Brno, 1990-1991

Box 17

MEMORABILIA, 1989-1994.

Scope and Content Note

Election party pins and stickers, tote bags, communist organizations medals, communist insignia, woven fabric with images of communist leaders
Box 17.

Election party pins and stickers, tote bags, communist organizations medals, communist insignia, woven fabric with images of communist leaders

Box 18


Scope and Content Note

Nine drawings by school children depicting street scenes from 1989
Box 18.

Nine drawings by school children, depicting street scenes from 1989 events

Microfilm cabinet, Film shelf


Scope and Content Note

One microfilm reel of documents on the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia and one motion picture (l6mm) depicting the Soviet entrance into Prague in August 1968
Oversize Microfilm cabinet

One microfilm reel of documents on the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968

Oversize Record cabinet, Record cabinet

One phonorecord, "Svaty Otec Jan Pavel II u nas," 1990,

Scope and Content Note

A recording released on occassion of Pope John Paul II trip's to Czechoslovakia
shelf Film shelf

One motion picture (l6mm) depicting the Soviet entrance into Prague, with a sound track in French, entitled "Entrie des Russes ` Prague, 2l August 1968"