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Preliminary Guide to the American Religions Collection, ca. 1840s-1990s [Bulk 1970s-1990s]
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Light Expressions


Light Pages


Light Reading


Light Speed


Living Light Catalog


Living Love Magazine


Llewellyn's New Worlds of Mind and Spirit


London Link Up


Look at the Unusual




Lotus Mind


Love Express


Love Letter




Maggie's Farm






Men's Council Journal


Metaphysical Muse


Michigan's Alternative Resource Guide


Midwest Psychic Newsletter


Millenium Magazine


Mind Magazine




Monthly Report to Booksellers


Morning Star Journal


Mystic Muse-Tales for the New Age


Mystic Trader


Natural Health Directory


Natural Resource Directory


Network of Light




Networking News


New Age Education Network Quarterly Journal


New Age Harmonist


New Age Interpretor


New Age Media Resource Directory


New Age News


New Age Resource Directory (San Diego County)


New Age Professional


New Age Retailer


New Age Source


New Age Telephone Book


New Age Vibrations


New Avenues


New Catalyst Quarterly


New Chicago


New Dimensions


New Dimensions of Las Vegas


New Florida Networker


New Frontiers


New Journal


New Options, Inc.


New Patriot


New Roots for the Northeast


New Spirit Magazine


New Thunderbird Chronicle


New Woman Spirit


New World


New York Open Center












Of Bliss & Blisslessness


Omega Magazine


Omega New Age Directory


On Beyond War


One in the Spirit




Open Channel


Open Doors


Opening Mind




Other Dimensions


Our Green Emerald


Out of Time


Pacific Spirit


Pahana New World Newsletter




Path to the Stars


Pathways to Learning




Peace in Action


Peace Magazine


Pentalpha Journal






Perpetual Notions


Pessos' Sketch Pad






Positive Times




Prism Magazine


Probe Post


Promethean Network


Prophecy-Intelligence Digest






Psychic Dimensions


Psychic Fair


Psychic Gazette


Psychic Guide Magazine


Psychic Journal


Psychic Pathways


Psychic Reporter


Psychic Research


Psychic Researcher


Psychic Times


Psychical Review


Que Natural!


Rainbow City Express


Rainbow Network


Raum & Zeit


Reality Hackers


Reiki Journal




Repeat Treats




Rising Sun

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Sacred Earth Journal


Science of Mind Bulletin


Search Magazine


Second Sight


Seeds of Peace


Seeds of Unfolding


Self and Unity Awareness Journal


Self Help Update


Serenity Quest




Shades of Gray


Shared Vision


Simply Living


Six-O-Six Newsletter


Skeptical Inquirer










Spectrum Resource Center Newsletter


Spirit Guide


Spirit in Recovery


Spirit World


Spirit's Voice


Spiritualist Gazette




Star-Borne Unlimited


Starlight Connections


Stonehenge Viewpoint


Sunsight News






Synergy Access


Talking Leaves




Three in One Concepts


Transformation Times


Transformational Alternative




Uncle Jam Quarterly




Unexplained and Better World Magazine


Uni-Com Guide




Unified Living


Unlimited Horizons




Visions Magazine


Voice of Reality


Voice Within


Way of Light


What Is


White Sun


Whole Self


Whole Story


Wholistic Health and Healing Guide


Wholistic Living News


Window to Higher Consciousness Newsletter




World Research News


Yoga and Health









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Abcaze Believers Christian Center


Academy for Future Science


Academy of Esoteric Sciences


Academy of Secrets


Adhyamatic Sadhana Sangh


Adventures in Education


Aggressive Christian Missions Training Corps


Agni Dhatu Samedi Yoga


Alutheia Psycho- Physical Foundation


Allah Nation of Five Percenters


Aloha International Seize King


Alpha and Omega Church


Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship


American Coalition of Unregistered Churches


American Orthodox Exarchate (D. Locke)


American Orthodox Catholic Church


Amorta Foundation


Ananda Yogashrama


Anandaji Church


Anansuya Foundation


Anders, Christian


Anglican Episcopal Church


Antiochean Catholic Church in America


Apostolic Christian Churches International


Apostolic Christian Church of Pentecost of Canada, Inc.


Aquarian Academy


Arete Truth Center


Ariel Fellowship


Ark of the New Covenant (Hutterite)




Armenian Evangelical Brethren


Armenian Evangelical Church


Army of God


Aspects of Light


Assembly of Christ, Houston, Texas


Association for Special Development and Research


Association of Adventist Forums


Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies


Association of Love and Light


Astro Consciousness Institute


Awakened-A Fellowship in Christ


Believers Circle


Believers Fellowship


Bible Church


Bible Missionary Fellowship


B'Nai No'Ach


Body of Christ


Bramapremanada Ashram


Bridge Meditation Center


Brotherhood of Eternal Love


Brotherhood of Mithras


Buddhist Brotherhood in America


Burton, Ken


Calvary Temple


Cao Dai Church


Catholic Answers


Center of the Seed


Chalice Foundation


Christ Miracle and Healing Center


Christ Unity Science Church


Christian Development Center


Christian Fandom: Radio Free Thulcandra


Christian Fellowship


Christian Institute of Spiritual Science


Christian International Network of Prophetic Ministries


Christian Singers


Christ's Church of the Golden Rule


Church for the Individual Resurrection


The Church (Gene Edwards)


Church in the Heart


Church of Amron


Church of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love


Church of Christ Consciousness Center of Light


Church of Christian Psychology


Church of Cosmic Consciousness


Church of Everlasting Life


Church of God and True Holiness


Church of God in Christ Through the Holy Spirit, Inc.


Church of God in the Lord Jesus Christ


Church of Human Life Science


Church of Human Morality


Church of Ishtar


Church of Jesus Christ


Church of Jesus Christ ( Portage, Indiana)


Church of Jesus Christ, Inc.


Church of Love (Peoria)


Church of Loving Hand


Church of New Life


Church of Radiant Life


Church of Reason


Church of Religious Dynamics


Church of Spiritual Advisory Council


Church of Sunshine


Church of Synergistic Life


Church of the Bride of Christ


Church of the Divine Within


Church of the Followers of the Great Mother


Church of the Good Neighbor


Church of the Healing Way


Church of the Latter Day Surf


Church of the Living Word


Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye


Church of the Realization of the Word of God


Church of the Seven African Powers


Church of the Spoken Word


Church of the Way


Church of the Whole Earth


Church of the Word of God


Church of Universal Forces


Church of Universal Love


Church of Uozo


Church on the Rock North America


Churches of the Kingdom of God


Circes International


Circle of Power


Citizens for Sovereignty


Clem Davies Ministry


Clifford E. Hobbs Foundation


Colorado Kindred of Asatru


Community Chapel World Outreach


Community Christian Ministries


Community Medical Center


The Company


Confederate Nations of Israel


Congregations of the Messiah within Israel


Congregational Bible Churches International


Conscious Development


Conscious Development of Body, Mind, and Soul, Inc.


Contemporary Black Sect of Tantric Buddhism


Council of Bible Believing Churches International, (CBBC)


Council of the Magickal Arts


Covenant Community Fellowship


Covenant of Gaia Church of Alberta


Crenshaw Christian Center


Cultural Educational Research Institute


Curry, Jillian F.


Da Yuam Circle Orthodox Daoism


Dadaji: Phoenix Newsletter


Dallas Fellowship


Dance of the Deer Foundation


Darshan Yoga Society


Deertrack Foundation


Delphi Learning Centers


Dervish International


Des Moines Gospel Auditorium


Devi Mandir


Dharma Yoga


Dhammachakka Medical Center


Dispensable Church


Divine Knowledge Meditation Center


Doctrine of Truth Foundation


Dragonhenge Sanctuary


Ecumenical Catholic Church


Edgewood Evangelical Baptists


Egyptian Temple of Fitness


El Shaddai




Eschatology Foundation


Esoteric Philosophy


Essene Fellowship of Peace


Evangelical Church Alliance


Evangelical Free Baptist Church Alliance


Extra Terrestrial Communication Network


Faith Fellowship Church


Faith Tabernacle


Family Church of Christ


Family of God Foundation


Family of Sun


Fellowship of Earth Religions, Awakenings, and Lore


Fellowship of Friends


Fellowship of the Celestial Genesis


Fellowship of the Force




First Church of the American Legion


First Church of the Doors


First Church of the Spirit and Truth


First Occult Church


Foundation for Higher Spiritual Learning


Foundation of Santa Knowledge, (FOSK)


Foundation of Tao


Foundation of Ubiquity


Fraternal Civic and Development Association of Brother Julius


Free Catholic Church


Free Catholic Diocese of St. Columbia


Free Church of Scotland on Prince Edward Island


Free Liberal Catholic Church


Free Pilgrims Covenant


Free Spirit Alliance


Friends of Jesus Christ


Gateway Newsletter


Gay and Lesbian Holistic Center of Universal Light


Gay Buddhist Group


Gayatri Pariwar


General Enlightenme(a)nt




Gimenez, Anne and John


Gnostic Association


Golden Writ of God


Good Shepherd Tabernacle


Gospel of Christ Kingdom Church


Grace Community Church of the Valley


Grace Essence Fellowship




Great Among Nations


Great Commission Community


Greater Grace World Outreach


Greater Universal Spiritual Unity Union, Inc.


Greek Orthodox Church in America


Guardian Action Ashtar Command


Harmony of Life Fellowship


Heartsong Center for Expanded Perception


Heaven City


Heaven on Earth Religion (Cyril)


Hermetic Brotherhood


Hermetic Order of the Silver Sword


Hermetic Society for World Service


Hindu Community Center


His Community


Holy City California


Holy Gospel Church 4


Holy Rollers Fellowship Worldwide


House of Divine Bread


Humanity Benefactor


Iglesia Ni Christo


Independent Episcopal Church


India House of Worship


Institut pour une Synthese Planetaire


Institute of Ability


International Academy of Hermetic Knowledge


International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregations


International Association of Sufism


International Church of Metaphysics


International Church of the Metroplex


International Divine Realization Society


International Free Catholic Union


International Magian Society


International Ministerial Fellowship


Interplanetary Connections


ISIS Institute


Israel Regardie Foundation


Israeli Church of U.P.K.


Jesus Everlasting Now and Always, (J.E.N.A.)


Jesus House of Prayer, Inc.


Jesus Name Church, Inc.


Jesus People


Jesus Way


Jnana Morga Society


John, thru Gerry Bowman


Joy Foundation, Inc.


Kahua Hawaiian Institute


Kalyan Ashram, Inc.


Karin Kabbalah Center


Karuna Meditation Society






Keshavashram International Meditation Center


Kingdom and World Mission of Our Lord Jesus Christ


Kingdom of God Headquarters


Kingdom of Yahweh


Kingdom Victory Group


Kittamaqundi Community


Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth




Life Science Fellowship


Life Understanding Foundation


Lifelight University


Lifewave Ishvara


Light of Christ Community Church


Ligmincha Institute


Living Light Institute


Los Gatos Zen Group


Love Animals, Don't Eat Them (LADET)


Lundgren Faction


Lutheran Church - Canada


La Luz Del Mundo


Mahamudra School of Mystery


Marlitta's Healing Ministries and Jesus Christ Intergalactic Angels Church Victorious




Master Chin Hai Meditation Association


Master Path


Maxwell, Larry, Faith Healing




Messianic Brotherhood


Michaelite Sanctuary


Miletus Church, Inc.


Ministry of Universal Wisdom, Inc.


Mission of Maitreya


Mokshra Ashram


Monastery of the Risen Christ


Monument of Faith Evangelistic Church


Morning Star




Mystical Rose World Healing and Miracle Cathedral


National Alliance of Pantheists


Neo American Church


New Acropolis


New Age Community Church


New Age World Saviors


New Focus


New Life Ministries, International


New Life Tabernacle


New Song Ceremonial House


New Testament Missionary Fellowship


New Thought


New Thought Science


New World Avatar Cosmic Link


Nippon-Zan, Mayohoji


"No Name" Fellowships


Nos Amis, Inc.


Old Catholic Church, Archipiscopate of Healing Arts


Open Channel Resources


Operator Planet Love


Order of Teleos


Order of the Blue Star


Order of the Essenes




Pentecostal Church of New Antioch, Inc.


Pentecostal Church of Our Lord


Pentecostal Full Gospel Church


Peyote Way Church of God


Phoenix Source


Pilgrim Way


Pleiades Foundation for Peace


Pope Michael 1


Possible Society Western States Mystery School


Potter's House


Priapus Church


Ragnarok Lumberjacks


Rainbow Earth Dwelling Society


Ram Ananda Ashram


Reinertsen, Aanen


Resurrection Churches and Ministries


Revival Crusade Ministries


River of Life Ministries


Royal Priest Research


Ryugu, U.S.A.


Sadhana Ashram


Saeejis Temple of Peace


St. Francis Apostolate


Sanskrit Classics


Sarvamagala Mission


School of Wisdom


Science of Identity Foundation


Science of Life Church


S.D.A. Reform Church (Seventh Day Adventist; Rowenites)


Servants in Faith and Technology


Servants of Love


Servants of the Holy Family


Serelist Faith


Seth-Hermes Foundation


Shalom Ecumenical Church


Shanti Mandir Satsangs


Shanti Temple


Share Foundation


Shasta Student League Foundation


Shepherd's Family


Shiloh Youth Revival Centers


Shira Shakti Ashram-Swami Savitripriya


Shivabalayogi Maharaj Trust


Shoresh Yishai


Shree Krishna Association of the U.S.A.


Shree Santan Dharam Ramayan Mandali


Shri Vishva Seva Ashram


Societas Fraternia


Society for the Teaching of the Inner Christ


Society of Mystical Travelers


Society of Mystics


Society of the Servants of Christ


Soul Searchers Evangelistic Ministries


Spiral of Friends


Spirit of Elijah


Spiritual Advisory Council


Spiritual Revolution Press


Sserulanda Spiritual Planetary Community


Star and Cross


Star of Isis Foundation


Starborne Unlimited Solara




Starlight Mystic Church


Stonegate Christian Community


Subgenius Foundation


Sufi Foundation of America


Technicians of the Sacred


Temple Beautiful


Temple of Danann


Temple of Divine Prophecy


Temple of Madre de Aqua


Temple of Psychic Youth


Temple of the Masters


Temple of the Sun, The Church of One


Thelemic Order and Temple of the Golden Dawn


Theological Science Society


Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center


Tibetan Foundation Channeling


To the Explorers of Jesus Christ


Torch and Testimony


Trademark Church


Trilite Seminars


Trinity Foundation


True Jesus Church


Twin Cities B'Nai Or


Two Hearts Books and Publishers


Ultimate Life Church


United Apostolic Faith Church


United Churches of Revelation


United Unity Churches of America


Universal Christian Church


Universal Church of God


Universal Faith Temple


Universal Foundation for Education and Advancement


Universal Mind Science Church


Universal Network


Universal Order of Love Sons of the Green Light


Universal Pantheist Society


Universal World Union Sons of Jared


University Bible Fellowship


Valley Light Center


Vedic Dharma Samaj


Vedic Society of America


Vegetarian Harmonial Society


Vmiyoga America


Victory Outreach


Walters, Art


The Way, The Truth, and The Life


Western Bible Students


Western Christian Believers Conference


Western Orthodox Catholic Church of California


Western Orthodox Church in America


Western Son Academy


White Buffalo Society


White Robed Benedictines




Women's Alliance


Word of Life Fellowship


World Center of Peace


World Christianship Ministries


World Zen Center


Worldwide Church of Satanic Liberation


Yoga Center of California Spiritual World Society


Young Life - Children of Mercy


Youth Action News


Zen Wind


Zendic Farm Ecolibrium Foundation


Zion Strict Baptists

cabinet-drawer 10/2-10/5






cabinet-drawer 18/2

Arcane Formulas or Mental Alchemy


Directory of occult and mystic groups


"Christian Doctrine of Rebirth"


"Magnet to Youth"


"Occult Theocracy"


Saul Belows' Uses of the Occult



cabinet-drawer 18/2

All Souls Church


Alpha Awareness


Alpha Service


American Universalist - Temple of Divine Wisdom


Amica Temple of Radiance




Anthropological Research Foundation


Aquarian Church


Astara Foundation


Atlantic University


AUM Temple of Universal Truth


Awareness Research Foundation


Bartonian Metaphysical Society Inc.


Brantridge Forest School


Brotherhood of Peace and Tranquility


Brotherhood of the White Temple


Brothers of the Divine Order


Cayce, Edgar (A. R. E.)


The Channel


Christ Church of Melchizedek


Christlife Crusade Council


Christword Ministry


Church of Aquarius


Church of Basic Truth


Church of Christ Conciousness


Church of Cosmic Origin Inc.


Church of Cryptotheology


Church of Divine Knowledge


Church of the Final Judgement


Church of Gentle Brothers and Sisters


Church of the Gift of God


Church of God Incarnate


Church of Infinite Spirit


Church of Inner Wisdom


Church of the Jesus Ethic


Church of Light


Church of the Living Christ


Church of the Lord Jesus Christ Inc.


Church of Mercavah


Church Ministry Foundation


Church of New World


Church of Soul Advancement


Church of Spiritual Freedom Foundation


Church of Spiritual Science


Church of St. Michel

cabinet-drawer 18/3

Church of Transition


Church of the Word (SETH)


Church's Fellowship for Psyichal and Spiritual Studies


Circle of Power Spiritual Foundation


Congregational Church of Practical Theology


Coptic Fellowship of America


Cosmic Awareness


Cosmic Awareness Communications


Council of New Age Churches


Dawn of Truth (Mikkah Dahl Inc)


Dena Foundation




Divine Love Movement


Divine Word Foundation Inc.


Elan Vital




Eleusinian Brotherhood


The Emissaries (of Light)


Essene Universe Foundation


Etherian Religious Society of Universal Brotherhood


The Father's House


Fellowship of the Awakening


Fellowship of the Inner Light


Fellowship of Universal Guidence


Fifth Epochal Fellowship


First Century Fellowship


First Christian's Essene Church


First Church of Spiritual Psychology


First Temple of Astrology


Flowship Inc.


Foundation Church of Divine Truth


Foundation Church of the Millenium


Foundation Church of the New Birth


Foundation for Divine Meditation


Foundation Faith of God


Foundation of Human Understanding


Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man


Foundation for Science and Spiritual Law


Foundation for Spiritual Understanding


Foundation of Truth Inc.


The Foundation Unit


Foundation for Your Life


Frontier Community Churches


Future Foundation


Galactical Church of Mental Sciences


Gnostic Institute


Grail Foundation


Harmony of Life Fellowship


Healing Light Center Church


Heart Conciousness Church


Hermetic Fellowship


High Point Foundation


Holy Grail Foundation


Holy Order of Ezekiel


Holy Order of Mans


Homebringing Mission of Jesus Christ


House of Divine Bread Inc


Inner Christ Orientation and Awareness (I.C. O. A.)


Inner Circle Teachers of Light


Inner Light Foundation


Inner Peace Movement


Institute of Ability - Berner, Charles

cabinet-drawer 18/4

Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research


Institute of Mental Physics - Dingle, Edwin J.


Intentional Community Fellowship


International Christian Community


International Correspondance Center of Religious Arts and Sciences




Jensen, Inga


Jeshua Ben Josef School of Religion


Jesusonian Foundation


Johannes Greber Memorial Foundation


John the Apostle Ministries


Kabalarian Philosophy


Kethra E'da Foundation


Ketiner, Fred




Krotona Bookshop


League of Voluntary Effort


Life Study Fellowship


Light of the Universe


Living God Science Church Inc.


Loe, Gerald M. - "How to Receive the Gift of Healing"


Lorian Association


Lotus Ashram


Louis Foundation




Maitri Foundation


Mandel Foundation


Manly Palmer Hall papers


Martinus Institute

cabinet-drawer 19/1

The Mayans


McKeon, Tom


Merry Browne Institute of Ontology


The Middle of Silence


Mindstream Church of Universal Love


Morse Fellowship


Neo-Science Society


Neotarian Fellowship


New Age Church of Truth


New Age Ministry


New Age Samaritans


New Day Messengers


New Era Foundation


Oasis Fellowship Inc.


Occult Brotherhood


The Only Fair Religion


The Open Way


Order of Christian Mystic (I. F. O. C. M.)


Order of the Cross


Order of Essenes


Order Mystic Adepts


Order of Saint I AM


Order of the Triad


Oriental Order of Initiation


Phonecian Fraternity


The Presentist Society


The Process (after 1974)


Psychiana Study Center


Psynetics Foundation


Quimby Center


The Radiant School


Rainbow Family of Living Light


Religious School of Natural Hygiene


Robin's Return - Davis, D.


Sabian Assembly


Sacred Order of Uranians


Sadhana Society


Sanctuary of the Master's Presence Inc.


School of Applied Philosophy


School of Light


School of the Natural Order


School of Natural Science


Self-Awareness Inc.


Servants of Awareness Inc.


Sol Association for Research


The Solar Quest




Spiritual Advisory Council


Spiritual Center - Swager, Ted and Lois


Spiritual Research Society


Spiritual Unity of Nations


St. Timothy's Abby Church


The Stelle Group (T. S.G.)


Super Science Inc.


Superet Light Center


T. D. M. Religious Foundation


Temple of the Inner Flame


Tera Triune


Theocentric Foundation


Theological Science Foundation


Trinity Science-Vibrations


True Church of Christ


U. C. H. R. S. A. M. T. Inc.


Unified States of Awareness Communications


Universal Faith and Wisdom Association Inc.


Universal Foundation


Universal Temple of Revala


Universal Truth Centers Inc.


Universal World Harmony


The Universalian


University of Science and Philosophy


University of the Trees


Urantia Foundation




Western Prayer Warriors


White Rose Foundation


World Catalyst Church


World Philosophy


Yuniversity of Kosmic Wisdom



cabinet-drawer 19/2-19/3



Action for Psychic Ecology


Advanced Thought and Divine Science


Advanced Thought and Occult Digest




The Akashic Scrolls




The Alpha Letter


The American Occultist


American Psychics Directory


Aqurian Age


The Aquarian Craftsman


Aquarian Fellowship


The Aquarian Path


Ariel News


Astral Light


Aura Newsletter


Austin Pulpit




Biosophical Review


Body, Mind, and Spirit


Body and Soul


Bolton Bulletin


Boston Society for Psychic Research


The Bridge




The Bulletin Board


Canadian Psychic Research Association


The Center


Chrysalis Magazine


Circle of Light


Clear Horizons


Comfort Corner News


The Common Good


The Cornerstones for Living




The Cosmic Dawn




Creative News of Denver


The Diamond




Directory of Psychic Arts and Sciences


Dream Network Bulletin


Energy Unlimited


Esoteric Coordinating News


Eternal Flame


Eternal Progress




Exploring Other Dimensions


Face to Face


Fifth Ray News


The Flame




Foundation Newsletter


The Fountainhead


Friendly Contact




Gnostic News-Notes


Golden Rays


The Grail




The Guiding Light


The Happy News




Harmony Magazine


Herald of Light


The Illumination of the Morning Star


Infinity Newsletter


Inner Life


The Inner Life


The Inner Voice




The Interpreter




Journal of Automatic Writing


Journal of Light


Journal of Practical Metaphysics


Journal of the Synergetic Society


Kosmon Pioneer Bulletin


The Lamp of Thoth




Life Science


Lund Re - View


The Masters Speak


Maxin - 92


Mental Scientist


The Mentor


Meta Link


Meta Monthly




Metamorphosis - WA


Metaphyisical Digest


Metaphysical Journal




Mind Inc.


Mind Builder Magazine


Mind Control Newsletter


Mind Digest


Mini Examiner


More House


New Age Gazette


New Cosmos


New Frontier Center Newsletter


New Gnostics


New Humanity


New Outlook


New Sunrise


The New Way




Newsletter for Psychic Research


News Notes Para-Dimensional Researcher


The Nexus


Nosa News




The Nucleus


Occult Trade Journal


The Occultist


On the Path


One in the Spirit


The Optimist




Pansophic Intellecutualizer


The Path of the Disciple






Personal Growth




The Phoenix


The Placeholder




The Practitioner and You






Prophecy Monthly


Psi - Illini


Psi Review


Psychic Investigator


Psychic Press Newspaper


Psychic Reality


Psychic Registrar International


Psychic Research and Training Center


Psychic Researcher


Psychic Review


Psychic Spectrum


The Rally


Rays of Truth






Reason Quarterly


Reincarnation Report


Revelations of Awareness


School of Metaphysics


Science Digest


Self Discovery Journal


Serenity Sentinel


The Seventh Ray


Seventh Sense Newsletter


The Society




Source Unlimited




The Sphinx


Spiritual Digest


Spiritual Science Digest


The Stellar Ray


The Stelle Group Letter


Still Waters


Studies in Comparative Religion


Successful Living


Sunburst Center


Sunflower Gazette






TAT Journal




Temple Talks


Therion Rising










The Truth


Universal Perspectives


The Universal Viewpoint


The Unknown




Voices from the Open Door


The Way of Light


Wester World Review


World Philosophy


World Wide Travel-Line


The Zetetic

cabinet-drawer 19/4


cabinet-drawer 1/2-1/5; 2/3-2/5






cabinet-drawer 4/4







Ecumenical Significance





cabinet-drawer 4/4

African Universal Church


African Universal Church and Commercial League Corporation


Alamo Christian Foundation -- Music Square Church


Alpha and Omega Christian Church and Bible School


American Indian Evangelical Church


Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association, Inc.


Apostolic Church, Inc., Ottumwa, Iowa


Apostolic Church of Jesus, Pueblo, Colorado


Apostolic Congregations Exodus from California


Apostolic Faith


Apostolic Faith, Portland, Oregon


Apostolic Faith Church, Hawaii


Apostolic Faith Mission, Indianapolis, Indiana


Apostolic Faith Movement


Apostolic Faith Report


Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God, Inc.


Apostolic Temple of Jesus Christ and Calvary Deliverance Center


Arkansas People of the Resurrection


Around the World Evangelism


Assemblies of God


Assemblies of God -- Jimmy Swaggart


Assemblies of God -- Teen Challenge


Assemblies of God -- Tennessee District Council


Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ


Assembly of Christian Churches, Inc.


Associated Brotherhood of Christians


Association of Seventh Day Pentecostal Assemblies


Atter, Gordon F.


Azuza Street Apostolic Faith Mission of Los Angeles


Baptist Pentecostals


Bethel Apostolic Church


Bethel Bible Institute


Bethel Fellowship Full Gospel Holiness Church


Bethel Ministerial Association


Bethel Temple, Seattle, Wash.


Bethesda Christian Center


Bethesda Christian Church


Bethesda Missionary Temple




Bible Temple, Inc.


Bible Way Church


Black Pentecostal Holiness Movement


Bnai Shalom


Body of Christ


Body of Christ Movement


Bold Bible Living


Branham (Believers International)


Branham (The Voice of God Recordings, Inc.)


Branham Tabernacle

cabinet-drawer 4/5

California Evangelistic Association


Calvary Chapel


Calvary Temple/Calvary Ministries


Camp Meetings


Carolina Evangelistic Association


Catholic Pentecostals


Catholic Pentecostals -- Jesus People




Charismatic Catholics


Charismatic Christian Center International


Charismatic Messenger


Christ Chapel


Christ's Church the Restorer


Christ Gospel Church International


Church of God


Church of God by Faith


Church of God (Cleaveland, Tenn.)


Church of God, House of Prayer


Church of God in Christ


Church of God in Christ Congregational


Church of God (Jerusalem Acres)


Church of God of Prophecy


Church of God of the Apostolic Faith


Church of God of the Mountain Assembly, Inc.


Church of God of the Union Assembly


Church of God (World Headquarters)


Church of the First Born


Church of the Little Children


Church of the Living God


Church of the Living God, the Pillar and the Ground of the Truth


Church of the Living World


Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith


Church of the New Testament


Church of the Open Door


Church of the Resurrection/Miracle Tabernacle


Church of the Vineyard


The Church of Today


Church on the Way


Community Chapel and Bible Training Center


Congregational Holiness Church


Contrary to the Pentecostals


Corner Stone Word Church


Covenant Community


David Ebaugh Bible School


Defenders of the Christian Faith Movement, Inc.


Deliverance Evangelistic Centers


Deliverance Evangelistic Church


Des Moines Gospel Auditorium


Door of Faith Church and Bible School


Eagle's Nest Cathedral


Ecclesia Athletic Association


Echo Park Evangelistic Association, Inc.


Elim Fellowship


Emanuel Movement


Emanuel Holiness Church


Episcopal Charismatic Fellowship


Episcopal Pentecostals


Episcopal Renewal Ministries


Evangel Temple


Evangelical Bible Church


Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary


Faith Christian Fellowship


Faith Temple, Inc.


Fellowship of Christian Believers


Fire Baptised Church of the Americas


First Church of Love and Faith


First Samoan Full Gospel Pentecostal Church


First United Pentecostal Church


Foundational Teachings


Church of the Foursquare Gospel


Free Gospel Church


Free Will Baptist Church Pentecostal Faith


Full Gospel Central Church


Full Gospel Defenders Conference of America


Full Gospel Evangelistic Association


Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministries International


Full Gospel Pentecostal Association


Full Gospel Truth, Inc.

cabinet-drawer 5/1

Glad Tidings Temple




God's Elect Kingdom of Eternal Life


God's House of Prayer for All Nations


Gospel Assemblies


Gospel Assembly Church


Gospel Assembly of Des Moines, Iowa


Gospel Harvester Church


Gospel Harvesters Evangelistic Association


Grace Cathedral


Greek Orthodox


Hall Deliverance Foundation




Clifton L. Holland


House Church Movement


House of God Which is the Church of the Living God, the Pillar and Ground of Truth Without Controversy, Inc.


House of Prayer Church


Howard University, Seymour House


Jim Ernest Hunter, Jr.


Independent Churches of the Latter Rain Revival


Integrity Communications


Inter-Church Renewal Ministry


International Convention of Faith Ministries


International Deliverance Churches


International Pentecostal Assemblies


International Pentecostal Holiness Church


Jesus People Church


Jubilee Christian Church


Kansas City Fellowship


Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation


Kenneth Copeland Ministries


Kenneth Hagin Ministries


King Narcisse Memorial Temple


Agnes N.O. LaBerge


The Latin American Council of the Pentecostal Church of God


The Latin American Council of the Pentecostal Church of God of New York, Inc.


Latter Rain -- General


Latter Rain -- General -- Dancing


Latter Rain Movement


The Latter Rain Movement of 1948 and the Mid-twentieth Century Evangelical Awakening


Latter Rain Restoration Revival Movement


League of Prayer


LeRoy Jenkins Evangelistic Association


Liberty Church




Lighthouse Gospel Fellowship


The Lighthouse, Inc.


Lighthouse Word church


Little Rock All Faith Holiness Church


Lutheran Charisciples


Lutheran Pentecostals


Marilyn Hickey Ministries




Methodist Pentecostals


Michigan Day of Renewal


Miracle of Life Fellowship International


Miracle of Life Revival, Inc.


Mita's Congregation


Mjorud Evangelistic Association


More Than Conquerors Faith Church


Mount Zion Sanctuary


Moving Star Hall

cabinet-drawer 5/2





New Bethel Church of God in Christ


New Covenant Churches of Maryland


New Life Center, Inc.


New Life Christian Center


North American Congress on the Holy Spirit and World Evangelization


Office of God's Revivalist


Ojai Valley Faith Christian Center


Oneness or Jesus Name Pentecostals


Oneness Pentecostals


Open Bible Standard Churches


Open Door Ministry


(Original) Church of God


Original United Holy Church of the World


Pacific Apostolic Faith Movement


Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada


Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland


Pentecostal Assemblies of the World


Pentecostal Church of Christ


Pentecostal Church of God of America


Pentecostal Church of Zion


Pentecostal Fire-Baptized Church


Pentecostal Fire-Baptized Holiness Church


Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church


Pentecostal Handbook


Pentecostal Holiness Church


Pentecostal Holiness Church, North Carolina Conference


People of Destiny International


Philadelphia Church


Philadelphia's Evangelistic Center


Praise Tabernacle Ministries




Presbyterian Charismatic Communion


Rainbow Revival Church


Rapture Contra


River of Life Tabernacle Church


Rochester Bible Training School


Romanian Apostolic Pentecostal Church of God of North America


Roxanne Brant Crusades, Inc.


Theodore Schroeder


Sharon Children's Home


Sheparding Controversy


Shiloh Christian Fellowship


Signs Pentecostals -- General


Soldier of the Cross International Evangelical Church


South Carolina Pentecostal Holiness Conference


Spanish Protestants


Tabernacle of God, Gastonia, Ga.


Temple of the Lord Jesus Christ


Trinity Institute


Triumph Church


True Fellowship Church of America, Inc.


True Grace Memorial House of Prayer


Trumpet Ministries

cabinet-drawer 5/3

United Apostolic Faith Church


United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic)


United Evangelical Church


United Evangelical Church of Christ


United Fundamentalist Church


United Holy Church of America


United House of Prayer for All People


United Pentecostal Church International


Universal Church of Truth of the First Born


Universal World Church




Vineyard Ministries International


Voice of the Seventh Angel


Voice of Triumph


Voices from His Excellent Glory


Virgil L. Black End-Time Ministry, International


Way of the Cross Church


We Care Ministries


Wescott Christian Center


Alan Wittle


Wings of Healing


World Evangelism, Inc.


Yahweh's Temple


Zion Church of God International


Jesus People -- General


Jesus People -- General -- Christian Response


Jesus People -- Communal Aspects


Jesus People -- Directory


Jesus People -- The Jesus Press


Jesus People -- Music


Jesus People -- Non. United States


Jesus People -- Street Level


Jesus People -- Women


Berkeley Christian Coalition


Arthur Blessitt


Chicago Christian Center


Christian World Liberation Front


Duane Pederson Ministries


Fellowship of Christian Pilgrims, Kailau-Kona, HA


God's Love in Action


Hallelujah House


His House


Jesus Love You, Akron, OH


Jesus People -- Chicago


Jesus People Information Center


Mustard Seed Jesus House


New Life Fellowship


Spokane Jesus People


Thought Reform and the Jesus Movement

cabinet-drawer 3/3-3/4


cabinet-drawer 1/1-1/2


cabinet-drawer 18/1






cabinet-drawer 16/1


cabinet-drawer 16/2


cabinet-drawer 16/3


cabinet-drawer 16/4


cabinet-drawer 16/5


cabinet-drawer 17/5


cabinet-drawer 28/5


cabinet-drawer 11/1






cabinet-drawer 26/3



Aman Folk Ensemble


Arica Institute, Inc.


Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship


Beshara Foundation


Chishti Order of America


Claymont School for Continuous Education


Dances of Universal Peace


Dervish Communities


Eden West


Fellowship of Friends


Game Booklet


Gandalf Institute


Gurdjieff Foundation


Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being, Inc.


Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge


Institute of Advance Thinking


Masjid Al-Farah


Mevlana Foundation


Nimatullahi Sufi Order


Omega Institute for Holistic Studies


Perfect Peace Lodge




San Diego Sufi Dance Group


School of Islamic Sufism






Sufi Healing Center


Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society


Sufi Order (National)


Sufi Order of Madison


Sufi Order of Playa del Rey, Calif.


Sufi Order of the West


Sufi Way


Sufism Reoriented


Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Inc.


Ahmadiyyah Shiloah of Islam


Ansaru Allah Community


Bilalian Consumer Co-Op


Circle Seven El-Rukn


Fahamme Temple of Islam and Culture


Hanafi Madh-Hab Center, Islam Faith


Muslim Community in Los Angeles


Muslim Sisters


Muslims -- California -- Pasadena


Nation of Islam


Temple Dar-I-Atar

cabinet-drawer 11/2




cabinet-drawer 20/1


cabinet-drawer 20/1-20/2


cabinet-drawer 20/2


cabinet-drawer 20/2








cabinet-drawer 40/1

Abduction Study Conference at M.I.T.


Adamski, George


Adventures Unlimited


Aerial Phenomena Investigation Committee-UFO Reporter


Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, Inc. (APRO)


Aetherius Society


Albert S. Greenfield Memorial Press


Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America, Inc. (AFSCA)


Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America-Green, Gabriel


Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America-UFO International


American Association of Meta-Science-Specula


American Office of Figu


American UFO Committee (AUFOC)


American UFO National


Ancient Astronaut Society


Ancient Astronaut Society-Newspaper Articles


Antahkarana, Inc.


Aquarian Perspectives


Archives for UFO Research (AFU)


Arcturus Book Service


Arising Sun UFOs


Armageddon Time Ark (A.T.A.) Base Operation-S. Day Report


Armstrong, Virgil


Association for the Understanding of Man


Association of Sanada and Sanat Kumara (ASSK)


Australian Co-Ordination Section, Centre for UFO Studies (ACOS)


Australian Flying Saucer Research Society (AFSRS)


Australian UFO Researcher


Barker, Gray


Bartsch, Leo


Bearden, Thomas


Bemis Distributing Co.


Blue Rose Ministry


Borderland Sciences Research Foundation


Bradbury, Ray


Brady, Enid


British UFO Documentation Centre (BUDC)


British UFO Research Association (BUFORA)


California UFO


Campione, Michael J.


Canadian UFO Research Network (CUFORN)


Carroll, St. Thomas Marion


CBA International-Cosmic Brotherhood Association


Center for Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma


Center for UFO Studies-General


Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) --Bulletin/Newsletter


Center for UFO Studies-Frontiers of Science


Center for UFO Studies-International UFO Reporter


Center for UFO Studies-Journal of UFO Studies


Chicago Fortean Circle


Christ Brotherhood


Christian Research of Aerial Phenomena


Chronicle of Diophantes


Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS)


Civilian Research, Interplanetary Flying Objects (CRIFO)


Civilian Research, Interplanetary Flying Objects-Orbit


Civilian Saucer Intelligence of New York (CSI)


Civilian Saucer Investigation


Civilian Saucer Investigation-Space Probe


Cleveland Flying Saucer Club


College of Universal Wisdom


Colorado UFO Project


Congress for Interplanetary Technology and Education (CITE)


Contact International


Contact International (United Kingdom)-Awareness


Contact International (U.S.A.)




Cosmic Bulletin-Adamski, George


Cosmic Circle of Fellowship, Inc.-Cosmic Study Center


Cosmic Frontiers


Cosmic Science Research Center


Cosmic Star Temple


Dansk UFO Observation-Report from Denmark


Data-Net: UFO Amateur Radio Network


Dell Publishing Co.


Delval UFO, Inc.


Department of the Air Force


Desert Center for Psychic Research


Detroit UFO Research Group-The Visitor


Dilts, Russell Le Roy


Documentos de Ummo Publicados


Earth Colonisation Research Association


ET Workshops, Inc.


Evangelical Newsletter-Albrecht, Mark




Extra-Terrestrial Communications Network

cabinet-drawer 40/2

Fair-Witness Project, Inc.


False Memory Syndrome Foundation


Fellowship for Spiritual Understanding


Foundation for Philosophic Advancement-Alternate Horizons Newsletter


Flying Saucer Convention- New York


Flying Saucer News-Service


Flying Saucer Observations


Flying Saucers International


Foundation for UFO Research


Free UFO Study-UFO Aspect (FUFOS)


Friedman, Stanton T.


Frontiers of Science


Fund for UFO Research, Inc.




Graven Images


Ground Saucer Watch, Inc.


Harburger UFO Cult


Hawk Research Society


Heralds of the New Age


Hermetic Educational Institute-Greenfield, Allen H.


Hewes, Hayden


Hodan Speaks


Human Individual Metamorphosis (HIM)


Illinois Aerial Phenomena Agency (IAPA)


Inner Light Publications


Institute for the Development of the HHB-Real World Catalog (IDHHB)


Intercontinental UFO Galactic Spacecraft (ICUFON)


International Flying Saucer Bureau of U.S.A.-IFSB Space Review


International Fortean Organization


International Fortean Organization INFO Journal


International UFO Bureau, Inc.-UFO Reporter


International UFO Congress


International UFO Registry (IUFOR)


Interplanetary Intelligence of Unidentified Flying Objects (IIOUFO)


Interplanetary News Service


Interplanetary Study Group


Interstel Alliance


Intruders Foundation


John Rain-Maker's Monthly Newsletter


Laboratory of Instrumented UFO Research


Last Day Messages


Lazar, Bob-Interview


Lee, Gloria


Letters to Hereward Carrington


Light Affiliates


Lil Research


London Unidentified Flying Object Research Organization (LUFORO)


Manning, Linda-Medium


Mark-Age Meta Center, Inc.


Mental Investigations of New Dimensions-The Prism


Messiah's World Crusade Caravans


Metascience Foundation, Inc.


Michigan Anomaly Research


Midwest UFO Network (MUFON)


Ministry of Universal Wisdom


Moore, William L.




Mutual UFO Network, Inc.-Skylook (MUFON)


National Association for Saucerian Investigation-Spacecraft News (NASI)


National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP)


National Investigations Committee on UFOs (NICUFO)


Neff, Earl J.


Netherlands Study Group for Ufology


New Atlantean Research Society


New Jersey Association on Aerial Phenomena (NJAAP)


Norsk UFO Center


North American UFO Organization, Inc.-Quest


Northern Ohio UFO Group-Newsletter


Northern UFO Network-News (NUFON)


Occult Studies Program


Odyssey Research


Ohio UFO Investigators League, Inc.-Ohio Sky Watcher


Orbit Family


Other World Memories Society


Pacific Lemurian Society-Space Craft Digest




Paranormal-Greely, Andrew M.


Paranormal Research Organization (PRO)


Pea Research Publication


Pendragon Society


Pennsylvania Association for the Study of the Unexplained (PASU)


Planetary Center


Planetary Citizens


Planetary Commission for Global Healing


Power Places Tours


Private UFO Investigations-UFO Examiner


Probe UFO Research Organization-The Probe Report


Project Antares Monthly Report


Project 'B' 1966-Keel, John A.


Project Starlight International


Project URD-UFO Report and Data

cabinet-drawer 40/3

Raelian Movement


Rand Corporation


Reiss, Andy-Contactee


Research Centre Group-Atlantis: A Journal of Research


Research Communications Network


Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation


Royal Priest Research


Sagan, Carl-"An Analysis of 'Worlds in Collision'"


Samisdat Publications


San Francisco Interplanetary Club


Santa Barbara Center for Humanistic Studies


Saucer and Unexplained Celestial Events Research Society (SAUCERS)


Saucer News




Scientific Bureau of Investigation-SBI Report


Second Look


Semjase Silver Star Center


Senzar, Inc.


"Shadow of the Unknown"


Skandinavisk UFO Information


Society for Scientific Exploration


Society for the Advancement of Civilization


Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained-Pursuit


Solar Cross Foundation


Solar Light Center


Solar Light Retreat


Sourcebook Project-Science Frontiers


Southwestern Bigfoot Research Team-- Bigfootimes


Soviet American UFO/ET Symposium


Space Age Center


Space Age Foundation


Space Technology and Research Foundation (STAR)-Woodrew Update


Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship


Sprinkle, Leo R.


SS & S Publications


Star Light Fellowship-The Star Light Messenger


Starlight Center


Starmast Productions


Study Center of Cosmic Fraternity


Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre (TUFOIC)


Texas UFO Study Group: Texas UFO Bulletin


Third Great UFO/ET/Humanoids/Visitors/Aliens and Abduction Congress


Tri-County UFO Study Group


2020 Group


Twilight Zone Fanzine


Tyneside UFO Society-Orbit


UFO Book, Periodical and Cassette Listing


UFO Conferences


UFO Contact Center International


UFO/Contact Newsline


UFO Education Center


UFO Enterprises


UFO Experience Conference


UFO Expo


UFO Expo West


UFO Information Center-Ohio UFO Reporter


UFO Information Network


UFO Investigation Tour to Brasil and Peru


UFO Investigators Network (UOFOIN)


UFO Library


UFO Library for Children


UFO Media Publications Group


UFO News Clipping Service


UFO Newsletter


UFO Ohio Research Co-Operative-UFO Ohio Newsletter


UFO Research Associates-UFO Research Newsletter


UFO Research Centre: Ontario


UFO Society of Edmonton


UFO Space and Science International Convention










Unarius-Unarius Light


Underground Video


Understanding, Inc.


United Aerial Phenomena Agency (UAPA)


United Federal Observers Research Committee-UFORC Reporter


United Research Council of Ufology-UFO Sighter Reporter


Universal Faith and Wisdom Association, Inc.


Universal Kingdom and Temple of the Seventh Seal-Victory of Light


Universariun Foundation


Universal Cooperative Fellowship, Inc.


Universe Society (UNISOC)-Wilcox, Hal


Unsolved Mysteries of the Past


U.P. Investigations Research, Inc.-Journal UFO




Vegas International UFO Congress


Venus Venous Research


Victorian UFO Research Society (VUFORS)


Von Daniken, Erich


Walton, Travis


Ware, Donald M.-Interview


Westminister UFO Phenomena Research Center (WUFOPRCTRE)


White Star




Wirral UFO Society


World Investigators of Strange Phenomena (WISP)-Unknown Worlds


Worldwide Church of God (clippings re UFOs)



cabinet-drawer 40/4

Aerial Phenomenon Clipping and Information Center




Amazing UFO's


Anchor of Golden Light


Ancient Skies-Official Logbook of the Ancient Astronaut Society




Anomaly Book News


Anomaly Newsletter


Archives for UFO Research Newsletter (AFU)


Base 12 Monitor






Canadian UFO Report


Caveat Emptor


Celestial News




Chaos-The Review of the Damned


Clarion Call




Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind


Coming Changes


Common Ground


Communion Letter-Strieber, Whitley


Contactos Extraterrestres


Correspondence Organization for the Research of Aerial Phenomena


Cosmic Astronauts


Cosmic Frontiers


Cosmic News


Cosmic Science Newsletter


Cosmic Voice




Creature Chronicles-Hominid Research Group


Crossroads Quarterly


Eden Bulletin-Environmental DOR Elimination Network


Electric Spacecraft Journal


Fantastic Universe


Far Out


Flying Saucer Review


Flying Saucers


Flying Saucers and UFO's 1969


Flying Saucers from Other Worlds


Flying Saucers-Mysteries of the Space Age


Flying Saucers-UFO Reports


Four: A Christian Newsletter of the Tribulation


Full Moon


Future Fantasy


Future Times






Gold Sector 1


Golden Rays Communications Center


Ideal's UFO Magazine #1


The Intelligents' Report


International Fortean Organization-"INFO" Journal


International UFO Library Magazine


International UFO Reporter


Interplanetary News-England and U.S.


Kor's Kosmos


Ley Hunter


Light Speed




Merseyside UFO Bulletin (MUFOB)




Meyn Mamuro


Midnight Call


Mystique Magazine


National Exchange


New Age Dawning


New Dawn


New Era


New National UFO Newsletter


New Report on Flying Saucers




Official Flying Saucer Newspaper




Open Line




Phenomena Magazine


Phenomena Research-Reporter/Special Report


Photo Communique


Picwinnard-Magazine of Wessex Leys and Folklore


Psychic Research Bulletin






Quicksilver Messenger


Res Bureaux Bulletin






S.A.T.E.R.N.-Satellite Assisted Emergency Rescue News


Saucer Album


Saucer Scoop


Saucerian Bulletin


Saucers, Space and Science


Science and Mechanics


SCP Journal (Spiritual Counterfeits Project)


Second Look


Sighter Gazette




Space Probe


Space Quest


S.P.A.C.E.-Saucer Phenomena and Celestial Enigma





cabinet-drawer 40/5

Space World


Stargate Times


Strange Magazine


Strange Phenomena


These Times




UFO (Pasadena, Ca)


UFO and Alien Comix


UFO and Related Phenomena News


UFO Canada


UFO-Critical Bulletin


UFO Encounters


UFO Forum Newsletter


UFO. . . Journal of Facts


UFO Magazine


UFO Magazine News Bulletin


UFO News


UFO Newsletter


UFO Papers


UFO Report


UFO Quebec


UFO Reality


UFO Research Australia Newsletter


UFO Research F.N.Q. Newsletter


UFO Researchers Newsletter


UFO Review (New Brunswick)


UFO Review (New York)


UFO Sighter


UFO Sightings Newsletter


UFO Tattler


UFO Times


UFO Uncensored


UFO Universe


UFO Update!










Ufology Notebook


UFO's Alien Encounters


UFO's 67




Unidentified Flying Objects




Universal Network


Unsolved UFO Sightings


Unusual News


Vestigia Newsletter


Waiting in the Wings


Who Knows?-- Westvaco


Would You Believe?





cabinet-drawer 31/1




cabinet-drawer 17/1-17/2


cabinet-drawer 17/2-17/3


cabinet-drawer 17/3


cabinet-drawer 17/3


cabinet-drawer 26/4






cabinet-drawer 32/4

Abringdon Press


Abbott Loop Christian Center


Academy for Scriptural Knowledge


Academy of Parish Clergy


Arcadia Divinity College


Acorn Yokefellow College


ACTA Foundation


Action Committee on American Arab Relations


AD 2000 and Beyond Movement


Ad Hoc Committee Against Military Escalation


Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel International


Advocates for Christ


Afghan Mujahideen Information Bureau


African Islamic Mission


Against the Wall


Ahmadiyya Anjumad Ishaat Islam Lahore, USA


Al Nour


Alabama Baptist Children's Home


All Dressed Up


Alliance for Faith and Renewal


Alliance Indian Publications




Alpha and Omega Ministries




Ambassadors for Christ International


America Back to God


America for Jesus


America Today


American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature


American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions


American Baptist Assembly


American Baptist Fellowship


American Bible Society


American Board of Missions to the Jews, Inc.


American Center for Law and Justice


American Christian Action Council


American Christian Cause


American Christian Constitution Press


American Christians for Peace


American Council of Christian Churches


American Family Association


American Festival of Evangelism


American Friends of Nes Ammim


American Friends Service Committee


American Institute of Buddhist Studies


American Institute of Islamic Studies


American Islamic College, Inc.


American Latvian Association


American Messianic Fellowship


American Middle East Rehabilitation


American Missionary Fellowship


American Muslim Council


American Muslim Teacher College


American Prophetic League


American Scripture Gift Mission


American Tract Society


Americans for Bosnian Orphans


Americans United for Life: Legal Defense Fund


Amnesty International, USA


Andrew Wommack Ministries


Anglican Rite Jurisdiction of the Americas


Anita Bryant Ministries


Ankerberg Theological Research Institute


Anti-Christ Information Center


Antique Arts


Apologetics Resource Center


Apostles Faith Bible Church


Apostles of Cheer


Apostolic Faith Bible College


Appalachian People's Service Organization


Apple Tree Family Ministries


Argus Video Ministry Club


ARK Publishing


Armenian Missionary Association of America, Inc.


Arno C. Gaebelein Inc.


Associated Baptist Press


Associated Church Press


The Association


Association for Public Justice


Association for Upholding God's Name


Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, Inc.


Association of Christian Librarians


Association of Faith Churches and Ministries


Association of International Gospel Assemblies


Association of Lutheran Church Musicians


Association of Muslim Social Scientists


Association of Theological Schools


Atlanta '85


Back to the Bible


Back to the Bible Broadcast


Baker Book House

cabinet-drawer 32/5

Banner of Truth Trust


Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina, Inc.


Baptist for World Evangelism


Baptist Fundamentalism '84


Baptist General Conference


Baptist General Conference World Missions Board


Baptist Historical Society


Baptist International Missions, Inc.


Baptist Joint Committee on Joint Affairs


Baptist Literary Board


Baptist Mid-Missions


Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America


Baptist Standard Publishing Company


Baptist World Alliance


Baptist World Mission


Baptist Youth Fellowship


Baseball Chapel


Battling the Hosts of Hell


Benson Company


Berean Christian Ministries


Berean Fellowship International


Berean Gospel Dist., Inc.


Berean League


Berean Publishing Trust


Berry, Raymond


Bert Rosenberg Ministries


Best Christian Workshops


Best To You


Bethany Fellowship Missions


Bethany House Publishers


Bible Advocate


Bible Beacon


Bible Believer's Evangelistic Association


Bible Christian Union


Bible Club Movement, Inc.


Bible Crusaders


Bible Educator Ministry, Inc.


Bible for Today


Bible Light International, Inc.


Bible Literature Distributors, Inc.


Bible Literature International


Bible Memory Association International


Bible Missions to the American Indians


Bible Open Air Mission


Bible Pathway Ministry


Bible Prophecy News


Bible Research and Ministry Foundation


Bible Review


Bible Science Association


Bible Spotlight Inc.


Bible Study Hour


Bible Tracts, Inc.


Bible Truth Depot


Bible Truth Publishers


Bibles for the World


Biblical Archaeology Review


Biblical Archaeology Society


Biblical Evangelism


Biblical Perspectives


Biblical Theological Seminary


Biblical Truth Publishing, Inc.


Biblical Witness Fellowship


Bill Blackwood Ministries, Inc.


Bill Rice Ranch Missions


Bill Rudge Ministries of Living Truth


Billy Graham Center


Billy Graham Evangelistic Association


Billy Graham School of Evangelism


Birmingham Alive


Bishop Hill Heritage Association


Blessed Hope Ministries


Blessed Truth Trinity Society


Board of Home Missions of the Church of Christian Liberties


Book Fellowship International


Bookmates International, Inc.


Born Free Evangelistic Association


Bosnia Task Force USA


Bountiful Supply


Bowery Mission and Young Man's Home


Boy Scouts of America


Braille Circulating Library


Bread for the World


Breads for Life


Brethren Home Missions Council, Inc.


Bridging Peoples


The Brighter Side


B'rith Christian Union


Broken Heart Ministries, Inc.


Broken Needles


Broken Wing Outreach


Brown, Otto, and Norma Jean

cabinet-drawer 33/1

C-4 Resources


California Society of St. Basil


Calvary Chapel Prescott


Calvary Commission


Calvary Evangelistic Mission, Inc.


Calvary Radio Ministry


Calvary Tabernacle Church


Calvary Temple




Calvinist Cadet Corps.


Camp Meeting Revivals, Inc.


Campus Crusade for Christ


Campus Fellowship


Canadian Revival Fellowship


Capernwray Missionary Fellowship


Caravans for Christ


Carl C. Austin Bible Foundation


Carlton Dunn and Associates


Caroline Mission


La Casa de Maria


Cathedral Caravan, Inc.


Cathedral Press, Inc.


Catholic Charismatic Renewal


CCM Publications, Inc.


Cedar Lake Bible Conference Center


Center for Christian Ministry


Center for Parish Development


Center for Pastoral Renewal


Center for Spiritual Development


Central Baptist Association


Central Florida Christian School


Chapel Library


Charislife Ministries, Inc.


Charismatic Renewal of Virginia


Chicago Bible Students


Chicago Peace Council


Chicago Religious Task Force on Central America


Chick Publications, Inc.


Child Evangelism Fellowship


Chinese Christian Mission




Chosen People Ministries, Inc.


Christ for the Nations, Inc.


Christ for the World, Inc.


Christ in Action


Christ Is the Answer, Inc.


Christ Patrol Motorcycle Group


Christ Truth Foundation


Christian Activities Calendar


Christian African Relief Trust


Christian Aid Mission


Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship


Christian and Missionary Alliance


Christian Apologetics: Research and Information Center


Christian Appalachian Project


Christian Armory


Christian Association of Rivermen


Christian Bible Society


Christian Board of Publication


Christian Book Distributors


Christian Booksellers' Association


Christian Business Men's Committee


Christian Camping International


Christian Century Foundation


Christian Chamber of Commerce, Inc.


Christian Children's Fund


Christian Chronicle


Christian Church Foundation for the Handicapped


Christian Cinema, Inc.


Christian Citizen Christian College Consortium


Christian Communications, Inc.


Christian Computers User Association


Christian Cynosure


Christian Dating Service International


Christian Defense Coalition


Christian Destiny Ministries


Christian Direction, Inc.


Christian Education Publishers


Christian Education Resources


Christian Endeavor International


Christian Equipper's International


Christian Family Renewal


Christian Family Services


Christian Fellowship of Prayer


Christian Fellowship Union, Inc.


Christian Freedom Foundation, Inc.


Christian Grace Ministries, Inc.


Christian Herald Association


Christian History Institute


Christian Homes United to Restore Our Christian Heritage(CHURCH)


Christian Horizons, Inc.


Christian Information Outreach


Christian Information Services, Inc.


Christian Inquirer Family and Freedom Ministries


Christian Laity of Chicago


Christian Layman's Tract League


Christian Leadership Ministries


Christian League for the Handicapped


Christian Legal Society


Christian Life Missions


Christian Life Services


Christian Literacy Associates


Christian Literacy Crusade


Christian Literature and Bible Center


Christian Management Association


Christian Medical and Dental Society


Christian Military Fellowship


Christian Ministry


A Christian Ministry in the National Parks


Christian Missionary Fellowship


Christian Missionary Society


Christian Missions to the Communist World


Christian News and Views


Christian Outreach International


Christian Political Education Publishers


Christian Preparation Network


Christian Publications, Inc.


Christian Publishing Co.


The Christian Reader


Christian Reformed World Relief Committee


Christian Research Associates


Christian Research Institute International


Christian Review


Christian Revival Crusade, Inc.


Christian Schools International


Christian Science Legal Defense Fund


Christian Service Brigade


Christian Service Mission


Christian Servicemen's Centers


Christian Singles/Datemates Connections


Christian Society Slavia


"The Christian Soldier"


Christian Solidarity International


Christian Surfing Association


Christian Theater Company


Christian Times


Christian Transportation Inc.


Christian Victory Publishing Co.


Christianity and Crisis, Inc.


Christianity on Campus, Inc.


Christianity Today


Christians Care for America


Christians Evangelizing Catholics


Christians in Action


Christic Institute


Christ's Gospel Fellowship, Inc.


Christ's Outpost, Inc.


The Church at 78th and Independence


Church Committee on Human Rights in Asia


Church Consultants Group


Church Growth, Inc.


Church Growth Institute


Church League of America


Church Library News


Church Militant


Church Musician's National Referral Service]


Church of the Christian Crusade


Churchman Co.

cabinet-drawer 33/2

Circle Community Center


City of God Airport Ministry


Cityteam Ministries


Classics Trust


Clear Light Tracts


Clergy Financial Services


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