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Register of the Stanley Kuhl Hornbeck Papers, 1900-1966.
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Commercial and trade relations

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Commissioner, High


Commissioner in United States, resident

Box 343.






Box 344.


Physical Description: 2 folders)





Neutralization of



Box 345.

President of


Public works


Question of Naval Base, 1937


U.S. Naval Base


U.S. Relations, Postwar


Wood-Forbes Report, 1921


Phillips, Alfred N.


Phillips, Beatrice


Phillips, Wallace B.


Phillips, William


Phraner, Stanley L.


Pickel, Robert D.


Picot, Madame Willie Georges


Pierce Arrow Service


Pierson, Warren Lee


Piffard, Helen Strong


Pilcher, James B.


Pillion, John R.


Pillsbury Flour Mills Company


Pinchot, Mrs. Gifford


Pinon, Rene, "A New Phase of the Struggle for the Pacific"


Pitcher, Stephen L.


Pittman, Key

Box 346.





Plans and suggestions


Platforms, United States Government Party, 1940, 1944






Pleiss, Walter


Plesman, Albert


Podoski, Victor




Pogue, Joseph E.


Poland, W. B.






Police Force, International


Police, traffic, May 29, 1955


Policy Committee


Policy Committee, Minutes, 1943-1944

Box 347.

Policy Committee, Minutes, 1943-1944 (3 folders)

Box 348.

Policy Committee, Minutes, 1943-1944 (5 folders)

Box 349.

Polish Embassy


Polish Information Service


Political economy


Political psychology


Political Science


Political Science Association (D.C.)


Political Science, general, outline


Political Science, Study of




Politics, Science of, Report of National Conference on, 1923


Pond, J. Lawrence


Pontillo, Nick


Pool, John C.


Poole, Dewitt C.


Poon Lim


Poor, Henry V.


Pope, Arthur Upham




Population, world


Populations and territories, Japanese controlled

Box 350.

Porter, Catherine


Porter, Congressman Charles O. and Nash, Ernest T.


Porter, Lucius


Porter, Ruth


Porter, Stephen G.


Porter, Thurston R.


Portsmouth Treaty




Portuguese Legation


Pos, Mary


Possony, Stefan T.


Post Office Department


Post offices


Posthumus, N. W.






Post-War Foreign Policy, Advisory Committee on


Post-War Foreign Policy, Advisory Council on


Post-War planning, commitments and aims

Box 351.

Post-War Programs, Committee on


Potsdam Papers


Potsdam, Tripartite at Berlin, July 17 - August 2, 1945


Pott, F. L. Hawks


Potter, Kenneth F.


Potter, Pitman B.


Pouch Service


Pound, Roscoe, on U.S. China Policy, 1949




Powell, Helen K.


Powell, J. B.


Powell, Nancy


Powell, P. P.


Powell, Ralph, 1960


Power, effective rulers of the Untied States


Powers, John H.


Poynter, Nelson P.


Pratt, John H.


Pratt, Sir John








Problems of, 1916

Physical Description: 3 folders)
Box 352.

1917 figures


1917 material


1917, U.S. Army and Navy Chart


1930, W. R. Castle, Armistice Day speech





Box 353.









President's Message


President's Messages, 1917


President Polk's Proclamation of War with Mexico, 1846 (See: China: Papers: Reinsch acquisition)


President's Statement to Congress, December 15, 1941


Presidents of the United States, The Book of the



Box 354.

Press clipping bureaus


Press conferences


Press (the), Dillon, E. J. on


Press, French


"Press and Politics," Volume I, Number 1


Press (the), 1956


Price, Allen Thomas


Price, Ben


Price, Elizabeth Kendall


Price, Ernest B.


Price, Frank


Price, Harry B., "The Marshall Plan"


Price, Harry B.


Price, Maurice T.


Price, Willard


Prickett, Karl E.


Princeton, 1930


Princeton, December 3, 1938


Princeton, 20th Century Fund, Ronald Reagan, 1954-1955


Princeton School of Public and International Affairs




Principles of U.S. foreign policy


Prisoners of war

Box 355.

Prisoners of war, 1944-


Prisoners of war, Execution of Aviators (See also: Doolittle Raid)


Private property, immunity in war







Physical Description: 2 folders)

Propaganda Committee, Combined Chiefs of Staff


Propaganda, methods, Parker


Property list, estate




Prophecies, 1940-1943





Box 356.

Protection of American Interests


"Protection of Citizens Abroad by Armed Force," by Edwin Borchard


Protection of foreign interests




Protocol, Diplomatic Reception, White House, 1936-1937


Protocol (Geneva) for Pacific Settlement of International Disputes, 1924


Protocol, Washington, list of rank and precedence, 1953


Providence Journal and Evening Bulletin


Prussian Treaty of 1828


Pruzzle contest






Pu Yi


Public Action


Public Affairs Press


Public opinion






Puckle, Sir Frederick


Puerto Rico


Pugach, Noel (U. of Wisconsin)


Puleston, William D.


Puleston, "The Influence of Force in Foreign Relations," 1955


Purdy, Milton D.


Puryear, Edward F.


Putnam, John R.


G. P. Putnam's Sons

Box 357.

Quaker Oats Company






Quemoy and Matsu, ABC's of, 1958


Quezon, Manuel


Quigley, Harold S.



Physical Description: 2 folders)

Articles (See: China: Quigley, Harold S., articles by)


"Chinese Politics and Foreign Powers," 1927


Chinese Politics Today, Review, May 1934


University of Minneapolis, 1934


Quillian, Fletcher


Quittner, Joseph


Quo Tai-chi, Dr.


Quotations ("Thoughts")


Quotations and stories

Box 358.

Rabbitt, James A.


Rabindranath, Tagore


Race question


Races and problems


Racial equality


Radio station, International Settlement, Shanghai


Radio station, Mukden


Radio, U.S.


Railway, Burma - Yunnan


Railway, Chesapeake and Ohio


Railway, Chicago, Rhode Island and Pacific Railway Co.


Railway, Trans-Siberian


Rajchman, Ludwik


Rakhit, Hemendra K.


Ramos, Carlos


Ramsay, Gordon A.


Rand, Elbridge D.


Randolph, Bessie C.


Rankin, Jeannette (Montana)


Rankin, Karl L.


Ranneft, J. W. Meijer


Ransdell, J. H.


Rappaport, Armin


Raven, F. J.


Ravndal, C. M.


Raw materials


Rawls, Fletcher


Ray, J. Franklin


Rayl, L. B.


Raymond, Allen


Rayner, Charles B.


Rea, George Bronson

Box 359.

Read, Thomas T.


Reader's Digest


Ready, Michael J. (Monsignor)


Reagan, Ronald


Real estate and moving, 1938






Rearick, Elizabeth


Reber, Samuel


Reciprocity and Preferential Tariff Systems




Recognition of governments, Hornbeck on, ASIL, 1950


Recording machine


Records of usage


Red Cross


Red Cross, American


Red Cross Congress, in Japan, Judge Payne, Delegate, 1934




Reed, Harold and Alice


Reed, Martha


Reed, Stanley


Reener, J. S.


Refugee Economic Corporation


Refugees, political

Box 360.

Reid, Gilbert


Reid, John Gilbert


Reifsnider, Bishop C. S.


Reilly, Brig. Gen. Henry J. (U.S.A., retired)


Reinsch, Paul S.

Physical Description: 7 folders)
Box 361.

Reischauer, Edwin O.




China - France


China - Russia


France - Great Britain


France - U.S.


Great Britain - Netherlands


Japan - Netherlands


Japan - U.S.S.R.


U.S. - China


U.S. - Great Britain


U.S. - Japan


U.S. - Netherlands


U.S. - Russia






Religious ( Life)




Remer, C. F.


Remey, Mason


Reminiscences, items to write


Renchard, G. W.








Representation, diplomatic


Representation by U.S. Government of interests of one country in third country


Republican campaign

Box 362.

Republican Women, League of, School of Politics, "Conduct Foreign Relations," 1930


Research, subsidies for


Research, suggestions for


Research, Who's Who in


Reservations, precedents for


Reserve Officers' Association


Reserve Officers' Association, Constitution of


"Het Residentie Orkest"


"Resignation" (Special)


Resignation as American Clerk at the Nanking Consulate


Resources, United States






Reversible Collar Company


Reybold, Capt. John B.


Reynard, W. E.


Reynolds, Conger


Reynolds, Lincoln


Reynolds, Robert R.


Rhee, Syngman


Rhoads, Charles J.


Rhodes, Cecil


Rhodes scholars






In Massachusetts

Box 363.

Hamilton, G. E. for the Oxonian


Scholarship trust


Scholarships, 1916-1927


Subject folder

Box 364.

Scholarships, 1929-1933


Reunion, 1929, 1933

Box 365.

Scholarships, 1950


Exams, etc., 1952


May 1953


Scholarships, 1952-1954


The American Oxonian, price list for reprints


Association of American Rhodes Scholars, Constitution


Class of 1904, the active, manuscript


Reunion, Swarthmore, June 18-20, 1965


Selection, December 1963


Selection, 1964


Selection Committee, December 1965


D.C. roster





Box 366.

Rice, Charles


Rice, Edward E.


Rice, Elwood E.


Rice, Stuart A.


Rich, John F.


Rich, Raymond T., World Peace Foundation


Richardson, Garland


Richardson, James


Richardson, Norval, "My Diplomatic Education"


Richardson, Robert C.


Richardson, W. Garland


Richey, Lawrence


Richmond, Indiana (William C. Dennis), 1950


Rickover, Adm. H. G.


Riddell, Guy C.


Ridder, J.


Rigby, Cora


Riggs, B. Reath


Riggs National Bank




Rights, A Declaration of


Riley, Julian


Rinehart, Stanley M.


Ringer, Gordon


Ringwalt, Arthur R.




Rivers, William C.


Robbins, Warren D.


Roberts, Owen F.


Robertson, C. H.


Robertson, David A.


Robertson, Walter


Robins, H. M.


Robinson, Dorothy


Robinson, Jacob


Robinson, Leland R.


Robinson, Thomas H.


Rochford, Daniel


Rock, Dr. Joseph F.


Rock Creek Women's Republican Club, 1961


Rockefeller, John D.


Rockefeller, Nelson


Rodgers, Rear Admiral W. L., "Diplomacy"


Rodgers, William L.


Rogers, Alan


Rogers, Edith Nourse


Rogers, Fred F.


Rogers, James Grafton


Rogers, James Harvey


Rogers, Leighton W.


Rogers, L. "America's Case Against Germany"


Rogers, Theo


Rogers, Walter S.

Box 367.

Rolfe, Mary A.


Romig, Joseph A.


Romijn, Cornelis Theo


Romney, Gov.


Romulo, Carlos P.


Romulo on Asia


Rookmaker, E. Tj.


Roos, Robert A.


Roosevelt and Churchill


Roosevelt, Edith K.


Roosevelt, Eleanor


Roosevelt, Franklin D., President


Roosevelt genealogy


Roosevelt, James


Roosevelt, Kermit


Roosevelt Library, Drewry, 1966


Roosevelt, Nicholas


Roosevelt, Nicholas "Making a New China out of War-Torn Nation," 1928


Roosevelt, Theodore


Roosevelt, Theodore, Jr.




Root, Elihu


Root-Takahira Agreement

Box 368.

Roots, John, on China Policy, 1948 or 1949


Roots, Logan H.


Roper, Daniel C.


Roper, Elmo


Roseberg, Evar


Roseman, Alvin


Rosenman Mission


Rosinki, Herbert


Ross, Ben


Ross, H. F.


Rosse, G. W.




Roszel, B. M.

Physical Description: 2 folders)



Roumanian Legation


Round Table


Rowbotham, A.


Rowe, David N.


Rowe, David, on U.S. and Asia, 1949


Roue, Leo S.


Rowell, Chester Harvey


Rowland, Charles A.


Royal Institute of International Affairs


Roye, Harry




Rubber, 1940, 1942


Rubel, L. E.


Ruddock, A. B.


Ruess, W.


Rugg, Charles B.


Rumford Press


Rush-Bagot Agreement of 1817


Rusk, Dean, 1950-1963

Physical Description: 4 folders)

Russell, Bertrand


Russell, Charles A.


Russell, Donald


Russell, Franklin


Russell, John Forbes


Russian East Asia


Rutherford, Forrest S.


Ruthlad, Mary


Ryan, the Rt. Rev. James Hugh (Bishop of Omaha)


Ryan, James W.


Ryan, Martin A.


Ryan, W. R.

Box 369.

Saburi, Sadas


Sachs, Alexander


Saffer, Charles


Sahara, T.


Saint John's Church


Saionji, Prince Kimmochi




Sakatani Incident




Salinger, Edgar


Salisbury, Laurence E.


Salmon, David A.


Salter, Arthur and Ethel


Salter, Fred K.




Salvation Army


Salvesen, H. K.


Sammons, T.




Samoa and New Zealand


Samson, Gerald


San Antonio Express


San Francisco Chronicle


Sanavitis, Anthony


Sanborn, Design for War Review by Bemis



Physical Description: 2 folders)

Sanctions, economic


Sandberg, H. W.


Sanders, Jack Howard

Box 370.

Sands, Edwin


Sands, William Franklin


Sansom, Sir George


Santa Claus


Sard, Abbie Ingalls


Sard, Russell E.


Sarnoff Plan, May 1955






Sato, Ken


Satterthwaite, Livingston


Saturday Evening Post


Saturday Evening Post (Mr. Frederic Nelson), 1954


Saturday Evening Post, July 1961


Saudi Arabia


Savage, Carlton


Savitsch, Eugene de


Sawada, S.


Sawyer, Charles


Sawyer, George


Sayre, Francis


Scalapino and Conlon Associates


Schaffner, Margaret A.


Schain, Josephine, "Cause and Cure of War"


Schecklen, George F.


Scheeline, Julia G.


Schenkman, Irvin


Scherbak, H.


Scherer, James A. B.


Schick, Leonard H.


Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr.


Schmitt, Bernadotte E.

Box 371.

Schmitt, Bernadotte E.


Schmitt: Europe


Schnapper, M. B.


Schnare, Lester L.


Schneider, Helen


Schneider, President Herman


Schock, H. C.


Schoenfeld, Rudolf E.


Scholes, Prof. Walter V., 1966


Scholte, Daphne W.


Scholz, Richard F.


Schoonheim, H.


Schroder, Hans Jurgen


Schuirmann, Captain Roscoe E.


Schuler, Frank A., Jr.


Schultheis, Dorothy


Schurman, Jacob Gould


Schwager, Charles


Schwandt, Robert


Schwartz, Harry, "Two Lenins," NYT Mag., July 14, 1963


Schwellenbach, Lewis B. (Washington)






Scott, Almere L.


Scott, Blair


Scott, the Reverend Charles Ernest


Scott, James Brown


Scott Resolution


Scott, Rey


Scotten, R.

Box 372.



Scrap iron


Scribe, the (re Egypt), Vol. I, No. 1


Scribner Book Store


Sea Island


Seaman's Church Institute of New York


Sears Roebuck


Sears Roebuck, 1955


Southeast Asia Treaty Organization


Seavey, Warren A.


Sebald, William


Secker, Walter


Secretary of State




Press interviews with

Box 373.



Messages from and to Minister Hirota, February 21 and March 3, 1934


China-Japan, Statement of December 5, 1935



Physical Description: 3 folders)

Eight Pillars of Peace Statement, July 16, 1937


Statement of August 23, 1937

Box 374.

Speech at National Press Club, March 17, 1938



Physical Description: 2 folders)
Box 375.

Address of February 29, 1940


Address of October 26, 1940


Address of November 1, 1940


Address of November 5, 1940



Box 376.


Physical Description: 4 folders)
Box 377.


Physical Description: 3 folders)

Lincoln Day Speech, 1942

Box 378.


Physical Description: 3 folders)

Drafts of Secretary's address, September 11, 1943

Box 379.

Memoranda summarizing situation in the Far East, 1943

Physical Description: 2 folders)
Box 380.


Physical Description: 4 folders)
Box 381.



Security Storage Co.


Sedgley, Isabel


Sedgwick, Ellery


See, F. S.


Seelt, H. G. N.




Segsworth, B. C.


Seibert, Edwin L.


Seibert, Elvin


Seibold, Louis


Selective Service Regulations






Semenoff, Ataman




Senate (Theodore Green)




Seret-Sijthoff, Mrs. J. L.




Service, John


Sevensma, Tietse Pieter




Sforza, Carlo


Shang Cheng, General


Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury






International settlement


International status


Peace conference

Box 382.

Situation, 1932

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Thirty-first Infantry


Shanghai Tiffin Club


Shanghai Tiffin Club, Hornbeck talk, December 13, 1955










January 27-28, official


April 22, morning


April 22, afternoon


Full explanation by Williams to White, April 27


Agreements and diplomatic record, texts


Clauses, Austrian Treaty, original


Congressional Record, March 3-4, 1920


Decision, effects of, Peace Conference, Peking


Decision, official statement, Baker, April 30


Decision at Paris Peace Conference


Disposal of



Box 383.

Our proposals


Protest of Chinese Delegation, May 4




Question, miscellaneous memoranda to Williams and Baker


Railway, status


Recommendations to commissioner, April 23


Reinsch protests


Chapter VI, Temperley


Chapter VI, Temperley, miscellaneous pages


Treaty Provisions and Explanation


Uchida and Wilson, August 1919


Shantung Christian University


Shantz, Harold


Shao, Otis, January 1957


Shapiro, David


Sharp, Frank C.


Sharratt (H. F.) Storage Co.


Sharry, L.


Shaw, Albert


Shaw, G. Howland


Shaw, G. Howland, "unfinished"


Shaw, K. W.


Shaw, Roger


Shecklen, George F.


Sheehy, Maurice S.


Sheil, Mrs. William (Ruth B.)


Sheldon, Charles Stuart


Shelley, Commodore T.


Shepard, W. J., American Political Science Association Program, 1927

Box 384.

Shepardson, Whitney H.


Shepherd, Francis E. A.


Shepherd, George A., Address at Shanghai Tiffin Club, New York, 1937


Shepherd, George A.


Sherertz, D. L.


Sherman, Rose


Sherman, Thomas F.


Sherover, Max


Sherrill, Charles H.


Sherwell, G. Butler


Sherwood, H.






Shidehara, Baron


Shih Hu, Dr.


Shipley, Ruth B.


Shipstead, Senator Henrik (Minnesota)


Shiratori, Toshio


Shirts and collars


Shoemaker, Col. Henry W.


Shortridge, L. Virginia


Shortt, Adam


Shotwell, James T.


Shudian, Guozi

Box 385.




Physical Description: 3 folders)









Commercial Treaty, MacMurray to Hornbeck, 1921






Foreign Service


King and Queen Visit United States, 1931

Box 386.

Legal status of foreigners




Order of White Elephant


"Paring Down Siam," H. A. Gibbons


Sayre, "Siam's Fight for Sovereignty"




Tariff and trade bibliography


Trade of Bangkok, 1918-1919




Treaty Clauses, drafts of




Treaties, Case for Revision of, 1919


U.S. Treaty of 1920


U.S. Treaty of 1921


U.S. Treaty, Hornbeck on


U.S. Treaty, commercial


Siamese Delegation


Siamese Legation

Box 387.





Russia materials, 1917




Expedition, World War


Far Eastern Republic, constitution


Far Eastern Republic, history




Intervention, Japan, special memo


Intervention in Russia


Intervention, Shibata


Japan in, view of Shibata, 1918


Saghalin, resources


Siberian Situation

Box 388.

Siebbert, W. H.


Sikkes, P.




Silberling, H. J.





Physical Description: 2 folders)

Silvercruys, Robert


Silverman, Albert


Simmang, Theodore E.


Simmons, Paul


Simmons properties


Simms, William Philip


Simon, Sir John


Simonds, Frank H.


Simonds, Col. George S.


Simonds, Lt. Gen. G. G.


Simpich, Frederick


Simpson, Sir John Hope, National Flood Relief Commission


Simpson, Sen. Milward L. (Wyoming)


Sims, John G., Jr.

Box 389.

Sinclair, Gregg M.



Physical Description: 2 folders)

Sink, Robert W.




Sino-American Cultural Society, 1963


Sino-Korean People's League (See: Haan, Kilsoo K.)


Sisson, C. N.


Sinsabaugh, R. W.


Situation in the Far East as Affected by Current Developments in Europe, memo


Skinner, M. E.


Skinner, Robert P.


Skivirsky, Boris E.


Slade, Mrs. F. Louis


Slade, William A.


Slaughter, M. S.


Slessor, J. C.


Slichter, Prof. Charles S.


Small, J. H.


Smedley, Chester E.


Smith, Anne Pike (Mrs. Alfred T.)


Smith, Bruce and Florence


Smith, C. H., Esquire


Smith, Charles Forster


Smith, Courtney


Smith, Courtney and Prosser Gifford, "Oxford and the Rhodes Scholarships," 1958


Smith, Elizabeth Bertha


Smith, Frank Herron


Smith, H. Alexander


Smith, Hawley


Smith, H. O., Esquire


Smith, Horace


Smith, James W.


Smith, J. Russell

Box 390.

Smith, Kingsbury


Smith, Mildred C.


Smith, Nichol


Smith, Patrick


Smith, Ralph W.


Smith, Robert Aura


Smith, Ruth S.


Smith, S. Stephenson


Smith, T. V.


Smith, Thomas F.


Smith, W. R. Verdon


Smith, Walter M.


Smith, Col. William Wolff

Box 391.



Smoot, Senator Charles


Smoot, E. L.


Smuts, Jan Christian


Smyth, Gordon


Smyth, Robert L.


Snow, E. D.


Snow, Edgar


Snowstorms I've known


Social science


Social Sciences, Encyclopedia of




Socialism, Max Eastman on


"Softies" (Left)




Sojourners, May, 1955


Sokobin, Sam, "China" Christmas cards


Sokolsky, George

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Sokolowsky, Wladyslaw


Solborg, Colonel R. A.


Sons of Confederate Veterans


Soothill, W. E.


Soskin, William


Soule, Doris


South Africa


Southard, Addison E.


Southeast Asia


Southeast Asia, Kaplan Report, 1953

Box 392.

Southeast Asian Institute


Southgate, Richard


South Manchurian Railway Loans, Hornbeck on




Soviet Union



Physical Description: 5 folders)
Box 393.

Dennis, A. L. P., 1922



Physical Description: 3 folders)
Box 394.


Physical Description: 3 folders)
Box 395.



Bibliography, 1917






Far East, tariff and trade


Information Bureau



Box 396.







Recognition of


Recognition and trade


Soviet-American relations


Soviet-British relations


Soviet-Chinese relations


Soviet-German relations


Soviet-Japanese relations


Soviet-Japanese Treaty of Neutrality, April 13, 1941

Box 397.





Spamer, Carl O.


Spanish Embassy


Spanish Legation


Speaking, how to do




Special division






Speeches, 1951 and 1952, Dulles, R. H. Douglas, D. Rusk, C. Estes

Box 398.

Speeches, materials for (2 folders)


Speer, Robert E.


Speers, Theodore C.


Speers, Wallace C.


Spencer, Claudius B.


Spencer, Edward


Spencer, Elizabeth K.


Spencer, John Hathaway


Spencer, John M.


Spiker, Carlisle T.


Spiker, Clarence J.


Spinks, Charles N.


Spruks, Henry Charles


Spykman, N.


Stabilization Fund


Stafford, F. E.


Stahr, Elvis




Standard Oil Company


Standley, Admiral William H.


Stanford U. Press


Stanley, William


Stansbury, Harry


Stanton, Edwin F.


Stapler, John T. G.

Box 399.

Star Radio Co.


Stark, Admiral Harold R.


Starr, Frederick


Starrett, Henry P.


Stassen, Governor Harold F.


State - War - Navy, cooperation


State - War - Navy, Monday meeting


States' rights


Status of forces


Status quo


Stayer, Major General


Stearns, Robert L.


Stechert & Co.


Steel, Ned Mayo


Steele, A. T.


Steele, Dr.


Steenberghe, M.


Steep, Thomas


Steever, Miller D.




Steigher, G. Nye

Box 400.

Stein, Sir Aurel


Steiner, Professor H. Arthur


Steiner, H. Arthur "The U.S. and the Two Chinas," April 1953


Steiner, Jesse F.


Steinhardt, Laurence A.


Steinhauer, Adam


Stephan, C. H.


Sterling, Frederick A.


Stern, Eugene W.


Stettinius, Edward R.

Physical Description: 3 folders)

Stettinius, Edward R. 1943-1944

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Stettinius, Edward R., "unfinished"

Box 401.

Stevens, Mrs. Cabot


Stevens, Francis Bowden


Stevens, Frederick W.


Stevens, Harry E.


Stevens, Raymond B.


Stevenson, Adlai


Steward, Luther C.


Stewart, James B.


Stewart, Sir Kenneth


Stewart, Robert B., Jr.


Stigall, John O. H.


Stilwell, Joseph W.


Stimson, Edward, transalantic telephone conversations, February-March 1932


Stimson, Henry L.

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Stimson, Henry L., Secretary of War


Stimson, Henry L., note to Borah, February 24, 1932

Box 402.

Stimson, Henry L., 1931-1939; 1942-1943; 1947 (7 folders)


Stimson Doctrine

Box 403.

Stinnes, Edmund


Stirling, Rear Admiral (U.S.N.) Yates


Stocker, Kate


Stocks, 1966


Stockton, Gilchrist


Stockton, W. T.


Stoddard, Lothrop


Stokes, Canon Anson P.


Stoller, Roy H.


Stone, Donald


Stone, Ellis


Stone, Harlan Fiske


Stone, I.


Stone, John F. (American Consul, Rotterdam)


Stone, Lanier


Stone, Lee A.


Stone, W. S.


Stone, William T.




Story, Russell M.


Stout, William D.


Stover, Fred W.


Stover, William C.


Stowe, Leland


Stowell, Ellery C.


Strategic raw materials




Strategy, Naval


Stratford Company


Strawn, Silas H.

Physical Description: 3 folders)
Box 404.

Strawn, Silas H.


Streeper, Robert B.


Streit, Clarence


Strenger, A. D.




Stritch, Samuel A.


Strong, Anna Louise


Strong, George V.


Strong, Gordon Bartley


Strother, French


Stryker, A. J.


Stryker, Alice (Mrs. Harold C. Reed)


Stuart, Charles E.


Stuart, J. Leighton






Random House (D. McDowell), 1954


Notes for ms.


Introduction for ms.


Yenching and U. Board


Stuart, R. Douglas

Box 405.

Stuart, Theodore M.


Stuart, William A.


Student and student oath


Sturgeon, Leo D.


Sturgess, Mrs. Hollister


Sturgis, John H.


Submarine, The


Suermondt, R. K.




Sulgrave Club


Sullivan, Daniel J., Jr.


Sullivan, Mark


Summerlin, George T.


Summers, John H.




Sun Fo


Sun Yat Sen


Supplies, provisions, etc.


Supreme Court


Swanson, Mrs. Claude A.


Swanson, Walter P.






Swedish Legation


Sweet Briar


Sweet Briar and Mme. Chiang and Pres. Pannell


Sweet Briar Symposium, March 1955


Sweet, William E.


Sweetser, Arthur


Swift, Merritt


Swiggett, Glen Levin


Swing, Raymond Gram


Swingle, Walter T.


Swisher, Earl


Swisher, Earl, "China Today - 1931"


Swope, Gerard


System Modern Business Management


Sze, Alfred


Szymczak, M. S.

Box 406.

Ta Hua Corporation


Tactics, 1966


Taeni, Selma


Taft, Charles P.


Taft, Robert


Taft, William Howard


Tai, En-Sai (McGuire; Rankin)


Taketa, Taneo


Talbot, John H.


Talbott, E. Guy


Tallerday, Louise P.


Tan, Dr. Shao-Hwa


Tan, K. T., Esquire


Tanaka Memorial


Tang, Peter


Tangku Truce


Tansill, Prof.


Tao, Frank








Act of 1922, Administration


Act and policy, McClure's memorandum on, October 20, 1922




Bibliography, general


Effect of war on industries


Equality of treatment among nations


European policy since the war


"International Tariff Relations as Affected by the War," Culbertson


League of Nations and tariffs




Relations and world peace


Underwood Tariff



Box 407.

Commission correspondence


Conference, chronology (See Also: Hornbeck: Memoranda to Johnson, 1926-1927)




Wallace, B. B., articles by

Box 408.

Tarpey, Michael whereabouts, 1943


Task Force


Taussig, F. W.


Taussig, J. K.




Taylor, A. W.


Taylor, Admiral


Taylor, F. A.


Taylor, George C. (U. of Colorado, 1899, and U. of No. Carolina)


Taylor, George E.


Taylor, Helen Strauss


Taylor, Wayne C.


Tcheng, Mademoiselle Soume


"Teach-in," 1965-66


Teagle, Walter C.


Tedaldi, Dr. C.


Tedman, P. H.


Teheran Conference




Telegram rates


Telephoning for Uncle Sam




Temperley, Harold


Tenney, Raymond P.






Territorial waters


Terry, Arthur, Jr.


Test Ban, 1963-1966


Thacker, Earl M.




Thailand, Order of White Elephant


Thailand, relations with United States


Thank-you letters, 1954


Thank-you notes, December 1955




Thayer, W. W.

Box 409.

The Hague




1944-1947, miscellaneous


Academy of International Laws


Action at


American Embassy


General, 1944-1947

Physical Description: 3 folders)
Box 410.



Action with Department


Armistice Day, 1946, including speeches


Benton, J. Webb


Beyerly, Harold S.


Browne, Sidney




Biographic sketches


Commissary and Px


Albert McDoyle (American Consul General, Amsterdam)


Correspondence, November-February 1947

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Including administration


Index to Hague file

Box 411.



Diplomatic Corps, 1946 list




Hornbeck in Holland


Johnson, Col. Frank M.


Military Attache's Office




Naval Attache's Office


American overseas airlines




Press releases


Ambassador's residence




American Red Cross




Bank, Chase (London)


Bombings, etc.


Convention, 1907


Housing at


London, materials for reports and department, 1944-1945


Post allowances


Rules and War, Lecture


Trips to and visitors to

Box 412.

The Issue


The Hague


The War This Week


Theses, subject for, suggestions


Think Magazine


This Week Magazine


Thomas, Elbert D. (Utah)


Thomas, Eugene P.


Thomas, James A.


Thomas, J. A., letters and conversation, August 8, 1918


Thompson & Co.


Thompson, Dorothy


Thompson, Llewellyn E. (Ambassador)


Thompson, Walter


Thornburg, Max W.


Thorning, Joseph F.


Thornton, Governor


Thorpe, Elisabeth


Thrift Shop


Thurber, Vice Admiral H. R.


Thuring, J. Joh.


Thurmond, Strom


Thwing, Charles F.


Tiao, Beatrice




Tien Shih-Ying


Tientsin Incident


Tierie, Mrs. Nicolas J. C.


Tigert, John J.


Tilton, Robert


Time, Inc.


Timor (Portuguese Territory)


Timperley, H. J.


Tinkham, George Holden




Tobacco products


Todd, Constance L.


Todd, Mrs. Lawrence


Todds, 1954






Tolischus, Otto D.


Tolmachoff, John N.


Tomimas, Shutaro

Box 413.

Tong, Hollington



Physical Description: 2 folders)





Tong, Col. S. C.


Tooker, F. J. (son, F. F. Tooker)


Toole, Charles E.


Topics for studies


Townsend, Fred L.


Toynbee, A.





Box 414.







Latin American


Rules, Allies


Rules, Great Britain


United States


United States-China


United States-Far East


United States-Japan


United States-Soviet Union

Box 415.

Traffic Bureau, Buettner and data




Train, Admiral, for February 18, 1959


Traina, Prof. Richard P., 1966


Transportation, air




Treasury Department


Treat, Payson J.






Miscellaneous, 1922, 1928


Respect for


Secret, 1917


Four Power, December 13, 1921


Memo from Treaty Division, Department of State, 1929




Nine Power, February 6, 1922


Plans for No Separate Agreement


Samoa in the


United States and China


United States and China, commercial


United States and China, tariff


United States first with France, 1778

Box 416.

United States and Japan, 1911


U.S. and Siam




Trinkle (Governor of Virginia)


Trip to Washington


Tripartite Conference, Moscow


Trippe, Juan T.


Troop movements


Troy lecture, Rensselaer Polytechnic, March 1949


True, Allen Tupper

Box 417.

Truman, President Harry S. (2 folders)


Truman Committee


Truman, President Harry S., letters and memo to, February - March 1947


Truman - MacArthur




Tsao, 1963


Tsiang, Dr. T. F.


Tsiang Resolution at U.N. Political Committee, 1952


Tsing Hua


Tsing Hua College


Tsui, Tswen-Ling


Tuck, S. Pinkney


Tucker, Beverly


Tugwell, Rexford G.


Tung, H. E.






Turlington, Edgar


Twain, Mark


"Two Chinas"


Tyan, M. T. Z.


Tymstra, J.





Box 418.

U-2 affair










Unconditional surrender


Unfinished business


Union College, Schenectady, two lectures, November 11, 12, 1929


Union Now


United Board


United China Relief


United China Relief, Princeton Conference, May 31 - June 1, 1941


United Kingdom

Box 419.

United Nations



Physical Description: 3 folders)

1955, etc.


Association for, meetings, February 1955




China in the


China at, December 1949




Freeman, March 1955

Box 420.

Members, roster


Organization, San Francisco Conference, London Conference, January 10, 1946 - February 1949


Package deal, 1955


Package deal, question of admission, 1955 (Dr. Tingfu F. Tsiang)


Relief and Rehabilitation Administration


San Francisco Conference, April 25 - June 27, 1945


Dr. Tsiang (See also: U.N.: Admissions)




United Service to China


United States Chamber of Commerce


United States-China Policy on Recognition and Admission, August 1958


United States commerce, 1916, O. P. Austin


United States, economic


United States Flag Association


United States foreign relations, policy


United States government


United States government, administration


United States government, New Deal


United States history


United States Information Service

Box 421.

United States Military Academy


United States Military Mission of the Caucasus, 1919 (See also: "Harbored Mission")






Azerbaijan Government






U.S. Military Mission to Armenia, Hornbeck's reports and summaries


Georgia, Trans-Caucasia


Great Britain-Turkey Agreement re Prisoners of war, etc., 1918

Box 422.



"Cherchez les Femmes"


Turkey, nationalism


United States Military Mission to the Netherlands


United States Naval Academy


United States News


U.S. News and World Report


U.S. News and World Report, "What...Do About China?" December, 1950


United States of America, general

Physical Description: 3 folders)

United States policy



Box 423.


Physical Description: 2 folders)


Box 424.


Physical Description: 4 folders)
Box 425.

Assistance on two fronts, 1941


Press clippings, 1941



Physical Description: 3 folders)

Regional doctrines, 1944


Far East

Box 426.

Far East, 1937-1941


Far East, in and with regard to the


Far East and China


United States, progress to January 1956, A. B. Lewis in New Leader


United States trade in the Far East


United States Treasury Department


United States, war with Germany and Italy


United States, war with Japan, press clippings


Universal Trading Corporation






University Men's Conference, Council on Foreign Relations, Inc., New York, April 29, 1938


University of Chicago


University of Colorado


University of Denver

Box 427.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, May 21, 1942


University of Pittsburgh


University of Virginia, Walter Washington and Kinker, Roanoke, etc., January 24-28, 1955


University of Wisconsin (loyalty)


University Supply Association


Unknown citizen


Upton, Emery


Upton, Ernest


Urbana, May 1934


Utah, 1950


Utah State Agricultural College, Logan, Utah, Commencement address


Utley, Freda



Box 428.

V. J. Day


Vacuum cleaner, July 1953


Vaile, Kate R.


Vaile, William H.


Valentine, Alan


Valeo, Francis R.


Valkov, V. (Ambassador of USSR)


Value line


Valyi, Felix


Van Arsdale, Howard C.


Van Arsdall, Helen


Van Bemmel, Piet F.


Van Deman, Ralph H.


Van Doren, Irita


Van Eyck, Van Jan


Van Hise, Charles R.


Van Kessenich, Michiels


Van Kleffens


Van Loon, Henry


Van Mook, Hubertus (Lieutenant Governor General of Dutch East Indies)


Van Royen


Van Slyke, Donald D.


Van Wickel, Jesse F.


Vandenberg, Senator Arthur H.


Vaney-Burnier, G.


Vaughan, General H. B.


Veatch, A. C.


Veestra, W.


Verbeck, Antonia


Vermont University Conference, April 1955 and after




de Veyga, Francisco


Victory League


Victory Medal


Victory Newsletter

Box 429.

Viet Nam, 1966 (2 folders)


"Viewing with Alarm"


Villamin, Vincente


Villanova U., Horneck, 1957




Villard, Harry


Villaret, Col. E.


Vinacke, Harold M.


Vinacke's papers on U.S. Policy Toward China, 1960

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Vinacke - Wilbur - Appleton, 1953

Box 430.

Vincent, George Clark


Vincent, John Carter

Physical Description: 3 folders)

Viner, Jacob


Virginia Quarterly Review, 1952


Virginia, University of, Institute of Public Affairs, 1933


Vischer, Julie


Visit of Congressional Party to Philippines and Far East, 1935


Visit of Economic Mission to Far East


Visit of Japanese Economic Mission to the United States


Visit of Secretary of War to Philippines, 1935-1936




Visits and Missions of Good Will and Tours


Visits of Americans abroad


Visits of Chinese to United States


Visits of Japanese to United States


Viskoper, S.


Vital speeches




Vlahooich, Lewis J.


Voelker, Paul F.


Voice of America and U.S. Information Agency


Voorhout, Lange


Vosnjak, Bogumil


Voss, Earl H.


Voting at Denver


van Vredenbruch, H. L. F. C.


Vrins, J.


Vukmanic, G. J.

Box 431.

Wadsworth, Julius


Wailes, Edward T.


Wailes, Tom


Wainwright, Jonathan


Wainwright's story, 1945


Wake Island


Walden, George


Walker, Guy M.


Walker, Richard L., 1963-1965


Walker, Robert S.


Walker, R. and Clark, May 1964, Republican Committee, CI Council


Walker, Stanley


Wallace, Benjamin B.

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Wallace, Dewitt


Wallace, Henry A.

Physical Description: 4 folders)
Box 432.

Waller, George P.


Waller, John R., 1958


Wallpaper Manufacturers' Association


Walpole, Floyd F.


Walree, E. D. van


Walsh, Father Edmund (Regent, Georgetown School of Foreign Service)


Walworth, Arthur C.

Physical Description: 3 folders)

Wambaugh, Sarah


Wang, C. C.


Wang, Chengting T.


Wang, Ching-Wei


Wang, Chung-Hui


Wang, K. P.


Wang, Shih-Chieh


Wanner, John B.



Physical Description: 3 folders)

War aims


War and colleges, universities, fraternities


War and Peace Conference, 1917


War and peace, law of


War, armistice terms


War, causes and issues


War colleges, general


War cost to U.S.


War costs


War Council


War, counter offensive


War Crimes, United Nations Commission for the Investigation of


War, diplomatic background


War figures, 1918, allies superiority


War finance


War graves registration


War graves, statement by S. K. H., 1947


War, legal status of


War Message, Wilson, April 2, 1917


War objectives


War orphans

Box 433.

War plan, Orange-Blue, 1927


War, preparation for


War, state of


War strategy


War talk


War trade, Jones


War, World, III


Ward, Angus


Ward, Elizabeth D.


Ward, Emma Lane


Wardburgh, R. L.


Warden, Dr.


Warfare, illegal (Gas, Germ, Etc.)


Warfare, political and economic


Warfare, psychological


Warfield, Ethelbert


Warfield, Jene


Warner, Edward P.


Warner, Langdon




Warnshuis, A. L.

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Wars, hot and/or cold


Wartz, Mrs.


Warwick, H. S.


Washburn, Stanley

Box 434.

Washington Conference




November 12, 1921



Physical Description: 2 folders)

Absence of Lloyd George



Physical Description: 2 folders)

Agreements and commitments, anti-open door


Articles on

Physical Description: 3 folders)

Articles on results


Asada, on "Japan's special interests"




Blakeslee, G. H.


Board of Reference


Brailsford, H. N., "The Issues"


Bywater, H. C., naval issues



Physical Description: 2 folders)

China case at the conference, Doyle


China problem at the conference


China's reply to Harding's invitation


China, Shantung


China Society, memoranda


China's ten points


Chinese People's Manifesto, on 21 Demands


"Chinese Tariff, The" (See: Speeches and Writings: China Tariff, Washington Conference, 1921)

Box 435.

Congress debate on Four Powers Treaty


Correspondence during 1921


Cravath controversy




Davis-Cravath debate


Delegations, personnel

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Dewey, J., "The Issues..."


Doyle on "China's Case"


Economic reports for, Culbertson memo


Eden and Eisenhower, 1956


Far Eastern Republic, claims to conference


Federal Council, on "Problems"


Foreign press correspondents


Four Powers Treaty


Harding's interpretation of the Four Powers Pact, December 20, 1921




Japan, armament and plans


Japan, Far East


Johnson, Japan in S. Manchuria (See: Manchuria: Johnson, Japan in South Manchuria)




Korea's appeal


Lansing-Ishii Agreement


MacMurray Arms Conference Staff, November 1, 1924


McCall, S. W.


Millard, on China's critical position at conference, December 6, 1921


Millard memoranda

Box 436.



Naval Treaty


Newspaper clippings, 1916-1924


Okuma on the conference




Palen on Shantung and Manchuria


Peffer, N., "Aftermath in East"






Photo of Plenary


Pollyanna at


President's report


Press releases, October - December 1921


Press releases, January - February 1922


Problems of conference

Box 437.


Physical Description: 2 folders)

Questions and problems for consideration for agenda, an outline


Reinsch, "China the Key"






Semienoff controversy




Shantung, E. T. Williams' account of


Status of Treaties in 1924


Swedish View, A


Summary of the conference


T. F. M.

Box 438.

Treaties, 1921-1922

Physical Description: 9 folders)

Treaty provisions for Far East and Pacific


Treaties, ratification


Treaties, summary


Treaties, text


Wilfley memo


Wright, Q.


Wu Ting-Fang Program


Washington, George

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Washington's Farewell Address


Washington Institute of Foreign Affairs, 1965


Washington International Club, October 6, 1935


Washington Peace Center


Washington Post

Physical Description: 3 folders)

Washington Tuberculosis Association


Watches and glasses


Waterbury, Clair C.


Waterman, Charles W.


Watson, Thomas J.


Wattawa, John


Watts, Prof. James F., Jr.


Waung, Ang-chung


Wavell, Archibald P.


Waveren, A. G. van


Way, S. G.


Wayne Art Center


Wayne Tank and Pump Co.

Box 439.



Webber, LeRoy


Weber, Ford R.


Webster, Charles K.


Wedemeyer, A. C.


Week in China


Weggelaar, G. C.


Wehle, Louis B.


Wei, Henry


Wei, W. P.


Wei, Ken-shen, Dr.


Weil, Thomas


Weiss, Prof. Stuart L.


Welfare state


Weller, George


Welles, Sumner

Box 440.

Welles, Sumner, 1939-1943


Wellesley, 1950


Welling, Mrs. John P.


Wells, Carveth


Wells Fargo Express Company


Wells, Marion


Wen, Shih Tsin


Wen-Kan, Lo


Wendell Willkie Award


Wensink, Irwin H.


Wentcher, Lt. Comdr. Ernest C.


West, George L., Jr.


West, Henry L.


West, "How the West Was Won," Life, 1959


West, Major


West New Guinea

Box 441.

West Point (2 folders)


West Point, SCUSA

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Westchester Bond and Mortgage Co.


Westchester County Small Estate Corp.


Westermann, W. L.


Western Hemisphere


Western Union Telegraph Company


Western World


Weymouth, Anthony


Whaley-Eaton Service


Whaling, H. B.


Wharton, G. W.


Wheare, Prof. K. C.


Wheeler, Burton K.


Wheeler, W. Reginald


Wheeler, Rex, December 1955 (Shanghai Tiffin Club)


Wheeler-Bennett, John W.


White, Arthur


White Book (See also: Judd, remarks on)

Physical Description: 3 folders)

White, Byron R.


White, Francis

Box 442.

White House (3 folders)


White, J. C.


White Oak Cotton Co.


White, T. C.


White, William Allen

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Whitefield (Opprobrious Octobrius)


Whitehurst, F. W.


Whitmore, Col. Eugene


Whittam, William


Whittier, Harriet


Who's Important in Government


Why We Fight


Whyli, A. F.


Whyte, Sir Francis


Wickersham, William F.


Wiesenberger, Arthur, "The Next 100 Points," 1954


Wiggins, Porter P.


Wigglesworth, Richard B.


Wijner, H. P.


Wilbur, Allen S. (See: Vinacke)


Wilbur, Ray Lyman


Wilcox, Rev. Edward Barclay

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Wilcox, Francis G. (Senate Committee on Foreign Relations)


Wilcox, Francis O.


Wilcox, Wendell G.

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Wilcox (Wendell) Salt Producers, 1948-1953

Physical Description: 3 folders)
Box 443.

Wilder, Hon. Amos P.


Wile, Frederic William


Wiley, Charles F.

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Wiley, John C.


Wilfley, Judge Lebbeus R.


Wilgus, J. A.


Wilhelmina Case


Wilhelmina, Queen and Princess to 1961


Wilkerson, Catherine H.


Wilkins, Johan


Wilkinson, Edward


Wilkinson, Theodore


Willard, Winifred


Willert, Arthur


William and Mary, College of


William, Dr. Maurice


Williams, Burt


Williams, Major Clark


Williams, Daniel R.


Williams, E. T.

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Williams, Mrs. E. T.


Williams, Frank S.


Williams, James Bradley, Jr.


Williams, John H.

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Williams, Margaret Hicks (Mrs. James Bradley Williams)

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Williams, Olive


Williams, Roger H.


Williams, Wayne C.

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Williamson, S. H.

Box 444.

Williamstown Institute of Politics




Conference summary


Directory, 1923


Hornbeck at

Physical Description: 2 folders)

MacMurray, 1924


Round Table, 1927


Round Table Conference


Hornbeck's Report at Round Table of Round Tables, 1922

Box 445.

Willis, Daisy and Violet


Willis, Frances E.


Willis, H. Parker


Willis, Lina


Willis, M.


Willis, Robert (and the Edwards and the Anguses)


Willkie, Wendell


Willoughby, Mrs. Westel Robinson


Willoughby, W. W.


Willys Overland Automobile Agency


Wilson, Mrs. Charles


Wilson, Edwin C.


Wilson, George Grafton

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Wilson, Hugh R.


Wilson, Louis N.


Wilson, Thomas W.


Wilson, Woodrow

Physical Description: 3 folders)

Wimsatt, Genevieve


Winant, Frederick


Winant, John (Ambassador)

Physical Description: 2 folders)



Wingo, James G.


Winslow, Alan Francis


Winslow, Stewart


Winston, A. P.


Winston, James Horner

Physical Description: 3 folders)

Winter, Thomas G.

Box 446.

Wisconsin (2 folders)


Wisconsin Alumni Association


Wisconsin Bankers Association, 1949


Wisconsin in China

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Wisconsin, the Lafollettes (Philip, Robert M., and Robert M., Jr. and Bronson)


Wisconsin Legislative Reference Library


Wisconsin, University of, 1960-1966


Wisconsin, University of, the Badger, 1929


Withdrawal of Americans from Far East, 1937-1941


Wittfogel, Karl A.


Wohl, Paul


Wohlstetter, Roberta


Women's City Club of Boston


Women's Patriotic Conference (Mrs. Griswold; Mrs. Good)


Wong, T. T.


Wood, Dr. Edith Elmer


Wood, Junius B.


Woodhead, J. G. W.


Woodland Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery


Woods, James H.


Woodward, Clark H.


Woolley, Martha K.


Wooton, Paul


Worcester Economic Club




Working Security Committee




World Acquaintance Travel


World Friendship Association


World Federation


World government

Physical Description: 2 folders)
Box 447.

World Peace Conference, plans for


World Peace Foundation



Physical Description: 2 folders)

Myers, Denys P. and Rich, Raymond


The United States and the Far East


World state


World War I and II


World War II


World War III


World Youth Crusade for Freedom, 1966


World's Fair, Chicago, 1933


World's Fair, 1964


Worts, Laura


"Wounded, The," "Women and War"


Wrangel Island


Wren, Fran G.


Wright, Hamilton, Mrs.


Wright, Herbert

Box 448.

Wright, Quincy


Wriston, Henry M.




Wu, C. C.


Wu, C. L., 1961-1965


Wu, K. C.


Wu, K. C., on "Formosa"


Wu, Nan-Ju


Wunderlich, Lucile


Wyatt, Wilson W.


Wylie, F. J.


Wylie, Lady


Wynen, Miss van


Wynne, E. C.

Physical Description: 3 folders)

Wynne, Frank B.


Wyoming, 1949, press release, special to N.Y. Times


Wyoming, University of, McGee, 1949, 1950


Wysor, R. J.

Box 449.

Yale, Harvard, Princeton Conference, April 22-23, 1938


Yale - in - China


Yale Review, 1951


Yale University



Physical Description: 2 folders)

Yalta, Crimea Conference, February 4-11, 1945


Yang, Y. C.


Yap, Dr. Diosdado M.


Yap, "U.S. - Japan Treaty, February 11, 1922"


Yardley, Herbert O.


Yarnell, Admiral Harry E.

Physical Description: 5 folders)
Box 450.

Yeh, George


Alabama, Oct. 22, 1959

Physical Description: 4 folders)

Cosmos Club and other correspondence




Memo, 1958


Yen, E. T.


Yen, Hawkling L.


Yen, James, 1948


Yen, James, "Mass Education"


Yen, Jimmy


Yen, W. W.


Yenching Alumni Association


Yoshida, Shigeru


Yoshida, re Hull's November 26, 1955


Yost, Charles W.


Young, Allyn A.


Young, Arthur N.

Physical Description: 2 folders)
Box 451.

Young, Arthur N.


Young, Arthur N., memoirs

Physical Description: 3 folders)

Young, C. Walter

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Young, James

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Young, John Parke


Young, Philip


Young, S. S.


Young Americans for Freedom, 1962

Box 452.

Youth for the Voluntary Prayer Amendment, 1966


Youth Hostels, American


Yu, General Ta-Wei


Yui, Stewart E. S.




Zablocki Committee, Hearings, U.S., China, E. Asia, March 8, 1966


Zaldivar, Josee de


Zook, George F.


Zorghvliet, re purchase of, conversation with Lieftinck


Zucker, A. E.


Zumwalt, James G.


Zuylen, J. J. L. van

Box No. 453-477.

Chronological Day File, 1931-1946 and 1959-1966.

Scope and Content Note

Carbon copies of letters and memoranda sent by Stanley K. Hornbeck, arranged chronologically.
Box 453.

September 1931 - December 1933 (5 folders)

Box 454.

January 1934 - April 1935 (4 folders)

Box 455.

May 1935 - November 1936 (4 folders)

Box 456.

December 1936 - September 1937 (3 folders)

Box 457.

October 1937 - March 1938 (6 folders)

Box 458.

April 1938 - December 1938 (5 folders)

Box 459.

January 1939 - August 1939 (7 folders)

Box 460.

September 1939 - April 1940 (6 folders)

Box 461.

May 1940 - December 1940 (8 folders)

Box 462.

January 1941 - June 1941 (6 folders)

Box 463.

July 1941 - October 1941 (7 folders)

Box 464.

November 1941 - February 1942 (4 folders)

Box 465.

March 1942 - August 1942 (6 folders)

Box 466.

September 1942 - January 1943 (5 folders)

Box 467.

February 1943 - July 1943 (6 folders)

Box 468.

August 1943 - February 1944 (7 folders)

Box 469.

March 1944 - July 1944 (5 folders)

Box 470.

August 1944 - November 1944 (4 folders)

Box 471.

November 1944 - October 1946 (9 folders)

Box 472.

1959 - June 1961 (4 folders)

Box 473.

July 1961 - August 1962 (3 folders)

Box 474.

September 1962 - August 1963 (3 folders)

Box 475.

September 1963 - September 1964 (4 folders)

Box 476.

October 1964 - September 1965 (4 folders)

Box 477.

October 1965 - October 1966 (5 folders)

Box No. 478-495.

Speeches and Writings, 1904-1960.

Scope and Content Note

Speeches, lectures, articles, outlines, bibliographies, and clippings, arranged alphabetically by title or subject.
Box 478.

"After-dinner Speaking," Shanghai, 1911 or 1912


Agreements and Commitments, Anti-Open Door, 1921-1922 (See: Washington Conference, Agreements and Commitments Anti-Open Door)


"Alliances and Balances of Power," 1914


"America's Chinese Policy Analyzed," The Independent, April, 1927


American Constitution, The, 1912


"American Japanese Relations - Problem of Contact," 1924


"American in the Orient," 1911


"American Policy and Action in Relation to China," by S. K. Hornbeck, Williamstown, 1930


"American Policy and the Chinese-Russian Dispute," Williamstown Institute of Politics, August 27, 1929


American University, Speech, "The U.S. and China in 3 Ways Divided," 1950


Anglo-Japanese Alliance, 1921


Annapolis, 1959


Arms and Armament, 1914, 1915


Army, Translation of the Military Effort of the Allies, Credit, 1931 1935-1938

Box 479.

Army War College, "Foreign Relations and Policy, U.S.,"


Army War College Lectures

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Army College, Lectures Delivered at by Hornbeck, Advisor on Political Relations

Box 480.

"Bang," 1917


Beer, George Louis, 1920?


Belgians, deportation, 1916


Bibliography of Hornbeck's speeches and writings


"British and Americans," Address, Hangchow, July 4, 1912


Broadcast to Women of the Netherlands, May 4, 1945


"Cause and Occasion of Our Entry into the World War 1917" Philadelphia, April 16, 1937


"Causes of the War," Milwaukee Journal, August 9, 1914


Chicago Speech, materials for (not given), 1943


Chicago Tribune Articles, 1915, Japan and China and Japan's Aggressive Policy


China, June 13, 1961


China, miscellaneous


China, American attitude toward, Dictionary of American History, 1938


"China and American Foreign Policy," American Academy, Philadelphia, May 11, 1928


"China and the Causes for the Conditions There," Ohio Bankers' Association, Columbus, Ohio, June 17, 1927


"China and the Foreign Powers Today," The Chinese Students' Monthly, March 1925


"China and the Treaty Powers," Ching Hua College, Tsing Hua, January 22, 1926


"China and Unilateral Treaties," Pan Pacific Progress, July, 1928

Box 481.

"China and U.S. China Policy," misc.


China and U.S. Policy, 1920-1960

Physical Description: 2 folders)

China, "The Attitude and Policy of the United States Toward China," American Academy, Philadelphia, 1927


China, Communist

Box 482.

"China," Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, 1922 and 1923


China, "New Monarchy for Old," Review of Reviews, 1916


China, "Opium Merchants Versus Chekiang," 1912


China, "The Opium Question," 1912


"China: the Past and Present Policy of the United States," Naval War College, May 14, 1927


China, "The Policy of the United States," Current History, June 1927


"China Policy of the U.S. - Past and Present," 1966


China - Present Situation, to Gregory for I.P.R., 1925


China, "Principles and Policies in Regard to China," Foreign Affairs, December 1922


"China - the Revolution of 1911," 1912


China, Situation in, Foreign Policy Association, New York, February 26, 1927


China, Situation in, China Society of America, 1927

Box 483.

China, Situation in, Institute of Pacific Relations, 1927


China Tariff, Washington Conference, 1921


"China Today: Political," World Peace Foundation, 1927


China, "Tricks that are Vain," Review of Reviews, 1917


China, The Truth About, New York Herald Tribune, July 17, 1927


China - United States, "Has the United States a China Policy?" Foreign Affairs, July 1927


China - United States, "Has the United States a China Policy?" Congressional Record, January 24, 1928


China, What We Face in, New York Herald Tribune, May 29, 1927


China, "United States and China in a World Three Ways Divided," 1950 Address


"Chinese Politics and Revolution," Review of Reviews, 1917


"The Chinese Situation"; "What Can We Do About China?" Williamstown Institute, 1927


Churchill - Graham Dinner Speech, June 20, 1922


Cincinnati, S. K. H. Talk, University of Cincinnati, 1949


Communism, Viet Nam


"Communism at Work in China," 1958


"Conduct of Foreign Relations," League of Republican Women, Washington, D.C., November 3, 1930


"Conscription Legislation," May 2, 1917


Contemporary China, Outline of New Chapters (See: Ho Ping Song on Contemporary China)


"Count Caleb Cushing," The New England Quarterly, January 1928


"Defending America's Policy," The Christian Register, 1927


"Diplomatic Relations - Severance, Legal and Political Consequences," 1916-1917


Democracy and Obligation, 1916


"Distance," Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin, June 16, 1930


"Distance and Discipline," Address at American School, Peking, 1926


Doctrine of Specific Cases


East Asia, Linebarger, India


East Asia, Overseas Chinese


Europe versus Asia, 1951

Box 484.

The Far East, 1916-1955


"The Far East," 1920


"Far East, American Interests and Policy in," 1930


Far East, Diplomatic Situation, Chinese Students' Monthly, June 1915, Vol. X, No. 9, pp. 575-582


Far East - Financial Problems, Georgetown University, 1922, Lecture


Far East - Foreign Trade, 1924


The Far East, Naval War College, 1928


"The Far East," Outline, Michigan University, 1917


The Far East, "The U.S. and the Far East," 1942


Far East, Principles of American Policy in Relation to the Far East, Cause and Cure of War, January 18, 1934


Far East, University Club, Washington, 1917


The Far East - Working Draft, (for Secretary of State and Income Tax)

Box 485.

"Far Eastern Policy of the United States," 1920


Far Eastern Politics, bibliography


Foreign Relations, conduct of, School of Politics, Washington, 1930


Foreign Service School, lecture at, and letter from Grew, 1926


"Forty Centuries Look Down upon You," Madison, Wisconsin, 1915


"Germany the Cause of the War," 1914


"Germany and the United States, the Next Step," February 2, 1917


Hangchow, How the Revolution Came, 1912


"Has the United States a China Policy?" 1927-1928


"How Much Will You Give?" Commencement Address, University of Colorado, June 13, 1932


Hu Shih, in memorium, address, 1962


Hundred Years of Peace


"Indentured Labor in Virginia," 1903


"India and the War," Lecture, November 15, 1916


"The Institute of Pacific Relations," Williamstown, 1927


International Law


International Law in Theory and in Fact, Philosopher's Club, Madison, Wisconsin, 1916


International Mind, On the


International, National and Individual Responsibilities, Universal Training


"International Relations, Institutes of," 1925


International Relations, a chapter in Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, Virginia, April 13, 1933


"Japan and China," Chicago Daily Joural, May 5, 1915


"Japan's Aggressive Policy in China...," Chicago Daily Tribune, May 7, 1915

Box 486.

"Japan's Jurisdiction and International Legal Position in Manchuria," miscellaneous


"Japan's Monroe Doctrine for Asia"


"Japan's Monroe Doctrine for Asia," Chicago, 1915

Box 487.

Japan, notes


Japan's Twenty-one Demands, 1915


"Juvenile Courts," 1908


King-Hall, "Western Civilization and Far East" Book Review 1924


"Korea in Perspective," World Affairs, Summer 1953


"La Politique des Etats-Unis en Extreme-Orient," La Revue Internationale, Janvier-Fevrier, 1916


Legislation, notes on, 1909




"Loyality," February 4, 1917


"Measures and Men," 1917


"Military Training," S. K. Hornbeck on, Madison, Wisconsin, 1917


"Monroe Doctrine, Cuba, and President Kennedy's Declaration"


"The Near East," May 1, 1920


Notes on Contemporary Problems, 1960s


Open Door Policy, Dictionary of American History, 1938


Open Door Policy - Enunciation, British Policy, 1914?


Open Door Policy in China, Washington Conference, 1922

Box 488.

Open Door Policy in China, Table of contents


Open Door Policy, Miscellaneous, 1914 (correspondence with Professor Clark and Reinsch)


The Open Door Policy, revised - complete


The Open Door Policy, complete, revised, with comments, etc.

Box 489.

The Open Door Policy, original


The Open Door Policy, set I, parts I-IV


The Open Door Policy, part V, "Japan in South Manchuria"

Box 490.

The Opium Question, 1912


"Orientation" Address to the Literary Society of Washington, Oxford 1963




Oxford, American Boys at, 1905


Oxford: The Rhodes Scholar at, Booklover's magazine, January, 1905


"Oxford as Acquaintance Ripens," 1906

Box 491.

Pacific, Situation in, 1923


Pacifists, A suggestion to


Peace and Security, 1938, Chaplains' Association of the Army of the United States

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Peace and Security, 1917-1942


"Peking Old and New," 1914


Perry Treaty, Perry Day Speech, Bankers' Club, New York, April 11, 1934


Philippine Independence, 1921


Philippine Independence, Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, 1930


Philippines memo for McCoy, 1931; Stimson, 1931


Philippines, Observations on, 1911, Hangchow Philosophic Club


"Policy and Action in Relation to the Current Situation in the Far East," William and Mary College, October 18, 1932


"Policy and Action of the United States in Regard to the Current Sino-Japanese Conflict," Williamstown, August 18, 1932


Political Science, introduction to, outline


Princeton Conference on Purpose of Armed Force


Principles of the Foreign Policy of the United States (a thesis prepared for and submitted to Chief of Staff, G-2, War Department, 1934)


"Principles of Foreign Policy of the United States"

Box 492.

Public addresses, 1930


Public opinion, newspaper articles


"The Russian Revolution and the United States," Milwaukee Journal, 1917


"The Russian Revolution," April 4, 1917


The Russo-Japanese Agreement, 1916


Sao-Ke Alfred Sze memorial, 1958


"Seizure and Search and the Arming of Merchant Vessels"


"United States Far Eastern Policy," Shanghai Tiffin Club, New York, April 27, 1932 (See: United States Policy, Far East)


Shantung and Kawakami, on, April 28, 1915


Siam, Introduction of Minister, Broadcast, November 30, 1930


"Some Activities...Present Administration," Trans-Lux, 1938


"Some Principles and Consideration underlying American Policy in Relation to the Current Situation in the Far East," April 29, 1932


South Seas, letters on trip, 1921


"Speaking of Donkeys," 1924


Speeches, 1929-1937


Speeches, material for




Speeches in Holland

Box 493.

"Sun Yat-Sen's Trip North," 1912


"Supervised Foreign Travel," 1924 (See also: Foreign Service)


Switzerland, 1906-1907


Thanksgiving, 1927


"Things Men Fight for"


"Trade, Concessions, Investments, Conflict and Policy in Far East," 1917

Physical Description: 2 folders)

"Twenty Basic Errors in Revisionist Thinking on U.S-China Policy"

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Unfinished writings


Union College Address, "Administration of Foreign Affairs," Schenectady, New York, 1929


United Nations, Admission of Communist China and Outer Mongolia


United Nations, 1956

Box 494.

United States Foreign Policy, 1910-1950


"United States: Policy and Action in Regard to the Current Sino-Japanese Conflict," 1932 (See: Policy and Action of U.S. in regard...)


The United States in World Markets


University of Colorado, Sophomore English essays, 1900-1901


University of North Carolina Speech, May 21, 1942


Utah State Agricultural College Speech, June 1, 1942


War and Arithmetic, 1917


"Welcome to the International Student Service Annual Conference," Mount Holyoke College, August 31, 1931


"Which Chinese?" S. K. Hornbeck, 1955, marked and corrected copy


"Why We Fight"

Box 495.

"World Court, Compared with Supreme Court of U.S.," Madison Literary Society, Madison, Wisconsin


Writings at Denver University, 1904 (?)


Writings, 1914-1917, Madison, Wisconsin (articles and press notices)


Writings, miscellaneous notes


Writings, miscellaneous


Writings, 1955


Writings, 1956


Zimmerman orders, 1919

Box No. 496-497.


Scope and Content Note

Manuscript of Stanley K. Hornbeck's autobiography.
Box 496.

Autobiography, 1908-1912 (?)


Autobiography, 1910-1931


Autobiography, Manchuria Crisis, 1931-1932


Autobiography, 1933-1937


Autobiography, 1937-1940

Box 497.

Autobiography, 1941


Autobiography, 1942-1944


Autobiography, undated

Box No. 498-499.

Biographical File.

Scope and Content Note

Articles, sketches and printed matter containing biographical information about Stanley K. Hornbeck.
Box 498.

Articles about


Biography notes


Biographical sketches, articles, photos, etc., 1944-1947


Biographical sketch

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Biographical magazine articles


"Our Far East Pilot," by Anne Hard, 1928


Biographical sketch for Rhodes Scholars Records


"Historical record questionnaire," Beta Taus Fraternity


Biographical sketches, "Who's Who"


International Who's Who

Box 499.



Biography and Who's Who


Biographical material


Biography, National Cyclopedia of American Biography

Physical Description: 3 folders)
Box No. 500-504.


Scope and Content Note

Letters of appointment, certificates, commissions, passports, diploma, medals, Bibles, etc. arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box 500.

Ambassadorship to Netherlands, certificate of appointment


Appointments and promotions


Appointments to public office


Baptismal certificate


Beta Theta Pi, Handbook


Birth certificate affidavit


Birthday and horoscopic data




Description of Hornbeck's publishing activity


Hornbeck, Stanley K., 1929-1943

Box 501.



Letters of introduction and recommendation


Military record


Military record of service


Newspaper clippings, invitations, programs




Trip, 1935, Hawaiian Islands


Utrecht, State University of, honorary degree


Wisconsin, University of, Degree L.L.D., June 7, 1965

Physical Description: 4 folders)
Box 502.

Personal records relating to early experience at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar

Box 503.

Personal records relating to parents


Hornbeck, M. D. and L. K., diplomas


Hornbeck, Lydia K., last illness letters, etc. from Mary Helmle to S. K. H.


Hornbeck, Lydia K.


Mother's death


Father's death


Hornbeck, M. D., writings (of Hornbeck's father)

Physical Description: 2 folders)
Box 504.

Honors, medals, diplomas, Bibles

Box No. 505-519.

Family and Personal Correspondence File, 1903-1957.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence with family members, friends, and organizations relating to family and personal affairs, arranged by subseries as listed.
Box 505.

Family correspondence


Letters to his parents, 1903-1908

Physical Description: 5 folders)
Box 506.

Letters to his parents, 1909-1914

Physical Description: 5 folders)
Box 507.

Letters to his parents, 1915-1920

Physical Description: 3 folders)
Box 508.

Letters to his parents, 1921-1923

Physical Description: 3 folders)

Letters to his mother, 1903-1905

Physical Description: 1 folder)
Box 509.

Letters from his mother, 1906-1909

Physical Description: 1 folder)

Letters from his father, 1903-1909

Physical Description: 1 folder)

Letters form his parents, 1909-1911

Physical Description: 2 folders)
Box 510.

Letters from his parents, 1912-1917

Physical Description: 5 folders)
Box 511.

Letters from his parents, 1918-1923

Physical Description: 3 folders)

Family business file,

Physical Description: 2 folders)
Box 512.

Letters to and from parents, 1918-1919

Box 513.

Letters home, 1924-1925

Physical Description: 3 folders)

Letters, 1927-1938


Letters, 1944


Letters, 1945

Box 514.

Letters from Vivienne Hornbeck, 1945


Letters, 1948


Letters, 1949


Letters, 1950


Letters, 1951


Letters not answered, 1952-1953


Letters, 1953


Letters, 1954


Letters, 1955


Letters, 1956

Box 515.

Miscellaneous letters of L. K. and M. D. Hornbeck



Physical Description: 1 folder)

Congratulatory letters to S. K. Hornbeck, 1904

Physical Description: 1 folder)

Letters from mother, 1924-1925

Physical Description: 1 folder)

Last letters from father, 1923

Physical Description: 1 folder)

Personal letters, 1960

Physical Description: 1 folder)
Box 516.

Personal correspondence


Apartment, 2139 Wyoming Ave., N. W., 1938-


Athenaeum Club, London (See also: "Clubs")


Beta Theta Pi, 1944


Beta Theta Pi, 1944-1946, Reception for S. K. H. and V. B. H.


Beta Theta Pi, Bigwin and Points East, 1950 and 1952


Beta Theta Pi Convention, 1954 Oxford


Beta Theta Pi, 1953


Beta Theta Pi Convention (California), 1953


Beta Theta Pi, Old Point Comfort, 1951


College Club (Boston Women's), lecture, 1928, not delivered




Congratulatory messages


Cosmos Club, Foreign Affairs Group meeting at, 1962


Cosmos Club


Christmas Cards and others, 1944


Daily appointments

Box 517.

Hornbeck, Donald W.


Hornbeck family


Hornbeck, M. D., 1935, Grant Avenue Church, Denver


Horneck Guest List, January 1946-1947


Hornbeck, Harris and Ewing


Hornbeck, in department


Instructions, travel orders, commission, etc....address to Queen


Invitations, acceptances and refusals, 1946


Lectures, 1926-1927




Letters, 1955


Letters to newspapers


Marion and Bernice Hornbeck


Marion A. Hornbeck


Memoirs - Franklin, Massachusetts

Box 518.



Personal, 1944


Photographs of


Pioneer, in U. of Denver, December 1928


R. R. Hornbeck, 1931, 1944, 1957

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Reviews by, 1956


Sojourners (National) Club


Springfield Century Club


Statements by


Thank you notes received and sent

Physical Description: 2 folders)
Box 519.



Travel orders, 1947


Trips 1935, SS Memphis, Arizona, etc.


Trip to London, October 4, 1943

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Twentieth Century Club


University Club




Vivienne, May 20, 1946


Wellesley Hills Women's Club, Niles, Marion

Box No. 520-560.

Miscellany, 1920-1966.

Scope and Content Note

Box 520.

1920-1928 (3 folders)

Box 521.


Box 522.

1930-1935 (4 folders)

Box 523.

1936-1939 (3 folders)

Box 524.

1936-1939 (4 folders)

Box 525.

1940-1945 (4 folders)

Box 526.

1941-1944 (7 folders)

Box 527.

1945 (5 folders)

Box 528.

1946 (4 folders)

Box 529.

1945-1949 (11 folders)

Box 530.

1950-1951 (6 folders)

Box 531.

1952-1954 (8 folders)

Box 532.

1955-1966 (12 folders)

Box 533.

Special Documents File




Folder 1: Intercepted Japanese telegrams and notes from Hornbeck to the Secretary of State May 9, 1941 - November 30, 1941. 29 items


1) Telegram, May 9, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page


2) Note, ca. July, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page


3) Note, "We should note," Initial SKH, 1 page


4) Note, September 17, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page, 2 copies


5) Memorandum, July 23, 1941. Unsigned, 4 pages


6) Note, July 28, 1941. Initial SKH, 2 pages


7) Note, August 2, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page, 2 copies


8) Telegram, August, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page, 2 copies


9) Letter, August 16, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page


10) Note, September 2, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page, 2 copies


11) Note, September 2, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page, 3 copies


12) Note, September 3, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page


13) Telegram and Note, September 5, 1941. Unsigned, 2 pages


14) Telegram, September 10, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page


15) Telegram, September 7, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page, 2 copies


16) Telegram and Note, October 11, 1941. Initial SKH, 2 pages, 2 copies


17) Note, October 21, 1941. Initial SKH, 1 page, 2 copies


18) Telegram, November 4, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page


19) Telegram, November 10, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page, 3 copies


20) Note, November 12, 1941. Initial SKH, 1 page, 2 copies


21) Note, November 12, 1941. Initial SKH, 1 page, 2 copies


22) Note, November 12, 1941. Initial SKH, 1 page, 2 copies


23) Note, November 12, 1941. Initial SKH, 1 page, 2 copies


24) Note, November 19, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page


25) Note, "We Now Have Clear Evidence." Unsigned, 1 page, 2 copies


26) Note, "We Have Occasion." Unsigned, 1 page


27) Note, November 25, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page


28) Telegram, November 30, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page


29) Telegram, November 30, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page, 2 copies


Folder 2: Churchill, 3 items, November 1941 - November 1943


1) Note, November 6, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page, 2 copies


2) Letter, November 7, 1941. Unsigned, 2 pages


3) Note, December 8, 1941. Unsigned, 1 page

Box 534.

General International Organization, outline. Bound volumes

Box 535.

Committee on Post War Programs, Military Government of the Far East. Volumes and folders.

Box 536.

Correspondence, 1929-1930.

Box 537.

Miscellaneous, foldered but undated

Box 538.

Miscellaneous, Department of State, ca. 1939-1942 (3 folders)

Box 539.

Miscellaneous, Department of State, ca. 1938-1945 (3 folders)

Box 540.

Miscellaneous, Department of State, ca. 1937-1942 (3 folders)

Box 541.

Miscellaneous, Department of State, ca. 1939-1941 (3 folders)

Box 542.

Miscellaneous, essays and bulletins, 1948-1958

Box 543.

Miscellaneous, clippings and photocopies

Box 544.

China: Newspapers, unclipped. Press clippings, miscellaneous.

Box 545.

China Memoranda, ca. 1920's. Section from Open Door Policy, E. T. Yen

Box 546.

Miscellaneous clippings, memoranda, correspondence

Box 547.

Washington Conference 1921


Genoa Conference 1922


Peking Conference 1924


Large document foreign language unknown

Box 548.

Miscellaneous, letters, unsorted Clippings, "Miscellaneous Advertising"


"Peace and War," United States Policy, 1931-1941

Box 549.

Tentative list of treaty collections, 1919


Treaty of Versailles, with Index


Review of Washington Conference


Administration, Siamese State Railways, 1920


Chinese Railway Statistics, 1920


Contract for Chinese Government Railways


Chinese Railway Statistics, 1916

Box 550.

Miscellaneous pamphlets


Hornbeck Guest Book


Hammond World Atlas


Clippings (subject folders)

Box 551.

Undated handwritten notes


Notes for speeches, 1949-1950

Box 552.

Williamstown address, 1929


Treaty of Versailles


List of treaties and arrangements in force between Great Britain and China, 1925

Box 553.

Miscellaneous newspaper clippings

Box 554.

Unsorted correspondence and clippings

Box 555.

Maps, clippings, library labels, handwritten notes

Box 556.

Notes for speeches, ca. 1930-1932

Box 557.

Unsorted notes

Box 558.

Notes for speeches, ca. 1928-1932

Box 559.

Notes for speeches, ca. 1930

Box 560.

Geographical Character of Pacific Area, 1926


"The Chinese Tariff," 1921


The Conditions of Peace, 1919


State Department memoranda, ca. 1932-1934


Interview with Hornbeck, 1965

67008 - 10.A-V


Scope and Content Note

889 photos / 25 envelopes / 8 oversize photos
Envelope A-B

85 photos of Hornbeck's family and ancestors 1900-33

Envelope C

25 photos of Stanley K. Hornbeck, Mostly portraits. undated

Envelope D

21 photos of Hornbeck's classmates at University of Denver and Oxford. circa 1903-07

Envelope E

93 photos of Armenia and work of the American Military Commission to Armenia. List of captions in envelope E. 1919

Envelope F

93 photos of scenes of daily life on Bali Island, Indonesia. circa 1910

Envelope G

90 photos of Ambassador and Mrs. Hornbeck at informal social events. 1944-47

Envelope H-I

129 photos of Ambassador and Mrs. Hornbeck with visiting government dignitaries, at formal social events, and at military reviews. 1944-47

Envelope J

13 photos of Ambassador Hornbeck and staff of U.S. Embassy in The Netherlands. undated

Envelope K

10 photos of Admiral Henry K. Hewitt during his visit with Ambassador Hornbeck, The Hague, The Netherlands. undated

Envelope L

11 photos of Herbert Hoover during his visit with Ambassador Hornbeck, The Hague, The Netherlands. circa 1946

Envelope M

1 photo of Queen Mother Elizabeth and Lt. Gen. Percival J. Montague. 1946

Envelope N

1 photo of Secretary of State James F. Byrnes and Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov of the U.S.S.R. undated

Envelope O

32 postcards of European scenic and cultural sites. undated

Envelope P

30 photos of Gen. Eisenhower during his visit to The Netherlands. 1945

Envelope Q

127 photos of scenes in China taken while Hornbeck was an instructor in Chinese Government Colleges. 1909-13

Envelope R

17 photos of friends and colleagues of Hornbeck while he was an instructor in Chinese Government Colleges, 1909-1913.

Scope and Content Note

Includes group photo of Commission that negotiated the treaty of October 8, 1903 for the extension of commercial relations between the U.S. and China.
Envelope S

25 photos of friends and colleagues of Hornbeck, including Cordell Hull, William R. Castle, Paul S. Reinsch, and Generalissimo and Madame Chiang Kai-shek. undated

Envelope T

3 group photos of Hornbeck's colleagues in the State Department, circa 1930-40. I

Scope and Content Note

ncludes a group photo of Henry L. Stimson and State Department staff, circa 1930.
Envelope U

3 photos of newspaper cartoons of Hornbeck, 1941-1942, and 1 photo of a newspaper picture showing Saburo Kurusu (Japanese envoy), Joseph Ballantine (U.S. State Department), and Kiehisaburo Nomura (Japanese Ambassador), November 1941.

Envelope V

1 photos of Stanley and Vivian Hornbeck on vacation in the West. ca 1940's

Envelope W

20 miscellaneous and unidentified photos. undated

Boxes: 582-583 : Envelopes mXYZ

47 oversize photos of Hornbeck, 1919-1932; Hornbeck's family and classmates; group photo of Institute of Pacific Relations Conference, Honolulu, 1925; State Department colleagues, including Frank Kellogg and Henry L. Stimson; scenes and friends in China, circa 1910.

584, map dr. 3

8 oversize photos, including group photos of Sec. Kellogg and State Depot. staff, 1929; 4th Annual Convention, Military Order of World Wars, Boston, Oct., 1924; and Oxford and University of Denver classmates.

Record Cabinet, Tape Cabinet

Sound Recordings

Scope and Content Note

5 phonotape reels, 3 phonorecords

United States ambassador's farewell address to Holland 1947 March 6

Access Information

Use copy reference number: 67008_a_0002435

Scope and Content Note