Preliminary Inventory to the George D. Jenkins Papers, 1897-1970

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Preliminary Inventory to the George D. Jenkins Papers, 1897-1970

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Descriptive Summary

Title: George D. Jenkins Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1897-1970
Collection number: 69015
Creator: Jenkins, George D.
Extent: 29 manuscript boxes, 3 card file boxes, 23 microfilm reels (16.8 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Writings, notes, correspondence, minutes of meetings, ordinances, pamphlets, clippings, and data cards, relating to politics in Nigeria and particularly to the government of Ibadan, Nigeria. Includes drafts of a book, The Price of Liberty, by Kenneth W. J. Post, and G. D. Jenkins.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language: English.

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Biographical/Historical Note

American political scientist.

Access Points

Adelabu, Adegoke, 1915-1958.
Ibadan (Nigeria)--Politics and government.
Nigeria--Politics and government.
Post, Kenneth W. J.

Container List

Box 1-32.

Southern Nigeria defenders. Notes from 1952 and 1961 regarding Ibadan


Daily service. Notes, 1954-1962


Nicholson. Newspaper clippings and a few notes regarding Nicholson inquiry


Obisesan. Correspondence, 1911-1954 (35 pages); transcripts of speeches to Western House; notes regarding land disputes; notes for extensive biography


Obisesan emergence - Early career


Obisesan. Diary notes, 1920-1960 (261 pages) - invaluable. Includes carbon copy


Oyo. Extremely useful papers on relationship between Oyo and Ibadan - basis for complete monograph. Files 17, 0382, 42, 1283, 1328, 37452, O.D. 344, 189. See also reform


Ordinances. Incomplete collection and list of by-laws and standing orders, 1950-1963


Organization. Organizational inefficiencies in Council officers - use in conjunction with reform


Microfilm. Lists contents of microfilms, correspondence with University of Ibadan


Party. NCNC file notes - extremely valuable. Action group estimates


Police. Very incomplete file


Election. IDC 1954 - Ward results: names, addresses, occupations, party and nominators of all urban and rural candidates, as well as number of registered voters and actual votes. Very important file - data analyzed in ADELABU biography


1958 election. City election file 2642/s.13, 3467 vol. 1, 3467/s.2. Good file - results analyzed in ADELABU biography


Adelabu (Post). Correspondence with Ken Post regarding Adelabu biography


Adelabu dateline. Chronology of dates with sources in Adelabu's life (30 pages)


Adelabu's afterthoughts. Notes for a chapter that was never written


Adelabu reviews. Notes from Charles Nixon; notes from Michael Lofchie


Elections. 2994 vol. 2, 3024, 314, 20014/A. Election notes and returns 1952-1954 federal, 1956 regional, 1959 federal, 1961 local. Officials and newspaper returns


Estimates. Budget information, essentially 1950's (35 pages)


Glossary. Notes toward glossary terms. Very incomplete


Groups. Notes (200 pages) on all voluntary associations, 1912-1963. Best available material for any city. Includes unpublished paper - Social Science Research Council, 1960. See also IBU, IPA, IPU, Maiyegun League, EGbe Agba Ctn. Extremely valuable


Violence. Newspaper clippings, 1954-1963, on riots and assaults in regard to political parties, taxation, elections. Includes some notes from court records. Useful but not complete


District officiers. List with birth, date of appointment, first year in Ibadan, of all political officiers who served in Ibadan; colonial office records notes, staff list notes, personal correspondence with officiers and family from 1893 to 1963. Includes interviews with 25 officiers with 58 district officier cards. Presents best available information from colonial officiers. See also H. L. Ward Price. Important file


Used tax (should be amalgamated with tax file)


Tax file. Used in preparing dissertation chapter 14 (150 pages from file 547 A II, 547 vol. 24-1802 vol. 1). Tax committee lists - AR - newspaper clippings file 1067 vol. 1, 547/s. 8 vol. 1, 547/s. 2 vol. 4, 547/s. 1, 547 vol. 25, 2634 vol. 1, 310. vol. 9, 179, 310 vol. 10; tax survey SCHOFIELD report of 1948-310/s. 1 vol. 1, 33, 2/27, Mapo 0114, Mapo 0117, 124, 0127, 149/2, 902 vol. 4, 902, 1445, plus various rate committee meeting notes. File allows quite comprehensive introduction to taxation from 1918 to date


Town planning. So. Tokum thesis, 1963. Various notes on roads, site location, land leases, STEIGENGA UN report draft, 1962 notes file 1603 vol. 1; the Cambell report 1963, 148 vol. 8, 1943 building line rules-1400 vol. 3 and 4, 148 vol. 9, 1496, 420 vol. 3; road cost figures for 1930; minutes of Town Planning Committee; notes from AR (150 pages). Important file


Ibadan. Random notes


Region. Incomplete file on regional issues


Religion. Extremely important material on Moslems; CMS notes; diaries. Very good for 19th century


Relations. Notes on marriage and kinship in Christian elite group. Very important file


Roles. Random thought on roles, rank elites on leadership


Research. A few random notes on research contacts. Not much use


Water and electricity. File notes, 1893-1963. Very useful


Women. Not at all useful file


Reform. Covers period 1931-1963. One of the most important political files. Includes copy of Hayley report


Newspaper files - Ibadan - Newspaper court cases


Newspapers on federal government (50 clippings)


Newspaper clippings, June to August (40 clipping)


Ibadan (10 clippings)


Customary courts and court cases - Ibadan and Lagos (25 clippings)


Newspapers - Miscellaneous districts (50 clippings)


Customary courts - Western Region II (40 clippings)


Newspapers, miscellaneous (200 clippings)


Committee summons


Staff watch - IPDC (100 pages)


Lands and market


Chieftaincy - ICC


Education IPPC #. G.S.


DIVCO, 1950 February 22-1951 June 20


IDC, 1951


Lands committee ICC


Health and social welfare ICC


Work, town planning, and tender road system - Water connections






































Court cases. Court cases from C-2 Mokola, a customary court showing name, address, language, place of birth, education, and offense (approximately 150 cases in late 1962). Records include story of criminal and civil procedures. Most cases are divorce cases in this ethnically highly mixed quarter of the city


District officiers cards. Hand-written 150 district officiers cards on each district officier, 1893-1956, including standard biographical information, career data, salaries and promotion, material from staff lists, colonial office lists, colonial officier records, AR, personnel files, council minutes. Twenty-five officiers were interviewed personally. British addresses were included wherever obtainable. Very useful information for all Western Province studies. Material is being transferred to Oxford project and Ibadan University Library. 1500 important keysort cards. Includes all kinds of political personalities, 1893-1963, in Ibadan. Includes all elites, candidates for public office, clergy men with data on S.B.D., plus family relations, political offices held, group memberships. Information is key-punched; extremely valuable historical material. Data not of statistical validity


Daily notebooks. Hand-written notebooks, labeled A-B-C-D-E-F-G, containing interviews, observations, D. A. William's diary notes, 1911-1954, Bishop Akinyelle's diary notes, Oyebode diary notes, W. S. Allen's diary notes (most material is retyped and transcribed elsewhere), notebook, Adelabu notes, random Adelabu notes, correspondence and minute notebooks (1903-1914) (1914-1947), typescript notes from Council meetings, and early correspondence. Extremely useful. Notebook records on several dozen political groups, including a Negro literary society, the Garvey club, Blydden's Temple from 1912 to 1963, showing names, dates of activity, and meetings. Often sketchy but best available information. Notebook PAYDID all transcribed elsewhere, notebooks colonial office records 8791/147/90-147 as pertaining to Ibadan in pencil - all data transcribed elsewhere, plus interviews with 5 district officiers - notebook colonial office 147/148-179 and CO 520/1-72 plus interviews with 5 colonial office officiers notebook - Court, local, and regional court reform mostly transcribed. Notes on Doffus report not important file. Includes recent regional court inspection files


Health - Birth and deaths, maternity centers, medicinal practices, children's welfare, public health department AR 1962. Useful but incomplete. No hospital documents


IBU (Ibadan Band of Unity), 1679. By-laws and official correspondence, 1939-1944


Ijoba Ibile Marun. Notes from several issues - file 1257, vol. 4. See also microfilm of complete set


Interviews with chiefs, councilors, officials (150 pages). Most notes also cross-filed under other headings


IPA (Ibadan Patriotic Association). Constitution and by-laws, carbons of early correspondence, 1936-1938. See IPA files, University of Ibadan Library


IPE. Notes for expansion if paper on "Informal Political Economy." Ibadan Progressive Union file 1254 and files 476 and 839. Membership list, 1930-1935. See files of Ayorined


Land. Notes on land tenure and disputes, 1930-onward. Used in conjunction with Town Planning file 753. Contains Ward Price report on land tenure, 1939


Leadership. Student paper on analyzing commissioners and others' papers. Not important


Maiyegun League. Notes from their private papers, 1938-1954. Much data - very useful.



Appendix: List of Microfilms

Box 1

Reorganization of Ibadan, Volume VI, 12674

Box 2

National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons

Box 3

Ibadan; L. Ade. Bello, Acting Chairman; Ibadan Adelabu papers

Box 4


Box 5


Box 6

Ibadan - Government College

Box 7


Box 8

Council of Ministers, 1944-1945

Box 9

Ibadan Native Administration, 1934 February 27-1937 August 10

Box 10

Letts Quidreff Popular One Day Diary, 1935, No. 375

Box 11

Letts South Africa Union Diary, 1926-1934

Box 12

Letts Quidreff Popular Diary, 1944-1947


Collins One Day Diary, 1948-1951

Box 13

Ibadan Council of Ministers

Box 14

Bibliography for Study of African Politics


Section I - Local Government


Section II - Law

Box 15-17

Cards, beginning A ending Z, Appendix

Box 18

Obisesan, 1938-1943 (6 volumes)


Popular Diary, 1939, No. 50


Rough Diary, 1940, No. 35, 1941


Letts Quidreff Diaries, 1942-1943, No. 490

Box 19

I.N.A. Council minutes, 1945 August-1947 August, 1947-1949

Box 20

Letts Desk Diary, 1952-1958


Collins 3 day standard diary, 1959-1960

Box 21

Item without a title page


South Africa Union, Scribling Diary, 1921-1924


Obisesan Diary, 1925 (written in the book for 1920)

Box 22

I.N.A. Council minutes, 1941-1942, 1942-1943, 1944 January-October

Box 23

Ibadan - October Census of Road Traffic; Ijoba Ibile Marun; Itan Ijo Ibadan, 1944; Dr. Edmund Wilmot Blyden, an interpretation; Alafin of Oyo, King and Head of Yoruba Land; Ijda Ibile Marun, Chronicle; Wesley College List of Students, 1905-1934