Production Photographs from "Greed," Erich von Stroheim Production Adapted from Frank Norris' "McTeague," Produced for Goldwyn Film Corp. (February to October, 1923)

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Production Photographs from "Greed," Erich von Stroheim Production Adapted from Frank Norris' "McTeague," Produced for Goldwyn Film Corp. (February to October, 1923)

BANC PIC 1993.034 -- fALB

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Collection Title: Production Photographs from "Greed," Erich von Stroheim Production Adapted from Frank Norris' "McTeague," Produced for Goldwyn Film Corp.
Date: (February to October, 1923)
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1993.034 -- fALB
Extent: 46 photographic prints, black and white, various sizes; compiled in album, 36 x 31 cm. 47 digital objects
Photographer: Jean Hersholt
Repository: The Bancroft Library. University of California, Berkeley.
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Languages Represented: English

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The Production Photographs from "Greed" album was transferred from the book collection in 1993.


Jean Hersholt was born July 12, 1886 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Both of his parents were famous Danish stage players, and Jean himself performed in many theatrical productions throughout Scandinavia before coming to the United States in 1914. Hersholt's first film appearance was the following year, and by the 1920s he had become a leading character actor of the silent screen. Because of his foreign accent, his career suffered somewhat after the advent of the sound era, though he continued to act in Hollywood until the time of his death. Hersholt was perhaps best known for his depiction of the Dr. Paul Christian character of both radio and film. In addition to his acting career, Hersholt was often recognized for his humanitarian achievements. He was awarded two Academy Awards, in 1939 and 1949, for his distinguished service to the motion picture industry. Hersholt founded and was president of the Motion Picture Relief Fund, and also served as president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In 1956, the year of his death, the Academy established the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, an Oscar awarded annually to film personalities for their humanitarian efforts.
Jean Hersholt appeared in nearly one hundred films, among them Greed (released 1924), Alias the Deacon (1927), 13 Washington Square (1928), The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932), Dinner at Eight (1933), The Crime of the Century (1933), Mark of the Vampire (1935), Break of Hearts (1935), The Country Doctor (1936), Reunion (1936), Sins of Man (1936), Alexander's Ragtime Band (1938), and Five of a Kind (1938). Hersholt was also a translator and collector of the work of Hans Christian Andersen.

Scope and Content

The Production Photographs from "Greed" album contains 46 black and white photographic prints taken in 1923 during the production of the film Greed. The album consists primarily of production stills taken by Warren Lynch, a Hollywood still photographer of the 1920s and later a cinematographer and special effects expert. Affixed to the inside front cover of the album is the bookplate of Jean Hersholt, who may have also compiled the album. The order in which the photographs are arranged generally follows the order of events in the story of the film. Meticulously adapted from Frank Norris' 1899 novel McTeague: A Story of San Francisco, Greed was filmed on location in the San Francisco and Death Valley areas of California. Many of the album's photographs picture such location sets as San Francisco's Polk, Bush, and Sutter Streets, the Cliff House and Seal Rocks; Oakland's B Street train station; and various locales in Death Valley. In addition to studio and location stills, the album also includes cast portraits, a group portrait of the entire production company, a title page with cast credits, and three photographic reproductions of portrait sketches by Jean Hersholt.
Among those individuals pictured in the album are the director Erich von Stroheim and principal cast members Jean Hersholt, Gibson Gowland, Zasu Pitts, Chester Conklin, and Sylvia Ashton.
Most of the photographs include a classification number and/or the label "Goldwyn Pictures." Some prints include the names of the characters pictured and the page number of what is presumably the shooting script referring to the scene pictured. Beneath many of the prints are manuscript captions, presumably written by Hersholt, which include the correspondent dialogue or narrative information and page number references.

Container Listing


:1 Production Photographs from "Greed." [Production information, including cast listing.]


:2 Erich von Stroheim. Drawing by Jean Hersholt. [Photographic reproduction. Original drawing dated 1923.]


:3 Gibson Gowland as McTeague. Drawing by Jean Hersholt. [Photographic reproduction. Original drawing dated 1923.]


:4 Zasu Pitts as Trina. Drawing by Jean Hersholt. [Photographic reproduction. Original drawing dated 1923.]


:5 Marcus and McTeague. [Jean Hersholt and Gibson Gowland.]


:6 Marcus. [Jean Hersholt.]


:7 Jean Hersholt as Marcus Schouler.


:8 "Marcus Schouler was The Dentist's one intimate friend." Page 9. Goldwyn Pictures 179-39. [Jean Hersholt and Gibson Gowland.]


:9 "On different occasions McTeague had treated Marcus for an ulcerated tooth." Page 9-10. Goldwyn Pictures 179-44. [Gibson Gowland.]


:10 "Been out to the Cliff House on a picnic," he explained... Page 10. [Sylvia Ashton, Joan Standing, twins Otto and Oscar Gottel, Jean Hersholt, Chester Conklin, Zasu Pitts.]


:11 Marcus, Trina, August and The Twins at B. Street Station. Oakland. Goldwyn Pictures. 179-[260?]. [Austin Jewell, Jean Hersholt (kneeling); Zasu Pitts with twins Otto and Oscar Gottel.]


:12 "McTeague had a vague idea that Marcus Shouler was stuck on his cousin Trina"... Page 11. 179-402. [Zasu Pitts and Jean Hersholt.]


:13 "Marcus took Dinner with the Sieppe's every Saturday evening." Page 11. Goldwyn Pictures. [Otto and Oscar Gottel (twins), Austin Jewell, Joan Standing, Chester Conklin, Sylvia Ashton, Jean Hersholt, Zasu Pitts.]


:14 "Somehow he managed to impress Old Grannis." (Page 12.) [Jean Hersholt and Frank Hayes.]


:15 "Marcus was Old Grannis' assistant in a little dog hospital"... Page 12. Goldwyn Pictures 179-110. [Frank Hayes and Jean Hersholt.]


:16 "Very uneasy, Trina bought a ticket"... Trina (Zasu Pitts). Marcus (Jean Hersholt). Page 22.


:17 "Don't hurt her too much, Mac"... Trina [Zasu Pitts]. McTeague [Golbert Gowland]. Marcus [Jean Hersholt]. Page 23.


:18 Say Mac, go on: let's have it straight"... Page 53. [Gilbert Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:19 "This is my friend Doctor McTeague"... Page 65. [Chester Conklin, Zasu Pitts (background), Gibson Gowland, Jean Hersholt.]


:20 "Mac, I'll give her up to you!...["] Page 56. Goldwyn Pictures 179-147. [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:21 "Gi'me four bits Mac," said Marcus"... Page 72. [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:22 "The family insisted that Marcus and McTeague should take supper with them at their home." (Page 76.) [Sylvia Ashton, Jean Hersholt, Gibson Gowland, Joan Standing, Zasu Pitts, Chester Conklin.]


:23 "Naturally McTeague told Marcus of his success with Trina"... Page 91. 179-102 [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:24 "Say Mac, now that you've got Trina, you ought to do more for her!"... Page 91. [Jean Hersholt and Gibson Gowland.]


:25 "In some way every one of them felt elated."... Page 112. [Zasu Pitts, left; Jean Hersholt (next to her); Gibson Gowland, right, in hat.]


:26 "Speech, speech!" shouted Marcus"... Page 119. [Jean Hersholt, with bottle; Gibson Gowland, center; Zasu Pitts, right.]


:27 "Marcus had made a quick peculiar motion; his jack knife lay open in his palm"... Page 144. [Jean Hersholt, with knife; Gibson Gowland, back to wall.]


:28 "Well, Mr. Sieppe," exclaimed Marcus, "we won't see each other for some time"... Page 175. Sieppe [Chester Conklin]. Selina [Joan Standing]. [Jean Hersholt.] Twin. Twin. [Zasu Pitts.] Mrs. Sieppe [Sylvia Ashton]. [Gibson Gowland.]


:29 "The Polk Street Open Air Festival." Page 198. [San Francisco. Jean Hersholt on white horse.]


:30 "Marcus was one of the Marshals of the Parade"... Page 199. 179-369. [Jean Hersholt.]


:31 "The two men were grappling at each other wildly"... Page 233. [Jean Hersholt and Gibson Gowland.]


:32 "Marcus, terrified, but too brave to run"... Page 236. [Jean Hersholt.]


:33 "I'll do for you myself, you dirty Jew," shouted Marcus... Page 246. Maria [Dale Fuller]. [Jean Hersholt.] Zerkow [Cesare Gravina].


:34 "Why, I ain't ever coming back." Page 255. [Zasu Pitts, Jean Hersholt, Gibson Gowland.]


:35 "Lord! what a country"... Page 426. [Gibson Gowland.]


:36 "Marcus' Horse gave out"... Page 434. [Jean Hersholt.]


:37 'Marcus, raging with thirst...["] Page 434. [Jean Hersholt.]


:38 "Hands up!" shouted Marcus... Page 435. [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:39 "There was no water left!...["] Page 439. [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:40 "We're dead now," said Marcus... Page 439. [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:41 Marcus flung the canteen from him... Page 439. [Jean Hersholt and Gibson Gowland.]


:42 "He, for one, would not give up the pursuit"... Page 433. [Jean Hersholt.]


:43 "McTeague tore the revolver from Marcus' grip"... Page 442. [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:44 'McTeague was locked to the body"... Page 442. [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:45 [Shooting of Polk Street Improvement Club Festival scene, San Francisco. Jean Hersholt on white horse; Erich von Sroheim, far right, in white gloves.]


:46 [Shooting of Polk Street Improvement Club Festival scene, San Francisco. Jean Hersholt on white horse; Erich von Stroheim i n white hat, next to camera.]


:47 The "Greed" Company, in San Francisco. June 1923.