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Production Photographs from "Greed," Erich von Stroheim Production Adapted from Frank Norris' "McTeague," Produced for Goldwyn Film Corp. (February to October, 1923)
BANC PIC 1993.034 -- fALB  
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:1 Production Photographs from "Greed." [Production information, including cast listing.]


:2 Erich von Stroheim. Drawing by Jean Hersholt. [Photographic reproduction. Original drawing dated 1923.]


:3 Gibson Gowland as McTeague. Drawing by Jean Hersholt. [Photographic reproduction. Original drawing dated 1923.]


:4 Zasu Pitts as Trina. Drawing by Jean Hersholt. [Photographic reproduction. Original drawing dated 1923.]


:5 Marcus and McTeague. [Jean Hersholt and Gibson Gowland.]


:6 Marcus. [Jean Hersholt.]


:7 Jean Hersholt as Marcus Schouler.


:8 "Marcus Schouler was The Dentist's one intimate friend." Page 9. Goldwyn Pictures 179-39. [Jean Hersholt and Gibson Gowland.]


:9 "On different occasions McTeague had treated Marcus for an ulcerated tooth." Page 9-10. Goldwyn Pictures 179-44. [Gibson Gowland.]


:10 "Been out to the Cliff House on a picnic," he explained... Page 10. [Sylvia Ashton, Joan Standing, twins Otto and Oscar Gottel, Jean Hersholt, Chester Conklin, Zasu Pitts.]


:11 Marcus, Trina, August and The Twins at B. Street Station. Oakland. Goldwyn Pictures. 179-[260?]. [Austin Jewell, Jean Hersholt (kneeling); Zasu Pitts with twins Otto and Oscar Gottel.]


:12 "McTeague had a vague idea that Marcus Shouler was stuck on his cousin Trina"... Page 11. 179-402. [Zasu Pitts and Jean Hersholt.]


:13 "Marcus took Dinner with the Sieppe's every Saturday evening." Page 11. Goldwyn Pictures. [Otto and Oscar Gottel (twins), Austin Jewell, Joan Standing, Chester Conklin, Sylvia Ashton, Jean Hersholt, Zasu Pitts.]


:14 "Somehow he managed to impress Old Grannis." (Page 12.) [Jean Hersholt and Frank Hayes.]


:15 "Marcus was Old Grannis' assistant in a little dog hospital"... Page 12. Goldwyn Pictures 179-110. [Frank Hayes and Jean Hersholt.]


:16 "Very uneasy, Trina bought a ticket"... Trina (Zasu Pitts). Marcus (Jean Hersholt). Page 22.


:17 "Don't hurt her too much, Mac"... Trina [Zasu Pitts]. McTeague [Golbert Gowland]. Marcus [Jean Hersholt]. Page 23.


:18 Say Mac, go on: let's have it straight"... Page 53. [Gilbert Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:19 "This is my friend Doctor McTeague"... Page 65. [Chester Conklin, Zasu Pitts (background), Gibson Gowland, Jean Hersholt.]


:20 "Mac, I'll give her up to you!...["] Page 56. Goldwyn Pictures 179-147. [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:21 "Gi'me four bits Mac," said Marcus"... Page 72. [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:22 "The family insisted that Marcus and McTeague should take supper with them at their home." (Page 76.) [Sylvia Ashton, Jean Hersholt, Gibson Gowland, Joan Standing, Zasu Pitts, Chester Conklin.]


:23 "Naturally McTeague told Marcus of his success with Trina"... Page 91. 179-102 [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:24 "Say Mac, now that you've got Trina, you ought to do more for her!"... Page 91. [Jean Hersholt and Gibson Gowland.]


:25 "In some way every one of them felt elated."... Page 112. [Zasu Pitts, left; Jean Hersholt (next to her); Gibson Gowland, right, in hat.]


:26 "Speech, speech!" shouted Marcus"... Page 119. [Jean Hersholt, with bottle; Gibson Gowland, center; Zasu Pitts, right.]


:27 "Marcus had made a quick peculiar motion; his jack knife lay open in his palm"... Page 144. [Jean Hersholt, with knife; Gibson Gowland, back to wall.]


:28 "Well, Mr. Sieppe," exclaimed Marcus, "we won't see each other for some time"... Page 175. Sieppe [Chester Conklin]. Selina [Joan Standing]. [Jean Hersholt.] Twin. Twin. [Zasu Pitts.] Mrs. Sieppe [Sylvia Ashton]. [Gibson Gowland.]


:29 "The Polk Street Open Air Festival." Page 198. [San Francisco. Jean Hersholt on white horse.]


:30 "Marcus was one of the Marshals of the Parade"... Page 199. 179-369. [Jean Hersholt.]


:31 "The two men were grappling at each other wildly"... Page 233. [Jean Hersholt and Gibson Gowland.]


:32 "Marcus, terrified, but too brave to run"... Page 236. [Jean Hersholt.]


:33 "I'll do for you myself, you dirty Jew," shouted Marcus... Page 246. Maria [Dale Fuller]. [Jean Hersholt.] Zerkow [Cesare Gravina].


:34 "Why, I ain't ever coming back." Page 255. [Zasu Pitts, Jean Hersholt, Gibson Gowland.]


:35 "Lord! what a country"... Page 426. [Gibson Gowland.]


:36 "Marcus' Horse gave out"... Page 434. [Jean Hersholt.]


:37 'Marcus, raging with thirst...["] Page 434. [Jean Hersholt.]


:38 "Hands up!" shouted Marcus... Page 435. [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:39 "There was no water left!...["] Page 439. [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:40 "We're dead now," said Marcus... Page 439. [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:41 Marcus flung the canteen from him... Page 439. [Jean Hersholt and Gibson Gowland.]


:42 "He, for one, would not give up the pursuit"... Page 433. [Jean Hersholt.]


:43 "McTeague tore the revolver from Marcus' grip"... Page 442. [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:44 'McTeague was locked to the body"... Page 442. [Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt.]


:45 [Shooting of Polk Street Improvement Club Festival scene, San Francisco. Jean Hersholt on white horse; Erich von Sroheim, far right, in white gloves.]


:46 [Shooting of Polk Street Improvement Club Festival scene, San Francisco. Jean Hersholt on white horse; Erich von Stroheim i n white hat, next to camera.]


:47 The "Greed" Company, in San Francisco. June 1923.