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Register of the Lauchlin Bernard Currie papers
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Correspondence, 1941-1950

Scope and Contents note

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
Box 1

Bond, W. L., 1941


Brainard, Rear Admiral Roland M., 1941


Carpenter, S.R., 1941


Chang, Carsun, 1941


Chennault, General Claire L., (code name - Groco), 1941-1942


Chiang Kai-shek, 1941


Chiang Kai-shek, Mme., 1941-1943


Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Kai-shek, Mme., (code name - Segac), 1941-1942


Chien, C. C., 1941


Chih Tsang, 1942


Churchill, Winston, 1942


Davies, John Paton, 1942


Donovan, William J., 1942


Eccles, Marriner S., 1941


Fortas, Abe, 1950


Greene, Robert S., 1941-1943


Holbrook, Major Lucius R., 1942-1943


Hopkins, Harry, 1941-1943


Howe, C. D., 1941


Keating, John G., 1941


Kung, H. H., 1941-1944


Li Ming, 1945


Little, L. K., 1943-1945


Liu Chieh, 1942


Luce, Henry R., 1942


McCammon, Colonel J. E., 1942


McHugh, Colonel J. M., 1941-1945


Magruder, Brigadier General John, 1942


Marshall, General George C., 1942


Messersmith, George S., 1941


Meyberg, Manfred, 1942


Morganthau, Henry, Jr., 1942-1943


People's Political Council, 1941


Price, Frank W., 1941-1942


Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1943


Roosevelt, Franklin D., 1941-1942


Sayre, Francis B., 1941


Smith, General Walter Bedell, 1942


Soong, T. V., 1941-1942


Stilwell, General Joseph, 1942


Stimson, Henry L., 1942


Thompson, Malvina, 1942


Tong, Hollington, 1941-1945


Tully, Grace, 1942-1943


Vincent, John Carter, 1941-1943


Walsh, R. J., 1942


Wang Shih-chieh, 1941


Wei Tao-ming, 1945


Welles, Sumner, 1941-1943


Wheeler, General R. A., 1941-1943


Wong Wen-hao, 1941-1976


Subject File, 1940-1976

Scope and Contents note

Memoranda, reports correspondence, notes, and printed material, arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box 2

American Volunteer Group (AVG)


Correspondence and memoranda


1940 January - 1941 April


1941 May-September


1941 October


1941 November


1941 December


1942 January-March


1942 April-May


1942 June-July 1942


1942 September - 1943 September




"History and Status of the First American Volunteer Group," Toungoo, Burma, 1941 October 19


"Notes on Strategic Possibilities of A Small American Air Force in China"




Burma Road


Correspondence and memoranda, 1941 August - 1942 January




"Present Trucking Operations as Conducted on the Burma Road and Recommendations for Their Improvement," by Daniel G. Arnstein, Harold C. Davis, and Marco F. Hellman, 1941 August 9


"Some Observations and Impressions on the Yunnan-Burma Transportation Situation," undated


Yui Fei-pang, Chairman of the Yunnan-Burma Highway, Report 1 and Report 2, 1941 June 16, June 17

Box 3

Canada - Foreign relations


Chang Kia-ngau - Notes on conference, 1941 February 21


Chen Pao-chuang - Notes on conference, 1941 February 14


Chennault, General Claire L. - Memoranda, 1942 August


Chiang Kai-shek


Biographical notes




Churchill, Winston, 1941


Lo Ying-ching, 1942


Roosevelt, President Franklin D., 1941-1942


Soong, T. V., 1941-1942


Stilwell, General Joseph, 1942




To Lauchlin Currie (2), 1941 February 26 and undated


To Franklin Roosevelt (2), 1942 July 30, August 6


Report by Lauchlin Currie for Chiang Kai-shek


Speeches and writings


China's Destiny


Summary translation


Comments on the book by two American observers in China


"Impressions of My Visit to India and Observations on the War Situation in the Pacific," address delivered at memorial service, 1942 March 9


Speech to Kuomintang leaders, 1941 March 24


Chiang Kai-shek, Mme.


Ch'ien, T. S., excerpt from letter, 1941 August






Economic conditions






Correspondence, 1941-1942










Rural economy


State monopolies








Politics and government

Box 4

Chinese Exclusion Act


Chinese Flying Cadets - Training in U.S.


Chinese Industrial Cooperatives


Chou En-lai (see Currie, Lauchlin - First Trip to China, - Chiang Kai-shek - Interviews) 1941 February


Clark-Kerr, Sir Archibald - Notes on conference, 1941 February 8


Cooper, Meriam - Notes on conversation, 1942 December 29


Currie, Lauchlin


First trip to China, 1941 February


Awards - Decoration of the Order of Ching Hsin, 1947 February 19


Expense report


Interviews with Chiang Kai-shek, and compiled notes on interviews, (latter includes notes on interview with Chou En-lai), 1941




Plans and letters of introduction


Press clippings


Report by American Ambassador Nelson Johnson, 1941 March 3


Report by Lauchlin Currie to President Roosevelt, 1941 March 15


Second trip to China, 1942 July - August


Conference notes


Interviews with Chiang Kai-shek, 1942








Press clippings


Report by Lauchlin Currie to President Roosevelt, 1942 August 24


Travel arrangements and expense


Davies, John Paton - "The China-Burma-India Theater - a Reappraisal," 1942 July 31


Eisenhower, President Dwight D. - Memoranda, copy of letter, 1942

Box 5

Fairbank, John K. - Memorandum on Air Program for China, (attached note by Lauchlin Currie 1942), memoranda, 1944


Flying Tigers (see American Volunteer Group)


Freeman, Fulton? - Conference on situation in China, 1941 February


Ho Ying-chin - Conference, 1941 February 17


Hopkins, Harry - Memoranda, 1941 August-September


Hsu Yung-chang - Notes on conversation, 1941 February 20


Hull, Cordell - Notes and memoranda, 1941 April-May, 1942 September


International business enterprises, 1944 January


Jones, Joseph - Memoranda, 1941 April-May


Koo, Y. C. - Notes on conference, 1941 February 13


Kung, H. H. - Notes on conference, letter from Henry Luce, letter to Franklin Roosevelt, 1941-1942, 1944


Lattimore, Owen (code name - Omita)


Correspondence, 1941-1942


Meeting notes, 1942 December 4


Memoranda on appointment as political adviser to Chiang Kai-shek, 1941 May-June


LeHand, Miss - Memorandum, 1941 March 16


Liu Wei-chang - Notes on conversation, 1941 February 25


Lo Ying-ching - Report to Chiang Kai-shek. 1942 June 25


Luce, Henry - Memorandum on Luce, 1942 November 10


Lynch, - Notes on conference, 1941 February 14


Magruder, Brigadier General John. Holograph report by Lauchlin Currie entitled "The Magruder Mission," undated


Marshall, General George C. - notes on interview, memorandum from Lieutenant General Brehon Somervell, 1942


Pai Chung-hsi - Notes on conversation, 1941 February


Philippine Islands - Letter to Department of State from Laurence Salisbury, 1940 December 13


Price, Harry B. - Memorandum on "China's Economic Needs and American Aid," 1941 February 19


Roosevelt, Eleanor - Memoranda (2), 1942 September 16 and undated


Roosevelt, President Franklin D.


Meeting notes, 1942 June 26


Memoranda, 1941-1944


Roy, Andrew T. - Notes on conference, 1941 February


Schaberg, Benjamin F., Jr. - Memorandum on "Russia as a Source of Supply for China," 1942 September 4


Stein, Gunther - Notes on conference, 1941 February


"Situation in China Since Stilwell's Recall," (carbon of article by Newsweek correspondent Harold Isaacs), 1942 December 22


Somervell, Lieutenant General Brehon - Memorandum for General Clay, 1942 August 29


Soong, T. V. - Memorandum for Franklin Roosevelt, newspaper clipping about Soong; notes on Soong, 1941-1944


Stilwell, General Joseph - Memoranda, notes; proposed message, holograph and typewritten memorandum by Stilwell entitled, "General View of the Situation," 1942 and undated


Stimson, Henry - Memorandum, 1941 April 22


Sun Fo - Notes on conference, 1941 January 18


Sun Yat-sen, Mme. - proposed trip to the United States


Tong, Hollington - excerpts from memoranda, notes on Tong, 1941, 1943


United China Relief


United States


Department of the Treasury


Economic assistance - China


Foreign relations






Military assistance - China


War Production Board, 1944


Watson, General Edwin M.? - Memorandum, 1942 February 11


Wei Tao-ming - Biography; seating arrangement at Chinese Ambassador's dinner, 1942 October 21


Welles, Sumner - Memoranda, 1941-1942


Wheeler, Major General R. A. - Memorandum for General Stilwell on "Monthly Shipping Tonnage Required from United States to Supply One Triangular Division in India," 1942 August 11


White, Theodore - Dispatch from Loyang, (also correspondence received by Lauchlin Currie about dispatch) 1943 March 13


Willauer, Whiting - notes on conversation, 1942 June 4


World War, 1939-1945




Pacific theater


Wu, K. C. - Notes on conference, 1941 February 15

Envelope A

Photographs, circa 1942

Scope and Contents note

16 prints (some duplicates) of bombing of Haiphong, French Indo-China (Vietnam) August 9, 1942(?)
Box 5

1985 October Increment, 1943 May 18

Scope and Contents note

Photocopy of a memorandum for the president written by L. Currie relating to the situation in China and to U.S. foreign policy vis-a-vis that country.

Declassified U.S. Government Records, 1941, 1945

Scope and Contents note

Formerly security-classified records of the U.S. government, released in full or in part. Available as PDF files. The PDF files are page images, so full-text search is not possible. Arranged chronologically by date of release by Hoover, thereunder by date of creation.
Reading Room Workstation

2010 release of records, 1945

OSS Research and Analysis Branch report: American Cooperation with China during the First Year of the War, 1945 June 11

Reading Room Workstation

2017 release of records, 1941

E. L. Hall-Paten, British Embassy, Chungking, letter to Mr. Currie, 1941 February 18