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Title: Daughters of the American Revolution Blacklist controversy papers
Dates: 1921-1930
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In 1928, Mrs. Helen Tufts Bailie wrote an article accusing the Daughters of the American Revolution of circulating a "blacklist" of men and women who would not be welcome as speakers before D.A.R. members. The "blacklisted" people were accused of being Communists, Socialists, liberals, pacifists. Among those blacklisted by the D.A.R. was David Starr Jordan, former president of Stanford University. Many D.A.R. members and others protested the blacklist. Finally the Palo Alto chapter of the D.A.R. resigned their membership in the national organization.


Included in this collection are pamphlets, newspaper clippings, magazine articles and correspondence dealing with the D.A.R. blacklist controversy.

Collection Contents

Folder 1



"Our Threatened Heritage", by Helen Tufts Bailie, April 5, 1928.


"Truth and Justice vs. the DAR Court Martial", by Helen Tufts Bailie, June 23, 1928.


"Perverted Patriotism, A Story of DAR Stewardship", November 11, 1929.


"Are DAR Women Exploited?", by Elaine Goodale Eastmen, September 11, 1929.


"Dishonoring the DAR", by Helen Tufts Bailie, September 25, 1929.

Folder 2

Correspondence, 1928


T.L.S.: David Starr Jordan to Miss Helen E. Crumpton, Corresponding Secretary, Palo Alto Chapter DAR, re: expressing thanks for their support during "Blacklist" issue, May 14, 1928.


T.L. Jane Addams to Jessie K. Jordan, re: DAR's attack on Helen Tufts Bailie June 14, 1928


affidavit, signed by May M. Glotfelter re: receipt of "blacklist" from DAR official June 19, 1928,


T.L.S. May M. Glotfelter to Jessie K. Jordan, re: blacklist July 9, 1928,


T.L.S. May M. Glotfelter to Jessie K. Jordan, re: blacklist July 13, 1928,


T.L.S. Josepha Whitney to Mrs. Jordan, re: possible resignations from DAR July 24, 1928,


T.L.S. Elaine Goodale Eastmen, re: support for those blacklisted by DAR August 10, 1928,


T.L.S. Helen Tufts Bailie to Mrs. Jordan, re: DAR blacklist August 31, 1928,


T.L. Resolution supporting Republican candidate for President of U.S., September 12, 1928


T.L. Elaine Goodale Eastmen, Newsletter, re: progress of fight against blacklist September 27, 1928,


A.L.S. Jeannette M. Hitchcock to Dr. Clelia Duel Mosher, re: newspaper articles concerning blacklist October 4, 1928


T.L.S. Jane Norman Smith, Nation Woman's Party, support for Hoover for President, and equal rights for women October 8, 1928,

Folder 3

Correspondence, 1929


T.L. Mrs. Julius to Mrs. McEven, re: DAR constitution and voting rights at national annual meetings. January 5, 1929,


T.L.S. Elaine Goodale Eastmen, newsletter re: progress of fight against DAR blacklist April 6, 1929,


A.L.S. Mary Ella Thurston to David Starr Jordan, re: DAR blacklist June 4, 1929,


A.L.S. Jessie K. Jordan to Dr. Clelia Mosher, re: getting all material distributed by Elaine Goodale Eastman. October, 1929,


T.L. Resolution supporting David Starr Jordan, by DAR Palo Alto Chapter November 11, 1929,


T.L. S. Riverside, California chapter DAR to David Starr Jordan re: support of his peace effort, November 13, 1929

Folder 4

Correspondence, 1930


T.L., twelve members of Palo Alto chapter DAR submit their resignations, May 15, 1930


T.L.S. Fred Lawrence Foster to the ladies of DAR, Palo Alto chapter, re: need to protect America against "Jewrissia" and warmongering Zionists May 16, 1930,


T.L. Mrs. Lowell Fletcher Hobart, President General DAR to Mrs. C.W. Neff, Regent, Palo Alto chapter DAR, re: Palo Alto Chapter resignation June 16, 1930,

Folder 5

Correspondence relating to the Lewis and Clark Oregon chapter of the DAR and its condemnation of the National DAR's blacklist, 1928

Folder 6

Letters by Mary P. MacFarland, 1928


"To the Members of the Daughters of the American Revolution..." by Mary P. MacFarland March 10, 1928


"To the Members of the D.A.R.", by Mary P. MacFarland. April 5, 1928,


Mary P. MacFarland, re: undemocratic character of DAR September 28, 1928,

Folder 7

Clippings, 1928-1930


New York World, "Inquiry Points to Spy System Muzzling U. S." Feb. 12 1928,


New York World, "Heresy Hunters' Blacklist Seen to Cover Wide Range". Feb. 13 1928,


New York World, "Maude Royden's Socialism Basis of Attack on Her" Feb. 14 1928,


New York World, "Ready Reference List of Heretics; Sins Catalogued" Feb. 15 1928,


New York World, "Blacklists Spur Patriot Bodies to Bar Speakers" Feb. 16 1928,


Palo Alto Times, "DAR Leader Attacks 'Blacklisting' Policy" Apr. 2 1928,


San Francisco Chronicle, "DAR Adds Notables to its Blacklist" Apr. 4 1928,


San Francisco Chronicle, "DAR Head in Klan Nightie, Says Editor" Apr. 5 1928,


Emporia Weekly Gazette, "The Horselaugh of the Free Apr. 5 1928,


San Francisco Chronicle, "DAR Rulers Called Dupes of Anti-Reds" Apr. 9 1928,


Emporia Weekly Gazette, "Mr. White Replies" Apr. 12 1928,


Washington Post, "DAR Regents Praise Activities for Defense" Apr. 15 1928.


Palo Alto Times, "Recent Clouds in DAR Sky Hang Over National Convention; President to Speak Tonight" Apr. 16 1928,


San Francisco Chronicle, "President to Open Meeting of DAR Today" Apr. 16 1928,


Washington Post, "Campaign is Begun for DAR Election by 4,000 Delegates" Apr. 16 1928,


Washington Post, "President Pleads for Rule of People won in Revolution" Apr. 17 1928,


unknown, "Americanism" Apr. 17 1928,


unknown, picture Apr. 18 1928,


unknown, "Rebellion Against Blacklist of DAR Breaks in Conclave" Apr. 19 1928,


Washington Post, "Immigration Work of DAR Praised by James J. Davis" Apr. 19 1928,


Palo Alto Times, "Blacklist Sustained by DAR" Apr. 20 1928,


San Francisco Chronicle, "DAR Session Names Seven New Leaders" Apr. 20 1928,


San Francisco Chronicle, "DAR Rebel Loses Orders for Emblems" Apr. 21 1928,


Springfield Weekly Republican, "DAR Backs `Black Lists' by Inference" Apr. 26 1928,


unknown, "DAR Launches Ouster Move on 'Black List' Foe" Apr. 27 1928,


New York Times, "DAR Lays Charges Against Mrs. Bailey" Apr. 28 1928,


Palo Alto Times, "DAR Insurgent Chief Who Bared 'Blacklist' Now Faces Discipline" Apr. 28 1928,


San Francisco Chronicle, "DAR Torn in Blacklist Row; Eleven Resign" May 2 1928,


Emporia Weekly Gazette, "Lady Sheep" May 3 1928,


Eugene, Oregon, paper, "A Rubber Stamp Without a User May 15 1928,


Manchester Guardian, "U.S.A. Patriots" May 15 1928,


Manchester Guardian, "Professional Patriots of the U.S.A." May 18 1928,


San Francisco Chronicle, "DAR's Ban Blacklist" May 26 1928,


Palo Alto Times, "DAR Blackballs Member as Result of 'Blacklist' Affair" June 23 1928,


Redwood City Tribune, "Blacklist Not in Use by 'Key Men' Says Chief in His Answer to Charges" July 19 1928,


Emporia Weekly Gazette, "Kansas in the DAR Row" Nov. 11 1928,


New York Times, "DAR Blacklisters Called 'Blue Menace"' Dec. l 1928,


Fort Wayne Sentinel News, "Hoover Not to Address DAR" Apr. 12 1928,


Palo Alto Times, "DAR Refuse to Reinstate Ousted Woman" Apr. 16 1929,


Washington Post, "6,000 Take Part In Reception Given to Mrs. Brosseau" Apr. 18 1929,


unknown, "Woman Who Ruffled DAR Feathers is Courageous" Apr. 22 1929,


San Francisco Chronicle, "DAR Leaders Urged to War on 'New Ring' by Mrs. Catt" July 5, 1929


Christian Century, "Are DAR Women Exploited?" Sept. 11 1929,


Nation, "Dishonoring the DAR" Sept. 25 1929,


San Francisco Chronicle, "Pastor Flays DAR as Tools, Accessories of Shearer" Oct. 7 1929,


Palo Alto Times, "Women to Study Navy Construction Program" Oct. 23 1929,


San Francisco Chronicle, "Jordan Hailed Peace Prophet" Nov. 2 1929,


San Francisco Chronicle, "Many Candidates Loom on Horizon for DAR Election in May " Nov. 3 1929,


San Francisco Chronicle, "Dr. Jordan Wins Praise from DAR" Nov. 5 1929,


San Francisco Examiner, "Palo Alto Group, Which Did Not Join Attack of Scholar, Praises His Work for Peace" Nov. 5 1929,


Stanford Daily, "Dr. Jordan and the DAR's" Nov. 8 1929,


Palo Alto Times, "Jordan Tells DAR Delegation Peace Will Ultimately Triumph" Nov. 11 1929,


San Francisco Chronicle, "DAR Chapter Honors Dr. Jordan as Outstanding Champion of World Peace" Nov. 12 1929,


San Francisco Chronicle, "DAR Member Resigns over Blacklisting" Feb. 9 1930,


San Francisco Examiner, "Brig. Gen. Reilly Flays Pacifists in Radio Talk" Feb. 28 1930,


San Francisco Chronicle, "Drys Force Issue in State DAR" Mar. l 1930,


San Francisco Chronicle, "Chester Rowell's Comment" Mar. 12 1930,


San Francisco Chronicle, "Chester Rowell's Comment" Apr. 14 1930,


San Francisco Chronicle, "DAR Fights Hoover Plan For Reduction of Defenses" Apr. 17 1930,


Stanford Daily, "DAR Finger in the Pie" Apr. 18 1930,


New York Times, "DAR Resignations Laid to Pacifism" Apr. 20 1930,


Palo Alto Times, "Local Leaders Bolt DAR" May 15 1930,


New York Times, "Half in Stanford Unit Quit DAR in Protest" May 15 1930,


Palo Alto Times, "Local Secession of DAR Group Stirs National President" May 16 1930,


San Francisco Chronicle, "Twelve Palo Altans Quit DAR in Board Protest" May 16 1930,


San Francisco Examiner, "Head of DAR Say 'Bolters' Out of Touch" May 16 1930,


Stanford Daily, "DAR Members of Palo Alto Score Policies" May 16 1930,


San Francisco Chronicle, "Mrs. Jordan Tells Why 12 Quit DAR" May 17 1930,


San Francisco Chronicle, "DAR Board Acts Assailed" May 17 1930,


Palo Alto Times, "Rebels Descendants Show Varying Traits" May 16 1930,


Palo Alto Times, "New DAR Exodus in State Looming" May 20 1930,


San Francisco Chronicle, "DAR Walkout Threatened by Californians" May 20 1930,


San Francisco Chronicle, "Public Airing of DAR Row Being Sought" May 21 1930,


Tacoma News Tribune, "DAR Disapprove Defense Body Policies" May 30, n. y.,


Palo Alto Times, "DAR Leaders Seem to See Their Course in Question" June 10 1930,


San Francisco Chronicle, "National DAR Head Sends Out An Explanation" June 22 1930,


San Francisco Chronicle, "DAR Shows Membership Gain Despite Withdrawals" June 30 1930,


San Francisco Chronicle, "Mrs. Maddux Resigns from DAR" July 3 1930,


San Francisco Chronicle, "Communism in Wisconsin University? What of it? 'Prexy' Replies to DAR" Oct. 30 1930,


Los Angeles Times, n. d. , "DAR Regent Maps Policies"


New York World n.d. "DAR Blacklist"


Palo Alto Times, .n.d., "11 DAR Members Quit in Protest of Blacklist"


Palo Alto Times, n.d., "DAR Endorses Blacklist"


Palo Alto Times, n.d., "DAR Heads Described as 'Dupes"'


Palo Alto Times, n.d., "Contest for DAR Presidency to Mark Continental Congress at Washington, D. C. This Week"


San Francisco Chronicle, n.d., "Opponents of DAR Chiefs Gain Strength"


San Francisco Chronicle, n.d., "Chester Rowell's Comment"


San Francisco Chronicle, n.d., "DAR Accused of Alliances with Politics"


San Francisco Chronicle, n.d., "DAR Refer Catt Charges to Capital"


unknown, n.d., "DAR Talks"


unknown, n.d., picture


unknown, n.d., "And it May Be That DAR Too Really Favor World Court"


unknown, n.d., "DAR Head Makes Reply to Mrs. Catt's Criticisms"


unknown, n.d., "DAR Scored in Retter by Suffrage Head"


unknown, n.d., "DAR Outlaws to Hold Party"


unknown, n.d., "The 'Daughters' and the Fathers"


unknown, n.d., "Ouster Movement Against Blacklist Foe of DAR Starts"


unknown, n.d., "When Ignorance is Labeled Patriotism"

Folder 8

"The Common Enemy", date supplied by Key Men of America; it describes how communists, socialists and liberals are trying to destroy America.

Folder 9

DAR National Defense Committee; a report made by a committee of the Palo Alto Chapter, DAR.

Folder 10

DAR documents and speeches, 1927-1929


Resolution adopted by the 38th Continental Congress, DAR, April 15-20, 1929


DAR Constitution and By-laws, "What the Daughters Do" by Mrs. Alfred J. Brosseau, President General, DAR. 1927;


"Speech of Acceptance" by Mrs. Alfred J. Brosseau, Pres. Gen. DAR, April 16, 1929.


"Address of the Pres. General to the DAR", April 15, 1929.

Folder 11

"The Blue Menace" by Elizabeth McCausland, March, 1928.

Scope and Content Note

"A Discussion of the drive against liberalism, the curtailment of free speech in Massachusetts and elsewhere by means of blacklists, the attack on liberal colleges and churches, and the DAR protest"
Folder 12

DAR Palo Alto Chapter Yearbook, 1926-29

Folder 13

Articles in Periodicals re: DAR "Blacklist" Controversy


The Woman Citizen, "Letter DAR" July, 1927;


Daughters American Revolution Magazine, "National Defense Committee" April 1928;


Pax International, "The DAR" April, 1928;


The Literary Digest, "What is behind the DAR blacklists?" April 14, 1928;


The Literary Digest, More Light on the DAR blacklists" April 21, 1928; "


National Council for Prevention of War News Bulletin, "DAR Governing Board to try Mrs. Bailie" June 1, 1928;


"Oregon DAR Chapter Repudiates Blacklist"


The Christian Leader, "Perverted Patriotism" July 14, 1928;


National Council for Prevention of War News Bulletin, 'Kellogg Proposal Endorsed by DAR" August 1, 1928;


The World Tomorrow, "Wanted: A New Scandal Expert" August 1, 1928;


The American Mercury, "The Soviet of Lady Patriots" September, 1928;


Harpers Magazine, "What the Blue Menace Means" October, 1928;


Outlook and Independent,"Mrs. Brosseau and the DAR" March 20, 1929;


Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, March, 1929


The Christian Century, "Are DAR Women Exploited?" September 11, 1929;


The Nation, "Dishonoring the DAR" September 25, 1929;


Time, "Daughters in Arms" April 28, 1930;


Time, "Races Perish in Peace" May 26, 1930;

Folder 14

Miscellaneous papers, 1921-1928


Invitation to "Blacklist Party", n.d.


Confidential Information Memorandum for DAR members only....


DAR Annual Meeting Resolutions (1928)


A.L.S. Will Irwin to David Starr Jordan re: DAR blacklists, n.d.


More "Red" Alarms, Women's Journal, November 28 (n.d.)


"Pacifism Kept Alive by Fifty Organizations", July 13, 1927


"The Maternity Bill", Speech of James A. Reed, in U. S. Senate, June 29, 1921