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Preliminary Inventory to the R. Freeman Butts Papers, 1923-2004
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Box 1.

Intercultural education materials (1940s)


Educational Foundations materials (Ed. 200 Fb)

Box 2.

Intercultural education (1940s)

Box 3.

Intercultural education - New Rochelle Workshop


Educational Foundations materials (Ed. 200 Fa)


Education and Culture


American Democracy Faces the Future


Economics and Democracy


Democracy and Political Power

Box 4.

Ed. 200 Fa materials (1940s and 1950s)


Democracy and Stable World Order


Intergroup Relations


Social Role of Education in the World Today

Box 5.

Ed. 200 Fa materials - American Education and World War II

Box 6.

Ed. 200 Fa materials (1930s)

Box 7.

Instructional materials on


History of Western Education


Intellectual History of Education


Frontiers of Democracy (1939-1942)

Box 8.

Ed. 200 Fa - Religion and Education (1950s)

Box 9.

Ed. 200 Fa - Religion, States Rights, Desegregation (1950s)


Letter from MacIver - Madison

Box 10.

Ed 200 Fa


Desegregation, Freedom


Excellence in the Curriculum

Box 11.

Ed. 200 Fb - Curriculum, Educational Program, Knowledge


Soft pedagogy (1957) - Bestor, et. al.


New Conservatism (1958)


New Lincoln School Conference - Gould House (1958)


Tamiment Institute Conference (1958)


Papers by Childs, Bestor, Hook


Note to RFB by Polykaup Husch: "Three Cheers for T.C."

Box 12.

Ed. 200Fb - Humanism, Intellectualism, Catholicism (1940)


Abstract of Ph.D. Thesis at Wisconsin on Elective System by RFB


Correspondence (1944-46)


Article for Encyclopedia of Modern Education (1942)


Article for Educational Record on "International Perspective on the Role of Liberal Arts and Professional Education in the Preparation of Teachers" (1957)


All-College Lecture on Church and State (1951)

Box 13.

Article for Project on Cooperative Development of Public School Administration - Dan Davies (1953) - "The Setting, the Job, the Man"


Reviews and correspondence about A Cultural History of Education (1947)


Correspondence on The College Charts Its Course (1939)

Box 14.

"Freedom and Responsibility in American Education (1952-5)


"Arnold Toynbee's Philisophy of History" (1952)


"Persistent Issues in High School Education" - Purdue Conference (1952)


Revision of " A Cultural History of Western Education " (1955)


"To the Veteran on the College Campus" in Teachers College Record (1945?)


"Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education," in Review of Educational Research (1952)

Box 15.

Text for Coronet Films "History of American Education" (1958)


Cooperative Bureau of Teachers (1946-49)


ETS - Graduate Record Exams in Education (1953)


University of Wisconsin Centennial Conference on Higher Education - "Faculty Participation in Policy Formulation" (1948)

Box 16.

Speech at Hampton Institute (1942)


Keuka Conference - Week of Work (1941)


"Colonial Period in the History of American Education" (with E. H. Reisner) in Review of Educational Research


Correspondence (1941-42)


Articles on Education for the Gifted (1941)


Review of Curti and Carstenson, The University of Wisconsin


"Liberal Education and the Prescribed Curriculum" an article for the Journal of Higher Education and The Educational Record


Correspondence related to Wisconsin Disseration (1932-34)


Visiting Professor, University of Wisconsin (1949)

Box 17.

Correspondence 1940s


Meiklejohn, Wisconsin, Illinois, Berkeley, Brubacher


AASA Conventions (1950s-60s)

Box 18.

Conventions - AAUP, ACE, AERA, AHA, History of Education, (1955-57), Amer. Studies Assn., Assn. of Higher Education (1950s-1960s)

Box 19.

Assn. of Higher Education (1957-58)


ASCD (1956)


Correspondence with Carnegie Corp - Gardner, Stackpole (1960s)


Cleveland Conference (1957-59)


Comparative Education Society (1957-60)

Box 20.

Committee for the Study of Mankind (1960)


Fundamental Education (1960)




Educational Forum


Educational Policies Commission (1961)


Encyclopedia of Ed. Research


John Dewey


90th birthday (1949)


Centennial Conference (RFB Remanks) 1959


John Dewey Society (1955-1960)


Educational T.V. Series (Phil Phenix) (1960)



Box 21.

Journal of Teacher Ed. (1958-59)


Middle States Philosophy of Ed. Society


New Lincoln Centennial (1958)


NCTEPS (1959)


Philosophy of Ed. Society (1954-56)


Review of Horace Kallen


Rockland County Day School - Charles Frankel


Salzburg Seminar (1955)


Tamiment Seminar (1958)


"History of Education" - Article for Brittanica (1958)

Box 22.

Articles for World Book (1957-58)


N.S.S.E. Yearbook on Education for the Professions


Correspondence in Paris (1966)


Visit of Bernardino to T.C. (1965)


ACLU Church and State Committee


Xerox copies of Amherst Report (1827)


Inauguration of T.C. President John Fischer (1962)


Harold Benjamin National Memorial Fund


Butler Award


Correspondence with Brickman re: Brubacher

Box 23.

Correspondence filed under "C"




Center for Research and Education in American Liberties (1965-70)


Christmas letter to Overseas Staff


College of the Potomac - James Russell


Church and State Committee - ACLU


Columbia Crisis - folders turned over to Kenneth Toepfer at T.C.


Commencement escort for James Allen (1964), Robert Weaver (1966), John Brademas (1967)


Coombs, Philip


Cordier, Andrew


Counts, George


Cremen, Laurence

Box 24.

Correspondence "D" through "F"


"Democracy and Crisis" - T.C. Faculty Statement (1940)


Dillon, Wilton


Dodge, Cleveland


Doob, Leonard


Education Bills (1965)




Fischer, John (1960s-70s)


Frankel, Charles - on Cultural Arrairs


Franklin Book Awards

Box 25.

Correspondence "G" to "K"


Gardner, John


Gates, Arthur - Memorial


Cohen, Wilbur


Howe, Harold


Leestura, Robert


International Programs at T.C.


Institute of International Ed.


Itineraries of international travel


Invitations to speak - mostly declined


Kappa Delta Pi - Laureate Chapter


Kandel, Isaac


Kilpatrick, W. H.

Box 26.

Correspondence "K" to "R"


Kirk, Grayson




McGovern Bill (on Education?)


Membership dues


Miel, Alice


Mukerji visit to T.C. (1972)


TEA Reception at T.C. (1963)


Nyerere speech to TEA at T.C. (1961)


Orata visit to T.C.


T.C. Chart of Internationl Studies


Peruvian delegation visit to T.C. (1963)


Pifer, Alan


Prakasha, Veda


Porter, Arthur




Quik and Capelle visits to T.C.


T.C. Reorganization (1964)

Box 27.

Correspondence "S" to "T"


Schaefer, Robert


Shield (Masai)


Sirken of World Bank


Springer, Hugh - University of West Indies


Stiler, Lindley


Storage files at T.C.


Education and World Affairs Task Force


TEA Dinner (1963)


Thailand visitors from Stanford (1963)

Box 28.

Correspondence, Papers, and Conferences (1960s)


Toepfer, Kenneth


Ward, Champion


Watson, Goodwin


Education in Bahamas


Bereday's Comparative Education Class (1964)


Center for the Justice of International Studies (1970)


Agriculture Deans Conference - Fort Collins (1960) Philosophy and Objective of Higher Education


ACE (1967, 1973)


AID (1962)


ICED - Aspen Institute (1973)


ATEA - materials sent to James Sheffield (1975)


Longview Foundation


Joe Burnett on Foundations of Education and Toynbee


Center for Mass Communication


Center at Santa Barbara


International Education Art Conference at Cornell


Campus Coordinators

Box 29.

Introductions of Hogarth at T.C. Distinguished Lecture Series (1963)


Dag Hammarskjold Conference at Denver (1964)


ECS - Miami (1974) and IDEA (1974)


Educational Policies Commission (1964)


Greystone Conference for Elementary and Secondary Principals (1966)


IIE Conference - Washington (1964)


Colloquium for William O. Stanley - Champaign (1971)


Ford International Meetings (1964)


Arden House Speech (1974)


Indiana University - "A Teaching College for the World"

Box 30.

Indiana Seminar (1970)


IBM Seminar




IEA - Hamburg (1966); Lake Mohawk (1967)


Council for International Exchange of Persons (1974)


International Schools Services (1965-74)


IIE (1969)


Home Economics Conference - Iowa State University: "Role of Universities in Human Resource Development" (1965)

Box 31.

Jamaica trip and proposed project (1973) with Ralph Fields


Japanese teachers at T.C. (1965)


ICET Orientation group at T.C. (1967)


MSSC Conference (1973)


African Book of Readings in Foundations of Education (1973)


Memphis State University - Sam H. Johnson Lecture (1973)


World Foundation Conference on Overseas Service Training Programs (1963)


Meiklejohn Experimental College Reunion - Madison (1962)


University of Nairobi - RFB as External Examiner (1972)

Box 32.

Several conferences on international education: Princeton Conference on Quality in Education (1964); Nairobi; National Council of Churches; Foreign Policy; Pacem in Terris; Nebraska University; Niblett; Nigeria Radio; New Paltz; UNESCO; Ohio University; McGill; Pakistan Seminar; Peace Corps Symposium; Wingspread

Box 33.

International conferences: - Rutgers; Columbia School of International Affairs; Southern Illinois University (Oliver Caldwell and Robert Jacobs); Stetten Conference on Overseas Programs (1963); Syracuse Conference on International Education Planners


T.C. Non-Major Requirements (1930s, 1940s, 1950s)


Studies in Philosophy of Education (Villemain)

Box 34.

T.C. Foundations Requirements (1940s)


Education 200 Fa Syllabi, Quiz Questions, News clippings


Questions for Graduate Record Exam in Education

Box 35.

Education 200 Fa Materials: Problems of Democracy, Economy (1940s-50s)

Box 36.

Education 200 Fa Materials: Politics and Democratic State, American Foreign Policy (1950s)

Box 37.

Education 200 Fa Materials


World Society (Marshall Plan, Colonialism)


Intergroup Relations (1950s)

Box 38.

Education 200 Fa - Intergroup Relations; Social Role of Education (1950s)


Education 302 H - History of Higher Education (1950s-60s)


Brown University Catalog (1850s)

Box 39.

Education 202 E - History of Western Education (1940s-50s)

Box 40.

Education 202 E - History of Western Education (1940s-50s)


Education 102 E - A Cultural History of Education (1930s)


Notes from Kilpatrick Course at T.C.


Notes from Experimental College and philosophy courses at Wisconsin (1920s-30s)

Box 41.

Notes from history courses and history of education courses at Wisconsin and Columbia - Chase, Sellery, Lynn Thorndike, Otto


Education 200 F Syllabus - Brunner, Kaudel, Reisner

Box 42.

Education 201 E - History of Western Education (1940s)


History of Educational Bibliographies - Reisner, Tewksbury, Chase

Box 43.

History of Education Course at Wisconsin (1949)


History of Education Notes (1930s)


Tewksbury's Course on Comparative Cultures


Education 200 Fb - Syllabus and materials (1940s) - Roup, Benne, Butts, Dix


Philosophy of Education - Course outlines - Roup, Childs


Education 200 Fb - Watson, Butts


Role of Historical Foundations in the Professional Education of Teachers - Brickman, Crewin, Moehlwan, Chiapetta, Lee, Wootan, Butts (1953)

Box 44.

Education 200 Fb - Watson, Davitz, Butts (1956)


Education 200 Fb - Watson, Butts (1957)

Box 45.

Education 200 Fb - Education and Human Nature, Communication, Adjustment, Intelligence and Learning, Art and Aesthetics, Role of the Profession, Social Class, Group Dynamics, etc.


RFB Speech on Art, Education, and Moral and Spiritual Values - Kutztown Teachers College (1951)

Box 46.

Education 200 Fb Materials: Communication, Adjustive Behavior, Intelligence, Aesthetics, Moral and Religious Experience, Vocation


Gordon Lee - Introduction to Education Syllabus


Eggertsen syllabus in history of education at Michigan (1947)


Education 200 F Syllabuses- 1934-35 (one marked Childs)

Box 47.

Education 200 F Syllabi (1935-42)


Reisner Syllabus on Intellectual and Ethical Backgrounds of Modern Education (1935)

Box 48.

Education 200 F Syllabi (1946-51)


Stanley, Smith, Anderson syllabus on Social Aspects of Education at University of Illinois (1948)


Education 209M - syllabus on American Culture and Education for Foreign Students at T.C. - Clarence Lintan and Virginia French

Box 49.

Materials by RFB for courses on:


Education and the Modernization Process (1972-73)


Comparative History of Higher Education 1972)


Education of the West (1960s-70s)

Box 50.

Materials by RFB for courses on:


Education and the Modernization Process (1960s)


History and Theory of Higher Education (1960s)

Box 51.

Materials for RFB for courses on:


Foundations of Education and History of Education (1950s)

Box 52.

Materials for RFB for courses on:


Foundations of Education and History of Education and Church and State (1950s)

Box 53.

Materials for RFB for courses on:


Foundations of Education and History of Education and Church and State (1950s)

Box 54.

Bound books - Readings in the Foundations of Education. Volumes I and II

Box 55.

Notes by RFB taken as a graduate student at Wisconsin in courses by Chase, Willing, History of German People (1930s)


Paper by RFB for Max Otto on William James (1933 or 1934)


Materials for courses in History of Education at T.C.


Education 200 F Syllabus (1935)

Box 56.

RFB Paper on Dewey for Chase at Wisconsin (1933?)


RFB Notes on Course by Jowlkes at Wisconsin (1932)


Materials for courses on history of education at T.C.

Box 57.

Materials for courses at T.C. during World War II


RFB proposals for a course on Education in War and Post-War Times at T.C. (1942)


Progressive Education and the Experiment of the 30 Schools - article by John Bergstressor on Evaluation (1937)

Box 58.

Progressive Education - Philosophy as seen at Wisconsin and T.C. (1930s-40s)


RFB courses on School and Society and History of Education at Wisconsin (1949)

Box 59.

Education 302H materials - History of Higher Education (1937-1960)


"Basic Features of American Education," a chapter for Bereday's editing of an Italian Journal (1956)


"General View of American Higher Education" for Columbia University Student Council and John Hay Whitney Seminar (1956)


"The Power of Education" High School Commencement Speech by RFB: "3S's in Success" (1956)


"The Year 1956" - article for School Executive

Box 60.

Education 302H - History of Higher Education Materials


Liberal Education publications from Earl McGrath's Institute


ACE Meeting (1957)


Education 202E - History of Western Education Notes

Box 61.

Education 302H History of Higher Education Materials (1941)


RFB Articles and book reviews on higher education (published and unpublished) Recent currents of though in American Colleges; Historic Controversies in Educational Philosophy (Keuka Conference); Education of the Gifted; Veterans; Hampton Institute; Chapter with Tewksbury for Liberal Education in Our Times (1960s)


International Education; Yearbook of Educational editorial board (1961 ff.)


T.C. Committee on International Education to Board of Trustees (1956-57)

Box 62.

T.C. Committee on International Education to Board of Trustees (1956-57)


Proposals for International Institute at T.C. with Jim Russell (1955 ff.)


Akrawi's speech at Caswell's Inauguration (1955)


ACE Committee on Institutional Projects Abroad (1956)

Box 63.

Materials on Academic Freedom (late 1940s-early 1950s) Communist teachers; attacks on schools; censorship of texts

Box 64.

ACLU - Academic Freedom Committee (1950s)


ACLU - Church and State Committee (1950s)

Box 65.

Citizenship Education Project at T.C. (1949 ff.)


Proposal for a Program on Human Relations at T.C. (1947)


ACE Commission on Teacher Education: Conference on Evaluation at Columbus (1942)

Box 66.

ACE Commission on Teacher Education - Workshop - Chicago (1940)


ACE Commission on Teacher Education - Workshop - Ithaca (1940)


ACE Commission on Teacher Education - Workshop - Highland Park (1941)


Report on Visit to Southern Schools and Colleges - Henry Sunar, Arthur Bestor, Tewksbury, RFB

Box 67.

Pre-Service Programs at T.C., Columbia


Reports of progress (early 1940s)


Evenden - Butts book

Box 68.

Pre-Service Program Reports


Materials used in Education 51ES - Seminar for Columbia and Barnard Undergraduates

Box 69.

Education 51ES - as taught (1940-45) "Life Histories"

Box 70.

Education 01A as taught (1936-39)


"Around the World in 30 Days" (1969)


RFB Fulbright Award to Australia (1954)

Box 71.

RFB Personal - Much could be removed


RFB "Glowing Letters"

Box 72.

Biodata - W.H. Kilpatrick Award


Permission for reprinting RFB articles:


"Search for Freedom" NEA (1960)


"American Education in International Development" (1963)


"Professor Butts in the News"

Box 73.

RFB Magazine articles


Publishers' correspondence and contracts: Harpers, Holt, Beacon, McGraw-Hill, Encyclopedia Brittanica, World Book, Encyclopedia of Education


Carnegie Travel Grant (1961-62)

Box 74.

Publicity about RFB books: American Education in International Development


Articles by RFB: New York Times Supplement on "Education in India"


"Mission of the Educationary" (1966)


"Civilization as Historical Process"


RFB reviews of books by Max Rafferty (1964), Paul Nash, Richard Storr

Box 75.

Articles and speeches - History of Education Society on "Civilization Building" (1966); "Civilization on Historical Process"


N.S.S.E. Yearbook articles by Shane and RFB


Kansas TEPS Conference (1959) "If I Had My Way"


The Foundations of Educational Idea - Working notes of the T.C. Departmental Seminar (1950s)

Box 76.

Education 200F Materials on Education and the Intellectual Life, Segregation, the Profession (1950s)

Box 77.

Education 200F - Materials on International affairs, Basic Characteristics of American Education, Education and Religion, Academic Freedom (1950s)

Box 78.

Education 200F - Materials on International and Comparative Education, Politics, Knowledge and Curriculum


The Foundations of Educational Idea - Working notes of the T.C. Departmental Seminar (1950s)

Box 76.

Education 200F Materials on Education and the Intellectual Life, Segregation, the Profession (1950s)

Box 77.

Education 200F - Materials on International affairs, Basic Characteristics of American Education, Education and Religion, Academic Freedom (1950s)

Box 78.

Education 200F - Materials on International and Comparative Education, Politics, Knowledge and Curriculum


Maryland Survey by RFB (1959)

Box 79.

Education 200F - Materials on Teacher Education; Academic Freedom


The Foundations of Education Idea - Working Notes and drafts

Box 80.

Materials on Religion, Profession, Teacher Education


African Studies Association

Box 81.

Associations: African Studies Association; AAUP; HES; Asia Society; ACE (International Education); AERA; AHA; AAHE; AHE

Box 82.

Associations: AHE; AHA; AIR; Comparative Administration Group (1966)

Box 83.

Associations: Cleveland Conference; Committee on the Future of International Studies (1971 ff.); CIES (1974 ff.)

Box 84.

Associations: CIES (1960s); Consortium for International Studies Education

Box 85.

Associations: John Dewey Society (1960s); HES (1960s); Horace Mann League


RFB John Dewey Lecture (1963)


"Education for New Nationhood" - RFB Lecture in Kabul

Box 86.

Associations: ICET; International Schools Foundation; International Studies Association


Kappa Delta Pi Laureate Chapter


Maryland Survey

Box 87.

RFB Correspondence: H to M (1966-67); N-Z (1966-67); A to G (1969-70); H to M (1969-70)

Box 88.

RFB Correspondence: N to Z (1969-70)


Revision of A Cultural History to Education of the West (1970s)


East-West Center Senior Specialist: Materials

Box 89.

East-West Center Senior Specialist (1965) Materials, correspondence, prospectus for research on Education of the West

Box 90.

RFB Correspondence while at East-West Center (1965)


TEEA and TEA materials (1960s)


Paper delivered at Mississippi Valley Historical Association on Church and State (1949)


Adult Education Committee meeting at Purdue

Box 91.

Associations: John Dewey Society (1950s); AHA (1949); AASA (1950s); PES (1948--51); AAAS

Box 92.

Associations: AASA (1940s and 1950s); NCSS; Ford; AAUP; Academy of Political Science


Williamstown Speech to College Personnel Association

Box 93.

Correspondence and Conferences: Ford Foundation; Gould House Conference; Foreign Student Advisors; Indian; Robert K. Hall; IIE; International Fellows; Matta Akrawi; New South Wales; Japan; Kennicott Copper; Lebanon; Malaya; New Zealand; Puerto Rico

Box 94.

Correspondence: Ronald Bosier in Puerto Rico; Russian delegation (1958); Saudi Arabia; Thailand; UNESCO; UK; Australia

Box 95.

Correspondence: 1973-1975

Box 96.

Correspondence: 1972-1974

Box 97.

Correspondence: 1971-1973

Box 98.

Correspondence: 1971-1972

Box 99.

Correspondence: 1970-1971

Box 100.

Associations: National Planning Association; NSSE; NEA Committee on International Relations (1965-68); NSSE Chapter on International Education

Box 101.

Associations: PES; SSEC; NSCTE; SPE; TEPS; Society for International Development

Box 102.

Speeches and articles


"Foundations of Education and the New Civism" - AESA


"Outstanding Foundations Books of 1973" for Educational Studies


"Citizenship Education" for IDEA Fellows


"Public Education and Political Community" for AERA


"Citizenship Education for ECS in Miami


"Citizenship Education for Memphis State


"Public Purpose of Public Education" for Hutchins Center


Research Proposal for Carnegie and NIE


Bibliography on Comparative History of Higher Education - for Aspen Institute (1973)

Box 103.

Speeches and articles


Bibliography on Comparative Higher Education prepared for Aspen Seminar (103 pp.) (1973)


Book of Readings on African Education


Attacks on the Public School Idea - Nation (1973)


"New Futures for Comparative Education" for Comparative Education Review


Speech on Foundations of Education for ATEA - Kampala


"Invisible College" - Alumni celebration at T.C.


"Charting Our Course on the Way To..." New Orleans Article on Toynbee


Promotion material for Education of the West

Box 104.

Articles and speeches


"The Idea of the National Institute of Education" prepared for delivery in New Delhi, India (1962)


ATEA Keynote Speech - Kampala, March 1971 following opening remarks by Idi Amin


"Invisible College" speech at TC Symposium


"European Models of Higher Education" for conference at Bloomington, Indiana


"Teacher Education and Modernization" at Williamsburg Conference on World Crisis in Education (1966)


Early articles on the Veteran (1946)


"Emergency Demands on Higher Education" in Schools and Society (1942)


Articles on Teachers for East Africa and India


TC Proposal for Cross-cultural research


Reviews of Education of the West


Correspondence with McGraw-Hill and Creative Book Services

Box 105.

TC Proposals for research on international education


Mohonk Conference speech on African Higher Education


Civilization Building article


"Teaching College for the World"


John Dewey Lecture on American Education and International Development (1962)


Entebbe Conference of Teachers for East Africa


TEA materials


Religion and the Schools - for TC Record

Box 106.

Articles and Speeches


Teachers for East Africa


"First Impressions" (1962)


Opening Session - June 1961


"Education for New Nationhood" - Kabul (1962)


Bogley Memorial Lecture


Foreign Students Colloquim


"Educationary" at New Paltz


Deans of Agriculture Curriculum Conference - Fort Collins


"Tension in Teacher Education" for Educational Forum

Box 107.

Articles and Speeches


"Search for Freedom" - NEA Journal (1960)-25 copies


"Pedants, Pedagogues, and Persuaders" - Bowling Green (1960)


Fort Collins Conference on Higher Education


Debate on Aid for Parochial Schools with Father McCluskey - at AASA (1960)

Box 108.

Article and Speeches


"Open Mind" - NBC/TV


"No - on Public Funds for Parochial Schools"


Remarks at Centenary for John Dewey


"Scholarship and Education in a Free Society: - Oswego, NY


"Free Man in a Free Society" Religious Education Association (1959)


"Madison, Education and the Bill of Rights - T.C. Research (1958)


Report of Committee on Historical Foundations of Education - NSCTE (1953)


"Education of Teachers: "If I Had My Way" - Kansas City Conference (1959)


Replies to Bowling Green Speech on "Pedants, Pedagogues, and Persuaders" - uncluding Look Magazine


Appraisal of Maryland's Educational Program (1959)

Box 109.

Materials for Assumptions Underlying Australian Education


Materials and Notes on Carnegie Travel Grant to England, East Africa, South Africa, West Africa, and Malaya (1961-62)

Box 110.

Materials and notes on travel in Afghanistan (1962)


Folders on The College Charts Its Course (1939) Permissions, Reviews by Almach and reply by Tewksbury in Social Frontier , letter from Cowley and Wittke and several other historians and educators


Selection as one of "Sixty Educated Books of 1939"

Box 111.

Proposed revision of The College Charts Its Course . Chapters 2 and 3; and materials for the 1920s-30s


Pamphlets by Noah Porter, J.S. Mill, Mississippi College, William Smith at College of Philadelphia, and Society for the Promotion of Theology and Collegiate Education of the West

Box 112.

Revision of The College Charts Its Course . Pasted-up sheets; Mortimer Adler (1945)


Materials for history of higher education

Box 113.

Revision of The College Charts Its Course . Proposed chapter headings: Precincts of Freedom and Control; Precincts of the Public and the Private; Flood of Enrollment: - Ride with the Tide or Raise the Sea Walls; The Mark of an Educated Student; Religion and Higher Education; Priorities for the Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences

Box 114.

Articles and Speeches by RFB


International Higher Education: "Is the World Our Campus?"


International Home Economics and Human Resource Development


"Assignment in India" - Parts I and II (1959)


Article on Peru Project - CIES


"A Teaching College for the World"


NSSE Yearbook on International Education - contained in House Committee on Education - Brademas


Translation into Korean and Italian

Box 115.

Articles and Speeches by RFB


"Historical Perspective on American Higher Education" - chapter for Aspen Institute Seminar


"New Futures for Comparative Education" - Comparative Education Review


"Public Purpose of Public Education" - T.C. Record


"Public Education: Attack as a Great Idea" - Nation (1973), T.C. Perspectives, Phi Delta Kappan


"International Activities of T.C. Faculty" (1966-68)

Box 116.

Articles and Speeches by RFB


Mohonk Conference on Teacher Education in Africa


"Perspectives on International Education" - NSSE Yearbook


Copies of T.C. Record with RFB articles- 1941, 1946, 1950, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1969, 1973


Research Proposal on Public Education submitted to NIE (1973)

Box 117.

T.C. Annual Reports on International Education (1961-73)


Articles and Speeches by RFB


Review of Storr in Political Science Review


Seminar at Indiana University on Higher Education


Educational Studies


Aspen Institute Seminar in Higher Education


Latin American Universities and Teacher Education

Box 118.

Articles by RFB in Educational Theory ; Nation's Schools ; T.C. Record ; Teacher Education ; Italian Journal of Education; Current ; etc.

Box 119.

Alphabetical Files "O" to "T"


T.C. Affairs: Student Council; Rugg Testimonial Dinner; Dean Russell; Rugg in Middle East

Box 120.

Alphabetical Files (1950s-60s) "M" to "P"


Michigan State Overseas Research


TC Affairs: Philosophy Club; Public Relations Committee; New Lincoln School; John Norton; Caswell Resignation


International Teaching Service


NY Times Clippings on RFB: Australian Fulbright; Speech on Academic Freedom

Box 121.

Alphabetical Files "H" to "L"


Eisenhower Installation


Intergroup Relations


Clarence Linton

Box 122.

RFB Letter to NY Times for JFK in 1960


Materials on Religion and Education


Policy Questions on Religion and Education (1950s-60s)


Education 202C - course on Religion and Education (1950s-60s)


Federal Aid Bills (1958, 1960, 1961)


Senator Sam Ervin's letter and speech re: American Traditions in Religion and Education

Box 123.

Materials and Speeches on Religion and Education


Religious Education Association; Baltimore; Institute for Religious Studies; Article by Father Davis re: RFB in School and Society


Education 202C - Class notes on Religion and Education

Box 124.

Materials on Religion and Education. RFB Speech in Queens; Bibliographies for Education 202C; Federal aid to Education; Spellman vs. Mrs. Roosevelt

Box 125.

Materials on Church and State. Supreme Court decisions; State court decisions; Pamphlets; More on "Choices Before Us"

Box 126.

The American Tradition in Religion and Education . Reviews, ads, and correspondence; Mrs. Agnes Meyer; Martha Counts; original manuscript

Box 127.

Church and State correspondence: John Norton


Educational Course at Wisconsin (1949); Tennessee papers


Alphabetical files "V" to "Z"


Caswell Inauguration: Conference on Educational Leadership for a Free World (1955)

Box 128.

Alphabetical files "A" to "C" (1950s)


RFB Suggestions to Committee for next President of T.C.


Dictation discs from Landon on TEA Group C

Box 129.

Alphabetical files "C" to "F"


TC Committee on Grades; Foreign Students; Proposed Faculty Committees and Sections; New Courses


Correspondence - Norman Cousins


Council on Research in Social Science


Current Magazine


ACLU Committee on Church and State

Box 130.

Evaluation of College of Education at University of Texas (1970)


T.C. Statutes, Revision of 1956-57


RFB personal books donated to T.C. Library (1974-75)


Membership lists: AESA, CIES, AHA, East-West Center

Box 131.

Membership lists: HES, PES


Formation of T.C. Statutes (1940s-50s)


Minutes of Teachers Guild Chapter at T.C. kept by RFB (1942-45)


NSCTE Committee on Historical Foundations of Education (1950-51)

Box 132.

NSCTE Committee on Historical Foundations of Education: History of Educaton Report


NSCTE History of Education Section

Box 133.

NSCTE History of Education Section (1950s-60s)


Atlantic City and New York City Programs (1940s-50s)


NSCTE Executive Committee


History of Education Journal (1950s)

Box 134.

NSCTE Executive Committee; RFB Presidency (1953-54) Platform; Emergency Tasks; Foundations Drafting Committee (1948-49)


History of Education Journal, Vol. I, No. 1

Box 135.

Alphabetical files "A" to "Z" (1967-68); "A" to "G" (1966-67)

Box 136.

Alphabetical files "A" to "Z" (1968-69)

Box 137.

Alphabetical files "A" to "Z" (1965-66); "A" to "M" (1964-65)

Box 138.

Alphabetical files "N" to "Z" (1964-65)


University of Texas Evaluation Team


Terre Haute Conference of Educational Organization Presidents (1968)


RFB Article on Toynbee


Union for Experimenting Colleges


UNESCO Conference at Airlie House


International Institute for Educational Planning - Paris (1966-67)

Box 139.

IIEP Conference (1967, 1969)


UN International School


Venezuelan visitors to T.C.


White House Conference on International Cooperation (1965)


Williamsburg Conference on World Crisis in Education (1967)


Visits to Wisconsin and Wyoming


Planning Seminar for University of Wisconsin - Green Bay (1967)

Box 140.

Conference and National Organizations


WCOPT - Nairobi; World University; AACTE (1970-71); AASA; AESA

Box 141.

Conferences and Organizations




National Standing Conference on Foundations of Education (1971)

Box 142.

Standing Conference of Six Societies


AESA Proceedings

Box 143.

AESA Conferences (early 1970s)


Six Societies


RFB Papers (1980s)


"International Human Rights"


"Teaching About the Constitution"


"Foreward" to Daring to Dream


"Strengthening the Humanities Connection" PTA Today


Liberal Education and the Revival of Civic Learning

Box 144.




Box 145.

Coalition for Law-Related Education, 1981-1984


National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1982


Governor's Advisory Committee/California State Department of Education, ECIA Chapter 2, Center for Civic Education/Law in a Free Society


"Teaching the History and Principles of American Political Thought," seminar presented by Law in a Free Society and National Endowment for the Humanities, 1983


"Strengthening the Humanities Connection," Law-Related Education Futures Conference, Aspen Institute, 1980


Law in a Free Society - Humanities proposals


Law-Related Education, Leadership Training Conference, 1981


Law-Related Education Program, grants and applications


National Conference on Civic Education, 1978


Law in a Free Society, Directors, 1980

Box 146.

Law in a Free Society, 1980-1981


Law in a Free Society, 1977-1978


Law in a Free Society, Executive Committee


Council for the Advancement of Citizenship, Conf. Report, 1982

Box 147.

Jennings Randolph Forum for the Advancement of Citizenship, working draft proposal, 1981


Jennings Randolph Forum, future plans


Council for the Advancement of Citizenship (C.A.C.), membership


C.A.C., linkages


C.A.C., membership lists


C.A.C., business meetings, 1983


C.A.C., Executive Committee, September 30, 1982


C.A.C., Board Meeting, September 15, 1981; Executive Committee Meeting, December 9, 1981


Inaugural Randolph Forum, May 15-17, 1982


C.A.C., Randolph Forum

Box 148.

Randolph Forum, Conference Report, May, 1982


C.A.C., brochures


C.A.C., June, 1981


Wingspread Citizenship Conference


C.A.C., Center for Citizenship Education, Washington, D.C., 1979-1980

Box 149.

National Task Force on Citizenship Education


National Task Force, Press conferences, New York and Washington, D.C., February 1-2, 1978


National Task Force, working papers and recommendations


National Task Force, San Francisco meeting, May, 1976


National Task Force, transcript, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, February 4, 1976


National Task Force, "Education for Responsible Citizenship"


U.S. Office of Education, "Citizen Education Today," early draft, Fall, 1977

Box 150.

U.S. Office of Education, Citizen Education Task Force Report, Fall, 1977


U.S. Office of Education, Citizen Education Task Force Report, Special Committee to Advise


U.S. Office of Education, Citizen Education Task Force Report, 1977-1978


National Conference on Citizenship and Education, Kansas City, September 21-23, 1976


Citizenship Education Conference, Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda, July, 1976


Citizen Education Report, Elizabeth Farquhar


"Civic, Citizenship, and Citizen Education: A National Conference Evaluation Report," U.S. Office of Education, November, 1976

Box 151.

U.S. Office of Education, Council of Chief State School Officers, National Conference, September 20-23, 1976


Smithsonian Inst., Woodrow Wilson Intl. Center for Scholars, Federal Education Policy Project, transcript of proceedings


December 1976


February 1977


Recommendations (by R. Freeman Butts) for Danforth Action in Civic Education, March, 1980


Danforth, Mehlinger and Remy, Reconceptualization of Citizenship Education, 1979-1980


Danforth National Commission Exploratory Session, November, 1977

Box 152.

Danforth Trustees, Report of R. Freeman Butts, January, 1978


Recent and Related Developments in Citizenship Education, regarding a National Commission


Names for Danforth


Danforth Foundation, travel plans, Spring, 1977


Danforth travel, Fall 1977


Danforth, general correspondence


Danforth Project Conferences


Danforth, consulation and expenses, 1977-78


Mosher, Ralph A., "A Curriculum in Moral Education for Adolescents," reprint and printed matter

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Citizen Action, Fred Newmann, Madison, Wisconsin


Project ACT (Affirming Our Cities Together), Minneapolis/St. Paul, Dian Hedin

Box 153.

Danforth Foundation, Brookline Moral Education Project, Brookline High School, Junior and Senior High School Curriculum


Center for Moral Education, Harvard University, "The Causes of the American Revolution"


Sullivan, Paul J. and Mary Dockstader, "Values Education and American Schools: Worlds in Collision?" Tacoma Public Schools, Ethical Quest Project Overview

Box 154.

"Law and the Humanities: A Design for Elementary Education," American Bar Association, Special Committee on Youth Education for Citizenship


Reports, minutes, November, 1976

Physical Description: 3 folders)

Symposium, May, 1978


Law-Related Education, team update reports, 1979


American Bar Association, Summer Institute, August, 1978

Box 155.

American Bar Association, Youth Education for Citizenship, Symposium on Elementary Education, May, 1978

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Alliance for Citizen Education


National Conference on Citizen Participation, Lincoln Filene Center, Washington D.C.

Box 156.

Department of Health, Education and Welfare, U.S. Office of Education, Study Group on Law-Related Education


Farnen, Dr. Russell F., Jr., "Formulating a Comprehensive Index of Political Education in Contemporary America," May, 1977


Miscellaneous printed matter and booklets relating to Law-Related Education

Box 157.

Miscellaneous printed matter and booklets relating to Law-Related Education programs, including Research for Better Schools, I.P.L.E., Law in American Society, Law in a Changing Society, Mershon Center, Indiana Curriculum Center, C.R.F. and H.E.W.


Law-Related Education, American Bar Association, Law in American Society, Law in a Free Society

Box 158.

Miscellaneous printed matter and booklets relating to Law-Related Education


Indiana University, Social Studies Development Center


Research for Better Schools

Box 159.

Law in a Changing Society, "Evaluation of Law in a Changing Society Program: Houston/West Texas and Related Projects"


Miscellaneous printed matter and booklets relating to Law-Related Education

Box 160.

"Theory in Stages," Lawrence Kohlberg


"The Just Community School: The Theory and the Cambridge Cluster School Experiment," Kohlberg, Wasserman and Richardson


Dissertation on Cluster Schools, Wasserman


"Collected Papers on Moral Development and Moral Education," Lawrence Kohlberg, Spring 1973

Box 161.

Evaluation of Law in a Free Society Authority by Cluster School Staff


Curriculum (?), Carnegie-Mellon, Pittsburg, PA, Ted Fenton




10th Grade Social Studies, Units I-III


10th Grade Social Studies, Units IV-V


11th Grade Social Studies

Box 162.

10th Grade English


11th Grade English


Fenton's Staff Development Workshop

Box 163.

"Law-Related Education Materials: Evaluations and Recommendations," Tri-County Law-Related Education Project


Law-Related Leadership Seminar, Airlie, Virginia, September, 1979


American Bar Association, Special Committee on Youth Education for Citizenship, Subcommittee on Elementary Education, N.E.H. grant, 1977-1980


American Bar Association, Special Committee on Youth Education for Citizenship, Final Report, "Law and the Humanities: A Design for Elementary Education"


Miscellaneous printed matter and booklets relating to Law-Related Education

Box 164.

American Bar Association, Special Committee on Youth Education for Citizenship, Elementary School projects, Lake Tahoe, California, 1979


Miscellaneous printed matter and booklets relating to Law-Related Education

Box 165.

American Bar Association, Special Committee on Youth Education for Citizenship, Norman Gross, "Law and the Humanities: A Design for Elementary Education"


Social Studies School Service, catalogs, 1978-1982


"Ounces of Prevention: Toward an Understanding of the Causes of Violence" 1982 Final Report to the People of California, State of California Commission on Crime Control and Violence Prevention


Miscellaneous printed matter and booklets relating to Law-Related Education

Box 166.

American Bar Association, Special Committee on Youth Education for Citizenship, Regional Conference on Law-Related Education


General information and bulletins


Agenda book


Framingham, Mass., April, 1976


Chicago, 1982


Washington, D.C., 1981


Houston, 1981


Indianapolis, 1980


Dallas, 1980


Conference on Education for Law, Justice and Citizenship, San Jose, March, 1977

Box 167.

American Bar Association, Special Committee on Youth Education for Citizenship.


Law-Related Education Futures and Leadership Seminar, Aspen, Colorado, October, 1980


Salt Lake City meeting, May, 1980


Advisory Commission, 1978-1980

Box 168.

General, 1976-1978


Law-Related Education Futures Conference, "Strengthening the Humanities Connection," Aspen, Colorado, 1980


Miscellaneous printed matter and booklets relating to Law-Related Education

Box 169.

Law in a Free Society


Board of directors








"An Overview of the Law in a Free Society Project"


Workshops, Area Coordinating Committees, miscellaneous material, 1977-1979


3rd Jennings Randolph Forum, May, 1984


Position papers and materials for discussion


General plans and programs


Early Forum committee meetings, Board of Directors

Box 170.

2nd Jennings Randolph Forum, May, 1983






Draft proposals


Conference report


"Civis, Civitas and Civilitas: A New Focus for the Year 2000," by Senator Jennings Randolph


Inaugural Jennings Randolph Forum, 1982




"The New Federalism," conference report


Council for the Advancement of Citizenship


Citizenship Education newsletters, 1983-1984


Bicentennial Commission, 1982


Langton - Civic participation


Grant proposals to Exxon et al., 1982-1983

Box 171.

Proposal to N.E.H., 1982


N.E.H. planning grants, October 1981-June 1982


Citizenship Education Project (C.E.P.), Teachers College, 1946-1960


Westin's Center for Research and Education in American Liberties, Teacher's College, Columbia University, 1965-1971




"The Educational Milieu"


"A Proposal to Develop Citizenship Education Objectives"



Box 172.

American Educational Studies Association (A.E.S.A.)


Executive Council, 1980-1984


Law-Related Education, 1981


Reflections on the Foundations Profession: Challenges for A.E.S.A.


Teachers' College Press, "The New Pluralism and the New Civicism"


The Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions


University of Virginia, Charlottesville and Arlington, October, 1978


Cleveland Conference, 1976-1981


The Foundations Idea


Re-examination of the Original Foundations Idea, October, 1964


The Foundation Disciplines and the Role of the Department, 1969-1970

Box 173.

A.E.S.A., "Social Foundations: Then and Now," Washington, D.C.. 1972


"Reconstruction in Foundations Studies," article for publication in Education Theory , prepared by R. Freeman Butts, January, 1972


"Pedants, Pedagogues, and Persuaders in the Education of Teachers," by R. Freeman Butts, 1960


Materials used for New Orleans speech on "Charting Our Positions on the Way To...", February, 1968


Research Center for Education in American Liberties


Encyclopeadia Britannica , "Education," 1967-1969


Maryland Board of Education, 1959

Box 174.

Class Materials


Education and Society, TF3000, 1961


Miscellaneous study materials

Box 175.

Miscellaneous class materials

Box 176.



Executive Council, 1978-1980


Washington, D.C., November, 1978


Chicago, March, 1977


Symposium on 1st Course in Education Studies, Chicago, 1970


Program, Washington, D.C., 1972


Panel, "The Uncompleted Dream," November, 1973


National Convention, "The Retreat from Schooling," 1973


Annual Convention, "A Future for Foundations? Imperatives, Old and New," 1974


American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Chicago, 1975


National Convention, San Francisco, October 30-November 2, 1975


U.S. Office of Education, Citizen Education Discussion, Washington, D.C., 1975


Proposals for White House Conference on Education, 1974-1975


National Endowment for the Humanities (N.E.H.), Humanities Seminars for School Administrators, 1977


Telephone and communication, 1975-1976


University of Arizona, Seminar on Higher Education, April, 1977


Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship, Budget and report, 1975-1976


Trip to California, October-November, 1975


General planning (people to see)


Travel plans


General correspondence, September 1975-October 1976


National Society for the Study of Education, Yearbook, 1975


Teacher's College, Institute of Philosophy and Politics of Education


Cleveland Conference


December, 1975


December, 1974


December, 1973


Metropolitan School Study Council, Conference, October, 1973


Program for Business Administrators, University of Rochester, July, 1975 (cancelled)


American Educational Research Association, Annual Meeting Program


Chicago, 1974


Washington, D.C., 1975

Box 177.

History of Education Society, "Future Trends in History of Education," Chicago, October, 1973


Philosophy of Education Society, Vancouver, April, 1976


Futures for Corporative Education, San Antonio, Comparative and International Education Society (C.I.E.S.), 1973


Comparative and International Education Society.


Washington, D.C. conference, March, 1974


San Francisco conference, March, 1975


Toronto, February, 1976


Social Science Education Consortium


Conference at Illinois Beach Lodge, 1973


June, 1976


International Council for Educational Development


Higher Education for Development Project, January 1974-May 1975


Comparative Higher Education Meetings, 1974-1976


American Council on Education Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., October, 1976


Texas Agricultural and Mechanical, Visiting Centennial Professor, February, 1976


Possible Follow-ups of Rockefeller Fellowships, Book Publishers Lectureships, University of Michigan Associates


Letters Announcing Receipt of Rockefeller Grant, March, 1975


Responses to Letters Seeking Assignment and Announcing Rockefeller Grant


Letters Describing Plans and Seeking Assignments, December 1979-January 1975


Abstracts - Public Education and Political Communities


Rockefeller Foundation Humanities Fellowships


First stage applications, due October 15, 1974


Second stage applications, December, 1974


Second Career Suggestions


Ed Meade and the Ford Foundation


Comparative Public Education, budgets

Box 178.

Articles by R. Freeman Butts


"Something is Missing," Op Ed, May, 1983


Prayer in Education Week , February, 1983


Prayer in Wall Street Journal , March, 1983


Prayer Amendment in Los Angeles Times , September, 1982


"State Requirements of Private Schools," Education Week , October-November


"Church and State in American Education," two speeches, 1951, 1957


American Educational Studies Program, "Foundations of Education and the New Civism," speech, November, 1974


"Public Education in a Pluralistic Society," Midwest Philosophy of Education Society, November, 1975


"The Idea of Public Education in the Revolutionary Era," Fort Wayne, 1975


"Historical Perspectives on Civic Education in the U.S.," Task Force Working Paper, 1976


"Whose Twilight?" Courts Lecture Manuscript, Phi Beta Kappan , Bicentennial Issue


"The Case for Public Education," San Jose Festival, November, 1976

Box 179.

Vital Issues, April, 1977


Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development


John Dewey Society, Houston, March, 1977


"A Curriculum Design for the Educated Citizen,"


Texts, April, 1980


Arrangements, Atlanta, Spring 1980


"The Public School as a Moral Authority," Stanford University, Convocation, May, 1977


"Time for a Revival of Civic Learning," PTA Today , December 1980-January 1981


Project 87




"What Society Expects from School Instruction about the Courts," Project 87 and the Bicentennial, Indiana University, October 28-31, 1980


"History of Teaching the Constitution," texts


American Bar Association, Youth Education for Citizenship, Bicentennial Leadership Conference, Houston, September, 1981


Phi Beta Kappa, Education Symposium at Stanford, Spring 1984


"Something is Missing," The Kettering Review , Winter 1984

Box 180.

David Mathews on the Role of the Kettering Foundation, 1982


National Humanities Center, 1981-1982


Kettering Associates


Spring 1982


Aspen East, Wye Plantation, October 22, 1982






Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library Conference, March 22, 1984


Law in a Free Society, proposal to Kettering Foundation and correspondence, 1981


Domestic Policy Association and National Issues Forum

Box 181.

Education of the West (teaching materials and manuscripts for book)


Topic I - Education and Culture


Chapter I, Primitive Cultures


TF 3604 - "The Education of the West"


Autumn 1971


Autumn 1972


Autumn 1973


Autumn 1974


Historical Theories of Social Change


Themes or Hypotheses to Test the Role of Education Modernization Process


A Conceptual Framework for the History of Education


Chapter I, schema and patterns

Box 182.

Theories of Civilization as Historical Process


Chapter I, Characteristics of Folk Society


Chapter II, Characteristics of Traditional (pre-Industrial) Civilization


Chapter II, Mesopotamian Civilization


Chapter II, The Widening Orbit of Civilization, Egypt and Mediterranean


Chapter III, Greek Civilization: The Wellspring of Western Education


Lyons, Charles H., "Scribe Culture"


Chapter IV, The Dispersion of Hellenistic Education

Box 183.

Chapter V, Education in the Building of Christendom


Chapter V, Education in the Formation of Western Civilization


Chapter VI, The 3 R's of Western Education


Chapter VII, Catholic and Latin Education in Europe, Asia and America


Chapter VII, Comparison of Aztec and Inca Education, Farrell


Farrell, The 16th Century Domination of Spanish America


Chapter VIII, Anglo-Protestant Education in Europe and North America


Chapter VIII, The Education Resolution in England


Chapter VIII, Kaestle, Karl, "A Separate Academy for the Tudor Nobility"


Characteristics of Modern Civilization and the Modernization Process


Chapter IX, The Transmutation to Modernity in the West

Box 184.



R. Freeman Butts on Modernization


TF 6604 - Seminar in the History of Western Education


Ed. 6704 - Education and the Modernization Process


Bibliography on Modernization Process, Spring 1968


TF 6704 - Education and the Modernization Process in Developing Nations

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Role of Education in the Modernization Process


Conceptions of the Modernization Process

Box 185.

Modernity and Modern Education


Chapter X, In Pursuit of Modern Education in Europe


Chapter XI, Modernizing Education in the Civilization of Europe


19th Century Thought


Chapter XIII, The American Faith in Massive Education Endeavor


Education in Britain (1850-1950)


Education in France (1850-1950)


Education in Germany (1850-1950)


Education and the Modernization Process in Russia (1700-1917)


Education in Russia (1850-1950)

Box 186.

Education in Other Western European Cultures (1850-1950)


Chapter XV, The Global Spread of Western Education


Chapter XVI, Education and the Civilizing Mission of the West (1850-1950)


Chapter XVII, The Civilizing Mission of the West


Chapter XX, Late Imperialism (1850-1950)


Chapter XX, Modern Education and the Onset of Modernization beyond the West in the Traditional Societies of the Late Empires


Imperialism and Education (1850-1950)


Indian Education

Box 187.

Education in India


Onset of Modernization, Southern Asia


Onset of Modernization, South East Asia


Materials for Malaysia visit, 1969


Onset of Modernization, East Asia (China, Japan, Korea)


"The Cultural Resolution of China," Hu, C. T.


Oceania (New Zealand, Australia, Samoa)


Onset of Modernization in the Moslem world


Onset of Modernization, Latin America

Box 188.

Onset of Modernization, Africa


Disimperialism and the Colonial Legacy in Education, and the Reach for Modernity under National Independence


The Widening Gap


Epilogue, The Post-Modern Ecumene


Environmental problems


Task Force on Section 102 of the International Education Act: Part IV

Box 189.

East West Center, Education Seminar, materials on educational development


TF 4605 - Comparative History of Higher Education


Spring 1971


Spring 1972


International Council for Educational Development


"Pacem in Terrus III," Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Washington D.C., October, 1973


Comparative Education Society




"Civilization as an Historical Process"


Ventures in International Education


Orientation, foreign students, September, 1962


All-College Committee on International Education, Harold Taylor, 1967


Education Research and Development Committee, La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia, 1976


Trip to India and Afghanistan, 1962


The Education of the West (original manuscript)

Box 190.

The Education of the West (original manuscript)

Box 191.

The Education of the West (original manuscript)




"Little or No Stress on Civic Values," Cremin, Sloan, McClintock


Butts, R. Freeman, "Role of Teachers College in International Education"


Teachers College, Columbia University, Annual reports, 1961-1972


"Civilization Building and the Modernization Process," American Historical Association, 1966

Box 192.

Teachers College, International Education, annual reports, plans, proposals, 1969-1970


"A Teaching College for the World," University of Indiana Publication

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Colloquium for Professor William O. Stanley, University of Illinois, 1971


"Reconstruction in Foundation Studies," University of Wyoming, speech, April, 1972


"The Mission of the Educationary in the Coming Ecumene," N.S.C.T.E., 1966


University of Calgary, materials for speech and seminar


Teachers for East Africa (T.E.A.)


Materials, 1964


Training programs at Teachers College


T.E.A. vs. Peace Corps


Teacher Education in East Africa (T.E.E.A.)


Peace Corps Training at Teachers College

Box 193.

First impressions of participants in Africa and later questionnaires


New Nationhood, Kabul, India


Association for Teacher Education in Africa (A.T.E.A.)


Conferences, resource materials


"Reconstruction in Foundations Studies," Kampala and Wyoming speeches


African Education from T.E.A., orientations, 1962-1963




International education materials, 1970s


"International Perspectives on Civic Education," Comparative and International Education Society

Box 194.

"Education and Development in the 3rd World," Palo Alto Fellowship Forum, March, 1981


Discussion of R. Freeman Butts' views on international education, Loyola University of Chicago


Materials for Cubberly Library


Materials for Hoover Library


Materials for Green Library


Karl Bigelow Memorial Lecture


Correspondence, London, 1982


Text, revised, 1982


Materials for lecture


Text, originals


Text, xeroxed copies

Box 195.

Materials for lecture


Kajubi and Thompson texts


British Political Literacy

Physical Description: 2 folders)

"Values and the Successor Generation," Atlantic Council


Research notes and clippings



Box 196.

Roman education




Middle Ages






Reformation and Enlightenment, America


Realism and Positivism


Quotes on Mental Discipline


Ed. 202A - Intellectual Foundations of Western Education, 1954-1956


U.N.E.S.C.O. and the United States


Aspen Institute, Berlin


Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (S.P.I.C.E.), Ron Herring


"Improving Educational Efficiency in African Countries," Education Development Center, Inc.

Box 197.

International Human Rights


Clippings - Britain, Africa and the Middle East, Tradition and Modernization


International clippings, 1981-1982


Reprints - Atlantic Council, Daedalus, National Council for the Social Studies

Box 198.

U.S. Human Rights Policy




Global education, miscellaneous and international education


"Meaning of Global Education," Lee Anderson et al.


International Human Rights, National Council for the Social Studies (N.C.S.S.) Bulletin


Civic Literacy for Global Interdependence


Citizen Education for Cultural Understanding


Workshop on Global Education, Wingspread, Racine, Wisconsin, January, 1976

Box 199.

Civic Education Project, International Education Achievement (I.E.A.)


President's Commission on International Studies, 1978-1979


Miscellaneous reprints


"Historical Perspectives on Teacher Education," California Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, San Jose and San Diego State Universities


"Teacher Education and the Revival of Civic Learning," Minnesota Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, April, 1978

Box 200.

Clio Project Conference


"History and Civic Education," August, 1984


Berkeley conference arrangements, August, 1984


Advisory council


California Model Curriculum Standards, 1985


Model Curriculum Standards, Advisory Committee


August-October, 1984


June-July, 1984


Materials for Advisory Committee


Branson, Margaret


"California Handbook on History," 1982


"History Teaching in California," 1983

Box 201.

California Frameworks, 1962-1981


Framework Workshops, History and Social Studies, Stanford and Palm Springs, 1981


California Conference on Youth Education for Citizenship, Sacramento, March, 1983


California Commission on Citizenship Education


California Education, 1972-1984


The Rise Report, California, 1975


Educators for Social Responsibility


California Council for Social Studies, San Francisco, 1981, San Jose, 1984

Box 202.

National Council for Social Studies (N.C.S.S.)


Scope and Sequence Task Force, 1982-1984


Essentials Task Force, 1979-1980


Clark, Todd, letters regarding need for a National Committee on Scope and Sequence, 1979


"Foundations of Social Studies"


Miscellaneous meetings and conferences


Project SPAN: Social Studies/Social Science Education: Priorities, Practices and Needs, discussions at Teachers College, 1979


"Law in a Free Society," Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.

Box 203.

American Public Education: From Revolution to Reform, 1776-1976 (manuscript)


Footnotes, author's questionnaires


Miscellaneous research materials


Handwritten copies of manuscript


Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Chapter 4 - The Common School: Palladium of the Republic


Chapter 5 - Disjunctives


Chapter 7 - The Push toward Coherence (1876-1926)


Chapter 8 - The Pull to Differentiation

Box 204.

Chapter 9 - The Push and Pull of Ethnicism and Racism


Typed copies of manuscript




Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Chapter 5 - Segmental Pluralisms: Religious and Ethnic


Chapter 6 - Disjunctive Pluralisms: Racial and Local

Box 205.

Chapter 7 - The Push toward Coherence: Efficiency and Discipline (1876-1926)


Chapter 8 - The Pull of Differentiation: Individualism and Vocationalism (1876-1926)


Chapter 9 - The Perils of Pluralism: Nativism and Racism (1876-1926)


Chapter 10


Chapter 11


Chapter 12


Bibliographical notes on recommended readings

Physical Description: 3 folders)

Bibliography on American Education

Box 206.

Public Education: Revolution to Reform (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1975)


Richard Angelo's review


Outlines of chapters 1-12


Notes on chapters 1-3


Research notes and materials


Chapter 1 - The Formation of the American Political Community, 1776-1800


Chapter 2 - The Educational Promise: Unum


Chapter 3 - The Educational Reality: Pluribus


The Child and the Curriculum


Background notes


Copies of quotations


Samual Hall vs. Horace Mann regarding schoolkeeping

Box 207.

Research notes and materials


Chapter 4 - The Common School: Palladium of the Republic, 1826-1876


Chapter 5 - Disjunctivitis: The Pathology of Plurlism (1826-1876)


Negro Education in America in the 19th Century


Localism vs. Centralism


Ethnicity (1826-1876) and (1876-1926)


Research notes and materials


Chapter 7


The Push Toward Coherence (1876-1926)


"Thorough and Efficient" Systems (1876-1926)


Social Efficiency (1876-1926)


Academic Standardization and Uniformity


Chapter 8


The Quest for Differentiation: Individual Development (1876-1926)


The Quest for Differentiation: Vocational Competence (1876-1926)


La Raza - Spanish surnames, especially Mexican Americans, Chicano

Box 208.

Handwritten copy of manuscript




Racial Differentiation Enforced (1876-1926)


American Indians


Women's Education and Sex Discrimination


Education and the American Indian



Box 209.

Research notes and materials. Chapter 9 - Ethnic Differentiation (1876-1926)


Ethnicity around the World - Diversity


Busing, 1974-1975, including Boston


Integration, Busing, Local Control (1973-1974)


"What Difference Do Schools Make?"


"Ineqality of Financial Support - Public Attitudes Toward Public Schools"


Poor, Disadvantaged, Urban Unrest, clippings

Box 210.

Youth Dissent in the 1960s and 1970s


Public and Private Schools


The Ford Administration, 1974-1975


Liberalism and the Role of Government, clippings


The Political Climate, 1973-1974


The Profession: Reform from the Progressive Era, 1970-1973


Education and the Intellectual Life


The Public and the Private

Box 211.

State's Rights in Education: Local, State, Federal


Nixon Impeachment and the Watergate Trials, 1974


The Watergate Tapes, 1974

Box 212.



Summer Seminar, early plans, 1983


Convocation, 1982

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Autobiography, presentation to Northern California group, October, 1979


Reviews, Publications and Historical Moments


Association for American Colleges (A.A.C.) Commendation for Experimental College


Cynthia Brown on Meiklejohn


Marge Frantz, Santa Cruz

Box 213.

R. F. Butts on Experimental College


Reunion, Annapolis, 1957


Meiklejohn's views (Hutchins and Dewey)


In Praise of Meiklejohn


Wisconsin I.L.S.


San Jose and Berkeley


The Moral Philosophy Course and Meiklejohn


Seven Locks Press


Notes on Powell and Cynthia Brown


Research project proposals (N.I.E. and Carnegie)

Box 214.

Alexander Meiklejohn Group, 1974-1978


University of Wisconsin, Green Bay


Reunion-50th Anniversary, September, 1977


Bass, Jossey, "Classics in Liberal Education"


Materials, 1932-1938





Box 215.

Journal of Teacher Education (J.T.E.)


Special issue, 1983-1984


Editorial note for J.T.E., special issue


Addresses for J.T.E.


1982 issue


Report on Detroit meetings, 1983




Discussion in Milwaukee, 1983


Written responses


Society of Professors of Education


DeGarmo lecture arrangements


DeGarmo lecture texts, Houston, February, 1982


Monographs, "Civic Learning in Teacher Education"


Civic Education, 1983


Teacher Education Network


American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (A.A.C.T.E.)


AACTE Affairs, Detroit, 1983


Civic Education, 1982


Civic Education, Detroit, February, 1983

Box 216.

Foundation for Excellence in Teacher Education


American Educational Studies Association


Committee on Academic Standards and Accreditation


Nashville, 1982


Milwaukee, November, 1983


History of Education Society, October, 1976


Pacific Coast History of Education Society (P.C.H.E.S.)


American Educational Research Association


Society for the Study Curriculum History


Philosophy of Education Society (P.E.S.)


Social Science Education Consortium, Inc.

Box 217.

National Standing Conference on Humanistic and Behavioral Studies in Teacher Education, April, 1971


American Educational Studies Association


Foundations Commission, Memphis, November, 1976


Foundations of Education Commission


Coordinating Council for Learned Societies in Education


Santa Clara County Council on Teacher Education, Teachers Center, 1976


California Commission for Teacher Preparation and Licensing, 1973-1974


Civic Based Teacher Education and Performance Based Teacher Education



Box 218.

Foundation, 1983-1984


Alexander Meiklejohn Experimental College Foundation (A.M.E.C.F.), Business Meetings, August, 1983


A.M.E.C.F. stationary


General Program, I.L.S./A.M.E.C.F., Summer Institute, August, 1983


"Public and Private Values in Making Citizens," ILS/ Experimental College Institute, August, 1983


Northern California Group

Physical Description: 3 folders)

"Education for Intelligence," Meiklejohn's Wisconsin Experiment, 1927-1932



Box 219.

Society for the Study of Curriculum History


Memphis State University, Visiting Professor, 1980-1981


Memphis State University Lecture, February, 1974


College Entrance Examination Board (C.E.E.B.), 75th Anniversary Forum, Ocotber 27, 1975


Education Commission of the States, Annual Meeting, Miami, June, 1974


I.D.E.A. Fellows Program, program and arrangements, July, 1974


N.E.A., Search for Freedom, March, 1959


C.E.E.B., Forum papers


"Educational History in the Context of Reform in American Society," A.E.S.A., San Francisco, October 31, 1975


Mid-West Philosophy of Education Society and Phi Delta Kappa, Wayne State University, Detroit, November, 1975


Bicentennial Lecture Series, Indiana University at Fort Wayne, December, 1975


U.S. Office of Education, Regional Conference, Compulsary Education, Kansas City, Missouri, December, 1975


George S. Counts Lectue, Southern Illinois University, January, 1976


New England Philosophy of Education Society and Phi Delta Kappa, April, 1976


University of Tennessee, Knoxville, History of Citizen-ship Education, May, 1976


Marburger, Carl, National Committee for Citizens in Education


Dan Boorstein and Critical Choices


Aspen Institute's Program in Education for a Changing Society, 1975




Correspondence with John Hurst, Berkeley


General correspondence, 1976-1984

Box 220.

General correspondence, 1977-1978


General correspondence, miscellaneous

Box 221.

PROPOSED REVISION OF The College Charts Its Course


Autobiography of "The College Charts Its Course," reassessing "The Education Frontier," American Journal of Education, 1981


Chapter 1 - European Liberal Educaiton Transplanted (to 1650)


European Liberal Education Transplanted to America


Chapter 2 - A Liberal Education Enlightened (1650- 1779)


Chapter 3 - Afterglow of the Enlightenment


Enlightenment in American Higher Education


Chapter 4 - Preview of the Future

Box 222.

Chapter 5 - The Great Resistance


19th Century - Wayland and Mental Discussion


Higher Education - Early 19th Century, 1776-1860



Box 223.

Curriculum vitaes, 1975-1981


Carnegie Proposal: Public Education and Political Community, September, 1973


Carnegie Addenda, November, 1973, letters of appreciation for writings of R. Freeman Butts


N.I.E., proposals for "A Reexamination of American Public Education," May, 1973


Gates, Authur

Box 224.

Teachers College, R. Freeman Butts' activities as Head of Department of Social and Philosophical Foundations, 1948-1958

Box 225.

S.S.E.C. - Annual Conference, Citizenship and Teacher Education, June, 1986


Bank St./Teachers College Conference on Progressive Education, October, 1986


Wilson Center and A.D.L. Colloquium on Democratic Freedom and Responsibility, February, 1986


California Times Radio




Hanna Archivist and Research


Hanna Collection, Hoover Institution


Hoover National Fellows Program

Box 226.



Phi Delta Kappa, contract, correspondence and reviews


Contents and preface


Chapter 1 - Challenge of the 1980s: Privatism in Politics and Pluralism in Education


Chapter 2 - The Idea of Citizenship


Chapter 3 - Historical Perspectives on Citizenship Education in the Schools


Chapter 5 - A Decalogue for Civic Education in the Schools


Copies of the Decalogue


Decalogue transparency




R.B.S. - Colloquium on History of Citizen Education, April, 1978


Society for the Study of Curriculum History, A.E.R.A., San Francisco, April, 1979


Wilton Dillon and Smithsonian Symposium on Orwell, December, 1983


"History of Citizen Education," Colloquium papers, Philadelphia, April 19-20, 1978

Box 227.

"The Dilemma of Civic Learning...," originals, Paper I, Smithsonian Symposium (paper written by R. F. Butts)


Paper II, edited texts, September, 1983


Eliot Chapple's version of Paper II, November, 1983


Papers given at symposium


Paper III, delivered December 9, 1983


Paper IV, final version as sent to Chapple, December 16, 1983


U.S.O.E., School - Community - House Initiatives


Proposal, budget and addresses

Box 228.

Handwritten originals

Box 229.

San Jose State University, 1976-1978


The Humanities and Civic Education


Research ideas


Department of Counselor Education


N.E.H. Seminar, Summer, 1978


Ed. Int. 196A - Education and American Civilization (proposed)


Ed. Int. 201 - Critical Issues in Education

Physical Description: 3 folders)

Ed. Int. 285 - Colloquium in Contemporary Education

Box 230.

Francis Villemain

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Bilingual Civic Education, Warren Kallenberg


"Democratizing the School of Education Through the Humanities," N.E.H.


N.E.H. proposal submitted, March 28, 1978


N.E.H. proposal, "Humanities and Civic Education"

Box 231.

Class schedules


Upcoming speeches and classes


N.I.E., Research proposals on Youth Policy Studies, 1978


Teacher Corps


N.S.F. proposal, November, 1977


Southern Connecticutt State College


Course in Social Foundations, Spring, 1975


American Education to the Bicentennial, Spring, 1976

Physical Description: 2 folders)

Santa Clara County Schools


Ed. 202E - History of Education in the U.S., 1949-1960


TF 4602 - Colloquium in the History of American Education, Spring, 1974

Box 232.

San Jose State University


Latin American projects


Learning Resource Center Based Community Education System (L.R.C.B.C.E.S.)


National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

Box 233.

Hoover Seminar on Civic Learning


Follow-up, action agenda


Follow-up folder


Final participant list, December 14, 1984


Comprehensive lists of all who were invited


Education West Forum , January 16, 1985


Introduction to Seminar


Publication plans


Background materials on Teacher Education for Seminar

Box 234.

"Capstone," for The Education Forum , Spring, 1986


Personal report, November 20, 1986


Group recommendations and summary of R. F. Butts, November 26, 1984


Early drafts from September 1983 to March 7, 1984


Requests for sponsoring organs's to nominate invitees, April 5, 1984


Proposed participants


Alphabetical invitation lists, May 11, 1984


Invitation lists from R. F. Butts


Successive invitation lists, May-September, 1984


Successive acceptance lists, July-November, 1984


Prospectus and letters of invitation, May, 1984


Recommendations from groups


Drafts of Forum Spread


Kennedy's and Mike Atkin's speeches

Box 235.



Education Week , paste-ups


Copy for CAC Newsletter


Antaeus Report on Seminar


Update packet sent following the Seminar


Program, early drafts


Program, successive drafts


Final program and papers, for CAC Newsletter


Correspondence relating to Seminar papers, responses and group leaders


Seminar papers


Working party for follow-up


Suggestions to discussion groups


Arrangement letters, September 17, 1984


Thank you letters


A.A.C.T.E. and Hoover Seminar


A.A.C. and Mark Curtin on the Hoover Seminar


California participants

Box 236.

A.E.S.A. on the Hoover Conference


Carnegie Foundation and Hoover Seminar


Project 87 and Hoover Seminar


N.C.S.S. and Hoover Seminar


N.E.H. and Hoover Seminar


S.P.E. and Hoover Seminar


Stanford School of Education and Hoover Seminar


Kettering and Hoover Seminar


Hoover participants




Danforth and Hoover Seminar


Association of Teacher Education


A.B.A. and Hoover Seminar




Hoover Controversy, May, 1983 -June, 1984

Box 237.

Hoover-Stanford Relations


Hoover publicity


Hoover events


Stanford, visiting scholar, 1976-1978

Box 238.

Foundations of African Education, Vol. I and II

Oversize Oversize

Education of the West , charts from manuscript


Clipping, The New York Sun , Tuesday, April 25, 1939


Clipping, Education Week , January 16, 1985

Oversize Tape Cabinet

Tape 6, "Hoover Seminar on Civic Learning," speeches by Mike Atkin and Donald Kennedy, November, 1985

Oversize Slide Cabinet

188 slides of Australian schools, 1954


53 slides of Puerto Rico, 1958


186 slides relating to South American Teacher Education Study trip, 1963

Box: 239-399

Incremental materials

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