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Jesse Brown Cook Scrapbooks Documenting San Francisco History and Law Enforcement, ca. 1895-1936
BANC PIC 1996.003--fALB  
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:178a West on Athens St. from Italy St. Sept. 1930


:178b South on Italy St. from Athens. Sept. 1930


:183 San Francisco, west from McAllister and Leavenworth Sts. May 1930


:184 San Francisco, north from Leavenworth and McAllister Sts. May 1930


:185a The Headquarters of the London, England, Detectives, it faces Thames Embancment [sic] bet. Westminster and Waterloo Bridges, in 1930


:185b The old Bailey Police Court in London, England


:186 North on London St. bet. Russia & Persica Sts. Nov. 1930


:187 Marihuana, [sic] a Mexican weed, this plant was grown out in the Miss ion District, San Francisco. The leaves of this weed are dried and smoked by the Mexicans. It is a habit-forming drug. If you smoke it much, it will make you want to fight. The United States Government are [sic] looking into this drug. Aug. 1930


:188 An other photo of the marihuana, [sic] a Mexican drug, see the other page. Aug. 1930


:189 An other photo of the marihuana, [sic] the Mexican weed. Aug. 1930


:190a An other photo of the Mexican weed, known as the marihuana, [sic] a narcotic, but not a habit forming plant. Aug. 1930


Volume 29:3


:193 Beer Graden [sic] Exhange - John Hogan - Prop. S.W. cor. Baker & Beach Sts. in 1890


:194 Gen. Bidwell and wife - Calif. Pioneers. Photo taken at Sutton House - Humbug Valley, Calif. about 1880. Bidwell Bar on the Yuba River was named after him.


:213a East on Silver Ave. from Brussells Ave. Nov. 1930


:213b North on Brompton St. bet. Joost and Bosworth Sts. Nov. 1930


:214 Dec. 22/30


:215 Dec. 22/30 Standing in Black suit next to Cook is Chief Wm. J. Quinn. Standing in light suit with glasses on, Jesse. B. Cook. Standing in light suit with light hat in the hand, next to Chief Quinn is Warden Jas. B. Halohan and at his right hand with his hat in his hand, Chief Jas. Drew of Oakland


:216b North on the Bay Shore Blvd. from Paul Ave. Nov. 1930


:220a East on Fell St. from Cole St. Oct. 1930


:220b North on 25th Ave. from Lawton St. Oct. 1930


:221a East on Bush St. from Buchanan St. Oct. 1930


:221b Left to right, back row: Jesse B. Cook, Police Commissioner - Wm. J. Quinn, Chief of Police - Dr. Thos. E. Shumate, Police Commissioner - Front Row, left to right: Theo. J. Roche, Pres. of the Police Commission and Jas. J. Tynan, Police Commissioner, Oct. 1930


:222a West on Portola Drive from Granville Way. 1930


:222b East on Chestnut St. from Leavenworth St. Nov. 1930


:223 Sept. 1930. Co. A - Lieut. Healey's Platoon. Back Row, left to ri ght: 1. F. Dickmeyer, 2. R. W. Harris, 3. W. Danahy, 4. T. Leave, 5. T. Corby, 6. J. Tiernan, 7. Carl Peterson, 8, Oakley Cook. Next Row, L. to R.: 1. F. Jeske, 2. Hagerty, 3. P. Schroder, 4. J. Dowd, 5. Leo. Morch, 6. J. Dolling, 7. M. Comody, 8. J. Morley. Next Row, L. to R. 1. J. Dyer, 2. J. McVeigh, 3. J. J. Rooney, 4. Lieut. Geo. Healey, 5. Sergt. Wm. Danahy, 6. M. McDonald, 7, J. Loran, 8. J. Collins


:231a West on Anza St. from 6th Ave. Dec. 1930


:231b North end of Larkin St. looking north, below Chestnut St. Dec. 1930


:235 Jany 1928. Left to right: Mayor Jas. Rolph Jr. - Chief of Police Wm. J. Quinn - Detective Sergeant Thos. Walsh - Police Commissioner Andrew J. Mahoney


:237a Carnation Draft horses once the property of the John Wieland Brewery on 2nd St. bet. Haward & Folsom St. Photo taken in the City of Stockton


:245 This photo was taken about 1908. N. E. cor. Bartlett Alley & Jackson St. 1. Sam Daggett, an old China Town Watchman. 2. Three men of the Board of Public Works, 3. Corpl. of Police Hagarty, 4. Henry Duffield, China Town Watchman, 5. Wm. J. Quinn, now S. F. [San Francisco] Chief of Police, 6. Geo. Downing, China Town Watchman, 7. Dan J. O'Brien, late Chief of Police, 8. Dick Kelly, bartender, 9. Pat Flaherty, bartender


:251a Oct. 1930. The Wobbly's [Wobblies] of S.F. [San Francisco] Calif. with Chief of Police Wm. J. Quinn in the lead


:261 Nov. 1930. Co. G. - Park Station. Lieut. Mark Higgins' Platoon. L. to R., back row: Arthur Burk, Ed. J. Murphy, John Payne, Louis Lang, Dewey Kauffman, Leo. McAllister, Ed. Johanson, Ray Stone, John Leahy, Virgil Vanderoot. Seated L. to R.: Fred Clemons, Corpl. O. L. Hassing, Lieut. Mark Higgins, Sergt. H. Combs.


:263 Dec. 1930. The S.F. [San Francisco] Police Dept.'s Ball Team with Wm. J. Quinn, Chief of Police in the center.


:265 Dec. 1930. S.F. [San Francisco] Fire Dept.'s Ball team, in the center is Chief Chas. J. Brennan and Chief Wm. J. Quinn of the S.F. Police Dept. on the left in the back.


:281 1930. Front row, left to right: Breen, J. - Corporal Mohaupt, R. J. - Sergeant Pootel, E. R. - Sergeant Dowie, Arthur F. - Lieut. Christiansen, A. L. - Sergeant Hughes, Glen L. - Corporal Ruane, James J. - Bigelow, John Clifton - Clifford, Roy A. ...


:285a East on Geary St. from 8th Ave. Nov. 1930


:285b West on Bernal St. from Mary's Ave. Nov. 1930


:286 Feb. 1930. S.F. Police Ball - Feb. 1930


Police Review, Oct. 25/30






:289c S.F. Police Review, Oct. 25/30. Front row, Left to Right: Theo. J. Roche, A. Rossi, Acting Mayor, & Jesse B. Cook


:291 A Banquet given to Det. Sergt. Thos. Ryan. [Left to right:] Capt. Thos. Duke, Capt. M. O. Anderson, Judge Cabanes, Det. Sergt. Thos. Ryan, Jesse B . Cook, Chief of Police, Capt. M. J. Conboy, Capt. H. Gleeson, Judge Conlon


:293 The west side of Dupont St. from the cor. Washington & Dupont south - see the Chinese Flower stands for China New Years in 1900


:294 South side of Sacramento St. bet. Stockton & Dupont St. A Chinese prosession [sic] in 1911 at the time China became a republic.


Volume 30


:1a Joseph Burns @ Murray @ Red O'Brien. San Quentin. 45894. Age. 35. July 23, 1930. Committed suicide in the death cell, taking poison. July 25, 1928. In hold up of West Oakland Branch of the Oakland Bank, with Chas. McFarlin, teller in the Bank. 5.8.1911. Arr. Berkeley, Calif. Invest. Released. robbery at San Francisco. 10.29.1915. chg Asslt. Murder Dismissed. San Francisco. 1.3.1916. Recd. San Quentin. Robbery. 8 yrs. 12.26.1920. Discharged on Parole. 7.15.1922 chg. Burgl. Tool.s.Vag.Susp.Burgl. & ADW Dismissed.San Francisco. 10.19.1922. Jury Disagreed chg G. Theft. Auto. Dismissed. San Francisco. 7.2.1923 Arr. Santa Rosa. Dist. the Peace. 60 Days. Co. Jail. 2.7.1925. Recd San Quentin. chg. Robbery. 5 yrs to life. 2.10.25. Trans. to Folsom. Nov. 15.1926. Escaped from Folsom. 12.8.1927. Wanted Los Angeles. chg. Robbery. He was to have been executed on July 25/30 but he committed suicide by taking poison in the death cell.


:1b A Pioneer of Calif. May 10/29. Dr. Murphy was born Nov. 20th, 1837, died June 7th, 1890 For years his office was at the S.E. cor. Clay & Kearny Sts., upstairs, he also maintained a Drug store in his office, he was the Uncle of Dos. Stanton, Enright, & John Galway, three very prominent doctors in San Francisco. His plot is in the Holy Grace [?] Cemetery.


:2a Clarence Kelly. alias Ray Ellison. Buck Kelly. SQ No. 44926. 5.11.1928. Executed at San Quentin. age. 23. On night of Oct. 11.1926. in company with M. Papadachas, age 17, hired a taxi, driven by Walter Swanson, driving towards the Potrero - at a point near the middle of the 16th St., shot & killed the driver, and taking the taxi, drove across the bridge to 3rd St.; holding up an oil station, drove across to San Bruno Road, where they asked Mike Petrovich the time, killed him - continued to Brannan St. and at 7th, held up another gas station, killing John Duane, a watchman, who happended [sic] to be at the scene, held up a restaurant across the street, shooting the proprietor - continued to 3rd and Brannan Sts. where they held up a pedestrian, then to the waterfront. two more stickups - On night of Oct. 9th, 1926. two nights previous, Kelly with a Lawrence Weeks, shot & killed Mario Pagano in the North Beach section. In all - on Oct. 28.1926. Indicted 4 Counts Murder. 2 chgs. Asslt to Com. Murder. 2 chgs Robbery. 1 chg. Asslt to Rob. chg G. Larceny. Two men wounded by Kelly witnessed the Hanging, C.W. Johnson and Louis Farranda, Kelly's father, Josp. Kelly sat in silence in his cell at San Quentin, where he is serving time for robbery from Alameda County.


:2b George Costello @ Ernest Cambertoli. John Menlo. Jas. Burns. July 25.1928. In Holdup of West Oakland Branch of Oakland Bank, shot & killed. Had served 6 months San Francisco Co. Jail. chg. Simple assault. 4.25.1925. Arr. Seattle. Wash. in hold up of Nanaimo Bank. 4.19.1925. Escaped from King County Jail.


:2c Mark Dowell @ Mark Odalivich @ Mack L. Dowell. SQ 44161. 8.17.1928. Executed at San Quentin. age. Age 23. 6.26.1927. While engaged in a stick up south of Market - was intercepted by Officer John Driscoll of the Southern Station, who gave chase, Dowell turning, shot and killed the Officer. Dowell. Served time in Washington Refty for Robbery.


:2d John Malone. 12.7.1928. Executed at San Quentin, age 30. S.Q. #44968. Killed his wife in Los Angeles; shot and seriously wounded himself in att. suicide.


:5a-b Harry Walters, alias Harry Williams, an old time San Francisco bunco man. He was very polished and a slick worker in 1890.


:5c Morton Lowes, alias Dutch Otto, was known as an international pickpocket. He was arrested in this city August 6, 1886, and was driven out of town.


:5d Dr. George Howard, arrested with George & Louis Brotherton for Forgery and was sent to San Quentin for 14 years. October 4th, 1870 - No. 1578.


:7a George M. Saville alias Lord Ashburton alias H. Percy alias W.J. Hadley alias Charles Bertrand alias Big Griff was arrested in this city December 24th, 1878. He posed as an Englishman traveling for pleasure and uttered forged letters and checks on different Eastern Banks and also in Canada. Captain Lees arrested him in this city on a forgery charge and on June 14th, 1880, he was sent to the Folsom penitentiary for eight years. While in the prison he dosed himself with pills made out of soap which kept him constantly sick in the stomach and pricked his gums till the blood came his hope being to create the impression that he was suffering from hemmorage [sic] of the lungs. He played the part so well that he received a pardon from Governor Perkins in 1882. He introduced himself to Studebaker the wagon manufacturer, as agent for the Standard Company and through these means he would secure letters of introduction to prominent people whom he would swindle.


:7b Bob Durkin alias Frank Russell alias John Reed, No. 15252 was the first prisoner sent to the Industrial School in this city in the early days. Then on Feb. 16th, 1865, he was sent to San Quentin from Sacramento County for Burglary. On June 21st, 1869, he was sent over to S.Q. from El Dorado Co. for one year for housebreaking. July 19th, 1870, sent over from Trinity Co. for 3 years. July 25th, 1874, he broke jail in this city and was afterward captured and sent to S.Q. for 2 years for breaking and injuring jail. Jan. 29th, 1877, was sent over to S.Q. from Butte County for 5 years Burglary. July 2nd, 1881, was sent to S.Q. for 15 years from Nevada County for Burglary. February 21st, 1893, was sent to S.Q. for 7 years from Kern County for burglary. after coming out he was picked up at San Jose in 1897 and charged with Vagrancy and sent to Jail there for 60 days from whence he made his escape but was latter [sic] picked up and served out the time.


:8c Ah You photographed in 1861. Ah You, Born in China, Age 23 years, weight 136, Height, 5 ft. 3 inches, complexion, copper coloured, Hair & eyes black, nose flat at the bridge, face full, number of small moles on right cheek, one mole on left side of neck, sent to Co. Jail, Nov. 22.61. for 90 days on charge of petit Larceny, arrested by Citizen John Nichols. [?] taken Nov. 22 [?]. This Chinaman was the first Chinese to be photographed in the Police Gallery when it was first opened in 1861 at San Francisco


:9b Hannah Landridge, No. 13270, arrested May 1st, 1896, Grand Larceny. She picked the pocket of Felix Busch containing about $300 and was sent to San Quentin for two years.


:9c Dr. William P. Burke - Proprietor of Burk's Sanitarium at Santa Rosa, Sonoma County. He was charged with attempted murder of one of his nurses by blowing up a tent in which she slept. He was convicted and sent to San Quentin. He was a very fine physician and had a large following.


Joseph and Harry Furey, who were known throughout the United States as swindlers and bunco men. They were expert at the lock trick and the pea and shell game. They swindled a cattleman out of $14,000.00 by means of a fake race in Nevada.


:14a Edward Gilfeather. On Feb.28.1874. was sent to the County Jail chg.Robbery, with Doran, McCall and Kennedy, On Oct. 27.1874.sent to San Quentin, term 3 yrs. on Oct. 22nd.1875.was pardoned by the Governor, (Pacheco). Aug. 31st.1987 [1887?]. Sent to San Quentin from San Francisco.term 6 yrs.chg.Att.Burgl. Aug.7.1881.arr. at Alameda and escaped from the Alameda Co. Jail. In 1833. sentenced to Joliet Penn.10 yrs. chg. Burglary


:15a-c The Railroad Bank at Roseville was held up on January 18, 1926, by four men who took out $45,000 of the funds and proceeded along the highway with their loot. Detective Sergeants E.L. Roberts and Walter Nelson, of Sacramento, overtook them on the road and, after a gun battle, one of the desperados was killed and the other three taken into custody and are now doing five years to life in the Folsom Prison. The dead bandit, known only as "Whitey," was said to have been identified as Hugh Whitney, a notorious bandit who once terrorized the Wyoming-Utah-Montana borders some years ago. These photographs of the bandits are: J. Rechisin, alias Ray Parker, Folsom Prison No. 13971; John Ryan, Folsom Prison No. 13972; Thomas Newman, alias Joe Ross, Folsom Prison No. 13973.


:18a Philomena Falkner, alias the "Galloping Cow", the name given her on account of her awkward walk. She was another pickpocket from the Barbary Coast. She was sent to San Quentin Prison in 1877 for assault to do great bodily harm. A boy, who was selling wild ducks strung across his shoulders, happened to pass by her room in a building on Broadway near Kearny street, when she ran out and grabbed him and threw him out of a window, badly crippling him.


:18c Mary Ryan - A pickpocket, panel worker and all-round worker on the Barbary Coast, was in and out of the county jail a number of times and the last known of her was in 1874 when she was sent to the county jail for petty larceny.


:19a Margaret McInnarny, lias [alias] the "Roaring Gimlet," another Barbary Coaster. Was sent to San Quentin Prison for frisking a squirrel skin purse containing $75.00, in 1877.


:22b John Piggot, alias John Pickett. This is a bad one; would stop at nothing, as his record will show you. On Feb. 11, 1899, he was sent to San Quentin Prison for 5 years. His eastern records show as follows: Oct. 4, 1903, arrested in Chicago; charge petit larceny and fined. Oct. 1, 1904, arrested in Philadelphia, charge petit larceny and was fined. Sept. 15, 1904, arrested in New York for picking pockets, charge dismissed. June 26, 1906, arrested in Auburn, N.Y., charge petit larceny; charge dismissed. March 28, 1907, arrested in Baltimore, Md. for picking pockets and sent to States Prison for one year. March 4, 1909, arrested in Washington, D.C. Charge, vagrancy, charge dismissed. April 18, 1914, arrested in Cleveland, Ohio; charge petit larceny and was sent to the Ohio State Prison.


:23a Fred Kelly, another Midwinter Fair pickpocket, was only in town a few days when picked up by the police and shipped out of town, never to return.


:23b Chas. Morton, another Midwinter Fair pickpocket, came west to show how cleaver [sic] he was and on March 6, 1894, was arrested at the Fair and sent to San Quentin for 2 years and on finishing his term in prison, left for the east stating that San Francisco was not such a "jay town" as he had been told it was.


:23c Jas. Rogers, alias Matty Kerwin, another Midwinter Fair pickpocket. On Feb. 24, 1894, he was sent to San Quentin for 3 years and on coming out he, the same as the other Midwinter pickpockets, left for the east and has never returned.


This is a group of the most dangerous gang of confidence men that ever worked San Francisco. They were arrested after robbing a number of citizens out of large sums of money. Their games were "Two Card Monte," "Pea and Shell Game," "Stud Horse Poker," and other short card tricks. On August 23, 1894, they were arrested by Detectives Charles Cody, William Handley, and George Graham. Their names and prison numbers are as follows: George Watson, No. 12288, Charles Cummings, No. 12290, Joseph Wright, No. 12291, Thomas Ward, No. 12292, Frank Howard, No. 12293, and T.P. Conlin, No. 12294.


:25a Wm. McGowan, #11556 - who was arrested and did time for picking pockets. His graft was to board street cars when they were crowded and pick the pockets of the passengers. The last time he was arrested was in the Summerfield Store on Market St., where he had picked the pocket of a woman and for this he was sent to Folsom Prison for 3 years and after coming out of Folsom he went east.


:25b Frank St. Clair, alias Edwards, another street car pickpocket was arrested and served time on a number of occasions and the last time he was sent to San Quentin for picking pockets at the Midwinter Fair on Dec. 20, 1893 for 10 years.


:26a Anthony Del Sol. San Francisco, Gallery #33062, Oakland #7684. 6-23-1922; arrested S.F., Grand Larceny, dismissed 6-27-22. 3-10-1920, arrested Oakland, Cal. Burglary 5-18-20, 5 years probation, 7-28-1922; arrested S.F., Cal. Grand Larceny by trick and device, Held to answer and dismissed on motion of district attorney Department #6, Superior County, 9-13-1922. 9-13-1922; arrested obtaining money under false pretenses. 9-13-1922; arrested $1000 vag. residence 900 Fultin [Fulton] Street. (Bailed), J. Coleman and Posse. This man had his wife in a sporting house, when he was last arrested


:26b The old picture is Chew Gum, an old character who roamed around Chinatown for years and spent most of his time in jail for vagrancy.


:30b Willie Adams.42470. Murder.23.5.9 -134.Blk.Br.Eyes.Farmer. Texas Death.


:30c Alfonse Rincon.42471.Murder. 24.5.7 -131.Blk.Mar.Eyes.Pressman.Calif.Death. Willie Adams and Alfonso Rincon were hung at San Quentin October 8-1926. Partners in death as in life these two youthful slayers plunged side by side into eternity from twin gallows. They murdered an aged man named H.K. Ullman and taking from his person the sum of six dollars all the money he possessed. They were known as the six dollar murderers. The largest crowd ever to witness a hanging at San Quentin saw Adams and Rincon die. The place where they killed the old man is Lake Elizabeth near Los Angeles.


:32a Jos. H. Watts - prison number 36425 and Mauricio Trinidad, prison number 10372, were hanged at the same time, side by side at San Quentin prison October 15th, 1926. Watts was crossing the Colorado desert and met a man by name of Hey whose home was in Los Angeles. Hey was driving an automobile and took Watts in to help him across the desert and in return for his kindness Watts killed Hey and hid his body on the desert near a lake, where it was found later. Watts then took the automobile, drove to Los Angeles and sold it. He also robbed Hey's body, taking his bank book on a Los Angeles bank. He drew some of the money abd [sic] was later arrested and convicted.


The following are the men - all ex-convicts - arrested, but not charged, for robbing the Twenty-fourth and Sanchez Office of the American Trust Company on February 11, 1925. The employees of this Office could not identify them as the men who robbed the bank. These men were turned over to the Los Angeles Police and charged with the robbery of the Branch of the California Bank at Hollywood Junction, Los Angeles. The San Francisco Police are sure these men robbed our Twenty-fourth and Sanchez Office. The Photographs are as follows: No. 33675 - William McClean, alias Jimmy Carroll. No. 33212 - Ernest P. St. Claire, alias Ernest P. Gonzalas. No. 33673 - Alex Myszkowski, alias Albert Mason. No. 33653 - John Murphy, alias Jack Colombo.


:54a Antone Negra. San Quentin. 46210. Executed - December 13.1929. Age - 49. Killed Ralpha Amabile. a rancher of Merced Co. No record.


:54b Samuel Thomas. San Quentin 45604. Executed, March 22, 1929. Age - 30. Kicked and stabbed Rose Lewis, a negress to death in Oakland, Calif. Walked to gallows with smile - the execution was delayed for half an hour awaiting word from the Governor's office, as a reprieve was expected, two Inspectors of Oakland Police Dept. expressing the fact they believed him innocent. No record.


:54c Leong Fook. San Quentin. 45282. Executed. April 5.1929. Age - 54. From Tulare Co., knocked Chinese woman in the head, poured gasoline upon her, setting fire to body which he had also stabbed - expected his wife to arrive from China.


:54d Jack H. Price. San Quentin. 46040. Executed. August 30.1929. Age - 42. From Los Angeles County, had been arrested several times in Los Angeles. Viol. Wright Act.


:54e James Chandler. San Quentin. 46862. Executed Feb. 10.1930. Age - 38. Killed a woman in Los Angeles; phonograph played in the death cell as he started his march to the gallows, stated to Negro Minister who accompanied him to the fatal 13 steps, he had less fear of the executioner that he had of the police judges. Served 29 months Leav. Pen. several arrests Los Angeles.


:54f Mario Croce. San Quentin. 46547. Executed Dec. 20.1929. Age - 40. From Mendocino Co. No record.


:54g Perry Coen @ James Allendale. San Quentin. 45182. Executed Mar. 22.1929. Age - 27. From Kings County. Killed Mace and Edna Artist, the parents of Isabel Artist, his sweetheart, deceased couple objected to his attentions to their daughter. No record


:55a Alphonse Reilly. San Quentin. 46764. Executed Mar. 14.1930. Age - 22. In hold up of a shoe store in Los Angeles, shot & killed proprietor. Came to coast from St. Louis, Mo. Was in Navy and became straggler & deserter - 2.24.1927. Arr. Long Beach, & released to Navy Suthorities [sic].


:55b Russell St. Clair Bietzel. San Quentin. 46027. Executed Aug. 2.1929. Age - 28. From Los Angeles Co.


:55c Edgar La Pierre. San Quentin. 44944. Executed Feb. 12.1929. Age - 31. Killed William Davis, an Oakland Policeman - subject with his wife, Mrs. Garrielle La Pierre. His wife [sic] brother Leo Archambault with deceased were in apartment of La Pierre, drinking, during an argument, killing followed, - Archambault is serving Life and Mrs. La Pierre is serving 0-10 years for their participation if [sic] the crime.


:55d Louis Lazarus. San Quentin 45874. Executed Jan.3.1930. Age - 37. In hold up of West Oakland Branch of Oakland Bank, shot & killed Chas. W. McFarlin, teller in bank - with H.E. Murray @ Burns. SQ 45894. & George Costello, SQ 45873. (Both executed). Record. 11.21.18. Burg. Chg. Dismissed. San Francisco. 4.1.20. Verdict, Not Guilty. San Francisco Sup. Crt. 8.23.1921. Arr. Seattle. being returned from Janas [?] City, Mo. 9.27.1921. Recd. Walla Walla Pen. chg. Robbery. 5-8 yrs. 12.11.1926. Arr. Los Angeles. Dyer Act. Probation. 6.29.1927. Arr. Los Angeles. Co. Chg. Robbery


:58 Gordon Stewart Northcott - SQ #46597. Age - 21. 5 ft. & 6/8 ins. - 170 lbs. Gray eyes, Black hair, Rancher, Native of Canada.


:62a Lou Fook, Chinese house boy, charged with the murder of Mrs. Rosetta Baker at 814-California St. on Dec. 8/30


:66 S.F. [San Francisco] Police Dept. Minstrel show, all its members are Police Officers, the Band included. The man in the center with the gray hair is Sergt. Pat. McGee.


:67 Dec. 31/30 at the Civic Center Auditorium, Mayor Jas. Rolph Jr., Farewell address to the S.F. [San Francisco] Police & Fire Depts. On Jany 6th, 1931, at 10 A.M. he will take his Oath of Office as the Governor of the State of California. The Police & Fire Commissioners are seated on the platform with his Honor the Mayor. On your right are the Police & on your left the Fire Dept.


:68 Dec. 31/30. The last farewell address to the S.F. [San Francisco] Police & Fire Depts. at the Civic Center Auditorium. With the Police on your right & the Fire Dept. on your left. The Police & Fire Commissioners are on the stand with his Honor Jas. Rolph Jr. The party with the light overcoat on seated in the center on the Grand Stand is Jesse B. Cook.


:70 Dec. 1930. His Honor the Mayor Jas. Rolph Jr. at his desk in the City Hall, S.F. [San Francisco], just before he went to Sacramento to take his Oath of Office as Governor.


:76a West on Army St. bet. Harrison & Bryant Sts. Feb. 1931


:76b Sutro Heights in 1880 above the Cliff House


:79a The U.S. Mint, N.W. cor. 5th & Mission St. in 1889


:79b The Old Music Stand in Golden Gate Park in 1889 - stood where the Tennis Courts are now, 1900


:80 Police Ball, Feb. 28/31. The couples right to left, front row: Com. & Mrs. Jesse B. Cook., Com. & Mrs. Thos. E. Shumate, Mayor & Mrs. Angelo Rossi, Gov. Jas. Rolph Jr., & his sister-in-law Mrs. Thos. Rolph, Dan J. & Mrs. O'Brien, Chief & Mrs. Wm. J. Quinn, Com. & Mrs. Frank Foran, Mr. & Mrs. J.J. Tynan.


:84 Top Row, L. to R.: Jas. E. Gleeson, Emile J. Dutil, Thos. E. Collins, Jas. R. Kelly, H. Hellehen, Albert W. Bagott, Ed. A. Franke. Center Row, L. to R.: Herbert Smith, J.A. Ahern, C.F. Crosby, F.P. Allen, A.W. Argens, A.P. Markgref, M.J. Buckley. Front Row, L. to R.: Geo. Mildahn, A.L. Machado, Capt. Chas. Goff, Clifford Smith, Isaac Bittles. April 1/31


:85 Top Row, L. to R.: April 1/31. Emil J. Dutil - Jas. E. Gleeson, Frank P. Allen. Seated L. to R.: Capt. Chas. Goff, Geo. Mildahn


:86a East on Farallones from Plymouth St. April 1/31


:86b South on Plymouth from Farallones St. April 1/31


:87 South on 3rd St. from Brannan St. April 1/31


:91a The store at 1515-48th Ave., where Mrs. Voorhies was killed.


:91b The living room at 1515-48th Ave. showing the burnt floor where the body was set on fire.


:100a South on Filbert St. from bet. Kearny & Montgomery St. showing south side of Filbert St. Telegraph Hill. April 9/31


:100b East side of Montgomery St. bet. Filbert & Greenwich Sts. Telegraph Hill. April 9/31


:101a West side of Montgomery St. bet. Alta & Greenwich Sts. Telegraph Hill. April 9/31


:101b Alta St. West from Montgomery St. Telegraph Hill. April 9/31


:107a North on Montgomery from Union St. April 9/31. The brick building on the N.W. cor. Union & Montgomery St. is the old home of Harry Meiggs, the builder of Meiggs Wharf that ran North from Bay St. bet. Powell & Stockton Sts. Built about 1850.


:107b East on Filbert St. from Montgomery St. Telegraph Hill. April 9/31


:108a North from Alta St. bet. Montgomery & Sansome Sts. Telegraph Hill. April 9/31


:108b South on Montgomery St. from Greenwich St. Telegraph Hill. April 9/31


:109a North on Montgomery St. from Alta St. Telegraph Hill. April 9/31


:109b South side of Alta St. from Montgomery St. April 9/31. Telegraph Hill


:112 The Annual Concert & Ball of the San Francisco Police Dept. in the Civic Auditorium. Feb. 28/31. The S.F. Police Band on the stage & City Band on the Main Floor.


The Annual Concert & Ball of the San Francisco Police Dept. in the Civic Auditorium. Feb. 28/31


:121 Inspector John Manion - S.F. [San Francisco] Police Dept. 1931


:122a South on Van Ness Ave. from Bay St. July 1931


:122b East on San Jose Ave. from Sandowa [?] St. July 1931


:124 North on Park & Presidio Drive from Lake St. showing the Marine Hospital. July 1931


Tiburon Cove Bay, Marin Co., Calif. 1931


:134 Tiburon Cove, Marin Co., Calif. Corinthian "Island." 1931


Richardson's Bay, Marin Co. 1931


:139 Joe Thieben of the S.F. [San Francisco] Rotary Culb [Club] at Munich, Europe. June 1931. "Here's to you!"


:151 The ship Star of Alaska. April 1929. The last of the Alaskan Packing Sailing Ships to sail out of San Francisco


:152 Ships like this will soon be a thing of the past. I was once the Boatsman of a larger ship than this one, the Old Ship St. Nicholas of the Chapman Flint line.


:173 East on Washington St. from Ross Alley, in 1895


:174 July 2/31. Zayanti [Zayante], Calif. from Miss Murphy. Camp Wasibo


:177 Left to Right: John Larkin - Bow, Jas. Wilson - Forward Waist, Ed. Wilson - Coxswain, Geo. Bates - after Waist, Harry Gink - Stroke. Ariel - Sr. Regatta - May 30, 1895


:178 Left to Right: Geo. McGinness - Bow, John J. Nolan - Forward Waist, Nick Pendergas - after Waist, Hary Brennan - Stroke, Andy Carroll - Coxswain. Ariel, Jr. Regatta - May 30, 1895


:179a North on Merric Way from Point Lobus [Lobos] bet. 28th & 29th Ave. April 1931


:179b South on Merric Way from Point Lobus [Lobos] bet. 28th & 29th Ave. April 1931


The U.S. Rev. Cutter Bear in the Arctic Ocean, June 1918 - now out of Commission at Oakland, Calif.


Volume 31


:1 Jany 8th, 1931. Rossi inaugurated Mayor.


:2a North on the Esplanade from Anza St. in 1930. Great Highway and Esplanade, showing Cliff House and Sutro Heights, San Francisco


:2b West on Calif. St. from Kearny St. in 1930. Looking up California St., San Francisco, Cal.


:3a North on Grant Ave. from Pine St. in 1929. China Town - San Francisco


:3b The Dead Walls of China Town at the N.W. cor. Washington & Dupont St. in 1900 - see the ques [sic] on the men. China Town - San Francisco


:3c Alcatraz Island, S.F. Bay in 1900. Alcatraz Island - San Francisco Bay


:4a The Baldwin Hotel Fire from Market St. This Hotel was at the N.E. cor. Market & Powell St. & was burnt down on....


:4b East on Cortland Ave. from Nevada St. July 31/31


:5a S.W. on the Bay Shore Highway from Faith St. July 31/31


:5b North on Folsom St. from 20th St. July 31/31


:6a West on the Pan Handle Drive in G.G. [Golden Gate] Park from Masonic Ave. July 31/31


:6b South on Masonic Ave. from Fell St. July 31/31


:7 North on Mission St. from Army St. July 31/31


:8a North on Bay Shore Blvd. from Paul Ave. Aug. 1931


:8b Aug. 1931. The Palo Alto Tree. A landmark used as an assembly point by the early explorers. Palo Alto, Calif.


:9 The Annual Reunion & Banquet of the Washington Grammar School Association, at St. Germain Restaurant. Feb. 22nd, 1923. This school is at the S.W. cor. Mason & Washington St. San Francisco. Photo by Morton & Co.


:13a East on Fitzgerald Ave. from Ingalls St. Aug. 28/31


:13b South on Ingalls St. from Fitzgerald Ave. Aug. 28/31


:24 East on Washington St. from Stockton St. 1889


:26a The New Police Boat now under construction, Aug. 17/31 and Launched on Dec. 5/31


The same boat


:42 U.S. Customs burning Opium & Pipes on Grant Ave. in 1922


:43a East on Jackson from Divisadero St. July 1931


:43b East on San Jose Ave. from Broad St. July 1931


:67 Aug. 15/31. Mr. P. Vaca in the center age 92 years - he was the original owner of Vaca Valley under a Mexican Grant, with his daughter, his grand, great-grand & great-great grand children, he now lives at Davis, Yolo Co.


:108 Sept. 1931. Bret Harte Inn, Grass Valley, Cal.


:109 Sept. 1931. Glimpse from depot. Grass Valley, Cal.


:111a The New Police Station in Golden Gate Park will be here opposite 37th Ave. at Fulton St. Taken Aug. 15/31


The same Police Station will be here.


:112 Grading for the New Police Station in Golden Gate Park opposite 37th Ave. at Fulton. Aug. 15/31


:121 Chinese Junk "Amoy" in Richardson Bay - Sausalito


:156 Furnace Creek Inn, Death Valley, Cal. Willard


:160a Sept. 27/31. The New Park Police Station opposite 37th Ave. in G.G. [Golden Gate] Park.


Same as above


:162 The Spreckels Sugar Factory at Salinas, 1900.


:187 Left to Right: U.S. Judges, 1900. W.W. Morrow, Gilbert & Ross


:206a Meeting of the Bay County Peace Officers Association at the Sanoma [Sonoma] Inn - Sanoma [Sonoma] City - Calif. Aug. 26/31. Marked with cross is Jesse B. Cook - 1. Chief Wm. J. Quinn, S.F. [San Francisco] Dept., 2. Chief Harper of Burlingame Dept., 3. Geo. Hearst of the S.F. Examiner, 4. Joe Murphy of the American Trust Co.


:206b Desperadoes of California's Colorful History slipped from the "Pages of the Past" yesterday, Aug. 26/31, to entertain the Bay County Peace Officers Ass. at Sonoma Inn, Sonoma City, Sonoma Co., Calif. Left to right: George Sontag, Mr. Wm. Ferdon, Jaquin Murietta [Joaquin Murieta], Mr. Bernard Carr & Black Bart, Mr. J. O'Day.


:207a Chief Wm. J. Quinn covering the Bandits David Cohen as Al Capone, Bernard Carr as Jauquin Murietta [Joaquin Murieta], John O'Day as Black Bart & Wm. Ferdon as Geo. Sontag. In the dark suit of clothes in the background is Max Goldburg, father of Rube Goldburg of the S.F. [San Francisco] Examiner at the Sanoma [Sonoma] Inn. Aug. 26/31. The man with Max Goldburg is attorney Howard Finn.


:207b Bernard Carr as Jauquin Murietta [Joaquin Murieta] in front of the Blue Wing. Rendezvous of early days meeting place of Argonauts and frequented by Jaquin Murietta [Joaquin Murieta], noted Mexican bandit and his followers. This building was built of adobe, about 1790 - at Sanoma [Sonoma] City, Calif.


:208a Front of the Blue Wing adobe house at Sanoma [Sonoma] City - Sanoma [Sonoma] Co., California, built about 1790 - Bernard Carr as Jauquin Murietta [Joaquin Murieta] on horse back - Aug. 26/31


:208b Rear view of the Blue Wing house at Sanoma [Sonoma] City - Sanoma [Sonoma] Co. Aug. 26/31 with Bernard Carr as Jauquin Murietta [Joaquin Murieta].


:218 S.P.R.R. [Southern Pacific Rail Road] & Golden Gate Ferry at the foot of Hyde. Dec. 5/31


:219 The Annual Review and Inspection of the San Francisco Po lice Dept. on Nov. 14/31 in front of the City Hall. Front row, Left to Right: 1. Wm. J. Quinn, Chief of Police, 2. Mayor Angelo J. Rossi, 3. Theo. J. Roche, Pres. of Commission, 4. Jesse B. Cook, Police Commissioner, 5. Dr. Thos. E. Shumate, Police Commissioner, 6. Frank J. Foran, Police Commissioner.


:226a Dec. 1/31. Downieville, Cal.


:226b Taken on Dec. 1/31. Sierra Co. Court House, 1853, Downieville, Calif.


:226c Taken Dec. 1/31. Hanging Gallows, Court House, Downieville, Cal.


:227 N.E. from the top of the Hall of Justice, Kearny & Washington St. Dec. 1/31


Volume 32


:2 Aug. 15/31. Tim Buck Too, this house was built in 1849, near Grass Valley, Calif. The first office of Wells Fargo & Co. Bank & Express Office.


:7 Pensioned for age, Dec. 28/31, to take effect of Jany 1/32. Front Row, L. to R.: Police Officer Ed. G. Ring - age 72. Inspector Wm. Armstrong, [age] 79, Chief of Police Wm. J. Quinn (not retired), Matron Mrs. Mary Condon, age 67, Lieut. John F.Fitzhenry, [age] 74, Capt. Herbert J. Wright, [age] 72. Back Row, L. to R.: Police Officer Pat J. O'Brien, age 71, Sergt. F.H. Nosman, [age] 72, Police Officer R. McDowell, [age] 71, Inspector Jerry F. Dinan, [age] 70, [Inspector] Arthur B. Riehl, [age] 66, Sergt. John B. Collins, [age] 75, Police Officer H.J. Pyle, [age] 68, Corpl. John B. Charleston, [age] 73.


:35a Mark Twain Cabin near Sonora, Calif. Taken Jany 15/32


:35b Near Sonora, Calif. Jany 15/32. "Bret Harte's Cabin, Home of Tennessee's Pardner."


:36a This was the first engin [sic] used in San Francisco in the fifties.


:36b Taken in Jany 15/32. Winter sports - Mono Road, California


:58a Paso Robles, Calif. in May 1932. Park Street, Paso Robles, Calif.


:58b North from Ferry Bldg. in Jany 4/27. Water front, San Francisco


:58c Feb. 23/21. Auditorium - Civic Center, San Francisco


:60a On May 21/32, later destroyed. U.S.S. Akron, World's Mightiest Airship, permanent home at Sunnyvale, Calif.


:60b On May 23/32, later destroyed. U.S.S. Akron over San Francisco Bay, showing the Golden Gate. Piggott Photo, S.F.


:60c On May 23/32, later destroyed. U.S.S. Akron over San Francisco showing bay and ocean. Piggott Photo, S.F.


:61a May 1932. "Watchtower," Scotty's Castle, Death Valley, Calif. Frashers Foto, Pomona, Cal.


:61b May 1932. Death Valley Scotty in entrance of his castle tower, Death Valley, Calif. Frashers Foto - Pomona


:61c May 1932. The Sink in Death Valley, 310 ft. below sea level. Oakes.


:61d May 1932. "Wanderers of the Wastelands" in a Nevada desert. Frashers Foto - Pomona, Calif.


:62a Sept. 17th, 1930, at Boulder City - Nevada. Oakes.


:62b May 1932 at Boulder Dam or Hoover Dam. The Crows Nest at the Dam site.


:62c Jany 1931 - Main Ave. at Boulder City. H Street, Boulder City, Nev. By Geo. Nock


:63a Jany 1931 - The Main Ave. at Boulder City. California Ave. Boulder City, Nev.


:63b The Auto Bridge from Nevada to Arizona, May 1932. New Steel Bridge, Hoover Dam


:63c Looking out of one of the Tunnels at Hoover Dam. May 1932


:64a Hoover Dam. May 1932. Laying forms for concrete in one of the four diversion tunnels, Hoover Dam. Oakes.


:64b Hoover Dam - Feb. 22/32. Commemorating Washington's birth at site of Hoover Dam. 2-22-32. Oakes.


:64c The Main Stret [sic] at Las Vegas, Nev. May 1932. Fremont St. looking east, Las Vegas, Nev.


:64d The Main Street at Las Vegas, Nev. Union Pacific Depot. Fremont St. looking west from Third St.


:65a The foot Bridge. May 1932. 50 ft. in dia. are the portals at Hoover Dam. Oakes.


:65b Two of the Tunnels at Hoover Dam - May 1932.


:65c The Ferry Boat from Nevada to Arizona at the Hoover Dam, May 1932


:66 The foot bridge at Hoover Dam from Nevada to Arizona


:70 Mr. H.L. Whipple - who died on Dec. 25th, 1930 at 5:15 A.M. He was the assistant Manager of the Safe Deposit Vaults of the Savings Union Branch of the American Trust Co. N.W. cor. O'Farrell & Grant Ave.


:101 West on Bush St. from Buchannan [Buchanan] St. May 28/32


:105 Feb. 12/32, Left to Right: Police Officer Arthur Garrett - Capt. Chas. Goff - Capt. J.J. O'Meara - Capt. Arthur De Guire - Capt. A. McGowan - Capt. Steve Bunner - Chief of Police Wm. J. Quinn - Capt. H. Wright - Capt. J.J. Casey - Mayor Angelo J. Rossi, Police Officer Jack Hanley - Former Police Commissioner Jesse B. Cook - Capt. Ted Lemon - Capt. John Lackman - Capt. T.L. Hoertkorn - Former Capt. D. Matheson - Capt. B. Judge - Capt. M. Riordan. Ball Committee W. & O. Aid Ass. S.F. [San Francisco] Police Dept. Invitation to the Mayor.


:115 Jany 1932. Seal Rocks, Cliff House and the Golden Gate


:118 Jany 1932. San Francisco from summit of Mt. Tamalpais, Mt. Tamalpais ridge crest, Boulevard Co., Calif. Piggott Photo.


:122 S.F. Police Ball. Feb. 13/32, at the Civic auditorium. Front Row, R. to L.: Dr. and Mrs. Thos. E. Shumate, Mr. & Mrs. Dan J. O'Brien, Chief & Mrs. Wm. J. Quinn, Capt. & Mrs. Horace McGowan, Mayor & Mrs. A. Rossi, Hon, Theo. J. Roche, Gov. Jas. Rolph, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Al. J. Cleary, Hon. & Mrs. Frank H. Foran


:124a Jany 1932. California Street, San Francisco. Piggott, S.F.


:124b Jany 1932. Looking down on California Street, San Francisco. Piggott Photo.


:156 The Akron at Sunnyvale, Calif. May 28/32


:161a Sky line, San Francisco. Standard Oil Bldg. Shell Oil Bldg. Piggott Photo


:161b Birds Eye View, Nob Hill. San Francisco, Cal. Piggott Photo.


:161c San Francisco Sky line, looking north. Sheel [Shell?] Bldg. Piggott Photo.


:161d Financial District, San Francisco, Cal. Piggott Photo.


:165 Looking down Market Street from Twin Peaks, San Francisco. Piggott Photo


:211 East on Sacramento St. from Divisadero St. June 17/32


:223 West on Geary St. from Scott St. June 15/32


:229 Mr. Wm. A. Magee. Nov. 1931. Real Estate Agent


:230a N.E. from Virginia Ave. on Mission St. The Square Brick Building on the right is the Market St. R.R. [Railroad] Car Barn at Mission & 29th St. March 1932


:230b East on Edenburough [Edinburgh] St. from Brazil St. March 1932


:231a East on 27th St. from Guerrero St. April 1932


:231b South on Guerrero St. from 27th St. April 1932


Volume 33


:1 South East from O'Farrell & Grant Ave. & Market St. taken about 1907 - given to me by Geo. H. Preddey. 607-Haight St., S.F. [San Francisco]


:2a Bill Richards & his mother in 1846 at San Francisco. Res. Yerba Buena St. bet. Clay & Sacramento Sts. and Taylor & Mason Sts.


:2b Ex-Police Commissioner Mose Gemst - in 1895


:4a William N. O'Connor, alais [sic] Big Bill Conners. Wounded in a gun battle with seven detectives, July 7th, 1924, in a 6th St. apartment house. The shooting was through the door of his apartment, this door being litterly [sic] demolished by bllets [sic]. O'Connor was badly wounded, but none of the officers were hurt. He and his gang were wanted for robbing the 17th & Castro St. branch Bank of Italy, where they locked the employees in the vault, and got away with $6793. He was also wanted for the robbery of the Houson Gilmon Jewelry Co. 290 Post St. On the morning of June 24th, 1924, he compelled the employees to open the vault and removed $97,000 worth of jewelery [sic].


:4b June 1934. Vista House, Crown Point. Columbia River Highway, Ore. 400, Cross & Dimmitt


San Quintin [Quentin] - 1889. While I was a member of the San Diego Police Department, I was detailed by Chief Joe Coyn, to bring these to [sic] men to San Quintin [Quentin]


:6 Ball of the S.F. [San Francisco] Police Dept. 1930 - February


:7 China Town Squad, San Francisco, L. to R.: Standing, P. Herrin, D. Campbell, D. Lyons, A. Say, M. Griffin, Dong Gong, Chinese Interpreter & Sergt. Jas. Donovan, Opium Pipe & Layout on the floor, about 1900


:8 One Watch of the Mission Police Station under Capt. F. Lemon, 1930


:12 Feb. 23/28. L. to R.: Chief of Police D.J. O'Brien, Miss Madge Nutter, & Richard Cramer of the Curran Theater in a show called Broadway and Jesse B. Cook.


:13 This grave was found in the under brush, such as you see on the hill in the photo, it was in the center of the New Highway to the town of Weaverville, so the Stait [sic] Highway Commissioners, ordered the road be built around the grave, which was done, they also put a concrete base, and Iron fence, and a wooden fence around it, at each end of the grave they put a post with red glass, so that autos will keep clear of the head stone of marble, with the following on ingraved [sic] on it. "Chas., son of George & Helena Brownstein. Born April 6th, 1864, died Dec. 14th, 1864, at Shasta City, Calif." It was a Jewish boy, as there are letters in Hebrew on the head stone, no one could be found in that part of the state, now living that knew these people.


:14a Inspection S.F. [San Francisco] Police - Capt. Chas. Goff in front - Nov. 3/28


:14b Geo. Ryley, 20 years - executed for murder at San Quentin, Dec. 5/30


:14c Alfred Boss, 31 years. Executed at San Quentin for murder, Dec. 5/30. Alfred Ross.16077.Murder.31.5.6=-149.Brn.Hazel.Calif.Tailor.Death.


:16 Pres. Franklin D. Roosvelt [Roosevelt] - & Wm. G. McAdoo & Wardell. May 1930


:18 The Wedding of Jennie Crocker at Burlingame in 1910. Thoes [sic] present - Left to Right: 1. Gardener, 2. Frazer the Photographer, 3. Off. Jas. Redmon, S.F. [San Francisco] Police Dept., 4. Mr. Fields of the Pinkertons, 5-6-7. Estate Employer, 8. Jerry Cowens, Corpl. of Police, S.F., 9. Jerry Dinan, S.F. Police, 10. Det. Thos. C. Murphy, S.F., 11. Coachman on the Estate, 12. Pinkerton Officer, 13. Officer Chas. Jenkins, S.F., 14. Employee of Estate, 15. Det. Harry Cook, S.F., 16. Det. Arthur McQuaid, 17. Chief Hirshey of Hillsborough, 18. Det. Thos. Reagan, 19. Gardener of Estate, 20-21-22. Pinkerton Officers. Photo by Geo. G. Frazer.


:19a Union Square, 1934. Cathedral Monument, Knight Templar Conclave, July, 7-13-1934. San Francisco, Calif.


:19b July 31/34. Golden Gate, Fort Point, Crissy Field and Presidio - San Francisco


:23 N.W. from top of the Examiner Bldg. 3rd & Market Sts. 1928


:27a July 31/34. Seal Rocks, Cliff House and the Golden Gate. Fairchild, S.F. [San Francisco]


:27b 1934. Monte Rio, Calif.


:28 Co. A. 2nd Div. S.F.P. [San Francisco Police] Dept. 1 897 - Back Row, L. to R.: Dan Sylvester, John McLean, Dan Lyons, Geo. Douglass, Jas. Welch, A. Snowball, Harry Hook, P.H. Murphy. Next Row: Chas. Fennell, Pete Keys, Pete Burns, Pete Gillin, W.W. Wilson, Jas. Mylor, Ben Sawyer. Next Row: Tim Dugan, Smith Carr, O.J. Myriak, Morris Duane, M.L. Joy, M. Brady, John Fleming, J.B. Hurd, C. Philips, Sam Rankin. Next Row: Jas. McAuliff, J.B. Collins, Tim Connolly, Sergt. J.B. Martin, Capt. Geo. W. Willman, Sergt. Chas. Nash, Geo. Riordan, John O'Brien, Jas. Callinan


:31 Harry Morosco in 1880 - Harry Morosco, son of Walter Morosco of the Old Union Hall, later known as Morosco's Theater on the south side of Howard St. bet. 3rd & 4th in 1889. There [sic] true name was Bishop, I showed with them through the Middle West in 1880, with Muldon & Whistler combination in 1881 - they came West with Andrews & Stockwell Co.


:48 1934. Lone Pine, Calif. Frashers Foto - Pomona


:79 1930. Bird Rock, Seventeen Mile Drive, near Carmel and Pacific Grove, Calif.


:83 Roeder's Buffet, 834 Market St. San Francisco, Cal. 1909


:87 Thors Photo, 1025 Larkin St., S.F. [San Francisco], 1886. Abe Attell & James Corbett


:88 James Corbett. Thors Photographic Studio, 1025 Larkin Street, San Francisco


:91 Photo by Geo. H. Knight, 721-Sutter St., S.F. [San Francisco], at Mechanic's Pavilion in 1886, West side of Larkin St. at Hayes St.


:92 The M. Holje Glue Works, 6th Ave. & R St.., now Fairfax & Rankin St. in 1876. California Glue Works.


:93 The M. Holje Glue Works at 6th Ave. & R. St. now Fairfax & Rankin Sts. Built in 1876. California Glue Works.


:107a 1934. Idaho Maryland Mine, Grass Valley, No. 13


:107b 1934. Grass Valley, California


:108a 1934. Grass Valley, Calif.


:108b 1934. Graniteville Hotel, California


:120a June 1934 - Near Arcata, Redwood Highway. At Clam Beach


:120b June 1934 - Near Arcata - Redwood Highway. Clam Beach Auto Park


:120c Same as above. Cabins at Clam Beach


:121 June 1934 - Redwood Highway near Arcata


June 1934. Red Bluff, Cal.


:128c June 1934 - Red Bluff H.S. [High School]


:133a June 1934 - "Loop the Loop," Pacific Highway, Siskiyou Mts.


:133b June 1934 - Redding H.S. [High School]


Volume 34


:1 Home of the 1st Gov. of Calif., Hon. Peter H. Burnett


:4 Back of this Bldg. facing on the other street is the house in which I was born, Feb. 10/60, cor. 9th & F Sts. This Bldg. is at the cor. 9th & E St. Merrysville [Marysville], Calif. Oct. 1935


:7 My old ship that I went around Cape Horn in the earley [sic] 80s. Oct. 1935. Ship St. Paul - Marine Museum, Gov. Lock's - Seattle - 2701 Lindsley


:8a McGill Residence - near St. Helena, Calif. Photo 1935


:8b Photo 1935. Main Buildings - St. Helena, Sanitarium, Sanitarium, California.


:9 Fishermens Wharf at the foot of Mason St. 1936, San Francisco, Calif.


:32b Residence of Henry Caseboldt [Casebolt] on the West side of Pierce St. between Vallejo & Green. Built about 1868. Mr. Caseboldt [Casebolt] was the owner of the Old Horse cart lines on Sutter, Polk, Pacific, Larkin Sts. Photo from his grandson, F.T. Fin


:36c Grants Pass, Ore. June 1935


:37a June 1935 - Plaza from Park entrance, Ashland, Oregon


:37b June 1935 - Pacific Highway on Canyon Creek


:40b Mr. Webster & my daughter Pearl Cook when they were members of the Ye Liberty Theater on Broadway, Oakland, Jan. 1914


:55a Las Vegas, Nevada. June 1/36


:55b Boat House on the Boulder Dam. June 3/36


:55c The Boat we took a ride around the Lake. June 3/36. Excursion boat on Black Canyon Reservoir, Boulder Dam. Frashers Fotos, Pomona, Calif.


:56a The Boulder Dam as the water started to come in 1936.


:56b A part of the Boulder Dam Lake, June 3/36. Where Grand Canyon and Mead Lake meet


:56c A part of the Boulder Dam. 1936. Grand Canyon near the head of Mead Lake.


:57a June 1936. This is Old Man Voiss's out fit, [sic] he was arrested for murder at San Jose, see clipping attached. Honk Honk, Boulder Dam next stop


:57b June 1936. Mill at Golden Queen Mine, Gold Hill, Mojave, Calif. Frashers Fotos, Pomona, Calif.


:58a June 1936. California Yuccas. Frashers Fotos, Pomona, Calif.


:58b June 1936. The Golden Queen Mine, Gold Hill, Mojave, Calif. Frashers Fotos, Pomona, Calif.


:58c The Hotel I stoped [sic] at in June 1936. J.B. Cook & wife. Street scene, Mojave, California. Frashers Fotos, Pomona, Calif.


:65a The floats at Boulder Dam, Nevada. June 3/36


:65b On the Boulder Lake, Nevada, June 3/36


:66a The Boulder Dam, Nevada, June 3/36. It has three hundred feet of water now in it. Photo taken June 3/36


:66b The Hotel at St. Thomas, Nevada. When the Boulder Dam is full this building will be at the bottom of the Lake.


:67 This [is] the Hotel at St. Thomas, Nevada. June 1936 - When the Boulder Dam is full this building will be at the bottom of the Lake


:73 Earley [sic] day, Freight Team of W.B. Meek [Meeker?]. Camptonville, Calif. About 1854


:93a July 1936. Sutter Creek, Calif.


:93c Silver Lake, Amador Co., California. July 1936


:94a Main Street, Jackson, Calif. July 1936


:94b Inscription on a tree at Tragedy Springs, Amador Co., Calif. "To the memory of Daniel Browell, Ezrah H. Allen, and Henderson Cox, who was supposed to have been murdered and buried by Indians on the night of the 27 of June 1848."


:94c July 1936. Kit Carson Monument at Kit Carson Pass


:95 June 1936. View of Winchester Mystery House before the earthquake near San Jose, Calif.


:96c Amador Co. Main St. Volcano, Cal.


:97a Volcano - Amador Co., Calif. 1936


:97b Amador Co. Volcano, Cal. This store was built in the early 50s.


:97c Jackson, Amador Co., Calif., in 1850. As the "Jackson Gate" looked in early days. Jackson/Calif.


:98a Wells, Fargo & Co. Express Bldg. Amador Co. Built in early 50s by Wells Fargo Express Co., Volcano, Cal. I.O.O.F. & Masonic Hall


:98b Amador Co. Built in 1854. Masonic Hall, Volcano, Cal.


:98c Amador Co. Masonic Cave at Volcano, Calif. where the first five meetings was [sic] held in 1854


:99a July 1936. Volcano's (temporary) first Masonic Lodge Building was built on top of this hill in 1854. Volcano, Calif. Amador Co.


:99b July 1936. City Hall, Tracy, Calif.


:101a 1936 July. Looking east from "Lovers' Leap," Oakdale, Calif. Flood Studio


:101b Post Office, Oakdale, Cal. Flood Photo #5.


:102a 1936 July. 3rd Ave. & F Sts. Oakdale, Calif.


:102b 1936 July. Veterans Bldg. - Oakdale, Calif.


:102c 1936 July. Marshall - pointing to spot where gold was discovered, Coloma, Calif.


:103 S.F. [San Francisco] & Oakland Bay Bridge, 1936


:104 S.F. [San Francisco] & Oakland Bay Bridg [Bridge], 1936


:111 Baldwin Hotel Fire, N.E. cor. Market & Powell Sts.


S.F. [San Francisco] Fire Boat, 1910


S.F. [San Francisco] Fire Boat, 1910


:114a S.F. [San Francisco] Fire Boat, David Scantin


:114b S.F.F. [San Francisco Fire] Dept. on Mission St. Wharf, 1910


:115a Fire Boat Dennis Sullivan, 1910


:115b S.F. [San Francisco] Fire Boat, 1910


:116 Fire Boat Dennis Sullivan, 1910


:119a July 1936. Santa Cruz in 1936


:119b July 1936. Santa Cruz, Calif.


:120a July 1926. The Boardwalk and Beach, Casino, Santa Cruz, Cal.


:120b July 1936. Casino and Beach, Santa Cruz, Cal.


Volume 35


:1 The cross marks judges Thos. Graham & Frank Karigan, April 1906


:149 The Bandit Sontag in the Manure Pile of the Sontag & Evans Bandits

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