Preliminary Inventory to the Alonzo Bland Calder Papers, 1911-1956.

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Preliminary Inventory to the Alonzo Bland Calder Papers, 1911-1956.

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Alonzo Bland Calder Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1911-1956.
Collection number: 75007
Creator: Calder, Alonzo Bland, 1892-
Collection Size: 45 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box. (19 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Memoranda, reports, correspondence, clippings, photographs, and pamphlets, relating to American foreign and economic relations with China in the interwar period and immediately after World War II, and to American foreign and trade relations with the Soviet Union, Egypt and Malaya.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language: English.

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Biographical Note

1892 Born, Iowa
1915 Secretary to Jeremiah Smith, Jr. on relief mission to Turkey, Rockefeller Foundation
1916 Clerk, American Legation, Berne, and American Embassy, Petrograd
1917-1920 Petrograd, New York City and Shanghai in various capacities for W.R. Grace & Co.
1920-1922 Department of Commerce clerk, Peking; later, Trade Commissioner and Assistant Commercial Attache under Julean Arnold
1923-1926 Assistant Trade Commissioner, Tokyo
1926-1928 Trade Commissioner, Shanghai
1928-1930 Assistant Commercial Attache, Peking
1930-1939 Assistant Commercial Attache, Shanghai
1939-1941 Consul, Shanghai
1940 (?) Held in diplomatic custody by the Japanese until June 1942
1942 Repatriated and assigned to Moscow as First Secretary in charge of economic studies
1942-1943 Second Secretary and Consul, American Embassy, Moscow
1943-1945 First Secretary and Consul, Moscow
1945 First Secretary, American Embassy, Cairo
1945 First Secretary, American Embassy, Chungking
1945-1949 Commercial Attache, Shanghai
1952 Retired

Container List

Box 1.

Correspondence, family, 1930-1940




Pamphlets and reports on China


Shanghai Rotary Club handbook

Box 2.

Correspondence, family, 1940's

Box 2.

The Shanghai Times, issues and clippings

Box 2.

Pamphlet by J. Stalin, Moscow, 1943


1940's bank statements

Box 3.

Issues of 1939 Monthly Trade Report-China


Correspondence, family, 1930's


"A Study of China's Financial Situation," submitted by Calder, Assistant Commercial Attache, and approved by Julean Arnold, Commercial Attache


Private file, scrap and clipping book, Japan. Binder

Box 4.

Correspondence, 1940-1950




Storijec case


Memoranda, 1940


January 1952 Foreign Service Journal (article about John S. Service)


Items for scrapbook

Box 5.

Material for scrapbook


Correspondence, 1940-1950



Box 6.

Rotary Club of Shanghai talks


Formosa, reports


Calder's weekly reports as Assistant Commercial Attache, 1920's


Reports on railways and aviation, 1920's


Mantell's General Report and Recommendation on Chinese Railways, 1930



Box 7.

Correspondence, 1945-1954


Calder's personnel files, 1943-


Foreign Service Office Class 4 certificates


USSR identification card, 1945


Family photographs


Clippings, 1948-1955

Box 8.

Correspondence, family and professional, 1944-1954


Moscow apartment rent receipts, 1943-1944


Intelligence Digest, December 1948, produced by Kenneth de Courcy. Also June 1951 and July 1953


Bulletins, Diplomatic and Consular Officers Retired, Inc. (DACOR)


Clippings, 1951


Articles, bulletins, memoranda on China and commerce

Box 9.

U.S. Department of Commerce Bulletins, 1925


Monthly trade and economic reports on Japan, 1924, 1925


American Chamber of Commerce reports and bulletins, 1927


May 30, 1925, incident propaganda


Correspondence, 1925-1929


Issues: The Shanghai Evening Post, 1930; Shanghai News, 1951; others

Box 10.

Textile Procurement in the Military Services, 1955, USGPO


Charges and Countercharges Involving...Senator Jose McCarthy...USGPO


Salient Facts About China, by Julean Arnold, 1926. Pamphlet


Speeches, 1926


Correspondence, personal and business, 1918-1951, Includes Julean Arnold


The Botanic Garden, The Sun Yat-sen Tomb and Memorial Park, Nanking, China.


Address book. Pamphlet with diagram of garden and description


Booklet of information, The American Company, Shanghai Volunteer Corps, 1917

Box 11.

Calder family photographs


Album of pictures of factories in China


Correspondence, 1932-1948

Box 12.

Calder family photographs and pictures of the Calders in China

Box 13.

Correspondence, 1928-1957


Speeches, 1926, 1928



Box 14.

Unbreakable China; Coalition Government (Original copy from Yenan), by Mao Tse-tung, 1947 (?)


Clippings: Washington Post, New York Times, Singapore Standard, others

Box 15.

Correspondence and memoranda, 1930-1955


Speech material


Weekly reports of activities, 1934-1937


Clippings, 1932-1952


The scrapbook of life for Rowland


Diary, May 6-8, 1946


Contacts, Chinese and foreign


Chinese American Trade


Congressional hearings: Security-Government Printing Office; Subversive Influence in the Educational Process; Transfer of Occupation Currency Plates-Espionage Phase

Box 16.

Correspondence and memoranda, 1925-1955


American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai, correspondence and bulletins, 1927


China in Chaos, North China Herald, April 1927; Bolshevik Activities in China; Some Documents Seized in the Soviet Military Attache's Office in Peking on April 6, 1927, American Chamber of Commerce Memorandum No. 13; two pamphlets by Chiang Kai-shek, April 1927; Manifesto to the People and Declaration to Kuomingtang Members


Weekly Reports, 1927-1928


Tariff reports


Activities/Diary, 1926-1929

Box 17.

Clippings on China-Japan controversy, 1931


Sino-Japanese conflict clippings, map; Official Documents Relating to Japan's Undeclared War in Shanghai, Lowe Chuan-hua, compiler and editor, published by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai, 1932


Soviet Russia bibliography; Sino-Soviet relations


Speeches, 1928, 1931, 1936


Weekly Economic Reports, 1937; Special Report No. S-52, February 15, 1940


Weekly Reports, May-July 1935


Maps of China, Japan, others


Correspondence, memoranda, pamphlets, 1927-1941

Box 18.

Correspondence, 1940-1956


Correspondence with R. J. Phillips, 1926


Institute of Pacific Relations hearings in U.S. Senate, 1952


A Study of China's Financial Situation, by Calder, 1937


Clippings, 1949-1952

Box 19.

Correspondence, 1928-1951

Box 20.

Pamphlets include: Mutual Security Agency, The Economic cooperation Administration (The Marshal Plan), 1950-1952; China's Fate and America's Future, by Julean Arnold 1940; Why Not Recognize Red China Now? by Ernest K. Moy, 1952; Report of the China-United States Agricultural Mission, Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations, U.S.D.A., May 1947


Clippings, 1950-1954


Congressional hearings: Communist Infiltration Among Army Civilian Workers; Communist Infiltration in the Army


Correspondence, 1935-1954

Box 21.

Correspondence, 1937-1952


Pension data


Tobacco (trade)


Pamphlets include American Business With East Asia, by Gunther Stein, Institute of Pacific Relations, September 1947; Intelligence Digest, January 1951


Soviets: Issues of Novosty Dnia, 1945, 1946; Novaya Zhizn


Clippings, 1945-1951

Box 22.

Correspondence, 1948-1952


Road maps


United Business Service Reports, 1953

Box 23.

Log book, October 23, 1945-September 1947


Letters from Nelle and Rowland, 1951 (wife and son)


U.S. Senate Hearing, Special Senate Investigation on Charles and Countercharges Involving: Secretary of the Army Robert T. Stevens, John G. Adams, H. Struve Hensel and Senator Joe McCarthy, Roy M. Cohn, and Francis P. Carr, Par 40-Park 64


Arnold, Mrs. Julean, letter about Arnold's suicide



Box 24.

Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1947-1953


Father's letters




Clippings, 1948-1951


Calder's Desk File, 1918, a binder with photographs, issues of China Trade Bulletin, correspondence about products, trade, customs

Box 25.

Address books


1935 desk calendar


Statements of account and correspondence with T. Bone, 1951


Soviets. Includes Institute for the Study of the History and Culture of the U.S.S.R., Munich, 1953


Correspondence, 1945-1952


Pamphlets and miscellaneous

Box 26.

U.S. Senate Hearing, Special Senate Investigation on Charges and Countercharges Involving: Secretary of the Army Robert T. Stevens, John G. Adams, H. Struve Hensel and Senator Joe McCarthy, Roy M. Cohn, and Francis P. Carr, Part 13-Part 20; Part 21-Part 39


Study Group, U.S.S.R.


Alonzo Bland Carter, August-October 1954

Box 27.

Correspondence, 1918-1938




Miscellaneous notes, addressed, etc.


U.S. Department of Commerce, Foreign Commerce Service, China Monthly Trade Report, January 1, 1932

Box 28.

U.S. Department of Commerce, American Commercial Attache, China Monthly Trade Report, January 1927-January 1928; November 15, 1938; March 15, 1939






American Chamber of Commerce Bulletins, Shanghai, 1928


Soviet Union


Pamphlets and reports, including China Through the American Window, by Julean Arnold, 1932

Box 29.

Private file of A. Bland Calder. Letters of commendation


Speeches and writings


China Lobby


Visitor's (business) cards, 1927. Two binders


Personal file of Alonzo Bland Calder Speeches and special articles on China situation

Box 30.

Congressional hearings on National and International Movements; Harold E. Talbott, Secretary of the Air Force;


Subversion and Espionage in Defense Establishments and Industry; Joe McCarthy


Diary 1933


Correspondence, 1940-1955


Clippings and pamphlets


Study Group, U.S.S.R.


Egypt, 1944, 1945



Box 31.

Correspondence, 1942-1953






Speeches and writings


Telephone directory of Singapore and Johore Bahru, 1950


China Annual Economic Report for 1937


Monthly Trade Report, China, November 15, 1938

Box 32.











Pamphlets include Travel Diary of a Shanghai Editor: 1948, by Randall Gould

Box 33.

Correspondence, 1919-1930


Correspondence - Ethel, 1919-1923




Lecture on the economy of the Soviet Union


Speech, Kiwanis Club, Carmel, California, July 8, 1954


Kohlberg, Alfred


McConaughy, Walter


Letters to reference people


World Affairs Council, study group on U.S.S.R.

Box 34.

Calder, personal, 1945-1948


Miscellany, 1946-1947


China and other briefings (commerce), 1946-1947


Russian individuals and suspects, 1945-1949


Letters to and from Nelle, 1945-1949


Economic information on the U.S.S.R.


Moscow papers (correspondence, 1943-1944)

Box 35.

Clippings and pamphlets




Correspondence, 1925-1952




World affairs


Schwarz, Ernest, Dr. and Dr. Bruce L. Canaga

Box 36.

Matters to take up in the U.S.


Storojev, S.


Correspondence, 1932-1948


Digaut, M.




House at 593 Amherst Avenue, Shanghai. House No. 11, 1945-1947


1950 campaign to ungoof goofs (Chinese communism)


M.W. Hudson's affairs (fund in trust)




Meigs & Co.


Christopher's affairs (James Christopher)


Packing list



Box 37.



European tour papers


Representation allowance


Rationing, food, consumer goods




U.S.S.R. reports, clippings and pamphlet, XXV Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution by J. Stalin, Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1942


Clippings, 1951


Personal, 1942, 1951

Box 38.

Schrifrin, G. 2 House, 366 Tunsin Road, Shanghai


Letters to be answered on vessel


Pamphlet, clippings, 1945-1946


Hong Kong, Calcutta, London


Motor car documents


Scroll (retirement 1952)


Correspondence with Nelle, 1922-1923


Department of State appointments, leaves, etc.


Status - Bureau authorizations, salary, pay-cuts, etc.


Inventory of household goods, insurance

Box 39.



Assets and liabilities














Calder, A.B. (father)


Calder, Wilhelmina (mother)


Calder, Willard (brother)




Hall, Joseph


Kilham, George








Peking Work


Slogan, mottoes, etc.


Souvenir documents




Taxes, income




Family photographs

Box 40.





Correspondence, 1950-1955


Carmel (California), 1952-1954


Railways, Chinese




News release material


Pertinent sayings


Status and salary


Private papers

Box 41.

Correspondence, Personal and miscellaneous, 1922-1950


Lawrence's letters (Lawrence Tsang), 1950


ECAFE (Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East), 1948


Speeches and writings


Alonzo Bland Calder's salary, etc.


Appointment certificates




Travel orders for family




Grace Rowland correspondence, 1950






Coke file (Coca Cola)


Singapore, 1948


Travel to Tokyo


Home leave 1948


Inspector's report, Commercial Section, 1948


List of reports and dispatches, 1946-1947


Russian data


Clippings, 1945

Box 42.

Congressional committee hearings


Reciprocal trade agreements


Briefing of VIPs. Includes Albert C. Wedemeyer


Wedemeyer, Albert C.


Annual report on Soviet Union, 1944

Box 43.

Correspondence, 1918


Speeches and writings




Hong Kong, 1947-1948


Lawrence Tsang correspondence, 1950-1952




Travel vouchers






Soviet Union; Albert C. Wedemeyer

Box 44.

China trade and industry


Household accounts, 1929-1948





Box 45.

Shanghai; scrapbook




Special reports, Japan, 1935


Notes for reports


Monthly trade and economic reports, Japan, 1926




Advertising matter to be dealt with


Moore, Letters to

Box 46.

Newspaper issues


China Courier, July 13, 1927


China Mail, November 1, 1948


China Press


July 2, 1932


July 18, 1941


July 20, 1946


Malaya Tribune


May 27, 1949


June 30, 1950


Moscow News, May 1, 1943


The Municipal Gazette, July 1, 1932


The New Leader, March 8, 1947


Our Life. Nasha zhizn: Natsional'nyi nezavisimyi demokratich. Organ evr. (eiskoi) mysli, May 1946


Shanghai Evening Post


January 31, 1930


July 2, 1932


March 21, 1941


April 27, 1949


April 28, 1949


Shanghai News, July 17-22, 1951


Siberian newspaper, 1918, "purchased at a station by me en route from Petrograd to Vladiskvostok by 'get away' express. Trip took 33 days and nights."


South China Morning Post, November 1, 1948