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Register of the Martin (Freddy) Collection, Pt. 2, c1930-1980

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Title: Martin (Freddy) Collection, Pt. 2,
Date (inclusive): c1930-1980
Collection number: Mss280
Creator: Fred Martin Jr.
Extent: 222 linear ft.
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Martin, Freddy (1906-1983)
Arnold, Murray
Austin, Ray
Ballard, Bob
Feldkamp, Elmer
Griffin, Merv
Lampe, Dell
Shand, Terry
Sheasby, Eddie
Wilson, Stanley

corporate name

Ambassador Hotel (Los Angeles, Calif.)


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Freddy Martin (1906-1983) was a band leader/saxophonist during the Swing Era and after. He was known for his beautiful tone. Raised in Ohio orphanage, Martin learned instruments in the orphanage band. Encouraged by Guy Lombardo, he formed his own group (1932) and began to play dance clubs in New York and Chicago. Martin appeared on several radio programs during the 1930s and became identified with dance arrangements of popular classics, the most famous of which was probably his theme song, "Tonight we love," derived from the opening melody of Chaikovskii's First Piano Concerto (1941). Martin came west in 1941, first establishing himself at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco and later at the Cocoanut Grove of the Amabassador Hotel in Los Angeles, where he remained for more than twenty-five years. In later years, Martin helped foster a nostalgia craze for the "Big Band Sound." He toured the nation with his group playing arrangements made famous by the many bands of the Swing Era (1965-1980). More a performer and administrator than an arranger, Freddy Martin farmed out the work of creating a "Martin Sound" over fifty years to many arrangers. Among those represented in this collection, Bob Ballard was certainly Martin's principal arranger from 1950 to 1983, but others, including Murray Arnold, Ray Austin, Elmer Feldkamp, Del Lampe, Terry Shand, Eddie Sheasby and Fred Van Eps are also well-represented.

Scope and Content

The Freddy Martin collection consists largely of the arrangements Martin's various bands played over the nearly fifty years of his career as a band leader. Series I consists of more than 4000 manuscript band scores with parts. Series II consists of other types of music, including published sheet music, published arrangements and manuscript lead sheets. Series III consists of Freddy Martin biographical materials, including correspondence, lists of arrangements, photographs, programs and memorabilia.
NUMBERS ON ARRANGEMENTS IN SERIES I BOXES CORRESPOND TO NUMBERS ASSIGNED TO INDIVIDUAL ARRANGEMENTS BY FREDDY MARTIN'S LIBRARIAN. Martin used several numbering systems over the lifetimes of his various bands. The dominant system (Boxes 1-115) was apparently developed in the mid-1950s. The 3,529 arrangements in this group were numbered consecutively as they entered the band's repertoire. Martin's librarian produced an alphabetical file on 3x5 cards that connected the user to the appropriate number. NUMBERS IN THIS DOMINANT SYSTEM ARE GIVEN IN THE FOLLOWING ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF ARRANGEMENTS SIMPLY AS NUMBERS WITHOUT ANY QUALIFYING LETTERS OR OTHER SIGNS.
Some ten years earlier a Martin librarian took previously alphabetized clumps of arrangements then in use and numbered them consecutively. The earliest of these arrangements bearing a date was created in 1936. Oddly, this numbering sequence begins with titles beginning in the "T"s, proceeds backwards into the "S"s, then jumps to the "H"s and so on without apparent logic. None of the titles in this group (Boxes 116-124) is found in the newer lists. Here numbers are penciled into the upper lefthand corner of the score and then circled. Occasionally numbers are given as "G-#," "A-#," or "B-#." What these letters signify has not been determined. NUMBERS IN THIS SYSTEM ARE PRECEDED IN THE FOLLOWING ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF ARRANGEMENTS BY THE LETTER"E"(for "early"). Several of the scores in this group numbered 200 and higher bear titles or other markings indicating that they were used on the Jack Carson Radio Show. These arrangement numbers are preceded by the letters "JC" (for "Jack Carson"). Martin conducted the "house band" on this program for at least two seasons (1943-44 and 1945-46). There are 424 "early" numbers and of these 9 arrangements are missing. There are also 4 repeated numbers, thus the total number of surviving early numbered arrangements is 419. (Boxes 116-124).
In the early 1950s the Martin Band had its own television shows. The first of these, probably a local show originating in Los Angeles, was called Band of Tomorrow (1950-1951?). Martin's librarian marked arrangements in this series "BofT-#." The arrangements were placed in rough alphabetical order before being numbered consecutively from BofT-1 through BofT-75. Titles of 18 of these arrangements are known only because they were found on a handwritten list in Martin's papers. Nothing at all is known about another 38 of the "BofT" series. Indeed, more than two-thirds of these arrangements were missing when Holt Atherton Special Collections acquired the Martin Collection. Altogether there are 19 surviving "BofT" arrangements (BOX 125).NUMBERS IN THIS SYSTEM ARE PRECEDED IN THE FOLLOWING ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF ARRANGEMENTS BY THE LETTERS "BofT".
For one season Martin appeared weekly on a national television program sponsored by Hazel Bishop Lipstick (1951). His librarian assigned Hazel Bishop Show arrangements numbers roughly corresponding to the order in which the arrangements were used on the shows and marked them "HB-#." There are 209 extant arrangements in this group, although a handwritten list confirms the former existence of others (Boxes 127-130). NUMBERS IN THIS SYSTEM ARE PRECEDED IN THE FOLLOWING ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF ARRANGEMENTS BY THE LETTERS "HB".
Sometime probably in the late 1960s or early 1970s, Martin's librarian began a supplementary numbering system for use on road trips and at nostalgia concerts. This system renumbers arrangements in the dominant alphalist mentioned above and is easily identified by its use of large stamped numbers in the upper right hand corner of parts and scores The clustering of certain functional types of music around certain numbers---Latin dance tunes, ca 300-325; Show Tune medleys, ca 500-550; and Waltzes, ca 600-614---suggests that this numbering system was created for quick "subject" access to key portions of the larger collection. Although some arrangements in the "stamped numbers list" date from the 1940s, the list also contains nearly all of Bob Ballard's last arrangements for FM dating from 1975 through 1980. Many of the parts bear the smaller pencilled numbers of the dominant alphalist as well as their stamped numbers and it therefore seems best to assume that the two lists were used in tandem. NUMBERS IN THIS SYSTEM ARE PRECEDED IN THE FOLLOWING ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF ARRANGEMENTS BY THE LETTER "S" (for "stamped"). The best sources for titles on the "stamped numbers list" are two documents in Series III, Box 1: "Freddy Martin Library Index" and "Florida Index." Titles on these lists seem to indicate that they were prepared as recently as the mid-1970s. Both of the "indexes" arrange titles by tempo and/or type of dance. The highest number occurring in either index is "612" and together the two indexes list 195 arrangements. Of this complement only twenty titles do not occur on the dominant alphalist. Most of these are songs that became popular after 1965. The stamped numbers arrangements that came to Holt Atherton in the Freddy Martin Band's traveling cases have been boxed as a separate group even though most of them could have been interfiled with the dominant alphalist parts and scores. They apparently constitute Freddy Martin's last repertoire (Boxes 134-150).
There is also, as one might expect, a substantial quantity of unnumbered arrangements in the Freddy Martin Collection (BOX 126). One bloc of these, seemingly dating from the 1930s, consists largely of waltzes and Latin American dance pieces. It is possible that Martin's band played this kind of music less frequently after the War and that the music was factored out of the band's repertoire before Martin's librarian adopted any numbering system. No scores exist for any of these earely unnumbered arrangements. Although a few of the "newer" unnumbered arrangements date from somewhat earlier, many of them were done in the 1970s by Martin's principal arranger of that decade, Bob Ballard. Judging by the frequency with which TV and film title themes occur in this list, it seems likely that several of the arrangements were prepared ad hoc for awards ceremonies. At least some of the others were probably items in the FM Band's standard repertoire that were simply never numbered. Several of this group are characterized on their scores as "disco" arrangements. These must have been among the last arrangements prepared for the Martin orchestra. Many of these arrangements feature scores as well as parts. ARRANGEMENTS IN THIS GROUP ARE INDICATED BY THE DESIGNATION "NO#".

Container List




Macarena 2530


Mack the Knife (2900), S#112


Mad about the boy NO#


Mad about You 1906


Mademoiselle 2191


Maestro bows NO#


Maggie Blues 2133


Magic is the Moonlight JC215, E#215


Magic Moments 2791


Magic Mountain 1088


Magic of Magnolias 1089


Maharajah of Magador 1739


Mah-na-ma-na 3453


Main Title 2578


Mairzy Doats 1118


Majorca 2380


Make believe (1075), S#255


Make Believe 1087, 1841


Make Love to Me 2343


Make Music 1527


Make someone happy (2992)S#432


Make the World Go Away 3411


Make Way for Tomorrow 1280


Make Yourself Comfortable2381


Makin' Whoopee 2757


Making Believe 1075


Malaguena [arr. Murray Arnold] 2187


Malaguena (1852, 1639, 2797), S#361


Malu 1960


Mama don't allow (Show # 16)["Freddy, Murray, Martin Men"]HB 66


Mama Look - a Boo Boo (No Score) 2667


Mama Lou E#212


Mama Tree Top, Sweet 2351


Mama Won't You Dance with Me 1682



Mamalou 1103


Mama's Gone Goodbye 560, 2599


Mambo Italiano 2382


Mambo Jambo 1945


Mambo #5 [publ. arr. Perez Prado]S#334


Mame (3333)S#343


Mammy JC224, E#224


Mammy's little coal black rose NO#


Mam'selle (Old-no Score) 2681


Man and a Woman, A 3394


Man I love, The E#20


Man I Used to Be, the (No Score) 2765


Man That Got Away, The 2493


Man With The Bag, The 3008


Man With The Banjo, The 2509


Managua, Nicargua 1277, 814


Managua, Nicaragua S#250


Managua, Nicaragua (New) 2805


Mañana 1612


Mancini Medley [Moon River; Wine and Roses; Peter Gunn; Baby Elephant Walk; Mr. Lucky; Charade; Pink Panther; Finale (Moon River); Dear Heart] 3443


Mancini medley [Peter Gunn, Mr. Lucky; Pink panther; Dear heart; Baby Elephant; Charade; Moon River]S#503


Mangos 2736


Manhattan (1151)S#252


Manhattan [8-10-51]HB 96


Manhattan Finale 2383


Manhattan Insert 2190


Manhattan Serenade 1152


Manhattan Skyline [arr. Bob Alberti] S#38


Many Dreams Ago 103


Many Is Two 1093


Many Times 2345


Maraca Man NO#


Marcella 1273, 2204


March (2 arr.) 1275


March Medley 2722


March Theme 580


Mardi Gras 1285


Margie (1672, 2598)S#253


Maria 1283, 3252


Maria [arr. Ray Austin]S#312


Maria Elena 594


Marianne (1124, 2643)S#118


Marie [Tommy Dorsey] 3235, 1861


Market Place in Old Monterey 364


Marriage Type Love 2322


Marta 2053


Martin Tree 1100


Martinique 1159


Martins & Coys (Show # 13)HB 39


Mary [arr. Reitan] NO#


Mary NO#


Mary Lou 1129


Mary Lou Medley-combined with Beat Medley 3203


Masabi NO#


Masquerade is Over, The E#10


Masquerade Is Over, The (White Shadows) 155


Matchmaker 3504


Matinee 1619


Mattinata (Marold Mera) 2342


May in Mexico JC219, E#219


May Night 1121


Maybe 207, 3052


Maybe It's Because 1865


Maybe You Will Be There 1154


Maybelline 2528


McEachern (No Score) 2660


McHigh Medley, Jimmy 2835


McHugh-Overture 2867, 2835


Mc Hugh Teaser Medley 1536


Me and My Dog 1136


Me and My Gal Medley 3201


Me and My Shadow 1589


Meditation [inst.] 3398


Meditation S#26


Mediterranean Concerto 2158


Medley (Show # 12) HB 34


Medley E#214


Medley 1149


Medley [On the Alamo, Rose of Rio Grande, Mexicali Rose] 1500


Medley [Out of Nowhere, You Go to My Head, Once in Awhile 1561


Medley [Vienna Woods, Blue Danube 1640


Medley #2 3343


Medley No. 4 [Deep night, Million $ baby; before 1962] NO#


Medley #5 3341, 1149


Medley #6 3354


Medley #9 3353


Medley #10 3346


Meet Mr. Callaghan 2176


Melancholy 1597


Melancholy Baby, My 3009, 1274


Melancholy Baby, My (#2) 2384


Melancholy Baby (Show # 11)HB 24


Melancholy lullaby E#208


Melancholy Serenade (No Score) 3473


Melancolia NO#


Melodie D'amour 2770


Melody and Twilight 1272


Melody in D NO#


Melody in G 1276


Melody of Love (2766, 2385, 3150), S#600


Memories - (Medley #2) 3343, 1082, 3094


Memories Are Made of This 2548


Memories of You (No Score) 2914


Memory Island 1699


Mendelssohn concerto E#206


Mercer Medley HB-108


Mercer Medley [Laura Insert] HB-110


Mercer Medley [New Blues Insert] HB-119


Merry Oldsmobile 1711


Merry-o-mango 2584


Merry Widow, The (2028), S#342


Merry widow waltz NO#


Merry Xmas Polka 1858


Mexican Hat Dance (College Medley) 1989


Mexican Holiday [Do Not Confuse With: Holiday in Mexico] 2241, 3130


Mexican shuffle S#319


Mexico (Foreign National Anthems) 2673


Mexico City 1123


Mi musica es para ti [publ. arr. Rene Touzet]S#324


Mia Tesora 2254


Miami Beach Rhumba 1891, 2813, S#360


Michelle (Lennon-McCartney) 3483


Middle of May, In the 1098


Midnight in Moscow [No Score, Diz] 3247


Midnight in Paris (2078)S#504


Midnight Music 1805, 2244


Milenberg Joys 161


Military bridge NO#


Milkman 1141


Million Dollar Baby, A- Medley #4 3351


Million Dollar Bundle 1914


Million Miles from Manhattan 1127


Mine (2462, 3044)S#398


Mine Tonight JC218, E#218


Minnie the Mermaid 3166


Minute Boogie 3075


Minute Waltz 1721


Miserlou 1239, S#321


Miss Dorothy Shay and Park Ave. Hoedown 1281


Miss Liberty Waltz Medley 1872


Miss you (3378) [arr. Ray Austin], S#37, E#213


Miss you [possibly FM alpha #3378] HB 209


Mission Bay S#55


Mission Bay Inserts 3450


Mission in Santa Maria 1133


Missouri 1102


Missouri Waltz 1157


Mrs. Murphy, Did Anyone Ever Tell You 1908


Missus Robinson 3419


Mister and Mississippi 2135


Mr. Five by Five 1083


Mr. Fix it Man 1153


Mister Moon 1095


Mister Music Master 1120


Mr. Night Owl 1271


Mister Sandman 2386


Mister Touchdown 3006


Mister Wonderful (2597)S#163a


Misty [arr. Ray Austin], S#320


Misty 3253


Misty waters E#203


M-m Good JC222, E#222


Mockin Bird Hill 3024


Mocking Bird JC220, E#220


Mocosita NO#


Moderation 2583


Modern Look, The 2810


Moments to Remember 2539


Momma's gone goodbye (2599) [arr. Bill Jones]S#256


Mona Lisa [arr. by Ray Austin] BofT74


Monaco Closing Medley 1077


Monaco Opening Medley[Lloyd Arridge, arr.;10-16-43] 196


Mona Lisa 1976


Money Song, The NO#


Money Song, The [no score] 3487


Money Tree, The 2614


Monika 2538


Montage #2 E#207


Montage #3 JC221, E#221


Montages, Playoffs, Bridges 2715


Montages, Playoffs, Bridges [3 Scores Only] 3193


Mood for love NO#


Moon Faced, Starry Eyed 1108


Moon Is A Silver Dollar, The 224


Moon Is Low, The [no score] 2703


Moon love (1160, 56, 2831) [from Tschaikowsky's Romeo & Juliet]S#374


Moon Mist 1265


Moon of Mana koora [Headdress Ball #5,1978] NO#


Moon over Burma 1090


Moon over Miami 1913


Moon River S#131


Moon River [Vocal, No Score] 3386


Moon Song 571


Moon Won't Talk, The 1114


Moonglow (3200, 2577) [arr. BB], S#293


Moonglow Medley 3200


Moonlight & roses [arr. Ray Austin] E#201


Moonlight & Roses [No Score] 2696


Moonlight and Shadows 1091


Moonlight and V.P.I. 2208


Moonlight Bay 2661


Moonlight Becomes You 1113


Moonlight Cocktails 1092


Moonlight Love 2572


Moonlight Madonna 159, NO#


Moonlight medley E#210


Moonlight Mood 1107


Moonlight on the Ganges - [Organ Solo and Rhythm] 3179


Moonlight Serenade [a la Glen Miller] 2848


Moonlight Serenade S#561


Moonlight Sonata [Beethoven] (1665, 2825), S#378


Moonlight Whispers 1135


More (3242, 3281)S#121


More and More 1240


More I See You, The 538


More than Anything Else in the World 1101


More than I Care to Remember 2121


More than Yesterday 1096


More than You Know 1161, 3007, 3126


Moritat 2541


Morning Glory 1116


Morning Mood (Peer Gynt; Grieg) 1109


Morning Side of the Mountain 2227


Morning Walk (Ray Austin, Arr. - No Score) 2678


Most beautiful girl (1759, 2519), S#399, NO#


Most unusual day (Show # 2) ["Cynthia"]HB 124


Mother Brown, Knees up 1912


Mother Tag 562


Motor 1132


Moulin Rouge, Song from 2326


Mountain Greenery (Show # 13)HB 46


Muchacha [arr.? "by Gordon Revel"; copied "1937"] NO#


Mule Train 1899


Muriel 2484


Musetta's Waltz from "La Boheme" [La Boheme Theme; Puccini] 2399


Music Box 160


Music Goes Round and Round, the 3170


Music Maestro, Please 1629, 2482


"Music Man" Overture (2819) S#544


Music Master, The 1119


Music, Music, Music 2066


Music of Love 557


Music Stopped, The (1076), JC216, E#216


Music to watch girls by S#32


Music to Watch Girls by [inst.] 3395


Musical Comedy Medley (Show # 14)HB 50


Muskrat ramble (1938)S#251


Musn't say goodbye NO#


Muted lawn mower, The E#21


Mutual Admiration Society 2617


My Adobe Hacienda 1162


My Baby's Arms 1736


My beautiful lady NO#


My Best Girl 1531


My blue heaven E#211


My Blue Heaven 1712, 2449


My Buddy [Organ and Violins] 3178


My Buddy 3104, 1282


My Concerto 3128


My Darling 1156


My Darling, My Darling 1735


My Dear [Jan Garber] 3292


My Destiny 403


My Devotion 1117


My Dog Has Fleas 587


My dreams E#209


My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time 1111, 1104


My Empty Love Affair [No Score] 3490


"My Fair Lady" Overture (2556) [I could have danced; On the street where you live; Rain in Spain; I've grown accustomed]S#528


My Favorite Song JC217, E#217, 1964


My Fickle Eye 1097


My foolish heart (3168)S#442


My Foolish Heart BofT 39


My funny valentine (2344)S#184


My Gal Sal 604


My Greatest Mistake 1086


My Guy [Ballard arr., 4-29-64; Capitol Recording] 3276


My Happiness 1728


My Heart at Your Sweet Voice 1126


My heart belongs to Daddy NO#


My Heart Cries for You [No Score] 2671


My Heart Cries for You and Tennessee Waltz 3011


My heart is taking lessons E#202


My Heart Isn't in it 1278


My Heart Sings 1284


My Heart Stood Still 1692


My Heart Tells Me 1163, 2038


My Hero 1125, 3013


My Honey's Kiss 1110


My ideal E#205


My Ideal (Show # 17) ["Merv"]HB 74


My Inspiration 3088


My Isle of Golden Dreams -Medley #2 3343


My Kind of Girl [Vocal Quartet] 3220


My Kind of Town 3296


My Little Grass Shack 3285


My Love 1106


My Love for You 570


My Love Forgive Me [No Score] 3482


My love, forgive me S#269


My melancholy baby (1274, 2892, 3009)S#469


My melody of love NO#


My mind's on you NO#


My Mother Would Love You 1131


My, my, ain't that somethin' NO#


My Night 1134


My Number One Dream Came True 1094


My One and Only Highland Fling 1807


My Own 1779


My Own My Only My All 1830


My Own True Love 806, 2387


My Pretty Girl JC223, E#223


My Reverie (1158, 2830, 3072)S#373


My Romance 1267


My Secret Love 1099, 2350


My Shawl - Calvade of Bands TV 3091


My Shawl [Xavier Cugat] 3237


My shawl S#332


My Ship 1122


My Silent Love 1270, 2200


My Sin 1615


My shining hour E#200


My silent love S#444a, E#204


My sombrero NO#


My Street 1845


My Sweetheart Mamie 2283


My Time Is Your Time 1085, 2197


My Truly Truly Fair 3108


My Twilight Dream [Eddy Duchin] 3288


My Twilight Time 1084


My Wife's Gone to the Country 3138


My Wonderful One 3507


Nancy 1251


Nash [Ville]- Tenn[essee] 2118


Naturally Carson E#334


Nature Boy 1719


National Anthems (Foreign) 2673


Naughty Angeline 1244


Naughty Lady of Shady Lane, The 2388


Near You 2856, 1243


Nearness of You, The 2313


Neath the blue Montana sky NO#


Negra 1255


Neighbor bridge/Apple bridge E#332


Nerve E#333


Nerve to kiss you, The E#47


Nerve to Kiss You, I Can't Get up the 938


Nervous Gavotte 2037


Nevada 3002, 1261


Never a Day Goes by 1263


Never Been Kissed 3109


Never been kissed (Show # 5) [7-28-51]HB 97


Never Felt Better Never Had less 101


Never in a Million Years 1258


"Never on Sunday" Theme (2977)S#336


Nevertheless 3001


New Blues in the Night (w/ Mercer Medley, HB 108) [FM alpha list]HB 119


New Cocoanut Grove, The (2 arr.) 2739


New Fangled Tango, A 2758


New Look, The 1607, 2810


New Moon 1574


New Sun in the Sky 1259


New sun in sky (Show # 17) ["Merv & Murray"]HB 82


New Whispering 2390


New Year Song, The 2769


New York Medley (Show # 7) [8-13-51] ***HAVE VIDEO***HB 88


New York, New York (3525) [arr. Bob Ballard, 6-80], S#34


News Reel (Show # 14)HB 40


Nicaragua (Foreign National Anthems) 2673


Nice Dreaming Baby 1262


Nice Work If You Can Get it 1781


Nice work if you can get it E#330


Nice work if you can get it medley (2888) [On the street where you live, Why do I love you, My heart belongs to Daddy]S#109


Night & Day Concerto (1242, 1252)S#259a


Night Before Christmas 2159


Night Fever [Bob Alberti, arr.; disco] 3527 ALSO Love is blue (3413)S#44


Night in paradise E#326


Night is filled with music, The E#42


Night Is Young and You're So Beautiful, The [2 arr.] 1628


Night must fall E#329


Night They Invented Champagne, The 2814


Night upon the Airways 1247


Night We Called it a Day, The 1260


Nightmare 1264


Nighty Night 2228


Nine-ninety-six 2346


Nineties medley (Show # 19) ["Tarara boom dee ay; Hello, my baby; I don't care; If I had my way; Good night, my lady love"]HB 109


Nitram Abamas, The 1959


No Greater Love 1249, NO#


No Longer 1598


No love, no nothin' E#327


No name waltz NO#


No New Tunes on this Old Piano 2165


No, no, Nora S#430, 2989


No One but You 2117


No Other Love 2323


Nobody Here but Us Chickens, There Ain't 1544


Nobody's Heart but Mine 1798


Noche de Ronda E#328


Noche triste [arr. by Jerry Castillo] NO#


Nola 2554, 1246


Non dimenticar (2876)S#156a


Non Sputare Nella Carrosa 3056


None but the Lonely Heart [Rachmaninov] 612


Noodlin' Rag 3121


Nostalgia 1245


Nostalgias 2274, S#323


Not bad E#331


Not Mine 1254


Nothing's Lovelier than You 1248


Notre Dame 1257


Now and Forever 1250


Now I Know 1256


Now I Lay Me down to Sleep 1253


Now Is the Hour 1588


Now it Can Be Told 102


Now, Now Is the Time 1855


Now That I Need You 1874


Now That the Gang's All Together 616


Number 2 Fanfare NO#


Nun's Story, Prelude [1960s] NO#


Nutcracker Suite NO#


O Mari (Oh Mari) 2391


Oahu 1675


Object of my affection, The (2389), S#194


Oboe, Oh Boy 6082


Ocarina 1961


October Twilight 1677


Off we go (Show # 17) ["Sue & Merv"], HB 73


Oh 2308


Oh Brother 1215


Oh, but I Do 1202


Oh, How I Long to Belong to You 99


Oh, How I Miss You Tonight 1233


Oh, Johnny (Tucker) 3286


Oh, Mari 2391


Oh, Senora S#322


Oh Susanna NO#


Oh, the Pity of it All 1203


Oh, What a Beautiful Morning 691


Oh, What I Know about You 1224


Oh, What it Seemed to Me 1218


Oh, What You Said 1229


Ohio E#342


O-hi-o (Carson Show) 1491


"Ohio State" (March) 2722


Oklahoma 692


Old Aquaintance 1231


Old Cape Cod 2750


Old Devil Moon (No #)


Old Devil Moon (Show # 13), HB 43


Old Fashioned 1212


Old Feeling (Show # 6) ["Stu"], HB 154


Old Lamplighter, The 1206


Old MacDonald [No Score Made-Billy Jones, arr.] 2988


Old MacDonald [No Score; Diz] 3245


Old Man Harlem 1529


Old Man Romance 1236


Old Master Painter, The 2012


Old Piano Roll Blues, the 1923


Old Records, Get out Those 2120


Old Sad Eyes 1208


Old Shanty Town, A Shanty in (Johnny Long) 3234


Old spinning wheel E#337


Old Timer Waltzes #1 3143


Old Timer Waltzes #2 3144


Old Timer Waltzes #3 3145


Old Times Medley (Album) 2968


Old times medley [incl. Peg O' My Heart], S#485


Ole buttermilk sky NO#


Olé! matador S#329


On a clear day [vocal-Cochran] (3347), S#279


On a moonlight night [arr. Dell Lampe] NO#


On a Slow Boat to China 1517


On a wonderful day (3349)S#278


On and on 2392


On Echo Hill 1201


On Mobile Bay NO#


On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe 294


On the Banks of the Wabash 311


On the Beach (Short Segment) 2930


On the Boardwalk of Atlantic City 1219


On the Other End of a Kiss 1222


On the Outside Looking in 1228


On the Santa Claus Express 1221


On the sentimental side E#336


On the street where you live [arr. Bill Jones] (2567), S#133


On the sunny side of the Rockies NO#


On the Sunny Side of the Street (Old) 1232


On the Village Green 694


On What it Seemed to Be 1214


On Wisconsin 1209


Once and for All (Milton Berle) 3174


Once in a while E#338


Once in Love with Amy 1774


Once upon a Moon 1213


Once upon a Rhumba 842


Once upon a Samba 2240


Once upon a time NO#


One [arr. Bob Ballard] (3524), S#76


One alone NO#


One Dozen Roses 1202


One Fine Day 2393


One Finger Piano 2576


One I Love, The 588


One Kiss 1223


One Love E#335


One Meat Ball 1237


One More Dream 1211


One More Tomorrow 1226


One more vote E#343


One morning in May S#263


One morning in May HB 111


One O'clock Jump 2166


One of Those Songs 3391


One Red Rose Forever 1225


One Rose 1227


One Song 100


One Song [medley] [When You Wish upon a Star, Love Is a Song 1789


One Sweet Letter 1230


One thousand violins (Show # 8) ["Marti & Bill vocal"], HB 167


One Two Three Kick 690


One Two Three Little Dreams 1746


Onezy Twozy 1466


Only a Rose [Eddie Sheasby arr.] 1676, 185


Oodles of Noodles 3092


Oogldaby'esh (Show # 13), HB 51


Open the Door Richard 1217


Open Your Heart 1632


Opening & Closing Theme NO#


Opening Fanfare NO#


Opening Medley 558


Opening #4 E#340


Opening Theme NO#


Operatic stuff E#341


Opposite Sex 3129


Opps 3123


Opus #1 (1664), S#35


Orange Colored Sky 2082


Orchids in the Moonlight 2054


Oregon Medley 2248


Orinoco 2744


Oscar Sixty's (60's) 3426


Other Side of the Hill, The 688


Our jewels NO#


Our love (1220), S#376


Our Love (New) 2780


Our Love Is Here to Stay 2523


Our Very Own 1998


Our Waltz 693


Out of Nowhere 2246, 1522


Out of the Night 1204


Out of this World 1216


Out of Thunder 1199


Outside of paradise NO#


Over the Rainbow 1972


Over the Waves (The Loveliest Night of the Year) 3146


Over the waves E#339


Over There Bridge NO#


Over you from "Tender Mercies" [arr. Bob Ballard] NO#


Overnight 1207


Overture Miniature (2 arr.) 1235


Overture to Love 1205


Paducali 1287


Pagan love song NO#


Pagliacci (Manola Mera; Leoncavallo) 1302, 2347


Paige (From "Parish") 2974


Paint Your Wagon-overture [I'm on My Way, I Talk to the Trees] 3439


Paj Mahal NO#


Pale moon E#349


Pale Moon 1315


Paloma blanca (3519) [arr. BB]S#78


Paloma Blanca 3519


Palomino (also under Featherfoot) 2286


Panama (3526) [arr. BB]S#125


Panama 3526


Pan's intro NO#


Papa Loves Mambo 2502


Papa tree top tall NO#


Paper doll (685) [arr. BB] ALSO Games that lovers play (3404)S#25


Paper Moon 682


Parade NO#


Parade of the wooden soldiers (1971)S#266


Paradise 683


Paradise Medley ("Old Times" Album) 2961


Paramount (Fan Fare) 3192


Paris insert 2790


Paris intro NO#


Park Avenue Hoedown & Dorothy Shay 1281


Park sequence (Show # 4) [7-25-51] HB 86


Part of the Time (Mambo) 3185


Party's Over, The 3299


Passé 1296


Passing Fancy 1602


Patience and Fortitude 1292


Patricia 2798


Patriotic medley (2947) [Columbia; American patrol; Dixie Eastside; Yankee Doodle; Yankee Doodle Dandy; America the Beautiful]S#539


"Patton," Theme from S#9


Pavane [arr. Tommy Pederson]S#64


Peanut Vendor, The 689


Pecos Bill 1770


Peer Gynt 287


Peggy O'Neal NO#


Peggy O'Neal medley S#491


Peggy O'Neal Medley ("Old Times" Album) 2962, 2394


Peg of My Heart-seems like Old Times 2968, 1294


Penelope 1311


Penn State College Victory Song 3064


Pennsylvania [polka; publ. arr.] S#440


Penny Arcade 1313


Penthouse Serenade 679


People (3295)S#282


People like You and Me 1312


People will say we're in love (2395), S#393


People Will Say We're in Love [old, no score] 2683


Perdido 2293


Perfect Song, The 115


Perfidia (Tonight) 684


Perfidia S#330


Pernambuco 2057


Perry Mason Theme 3139


Personality 1310


Petite Fleur 2863


Petticoats of Portugal 2618


Pianissimo 1606


Piano 2972


Piano Cavalcade 2182


Piano Portrait 1516, 2718


Piano Roll Blues, The Old 1923


Piano Roll Blues (Show # 17) HB 25


Piano Tuner Concerto 2099


Piccadilly Swing 148


Picnic (arr. by George Duning) 3523


"Picnic" Theme (3523) [arr. George Duning]S#72


Pick me a star NO#


Pico and Sepulveda 1295


Pico and Sepulveda [New Score] 6059


Pico and Sepulveda (The Street Song) 1715


Picture Me Without You 1540


Pieces of Dreams from "Pieces of Dreams" 3455


Piel canela (2309, 2582)S#327


Pillow Talk (Short Segment) 2926


Pineapple [inst.] (3396), S#27


Ping Pong (Cha-cha-cha) 2875


Pink Parasol 35


Pin Marin 606


Pin up Girl 1307


Pipe Dreaming 1293


Pi-phi Sweetheart 2056


Pistol Packing Mama


1288 Play a Simple Melody 1950


Play Fiddle Play 1684


Play offs S#100


Play Offs, Bridges, Montages 2715


Play Offs, Bridges, Montages #5 1776


Please 1309


Please believe me E#344


Please Don't Say No 1308


Please Mr. Sun 3114


Please Think of Me 1314


Please Won't You Leave My Gal Alone 1297


Plenty of Fish, There's 2284


Plenty of Money and You 214


Plink, Plank, Plunk 3022


Poetry 3005


Poi moi boi E#348


Poinciana (681, 2802), S#356


"Pokie" 3211


Pollack Medley 1528


Polonaise (Carmen Cavallero) 3287, 680


Pomp and Circumstance 1298


Poor butterfly (3345), S#163


Poor Butterfly Medley #1 3356


Poor people of Paris [arr. Bill Jones] (2545), S#283


Popocatepetl 1316


Popocatepetl NO#


Poppa Don't Preach to Me 1305


Popular medley (Smoke rings, Solitude, Sophisticated lady) E#346


Porque NO#


Port-au-prince 2592


Portrait of Jenny 1524


Portuguese Washerwoman, The 2588


Possum Song 1301


Potato Chips 3038


Poultry Polka, The 2481


Poupée Valsante 1306


Powder Your Face with Sunshine 586


Praise the Lord E#351


Prayer of a Nation 1289


Prelude in C Minor (Rachmaninoff) 1633


Prelude to a Dream 1654


Pretend 2324


Pretending 1291


Pretty Baby 1317


Pretty Baby [short segment] 2921


Pretty Kitty Blue Eyes 1286


Prince & Princess [Rimsky-Korsakov] NO#


Prince Charming 1290


Princess Pupuli 1304


Prisoner of Love 2188, 1300


Prisoniero del mar (2807), S#359


Procession S#32


Progress 1757


Promises 1299


Proud Mary S#62


Prove it by the Things You Do 1303


P.S. I Love You 1735


Puffin' on a corncob pipe NO#


Purple Hills, Beyond the 1767


Pushin' blue [arr.? by "R.E. Tarplee"] E#350


Put Em in a Box 1724


Put Your Arms Around Me Honey 2396


Put your little foot there NO#


Putting all my eggs in one basket E#345


Questions and Answers 1318


Quiet Evening at Home 498


Quiet Hill, The 2285


Quiet village [Headdress Ball #7, 1978] NO#


Racing with the Moon (1/2 Sheet Inserts) 3438


Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Tchaikowski, Grieg 1323


Rachmaninoff 2nd Piano Concerto (1322) S#273


Rag Mop 2063


Raggedy Ann [arr. Bob Ballard, 2-23-75] S#97


Ragging the Scale 2480


Rain 1935


Rain, Rain Go Away 194


Rainbow Gal 2096


Rainbow Valley NO#


Rainbow's End---RCA [no score] 2679


Rainbow's End 1321


Raindrops [no score] 3462


Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head S#63


Rainy Night in Rio 1699


Ralph Anthony ("Opus") (No Score) 3388


Rambling Rose 1760


Ramona [includes Bill Curtis Vocal] 1592


Ramona S#405


Ramona [Possibly Fm Alpha #1592] HB 172


Ranch Sequence (Show # 3) ["Wahoo; Wild & Wooly; over the Rainbow;tell Me, Pretty Maiden; Tumblin' Tumbleweed, 7-16-51"] HB 99


Rancho Grande (Rhumba) NO#


Rancho Pillow 1338


Ravel's Bolero [Ray Austin arr.] 198


Ravel's Introduction and Allegro 686


Rawhide (No Score) 3497


Ray Bolger Overture 2783


Ray's Rash [Ray Rasch arr.] 2659


Ready, Willing and Able 2397


Recipe D'amour (No Score) 3380


Record Cavalcade [arr. Ray Linn? Or BB? Or Both] [Hut Sut; Intermezzo; Symphony; Managua; To Each; Mardi Gras; A Min. Con.; Warsaw Con.; Bumble Boogie; Sabre Dance; Catalina; Cocoanuts; April in Portugal; Cumana; Concerto---Tchaikowsky] (2348), S#500


Red Head Mamma E#356


Red Roses for a Blue Lady (3311), S#189


Red Grow the Roses 1350


Red Headed Mama 1347


Red Hibiscus 1339


Red Moon 1336


Red Roses for a Blue Lady 1822, 3311


Red Silk Stocking and Green Perfume 1319


Redheads (Thirty-flirty) 2088


Regal Pale Beer 1970


Rehearsin' 1348


Relax-ay-voo 2479


Remember (old arr.-no score) 2680


Remind Me 1337


Renée Waltz, The 2553


Republic of Columbia (Foreign National Anthems) 2673


Rhapsody in Blue (Ray Austin arr.) 2950


Rhapsody in Blue (Theme) [new] 2789


Rhapsody in Blue (1644), S#274


Rhumba Rhapsody 1637


Rhythm on the River 554


Rice 2252


Richard Rodgers Overture [Oklahoma; Manhattan; Beautiful Mornin'; Some Enchanted Evening; Small World; Most Beautiful Girl; Shall We Dance; Funny Valentine; If I Loved You; People Will Say We're in Love; Falling in Love; Siamese Children; Where-when] (3300), S#508


Rickety Rickshaw Man, The 1624


Ridin' Herd on a Cloud 1349


Riders in the Sky 2015


Ride Tender Foot Ride, Don't Wake My Heart 174


Ridin' High 98


Right Kind of Love, The 1330


"Right Stuff, The" (Directors' Guild Awards, 1983) NO#


Rings on My Fingers 563


Rio 1324


Rio De Janerio 1343


Rippling Rhythm (Shep Fields) 3232


Rise S#51


Ritual Dance of Fire 1587


Ritual Fire Dance 2504


River in the Moonlight 2107


"River Kwai, Bridge on The" March (2785), S#335


Road to Morrocco 1565


Road to Victory 1345


Road to Victory, The 1320


Robin Medley E#355


Rock-a-bye--Swanee 2870


Rock Around the Clock 2527


Rocking Chair 1335


Rodeo Rose 2177


Roll out the Crimson Carpet 2275


Rollea Rolling along 1328


Roller Skating Bridge 1344


Romance [Eddie Sheasby arr.] 183


Romance a La Mode 1334


Romance Runs in the Family 3501


Romantique (2 Scores) 2879


Romberg Medley 1150


Romeo and Juliet Waltz 2400, 3466


"Romeo and Juliet," [Zefirelli] Love Theme from 3429


Room Full of Roses 1835


Rosalie Medley [This Can't Be Love, a Fine Romance, Who Cares, How High the Moon] (687, 2862) S#105


Rose O'day [Possibly Fm Alpha #1331] HB 208


Rose Ann of Charing Cross 1329


Rose of Day 1331


Rose Room Dance 1920


Rose Room Dance [Hickman Rose Room] 3358,1333


"Rose Tattoo, The" Theme from 2533


Roseanna 1826


Rosemary 1326


Roses Are Blooming, The 1341


Roses in December 175


Roses in the Rain 1325


Roses of Picardy [Eddie Sheasby arr.; 1936] 186


Roses of Yesterday 2213


Rosie the Riveter 1327


Roumanian Rhapsody (1115), S#507


Round and Round 2748


Roving Kind, The 3083


Row Row Row 2097


Ruby 2325


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 2516


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer(christmas Medley 1954)2098


Rum and Coca Cola 1346


Rumba Cardi E#357


Rumba Rumba E#353


Rumbacita E#354


Rumbalero 1765


Rumors Are Flying 1340


Russia E#352


Russian Dance (2 arr.) 1342


Russian Lullaby 173


Russian Lullaby NO#


Sabre Dance 283


Sail Along, Silvery Moon 2788


Sailboat in the moonlight E#61


Sailin' home E#59


Sailing sequence ["We're ready for Paris; Goodbye Broadway; Telephone sequence; Fine romance; April in Paris; La vie en rose;Valentina; Let's get away from it all;When you wish upon a star; Whatcha know, Joe?" HB 93 ***ms280 has video tape***of tv performance this number score & parts not found in collection info from video]


Saint Louis Blues 104


Saints - Finale (2904), S#381


Salt Lake City 460


Saludos amigos NO#


Salute to T.D. [Tommy Dorsey] (2645) [Song of India; There are such things; Yes indeed; Sunny side; Hawaiian war chant; I'll never smile again; Marie; Opus #1; Once in awhile; Boogie woogie; Sentimental; Shall we dance]S#530


Samantha NO#


Sambuena (No Scores or Parts) 1978


Same sweet you, The NO#


Same Sweet You, The 395


Sammy's Little Samba 2164


Sam's Song 1944


San Fernando Valley [Jim Mayfield arr.] 375


San Francisco, I left my heart in (3197) ALSO La vie en rose S#192


San Luis Rey 408


Sand (2 arr.) 2271


Sandpiper NO#


Santa Baby 3162


Santa Catalina 455


Santa Catalina 1972 S#54


Santa Catalina [new] (2799), S#220


Santa Claus 388


Santa Claus Express 611


Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 2516


Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (Christmas Medley 1954) 2087


Santa Marta E#112


Satin Doll [Ballard arr.] 3264


Satin doll S#325


Satisfied 3073


Saturday Night 400


Sauter-Finnegan 2369


Save Me a Dream 458


Save the Bones for Henry Jones 1610


Saving Myself for You 117


Saving myself for you E#66


Sax Medley 2171


Saxes 5th Avenue E#78


Say a Prayer for the Boys over There 145


Say a prayer for the boys over there E#105


Say Hello, We Want to 2179


Say it Isn't So 360


Say it over 2083


Say it over Again 451


Say it with Music [R. Dale Butts arr.] 432


Say No More 449


Say Si Si 2328


Say si si [arr. Jerry Castillo] E#96


Say so (2730, 2719, 1804), S#143


Say You're Mine Again 2327


Sayonara S#10


Sayonara [1950s?] NO#


Says my heart E#65


Scared 157, 1887


Scarlet Ribbons 2903


Scatterbrain E#103


Scherzo-modernique 2222


Schick Hot Lather Comm[ercial] 3508


School Days Sequence (Show # 8) HB 22


Schwartz Medley 1268


Second Hungarian Mambo 2438


Second Hungarian Rhapsody [Liszt] 1696


Second Star to the Right, The 2259


Second time around, The (2976), S#186


Secret Love, My 2350


Secretly 1965


Secretly E#56


See you in my dreams NO#


Seems like Old Times-Peg O'my Heart 2968, 391


Segue from Alex[ander's Ragtime Band]: Shine on Harvest Moon; Yankee Doodle Dandy 3023


Semper Paratus [Coast Guard Song] 461


Sentimental Feeling 411


Sentimental Journey (Les Brown) 3291


Sentimental Journey (2 arr.) 398


Sentimental Me 2221


Sentimental Mood Medley 3204


Sentimental Music 3033


Sentimental Over You 422


Sentimental Rhapsody 367


Sentimental tango [arr. by Jerry Castillo] NO#


September in the rain E#62


September Song (Instrumental) 2596


September Song (Intro and lead-in) 459


September Song S#459


Serenade (Drigo) [Eddie Sheasby arr.], 180, 1659


Serenade for Strings 1650


Serenade in Blue 433, 2854


Serenade of the Bells 1632


Serenade to Love 427


Serenata 3107


Service Medley [Anchors Away, Caissons Go Rolling Along, Halls of Montezuma, Army Air Corps] 351


Service medley E#102


Seven Days in Barcelona 2734


Seven Lonely Days 2310


Seventeen 122, 2526


Seventh heaven [copied Fred Heward, 1936] NO#


Seventy-seven Sunset Strip (Frankie Ortega Arr.) 3302


Sexy-sax 3327


Sha-boom 2506


Shade NO#


Shadow of your smile S#281


Shadow of Your Smile, The 3348


Shadows in the Night 452


"Shaft," Theme from (No Score) 3460


Shake-rattle & Roll (Hitz) (No Score) 2665


Shall we dance - insert S#179


Shanghai (Show # 7) [8-12-51] HB 102


Shanghai 2139


Shangri-la 1695


Shangri la S#234, S#279a


Shangri-la [no score] 1698


Shangri-la [new] 3274


Shanty in Old Shanty Town-medley #8 3357


Shave and a Haircut --- Cha-cha (No Score) 3379


She Didn't Say Yes 3100


She Loves Me 3312


Sheik of Napoli (2872), S#123


Sheltered NO#


She's Funny That Way 1655


Shine on Harvest Moon + Yankee Doodle Dandy 3023


Shining Hour Introduction 144


Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy 419


Shoo Shoo Baby 416


Short, fat & 4-F NO#


Shortage of love E#54


Shotgun Packin' Papa (Show # 13) HB 52


Should I Tell You I Love You 454


Show Business Finale 2189


Show Business Finale [Freddy's Opening Medley] 814


Show Business Finale [No Score or Parts] 2085


Show Me the Way to Get out of this World 1919


Show Opening 1918


Show - Theme 2905


Showboat medley [arr. Lou Bush] E#109


Shrine of St. Cecilia 442


Shut Eye 125


Siboney NO#


Side by side HB 174


Sidewalk Serenade 436


Sierra Madre 289


Sigma chi E#67


Silent Night 1988


Silent Night (Christmas Medley 1954) 2516


Silk Stockings 2370


Silver Screen etc. (Show # 15) HB 47


Silver wings NO#


Silver Wings 407


Silvery Moon, By the Light of the 1833, 2318


Similau 1854


Simple and Sweet 126


Simple Melody, Play A (2 arr.) 1950


Sin to Tell a Lie, It's a 3240


Since You Went Away 380


Sing [Vern Rowe & Martin Men; arr. BB] (3521) S#79


Sing a song of sunbeams E#91


Sing a Song of Sunbeams 437, 124


Sing a Tropical Song 354


Sing, my heart E#73


Sing, Sing, Sing? 1940


Sing to Me Guitar 448


Sing, you sinners E#101


Sing, you sinners [possibly E#101] HB 183


Singin' in the Rain [Diane] 3190, 2249


Singing the Blues 2619


Sinner or Saint 3049


Sioux City Sue 396


Sitting by the Window 2065


Six Lessons 365


Skeleton key NO#


Skitch (Piano Portrait) E#420


Skokiaan 2490


Skylark 356


Slaughter on 10th Ave. 1862


Slaughter on 10th Avenue [arr. Murray Arnold] (2173), S#527


Sleep 382


Sleep Baby Sleep 353


Sleep, baby, sleep E#55


Sleepy Baby 443


Sleepy baby (2595), S#289


Sleepy Lagoon 368


Sleepy time down south (Show # 6) ["Jimmy Beck"] HB 149


Sleepy time gal (Show # 5) ["Freddy"] HB 141


Sleepy Time Gal 2459


Sleepy Time Gal [old-no score] 2893


Sleepy time gal [new] (2589) [arr. Bill Jones]S#386


Sleepy Whippoorwill 446


Sleigh Ride 1980


Sleighride E#72


Sleighride in July E#70


Slender Tender and Tall 445


Slipping Around 2026


Slow & easy NO#


Slow boat to China (1517)S#265


Slow Bossa 3502


Slow Poke 3025


Slowly 425


Smack Dab in the Middle 2371


Small fry ["Hoagy & Murray"] HB 113


Small Hotel 361, 1508


Small Talk 3095


Small World 2901


Smart set [arr. Dell Lampe] NO#


Smile (2496, 3470), S#73


Smile Your Troubles Away 352


Smile/umbrella (Show # 6) ["Cynthia"] HB 152


Smiles E#69


Smiles (Marti) 3163


Smiling 415, 343


Smoke gets in your eyes [show - FM solo] (2948), S#276, S#538


Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 358, 372


Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [2 scores] 1837


Smoke Rings 2233


Snerling thru the Flowers 2238


Snooky-ookums 3133


Snowfall [arr. Gil Evans] E#82


Snowflakes 2114, 2349


Snuggles on Your Shoulder 2372, 2086


So and So 428


So Beats My Heart for You 2772


So Dear to My Heart 1690


So Deep My Love 3106


So Far 381


So Good Night 377


So Help Me 118


So in Love 1787


So little time E#63


So Long for Now 399


So long, Joe E#111


So nice (Show # 15) HB 78


So Rare 2749


So Shy 412


So Tired 834


So what's new [inst.] (3397)S#354


So Would I 429


So You're the One 435


Soft Hearted 342


Soft Lights and Sweet Music 370


Soliloquy 2170


Soliloquy E#95


Solitaire (No Score) 1381


Solvejg's Song (Peer Gynt; Grieg) 350


Some Day I'll Meet You Again 410


Some Enchanted Evening 2007


Some Enchanted Evening [short segment] 2924


Some Little Bee (Show # 16) ["Murray & Merv"] HB 60


Some Sunday Morning 426


Somebody Else [no score] 3500


Somebody else's sweetheart E#107


Somebody else's sweetheart NO#


Somebody Goofed 2492


Somebody Loves Me 392, 2199


Somebody loves me (Show # 14) ["Merv"] HB 71


Somebody new NO#


Somebody Stole My Gal 2329


Someday 1860


Someday I'll Find You 363


Someday Some Where 409


Someday, somewhere E#77


Someday Sweetheart 1705


Someone Cares 1663


Someone to Watch over Me 379


Somethin' Stupid 3368


Something for Nothing 349


Something Old Something New 1704


Something to remember you by E#68


Something's Gotta Give 2373


Sometimes 347


Sometimes I'm Happy (Blue Barron) 3291


Sometimes I'm happy E#89


Sometimes I'm Happy [Cochran vocal, no score] 3389


Somewhere along the Line 346


Somewhere along the Way 2217


Somewhere in the Night 447


Somewhere, my love [inst.; score, vlns, pno], (3337), S#349


Somewhere Sometime 345


Sonata 374


Song again E#92


Song from Moulin Rouge 2326


Song Is Ended, The 592, 2106


Song Is You, The 402


Song is you, The (1838), S#280


Song of India E#90


Song of the Barefoot Contessa [also listed under Barefoot Contessa] 2374


Song of the bombardiers E#84


Song of the Islands 384


Song of the Marines 357


Song of the wanderer E#108


Songfest (Show # 16) ["Sing, it's good for you; Blue skies---Freddy; Wonder why---Carol, Merv; Wonderful world---Martin Men"] HB 68


Sonny Boy 574


Soon Again 1784


Soon I'll Wed My Love (Vocal Accomp.) 2868


Sooner or Later 431


So-o-o in Love 441


Soot-cha-cha, The 2478


Sophisticated Lady (Medley) 3198


Sophisticated Lady 2084, 1703


Sorrento, Come Back to 2375, 584


Sorry 1902


Sound of Love, The 3503


Sound of Music, The [Cochran vocal], 2942


Sound of Music, The [Billy Jones arr. 2969


"Sound of Music" overture [My favorite things; Do re mi; Climb every mtn.]S#511


"Sound of Music, The" (3326), S#160


Sound-off [1970s?] NO#


South 2376


South America Take it Away 450


South Catalina [new-John Cochran & Group] 3474


"South Pacific" (2809), S#541


South Rampart St. Parade [arr. BB] (3217) S#254


Southern nights NO#


Southern nights [arr. Reitan] NO#


Southwind 413


Spain E#104


Spanish Eyes (old title-Moon Over Naples) [vocal score] (3344), S#286


Spanish Medley 2727, B of T 56, HB 169


Spanish Town, In a Little 2812


Speak easy E#53


Speak Low 1697


Speaking of Heaven 105


Spellbound 393


Sposin' (2 arr.) 386


Spring E#75


Spring NO#


Spring isn't everything E#106


Spring tonic NO#


Spring Will Be a Little Late this Year [Lloyd Arridge arr.] 376


Springtime on the Neches [Natchez?] 2815


"Stage Band Series" Leeds Publ. [stock arr.] [Undecided-little Girl - I'll Remember April-I Found a New Baby - Everybody Loves My Baby] 3477


"Stage Band Series" Leeds Publ. [stock arr.] [Matilda - Piccolo Pete - C'est Si Bon - For Dancers Only - Domino] 3478


"Stage Band Series" Leeds Publ. [stock arr.] [Hot Cha Cha Cha - Heartaches - Swinging the Petite Waltz - You Always Hurt the One You Love - the Old Piano Roll Blues] 3479


"Stage Band Series" Leeds Publ. [stock arr.] [Kiss of Fire - into Each Life Some Rain must Fall - the Girl from Ipanema - Woodchopper's Ball] 3480


Standing on the Corner 2568


Stanford (March) 2722


Star Dust 362


Star Dust (2885), S#206


Star Eyes [Stanley J. Wilson arr.] 355


Star spangled banner NO#


Star spangled banner E#79


Star Spangled Banner, The [No Score- Brass and Reeds] 3489 "Star Wars," Theme from S#50


Stara E#110


Starlight Sonata 440


Starlight Souvenirs 439


Stars and Stripes Forever (2 arr.) 1954


Stars Fell on Alabama (No Score) 2693


Stars in My Eyes 585


Stars in Your Eyes 1627


Stars Remain, The 423


Start the day right E#64


State waltzes [Missouri; Tennessee; Ohio; Carolina moon], (3155), S#610


Station break no. 1 HB 114


Station break no. 2 HB 116


Stay as Sweet as You Are 366


Stay Well 2011


Stay Where You Are 2203


Stayed away too long E#99


Stealin' apples NO#


Steam Heat 2498


Stein Song (College Medley) 1989


Stella by Starlight 418, 2477


Stella by starlight (3103) [arr. Bill Jones], S#223


Step to the Rear 3406


Steppin' out with My Baby 1716


Stolen Love 3120


Stormy Weather (a la Duchin) 2846, 401


Story of a Starry Night 359


Story of the Dixieland Band, The 1921


Stowaway E#100


Strange Love 424


Strange Music 1643


Strange music [arr. BB], (2826), S#371


Stranger in Paradise 2294


Stranger on the shore (3225), S#127


Strangers in the night (3331), S#313


Street Song, The (Pico & Sepulveda) 1715


Streets of Laredo, The 1820


Strike up the band E#97


Strangers in the Night ["7-19-66"] 3331


String Fever 2059


String of Pearls 397


String of pearls (2292), S#352


Strip Polka 434


Student Prince, The [arr. Dell Lampe] NO#


Stumbling Blocks 2732


Styne-Cahn Medley 1514


Such a pretty dress [arr. Bill Autry, 1947?] E#93


Suddenly (Show # 7) ["Freddy solo"] HB 162


Suddenly There's a Valley 2535


Sugar Blues (a la Clyde McCoy) 2849


Sugar Moon 2832


Sugartime 2820


Summer Is A-coming In 3027


Summer Moon 624


Summer Night 610


"Summer Place, A," Theme from 2945


Summer Samba 3360


Summer wind S#364


Summertime 158


Summertime [Ballard arr.] 3177


Summertime [no score; Kelsey arr.] 3175


Summer Wind 3362


Sunday in Old Santa Fe 2058


Sunday Kind of Love 430


Sunday Monday and Always 1706


Sunday Out in the Country, A 1832


Sunflower 1823


Sunflower [possibly FM alpha #1823] HB 198


Sunny 3417


Sunrise serenade E#88


Sunrise serenade [Frankie Carle] (3229), S#161


Sunshine Cake 1934


Sunshine Girl 2754


Sunshowers NO#


Sure Thing 405


Surprise Party 417


Surrender 438


Surrey with the Fringe on Top, The 406


Surrey With the Fringe On Top, The [no score] 3385


Susan [short segment] 2933


Susan E#74


Susie 404


Swan, The 414


Swanee, Rock-a-bye [vocal accomp.] 2870


Swanee River [part of Piano Cavalcade] 2182


Swedish Rhapsody, Theme from 1898


"Swedish Rhapsody," Theme from (2822), S#380


Sweet Affection 2756


Sweet and Gentle 2457


Sweet & lovely [2 arr.] NO#


Sweet & low [arr. Sheasby] E#86


Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart 371


Sweet Georgia Brown E#76


Sweet is the word for you E#58


Sweet Leilani S#466


Sweet Lorraine 387


Sweet Mama Tree Top Tall 2351


Sweet Rosie O'Grady NO#


Sweet someone E#60


Sweet Sue (2034, BofT 75), S#455


Sweet Sue 1651


Sweetest sounds, The (3176), S#137


Sweetheart [Eddie Sheasby arr., 1936] 607


Sweetheart 184


Sweetheart, darlin' [arr. Fred Van Eps] E#57


Sweetheart, let's grow old together NO#


Sweetheart of ATO E#94


Sweetheart of All My Dreams 383


Sweetheart of Sigma Chi (College Medley) 1989


Sweetheart Serenade 2123


Sweetheart waltzes (3152) [Let me call you sweetheart; Girl of my dreams; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi; Will you remember?]S#612a


Sweethearts [copied Fred Heward, 1936] NO#


Sweethearts Again 2377, 1425


Swingin' on a Star 444


Swingin' on a star E#98


Swingin' on a star [possibly E#98 OR FM alpha #444] HB 193


Swinging Down the Lane [no score] 2916


Swinging Down the Lane 341


Swiss Bell Ringer 457


S'wonderful 1649


Swonderful (2637), S#270


Sympathy [no score, piano & Gus] 3486


Symphonie moderne (2836)S#225


Symphony 453


Symphony [Freddy's opening medley] (814), S#452


Symphony in blue [Gershwin] NO#


Symphony Moderne 2379, 385


Symphony # 2 2378


Symphony of love E#87


Syncopated Clock, The 3096


Table Hopping #1 2911


Table Hopping #2 2912


Tabu E#41


Taffy NO#


Tag to commercial #1 (Show # 5) HB 98


Take Care 527


Take Care of Your Cares, I'll 3369


Take Her to Jamaica 2131


Take it Away 1112, 504


Take it Easy 1554


Take it from There 202


Take Me 481


Take me E#28


Take Me in Your Arms 536


Take My Love 2009


Take That "A" Train 2781


Take the A Train S#368


Take your time E#29


Takes Two to Tango 2267


Takin' a chance on love (Show # 7) ["Sandi"] HB 163


Taking a Chance on Love 546


Taking a chance on love (2359), S#395


Tales from the Vienna Woods 3148, 3248


Tales from Vienna Woods-blue Danube (Old-no Score) 112


Talk Me into it Baby 247


Talk of the Town 1556


Talk to the Animals 3415


Talking Shoes 3042


Tallahassee 523


Tambarina 2095


Tampico 615


Tangerine (No Score) 2685


Tango in the Rain 2735


"Taxi," Theme (tv show) [arr. Bob Ballard; Directors' Guild Awards, 1983] NO#


Tea for Two 466, 1725


Tea for two (Show # 3) ["Merv,"; 7-14-51] HB 95


Tea for Two [new] 3342


Tea for two [cha cha] (2784), S#366


Tea on the terrace E#7


Teach Me Tonight 2360


Teasin 2585


Television Themes (Dick Lasalle Arr.) 3421


Tell a Texan (No Score) 3383


Tell it to a Star 1547


Tell Me 1737, 1911, 2361


Tell Me a Story 1583


Tell me a story E#50


Tell me that you love me NO#


Tell Me Why 3117


Tell Me You Love Me 2013


Tell You What I'm Gonna Do 535


Temptation (No Score) 2702


Temptation 3239


Ten little bottles E#16


Ten Little Men with Feathers 490


Tenderly 1893, BofT 61


Tenderly (2215), S#294


Tenement Symphony 2042


Tennessee Waltz and My Heart Cries for You 3011


"Terms of Endearment," Theme [arr. Bob Ballard; Directors' Guild Awards, 1983] NO#


Terry's Theme 2311


Tesoro mio NO#


Texas 509


Texas Overture 2721


Texas polka E#26


Texas school songs NO#


Texas sequence (Show # 10) [9-8-51] HB 87


Thank heaven for little girls (2787), S#171


Thank You Very Much 3467


Thank Your Lucky Stars 1555


Thanks a million HB 117


Thanks for Everything 107


Thanks for the Dream 249


Thanks for the Memory (1594, 531), HB187


Thanks for the Memory [short segment] 2958


Thanks to You 2234


Thanksgiven 251


That Ain't What We Call Him in the Army 492


That Certain Party 3136


That Little Dream Got Nowhere 500


That Lucky Fellow 130


That Lucky Old Sun 1836


That Old Black Magic 1542


That Old Feeling 532


That Reminds Me 199


That Sly Old Gentleman 221


That's a Plenty 1931, 216


That's All 3463


That's All I Want from You 2362


That's Amore (No Score) 3382


That's Entertainment 2522


That's Entertainment (3432), S#292


That's for Me 488, 511


That's Gratitude 1744


That's how I need you [arr. Dick Stabile, 1960s?] NO#


That's My Desire 516


That's the Beginning of the End 505


That's the Chance You Take 3030


That's What I like about the South (Harris) 3293


That's what makes Paris Paree (Show # 7) ["Stu & Murray"] HB 164


Theme NO#


Theme-Opening and Closing 830


Theme-Show [Tschaikowsky's Bb min. Pno Con] (2905)S#415


Theme (Tonight We Love) (1 Chorus) 2841


Theme from "A Summer Place" 2945


Theme from "The Apartment" 2954


Theme from "Cornish Rhapsody" 524


Theme from "Exodus" 2984


Theme from "The Swedish Rhapsody" 2822


Theme from Tschaikowsky Sixth Symphony 2827


Theme from "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" 3335


Theme song fantasy E#37


Then you walked into the room E#9


There Ain't Nobody Here but Us Chickens 1544


There Are Such Things 491


There Goes My Heart (Vocal Accom.) 2 Keys 2871


There Goes That Song Again 489


There Is No Breeze 518


There Is Nothing like a Dame 2006


There I've said it again E#51


There I've Said it Again 510


There must Be a Way 1553


There must be someone for me E#52


There Never Was a Night So Beautiful 2363


There Ought to Be a Society 1660


There They Are 1552


There Will Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight 822


There will never be another you [arr. Don Carper] E#31


There Won't Be a Shortage of Love 494


There You Are 2036


There'll Be No New Tunes in this Old Piano 2165


There'll Soon Be a Rainbow 545


There's a Far Away Look in Your Eyes 113, 2364


There's a far away look in your eyes E#6


There's a lull in my life E#44


There's a New Fire Burning in the Old Fire Place 528


There's Be No New Tunes on this Old Piano 2165


There's music in the land NO#


There's Music in You 2282


There's No Holding Me 514


There's No One but You 508


There's No Tomorrow 1904, 2196


There's No You 507


There's Only One in Love 127


There's Plenty of Fish in the Ocean 2284


There's something about you E#32


These Are the Hands 3318


These Foolish Things 539


They Can't Convince Me 506


They Can't Take That Away from Me 2458


They can't take that away from me E#24


They can't take that away from me (2458) [arr. Bill Jones], S#397


They Met in Rio 1550


They Say 109


They Say It's Wonderful 513


They Were Doin' the Mambo 2365


Thing, The 2094


Things Are Different Now 515


Things I Love, The 1732


Things That Mean So Much to Me, The 254


Things We Did Last Summer, The 526


Things You Left in My Heart, The 522


Think [Ballard arr.] 3272


Think of Me (2 arr.) 1590


Thinking about the Wabash 1551


Thinking of You 1569, 2093


"3rd man" Theme (1929), S#296


Thirty Flirty Redheads and Fifty Nifty Blondes 2088


This Can't Be Love 543


This Can't Be Love (Show # 16) ["Merv & Carol"] HB 62


This Changing World 235


This Could Be the Start of Something Big 2990


This Day 1548


This Guy's in Love 3416


This Heart of Mine 129, 496


This Is All I Ask 3241


This Is Always 1642


This is baseball [arr. Solita Palmer, 1962] NO#


This is more than love E#36


This Is My Prayer 480


This Is No Laughing Matter 478


This Is the Army, Mr. Jones 542


This Is the Missus 487


This Is the Moment 1747


This Is the Night 462


This Is Worth Fighting for 1558


This Love 1577


This love of mine E#35


This Nearly Was Mine 1879


This Time 525


This year's kisses E#25


This You Gotta See 2064, 2130


Thoroughly Modern Millie 3371


Thoro'ly modern Millie S#35


Those were the days [show] (3424), S#57


Thou Swell 529


Thou swell medley (2884) [Sunny, Honey bun, June is bustin', Goody-goody]S#101


Three Bells, The 2671


Three Blind Mice 2250


Three Coins in the Fountain 2512


Three Dreams 476


Three Little Maids 464


Three Little Mosquitoes 499


Three Little Words - Medley # 5 [Cheerful Cheerful Little Earfull;Dream Boat] 3341, S#417


Three little words E#49


Three little words [probably FM alpha #3140] HB 135


Three little words [TV w/ vocal chorus] (3140), S#479


Three Loves (The Story Of) 2287


3 O'Clock Cue (Show # 12) HB 57


Three o'clock in the morning NO#


Three O'Clock in the Morning 134


Three on a Match 465


Three Terrific Guys 479


Threw a Kiss in the Ocean 482


Thrill of a new romance, The E#33


Thrill of a Romance, The 1782


Thrilled NO#


Through 2456


Through a Long and Sleepless Night 1869


Ti Wacky Woo 1848


Tico Tico 1748


Tico tico E#81


Tico tico (2314), S#337


Tie a Yellow Ribbon (Billy May arr.) (3520), S#93


Til we meet again (Show # 5) HB 142


Till (2775), S#214


Till Love Touches Your Life (From "Madron") 3456


Till Reveille 493


Till the End of Time 1543


Till the end of time [Chopin Polonaise in Ab] (2837), S#379


'Till We Meet Again -Medley #7 3352, 537


Timbales 1580


Time Alone 2352


Time Alone Will Tell 547


Time Lapse (Score Only) 3219


Time Medley (Cochran - show arr.) 2970


Time medley S#548


Time on my hands (2890) [arr. Bill Jones]S#224


Time on my hands E#22


Time on My Hands (Old-no Score) 2890, 2602


Time Stands Still 533


Time Waits for No One 544


Time Was 484


Timeless 2089


Times like these E#80


Times like these NO#


Tina Marie 2521


Tiptoe thru the Tulips - Medley # 8 3357


'Tis Autumn 483


Titania NO#


To a Wild Rose 243


To Each His Own [Freddy's Opening Medley] (814, 501), S#465


To Each His Own (Eddie Howard) 3230


To Love Again 2606


To Me 503


Tobias Medley 87


Toca Tu Samba 1458


Tog Trot Stuff 2092


Together E#40


Tommy Dorsey, Salute to 2645


Tomorrow Is Forever 519


Tomorrow Night 222


Tonight (Perfidia) 684


Tonight -(West Side Story) -No Score 3387


Tonight S#128


Tonight We Love 97, 495, 3210


Tonight We Love [theme - show] 2905


Tonight We Love [new] (2752), S#198


Tonight We Love [Johnny Cochrane vocal] 2841


Too Beautiful for Words 474


Too Close for Comfort 2626


Too Many Times 512


Too marvelous for words E#39


Too marvelous for words E#48


Too Much in Love 1563


Too Much Love 1526


Too Soon 521


Too Young 3017


Too Young or Too Old 1541


Toodle-oo E#11


Took my breath away E#8


Tooralooraloora E#27


Toot Toot Tootsie (Vocal Group) 2632, 1880


Top hat, white tie (2741), S#384


Top Hat, White Tie and Tails 475


Topkapi (No Score) 3497


Top of the Strip (No Score) 3498


Touch of Texas 486


Touch of Texas (Show # 2) ["Freddy & Men"] HB 128


Toyland--(Christmas Medley 1954) 2516


Toy Piano Boogie 1968


Toy Piano Start [TV Show] 2103


Toy Trumpet 2256


Trade Winds 485


Train bridge E#5


Traviata Theme [Verdi] 2366


Treat Me Right Baby


2367 Trees #1; Trees #2 E#2


Trolley Song (Show # 19) HB 19


Trolley Song, The 2027


Trub Trub Trouble 3132


True 540


True love (2257) [arr. Bill Jones]S#141


Truly 1936


Trust in Me 3118


Trust in me E#12


Try this on Your Lilly Belle 472


Trying 2268


Tschaikowsky Concerto 608


Tschaikowsky 6th Symphony Theme (2827)S#370


Tschaikowsky Violin Concerto 463


Tuck Me in to Sleep 2672


Tulips and Heather 3081


Tulips are talking tonight, The E#17


Tutti Fluti 3053


Twas the Night Before Christmas 2159


Tweedlee Dee 2368


Twelfth Street Rag (1714), S#288


Twenties Medley (Show # 19)HB 3


Twenties Medley (Show # 11) HB 53


Twenty-three Starlets and Me 2108, 2253


Twenty Years from Today 1963


Twilight Dream, My (Eddy Duchin) 3288


Twilight Song 520


Twilight time E#38


Twilight time NO#


Twin hurricanes NO#


Twinkle in your eye, The NO#


Twist, The 3171


Twist #1 S#115


Twist Your Tongue 106


Two cent stamp E#23


Two Different Worlds 2623


Two Faced Clock 2212


Two Guitars 477


Two hearts that pass in the night NO#


Two Hearts under One Umbrella 473


Two Heavens 1557


Two in love NO#


Two Loves Have I (2 arr.) 530


Two shadows in the moonlight E#30


Two Silhouettes 1623


Two Sleepy People 227


Two Things to Worry about 1603


"2001" Theme NO#


2-3-4 E#413


Tzena, Tzena, Tzena 1975