Inventory of Sierra Nevada Photographs / Taken by Theodore Seixas Solomons [graphic], ca. 1892-ca. 1896

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Inventory of Sierra Nevada Photographs / Taken by Theodore Seixas Solomons [graphic], ca. 1892-ca. 1896

Collection number: BANC PIC 1971.061-.061b--PIC

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Sierra Nevada Photographs / Taken by Theodore Seixas Solomons [graphic],
Date (inclusive): ca. 1892-ca. 1896
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1971.061-.061b--PIC
Creator: Solomons, Theodore Seixas, 1870-1947
Extent: Number of items: BANC PIC 1971.061: 222 negatives (in 11 boxes) BANC PIC 1971.061a-b: 2 vintage photographic prints and 1 copy photographic print
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Physical Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
Abstract: Photos of Sierra Nevada scenery including Tuolumne River Canyon, Kings River, Mono Creek, San Joaquin River, Tehipite Valley and the Yosemite, Mt. Lyell, Mt. Ritter and Devil's Postpile regions.
Languages Represented: English

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[Identification of item], Sierra Nevada photographs / taken by Theodore Seixas Solomons [graphic], BANC PIC 1971.061-.061b--PIC, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

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Gift of the Sierra Club.

List of Items

Box 1 (8x10), item 1

Granite Pinnacle near Cathedral Park.

item 3

Cathedral Peak from south.

item 4

Cathedral Peak from southwest.

item 5

Cathedral Peak from west.

item 6

[View of butte through trees]

item 7a

Panorama: Lyell and McClure--Mt. Lyell.

item 7b

Panorama: Lyell and McClure--Mt. McClure.

item 8

Lower Glacier, Mt. Lyell.

item 9

Upper Glacier, Mt. Lyell.

item 10

Terminal Lake, Mt. Lyell.

item 11

Ritter Group from Divide.

item 12

Mt. Ritter and Mt. Banner from Divide.

item 13

Ko-ip Crest from south.

item 15

Banner Peak from Camp.

item 19

[Snow on Mountain Slopes]

item 20

Thousand Island Lake and Ritter Group.

item 21

Lake in gorge of main San Joaquin River.

Box 2 (8x10), item 22

Crean(?) Rock, Fish Creek Canyon.

item 23

Sheep Camp--Chiquita Meadows.

item 23a

Minarets from south--horizontal.

item 23b

Minarets from south--vertical.

item 24

[Stream Flowing Near Rocks]

item 27

Shark's Teeth

item 30

Balloon Dome from north--"Whitney."

Box 10 (4x5), item 31

Up South Fork, above North Fork--San Joaquin River.

item 32

Looking down South Fork toward North Fork--San Joaquin River.

item 33

Fall, South Wall, South Fork--San Joaquin River.

item 37

Lower Upper Fall, Middle Fork--San Joaquin River.

item 39

Sources [of] Middle Fork--San Joaquin River.

item 41a-c

Wallace Panorama.

item 42

The Hermit, Middle Fork--San Joaquin River.

item 43

Fall on Main South Fork--San Joaquin River.

item 44a-b

Goddard Amphitheatre.

item 45a-d

Goddard Amphitheatre.

item 48a

Enchanted Gorge.

item 48b

Head of Enchanted Gorge.

item 48c

Enchanted Gorge.

item 49

The Rotunda, Enchanted Gorge.

Box 11 (4x5), item 50

Snow Tunnel, Enchanted Gorge.

item 51

Goddard Creek, Yosemite, South Wall.

item 52

Up Goddard Creek Canyon.

item 52a

Up South Fork from West Jackson Flats.

item 53

Middle Fork, King's River, above Tehipite Valley.

item 54

Camp in Tehipite Valley (negative broken).

item 55

Tehipite Dome (1895).

item 56

Crown Creek Falls, Tehipite Valley.

item 57a

Tehipite Valley Panorama.

item 57b

Tehipite Valley Panorama from trail.

item 58

Tehipite Valley from trail (1895).

item 59

South Wall from side Dome, Tehipite Valley.

item 60

Bonner & Solomons, King's River Canyon.

Box 2 (8x10), item 62

Titan's Playground, Tehipite Valley.

item 65

Woodworth Mt.

item 66

Tu-ni-mah Mt. and Buck's Peak. "Unless Winchell has - this historically valuable."

Box 11 (4x5), item 68

Head Canyon, Middle Fork, San Joaquin River.

Box 2 (8x10), item 69

Fiske's Mine.

Box 11 (4x5), item 69a

Too many pancakes, on the dream of the seeker of alpine wilderness.

Box 2 (8x10), item 70

Castellated crags on Middle Fork, King's River.

item 71

Cliffs, Middle Fork, King's River "May be a valuable first."

item 74

Granite Basin Lake (horses).

item 76

Fairview Dome from north.

item 77

View from Round Valley.

item 78

Upper rapids, Tuolumne Canyon.

item 79

Rocks on south side, Tuolumne Canyon Upper, falls region of canyon.

item 80

"Three Brothers," Tuolumne Canyon.

item 82

Tuolumne Falls, Tuolumne Canyon.

item 83

White Cascades, Tuolumne Canyon.

Box 3 (8x10), item 83.5

Virginia Falls, Tuolumne Canyon.

item 84

View down Tuolumne Canyon from above California Cascades.

item 85

LeConte Cascades, 1894.

item 86

Distant view of LeConte Cascade, Tuolumne Canyon.

item 87

California Cascade, Tuolumne Canyon.

item 88

Back toward Return Creek, Tuolumne Canyon.

item 89

Twin Falls, Tuolumne Canyon

item 90

Muir Gorge, Tuolumne Canyon.

item 91

Lower Tuolumne Canyon from Hardin Lake.

item 92

Down Cascade and Upper Brother, Tuolumne Canyon.

item 93

Upper Brother from Gravel Flat, Tuolumne Canyon.

item 95

El Capitan-like rock, Tuolumne Canyon (1896).

item 96

Handsome canyon view, Cascade and El Capitan, Tuolumne Canyon.

item 97

Across canyon, Split Rock, Tuolumne Canyon.

item 98

General view [of] California Cascade.

item 101

Down LeConte Cascade.

item 102a

Panoramic view [of] Tuolumne Canyon and Return Creek.

item 103

Down canyon from below Return Creek, on south side (1896).

item 104

View north from base of Mt. Clark.

item 105

Down Merced toward Yosemite.

item 106

Merced Panorama, 1st.

item 107a

Merced Panorama, 2nd.

Box 4 (8x10), item 107b

Merced Panorama, No. 2.

item 108

Ritter and Minarets from Merced Pass (1896).

item 110

Balloon Dome from the east.

item 110.5

Telephoto view, Balloon Dome from the east.

item 111a

Panorama, Bear Creek (Seven Gables).

item 111b

Bear Creek Panorama. This (first saved) view of Bear Creek from the north shows the obviousness of Selden Pass, and showed that the main basin sweeping the immediate base of Seven Gables was unusable.

item 112

Seven Gables.

item 113

Telephoto view [of] Seven Gables.

item 114

Across Mono Canyon from Head First Recess.

item 115

North Wall Mono Creek Canyon.

item 116

Yosemite-like cliff, Mono Creek Canyon.

item 117

Grizzly Point, Mono Creek Canyon.

item 118

Cliffs, first recess, Mono Creek.

item 119

Cliffs, first recess, [medium].

item 120

Across first recess, Mono Creek.

item 121

Down Mono Creek Canyon.

item 122

Down Mono Creek Canyon from North Pass.

item 123

Fourth recess, Mono Creek Canyon.

item 125

Mono Rock from north.

item 126

Mt. Humphreys from Electric Point.

item 128

Bear Creek (lower) and Mt. Hilgard. This identification of Hilgard will answer Farquhar's query as to Recess vs. Hilgard. _______ incorrect placing of Hilgard on the first maps.

item 129

Bear Butte.

Box 5 (8x10), item 130

Jackass Dyke.

item 131

Jackass Flats from glacial slope.

item 132

Looking down South Fork (from bend).

item 133

Looking up South Fork (from Big Bend).

item 134

Pavilion Dome, South Fork of San Joaquin River.

item 136

Looking down the South Fork of the San Joaquin from Goddard Valley.

item 137

Mount Goddard.

item 138

Divide south of Mount Goddard. "A Beauty, just what is this divide -- The Mount Goddard - Goddess Creek (Kings Rise) watershed?

item 138.5

South wall, Blaney Meadows.

item 140

Tehipite Valley - Looking up, '96. Value of these depends on what Winchell took first.

item 141a-b

Lower Tehipite Panorama.

item 142

Side view - Throne of Jove.

item 143

Throne of Jove - Full view - Tehipite Valley.

item 145

Sunset View, Tehipite Dome.

item 146

Tehipite Dome - General view from trail.

item 147

Chickering on Tehipite Dome.

item 148(a-c)

Upper Tehipite Panorama 1. Starr 1 (a-c) print.

Box 6 (8x10), item 149(a-c)

Upper Tehipite Panorama No. 2. Starr 1.

item 150

Up Silver Creek and Centmella del Sur, Tehipite Valley.

item 151

100 Pyramids, Tehipite Valley. Starr 1 - pretty dark.

item 152(a-b)

Panorama north from Tu-ne-mah Mountain.

item 153

Mt. Goddard from Tu-ne-mah Mountain (enlarged).

item 154

Palisades from Tu-ne-mah Mountain (enlarged).

item 155

Up Goddard Creek Canyon from Dougherty Corrals (?)

item 156

High country.

item 157(a-c)

Upper South Fork panorama, King's River. (c: King's River and Bubb's Creek.) Starr 1, Chick 1

item 159

Brewer - Telephoto. Apparently from same point from which Granite Basin view south across King's River Canyon was taken by Starr.

item 160

Glacier Monument.

item 161

Sphinx Wall from floor - King's River Canyon.

item 162a

Panorama, Tu-ne-mah Mountain east.

item 162c

Tehipite from Tu-ne-mah Mountain.

item 163

Cliff, first recess, Mono Creek. Chick 1.

Box 7 (8x10), item 166

Yosemite from El Capitan.

item 168

Half Dome from Basket Dome. This is the dog-gone place from which I had to descend to Mirror Lake. Will someone please identify it by the foreground and find out why I could not remount that 10 or 15 feet to the top from where I had come? TSS Nov. 1939 1897 first part of trip with Prices and Reid.

item 169

Half Dome from Cloud's Rest.

item 171

Tenaya Lake from Cloud's Rest.

item 172

Little Yosemite from north side of Merced Canyon.

item 174

Lake Merced from the west.

item 174a

Lake Merced through the trees.

item 175

Up Merced Canyon from near Ford.

item 176

Lake Washburn from lower end.

item 177

Lake Washburn, looking west.

item 178

Lake Washburn, looking east.

item 179

River scene, up Merced Meadows.

item 180

Merced Peak Cirque. Starr 1, Chick 1.

item 181

Ritter Group from Merced Peak. Starr 1, Chick 1.

item 182(a-c)

Panorama from Merced Peak.

item 183

Lake, base [of] Merced Peak.

item 186

Fall on North Fork, San Joaquin River.

item 187

Ritter from across North Fork Lake. Starr 1, Chick 1.

item 188(a-b)

Ritter group from west.

item 191

View down Lyell Fork.

Box 8 (8x10), item 194

Emerald Plume Cascade. Lyell Fork Merced?

item 195(a-c)

Panorama from Mount Florence.

item 196

Western face of Mount Kellogg.

item 197

Ritter group from Mount Kellogg.

item 198

View east from Upper Lyell fork of Merced River Meadows. Starr 1, Chick 1.

item 199

Spear Head - Psuga Patomana. Mount Ansel Adams. This should be identified and note made of this very fitting name for the little peak.

item 200

View up Lyell Fork, Merced River.

item 203

Cathedral Peak from south--north view. Starr 1, Chick 1.

item 206

Tenaya Lake from south side.

item 207

[Tenaya Lake?]

item 210(?)

Upper Tuolumne Canyon. Starr 1, Chick 1.

item 211

Across base [of] Upper California Cascade.

item 212

Up Tuolumne Canyon from below Return Creek.

item 213

South Wall Tuolumne Canyon below Return Creek.

item 214

Looking down Tuolumne Canyon from below Return Creek.

item 219

Columnar basalt on Tuolumne River.

item 220

Cathedral Park Group from near Soda Springs.

item 222

[Panorama of Forest and Mountains]

Box 9 (8x10), item 223

Lyell Group from north.

item 225

Ko-ip Crest from west.

item 226

Ritter Group from near crest.

item 227

Ritter Group from near crest [magnified].

item 229

Slate jointing in gorge, main San Joaquin River.

item 230

Devil's Post Pile, front view.

item 231

Devil's Post Pile, side view. Starr 1, Chick 1.

item 234

View of Crockers from southwest.

item [235]

Lakes at head of Rocks Creek from Electric Point.

item [236]

High mountain lakes.

item [237]

North Dome, King's River Canyon.

item [238]

Granite Basin Lakes.

item [239]

Up King's River Canyon.

item [240]

Grand Sentinel.

item [241a-b]

Tehipite Dome.

item [242]

Solomons' contour map of Tehipite Valley, 1891.

item [243]

[Caption unknown: looking up a High Sierra views with granite and trees].

item [244]

[Caption unknown: Looking down cliff face (at right) into valley]

Box 11 (4x5), item [245]

Up South Fork in Jackson Flats (numbered 52 on negative).

item [246]

Woodworth Mountain from southeast, 1895 (numbered 80 on negative).

item [247]

Upper section wall, upper part (numbered 83 on negative).

item 1971.061a:1

[Vintage print of 244 (above)]

item 1971.061a:2

[Vintage print of 169 (above)] Half Dome from Clouds' Rest.

item 1971.061b:1

E. C. Bonner...and others taken by Theodore S. Solomons of the Sierra Club in July 1895. Tehipitee Valley Middle Fork of the Kings River Fresno County California. [Copy photo from an album page.]