Finding Aid to the Joseph Cummings Rowell Papers, 1884-1937

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Finding Aid to the Joseph Cummings Rowell Papers, 1884-1937

Collection number: BANC MSS C-B 419

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Joseph Cummings Rowell Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1884-1937
Collection Number: BANC MSS C-B 419
Creator: Rowell, Joseph Cummings, 1853-1938
Extent: Number of containers: 3 boxes Number of microfilm reels: 1 (partial)
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
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Languages Represented: English

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Joseph Cummings Rowell papers, BANC MSS C-B 419, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Scope and Content

These papers, assembled from various sources, relate to Rowell's duties as librarian and archivist of the University of California. Many pertain to the acquisition of the Bancroft Collection for the University, to the assembling of papers of Edward R. Sill, to the search for Kaweah Colony material. Some papers concerning his library classification system and his activities in the California Library Association are also included.

Key to Arrangement

Box 1

Outgoing letters, mainly carbon copies, 1884-1937


Incoming letters, A-L


Arranged alphabetically. Single items have been placed in an A-Z Miscellany. A partial list of correspondents will be found at the end of this report.

Box 2

Incoming letters, M-Z


Papers relating to the purchase of the Bancroft Library, including:


Certificate of appraisal of the collection


Documents and miscellaneous papers relating to the transfer of the library to the University, 1905


Rowell: Misc. speeches


Miscellaneous items relating to the San Francisco earthquake and fire, 1906


Clippings, roughly sorted by subject: book reviews, California School of Mechanical Arts, San Francisco; Rowell; misc.




Scrapbook, 1 v., containing literary quotations, obits, clippings re Rowell and libraries, especially that of the University of California, circa 1884-1935.

Box 3

Material re libraries


California Library Association:


Circulars, menus, programs, notices of meetings, and statistics on English fiction in libraries, ca, 1896-1907


Library classification:


Misc, papers, mainly devoted to the elaboration of Rowell's own classification scheme.


Travel notes on libraries, including blank forms used by other libraries.


Misc, relating to the University of California Library, including lecture notes, information on history of the library, misc, pertaining to the library's map collection, and papers relating to the dismissal of two library employees, 1902-1903

Partial List of Correspondents


A-Z Miscellany


Adams, George Plimpton, 1882-


Letter, Nov. 16, 1917


American Library Association


Letter, Mar. 26, 1903, by Mary W. Plummer


Atherton, Gertrude Franklin (Horn), 1857-1948


Letter, Dec. 28, 1916


Bacon, Thomas Rutherford, 1850-1913


Letter, Dec. 2, 1898


Barnes, William H. L., 1836-1902


Letter, Feb. 12, 1897


Barry, James Henry, 1856-1927


Letter, Oct. 18, 1907


Bidwell, A. R.


Letter, Dec. 18, 1934. Information re E. R. Sill.


Boas, Franz, 1858-1942


Letter, Nov. 18, 1887


British Museum


Letter, Sept. 13, 1910, by G. K. Fortescue


Brown University. John Carter Brown Library.


Letter, Nov. 7, 1906, by H. L. Koopman


Buckham, John Wright, 1864-1945


Letter, May 20, 1935


Budd, James Herbert, 1853-1908


Letter, Nov. 30, 1883


Butterfield, Harry Morton, 1887-


Letter, Jan. 23, 1935


California. University, Berkeley. Library Committee


Letter, Mar. 15, 1880, by Frank Soulé


Cambridge, Eng. University. Library


Letter, Feb. 8, 1893, by F. J. H. Jenkinson


Chamberlain, Annette J.


Letter, Sept. 29, 1938, containing her recollections of the Howisons.


Cheney, William Atwell, 1848-1925


Letter, June 8, 1917


Cleveland, Ohio. Public Library


Letter by W. H. Brett, undated


Coblentz, Stanton Arthur, 1896-


Letter, May 26, 1931


Cornell University, Library


Letter, Nov. 22, 1888, by G. W. Harris


Crane, Frances Grayson


Letter, Feb. 27, 1904, re A. J. Grayson's bird illustrations


Croudace, Lenore


Letter, Sept. 4, 1910


Davis, Horace, 1831-1916


Letter, Sept. 24, 1908


Detroit, Mich. Public Library


Letter, May 29, 1894, by H. M. Utley


Edwards, George


Letter, Oct. 4, 1906 re Bancroft Library


Forbes Library, Northampton, Mass.


Letter, Feb. 13?, 1902, by C. A. Cutter


Gayley, Charles Mills, 1858-1932


Letter, Dec. 1, 1898


Green, Samuel Swett, 1837-


Letter, July 30, 1898 . Enclosing letter of Herbert Putnam, re disposal of Bancroft Library.


Hall of White Cooks, Waiters and Employees Protective Union


Letter, May 1, 1886


Hallidie, Andrew Smith, 1836-1900


Letter, Dec. 2, 1898, relating to the importance of the Bancroft Collection.


Harrison, William Greer, 1835-1916


Letter, May 19, 1902


Hart, Walter Morris, 1872-1964


Letter, Apr. 7, 1935


Hittell, Theodore Henry, 1830-1917


Letter, July 18, 1898, re value of Bancroft Collection


Honcharenko, Agapius, 1831-1916


Letter, Dec. 1, 1907


Hoover, Herbert Clark, 1874-1964


Letter, Mar. 29, 1935


Howard, Emma Shafter


Letter, Aug. 14, 1902


Howison, George Holmes, 1834-1916


Letter, Dec. 1, 1898, re importance of acquiring the Bancroft Collection


James, George Wharton, 1858-1923


Letter, Dec. 16, 1909


Jastrow, Morris, 1861-1921


Letter, June 3, 1913


John Crerar Library, Chicago


Letter, Sept. 14, 1904, by C. M. Andrews


Johnson, Hiram Warren, 1866-1945


Letter, June 3, 1935


Jones, Clarence Miller


Letter, Feb. 11, 1908, Letter written by his secretary, F. A. Weed, with inscribed booklet: From Rime to Reason...


Jones, William Carey, 1854-1923


Letter, Dec. 1, 1898, re value of acquiring the Bancroft Collection


Keeler, Charles Augustus, 1871-1937


Letter, May 8, 1894


Kip, William Ingraham, 1811-1893


Letter, Sept. 14, 1884


Knowles, William A. L.


Letter, Jan. 2, 1907, re Kaweah


Kofoid, Charles Atwood, 1865-1947


Letter, Mar. 30, 1937


Kyne, Peter Bernard, 1880-1957


Letter, [Jan, 1916]


Le Conte, Joseph, 1823-1901


Letter, Dec. 6, 1898, re importance of acquiring the Bancroft Library


Lindley, Curtis Holbrook, 1850-1920


Letter, Oct. 17, 1907


Little, George Thomas, 1857-1915


Letter, Aug. 18, 1902


Lubin, David, 1849-1919


Letter, Dec. 12, 1898, with copy of his pamphlet, Shall It Be Labor Or Shall It Be Service?


McGaffey, Ernest, 1861-


Letter, Aug. 26, 1937


Manly, William Lewis


Letter, Feb. 3?, 1895


Markham, Edwin, 1852-1940


Letter, Aug. 29, 1900


Martin, James John, 1845-1938?


Letter, July 27, 1912, re Kaweah


Marye, George Thomas, 1849-1933


Letter, Mar. 17, 1924


Massachusetts. State Library, Boston


Letter, Feb. 28, 1887, by C. B. Tillinghast


Michigan. University, Ann Arbor, Library


Letter, Oct. 24, 1907, by Theo. W. Koch


Mighels, Ella Sterling (Clara), 1853-1934


Letter, Feb. 12, 1931


Milne, Frances Margaret (Tener), 1846-


Letter, Mar. 29, 1906


Moses, Bernard, 1846-1930


Letter, Dec. 3, 1898, re value of Bancroft Collection


Muir, John, 1838-1914


Letter, Oct. 15, 1901, commenting on two fragments of writings of William P. Gibbons, enclosed.


New York. State Library, Albany


Letter, Mar. 5, 1912, by James L. Wyer


Nye, Alfred Bourne


Letter, Apr. 18, 1910, written as Controller, State of California


Oak, Henry Lebbeus, 1844-1905


Letter, July 15, 1898, concerning value of the Bancroft Collection


Oak, Ora


Letter, July 1, 1906


Olney, Mary (McLean), 1873-1965


Letter, Dec. 7, 1934, re E. R. Sill


Olney, Warren, 1870-1939


Letter, Aug. 22, 1904


Parker, William Belmont, 1871-1934


Letter, May 2, 1930


Perkins, George Clement, 1839-1923


Letter, Jan. 14, 1902


Pratt, Alice Edwards


Letter, Dec. 22, 1934, re E. R. Sill


Redstone, Albert E.


Letter, July 11, 1912, concerning Kaweah


Richardson, Ernest Cushing, 1860-1939


Letter, Jan. 30, 1912


Richardson, Leon Joseph, 1868-1964


Letter, Mar. 8, 1935


Rieber, Charles Henry, 1866-


Letter, Jan. 1, 1918


Royce, Josiah, 1855-1916


Letter, July 23, 1898, re valuation of the Bancroft Collection


Royce, Katharine (Head) [Mrs. Josiah Royce]


Letter, Nov. 28, 1934, re Josiah Royce


Salem, Mass. Public Library


Letter, Oct. 1, 1890, by G. M. Jones


San Francisco. Public Library


Letter, Jan. 19, 1909, by W. R. Watson


Setchell, William Albert, 1864-1943


Letter, Apr. 6, 1937


Spreckels, Rudolph, 1872-1958


Letter, Nov. 20, 1908


Stephens, Henry Morse, 1857-1919


Letter, May 8, 1910


Stillman, John Maxson, 1852-1923


Letter, Dec. 8, 1914, containing recollections of Christy.


Swett, John, 1830-1913


Receipt, June 1, 1904


Taylor, Harvey


Letter, July 2, 1931, including list of Mss. and books of and about Jack London, and other California authors


U.S. Bureau of Mines


Letter, Mar. 22, 1917, by Lauson Stone


U.S. Surgeon-General's Office


Letter, Jan. 6, 1885, by John S. Billings


U.S. Weather Bureau


Letter, Aug. 24, 1906, by Alexander McAdie


Van Name, Addison, 1835-1922


Letter, Nov. 9, 1892


Vogdes, Anthony Wayne, 1843-


Letter, Dec. 1, 1901


Wagner, Arthur Lockwood, 1853-1905


Letter, Oct. 21, 1897


Washington. University, Seattle. Library


Letter, July 9, 1908


Waste, William Harrison, 1868-1940


Letter, May 22, 1919


Weed, Benjamin


Letter, Nov. 27, 1915, with printed copy of his poem, Dance of Iris


Wesleyan University. Library


Letter, Feb. 24, 1892, by W. J. James


Wheeler, Charles Stetson, 1863-1923


Letter, Sept. 13, 1909


White, Stephen Mallory, 1853-1901


Letter, Aug. 1, 1897


Whitney, Charlotte Anita, 1867-


Letter, May 11, 1913


Wood, Charles Esrkine Scott, 1852-1944


Letter, Feb. 12, 1928


Yale, Charles Gregory


Letter, Dec. 13, 1887


Abbot, Carlisle Stewart, 1828-


2 letters, 1917


Ames, Joseph Sweetman, 1864-1943

see Johns Hopkins University


Andrews, Clement Walker, 1858-1930

see John Crerar Library, Chicago


Avery, Samuel Putnam, 1822-


2 letters, 1896-[1897]


Bancroft, Hubert Howe, 1832-1918


2 letters, 1898-1900


Barrows, David Prescott, 1873-1954


4 letters, 1919-1938. 1919 letter as president, University of California


Belcher, Rebecca Anne


2 letters, 1935, containing information re E. R. Sill


Billings, John Shaw, 1839-1913

see New York. Public Library.

See also U.S. Surgeon-General's Office


Bliss, Henry Evelyn, 1870-1955

see New York. City College. Library


Bonté, John Harmon C., d. 1896

see California. University. Regents


Bradley, Harold Cornelius, 1878-


3 letters, 1934-1935


Brett, William Howard, 1846-1918

see Cleveland, Ohio. Public Library


Burgess, Gelett, 1866-1951


2 letters, 1894-1896


California. State Library, Sacramento


7 letters, 1903-1935, by J. L. Gillis, William R. Watson, Milton J. Ferguson and Mabel R. Gillis.


California. University. President


8 letters, 1903-1919, by Benjamin Ide Wheeler and Farnham P. Griffiths.

See also Barrows, David Prescott; Sproul, Robert Gordon; and Reid, William Thomas


California. University. Press


2 letters, 1912-1935. 1935 letter by Samuel T. Farquhar.


California. University. Regents


4 letters, 1893-1905, by V. H. Henderson and J. H. C. Bonté, Some are copies only.


California. University. Vice-President


3 letters, 1934-1938, by M. E. Deutsch


Campbell, William Wallace, 1862-1938


2 letters, 1904-1919. 1904 letter written as director, Lick Observatory.


Canfield, James Hulme, 1847-1909

see Columbia University. Library


Cheney, John Vance, 1848-1922


3 letters, 1890-1901. 1898 letter re valuation of the Bancroft Collection.


Chicago. University. Library


3 letters, 1898-1919, by Zella A. Dixson and J. C. M. Hanson


Columbia University. Library


3 letters, 1884-1907, by James H. Canfield and Melvil Dewey. 1884 letter is signed printed form letter.


Coolbrith, Ina Donna, 1842-1928


4 letters, 1880-1909, mainly as librarian, Oakland Public Library


Cutter, Charles Ammi, 1837-1903

see Forbes Library, Northampton, Mass.


Davidson, George, 1825-1911


6 letters, 1898-1910. 1898 letters re valuation of Bancroft Collection


Deutsch, Monroe Emanuel, 1879-1955

see California. University. Vice-President


Dewey, Melvil, 1851-1931

see New York, University.

See also Columbia University. Library


Doyle, John Thomas, 1819-1906


3 letters, 1898-1904. 1898 letter relates to the value of the Bancroft Collection.


Eames, Wilberforce, 1855-1937

see New York. Public Library


Farquhar, Samuel Thaxter, 1890-

see California. University. Press


Fletcher, William Isaac, 1844-1917


2 letters, 1901-1905


Fortescue, George Knottesford, 1847-1912

see British Museum


French, John Calvin, 1875-

see Johns Hopkins University


Geller Lilenthal Inc.


1 letter, dated Feb. 20, 1929


Gillis, James Louis, 1857-1917

see California, State Library, Sacramento


Greene, Charles Samuel, 1856-1930


2 letters, 1891-1908. 1891 letter written as manager of the Overland Monthly.


Griffiths, Farnham Pond, 1884-1958

see California, University. President


Hanson, James Christian Meinich, 1864-1943

see Chicago. University. Library


Harris, George William, 1849-1917

see Cornell University. Library


Hart, Jerome Alfred, 1854-1937


2 letters, 1906-1907


Harvard University. Library


2 letters, 1881-1891, by Justin Winsor


Henderson, Victor H.

see California, University. Regents


Henry, William Elmer, 1857-1936

see Washington. University, Seattle. Library


Henshaw, Frederick William, 1879-1929


2 letters, 1887-1915


Hittell, John Shertzer, 1825-1901


2 letters, undated and 1898. 1898 letter re value of Bancroft Library.


Illinois. University, Urbana


2 letters, 1905-1906, by K. L. Sharp


Jenkinson, Francis John Henry, 1853-1923

see Cambridge, Eng. University. Library


Jepson, Willis Linn, 1867-1946


2 letters, 1937


Johns Hopkins University


3 letters, 1934, by John C. French and J. S. Ames


Keith, Mary (McHenry), 1855-1947 [Mrs. William Keith]


3 letters, 1930


Keith, William, 1838-1911


2 letters, undated


Kellogg, Martin, 1828-1903


2 letters, 1898, re acquisition of Bancroft Library


Koch, Theodore Wesley, 1871-1941

see Michigan. University, Ann Arbor. Library


Koopman, Harry Lyman, 1860-1937

see Brown University. John Carter Brown Library


Leupp, Harold Lewis, 1877-1952


4 letters, 1913-1934. Copies only.


Lick Observatory

see Campbell, William Wallace


Lummis, Charles Fletcher, 1859-1928


3 letters, 1909-1915


McAdie, Alexander George, 1863-1943

see U.S. Weather Bureau


McChesney, Alice


2 letters, 1930, re E. R. Sill


McEnerney, Garret William, 1865-


2 letters, 1909 and undated


McLafferty, May Benton


3 letters, 1922-1930, re E. R. Sill


Mills, William Hathorn, 1848-


3 letters, 1919-1920


Moffitt, James Kennedy, 1866?-1955


5 letters, 1897-1906


Nash, Herbert Charles, 1857-1902


2 letters, 1899-1901. 1899 letter written as librarian, Stanford University.


New York. City College. Library


3 letters, 1913, by Henry E. Bliss. Reprint of his article on library classification at end of folder.


New York. Public Library


5 letters, 1898-1906, by Wilberforce Eames, J. S. Billings. and Adelaide R. Hasse. 1898 letters relate to the sale of Bancroft's Library.


New York. State University


2 letters, 1891-1901, by Melvil Dewey


Palmer, Martha (Belcher) [Mrs. L. F. Palmer]


7 letters, 1935, re E. R. Sill


Pardee, George Cooper, 1857-1941


3 letters, 1889-1902


Phelan, James Duval, 1861-1930


2 letters, 1898-1916. 1898 letter re importance of acquiring Bancroft Library


Plummer, Mary Wright, d. 1916

see American Library Association


Poole, William Frederick, 1821-1894


5 letters, 1880-1893


Putnam, Herbert, 1861-


3 letters, 1907-1912. 1907 letter written for U.S. Library of Congress.

See also Green, Samuel Swett.


Reid, William Thomas, 1843-1922


2 letters, 1882-1885. 1885 letter written as president, University of California.


Richards, Charles O.


10 letters, 1898-1899, re sale of Bancroft's Library


Sather, Jane K.


3 letters, 1902-1903


Savage, Thomas, 1823-


2 letters, 1898, re value of Bancroft Collection


Sharp, Katharine Lucinda, 1865-1914

see Illinois. University


Sherman, Edwin Allen, 1829-


2 letters, 1898. Also brochure re Sloat Monument


Shinn, Milicent Washburn, 1858-1940


21 letters, 1902-1937. Many re E. R. Sill papers, Include 4 letters, 1930, addressed to Miss Dora Smith.


Slack, Charles W., 1858-


4 letters, 1896-1901. 1898 letters relate to the acquisition of the Bancroft Collection


Smith, Walter McMynn, 1869-1938

see Wisconsin. University, Madison. Library


Soulé, Frank, 1845-1913

see California. University, Berkeley. Library Committee


Spofford, Ainsworth Rand, 1825-1908

see U.S. Library of Congress


Sproul, Robert Gordon, 1891-


5 letters, 1929-1938. Some as president, University of California.


Stanford University. Library


4 letters, 1891-1906, by Edwin H. Woodruff and Melvin G. Dodge.

See also Nash, Herbert Charles


Stebbins, Horatio, 1821-1902


4 letters, 1881-1898. 1898 letter re valuation of Bancroft Collection.


Stone, Lauson, 1883-1947

see U.S. Bureau of Mines


Stratton, George Malcolm, 1865-1957


3 letters, 1934-1938


Talbot, Clare (Ryan)


4 letters, 1934-1935, concerning her work on book-plates


Thwaites, Reuben Gold, 1853-1913


2 letters, 1906-1907. 1906 letter written as secretary of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Report submitted to the President and Regents of the University of California upon the condition and marketable value of the Bancroft Library included at end of folder.


Tillinghast, Caleb Benjamin, 1843-1909

see Massachusetts. State Library, Boston


U.S. Library of Congress


4 letters, 1898-1918, by A. R. Spofford and others. 1898 letter re valuation of Bancroft Collection.

See also Putnam, Herbert.


Utley, Henry Munson, 1836-1917

see Detroit, Mich. Public Library


Voorsanger, Jacob, 1852-1908


2 letters, 1898-1904. 1898 letter re value of the Bancroft Collection.


Watson, William Richard, 1867-1926

see California. State Library, Sacramento

See also San Francisco. Public Library


Wheeler, Benjamin Ide, 1854-1927

see California. University. President


Winsor, Justin, 1831-1897

see Harvard University. Library


Wisconsin. University, Madison. Library


2 letters, 1903-1914, by W. M. Smith


Woodruff, Edwin Hamlin, 1862-1941

see Stanford University. Library


Wyer, James Ingersoll, 1869-

see New York. State Library, Albany


Zeitlen, Jake


1 letter to U.C. Library, dated Feb. 8, 1929