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Register of the Robert Alfred Theobald Papers, 1908-1959

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Robert Alfred Theobald Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1908-1959
Collection number: 60010
Creator: Theobald, Robert A. (Robert Alfred), 1884-1957.
Collection Size: 13 manuscript boxes 5.4 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, speeches and writings, war diaries, dispatches, operations plans and orders, manuals, service lists, memoranda, reports, and war estimates, relating to naval operations in Alaska, May 1942-January 1943, including the Japanese invasion of the Aleutians, June 1942, and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
Language: English.

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Access Points

United States. Navy--Officers
Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), Attack on, 1941
World War, 1939-1945
World War, 1939-1945--Campaigns--Aleutian Islands
World War, 1939-1945--Campaigns--Pacific Ocean
World War, 1939-1945--Naval operations
United States--Armed Forces

Biographical Note

Robert Alfred Theobald, 1884-1957

1884, January 25 Born, San Francisco, California
1902-1903 Attended University of California
1903-1906 B.S., U.S. Naval Academy
1908 Commissioned Ensign, U.S. Navy
1917-1918 Gunnery Officer, U.S.S. New York, Flagship of U.S. Squadron with British Grand Fleet
1918, September Promoted to Commander
1919-1921 Executive Officer, Naval Post Graduate School
1922-1924 Destroyer Command, Asiatic Fleet
1924-1927 Commanding Officer, Naval Post Graduate School
1927-1929 Executive Officer, U.S.S. West Virginia
1930-1932 Secretary of War Plans, Navy Department, and Member of Joint Army - Navy Planning Committee
1932, February Promoted to Captain
1932-1934 Chief of Staff, Destroyers, Pacific Fleet
1934-1935 Member of Advanced Class, Naval War College, engaged in Seminar study of Japan and Pacific War
1935-1937 Strategy Division, Naval War College
1937-1939 Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Nevada
1939-1940 Chief of Staff, U.S. Fleet
1940, Spring Member, General Board, Navy Department
1940, June Promoted to Rear Admiral
1940, Summer Commander, Cruiser Division Three
1940-1941 Commander, Flotilla One, Destroyers, Pacific Fleet
1941, December-1942, May Commander, Destroyers, Pacific Fleet
1942, May-1943, January Commander, Northern Pacific Force, in Alaska Operations
1943-1944 Commandant, First Naval District and Navy Yard, Boston
1945 Retired from active service
1954 Author, The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor

Container List

Box 1.

Personal Correspondence, 1943-1957.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, arranged alphabetically by last name of correspondent.
Box 1.

Alexander, Ensign William H., 1943.


Associated Newspapers, Inc., 1955


Bledsoe, Captain A. M., 1943-1944


Brooks Bros., 1943


Burke, Arleigh (Chief of Naval Operations), 1957.


Burwell, Commodore Louis E., 1944


Carlson, Lieutenant A. W., 1943


Cluverius, Rear Admiral (Ret.) Wat Tyler, 1943-1944


Collins, Edward T., 1943


Craig, Captain W., 1943


Crooker, Mrs. Doris Theobald, 1943


Cushing, Cardinal, 1944.


Davis, Frank W., 1944


Dawson, N. E., 1944


Doggett, Professor L. A., 1944


Dykes, James, 1944


Erskine, W. J., 1943-1944


Fernety, Lieutenant Bolice P., 1944


Fahrion, Captain F. G., 1944


Fitz, Reginald, 1944


Forrestal, James (Secretary of the Navy), 1943-1944


Gehres, Commodore L. E., 1943


Graham, Jennie Theobald, 1943


Grosskopf, Ensign Homer L., Jr., 1943


Higgins, George T., CQM, USN, 1943


Hill, Robert W., 1943


Howell, James B., 1943


Huebl, Commander Roland M., 1944


Jones, Dr. Chester M., 1957


Jones, Mrs. Dan W., 1943


Kalbfus, Admiral E. C. (Commander Destroyers, Battle Force), 1934.


Kimmel, Rear Admiral (Ret.) Husband E., 1943-1957


King, Fleet Admiral Ernest J., 1948


King, Captain Ogden, 1943


Knox, Frank (Secretary of the Navy), 1943


Lahey, Thomas B., 1943-1944


Leary, Vice Admiral N. F., 1944


Lowell Associates, 1943


Ludewig, Commander J. W., 1943


McCown, Captain H. Y., 1943


McKay, Lt. Commander Baxter M., 1943


McMorris, Rear Admiral C. H., 1943


McMurdie, Phillip C., 1943


Military Historical Society of Massachusetts, 1943-1944


Moring, Captain T. S., 1944


Morison, Samuel Eliot, 1948


Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Norbert, 1943


Myer, Harold, 1943


Office of Price Administration (Boston, Mass.), 1944


O'Rourke, Jonn, 1943


Pennypacker, J. A., 1944


Phillips, William (former Ambassador to Italy), 1947.


Pierce, Reverend Michael G., S. J., 1943


Read (periodical), n.d.


Reifkohl, Captain F. L., 1943


Reilly, Lt.-Colonel James A., 1943-1944


Ryan, Boatswain Vernon L., 1943


Santos, J. B., 1943


Simon, Frank J. (Secretary-Treasurer, Master Mechanics Association, Naval Ship Yard, Boston, Mass.), 1947


Simons, Captain R. B., 1943


Slocum, Major B. C., 1943


Smith, Commander and Mrs. Steele B., 1944


Smith, Talbot, 1943-1944


Sporting News (periodical), 1944


Theobald, Robert A., Jr., n.d.


Thompson, H. Keith, 1957


United Press (Boston, Mass. Bureau), 1943


Vincent, Ensign Robert G., 1943


Wagner, Rear Admiral F. D., 1943


Walters, Lt.-Commander H. C., 1944


Wang, K. S. (Consulate of the Republic of China), 1948.


Wessendorf, Mr. and Mrs. Homer, 1943


Who's Who in the Western Hemisphere, 1944


Windle, Lt. (j.g.) W. T., 1943


Winslow, Mrs. Mary W., 1944


Winterhalter, Harold, 1944


Withers, Rear Admiral T., 1943

Box 1-7.

Speeches and Writings, 1943-1959

Scope and Content Note

Articles, books, and speeches, arranged as listed. Includes correspondence and book reviews related to these works.
Box 1.

Articles, 1947-1957


Newspaper clippings of articles written by Robert A. Theobald for a biweekly column in the Beverly Evening Times, Horizons in World and National Affairs,1947-1957.


January 26 - June 27, 1947


July 8 - December 24, 1947


January 3 - July 3, 1948

Box 2.

July 7 - November 10, 1948


January 4 - June 29, 1949


July 2 - December 31, 1949


March 4 - December 27, 1950


January 3 - December 29, 1951

Box 3.

January 5 - December 31, 1952


January 3 - December 30, 1953


January 6 - December 30, 1954


January 5 - December 31, 1955


January 4 - June 30, 1956


July 7 - December 29, 1956

Box 4.

January 5 - April 24, 1957




Death of a Navy by Andrieu d'Albas, translated from the French and with an introduction, maps, and notes by Robert A. Theobald, 1957


Correspondence, 1955-1957


D'Albas, E. Andrieu, 1955-1957


Deland, Frank S., 1957


Devin - Adair Co., Publishers, 1955-1957


Fitzgerald, William H. G., 1957


Parker, Capt. R. C., 1957


Pearne, Pollinger & Higham, Ltd. (London), 1956


Robbins, Rear Admiral Thomas H., Jr., 1957


Supplementary materials to text: maps, notes, charts, etc.


The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor, 1954


Book reviews


Correspondence, 1949-1959


Unidentified, 1954


Abbot, Stephen, 1959


Allen, Joe M., 1954


Anderson, Henry W., 1954


Anderson, Paul F., 1954


Ashley, Clinton N., 1954


Askins, William F., Sr., 1959


Atkins, John B., 1954


Babbitt, Captain H. S., 1954


Babcock, Frederick (Editor, Magazine of Books, Chicago Tribune), 1954


Bacon, B. B., 1954


Ball, William H., 1954


Ballinger, Alice (Mrs. Webster), 1954


Ballinger, Webster, 1954


Ballinger, Willis, 1954


Baltzly, Commander (Ret.) Frederick, Sr., 1954


Barnes, Harry E., 1953


Barnes, Stuart C., 1954


Barroll, Henry H., 1954


Barry, William O., 1954


Bauer, A. J., 1954


Begin, Z. L., 1954


Belknap, Rear Admiral Reginald R., 1954


Bemis, Samuel F., 1954


Bennett, Milo O., 1954


Bequette, J. C., 1954


Berryhill, Mrs. M. B., 1954


Bertocki, Mrs. Mary A., 1954


Bierly, Charles R., 1954


Blum, Herman, 1954


Bragg, Colonel (Ret.) C. H., 1954


Braveman, David, 1954


Brewer, Basil, 1954


Bridgett, Charlie, 1954


Browne, Kenneth, 1954


Buckley, J. L., 1954


Butler, Dr. Harry H., 1954


Burke, Lt.-Commander (Ret.) John H., 1954


Calhoun, Admiral W. L., 1954


Callahan, Robert J., Jr., 1954


Callahan, Robert J., Sr., 1954


Campi, Reverend Vincent L. 1957


Cannings, Fred E., 1954


Capponi, John, 1954


Carlton, Miss Marjorie, 1954


Castle, William R., 1954


Cecil, Dr. Arthur B., 1954


Chase, Reverend Harry E., 1954


Choat, Harry, 1954


Church, Frederic C., 1954


Clark, Rear Admiral David H., 1954


Coburn, Commander (Ret.) Frederic G., 1954


Colegreave, Kenneth, 1954


Collins, E. D., 1954


Collins, Edward M., 1954


Colombel, John J., 1954


Combier, P. Hodges, 1954


Comstock, Captain L. Wells, 1954


Connors, Thomas K., 1954


Cooke, George P. and Sophie J., 1954


Coolidge, William A., 1954


Covington, Captain (Ret.) H. S., 1954


Crist, Lt.-Colonel (Ret.) Arthur P., 1954


Daley, Robert F., 1953


Daley, Robert L., 1954


Dalton, Lt.-Colonel Arthur T., 1954

Box 5.

Dartnell, R. B., 1954


Davidson, Eugene (Editor, Yale University Press), 1952


Davy, Commander Charles G., 1954


DeArmond, Lt. (Ret.) George W., Jr., 1954


DeBurgh, R., 1954


Deland, Frank S., 1949-1953


Dement, Merritt H., 1954


Dickenson, Denny D., 1956


Diemer, Mrs. Anne F., 1954


Donavin, Lt.-Commander K. H., 1954


Dorney, H. Jackson, 1954


Downes, Captain Oliver L., 1954


Duffey, Walter E., 1954


Du Pont, Mrs. Marcella M., 1953-1954


Eckels, Richard P., 1954


Ehman, George C. (Athenian - Nile Club, Oakland, Calif., President), 1954


Ettinger, Captain George M., 1954


Fairbank, Robert, 1954


Feeley, J. Richard, 1954


Fernety, Lt.-Commander Bolice P., 1954


Finch, J. D. (Chairman, Freedom Club, First Congregational Church of Los Angeles), 1954


Fischer, Marion, 1954


Flammer, Mrs. Betsy, 1954


Flint, Elder B. C., 1954


Flynn, John T., 1954


Folsom, Charles, 1954


Foote, P. W., 1954


Fuchs, Maria, 1954


Gagner, Beatrice (Mrs. Walter), 1954


Garrity, Devin A. (President, the Devin-Adair Co.), 1953-1957


Gatch, Thomas L., 1953


Glassford, Dodie, 1954


Glassford, Vice Admiral William, 1954-1957


Graves, F. L., 1954


Greaves, Percy L., Jr., 1954


Grenfell, Russell, 1954


Griffin, Robert, 1954


Grigg, Bessie, 1954


Grigsby, Joseph D., 1954


Grimm, Mrs. Verna B. (Librarian, the American Legion National Headquarters), 1954


Gruelick, Commander R. W., 1954


Haight, Rear Admiral (Ret.) Stanley M., 1954


Hall, James L., 1955


Halsey, Fleet Admiral William F., Jr., 1953


Harmon, Lt.-Commander (Ret.) Lloyd M., 1954


Harris, Walden E., 1954


Harrison, Ralph E., 1954


Hart, Mrs. Charles Spencer, 1954


Hart, Merwin K., 1954


Hassenkampf, Bruce H., 1954


Heaoner, Henry D., 1954


Heere, Leonard, 1957


Hefferan, Rear Admiral (Ret.) John B. (Director of Naval History, Dept. of the Navy), 1954


Hession, James M., 1954


Hession, L. S., 1954


Higham, Marritt, 1954


Hill, Major-General Jim Dan, 1954


Hodder, James R., 1954


Horan, Frank, 1954


Horton, J. J., 1954


Hoyt, Lawrence W., 1954


Houtz, Phillip (Executive Director, National Jewish Hospital at Denver), 1954


Humphrey, Churchill and Martha, 1954


Imperial War Museum, London, 1954


Isherwood, Mrs. Harry, 1954


Jennings, George C., 1953


Johl, Colonel Max G., 1954


Jones, Myron A., CRM (Ret.), U.S.N., 1954


Jones, William M., 1956


Joseph, Jerome, 1954


Kahala, Mrs. Aino, 1954


Kahn, David (President, New York Cipher Society), 1954


Keep America Committee, 1954


Kiesling, Clarence E., 1954


Killion, Robert H., 1954


Kitts, Vice Admiral Willard A. 3rd, 1954


Klawans, Paul G., 1954


Knox, Commodore Dudley W., 1954


Kuhnle, Howard A., 1954


Lahey, Thomas B., 1954


Landes, Carl K., 1954


Lavender, Robert A., 1952


Lawrence, David (Editor, U.S. News and World Report), 1954


Leydon, Commander John K., 1954


Lilly, Herbert D., 1954


Lindbergh, Charles A., 1957


Lindsay, Commander Stewart, 1954

Box 6.

Lowry, Vice Admiral (Ret.) Frank J., 1954


Lucas, Frances B. (Mrs. James C.) (Executive Secretary, National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution), 1955


Ludewig, Rear Admiral Joe W. and Minerva, 1954


McCabe, Hilton H., 1954


McCurdy, Florence, 1954


McDonald, Chester, 1954


McDonald, Irving T., 1954


McWilliams, John, 1954


Magoun, F. Alexander, 1954


Maraspin, Dana G. (Governor, Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts), 1954


Marr, Francis J. (Councillor, City Council of Lynn, Massachusetts), 1954


Mason, Frances E., 1954


Mercer, R. W., 1954


Mills, Lt.-Commander (Ret.) Charles A., 1954


Montgomery, Robert H., 1954


Moore, Alice, 1954


Morgan, Roy L., 1954


Morrison, Jay, 1957


Moseley, Major-General George Van Horn, 1954


Mulford, Allen, 1954


Nelson, Laurence E., 1957


Neustader, L. W., 1954


O'Donnell, John, 1953


Padrick, E. B. (Chairman, Armed Forces Fellowship Committee, Rotary Club of Chicago), n.d.


Paine, John B., Jr., 1954


Paisana, Finca, 1954


Palmer, Paul (Executive Editor, The Reader's Digest), 1954


Parker, Captain Ralph C., 1954


Parsons, Charles, 1954


Pascual, Pacifico T., 1954


Patterson, Donald M., 1955


Paynter, Thomas G., 1954


Pier, H. W., 1954


Polowsky, Joseph, 1954


Porter, Jesse B., 1954


Powell, Rear Admiral Paulus P., 1954


Power, James H., Jr., 1955


Proctor, Joseph R., 1952


Pyne, Rear Admiral S. N., 1954


Ralston, Byron B., 1954


Reynolds, Mrs. G. Bergen, 1954


Rhodius, H. U., 1954


Richards, Ira, 1954


Richardson, Admiral James O., 1953-1954


Rinehart, Mary Roberts, 1954


Rodgers, Margaret H. (Mrs. Anthony G.), 1954


Rogers, Captain Winifred, 1954


Ruggles, William B. (Editor, The Dallas Morning News), 1954


Ruhtenberg, Mrs. Jan, 1954


Rutherford, Alexander, 1954


Rutherford, S. Morton, 1954


Ryan, Russell C., 1954


Sakahura, T., 1954


Salouka, Beulah G., 1954


Sampson, William J., Jr., 1954


Schnitzer, George C., Sr., 1954


Schroeder, H. L. (Director, The Schroeder Foundation), 1954


Schwartz, Irving P. (Dept. of Public Relations, Queens College), 1954


Seebeck, Volney, 1954


Sharp, Capt. (Ret.) W. D., 1954


Shattuck, S. F., 1954


Sherry, Edward J., 1954


Short, Isabel Dean (Mrs. Walter C.), 1954


Simmons, Edward ( The Standard-Times, New Bedford, Mass.), 1954


Skorvaga, Elizabeth A., 1954


Smith, Vice Admiral William Ward (Poco), 1954


Spencer, Ensign Herbert, 1954


Stafford, Colonel (Ret.) Ben, 1954


Stafsing, Ivar, 1954


Steefel, Lawrence D., 1954


Strassburger, R. B., 1954


Streu, Niels Henning, 1954


Sullivan, Colonel (Ret.) Alexander C., 1954


Swanton, Hobart P., 1954


Taeni, John, 1954


Tanner, W. R., 1954


Taylor, Bradley R., 1954


Thayer, Mr. and Mrs., 1953


Theobald, A. J., 1954


Theobald, Chester A., 1954


Theobald, Ralph E., 1954


Theobaldt, Mrs. Anni Schwarz, 1954


Thomas, Irene J., 1954


Thornton, R. S., 1954


Timmons, Bettie Edmonds, 1954


Tong, H. K., 1956-1957


Traut, Capt. (Ret.) F. A., 1954


Trohan, Walter (Correspondent, Chicago Tribune), 1954


Trundle, Mrs. I. F., 1954


Turner, Edward R., 1954


Vansant, Stephen S., 1955


Warner, Louis D., 1954


Warren, Dale (Houghton Mifflin Co.), 1952


Warshauer, Charles S., 1954


Welch, Rachel (Mrs. James), 1954


Wessendorf, Homer W., 1954


West, Ralph E., 1954


Whittemore, George A., 1954


Whittemore, K. Robert, 1954


Williams, John C., 1954


Wygant, Captain Benyaurd B., 1954


Yarnell, Admiral (Ret.) H. E., 1953-1954


Zemke, Captain (Ret.) Eric, 1954


Zochert, Roland W., 1954

Box 7.

Printed copy ( U.S. News and World Report, April 2, 1954)


A World Seeks Peace, 1945.

Physical Description: Typewritten carbon copy of an unpublished manuscript.

Speeches and addresses,


Outline for an unidentified speech, n.d.

Physical Description: Typewritten draft and typewritten carbon copy.

Address to workers of the Boston Navy Yard and South Boston Naval Drydock, n.d.

Physical Description: Typewritten and hand-written draft.

Address to Naval Graduating Units, Harvard University, 1943.

Physical Description: Typewritten draft.

Response to the toast The United States Navy at the Annual Dinner of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts, June 7, 1943.

Physical Description: Typewritten carbon copy.

Address to workers of the Boston Navy Yard and South Boston Naval Drydock, July 15, 1943.

Physical Description: Typewritten draft.

Address at Presentation of Army and Navy E Award to Boston Navy Yard at Boston Garden, August 20, 1943.

Physical Description: Typewritten carbon copy.

Address at Commissioning of U.S.S. Wasp, November 20, 1943.

Physical Description: Typewritten carbon copy.

Interview with Admiral Theobald on radio program Life to the Front, station WEEI, December 8, 1943.

Physical Description: Typewritten carbon copy.

Radio talk by Rear Admiral Theobald over Station WHDH, January 1, 1944.

Physical Description: Typewritten carbon copy.

Statement for the Boston Newspapers, June 6, 1944.

Physical Description: Typewritten carbon copy.

Radio script for V-Day, 1945.

Physical Description: Typewritten carbon copy.

Address before the Men's Corporate Communion Grace Church in Salem, Massachusetts, 1956.

Physical Description: Typewritten draft.
Box 7-10.

War Diaries, Commander North Pacific Force, Task Force Eight, U.S. Pacific Fleet, 1942-1943

Scope and Content Note

Ships' logs and transcripts of radio dispatches, arranged chronologically.
Box 7.

May 22, 1942 - May 31, 1942


June 1, 1942 - June 30, 1942

Box 8.

June 1, 1942 - June 30, 1942 (contd.)


July 1, 1942 - July 31, 1942


August 1, 1942 - August 31, 1942


September 1, 1942 - September 30, 1942

Box 9.

October 1, 1942 - October 31, 1942


November 1, 1942 - November 30, 1942

Box 10.

December 1, 1942 - December 31, 1942


January 1, 1943 - January 3, 1943

Box 10-13.

Naval Career Office File, 1908-1949

Scope and Content Note

Dispatches, inventory reports, manuals, memoranda and reports, Navy Department correspondence and orders, operations plans and orders, service lists, and war estimates, arranged as listed.
Box 10.

Dispatches, 1942


Assistance Information and Data Acquisition Center (AIDAC) Dispatches, May 16, 1942 - May 22, 1942, consisting of decoded messages between Commander-in-Chief Pacific Fleet (CINCPAC) and Commander Northwestern Sea Front (COMNOWESTSEAFRON), concerning Japanese operations against Midway and the Aleutians.


Dispatches from the Commander of Task Force 8 to the Commander of Task Group 8.1 and the Commanding General of Eleventh Air Force, Fort Greely, Alaska, June-July, November-December, 1942.


Inventory reports, 1943-1944. Inventory reports of registered secret and confidential publications distributed by the Chief of Naval Operations.


Manuals, 1940-1942


Staff Manual, Cruiser Division Three, Battle Force, United States Fleet, 1940.


Staff Instructions, Destroyer Flotilla One, United States Pacific Fleet, 1941.


Staff Instructions, Destroyers, Battle Force, United States Pacific Fleet, 1942.


Sound Military Decision. U.S. Naval War College, Newport, R. I., 1942.

Box 11.

Memoranda and reports, 1942-1944


Report from Headquarters of 11th Air Force Air Striking Group (Task Group 8.3), Kodiak, Alaska to Commanding General, Alaska Defense Command, Fort Richardson, Alaska. Summary of operations to June 10th, 1942 (tactical employment of 11th Air Force in first phase of Japanese invasion of Aleutians), with relevant dispatches and notes.


Memorandum on the situation in Alaska, July 2, 1942, written by Admiral Theobald for the Commandant of the Thirteenth Naval District at the latter's request for information on the Alaska situation.


Memorandum of Comtaskforce 8 concerning the proposed relocation of Headquarters of Fleet Air Wing Four to Adak, ca. September 1942.


Planes Used in Kiska Mission, September 14, 1942 - December 18, 1942.


Analysis of Command Relationship Between Commander Task Force Eight and Commanding General Eleventh Air Force, December 14, 1942.


Memoranda on the grounding of the U.S.S. Alexander J. Luke, written by the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Fleet and Chief of Naval Operations, Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King, for the Commandant of the First Naval District, Rear Admiral Robert A. Theobald, March 24, 1944.


Navy Department correspondence and orders, 1908-1949. Includes orders from, and correspondence with, Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz (CINCPAC), Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King (COMINCH), Frank Knox (Secretary of the Navy), Franklin D. Roosevelt (as acting Secretary of the Navy and as President), Major-General Simon Bolivar Buckner, Rear Admiral Randall Jacobs (Chief of the Bureau of Navigation), and others.






Operations plans and orders, 1942




No. 28-42, May 21


Comtaskforce 8


No. 1-42, May 27


No. 2-42, May 29


No. 3-42, May 31


No. 4-42, June 10


No. 5-42, June 22


No. 6-42, n.d.

Box 12.

No. 7-42, July 8


No. 8-42, July 14


No. 9-42, August 1


No. 10-42, August 21


No. 11-42, n.d.


No. 12-42, October 12


No. 13-42, October 12


No. 14-42, November 19


No. 15-42, December 2


No. 16-42, December 26


Comtaskgroup 8.1 (Air Group, Eleventh Air Force)


No. 1-42, May 28


No. 2-42, June 9


Field Orders No. 1, June 24


Field Orders No. 2, June 25


Field Orders No. 3, July 16


Field Orders No. 4, August 23


Comtaskunit 8.1.1 (Air Striking Unit, Eleventh Air Force)


Field Orders No. 4, June 25


Field Orders No. 5, July 16


Field Orders No. 6, August 3


Field Orders No. 7, August 23


Field Orders No. 8, November 1


Comtaskunit 8.1.2 (Air Search Unit, Eleventh Air Force)


No. 3-42, June 29


Comtaskgroup 8.2 (Surface Search Group)


No. 1-42, May 28


Comtaskgroup 8.3 (Air Striking Group, Eleventh Air Force)


Field Orders No. 1, May 28


Field Orders No. 2, June 1


Field Orders No. 3, June 11


Comtaskgroup 8.5 (Submarines)


No. 1-42, June 29


No. 4-42, July 5


No. 2-42, August 11


No. 3-42, November 26

Box 13.

Compatwing 4


Standard Communications Plan


Operations Schedule for Project Queen, August 2


Search Plan Dog, August 17


Operations Schedule for Project King, n.d.


Eleventh Air Force


Plan of Operations, Project Queen


Plan of Operations, Project King




No. 1-42, July 16


U.S.S. Nashville (flagship of Task Force 8)


Outline of Plan for Handling Flare Attack, August 25, 1942


Directive for Provision of Aircraft Support to Ships at Sea.


Service lists, 1942-1944


War Estimates, 1940-1943

Box 13.

Subject File, 1951-1957

Scope and Content Note

Articles and letters, arranged alphabetically by subject.

Marshall, George C. The Tragedy of George Marshall by Walter Trohan, The American Mercury, March 1951.


Roosevelt, Franklin D., 1953


Theobald, Rear Admiral Robert A., 1957. Letters of condolence on the occasion of Admiral Theobald's death, and memorial service program.


Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Foreward to The Soviet Impact on Society by Dr. Dagobert D. Runes, n.d.

Box 13.

Miscellany, 1944-1951

Box 13.

Commencement programs.